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Erindale Forthright 3

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Eden 7DF 2

Alistair Grey 3

'Alistair. You are not the wisest of Ketravim,' said Ketravim Rachael. 'You show up – the world ends. Thank you very much.'

'Well, you are a Cherubim who turns into a Ketravim, at the end of things, so you're one to talk,' replied Alistair Grey.

'True,' replied Rachael. She continued looking at the accounts for the Way of the Eternal Dove chapter they were seated in, in the office, the pastor having given them the keys to the office.

'How did Daniel get you involved with the Way of the Eternal Dove? And why is it a Ketravim thing?'

'It is not the only Ketravim thing,' replied Rachael. 'Just our main thing. Where we congregated early on and stuck with. Works for the community. Came about by natural responses to theological points on faith. I was raised Anglican in my humanity but ultimately raised to the Way of the Eternal Dove. Daniel, my cousin in humanity, adopted anyway, Daniel Daly. He was the founder and the forming came gradually through him and conversations on religious issues. The main focus, of course, is peace. The peace of a dove, the international sign of peace.'

'I understand,' replied Alistair. 'So it's not technically compulsory for Ketravim to get involved.'

'Gosh no,' said Rachael. 'Whatever gave you that idea?'

'Just seemed to be what was going on,' replied Alistair. 'How are the accounts?'

'I am a manager for the Way in various departments, and have strong accounting skills,' replied Rachael. 'This chapter is usually in order from reports. Daniel likes high level management to check the chapters books from time to time.'

'I see,' replied Alistair. 'The personal touch from the hierarchy.'

'Something like that,' replied Rachael. 'And that's what life is all about. The personal touch.'

'I think I'm getting that from God at the moment,' said Alistair. 'He's leading me into a highly spiritual life, and its obvious I'm becoming something more than what I am. What I was.'

'The mysteries of God,' replied Rachael. 'Who can really understand his logic, but perhaps it could be that some humans rise high in the end. And need to be divine in some way.'

'It could be,' agreed Alistair.

'Anyway, everything is in order here,' said Rachael. 'Let's rejoin the others.'

And so returning to the main hall, Alistair continued on his sojourn in the spiritual universe, the pathway of the Ketravim and the Way of the Eternal Dove gradually unfolding before him.

The End

Daniel, Taylor & Mary

'Hello Taylor,' said Mary Daly, Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly's mother.

'Hello Mrs Daly,' replied Taylor.

'You can call me Mary,' said Mary.

'I can't,' said Daniel. 'Mum is all I'm allowed to call her.'

'You have cigarette papers in your room to clean up Daniel,' said Mary. 'They have been there several weeks now.'

'Right,' said Daniel.

They were at a particular 29 Merriman Crescent on Earth in an Australian Continent of significant size they felt it best to congregate with. They had returned through the earthly-heavenly portal, one by one, and a good 75% of Noahidism from the heavenlies had merged into the physical world for its new life. Many had remained though, particularly angelic Noahide folk in the Realm of Eternity. Daniel's had given instructions to various figures on authority judgements and reminded them in no uncertain terms they would be back within a process or two, when God had accomplished his current Terran plans and purposes. Daniel was now selecting particular comics and collectibles to fashion this current address correctly enough to his liking, and Taylor was fitting out their shared room also. Taylor had drifted into town recently, and finally showed up at 29 Merriman, resuming her affair with Daniel, after getting around places where Taylor Swift fanship was strong.

'You have gone a fair distance with Daniel,' said Mary. 'Mostly that is not his way. He moves on from time to time. You seem to have stuck with his fascinations. A rarity for Daniel. He is amused by people more than anything. He doesn't take too many that seriously.'

'I've noticed that,' replied Taylor. 'He is very intellectual spiritually at times and doesn't think much of a lot of people's attitudes and ways. Not exactly tolerant or intolerant either, but not exactly accommodating necessarily. Sort of looks at you and leaves it at that a lot of the time.'

'He's assessing people,' said Mary. 'He spoke of it. Just working them out. Not deliberately. More of just having a good look at people and instinctively understanding them gradually from what they say and do. He doesn't extend trust easily.'

'No, I suppose he doesn't,' replied Taylor.

Daniel came back in the room. 'I've picked up the papers and put them in the plastic bag. We'll order chinese for dinner. I'll pay.'

'Rare,' said Taylor.

'Well you're moving in, so it's a good day,' said Daniel.

Taylor smiled, and looked out at the back door. 'It's a typical Macarthur,' she said. 'The traditional aspects addressed well enough.'

'The way of things,' said Daniel. 'Follows a basic template and grows itself. How things grow.'

'I guess so,' replied Taylor, looking at Daniel. 'Like our following.'

Daniel looked at his woman. 'And we're both still getting big,' he said.

'Pretty much,' replied Taylor Swift. 'The way of things, huh?'

'The way of things,' said Daniel.

So they ordered chinese that evening, and watched TV, and as Taylor relaxed on the bed, Daniel snoozing, she looked at the ceiling, and thought life was funny. It still rolled on, even after all this time, with normal enough things and normal enough conversations. Funny that. That's life. What else could it be though? What else indeed.

The End

Cat Lady 14

'Ok, we have an interview with Commodore 64 Power Plus Industries,' said Daniel. 'It's strong on Earth.'

'Right,' said Taylor, eating a packet of 5 minute noodles, and looking out the back yard of 29 Merriman.

Daniel looked at his woman and sat down. 'Not impressed, huh?' he asked her. 'Ok, this is what we'll do. We'll get your mom and dad and Austin, and we'll have a family get together with the Daly's and the Swifts. We'll have a nice barbecue and some light chatting, and I'll build a stand in the back yard which you can watch me build, and you can sing at that at the show that evening of the barbecue.'

'You'd do that for me?' asked Taylor.

'As long as you finish your 'Cat Lady' album. I want a live performance at the show,' replied Daniel.

'Song 5 is taking some time,' said Taylor.

'You've had ages,' said Daniel.

'I need the words to be right,' replied Taylor. 'You'll have to wait. But don't let that stop the show.'

'Ok. Just some early hits at the show. We'll go down on the weekend to Bunnings and buy some timber for the stand, and we'll have a sausage sandwich there.'

'Sounds good,' said Taylor. She looked at him. 'Better move Daly. Something like this every now and again and you're doing better buddy.'

'I do love you Taylor Swift, so no problem babe. I'll find things we can both enjoy.'

That weekend Daniel and Taylor did buy the supplies for the stand, but it was mostly Cyril, Daniel's father, which built the stage, but Daniel did do some things under Cyril's directions. They got the family's together, and there was mirth, humor, and at the end of the night when Taylor sang a happy spirit entered 29 Merriman Crescent. Things were good in the world.

The End

The Second Unification

'The Second Unification,' said Wolfgang the Theophany of God to Taylor Swift. 'Your job is to let Daniel know. Now the Earth expands eternal as does Heaven very soon. It will start growing. In time, at the end of this Process, there will be the Second Unification of the Spiritual Universe with the Physical Universe. It is the Judgement of God that the Dead have finally learned enough lessons about foolishness in living practices and the choices of sinful behaviour, to turn well enough from them, and that they have a decent enough ability now to maintain the proper existence. So There will be the planetary bodies, above them the Expanding Earth and above that the Expanding Heaven. And it will all exist in the same dimension.'

'I understand,' said Taylor. 'So we are here to get ready for that experience.'

'That is correct,' said God's Theophany. 'Daniel has shown competency in maintaining the Daly Foundation with others and so will be in Primary position primarily on Earth but also in Heaven from time to time. You are to be his official advisor. I take it for granted you like him well enough for that commitment now. Behind every great man lies a great woman, and wisdom needs to speak her heart through you Taylor Swift.'

'I will accept the commission,' replied Taylor. 'I am committed to being his friend so far.'

'I figured that much.'

Taylor enjoyed pizza that evening as Cyril and Mary watched TV, while Daniel was in the other room reading comics. She would tell him the news soon enough, but choose her words carefully about her position as advisor. This could be a feather-ruffling experience and she needed to be ready for it.

The End

Crystals from Reserves

'What reserves?' asked Ambriel.

'Crystal Reserves. Crystals imbued with power,' said Krystabel. 'Krystabel's special Crystals. They are hidden in the Clock of Eternity. Doing time to be imbued with patience. Formal prayers established this with Jehovah.'

'Right,' said Ambriel, looking at Krystabel. Then he returned his gaze to the wall. They were sitting behind the clock of eternity in the throneroom of Zaphon.

'Why do you need these reserves?' asked Ambriel.

'They are for formal animistic Crystollogy,' replied Krystabel. 'Crystal teaching of the New Age – I questioned it. So I undertook the task Torahically. I know the truths of Animism, and decided to do this thing God's way. For God to use my Crystals in destiny and life guidance. It is my new age movement agenda, in harmony with Saruviel's glory.'

'Glory, huh?' replied Ambriel. 'I suppose he has some.'

'He's been earning gradually. We have plans from Kalphon to improve society and give fascination and interest in things apart from just the standard protocols. To offer diverse operations of the spirit of God when we do things according to his will.'

'Michael is learning that anew,' sighed Ambriel. 'He's holed up in Castle Zionistya studying Seraphim Torah and trying to find some grounding again. Knows he went off the rails for a while, and was happy to run with that. Admits it. Now he's trying to find a smoother pathway again.'

'Yes, I'd heard,' replied Krystabel.

'What, they are inside the clock?' asked Ambriel.

'The key is kept in a small box above the entrance to the throneroom. Just a small wooden box. It's not exactly common knowledge, but it's always been there.'

'Oh,' said Ambriel.

When their conversation ended, Krystabel left the throneroom, but Ambriel remained and started moving a chair to the entranceway.

'AMBRIEL. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?' God had spoken.

'Fuck,' swore Ambriel under his breath, and turned to look at the throne. 'You haven't spoken to me in a very long while God.'


Ambriel looked at the throne, and then continued putting the chair into place and got up and stood on it. He ran his hand along the ridge above the entrance, and found a box. He lifted it out and looked at it. It had a sliding lid on it.


Ambriel jumped down onto the floor and looked at the box.

'This is a concern then, is it, Most High?'

'VERY FUNNY,' replied God.

Ambriel looked at the throneroom of God. 'You're a funny fellow to Father.'


Ambriel opened the box. It was a key. A standard looking clock key.


Ambriel looked at God. The flame above the throne was burning bright blue. He held the key for a while, and looked at it.

'Fine,' he replied to God. He put the key back in the box, and returned it to its place above the entranceway.

'There you go. I'll leave it be. Just curious,' replied Ambriel.


'No problems,' replied Ambriel. He looked at the throne and sighed. God was ever the same, wasn't he. Rule and laws. But, still, that was still the way to go when it came right down to it. Even for the Messiah of Love. He bowed to God, turned, left the throneroom, closed the doors, and got on with his day. And the blue flame flickered a little bit for a moment, as if the most high was readjusting a little, before returning to its eternally patient burn.

The End

Bulldogs Flashback: Dogs of War (Soldiers of Fortune)

Go Fish

'6 of Vaginas,' said Daraqel.

'Go Fish,' replied Kantriel.

Daraqel took a card.

'4 of Penises,' said Kantriel.

'Go fish,' replied Daraqel.

Luladiel entered Saruviel's Kalphon office, sighed, and sat down, taking out a bottle of water. She was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. She looked pretty cool.

'5 of clitorises,' said Daraqel.

'Go fish,' replied Kantriel.

'King of Testicles,' said Kantriel.

'Go fish,' replied Daraqel.

'What are you guys playing?' asked Luladiel.

'They are playing go fish,' said Saruviel from his desk.

'It's fascinating,' said Krystabel.

'I'm not sure if cards have suits called testicles and clitorises,' said Luladiel.

'We picked it up from a porn store downtown,' said Daraqel.

'Good for a laugh,' said Kantriel. 'Vaginas, Penises, Clitorises & Testicles.'

'What's the joker?' asked Luladiel.

'Just a naked joker,' replied Daraqel.

'Oh. Right,' said Luladiel. Kantriel and Daraqel continued playing their game, and Luladiel stood and wandered over to the CD player and put on 'Speak Now' by Taylor Swift.

'Good choice for the afternoon. Always relaxing in the afternoon,' said Saruviel. 'One of my favourites for this time.'

Luladiel nodded, and resumed her seat. After a while she pulled off her sneakers and took off her socks, and smelled them.

'Hygiene problems?' asked Kantriel.

'I was out in a rough place earlier. South of Kalphon. A wasteland region. Stood in some murky water. Wandered if anything had crawled inside.

'What were you doing in the wastelands?' asked Saruviel.

'Looking around for a photo shoot,' said Luladiel. 'And I wanted some ruff stuff.'

'Ruff stuff?' asked Kantriel.

'I don't always like life too easy,' replied Luladiel. 'Sometimes I go off to charities for a few months and live meagre life, with basic food, and work hard cleaning for them and doing servile work. To keep me humble and to keep me real.'

Saruviel looked up. 'Does that work?'

'I think it keeps me grounded,' replied Luladiel. 'Head not always in the clouds.'

Saruviel gave Luladiel the steady gaze of Seventhborn, the angel of adversity, and wrote down some notes on a pad, and then returned to his work.

'Did you find what you needed out there?' asked Daraqel.

'Raw nature has a beauty to it as well,' replied Luladiel. 'Why we need it I suppose.'

'Right,' agreed Daraqel. 'Up for Go Fish?'

'I'll watch,' said Luladiel, putting her socks back on. So Kantriel and Daraqel started another game of fish, while Krystabel knitted, and Saruviel going on with his steady work, Luladiel settling in for another soothing afternoon in good company as one of her besties entertained her with a delightful musical offering.

The End

Vork the Barbarian 6

'2 ledgers, and we quit,' said Paul. 'Pathetic.'

'I don't know,' said Vork, sipping on some ale. 'Paradishian life suits me. I like this town. We've been here quite a while now, and the work for the community is happy enough.'

Celeste sipped on her wine.

'Are you sure you should be drinking that?' asked Vork. 'In your condition.'

Celeste patted her belly. 'Our child dear Barbarian will inevitably drink the stuff anyway. It hardly matters.'

'Are you two decided on wedlock or not yet?' asked Paul. 'I could likely conduct the affair at the local church.'

Vork looked at Celeste who looked back. He tilted his head a bit and smiled.

'Nay,' said Celeste after a bit. 'The child is a bastard I am afraid. He will be raised well enough, and taught duty and honour, and a legal code. But he is a barbarian child, and while both his parents will likely remain friends eternal, we are not together an item. There are others in our taste I think.'

'I don't really want to ruin what we have,' replied Vork, turning to Paul. 'We don't have that commitment because it becomes a sort of official thing which is not what we are about. We're a team. We work together. But while she is the love of my life in many ways, she is not the maiden of my marriage bed, despite an occasional happenstance.'

'Occasional. You bedded me for months to get me in this state,' said Celeste.

'Not much else to do in a town like this,' replied Vork. 'I like the town, but it is quiet. Thankfully that plague left long ago, but the townspeople still stay indoors much of the time.'

'Which is why we need to finally get off our arses and concentrate on the third ledger,' said Paul. 'Our commission still awaits.'

'Soon enough,' replied Vork. 'I am still making quiet queries on some issues revolving around ledgers 3 and 4. Sounding things out somewhat. We shall do the steps necessary soon enough. Be patient.'

Paul sighed, and put his fork to his plate and resumed eating his sausage stew. 'Well, she will need some more appropriate living space than a mingy tavern. She is with child. It is not the place for a youngling to be brought up in.'

'Nay, it is not,' agreed Vork. 'But soon enough our work will be complete, and we will claim our reward. Then we shall settle down a while, and watch the child being raised.'

'Fine,' agreed Paul.

The fire burned in the hearth of the tavern, and the night outside was filled with owl hoots, but for Vork and his companions it was another day nearly over, soon to bed, and their current plans near ready for there next step.

The End

Sariel and Daniel: A Night in Bangkok 2

'Well,' said Sariel. 'Cost me a packet to get through to the Earth. Some rights, naturally, but God usually likes my presence in heaven to be a constant enough affair.'

'Back in a Bangkok massage parlour,' said Daniel the Seraphim. 'Seems to be the thing we do together Sars.'

'Could be,' replied Sariel.

'You know,' said Gloryel. 'These ladies could have all sorts of Vds. Are you sure we should be in a place like this?'

'Sing Wannabe for us Geri Gir,' said Daniel.

Gloryel stood, and went to the bar, and asked for some water. She then ducked to the side of the room, and took her bra off underneath her t-shirt, and then poured water over her t-shirt. It showed her breastage quite clearly. The bartender announced that a Spice Girl was going to sing Wannabe, and Geri got up on the stage, took the microphone, and chatted with the keyboard player, who knew the tune. She then began singing. The lads watched happy.

'She looks a tad dishy tonight,' said Daniel.

Sariel did not reply. He was staring at Gloryel who was singing but looking at him often as she sang. She went on to sing a few other Spice Girls tunes, and also some of her own catalogue, and finished with 'I know him so well' from a Melanie C album. Finally, she put her bra back on under her t-shirt, and returned to her seat, the nightclub giving her a rowsing applause.

'What did you think?' asked Gloryel, sipping on her wine.

'It was – memorable,' said Sariel, looking at Gloryel. 'I, I, I........' he trailed off.

'He wants to shag you,' said Daniel.

'Daniel!' exclaimed Sariel.

'I think you might be right Dan,' said Gloryel, and touched Sariel's hand. 'I think you might be right.'

The night passed, and they returned to their hotel room. And when Sariel rose in the late hours, and disappeared for half an hour, only to return and shower and get back into bed, Daniel affirmed he would not comment on where Sariel had briefly disappeared to in the morning. He could use his imagination.

The End

Daniel's Fabulous Soul Winning Techniques 2

'You know Daniel,' said April Smith. 'Our father warned us about you.'

'Yes indeed,' said May Smith. 'Our tithes and then our virginity.'

'You can have mine,' said June Smith. 'At least somebody might.'

'Bangkok is my kind of city,' said Daniel. 'We are here girls to continue the grand vision of Jehovah God Almighty to build his kingdom. Thai's are notorious freethinkers. Eastern style religion which acknowledges the supreme deity somewhat, but does things its own way on their own thoughts.'

'Funny,' said April. 'You do your own way as well Daniel san.'

'Within Rainbow Torah logic,' said Daniel.

'I've often questioned whether the theology of the Advancing Noah Movement really conforms with the Rainbow Torah well enough in the end,' said May Smith.

'I think it comes within the scope of its intent,' said June. 'New ideas are shown as history progresses in the Rainbow Torah, so the ANM can introduce new ideas also if they are grounded in the mentality of what went before.'

'He's definitely a mental sort,' said May.

'Big brain,' said April.

'Shush girls,' said Daniel. 'We have flyers to hand out for our local chapter.

Daniel the Seraphim was with girls he had won a long time ago the ANM and indeed claimed their tithes, but not yet their virginity, which apparently was the vows of these nuns for the most part. They were in Bangkok with Sariel and Gloryel on Earth, now carrying out tradition evangelism for the work of the ANM and the Kingdom of God.

'You know Daniel,' said April. 'We love you dearly, but this is hard work. We could use a break.'

Daniel sighed. 'This is coming out of your tithes, girls. We'll go to McDonalds.'

The girls shrieked approval, and that afternoon they spent chatting and laughing in a McDonalds restaurant in Bangkok, a more recent Bangkok society on the Expanding Earth, were faith was not a settled issue yet, and his old friends who were nun figures within the ANM happily teased him on this and that and, really, he was in a good mood, in his element, and things were right in the world.

The End

Britannic Majesty Comics 2

'Well,' said Draconatissamay. 'Do you like the work? I'd completed it a long time ago, of course, but when the move came to Earth, well. Well Earth is where this stuff has it's glory. So I've worked it all over again, and fine tuned it with the up to date thinking on comics on Earth.'

'I've noticed,' said Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. 'I've been collecting comics here now since I got here. Have a shed out the back of 29 Merriman Crescent in a Macarthur place where I store the comics. Dad built it for me, right next to a stage where Taylor sings occasionally.'

'We'll register the company name,' said Draconatissamay.

'It already has been in most of the planet,' said Daniel. 'I have frequented Earth from time to time and maintained my original trademarks. Britannic Majesty Comics is ready to go with 'The Dragonmaster'.

'Good, good,' said Draconatissamay, sipping on his ale in the Rose Cottage Tavern near where Daniel lived. 'I will say, it's good to be on Earth, and I'm looking forward to the second unification.'

'Word's got out has it?' queried Daniel. 'Taylor informed me on the issue. The Theophany had told her all about it. Still a long way off, but will be a gamechanger, despite me not liking that word at times.'

'Things will be very different. Life will be one in a sense,' said Draconatissamay. 'Less confusion, more, of course, unification. Like the realms before we left.'

'I guess so,' replied Daniel. 'God brings problems and divisions to establish strength or pride in systems before putting them on the same playing field. Gives them their indpendence and support before setting them up to compete I guess.'

'Might be the logic behind it,' replied Draconatissamay. 'But who has known the mind of the Lord?'

'Or who has been his counsellor,' finished Daniel. 'Right. Let's talk comics.'

And so Daniel and Draconatissamay continued chatting about their long overdue Britannic Majesty Comics project, and as it does, the world turned.

The End

Shit Creek Lesson

'Why are we here?' Ambriel asked Meludiel.

'Tell him Jacob,' said Meludiel.

Jacob Fink turned off the main road onto a dirt track. 'It's about confronting fears Messiah,' replied Jacob.

'Glad to see you've come around,' replied Ambriel.

'I'm being polite,' said Jacob, not taking his eyes off the road. 'Justine Atkinson had many chats with me about matters of the heart. We have a Christ in Jesus. He may or may not be the child of predestined prophecy from the Lord God Almighty but, if he is not, we accept that he attempted to fulfil that role and took that job seriously. And in Christ like manner we take our job as Christians seriously and let love rule.'

'Suits me fine,' replied Ambriel, looking out the passengers front seat of the car they were travelling in.

'He's waiting for you there. The devil,' said Meludiel.

'Daniel,' said Ambriel.

'Who else,' replied Meludiel. 'He has some adventure planned for you dear brother. Please be aware this is something you are going to have to endure. It's Daniel. What do you expect?'

'Funny,' replied Ambriel. 'He's always the biggest pain in the neck in the end, but the life and death of the party also.'

'So we honour that,' replied Meludiel.

They continued travelling up the road and came to a house, and Jacob parked the car. They got out and stretched their legs and Jacob pointed and said, 'This way.'

They walked over brown Dalgety earth, and came down to a creek. There was a big pile of shit all in the centre of it, and Daniel was on the other side of the creek, on a rug, listening to music, with Ariel next to him, having a picnic.

'There's the schmuck,' said Daniel. 'Slacker. That's my new name for him. Working standards decreased at Golden Fries. He needs a lesson in humility and service again.'

'I serve just fine,' yelled Ambriel back.

'Learn humbly twin brother,' said Meludiel. She and Jacob sat down on a log and Ambriel descended to the creek. He looked at Daniel and Ariel who were watching him, sipping on juice, and he entered the water. He came into the centre of the creek and climbed through the shit. He stood there, in the water, in the shit for about 10 minutes. He handled it a bit, and then moved on, and washed himself clean in the water, washing off all the shit, and sat down next to Daniel and Ariel.

'What now?' asked Ambriel.

'Sometimes the proudest have to do shitty work in cleaning greasy grills and nasty stuff. It's part of service to God. We ALL have to do it at times bloody messiah. NOBODY is exempt. The world doesn't give anyone an exemption on their fair share of the work. Your work at Golden Fries is required by God Almighty. You should damn well know that by know grasshopper.'

Ambriel sighed. 'I suppose so,' he said. 'Even the boss has to serve someone.'

'Then consider that your lesson learned. And eat an apple.'

So Ambriel ate an apple, and chatted lightly with Daniel and Ariel that afternoon, watching Meludiel chat with her husband Jacob and, in actuality, had a pretty good time.

The End

Time Marches

It was several processes later. 50 or so. A long, long time.

'Valandriel,' said Daniel. 'Whatever happened to Meludiel? I was looking through my records and there is this angel called Meludiel who I knew well.'

Valandriel sighed. 'That was a long time ago Daniel. When the universe was young. We were the children of destiny. Destiny had a big say in a lot of things. But time passed in the modern world, and the children of destiny faded away, and those that were are now not. So many we lost along the way. Souls which finally found no need apart from rest in sheol and the ending of things.'

'Right,' said Daniel.

'Meludiel disappeared, and her report came around. She'd taken poison.'

'I see,' said Daniel. 'Oh. Disappointing.'

'You have me bro.'

'I had a twin. Ariel.'

'Dead and gone,' said Valandriel. 'There are people we know. Jessica has marched on with you. She doesn't really go anywhere. And Elsabel is always by my side. Saruviel and Krystabel just endure. It's what they are made of. There are others – but they live in distant planetary bodies. Callodyn and Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly remain, and Daniel's parents. They reside still on New Terra. But most are gone now Daniel san. They didn't have that inkling of the tree of life worked out in the centre of their beings. It was a touch of glory, and then no more. It was not the thing for them. Just an experience of what life offered, and that would do. The stories I knew so well for so long.'

Daniel sat down on the couch in Zaphon, next to Valandriel. 'I see. I've forgotten so much of the earlier years. I do have distant memories, though. Of Meludiel. In Zaphon when I was young. I loved her.'

'Very much so,' replied Valandriel. 'But she was – difficult – in the end. Didn't quite like life much. It was too much work for her soul.'

'Oh. Sad,' replied Daniel.

Valandriel was quiet the rest of the day, looking out at the clouds. Time had marched on, and those that once were, were now not. Only some had the gift of true eternal life in their being. Only some.

The End

Rebirth IX

Meludiel yawned, and got up. She was cold. She was in Sheol.

'Get me out of this shitty place,' she said. Suddenly she was in Zaphon, in her dorm. She was clean and was in her old clothes set. She stood, stretched and walked downstairs, into the cafeteria. She spied Daniel and sat down next to him.

'Did you finally get enough peace and quiet,' said Daniel, sipping on melit water.

'I feel good, Daniel San,' replied Meludiel. 'I needed that long rest. Totally refreshed now. Where is Valley Boy?'

'I've finally remembered you,' he said. 'And I was mourning,' he said softly.

'Pathetic,' she replied.

'Maybe I should forget better next time,' said Daniel.

'I'll only bother you in your heart,' replied Meludiel. 'I'm going off to bug Valandriel.'

And so Meludiel rose from the dead, the firstborn of the rest of the clown crue, and Daniel sighed. Nothing really stayed the same forever. God always had a sense of humour in the end. Hah hah hargh.

The End

Process 64

'So this is Process 64, is it?' asked Ambriel. 'You guys still collecting?'

'We have our own Archive system now for the Seraphim,' replied Valandriel. 'It's in the elevator of Zaphon. You go down to sub-basement 14, and go off to the Archive Elevator. It goes down a long way now. Heaven grows also, as people know, and we have workers who travel down and hollow out new archive sub-basement levels for us from time to time. Got most things and types of things now, but occasionally we secure a choice item from a collection here and there.'

'Figured that was what was bothering me,' replied Ambriel. 'Now I had clear instructions for my goods to go into permanent storage.'

'Those instructions were honoured. All people have such instructions honoured,' replied Daniel. 'We are perfectly aware people usually return eventually. But a lot of the stuff is in the mainstream circuit for general sale. Everybody knows that.'

'Not faulting you guys for that,' said Ambriel. 'Just making sure it doesn't get too out of hand buster.'

'Oooh, worried about ValDan are we?' quipped Meludiel, sipping on her strawberry thickshake.

'I think they've lost their zing,' said Ambriel, sipping on his vanilla thickshake.

'Hardly,' sighed Daniel.

'They probably need a rest,' said Meludiel. 'Been going forever without a long rest.'

'Just used to melancholy,' said Valandriel. 'Wondering if you guys would ever get over it.'

'We'll we're up now,' said Ambriel. 'So cricket season in Zaphora next season, and I'll see you on the pitch.'

'We should exile you to Zionistya again,' said Daniel.

'Doubt you'll do that kemosabe,' replied Ambriel.

'No,' said Daniel softly. 'Probably not.'

So Ambriel joined Meludiel also, and soon enough more of the dead were rising, and life was ebbing back into the Realm of Eternity in Heaven, and life was getting back to normal yet again.

The End

Cat Lady 15

'The difference between Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly and a Cat is that Cat's are sensitive,' said Taylor Swift proudly.

'So pussies are sensitive are they?' asked Daniel.

Taylor glared at Daniel. 'Very sensitive,' she replied.

'Is Taylor Swift's pussy sensitive?' asked Daniel.

'The most sensitive pussy in the universe,' replied Taylor, and picked up the joystick. They were back in Taylor's place, which had long ago fallen back to Daniel, the covenant land holder of the property, when Taylor had died and been in death a long time.

'I'll get this place back again,' said Taylor, as she played Giana Sisters Vs Mario Paint Kids.

'I'm the covenant land holder,' said Daniel. 'It reverts to me when it falls vacant. The law on the issue of covenant land holders. They have legal responsibilities them, or their estate, to ensure it is properly taken care of. Estates have a lot of legal responsibilities in this sense.'

'I am aware of the laws on the issue,' replied Taylor. 'These Paint Kids are frustrating. They always pull back when their energy is low, and escape before you can finish them off, only to come back at the end of level monster to cause you no end of problems.'

'You have to know the techniques to knock them off quickly before they can escape,' said Daniel. 'It takes research. You are supposed to make observations with a lot of games like this, which have special effects when you do certain things. Can't really finish them properly at times till you notice that.'

Taylor put down the joystick and sat back on the couch. 'Where's Joe Alwyn? I heard he's still around.'

'He lives far away on a planetary body. Would take millions of years to get there. He didn't want to be in the old scene any more. Drifted away for his own eternity.'

'Oh. Shame,' replied Taylor. 'I loved the dude.'

'When he finds out your back, he make take an interest. But I had words with him before he ultimately disappeared. Like I said, he wanted something which was more 'Joe' out of life. Not Pussy jokes from Daniel. He didn't think you would quit on me in the end, and he was just a bit straight-laced for the centreworlds of the universe. We have a degree of sarcasm which God likes. It's how you survive in glory central. You won't really otherwise. It takes the tougher kind for the glory of God. You have to cope. Joe could. But he didn't really want to.'

'I know,' replied Taylor. She looked at him. 'You I understand, and don't mind. I like spice, in the end. Where some things are happening.'

'It's not everyone's cup of tea,' replied Daniel. 'Which reminds me. It's your turn to get the coffee.'

Taylor sighed, and looked at the screen. 'Teach me some secrets about solving this one, hey?'

'Or your sensitive pussy will complain?' asked Daniel, eyebrow raised.

'Oh, keep on dreaming Daniel Daly. Keep on dreaming,' replied Taylor, as she disappeared to the kitchen, and smiled as Daniel grumbled the rest of the afternoon about not getting any. Such was life, Daniel san. But maybe soon enough.

The End

Kalphon Days 2

'Ah, you've filtered back in,' said Saruviel, as Luladie, recently up from the dead with some fresh new energy, filed into his office in Kalphon Keep.

'Dead for over 50 processes. I've got a reboot,' she said. 'The theophany showed up with a sticke of a boot with 'Reboot' written on it. Needed my death rest he said. Most did he said.'

'The great rests took care of a lot of our patience, but it wasn't completely resolved,' said Saruviel. 'A large chunk are under control, but over 90% still needed some sorting out. The guestimation is that most of it is now resolved.'

'I think so,' replied Luladiel. 'He gave me an old list of things to do and you know what I said? Actually, committing to competition and getting involved in this pastimes in a Meludielesque timetable sounds ok in time. Catching up at the moment, but its enough zest to probably keep me interested now. Even a little bit curious about pride in my performance. Appeals a little bit now. Sort of concern for my Reputation. Like Taylor. She has a lot of concern for that now.'

'Great to sis young sister Luladiel sat down on her couch next to the knitting Krystabel. She opened up her satchel and took out a copy of 'Punchline' number 1 from DC Comics, which had Punchlines in a black skirt with headphones on. 'This is a look I'm going for soon,' she said to Kantriel, showing him the cover. 'Gonna take my music seriously, and DJ a bit. Service to mankind in DJ work. Show up for my fans and be cool. Show I care and give them a good show.'

'Sounds brill,' said Daraqel. 'I do guitar lessons and work on performing well with Daughtry.'

Kantriel took out a 5 by 5 Rubik's cube.

'You'll never solve it,' said Luladiel. 'Took thick bro.'

'I can solve them. I forget how to on purpose. Leave them be for a long time. To enjoy them again.'

'Funny,' she said. 'Probably wise.'

She shut up and started reading her comic. It put her in the 'Punchline' zone, and that made her happy.

The afternoon passed.

'Dress up as Punchline then,' said Saruviel, putting down his pen.

'What? Now?' asked Luladiel.

'Next time you are in the office,' said Kantriel. 'We'll take pictures and stuff.'

'Fine,' said Katy.

'Could look cool,' said Kantriel, staring at her.

'Oh,' said Luladiel. 'I see.' She'd noticed. Kantriel had his eye on her again. That could not be a good thing.

'I'll make a note tonight,' said Katy. And that afternoon she read her comic, and listened to the music, and noticed Kantriel glancing at her from time to time. And indeed on more than one occasion.

The End

Christ and the Apostolic Round Table

They were at the Bethlephon Round Table.

'Report,' said the Christ Child.

'Since we've been at rest, growth has been decent,' said Apostle Peter.

'The Realm of Eternity has continued to expand in heaven, and it is the largest of the growing realms. Christian Cities form regularly, where Christian Gospel Law is founded in local governance legislation. Statement of concern and duty required by the citizenships. Obligations of duty of care and consideration to fellow citizens, in the love of Christ. Christianity may not be legally required anywhere in heaven – not legally – technically the laws of heaven must be observed but, after that, there is freedom of religious affiliation. But the Realm of Eternity has laws pertaining to what may be legally put in place in national legislations regarding religions of choice for locations, and the principles are observed by ourselves in forming our Christian based legislations,' said Apostle Jude.

'Yes, much as I understood it,' replied Jesus. 'What percentage of the Realm of Eternity is Christian?'

'Less than 1%,' said Apostle Paul. 'But it's more than a quarter of 1% from our sample studies. About 1 in 300 maybe are Christian in the Realm of Eternity. With the competition coming from ancient New Agendas this is not bad either, all things considered. There is a lot of heat in some of the new agendas these days, as they secure souls with more commitment to enduring eternally in their movements.'

'I understand,' replied Jesus. He looked at the Apostles of the Round Table. 'Our Mission hasn't changed. We are a community of spiritual people, based on love, and a crisp standard of christian behaviour which imparts a joyous lifestyle to our community. Were people find happiness and meaning and usefulness. There are aspects of our cultural history which are strong with humanity and worth the commitment of membership. We have something to offer on a perpetual basis. This work goes on because of it. God be praised.'

'God be praised,' the apostles echoed in unison.

After the meeting Jesus sat in his office, looking out at the cloudy day, and sandpapering a toybox of wood he was building. He did some carpentry in his office on a workbench from time to time, and took the time painting many things, which he would do with this item. It would go off to some charity or another, but he looked out the window, smiled to be back in life business again and felt refreshed and recharged after what appeared to likely be his final great rest.

The End

Rebirth X

'You sit there,' said Daniel pointing to a seat at the side of the auditorium.

'Fine,' replied Michael. Gabriel sat next to him.

'Don't speak much. Only if you must,' said Daniel. 'You have a reputation Mikey Dyke. We're not impressed at times. You may have spent the last few millennia since resucitation doing standard enough things, but you've hardley redeemed your reputation dude. You are problematic, and Eternity don't want you – you belong in Zionistya.'

'Hang on. We're officially 1 and 2 here,' said Gabriel.

'That got annulled a long time ago by the rest of the Seraphim Community,' replied Daniel. 'We don't recognize the separation ways of Israel thinking it's the bees knees to everyone. We took a vote, we had the majority by far, and the Realm of Eternity is Noahide predominantly apart from standard legislation.'

Wolfgang sat down next to Gabriel and spoke up. 'They are only required to study Seraphim Torah. None of this is absolutely required of them. All the hurly burly of it all. You legally have a dorm room in Zaphon were you can stay whenver you want but if they don't want you hanging around.............why Zionistya came to be, and that is the way of things now.'

'We know all about a promised land,' replied Michael.

'In the blood,' said Daniel. 'Separatists till the end. So shut up and don't ask many questions.'

SERAPHIM RECAP got under way. There were Cherubim present also. All the Seraphim and Cherubim of Eternity were back in the swing of things, all currently present, and they were in a Zaphona City auditorium, having a conference on updating were things were at in the world. The big discussion for day one was the update on Battleground Eternya, and notes were made that most issues were resolved since the unification anyway. Zionistya was a separate continental chain in heaven to the Realm of Eternity, and each continued to grow. All the realms of Heaven grow. It was one big united world now, and the Realm of Eternity was by far the largest, but everything grew. What had long been delayed, though, was the second unification. That was coming up soon. When the physical universe would be united with the spiritual universe, into one overall universe were everything was connected. One main stream of life, and that was were the Theophany spoke at length. It was a new Rebirth period and, because of the excitement, one angel commented saying he'd probably needed that long rest in Sheol just to prepare for what was to come. And that idea got around and found acceptance pretty quickly. Soon yet another new beginning and, when the conference ended, Seraphim Daniel surmised that life went on, but it also developed at times, and, he supposed, a new and better model gradually came to be.

The End

Harvest Tales 4

'It's sad,' said Jonathon Coleman.

'It kicks ass,' said Rex Mustang.

'You got this from Jenny. No mistaking it. You don't do up a hot rod like a frikking elephant. It's just not Australian mate It's just not. It's a circusmobile, which is where you belong in an abomination like that.'

'I call it the Trunkster,' said Rex. 'Powerful engine, once you get her going, you can't stop her.'

'What is it anyway? Is it a hot rod? What's underneath all that junk?'

'It's a custom built engine and body,' replied Rex. 'Jenny's dad built it with me. Strong enough to do heavy loads like a big rig also.'

'I notice the hook on the back. Going into road service are we?' chuckled Jonathon.

'It's for the animals,' said Jenny, coming around the side of the farmhouse into the driveway. 'To pull the caravans they often travel in.'

'Right,' said Jonathon. 'I see,' he said, hand on chin. 'Nut. Just not cool mate.'

'It's the Trunkster. A working beast,' said Rex. 'Anyway, it's not for racing or anything like that. It's for the job. We thought it would look unique.'

'It's certainly that. Well, turn her on.'

Rex jumped in and got the 'Trunkster' started. He pushed the accelerator and she growled.

'She's got a tonne of grunt in her,' said Rex. 'We can pull a tonne. Literally.'

'Well, if that does it for you,' replied Jonathon, and walked off, shaking his head.

'He likes it,' said Jenny.

'How can you tell?' asked Rex.

'Because he didn't really mock it that much. Thinks its probably good for the work we do. I can tell.'

'Hopefully Dalgety will feel the same,' replied Rex. He turned off the engine, and looked at her.

'I'm out again tonight. With Sheila again.'

'You ever going to marry her?' asked Jenny.

'Don't know,' replied Rex. 'Wanted you a long time.'

'We both know that didn't work out,' sighed Jenny.

'But working here is great,' said Rex. 'Born for this life. Working with the Gilmore's. Like this place. The farm with the Animal Park and Veterinary work.'

'I'm studying again next year,' replied Jenny. 'And getting involved with some related work for the United Galaxy for a while. They like one of their ex-bosses involved with official duties on things. Lot of work, too. Good pay also. I now control over 700 animal reserves on various planetary bodies. Only take it slow. Get involved with each and every one of them at foundation.'

'200 of them I did the hard work,' said Rex.

'I know you don't like leaving New Terra much,' replied Jenny.

'Not my thing. Space travel much,' said Rex. 'Gives me the heeby jeebies. But for you Ms Gilmore.'

'Thanks Rex,' she smiled. 'When you are finished with it park it in the shed, and I'll see you for rucking out the stables later on. Dad wants it done before the week is over.'

'Will do boss lady,' replied Rex.

This was life for Jenny Gilmore these days. Rex Mustang had been an affair for quite a long time. Often she thought he was the love of her life But, no. Not in the end. He needed a more 'Aussie' chick. Just the way he was. She was a bit formal, in Rex's own words. Just her breeding in her family. Not quite his style. But he liked working for the Gilmores and had been around a long time now. Roary had been like that. Thought he'd be around forever, but not in the end. Disappeared, and she never found out what happened to him. But Fiona had vague contact details in her own words. But Rex had come along and, sometimes, he was a friend when she needed one. Oh, she had her Dalgety friends. Even one or two from childhood still hanging around. But life went on and, over an eternity, people drifted. Off to new worlds, new places, new lives. And not many went the distance of eternity with you. Just the way it seemed to be. But dad and mum were still around, and Fiona was never far from home. Life went on, and she was used to its funny ways in the life of Jenny Gilmore. She felt, looking how gradually the United Galaxy continued to make use of her services from time to time, there was something of a plan from God at work in her life. And as her animal reserves grew, albeit slowly, she knew that was probably the case. There did seem to be something going on. But where it was all leading? Only time would tell.

The End

Wild Times

Draven landed his space-ship in Dalgety on New Terra. Along a dirt road. His new lady, Shanteerra, a nubian Queen, opened the hatch and they trod down the ramp.

'She lives here,' said Draven. They came to the front door of the farmhouse in front of them.

'What now?' asked Shanteera.

'Knock,' he said.

She gave him a puzzled look. He knocked on the door.

'Oh,' she replied. Shortly Stewart Gilmore appeared. He was quite confronted by two people in white space-suits.

'Uh, yeh. You guys want Jenny?' he asked.

'Jenny Gilmore,' said Shanteera.

'Jenny!' yelled Stewart. 'UG people by the looks of it.'

Jenny's face appeared.

'Hell do you want Draven?' she asked. 'You done your time have you?'

'Been free a long time. Busy with the Realm of Infinity and things of service to God. Need you at this time. Can you get a suitcase and come with us for a few millennia.'

Jenny turned to her father.

'Just remember to write or something,' said Stewart, and disappeared inside.

About half an hour later they were in space above New Terra.

'Life is complex,' said Draven. 'There are many free radicals. Elements in the universe with wild spirit. Wild by nature. Sort of bestial personalities in some ways. Wild creatures, like early Genesis speaks of.'

'I know a few,' replied Jenny, looking out at Earth.

'Satan is a wild card, but he's reformed a lot of his stuff for a long while now. Has intentions of gaining power in his growing dominions. There are countless websites he runs all over the place with tactical mission statements, and I've personally reviewed heaps of them, and there is not anything you would necessarily call evil or even ill-willed about it all Self-serving to a degree, but he's not that big a problem anymore. Nor the Saruvim of Infinity. The main 7 anyway. But where there is smoke....'

'There is fire,' finished Jenny.

'We need your skills in handling people and getting acknowledgements out of them on the concept of humane behaviour. We need an influence,' said Shanteera. 'Religion works at times with lots of people. But some are put of by the control mechanism of it all. It doesn't always inspire them. We have a commission from Home to do tactical things in the universe to encounter free radicals and tame them to a certain degree. So that their wild ways don't cause too much havoc. And we need you on the team.'

'We'll stay here a month. We've plenty of resources. You think it over,' said Draven.

Jenny nodded. 'With the UG I learned about law and order. It's a yes from me. I already get the point of what you are saying. Something my faith pushes me to do somewhat also in my own way.'

'Then we'll get going. So hold on tight. We've got quite a checklist of personalities God wants us to check out. It's going to be a wild ride, baby.'

'Wonderful,' replied Jenny.

And so Wild Times got under way for Jenny Gilmore. A new destiny, one she had not seen coming. Not seen coming at all.

The End

Aphar 7 II

'It's problematic,' said Lucy Smith.

'Life is problematic,' said Draven.

'Which is why it provides heroes,' said Jan Kolby. 'Hey, we're the A Team. It's our job this shit.'

Chance popped a coin into the coke machine and retrieved a cold can of Coca Cola. She opened it, sipped, and sat down at the control deck of the Wolfklaw. 'This nebulae is contradicting itself. It's definitely an Aphar with ulterior motivations. It's been tranquil for a long time now, and Captain Picard is pretty sure he is in a place which is heavenly, but at the back of his mind he knows something is up.'

'The Wild Card we have been assigned cross-checks with this location and areas around the Aphar far too many to be convenient,' said Jenny. 'I noticed that time and time again in the reports Shanteera showed me. First Wild Card on the list, and I get lucky with our old concern.'

'Life has too much coincidence to be all luck,' said Shanteera. 'It's about growth lessons to mature us.'

'And free radicals,' said Draven, looking out at the Nebulae. 'This animistic energy is bliss, but she's right. There's something funny going on with it, and Subura Takahashi is our man. Too many coincidents. His Technology Empire has a host of New Age gurus involved with it. Know heaps about it. There is an agenda, and he's behind this Aphar. His team. They have a goal. And now that it's growing again, it's time to prove our hunch, and find what exactly is going on.'

'So,' said Chance, looking out at the Pyronnia Nebulae, filled with Animistic Energy of a bliss very strong, and very unusual. 'What next?'

'Well,' said Lucy. 'Animistic Energy comes from life and creation. Extra sensory perception perceives it, and we all have a bit of that.'

Jan gave Chance a knowing look.

'But specific types of Anima not formed necessarily by natural creation, well, come from intellectual creation by living beings. When we write a story it often has a spirit and when we create a thing.'

'So this bliss has a source, then?' queried Jenny Gilmore.

'Exactly. And potentially many sources,' replied Lucy.

'How do we find that source?' asked Jenny.

'It will be strong. Pungent. It could be toxins delivered into space, but nothing particular has come up from our studies. It appears to be caused by magic of some form. And that's were I now have something to offer.' She picked up the box from under the control deck and opened it, putting a metal globe-like contraption on the control deck.

'What is it?' asked Jenny.

'An Animoculus,' replied Lucy.

'And what does it do?'asked Jenny.

'Locates strong anima,' said Shanteera. 'They are more recent things. I've seen them used.'

Jenny spun the globe of the Animoculus on its axis, and put her hands on the side of the contraption. Then she closed her eyes, and as the globe spun she went silent. Minutes passed, and she opened her eyes.

'Direct the ship right ahead of us. Upwards a few degrees. Go several million kilometeres. But 20 meg or so.'

Jan got underway, and soon they were shooting along at a rapid pace. Eventually Lucy said, 'Now slow down.' The ship slowed. Lucy used the contraption for a while. Then she opened her eyes. 'Proceed slowly,' she said. About 10 minutes later she pointed. 'Right there,' she said. The ship came to a halt and they used the lights to focus on an object. It came up on the screen.

'Looks like a big ball of rubber,' said Jan.

'Bring it it,' said Lucy.

They watched as Jan manuvered the Wolfklaw into position and, with an extender crane, brought the object into the bay. When the doors closed and locked they entered the bay and came and stood around the object.

'God,' said Jenny. 'It stinks and the anima is incredible.'

'This is the source?' asked Jenny.

Lucy looked at it.'There are probably millions of them. Billions even. Spread out all over this nebulae. It's what they are using.'

'What is it?' asked Jenny.

Jan reached down and touched it. 'It's sticky,' he said. He pulled off some and showed it to them. 'Feels like – bubble gum,' he said. 'Stretchy too.'

'Hah. Lord Hubba Bubba's vengeance,' said Jenny Gilmore.

Lucy winked at her for the joke.

'Well, now we know what is causing this Aphar.And it's something we can do something about,' said Jan.

'Even your specialty,' replied Chance. 'Garbage.'

'Funny,'replied Jan. 'But the heart of our problem still hasn't changed.'

'Subura Takahashi,' said Jenny Gilmore.

'Subura Takahashi,' replied Jan. 'And what this free radical has planned with all this anima stuff.'

The group looked at the globule. A mystery solved, and resolvable, but the man behind the mask would need capturing next, and just what was planned behind the mystery of Aphar 7.

The End

Alistair Grey 4

'This is 'Twilight Zone Contention'', said Jack Dagger.

'It looks impressive,' replied Alistair Grey. They were in 'Jack's Pad' somewhere in the Realm of Eternity.

'It's one of the classic sequels to the Twilight Zone pinball game,' said Jack. 'I have the recognized high score on it internationally. What I'm famous for, apart from my copwork and Ketravim status.'

'You play a lot of pinball do you?' asked Alistair.

'Passes the time,' replied Jack. 'Get to this disc on rare occasions, but I have another 80 machines down in the basement.'

'Never been to this one before,' said Alistair. 'Didn't think you would like these parts. Weird Welshmen. Strange ones.'

'They have a way about them,' agreed Jack. 'But it's in the blood. Got family connections to this breed. I get here rarely, but I like to chill here. One of the places I relax a bit. Not so serious.'

Alistair sat down on a couch. 'This third unification. It's coming up soon enough. One universe. All united.'

'I know,' replied Jack, who had started a game on the pinball machine. 'It's been planned a long time. They've waited for the 'Resucitation' as they call it. When people have finally made up their mind to choose life well enough.'

'Seems to be that. Thought the great rests took care of that. But only for some.'

'Well I don't need any suicide solutions,' said Jack Dagger. 'Plenty of reasons to be, and I'm happy with my lot in life.'

'I'm thinking of travelling soon,' said Alistair. 'To a Catchfrost dominion. Run by a fella. It's further out in planetary bodies way out, but it's starting to make waves. In terms of product. Seems life still has new things to offer. They've got a lot of magical devices, like that Animoculus thing out there these days. That comes from the Catchfrost Dominion.'

'So I've heard,' replied Jack. He held the flipper and looked at Alistair. 'You want to sus it all out do you? Don't trust it or something.'

'Just want to look into what's going on with the fella. He's been described by some as a 'Free Radical'. A new issue of concern to some.'

'Shit I deal with all the time,' replied Jack, returning to his game.

'So I've got a long holiday planned, and some research to be done.'

'Let me know how it goes,' said Jack.

'Will do,' replied Alistair.

And so they passed the day at Jack's pad in a welsh sort of society, Alistair Grey, secondborn of the male Ketravim enjoyed his old friends company as another fine day passed in the realm of eternity.

The End

Britannic Majesty Comics 3

'The saber should cut only so deep,' said Daniel. 'Not too much of the dragon's body should be penetrated. Come on. It's a dragon. I don't care how tough 'Thograr the Barbarian' is – he doesn't penetrate a dragon's body with its scales that damn easily. And not as much blood. We don't have that rating.'

'Yes sir,' replied the comic artist.

Daniel continued around the drawing room for Britannic Majest Comics, inspecting the work being done. There was not, in reality, much new that could be done in comics. It had all been dong. But BMC had lots of copyright from ancients of days, and worked within it's copyright framework to product product 'For the Day at Hand' as it was called in the publishing business. Tolkien did a lot of it. He published mainly a new copy of 'The Hobbit' ever few millennia, which had written out from the basic plot in his head, and it was just a current copy with a limited print run for newer readers, for the times at hand. Variation on the plot, working within the framework of copyright, to keep it fresh in its writing, and give new fans a chance to read the book with some new energy in it. Most authors now did this. In the end it was just the writing and producing of the work with fresh energy which gave it a new lease of life, and that is all the newer readers, and, quite frankly, a large percentage of the old ones, really wanted. Just new energy in their favourite thing which, for new readers, was kept as a treasure and, usually, for older readers, a lovely adventure, which was either deposited in the recycle bin, or sometimes sold online or given away or donated to a charity story. 'Keep it Fresh' was the motto from Stan Lee at Marvel Comics.

This truth permeated most of the product of copyright and even patent design and art and craft also. People, for their own new copy, just wanted a fresh go of the work. And because it was under copyright, perfect. They could vary it quite a bit, get new energy, and release it afresh to a new generation. And everyone was happy with that.

'We're looking good,' said Draconatissamay when Daniel entered the office. 'Sales are up, and people are liking the current art stylings.'

Daniel nodded and poured out some black coffee. 'Aye. For the glory of the Empire. Dan Dare eat your heart out.'

'Eagle are doing well, actually,' said Dracona, tapping away at his PC.

'What its all about,' said Daniel, sitting down on the leather couch. 'You know, young brother. Life is good. When it works out and you get in your zone, life is good.'

'What it probably was meant to be all along,' said Draconatissamay.

'Indeed. Now lets talk comics,' said Daniel.

And so BMC got on with its day, and throughout the Realm of Eternity comic readers here and there were enjoying the adventures of Thograr the Barbarian, and a host of other characters and, as always, the world carried on its business.

The End

Mossy Rock Crag

Callodyn and Klaudia had finished their climb.

'Come on lazy bones,' said Callodyn to Klaudia, who was resting on a rock.

You...go ahead,' said Klaudia, waving at Callodyn and puffing. 'I need a break.''

'Come on baby,' said Callodyn, coming over and pulling Klaudia to her feet. 'Use some Jewpower baby.'

'I'm running low on Jewpower,' smiled Klaudia.

'Then use some Spic Juice baby. We're nearly home.'

Klaudia frowned and got to her feet and followed Daniel up the path to the entrance of Mossy Rock Crag Hostel. They were in Clamorton, up in the Highlands, and had climbed some of the colourful rocks at a point in the ranges, heading for a favourite destination, Mossy Rock Crag Hostel. It technically had a road to the top, and Klaudia had often expressed it would take a 'Hell of a lot of the complicating of things if they just drove up,' but Callodyn would have none of it. They came inside, noticed the piper music playing in the background, and came to the reception.

'One room, sir?' asked the attendant.

Callodyn looked at Klaudia and winked at her, but she frowned back.

'No, that will be two,' he replied. 'She's my ex-wife. We're having some time together as friends, as my actual wife is down in Vinner City. Klaudia wanted a holiday – she lives on the same street as us in Paradision, so we came here.'

'Two rooms it is,' said the attendant, and did out the details.

Klaudia and Daniel were accompanied to their separate rooms, and after they had acquainted themselves with the facilities, Daniel walked into Klaudias room and sat on her bed.

'Dinner, later, I suppose.'

'I want to shower first,' she said. 'And I want to take some photos from way up here. And also read 'Highlander 2 the Novelization'.'

'Always crushing on Christopher Lambert aren't you Klaudia,' replied Callodyn.

'Oh, he is my cup of tea alright,' she said. 'And this is the perfect place to read the novel. Like you and Orca up in Canadian waters. You never stop reading that book.'

'Dad likes it too,' said Callodyn. 'Classic movie also. Actually does it justice.'

They chatted for a while, before Daniel returned to his room. Later they had dinner, and the following morning Klaudia and Daniel wandered around the crag, chatting, and taking pictures. When they booked out, they climbed back down to the base where the car was parked, and made their way back to Vinner City.

'I had a good time,' said Klaudia. 'It's nice that friendship now is not really much of a problem.'

'I'm too old for problems,' said Callodyn.

Klaudia smiled. Everyone had to grow up eventually, she supposed. Even Callodyn.

The End

Cat Lady 16

'When I was young I thought cats were female and dogs were male,' said Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

'Logical belief system,' replied Katy Perry. 'Taylor's a Cat and You're a Dog. A bulldog.'

'And I like it doggy style to,' replied Daniel, grinning at Taylor.

'He likes a bit of pussy as well,' said Katy.

'Disgusting,' said Taylor. They were back in the traditional house were Daniel and Taylor were neighbours. Daniel owned his own home again, and Taylor was next door. She liked to have a separate place for space, as she put it.

'Of course, she smells like a cat,' said Katy.

'I do not,' retorted Taylor, getting up. 'I'm making tea. What do you want? Earl Grey or Earl Grey.'

'Neither. I'll have Earl Grey,' replied Daniel.

Taylor turned to go, then stopped and turned back. 'Good one that time,' and she went off to the kitchen.

Katy gave Daniel a puzzled look.

'Current tea jokes we're going through. She started it.'

'I did not,' said Taylor from the kitchen. 'That idiot starts all the pathetic routines.'

'You asked if I wanted tea,' said Daniel.

'Purely innocent question,' replied Taylor. 'And you made a mocker of it.'

'We'd just seen Willy Wonka and the Tea Factory at the movies. The Oompa Loompa jokes were in your head. I can tell.'

'It's dumb,' said Taylor. 'Willy sold out for the seventh time, now doing tea. Roald Dahl has a lot to answer for. Next it will be bloody butchery, if he keeps this up.'

'Willy is too tame for that stuff,' said Daniel. 'He'll find his way eventually. Maybe he might like pussy. Most willies like a pit of pussy.'

Katy smirked.

'Oh, hah hah,' said Taylor. 'You think that one all up by yourself. I see you grinning. You think you are funny Daniel Daly.'

'Yep, Willie Wonka Vs Catwoman. A purrfect match. Should be a classic.'

'How do you want your tea?' asked Taylor.

'As always,' said Daniel. Taylor added milk with two sugars, and returned with a tray of 3 teas with biscuits.

'So you two are getting along well again I see,' said Katy.

'Pretty much,' said Taylor. 'He's usually top company. Positive and thoughtful. And not too rough. A lot of men, frankly, they like it a bit rough at times. Daniel is sort of cool in the bedroom. It's not his nature very much to go hard at it. Sort of casual.'

Katy stroked Daniel's hair. 'What I like in the dude.'

'Hey, I could get lucky,' said Daniel. 'Menage a trois.'

'Keep on dreaming,' replied Katy, picking up her tea. 'My pussy is busy.'

'She's got the rest of the milk, has she,' said Daniel.

'Mmmmm,' replied Katy.

Daniel sipped on his tea and looked at Katy. 'You can always join us at the cinema tonight. We're off to see Willy Wonka again.'

'Oh, I would love to,' said Katy. 'But my pussy is busy.'

'With what?' asked Taylor.

'She needs a trim,' said Katy.

Daniel went silent. He sipped his tea.

'Don't say it Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly,' said Taylor Swift. 'I can sense something coming, but don't say it.'

'Wouldn't dream of it,' said Daniel. 'Felix or Merlin?' asked Daniel.

'Merlin, I'm afraid,' said Katy. 'I'm getting him ready for the cat show next week. Just polishing him up a bit.'

'You and your cat and dog shows,' said Katy. 'You never get tired of it.'

'Small Talk keeps it all going,' said Daniel.

'But that's life, isn't it,' said Katy. 'Serious at times, but mostly blather to get us through.'

'Which is excellent in fine company,' said Daniel.

'Sip your tea,' said Taylor, and winked at Katy, indicating Daniel who was looking ahead.

Katy stood up. She yawned. 'Is it hot in here?' she asked.

'About normal,' said Daniel.

'I'm feeling hot. Need to take this off.' She took off her T-Shirt exposing her breasts.'

'Oh,' said Daniel. 'I see.'

'If you insist then,' said Taylor, moving over, and grabbing Daniel's fly zip and pulling it down.

'The fur's gonna fly,' said Daniel excited.

And indeed it did.

The End

Morning Stars: The Conundrum of Earth

Jackie the Paladin was living in New Terra 17 in New Bridlington. Jackie had Paladin duties as a Guardian Protector. He was AWOL. He did not give a damn. He needed to live, love and find other mysteries. He was in a hotel on the edge of New Bridlington, looking out at 'Catchfrost'. It was the top room in the hotel and you could actually see Catchfrost from it, which you couldn't from anywhere else in New Bridlington, due to the fenceline. He sat there, smoking, listening to his Bach LP play in the background, in the dim late afternoon light, when things were quiet apart from the softly playing music, and the sound of a little chatter from downstairs and the normal sounds of the city. The woman was coming again. To clean his room. The maid. He'd made an advance. She had smiled, and shaken her head. She was a Catholic. Spanish. Typical maid. She knocked, and came in.

'Rosa,' said Jackie.

'Do not touch my bottom again,' she said, and started cleaning.

He sat there, continuing to smoke, and looked out at Catchfrost. He picked up his bottle of Scotch and took a sip.

'Why don't you return to your duties?' asked Rosa. 'I can't marry a man who is faithless to his work.'

'You would marry me?' queried Jackie.

'I am old. I have not yet married. But if you were serious about being devoted to me you would need to take your responsibilities with God seriously. Paladin's have a job. I would expect that to be honoured.'

Jackie nodded, and took a puff on his cigarette. Rosa continued cleaning and left.

Later that week Rosa asked Jackie to come to the outside of the hotel, down to the grass patch behind the kids play area. She put a rug down, and they sat down. She took a spoon from the picnic box, and pushed into the dirt and picked out some soil. 'This is dirt,' she said to Jackie.

'I know,' he responded.

'You know what it does?' she asked him.

Jackie looked puzzled. 'Nothing. It doesn't do anything.'

'And that is the conundrum you are facing,' replied Rosa. 'You are something which does nothing because you don't understand your point in life. Dirt supports everything. Earth is the foundation for nearly everything. Apart from Space stations I suppose. And they are were all our resources are drawn from. And what grows flora. Dirt is life in so many ways, and doesn't pretend not to do the job its supposed to do by excusing itself. You have a job. Want to marry me, you need to do it.'

'I understand,' replied Jackie the Paladin.

They married several months later, in a Catholic Church in New Paladin, and ultimately left New Terra 17, headed for what Jackie the Paladin claimed was his 'Earth-bound Calling' in life. And Rosa did not doubt that he had something on his mind now.

The End

Wild Times 2

'Avoid that,' said Shanteera pointing.

The missile hit the ship's defensive shields on the port side. It did not penetrate the shields.

'Very evasive manouveres,' said Shanteera. 'Your skills at piloting are excellent.'

'Thanks sweetheart,' replied Jan Kolby, and muttered 'Bitch' under his breath.

'Forgive Shanteera,' said Draven. 'She is cuttingly dry and honest.'

'Subura has a sense of humour. He has fired 12 missiles so far at us in this chase,' said Chance Kibb'Starr.

'I have noticed it is only 12,' said Jenny Gilmore. 'That ship probably has thousands.'

'Maybe more,' said Jan.

'Were is he headed?' asked Lucy Potter. 'The Astral Map shows nothing out here in this part of space.'

'Maybe a headquarters,' said Shanteera. 'He is rich. He would have backup plans.'

'He can't escape galactic justice no matter how many backup plans he has,' said Jan.

Jenny put her hands on Jan's shoulders. 'Well spoken champ.'

Jan grinned. Jenny was a UG girl. They had a bit of pride about themselves, like himself. The continued the chase following Subura's ship, and after another few minutes another missile was launched, but Jan avoided it.

'He's toying with us,' said Shanteera. 'Not trying to finish us off.'

'I doubt that he would,' said Jan. 'Hell to pay messing with UG hierarchy. Playing with us, like you said.'

'Here we go,' said Draven. A large space station came into view, and Subura's ship landed in it. Jan brought the Wolfklaw into position in front of it, and tried the communicator. 'Subura. This has been fun. But you are wanted for questioning on several matters of UG security. We know you are responsible for an Aphar phenomenon, and we know it has severe potential challenges for UG security. Give yourself up man. You can run, but you can't hide.'

'Oh, I bet he's been waiting forever to say that,' said Chance.

'Shaddup,' replied Jan Kolby.

In front of them the space station started doing strange things. Panels shifted, and slowly weapons started emerging through them, pointed at the Wolfklaw. A face suddenly appeared on the ships viewer. It was Subura Takahashi.

'I have you dead to rights,' said the Mogul. 'I will give you a chance. Leave, and I will let you go in peace. Do not disturb my empire. I am a lawful citizen pursuing my liberties.'

'Not in our reckoning,' replied Jan. 'You know who I am and the legal authority I have. Same with Miss Gilmore here. We have the authority to detain and question you. We have evidence which demands investigation. Certain space phenomenon which are clearly linked to your organisations. Animistic properties which serve a purpose.'

'They are not harming anyone,' said Subura. 'You have proven nothing.'

Lucy spoke. 'We know you have an empire-building agenda. Radicals often do. Iconoclasts who want to recreate the world in their own image.'

'Nothing new there,' said Subura. 'I repeat. Leave me in peace.'

Suddenly a missile was set off, but it flew past them.

'That was a warning. I can destroy you,' said Subura.

'We're handling this ourselves,' said Jan Kolby. 'But the United Galaxy is fully aware of the situation, and all these locations details have already been communicated to them. We are giving you a chance to co-operate.'

The screen went blank. Nothing else happened.

'He's thinking it over,' said Shanteera.

'Oh. How can you tell?' asked.

'He got to the top because he's not stupid,' said Shanteera. 'Trust me. He'll be back on an invite us on board.'

Shortly Subura's face reappeared. 'I have nothing to hide. Feel free to board my ship.' And the screen went blank.

Jan turned and looked at everyone. 'Well, he's invited us in.'

'It could be a trap,' said Draven.

Jan turned back to the control panel. 'I guess we'll find out one way or another.'

And the Wolfklaw started approaching the Space Station, ready to port, and confront the Mogul Subura Takahashi to get to the bottom of the mystery of Aphar 7, and his plans for ruling the galaxy.

The End

Vork the Barbarian 7

The days were like the Autumn of his life. It was strange. Weird. They were up in snowy mountain peaks, with meadows around them, in log cabin life, and Celeste was collecting leaves of various kinds and putting together an album of leaves of the local region as a keepsake which would be delivered to her distant homeland, were mother and father resided, into her personal room, for her collection. She added in little notes as she placed the leaves in also, and showed it to Vork, and he smiled. Paul would pick grapes and make priestly wine, and in the cold nights the three of them would get drunk. And the little one would grow, and Vrak was a strong looking lad, but with a kindly disposition. And he smiled a lot. He was a happy child. He liked playing with the wooden toys that Paul his uncle had crafted out, and he sat in front of the cabin playing with the pet cat they had found, and he was a joyful little child who Vork was immensely proud of. It was autumn in his heart. A gentle spirit of a barbarian retired from duty almost and resting in the reward for his labours. Celeste was very soft at him and occasionally at night, lying next to him, she would say 'Not really sure if there is much of a point trying to find another man in the end.' And Vork would remain silent. But he was not really sure if he disagreed. They were happy years, in the olde world, with little contact with the outside world, apart from a travelling shopkeeper from down in the valley, who would come up every month or so with this and that to trade with them, and supply something of their needs. Celeste taught the child maths and language and Paul taught him ethics and religion. Vork did not teach him that kind of knowledge. He spoke to him as he grew, about life, about its adventure, and his thoughts about what it was all about. He shared a philosophy of it all instead, garnered from his own experience. And Vrak learned, and seemed to be competent in the things taught and shown him. And as the years passed, the 3 became 4. But then Sebbie happened. She lived not far down the mountainside with her grandfather, and Vrak had played with her on occasions as a youth, but she had blossomed and she was blonde and beautiful. And Vrak was smitten. Then it came to be that she was going off to study at a university in one of the big olde world cities, and Vrak was asked to accompany her to study likewise. And Vork did not think his son an academic, but he noticed, especially through the things Celeste pointed out, that Vrak was not a barbarian, but a socialite, and a businessman type of thinker. This did not defeat the pride of Vork the Barbarian. He was proud of his son whatever his calling in life. But it was not as he thought would be the natural way of things. Yet he accepted it none the less, and the day came, and farewells were given, and Vrak was gone to the city life. Vork looked at Celeste one afternoon, and sighed, and Paul spoke that night and said they had unresolved business to attend to and soon enough they found their way down the mountain, and steadily set course for the town of the folk who held the ledgers they still needed for the current quest at hand.

The End

Vinner City Afternoons

'Yes, it's a fly,' said Callodyn.

Claudia sipped on her glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, and looked out the window of the hotel at Vinner City. 'You hate flys, don't you?'

'I'm not the biggest fan of that creature,' replied Callodyn, looking at the fly buzzing around the room. 'Surprised to see it in here though. The technology these days usually keeps them out.'

'We had a blackout, and the reserve generator in the hotel was disconnected for a while. Repair work was being done in the basement. When you opened the screen there the fly flew in without the repellers being operational.'

'I see,' replied Callodyn. 'Yes, I guess so. Annoying things.'

'Fly's are God's creatures,' said Stephanie.

'Like brazen barmaids,' said Kayella under her breath.

'What was that Kay? And I'm a cafe attendant. Not a barmaid. But I do do some work in bars a little bit. But not enough to justify that as my main career title,' replied Stephanie.

Kayella stood and went to the air conditioner and adjusted it. She looked at Callodyn.

'Wasn't she long gone?'

'She came back,' replied Callodyn. 'We were just having a lovers tiff. She needed some time to herself anyway. Think about life and her plans for the future.'

'Dare to dream,' said Kayella sarcastically. 'Get the glory Stephanie.'

'You sure as hell did Clarkson,' replied Stephanie.

Kayella stared at Stephanie then sat back down. 'Yeh, I suppose I did. We were young, though. Everybody then. It was the beginning of things. It was commercial for a while. How life was to start with. Shouldn't be now though.'

'Ambition is normal enough. And Stephanie is not ancient,' said Kayella. 'I'm happy for her to have her dreams. There is still a lot for her to encounter about life.'

'Thank you dear,' replied Stephanie. She glared at Kayella. 'We don't all have oodles of experience, you know.'

Kayella looked out the window. 'No. I suppose not,' she said softly.

It was afternoon in Vinner City on their holiday. They'd stayed a bit longer. The hotel had a nice ambience for relaxation and sitting about doing nothing sort of stuff. Much like Way of the Eternal Dove, Callodyn had commented.

'Where we going for dinner tonight?' asked Claudia.

'Can I choose?' asked Kayella. 'I know a lot of nice places in this city.'

'Suits me fine,' said Callodyn.

'Sure,' said Stephanie. 'The woman with oodles of experience can impress us with her choice.'

'Bitch,' said Kayella.

'Rich. Miss Independent calling me a bitch. Rich,' replied Stephanie.

Kelly stuck her tongue out at Stephanie, who flipped the bird back at her.

'We'll eat Italian tonight. I know a great place in the city,' said Kayella. 'Not impossible to get a table either. I'll book now.'

Kayella arranged the meal, and it was a table for 4, but, for the rest of the afternoon, they chilled out, gazing on the grey skied city, and when the rain finally came, they were mellow, but happy. Another fine day in life.

The End

Vinner City Afternoons 2

They were at the docks at the fishmarket.

'Hey, here's a stingray,' said Stephanie. 'That's your favourite isn't it Kayella?'

'Bitch,' said Kelly under her breath.

'I mean, you've got a sting,' said Stephanie.

'Do you object if I have a hitman knock her off?' Kayella asked Callodyn.

'Very nasty sting,' said Stephanie.

'Oh, look. A shark. Stephanie's favourite. She's a bit of a flake,' said Kelly.

'Now now, girls,' replied Callodyn. 'Le'ts enjoy this Vinner City Afternoon. We have a banquet to prepare.'

'ValDan expects high quality,' said Valandriel.

'The best,' said Daniel the Seraphim. 'Vinner City Execs are impressed with ValDan these days. Our consistent quality over the long haul is starting to improve our contractual relations.'

'Always on the money,' said Callodyn looking at Daniel.

'I learned from the best,' replied Daniel the Seraphim.

'Have you made your mind up?' asked Stephanie to Claudia as the group continued wandering around the fishmarket.

'I've seen the goods. I'm still sticking with fish,' replied Claudia. 'And I think I know what I want to cook. Eel.'

'Ooh,' said Kelly. 'But if you do it right it can be great.'

'I have a killer recipe from mother,' said Claudia.

'Eel isn't kosher, is it?' asked Daniel. 'Fins and Scales.'

'We eat it regardless,' said Claudia. 'And I have Russian in my heritage, and quite a bit of European other stock. Some decent rights to eat a bit of other foods as per the Noahide Covenant rights. Enough DNA to justify it.'

'That's a theological debate,' said Valandriel to Daniel. 'We could make some parley with Michael on that idea.'

'I'll make a note back at the hotel,' replied Daniel.

They bought the eels and soon enough were in the fresh food markets, and then back to the hotel and down to the kitchen, where they had booked time for the night. Claudia cooked hard, and the girls all helped her, while Valandriel supervised. Ultimately the dinner went well, and everyone enjoyed the general schmoozing of it all, and while a drunk Kelly and Stephanie were a right handful, Callodyn managed to prevent them scratching out each others eyes, and the diary notes later on in the week were, to say the least, memorable.

The End

Krystabel and the Clock of Eternity VI

'DON'T BORROW MY KEY,' said God.

'What Key?' asked a very confused Krystabel.


'Oh,' replied Krystabel. 'I see.' She looked around. She started searching. She looked under chairs, and after a while assumed it was a key to the clock of eternity. Then she looked up at the doorway, and noticed the mantle above the doorway, and got the chairs, and slipped her hand up, and found the key, and came near to the clock.

'Curiousity killed the cat,' said Krystabel to God.

'WHICH CAT?' asked God.

'A cat in general,' replied Krystabel, looking at the keyhole.


'Right,' said Krystabel, looking up at the blue flame above the top of the clock on the throne. 'You're a funny guy.' She pushed the key into the keyhole.


'Indeed,' said Krystabel, and turned the key. She opened the door to the clock. A vortex appeared. It sucked her in. As she disappeared into a strange new dimension, words echoes in this vortex-hole from the divine. IRONIC THINGS. She whirled, and turned, and twisted, and finally blanked out. Then the door to the clock suddenly snapped shut, and the key fell out of the lock onto the floor, and a mouse suddenly appeared from beneath one of the seats, and came to the key, and played with it a but, and snuck it under the base of the clock, and then ran back to where he came from, disappearing as he had come.

And there was silence.

And the blue flame above the throne continued onwards its steady pace.

The End

Kalphon Days 3

Katy sat on the couch, playing with a can of fly spray.

'We don't need fly spray in here,' said Krystabel.

'Why do you have blonde hair?' Katy asked Krystabel.

'I've been on a holiday,' said Krystabel. 'To a different place. I returned with a fresh buzz.'

'I see,' said Katy. 'It's not actual fly spray in the can. It's perfume. We don't need fly spray with the repellant machines in Kalphon.'

'Why is there perfume in a fly spray can?' asked Krystabel.

'Why anything,' replied Katy. She stood and walked over to Kantriel, and pointed the can at him. 'You smell,' she said, and sprayed perfume at him.

Kantriel looked at her for a moment, and said, 'I don't know that fragrance. It's unusual. Smells like roses. A bit quirky though. Musk is mixed with it. Honey too I think.'

'A few other things,' said Katy, returning to her seat. 'It's a home recipe. I fitted it into a fly spray can as that was all I had on me at the time. Home brew.'

'Right,' said Krystabel. 'It smells nice.'

'Thinking about marketing it,' said Katy. 'Starting an agenda. Going to match ValDan.'

'Hah,' said Daraqel, looking up from his magazine. 'Don't bother. They just take it too seriously in the end. Spend all their time fussing over it. I mean, it's great to compete, but in the end most of us need a life. That mentality is their life. They make a point of it. Unless it's all you got going on, and you've got plenty, it's not worth the hassle.'

Katy stared at Daraqel, and looked at the flyspray. 'Vain ambition where you buster?'

'You could push it anyway, though,' said Kantriel, looking at his handheld console game. 'If you want an agenda, things can build up slowly with them. Get things going steadily and you can build them. If you take your time that is. At the foundation. And mostly if you bother to mean each project and commit to it. People see through things which aren't dedicated to. They don't bother much with them after a while if the creators hearts aren't in it.'

'I see,' said Katy. 'Wise words. I suppose.'

'You could start a company with it. I could help you,' said Krystabel. 'Fingerprint Fragrances. Katy's personal touch.'

'Not bad,' said Daraqel without looking up.

'I suppose,' said Katy. She sat there. She was bored.

'You need an adventure,' said Krystabel, putting down her knitting.

'Take her mountain climbing,' said Saruviel. 'Give her something to get her blood up. That will help her. Train for it for a few months, and then do a tour somewhere. Should give her some fresh inspiration.'

'Sounds ok,' said Katy. 'Will you come along Saruviel?'

Saruviel put down his pen and looked at Katy. 'You know. Ok. Yes. Yes, I will. Something to do for a while. Kantriel? Daraqel?'

'Yeh, sure,' said Kantriel.

'A holiday sounds great,' said Daraqel.

'You plan it, Katy. Give us about 3 months prep from today. I can pencil a year or so in.'

'Come on,' said Krystabel. 'We'll go to your place and look at the internet.'

'Right,' said Katy. And so she had a new thing to do, and there was actual interest at this moment, and a bit of joy. Was probably going to be a good time.

The End

Alpine Getaway

They were at the Rainbow Alpine Lodge in Switzerland in Terraphora. It was a getaway place Saruviel frequented from time to time and Luladiel had chosen it for a reason. To make him comfortable.

'Let's hit the slopes,' said Kantriel, after they all had had a big breakfast in the lodge. Kantriel and Daraqel and Krystabel started towards the exit, but Saruviel stayed seated in the restaurant of the lodge, with his PC, Katy standing ready to go, looking at Saruviel.

'You go ahead,' said Saruviel. 'Work to do,' he said, pointing to his laptop.

'Uh, I'll keep him company. Catch up later,' said Luladiel.

Kantriel looked at Daraqel and shrugged. 'Whatever. See you later.' The boys left and Krystabel followed them, but slowly, and turned and looked as Katy sat down next to Saruviel. She raised an eyebrow, but decided to dismiss the idea which was starting to creep in, and left to follow the boys.

Saruviel sat there, typing, looking at the screen.

Katy sipped on her juice.


'You know, Alexander. Can I call you Alexander?'

Saruviel looked at her. 'Jesus. I haven't been called that in a while.'

'No, Alex,' she replied. 'And call me Katy.'

'Sure, Katy,' replied Saruviel.

'You know, Alex,' she said, drawing close to him. 'I've always admired you. The work you do. Your professionalism.'

'Yes. That is the way to conduct affairs,' said Saruviel, looking at the screen.

'I mean, it's so manly,' she said. 'So – Authoritative.'

'My job as the angel of adversity,' replied Saruviel.

'Yes. It is, isn't it?' Luladiel slipped her hand on to Saruviel's leg.

'Uh, what are you doing, Luladiel?' asked Saruviel.

'Me,' she replied. 'Nothing.' Her hand slipped up to his crotch, and she gave his manhood a squeeze. It got erect pretty quickly.'

She looked at him, and batted her eyelids.

'I'm married,' he said, and removed her hand. She put it back.

'An illicit affair is always the domain of the rich and famous. It's what we're made of brother.'

'Not in my affairs, Luladiel.'

'Fine,' she replied stroppily, and crossed her arms in a huff. She looked at Saruviel, who had returned to his typing. She leaned over, and whispered in his ears some things.

'That's pretty rude,' said Saruviel, looking at his sister. He chuckled.

She whispered again.

'I'm not sure I'm into that,' said Saruviel. 'Krystabel usually doesn't like that. But you do?'

Luladiel nodded.

'Jesus. I'm almost tempted just to see.'

Luladiel pulled down her parker, looked around, and quickly flashed a tit at Saruviel. He stared at it, but returned his focus to the PC.

'You're a funny girl, Luladiel.'

'I'll let you spank me,' she said.

That was too much for Saruviel. His manhood was standing hard at attention.

'Just this one time only,' he said.

'Scouts honour,' she said, putting two fingers in a sign on her forehead.

The left the eatery. The retired to Katy's room. Things got rude for 20 minutes. Katy was spanked. After showers, they returned to the eatery.

'You better not get pregnant,' said Saruviel. 'A bastard child is the last thing I need at this point.'

Luladiel sipped on her juice. 'Course,' she replied.'

She decided she wouldn't bother him again. Her infatuation lust just wanted to get a bit of the Seventhborn for another go. There had been a few occasions a long time ago when they'd been intimate. But she wasn't trying to steal Krystabel's man. She just liked his ways somewhat, and had urges a bit. All part of the makeup of Luladiel the Seraphim. Just the way she was.

The End

Cat Lady 17

'The River runs,' said Daniel.

Taylor sat by the stream which ran under the bridge, the city bustling above them. There was graffiti on the concrete support pillars of the bridge, it being an underpass above them on the highway. They were not too far from their home, the place where they both lived in Daniel's disc in the Realm of Eternity, where they had houses side by side, Daniel back in his original place, Taylor next door. Taylor's new cat 'Theodophilus Julius Maximus' was by the water, scratching around, licking at the water occasionally, but mostly nibbling on the cat treats Taylor fed it.

'It smells such like a danky creek, here,' she said. 'And I smell urine.'

'Homeless people pee around here a fair bit,' said Daniel. 'They sleep over there, under the under pass section of the bridge were there is shelter from the rain. Not too much trouble from coppers around here, though technically it's illegal to loiter.'

'Compassionateless soul,' said Taylor. 'No begging or loitering anywhere in this disc.'

'It happens, but it's not excused,' said Daniel. 'We run a tight ship.'

'People find it difficult to get by a lot of the time,' said Taylor.

'No excuse. We have support mechanisms galore, and we accost the homeless regularly to visit halfway houses and reconnect. And it's not like their not financially supported if and when necessary.'

'Still some sleep homeless,' she replied.

'I think it's human nature, or whatever you want to call it. People can still not care regardless. Even walk away from a good home to go out on the streets because they've simply given up. Technically it's illegal, and gets a fine, but police are under instruction to not prosecute, unless its a case of someone just being an idiot. Where they are perfectly capable of sorting themselves out and are just too lazy to. We don't excuse deliberate patheticness.'

Taylor stroked her cat, and opened a can of sardines. She ate one and fed Theodophilus the rest of the can.

'Make sure you dispose of that properly,' said Daniel.

'No. I'd thought I'd toss the can into the creek and give your coppers a case for complaint. They can fine me,' replied Miss Swift.

'Funny, Taylor,' replied Daniel. Daniel continued on the yabbying he was doing, and when they had caught a few yabbies, they made for home. Taylor had a recipe, and that night she fried up the yabby flesh with a curry, and it didn't taste that bad actually. But she was thinking about the creek, and the homeless people who occasionally slept there, and for a few months did volunteer work with the St Vincent de Paul society, reminding herself of her technical faith and that even Taylor Swift was not excused from doing work for the Kingdom of God.

The End

Vinner City Afternoons 3

'Celia, wake up,' said Morganna.

'Shit,' said Celia, sitting up in her bed. 'What time is it? Where is dad?'

'Calm down. Roary has gone out already, but your dad is in the breakfast room, eating pancakes and maple syrup. You are not late. Plenty of time.'

'I don't want to be late, so thanks for getting me up Morganna.'

Morganna placed the green dress onto the end of Celia's bed. 'There. Like we left it last night. Ready to go. Now once you have washed and toileted, go down and get your breakfast, and then we'll spend the morning dressing you then doing your hair.'

Celia did as told, and soon enough was downstairs in her pyjamas, with dad, Azrael, eating to his heart's content.

'There's my princess,' said Azrael. 'Looking a million bucks.'

'Thank's dad,' said Celia.

Daniel and Kelly came wandering into the breakfast room, and sat down at one of the tables. Kelly yawned, and soon Klaudia wandered in also, followed by Stephanie.

'Spending the whole morning dressing, won't you be,' Daniel said to Celia.

'Well, these things need to be done well,' said Celia, reaching for some pancakes and chocolate dipping sauce.

'You'll need a while as well,' said Kayella.

'Why I have you,' replied Daniel.

'You'll need all three of us with your gear,' said Klaudia.

'Hey, a wizard has to look the part,' said Daniel. 'My 3 enchantresses would expect nothing less.'

'Funny,' said Stephanie. Morganna Le Fay came down the stairs, looking elegant. She was in a gown, which was not the faire's official outfit for the afternoon, but she always looked the part anyway. Morganna Le Fay was the stage name for want of a better word, as she was one of the official organisers at this cosplay event of olde world stylings. The theme was camelot this weekend, which changed through olde world things from month to month when such events were held at the Vinner City Epic Quest retreat, but sometimes they did science fiction on rare occasions.

'You are looking fabulous,' said Azrael to Morganna, who sat down opposite him. 'Isn't she looking fabulous,' Azrael said to his daughter Celia.

Celia looked at his father. He'd been particularly animated in Morgannas company since arriving yesterday afternoon. Particularly.

'Now, the dressing up is half of the fun,' said Morganna to the group. 'We will have a helper for each of you if necessary, but people often like to do it there way, which is perfectly understandable. We'll be expecting you all sometime after mid-day, and the feast is the first thing for luncheon, before the main feasting this evening after the afternoon's events.

'Understood,' replied Celia, giving Morganna a salute.

'Understood,' said Azrael, and winked at Morganna, who smiled warmly back. Celia looked at the exchange. This afternoon at the Vinncer City Epic Quest retreat may have a lot of activity, and even fireworks for the evening, but they might not be the only fireworks going on.

'Merlin's blood,' said Azrael, raising up a toast with his blackcurrant juice.

'Gross,' said Celia.

'But appropriate,' said Morganna, and winked at Azrael.

It was going to be an afternoon to remember, thought Celia, as she looked at Daniel hooking in to one to many pancakes with Kayella smacking his hand away only for Daniel to pinch it when her head was turned the other way.

The End

Vork the Barbarian 8

Having gone through the rigamarole of securing the final ledgers, through bargains involving separate quests for Beer, Jewellery and Pornography of various kinds hard to findin Paradishia, Vork, Celeste and Paul redeemed their reward at last, and headed to the Olde World Metropolis of 'Grand London Town' of a rather large predominantly olde world disc. The made their way through the sprawling metropolis to the Orange Light District. Well, yes. It was sort of a Red Light district. But they called it orange because it was accepted somewhat due to the more toned down nature of the arrangements in this part of a rather large metropolis of several trillion souls. Vork found the old lady he used to shag, made the monetary arrangements, and they settled down to the usual accommodation in the district, and got on with things. They had money to spend for a while.

'I think,' said Celeste. 'That with this new savings, my goal of certain housing domiciles in a certain olde world village of expensive costs is now achievable.'

'Paris on the Leonidya?' queried Paul.

'Indeed,' replied Celeste.

'I will have to see this town one day,' said Paul. 'All that you've said of it – it sounds enchanting.'

'Oh, it is,' replied Celeste, consuming her vegetable soup for the evening, over the inroom stove in their hostel.

Vork entered, and settled down in the large single seater couch. 'Aye, she was busy this evening. But has made room tomorrow evening. Suit me fine.'

'You are hardly faithful barbarian,' mocked Celeste.

'We knew it wouldn't last,' replied Vork. 'We are not meant to be a couple. Not lovers. We are partners. It is how we do our business. Now settle woman, I have some drinking to do.' And he reached for his scotch, as he pulled of his smelly socks, and started his evening indulgence.

'What plan next fearless brother?' asked Paul.

Vork lipped his lips and looked at them. 'Come here,' he said.

They came over and he brought out a map.

'A treasure map. How unique,' said Celeste.

'Aye. Sort of,' replied Vork. 'It's more of a map in general to a place which has fine gold for the mining. Expensive this map cost me. But certified by my lady. She assured me of it. Given in payment for a nights lay.

'So it is attested and verified by reliable sources,' said Paul sarcastically.

'We'll check it out regardless,' said Vork. 'She thinks it genuine. Plenty of gold in the mines, free to be mined. We can turn our hand at it a while, and see what comes forth. Besides, it's in Astorixxia Minor. Plenty of labour for our works there.'

'Astorixxia Minor,' said Celeste to herself. 'As long as we don't run into Count Dupre. He hears word of us we'll all be in stocks.'

'Hah,' said Vork. 'He'll have to catch us first.'

'Like last time,' said Celeste.

'I was in bed naked. I had no chance to grab my sword.'

'I still feel the creaks in my neck from a month in stocks,' said Celeste. 'And just rotten cabbage gave me fowl bellyaches for months.'

'We'll avoid all his lands,' said Vork. 'Now leave me be. I'll snooze her this evening.'

'If you must,' said Celeste.

Paul looked at the map, looked with concern at his brother, but left for his own room, as Vork settled down for the evening, happy with the sight of Celeste naked briefly as she changed into a night gown, but otherwise engaged with his alcoholic consumption as the evening passed in 'Grand London Town' in the olde world of the Realm of Eternity.

The End

Vork the Barbarian 9

'Belladonna, you know I only make love to you,' said Vork. 'Celeste? I would never make love to her. She's not my type. Purely a business partner. Barbarian work. My accountant.'

Belladonna the Orange Light District harlot shook her head. 'No, no Vork. Rumor has it you have a son to the wench who is now doing well.'

'Vicious rumour. I have no son. No bastard out there can claim me.'

'He does. Son of Vork the Infamous. Everyone knows. He looks just like you. And that wench.'

'Nay, tis a lie,' said Vork. 'Caress my feet Belladonna. They need your motherly touch.'

Belladonna sighed, and started rubbing Vork's feet. 'It doesn't bother me that much. But you have sworn time and time again when your barbarian ways are finished I will be your one and only.'

'Still the case,' said Vork, lying down on the bed and reaching for his bottle of Scotch. 'You are my heart and love Belladonna. Nobody but you baby.'

'Yeh, right,' replied the Harlot. She reached for a condom and with her mouth worked it onto Vork's manhood. 'Remember' she said. 'Your one and only.' And, as she began her work, Vork looked down, swigged on his bottle and said, 'Sure Sweetheart,' as the familiar sensation in his loins soon began to take over.


'You know, Vork,' said Paul, looking at the map. 'This might be legit. I've been going over information at the town library and it appears to check out. There are even records of gold being found in this district.'

'We've nothing better to do,' said Vork, now on his 3rd bottle of Scotch for their stay. 'May as well see what adventuring comes forth there.'

'I worry about Count Dupre,' said Celeste. 'He'll surely hear word and come for our heads. He's not too fond of you after you laying with his wife.'

'Was all a misunderstanding,' said Vork. 'I was merely assisting the lady in a difficult manner. She had her skirt caught on her bed, and needed help taking it off. I was passing by in our party of the night, and offered assistance. That is all.'

'And then caught with your pants down,' smirked Celeste.

'There is a perfectly innocent explanation,' said Vork.

'I am sure there is,' replied Celeste. She looked at the map. 'Well, shall we depart in the morning on this fool's quest.'

'I'll visit my lady one more night, and then we'll be on our way,' said Vork.

'Gold hunting,' said Paul. 'A new experience.'

'Hopefully that is all it will be,' replied Celeste, as Vork settled down on the couch and sipped on his couch, the playful music from the tavern across the street of the hostel nearing the nights conclusion, as another day ticked over in Grand London Town.

The End

Britannic Majesty Comics 4

'What does an Accountant have to do with Pornography?' asked Sariel.

'Hear the lad out, Sariel,' said Daniel the Seraphim.

'Arch Regent,' said Vrak. 'A pleasure to meet you.'

'Your Honour,' said Sebbie, Vrak's wife, curtsieing.

'Save your affectations,' said Daniel. 'Only on formal occasions.' He looked at the artwork on display.

'It's not technically pornography,' said Vrak. 'It's considered a genuine nude in the olde world. Barbarian women are a common theme for many collectors.'

'It's what we are looking for,' said Draconatissamay. 'Britannic Majesty is looking at this stuff for our Barbarians and Maidens Quarterly. This artist is exactly what we need. And we need the work done fresh. People can tell. I've said it time and time again, Daniel. It doesn't matter if the work is practically identical to an old work. It's the freshness of it being done anew. And this is what we are looking for.'

Daniel nodded.

'I'm purely a businessman in this respect,' said Vrak.

'You're Vork's boy aren't you?' queried Daniel, looking at the art piece.

'You have me at a disadvantage there. You know my father?'

'And his brother Paul. Celeste too.'

'We made their acquaintance not that long ago,' said Eloise. 'Daniel had issues with Paul, and Vork was present at the time with lady Celeste. A very lively trio.'

'They have their adventures,' sighed Vork. 'Not my lifestyle of choice, but it suits the old man.'

'The art is quite expensive,' said Sariel. 'You think you can afford that artist?'

'There is profit in it with our base,' said Draconatissamay. We can afford quite a lot for the right person. We deal with a pannapictagraphic audience vast in numbers these days.'

'He's old,' said Vrak. 'And cranky. Lives out in the sticks. Doesn't like visitors. He contacted me because I am well known for being the epitome of discretion.'

'We'd like to meet him,' said Draconatissamay.

'I will arrange it,' said Vrak.

They left the exhibit, and had dinner together that evening at a lovely olde world restaurant, and Daniel and Draconatissamay chatted about the art and the meeting of this cantankerous old soul who could potentially be Britannic Majesty Comics new rising star.

The End

Geocity Megacity 3

(Geocity Megacity 1 & 2 are in Video Format at Noahide Videos Bible)

Celeborn 727 looked vaguely at the white walls of the processing plant as she made patties for the Restaurants of Time Central. Her friend Genevieve 9994 looked at her.

'Something on your mind Celly?'

'That idiot Jack999. I don't know what I see in him,' replied Celeborn 727.

'Probably nothing. Just a spark of his basic manhood. He's got a cock. That''s what you focus on,' said Genvieve 9994 sarcastically.

'Shut up Genevieve. I have interests other than men's genitalia,' replied Celeborn.

'Barely, beauty Queen,' said Genevieve. 'It's why you dress hot and get laid as much as you can. Conquering the men of Time Central, and Jack has come up on the list.'

'I've only been with 12 guys in my time, thank you very much,' replied Celeborn 727.

'I've been with 2,' said Genevieve. 'And I married the 2nd one forever.'

Celeborn slapped the new row of patties into a box and looked at the clock. 'I'm finished for the day. That will do me.'

'Half an hour to go,' said Genevieve.

'I've finished my quota for the month,' said Celeborn. 'Got that done this morning. I'm out of here.'

Celeborn got home and looked at Jack's number in her phone book. Should she? She rang it. Jack was out. Later on, around 8, she rang again. He answered.

'Hey,' she said.

'Wasn't sure you'd ring again,' replied Jack.

'Wanna do Midnight Flicker again?' she asked.

'Sure,' he replied.

'I'll see you there at 11.'

The time came, and she showed up at 2 minutes to midnight, fashionably late. He was sitting there, and looked relieved to see her face.

'Didn't think you would show,' he said. She shrugged.

They watched the show.

'Come back to my place,' she said softly.

The canoodled at her place, then she pushed him away. 'I've been with men before, you know. But there's no point anymore. If I'm going to sleep with a guy, well, the next one has to be my husband. And I don't want to divorce. So, you know.'

'Put on a jazz record,' said Jack. 'I know you like them.'

She smiled, and put on a record, and they sipped wine till 3, listening to jazz.

'I can handle being hitched permanently,' he said when he was leaving. 'If you like the looks of me, we'll see where this goes.'

She nodded. 'Thanks jack. For understanding.'

He nodded, and she closed the door. Satisfactory night. She'd see what happened next.

The End

Geocity Megacity 4

'Chill Zone?' asked Celeborn 727.

'I have a great disc to play,' replied Jack 999, holding up a CD.

'Sure,' said Celeborn 727. They came to the receptionist and Jack handed over the CD, and the lady smiled at them both.

'Room 7,' she said.

They walked into the complex and found room 7, coming inside. They took their seats and the music started playing and the lights started doing their thing. It was a relaxation CD, and the room started gently rocking with the music, as the lights flashed lightly and scenes of nature – seagulls at the beach, forest scenery, and lots of rainbows – started showing up all over the walls of the room. The music became more relaxing with tract 2, and Celeborn came and sat on Jack's couch, putting her arm around him, and lying there.

'Feel chilled?' he asked.

'Starting to,' she replied. She nestled down and put her head on his chest, and he put his arm protectively over her.

'So you think we can go on with this pseudo-dating?' he asked her.

'Oh, I think it's probably real dating,' she replied. 'I don't know what I see in you though. You are kind of pathetic. Just gawky good looks and boyish charm.'

'Hey, you've got to start somewhere,' he replied.

'The problem is finishing with that,' she replied.

'I'll grow a short beard,' he replied chuckling. 'That might help.'

The music played and Celeborn 727 seemed to have fallen asleep. When the CD was finished she was snoring softly. The receptionist came and checked on them, and noticed the lass was asleep, so started the CD again. Technically they could probably stay all day if they really wanted to. It was one of the standard free services you got from being part of the Mega City community. Part of the overall roster work scheme which ran things. Halfway through the second play Celeborn lit up.

'Shit,' she said. 'How long have I been asleep?'

'Not too long,' said Jack.

She pulled herself together, and sat upright. 'You didn't take advantage of me, did you?'

'I might have had a rude thought or two, but nothing happened.'

'Fine,' she said, holding her shirt at the top. 'I'll have to trust you.'

'Come on then,' he said. 'I'll walk you home.'

As they walked back to her place, they chatted about their lives in the Geocity, work, friends and things, and when they arrived at her place, she kissed him on the cheek, and said 'Sometime next week. I want to think you over.'

And she closed the door, and Jack left, feeling hopeful, but not knowing what would happen next.

The End

Geocity Megacity 5

'Robin 44 has ethics. It's why he doesn't mind the work,' said Jack 999. 'It's his 15th Tour of Duty as a Sentry. Seems to like the work.'

The two of them were in Alahandra District in Megacity, a District on the edge of the City. The wastelands lay west of the city, and surrounding the edge of the city, in the first bits of the wastelands, were the Sentry abodes. Technically they were symbols of Megacity's defense network. Technically. But they'd never really been invaded by any other Geocity, which was mostly a foreign concept. But, in the beginning of things, judgements were made on the hypothetical needs for city defenses, and the Sentry Abodes were part of the plan. They were domiciles, roundish on the surface, which ran underground in thick concrete, the majority of the abode being in the basement level underground, were the Sentry lived and, theoretically, monitored things approaching the city. There was still a technical duty every now and then for the Sentry to take note of people approaching the city and other things, but mostly the Sentry Abodes were a tradition to teach principles of patience and endurance in a solitary life. People did a tour of duty in a Sentry abode as a Sentry to 'Toughen up' their life and cope with isolation. Usually a best friend often delivered their food goods once a week, but there were official workers assigned to the task.

'I think I remember Robin 44,' said Celeborn 727. 'Dark haired, good looking, likes the Bow and Arrow like Robin Hood.'

'That's him,' said Jack 999.

They continued walking through the city and came to the edge, passing by the final stores and things, out into the wastelands. There were a few Sentry Abodes visible in this section outlying the city, and they soon found Robin's abode. There was dust all around the entrance to the concrete blonde tower, and Jack 999 knocked. Time passed, and he knocked again, and the door opened, Robin 44 and his unshaved appearance greeting them.

'Oh, hey. Jack 999. Celeborn isn't it?'

Celeborn727 nodded.

'Can we come in?' asked Jack.

'Uh, sure,' replied Robin.

They came inside, descended steps down into the circular central living room, which had wings jutting east back towards the city and west further out into the wastelands, but all below ground.

'How you been?' asked Jack, as they took seats on lounge couches.

'Oh, you know. 'Quiet. Thoughtul,' said Robin, looking at Celeborn727 a moment.

'Haven't seen a woman in a while,' said Robin44, taking out a cigarette. 'Almost forgotten what they look like.'

'Funny,' replied Celeborn727 a little nervously.

'Oh, don't worry about me, Cellie,' said Robin. 'I'm with a woman. She doesn't mind the long gaps apart. This is something I've theoretically committed to in the long term for Mega City. The defense work. It wasn't an issue to start with, and probably still isn't.'

'Probably?' asked Celeborn727.

'Well, you know. Since the unification, things have changed a bit. We're all – connected – now. You never know who could trundle our way one of these days.'

'No. I guess not,' said Celeborn727.

'It's good to see you Jack,' said Robin. 'Company for a little while.'

And so they chatted, and Robin seemed to actually be a pretty good guy to Celeborn727. He had quite a story to tell of past adventures, and while it was a quiet life in the Sentry abode, he read a lot, and contemplated a lot, and the time seemed to pass ok. When they left that afternoon Celeborn727 remarked what an interesting person Robin had seemed, and Jack said they could visit again if she liked, which Celeborn kept in mind.

The End

Geocity Megacity 7

(Geocity Megacity 6 is in Video Format at Noahide Videos Bible)

'Pyramid Grid Defines Cool,' said Astro 5567. 'It defines the cool in life. The hot stuff were life has pure meaning. Where the answers to truth are discussed with intensity, and the meaning of life comes to the fore, the meanings of eternal life with infinite destinies.'

'Your talking shit astro,' replied Jack 999.

Celeborn 727 chuckled on Jack's words.

'Come on dude,' said Celeborn. 'While the rivalry between you southerners in Pyramid Grid is legendary with Time Central, everyone knows we set the standard.'

'Bah, humbug,' replied Astro. 'It's a nothing burger in Time Central. You get nothing out of it. Cold formal procedural life. Like drinking water. And distilled water at that. Realy sad.'

'Purity is not your thing, huh?' asked Celeborn. 'We have the elements of life. Properly understood. Pyramid Grid is off centre. Has other aspects. Not concentrating on the pure heart.'

'Humph. Maybe,' said Astro 5567 after a moment. 'I see your point. But Time Central is just too square for me. I need a bit of bite.'

'Watch Dr Who and the Timelords of Decadence with us,' said Jack. 'It's showing now. We can buy popcorn and fizzy drinks.'

'Seen it not once, or twice, but thrice,' replied Astro. 'But I'm up for it again.'

And so they spent the afternoon in a cinema complex in Pyramid Grid District watching the new Dr Who movie which had drifted in from some other realm, and had a good time. Afterwards they drifted to Pyramid Square, and looked up at the Pyramid.

'Cleopatra 77 lives up there a lot of the time. They just prefer her to be the embodiment of this place,' said Astro. 'She's the eternal life buzz, her and all her ankhs. Always going on about ankhs.'

'She a fan of Logan's Run?' asked Jack.

'Funny,' replied Astro. 'Got that one actually. On an ancient Video Cassette.'

'VHS or Betamax?' asked Celeborn.

'VHS,' replied Astro. 'I have a collection down in the basement. From our early days. Never bothered replacing them. Felt I may as well keep the early formats out of a legacy item. Some things are really quite redundant after a while, but they have your heart in them a lot of the time. Decided to keep that part of my heart intact.'

'Cool,' said Celeborn. 'I like that.'

'Well, you know dude, she goes well with you,' said Astro.

'What's that supposed to mean?' asked Jack.

'Wanted me to check out your new girlfriend,' replied Astro.

'She's not my...........' Jack trailed off and looked at Celeborn who was looking at him.

'Well,' said Jack, changing the subject. 'We'll get together again some time. It's been great.'

They parted, and as Jack and Celeborn wandered off, Celeborn said softly, 'Not your what?'

'Nothing,' said Jack. 'I didn't say anything.'

'No, you didn't did you,' replied Celeborn. She had a soft smile on her face. Jack didn't speak again the whole trip back to Time Central.

The End

Geocity Megacity 8

'Dualipa 87. You are a hard working lady,' said Celeborn 727.

Dualipa 87 looked out the window to the north of her abode. The Megacity looked alive, and alive with possibility. They were in a northern district called 'Physical Heart'. A strange name, but all the districts had that in their way. Something unique and not so predictable.

'I work the amount required to get the job done. So I can study mice,' said Dualipa 87.

'Why mice?' asked Celeborn 727, eating her Chinese takeaway from its box.

'Mice are the subject of ongoing study by myself,' said Dualipa. 'I have several published tomes on them. Their societal ways and interactions. I am learning about what we can learn about mice to improve our own society. See what Mice can offer us all.'

'The Sociology of Mus Musculus,' replied Celeborn 727. 'Fascinating. Why not us? People instead? Learn about people to understand people.'

'I already know a lot about us,' replied Dualipa 87, feeding a mouse in a fish tank some food. 'It's mice I need to understand. And Wolves one day. And maybe Unicorns.'

'Why not dragon toads while you are at it,' commented Celeborn sarcastically.

'They live too far away. In the northern reaches of the Realm. Too much trouble tracking them down.'

'I was being sarcastic,' said Celeborn 727.

'I know,' replied Dualipa 87. 'But an interesting idea. I'll keep it in mind.' Dualipa 87 sat down on her couch, and picked up the Tablet. 'He's cute. I think I recall a chat with him once or twice.'

'He's an idiot,' said Celeborn, looking at the picture of Jack 999 on the tablet. 'But he has something about him. There is a hero inside there somewhere. Why I like him. I think.'

'As long as a hero lurks,' smiled Dualipa. 'I guess that is what we all need in the end. A hero to save us.'

'Our knight in shining armour,' replied Celeborn.

'If only mine would get off his arse and shine his armour and come find me,' said Dualipa.

'You are looking for a man?'

'NO!' retorted Dualipa. She stared out the window. 'He has to look for me. God knows I've prayed about it. He must be one stubborn son of a bitch.'

'Must be,' replied Celeborn.

'Doesn't matter though. I'm content for now. Studying mice. Probably still not ready to settle down. Been doing this life forever, and looked over hundreds of our guys. Even thought of going over to Geocity Palladium or Geocity Arcadia to check out their guys. But no. There is someone in this big Megacity who has my ring.'

'Even a ring,' smiled Celeborn, eating her Chinese. 'The lady has high hopes.'

'When I'm finally ready I guess,' she replied. 'I think that is probably the issue. I'm probably fussy or something, and can't make up my mind on some issues or something. I think that is what the Spirit is saying to me. Work myself out till I know who I am and what I want. Still, drastically, a work in progress.'

'Possibly always will be,' said Celeborn.

Dua nibbled on her own chinese. ' Possibly,' she replied.

And as the mice played, the day passed in the district of 'Physical Heart' in the northern reaches of Geocity Megacity, Celeborn 727 enjoying her time with an old friend.

The End

Amiel Fifteenfight's Holiday

The buzz had been all over the realm of the Geocity's. The new integrations coming through from Jehovah. God wanted interactivity and interconnections to start getting strong in his heavenly realms network. Wanted a better system for organisations. So Amiel Fifteenfight got with the flow, got on one of the buses, and as she travelled over wastelands headed eastwards towards Megacity she looked out the window of the bus, in her tan skirt, yellow t-shirt and whit cardigan, and hummed quietly to herself. A grand adventure. She had a little satchel with her, and when the bus stopped at Alahandra she got off and looked around. She had noticed the Sentry Abodes, and wandered back a few hundred yards to the edge of Megacity to look at them. Apparently these were technically defensive props of Megacity. She wandered out into the wastelands and had a closer look at one of them. Circular cream concrete structure. Round. And it went underground. As she stared at it a door opened and a man came out.

'You have business here?' he asked. He was dressed in green, like one of the merry men.

'No, sir. Just on holiday from Geocity Prime. Just looking around.'

He nodded. 'Well, take care, and be quick to leave. This is a place of recluse. I don't need any of all these new visitors fussing over me Amiel Fifteenfight.'

'You know me?' she asked.

'About you. You are one of the older of us, after all. Robin 44 of Megacity. Have a nice day.'

He returned inside, leaving Amiel holding her satchel.

'Rude bastard,' she said after a while. She went forward, opened the door, and went in. She descended the stairwell and sat down in one of the central couches. A few minutes later Robin walked in to the central section, a dressing gown on and a towel with which he was drying his hair. He'd obviously just showered.

'You again,' he said. 'Nosy are you Amiel?'

'You were quite rude. You should apologize,' she said, and took out and lit a cigarette, puffed it and stared at him.

'And you,' he said, plucking the cigarette out of her mouth. 'Should know better.'

'Humph,' she replied. 'Well. It's lunch time. Are you serving me lunch?'

He sat down at the tabl and looked at her. He picked up a book, turned to its bookmark, and startd reading. He waved his hand. 'Rustle us up something nice. I assume you can cook.'

She looked at him for a moment, stood, stared at him again in a pose, and then wandered off to find the kitchen. She made them lunch. She stayed the night. She stayed the week. Soon it was no longer a holiday. She'd moved in.

The End

Vork the Barbarian 10

'I suppose shagging whores is normal in the end,' said Celeste, as the trio rode along the rode on their steeds, headed westwards through unfamiliar olde world territory.

Paul glanced at the sun for a moment, noted the time of day, looked at his brother, and took out an apple and bit into it. This could go on a while. He'd take note how much his apple browned.

Vork rode on steadily. But he rose to it. 'Prostitutes, you say?' queried Vork.

'Yep. Shagging them. Men do it, don't they? Must be a preoccupation of theirs,' said Celeste.

'Something like that I suppose,' replied Vork. 'Never really thought about it.'

'No. But of course. You wouldn't, would you? Something you do by nature. Like a sheep being shorn. It just sort of accepts that that is par for the course.'

'We'll be reaching the village soon,' said Paul, cautiously.

'Par for the course?' queried Vork. 'Nay, maiden. A lot of thought goes into our shagging. Believe me.'

'Oh, does it?' replied Celeste.

Paul grimaced.

'So there is great forethought in your planned fornication. Preparation before the deed. Getting ready for the woman. To shag her?'

'Indeed,' said Vork. 'You have to select the right filly for the night. Can't be too careful. VD abounds, you know.'

'Any time now,' said Paul.

'Of course, it's far from being a sin. Natural, isn't it. Shagging woman after woman. Nothing demeaning or faithless to womankind in having a fuck, now is there?'

'God no,' said Vork. 'Barbarians are made for it.'

'Indeed,' said Celeste.'

Silence for a while.

Paul glanced carefully at the two of them. It appeared the storm had passed. But he though too soon.

'You are a crude and sick, perverted beast Vork the Barbarian. Barbarian indeed. Get your piece of flesh, monster. First, give me a baby, and then, without hesitation, in you go. Just fuck a whore. Like our love meant nothing. I gave you a child, and you shag a whore. Faithless beast.'

Vork remained silent.

'Just around the bend, I think,' said Paul.

Vork, though, turned and looked at Celeste. 'What are you trying to say, woman?'

'Oh, nothing. Nothing at all. No mere meaning of, what can I say, Love, could ever cross the mind of Vork the Barbarian. He is beyond all emotions and manhood on such things. Barely even considers the idea.'

'And thank God he doesn't with a wench like you,' said Paul, under his breath.

'And you!' began Celeste.

'Oh fuck, I think we're here,' said Paul.

The road turned, and a village appeared just in the distance. Celeste kicked on ahead, leaving Vork scratching his head.

'Now what was all that about?' queried Vork.

'Don't worry about it, brother,' said Paul. 'Just don't worry about it.'

And they followed Celeste in to the village, soon found her brooding in front of the inn, and, paying for accommodation for the night, Vork was careful not to prod Celeste for her concerns, puzzled why his usual ways should suddenly be so much of an issue.

The End

Vork the Barbarian 11

'It's quite clear,' said Vork, as they continued on through the olde world headed for their destination, 'That you have expectations now Celeste.'

Paul looked ahead. These woods looked – worrying.

'Nothing of the sort,' replied Celeste, speaking at last.

'Nay, nay woman. I know what has been said. You have expectations now. On the groin of this barbarian for starters.'

Paul continued scanning ahead. He could sense – movement. He glanced at Vork, who nodded softly, and withdrew his blade.

'Woman, it is not easy being a barbarian.'

The robbers moved in then, 4 of them. An arrow shot past Paul's face, but he quickly dismounted, and armed himself with his own bow and arrow, while Vork stood in front of Celeste, with his sword raised, and Celeste with her dagger now ready. The men came forward from the brush, exposing themselves.

'What do you want?' one of them asked.

'We're merely travellers,' said Paul. 'Headed for Astorixxia Minor. We are not here to cause you fine folk any problems.'

The leader came forward. 'These are challenging parts. Lots of robbery and things happen around here. The custom in some ways. Not so strict on the rules. People don't always expect it that much either. How they like it.'

'We're not here to cause any problems,' said Paul. 'Like we said, we're merely travellers.'

The leader looked at Paul for a moment, and then returned his gaze to Vork. 'We can guide you. To the next village. Just a small coin. 3 or 4 coppers. Nothing much.'

'We can find our way,' said Vork.

'It's no trouble, really,' said the leader.

The two of them glared at each other, before Paul came and placed 3 copper pieces into the leaders hand. 'No troubles, sir. We'll be on our way.'

'My pleasure, sir,' said the ruffian, and departed with his men, giving Vork a glare.

'You didn't have to do that,' said Vork, as they remounted their steeds.

'In these woods, we can't afford to have too many enemies,' replied Paul.

Vork looked around. 'Maybe not,' as they kicked their horses onwards, heading on again to the next village.

The End

Vork the Barbarian 12

'Unusual,' said Celeste.

'There's nothing unusual about it,' said Paul. 'It's a leftover of the old rim which was between the discs in this part. When the worlds moulded together the rims disappeared in the realm, but traces are here and there, replaced by chasms. God's sense of humour.'

'So we cross this chasm into Astorixxia Minor,' said Vork. 'Straightfoward.'

'There's dragons down there,' said Celeste, gazing down into the chasm between the olde world disc they were currently in, headed across the chasm to Astorixxia Minor, the place of their gold mine.

'Then we fight the dragons,' said Vork. 'Barbarian like.'

'I don't know. We should look for a bridge.'

'Come on maiden. Stop your worrying. We'll work our way down slowly.'

And so, over several days they worked their horses, leading them by hand, down the chasm into its depth, fought a few dragons along the way, which were not too fearsome, one of them chatting with them for a while, as dragons were occasionally wont to do, before making their way steadily up the opposing side of the chasm. When they had finally reached the other side, Celeste looked back.

'Well, hear we are,' she said.

'You have that map?' Vork asked Paul.

'We've quite a way into the lands before we reach the place we're looking for,' said Paul. 'A good year's journey still.'

'We'll find a village to do some menial work for a while,' said Vork. 'Even farming if we have to.'

'Fine,' said Celeste, and looked at the sky. Cloudy white. Rain not far away.

'We'll camp,' said Vork. 'But away from the chasm somewhat.'

They found their site, in a hollow, and looked at the strange plant life a while. Unusual stuff.

'It's like Xanth. From the movies. The greenery,' said Paul.

'The Piers Anthony Xanth?' asked Celeste.

'Indeed,' said Paul. 'This is the kind of shrubbery common in his epics. Must be filmed in similar places.'

'Could be,' said Vork. 'And gap dragons to boot.'

'Funny,' said Paul, as they settled down for the evening, singing songs around the fireplace as it got burning, the night soon settling in, and another day in the life of travelling barbarians near complete.

The End

The Bird

They found the gold mine, but it proved mostly fruitless, apart from a few specks of gold here and there after quite a lot of labour. Count Dupre was informed of our trio, but kept his distance on this occasion. And, that adventure done, the trio returned to London Town, and settled down in a nice palace, Vork cashing down on his enormous savings in various banking institutions around the olde world, finally listening to Celeste's ancient investments plan, which he'd had in mind all along, and retiring from Barbarian work after a long life's labour in the field. Paul settled down with them, being given a handsome stipend for his tours of duty with the barbarian duo, and Vrak occasionally visiting with his wife and little one on the way, Vork enjoyed retirement.

'It's a bird,' said Celeste, disinterested. She sat in her couch, looked out the window, but continued knitting. They were in Royal London Town or Greater London Town, or whatever it went by these days, one of the major cities of the Olde World. They had goldmined away to little reward, eventually gotten over it, and cashed in. And then Vork had admitted Celeste into his plans of retirement with his suitable investments, and she now knitted, expecting their third child.

'A bird is one of God's creatures,' said Maid Jennara. 'They should be observed and appreciated. In the Unitarian Scientologists of Jehovah we are taught to appreciate the things in life which Jehovah has made.'

'You are one of them, are you?'

Maid Jennara nodded.

'Mr Hubbard doesn't even get much involved with them. I read that. In a news article a number of millennia ago. Mainly run through the biblical noahide movement.'

'Callodyn is still the chief behind it. Callodyn the Cherubim. He pushes it most of all,' replied Maid Jennara. 'What I appreciate, being born into the movement is that, like most movements of God, it has its own textures and flavours and spirit. We are comfortable these days and, as epochs come and go, and our worlds grow, we become more comfortable, with more works, and more spirituality in our name. Because we persist with our faith and the spirit of our movement continues to mature and develop.'

'I see,' said Celeste.

'What, may I ask, is my lady involved with?'

'Religiously?' asked Celeste.

Maid Jennara nodded.

'Probably the Catholic Jesus Movements of Noahide faith in the end. Probably were I'm now fitting. What Vork seems to be part of, and his brother. Not much change any more. Settled into things with it.'

'I've noticed your spirit,' said Maid Jennara. 'It is a very mature spirit. Very Catholic and knows responsibility.'

'What Catholics learned well at their foundation I think,' said Celeste.

'Come visit us. If you intend to keep me a long while, you may as well get used to my spiritual things.'

'I'll think about it,' said Celeste, and looked out the window, sighing. It was a grey day. Still, the maid was company when Vork was out and about. Even if today's conversation was about Scientology, of all things.

The End

The Bird 2

'Well, I'm Saruvim as well,' said Maid Jennara. 'Saruvim Offspring.'

'Vork, Paul and myself are ranked angels of Saruvim status,' said Celeste. 'By the time you get to Saruvim, though, there's a godawful amount of us, you know. Ketravim have a huge number on their list, and we're that much bigger still. People sort of know the Seraphim well enough, and the head Cherubim, but nobody really knows a Saruvim angel, unless they grabbed a bit of fame along the way. Vork managed a fair bit. They know Vork the Saruvim somewhat.'

'That bird is back,' said Maid Jennara.

Celeste looked out the window. The bird was pecking at some of the seed placed on the window sill by maid Jennara.

'Why do you feed it?' asked Celeste. 'It's a natural creature. They find their own way in things.'

'Gosh, that's what we do. That's what our family has always done. Care about God's creatures.'

'An interesting idea. You let them work it out themselves is what I've always thought on the issue.'

'They do,' replied Maid Jennara. 'But a little kindness never hurt.'

'I suppose not,' replied Celeste, observing the bird feeding.

Vork entered the room. He had a suit and a tie on. 'Honey, do you know where my elephant cufflinks are?'

'You had them last month. You left them on your last suit. I put them in the top drawer.'

'Thank,' replied Vork, adjusting his tie. He looked at the bird. 'A bird feeder? Very common, actually. Not Celeste's way, but a lot of people have them.'

'I've observed Celeste's opinions on the issue,' said Maid Jennara.

'Are you married?' Vork asked Jennara.

'No sir. I am a sister of the Unitarian Scientologists of Jehovah. A vow of celibacy and service to God. The vow is not eternal. Just for a many epoch length period. Eventually it will end, and I have agreed to find a replacement sister for myself when the time comes.'

'Right,' said Celeste, tapping her belly. 'Oh, the child kicked Vork. Come and feel it.'

Vork came over and touched Celeste's belly.

'A blessing from Jehovah,' said Maid Jennara.

'Yahweh,' said Vork. 'Or we can agree on the Tetragrammaton.'

'We can agree on the Tetragrammaton,' replied Maid Jennara. 'But Yahweh is fine. It's the same thing.'

Vork looked at her, and nodded softly. Paul and himself had had extensive discussions on the name of God, and the various pronunciations of the Tetragrammaton. An important issue for a Barbarian and his priest brother with time – to get the protocols with the creator right. Proper business needed God's approval after all.

'I'll be off,' said Vork. 'The African fellas again.'

Celeste blew him a kiss, and at the bird, and returned to her knitting.

Maid Jennara observed the bird a moment, and returned to her crocheting. Life went on at Vork the Saruvim's palatial abode.

The End

The Bird 3

Marc came into the sitting room, and put his small hands towards the burning fireplace.

'You are cold Master Marc?' asked Maid Jennara.

'Umm. Not really. Maybe a little bit,' said Vork's second child, another son. 'Mummy.'

'Yes, Marc,' replied Celeste.

'Do you think our new sibling will be a girl this time?'

Maid Jennara looked at Celeste, who put down her knitting. 'I've done tealeaves with Witch Squandra. She says it's a girl.'

'Then it must be,' smiled Maid Jennara, resuming her crocheting.

'I hope it's a girl,' said Marc. 'Then I can tease her.'

'Off you go, back upstairs,' said Maid Jennara.

Marc obeyed, and left the room, leaving Celeste glaring at Maid Jennara.

'And what is that supposed to mean?'

'My mistress, whatever do you mean?' asked Maid Jennara.

'The condescending sneer could be noticed half the city away, Maid Jennara.'

'Witches and Bitches,' said Maid Jennara. 'Fortune hunters the lot of them. Ne'er a true prophecy in them, just dumb luck when they get it right.'

'Humph,' replied Celeste. She resumed her knitting and looked at the bird. 'You're probably rights. It's an old affectation I suppose. We'd dealt with enough magic users in our time. Magic is real enough, though. You might not know it. But it is. They have – gifts. Powers. Some are indeed charlatans. But some have the dark magic.'

Silence in the room.

'You shouldn't speak of such things,' said Maid Jennara.

'I've dealt with such things. We've been at the bottom of dungeons were demonspawn faced us with swords and only Vork's wit and my charms managed to help us evade a lot of nasty sorcery. Dark magic is real alright. Still, till you invoke it, it never really bothers you. Not much anyway.'

'Bah. A fool's game messing around with the Devil's playground,' replied Maid Jennara.

'What do you think little birdie? Scared of Harry Potter?'

The bird trilled, ate a few seeds, and flew off.

'Apparently so,' said Celeste.

'You should not fill young Master Marc's head with such claptrap. Next thing you know he'll chase up a wizard to be his apprentice.'

'Nay, I doubt that for Master Marc,' said Celeste. He has his father's adventure indeed, but his mothers sobriety. So I think anyway. A very measured course of life would be his choice. Probably like Vrak in the end.'

'Let us hope so,' said Maid Jennara.

The day passed, and Celeste knitted quietly, occasionally looking in the fire, and occasionally bringing to mind some of those dark struggles she'd occasionally been though. But she pushed them to the side, and decided to remind herself those days of adventure were done, and quiet family life was now the matter of the day at hand.

The End

Squiggledy Squaggledy

God was searching for the cookies under the table.

'There down here,' he said. 'I can smell 'em.'

'Wolfgang Debear! What are you doing?' screeched Memra.

God jumped and bumped his head against the top of the table and swore 'Squiggledy Squaggledy.'

'That's a new one,' said Rihanna, sitting on a chair, smoking.

'I'll take that,' said Memra, pinching the cigarette out of Rihanna's hand and throwing it in the trash can. Momentarily it disappeared, and the trash can was empty again.

'No fair,' said Rihanna. 'That's only my second today.'

'You know the rules. One each 6 hours.'

'You gave a timetable. 6 to 12 oclock and 12 to 6. One allowed each watch of the day,' said Rihanna.

'I know what I said,' replied Memra, glaring at God. She stopped momentarily, and looked at the clock. It was 5 after 12.

'Fine, have another one,' she said.

The cigarette suddenly appeared in the trashcan again, and Rihanna fished it out and continued her smoke.

'Old man. You are incorrigle,' said Memra. She folded her arms. 'I swear, you will not find the new batch till afternoon tea. Not till 3:30 old man.'

God grumbled.

In the heavenlies God the Creator suddenly got enthused. 'SQUIGGLEDY SQUAGGLEDY. DID HE SAY SQUIGGLEDY SQUAGGLEDY?'

God looked at the Theophany, who fuzzed his eyes a bit, and said, 'Yeh. Squiggledy Squaggledy,' and went back to arguing with Memra.


Suddenly, all over heaven, the next phase began. The discs, which had been placed in circular disc like portions, starting shaping and shifting into new shapes against each other, with regular country like borders taking shape. It took all of 5 minutes but no sooner had it started than it had finished, and the large continents were reshaped, and a more regular looking heaven replaced the old one. And still it grew with smaller continents appearing regularly to match the enormous realm ones. People felt a soft shudder, reporting later, but not much was disturbed. A few papers moved a bit, and not much else. But heaven had been – reborn. The new structure.

The End

Fast Changes

And so, Squiggledy Squaggledy, the preliminaries had now been done, and Fast Changes were coming now. God had restructured heaven, putting the continents into the placing he wanted them, and these were the preliminaries for the long awaited Second Unification. That was now at hand. God was now ready – to interpose the planetary bodies of the physical universe with the spiritual universe. The grand destiny for all God's Children. A long awaited Glory. Fast changes indeed.

The End

The Second Unification 2

And so Heaven and Earth were unified. The knowledge between them had been extant a long time, and Earth also had a growing amount of Eternals who had worked out eternal life in the physical. But now, no more shenanigans. The Earth was placed below heaven in the cosmic scheme of things, and it too had been growing a long time. This was the eternal status quo, and new paradigms abounded. While Earth grew, only some planetary bodies had such like mentality. These were placed in the cosmic sphere in upper regions, whereas the minor planets were placed with others in the spiritual galaxy, and soon enough formed connections with the governing body, the United Galaxy. Physical life and spiritual life was transmogrified into life, approximately a unification of sorts, as per the plan of the idea. Spiritual life had a bit more solidity to it now, and physical life was enabled with eternity proper, so that beings now function as eternal spiritual beings. The logic of the system. The structure soon settled into place and new universal maps and atlases were developed and the spaceline transport routes became established soon enough. It took a generation or two of society to change and adapt to the new system, but it did. And, indeed, this was now the eternal status quo. And the children and angels of God were in a way all now on the same level playing field. A new adventure had begun.

The End

Little Navigators

'Jesta? What kind of name is Jesta?' asked Alfred.

'What kind of name is Alfred? English or something?'

'Oh, holy Noahide Queen is mocking the Empire. I must bow down child of Noah. What, you are like his 7 millionth child or something. Does he even know your name?'

'He named me Navigator. Now carry on. We have the next checkpoint to get to,' replied Jesta, the young and assertive 12 year old.

They were the Little Navigators. The term Navigator came from experience as Arc builders and those who could find their way around. Just seemed an appropriate enough title for the Noahide equivalent of the Boy and Girl Scouts and Boy and Girls Brigade from the Church. They did much of the same activities, and young Noahide leaders often arose from the Little Navigators.

'We go this way,' said Alfred.

'Yep, this way,' said Japhen.

'Are you sure?' asked Jesta, looking at the map. 'I think it's the other direction.'

Alfred looked at the map. 'Shit,' he said. 'The map is understand.'

'Genius!' said Jesta. 'And don't swear. If we relied on you for anything serious, down at the bottom of the ocean with other flood victims.'

'Very funny, Jesta,' said Alfred.

They carried on with the course, this time with the map the right way up, and as the afternoon waned they found the final checkpoint. Team leader Aaron was there, and clocked them.

'2 hours 35 minutes. Not bad, but your fifth. And a daughter of Noah himself to guide you. Better luck with your badges next time kids.'

'Schmuck' said Jesta, as they wandered away, looking for their camping spot.

'We did the best we could. That is all they ask of us,' replied Alfred.

'But now we'll have to wait another 3 months before we can claim the orienteering badge. I might never get this one.'

'Nobody gets all the badges, Jesta,' said Japhen.

'Yeh, listen to the brat,' said Alfred. 'Nobody gets them all.'

'Well I do,' said Jesta.

'Brave words. Proud, probably. Probably like father Noah. But I wouldn't know,' said Alfred, poking his tongue at Jesta.

They roasted marshmallows, and sang campfire tunes from various noahide traditional songbooks, and when she rested later, by the fireplace, Jesta swore to herself she'd get that orienteering badge yet, even if it killed her.

The End

Team Noahide

'Ok, Jack. Here's the story. The Religolympics is coming up, and the main competitors are again at it. We've all been playing Biblelopoly to pass the time, and now we're looking at you Jack. Have you gotten it in you this time Jack? 9.9?'

'I don't know,' said Jack Strawfield. 'I don't know. The world is old now, and not many push that hard anymore. Hard to find a sub 10 for the 100 metre dash anywhere out there. Most people are relaxed. Just doing under 11 is achievement enough these days. No concerns any more.'

'But we're talking about Jack Strawfield. Team Noah's all time champ. We've dug you out of your olde world hiding place to get you fit and ready for the big one. Every 4 years we do this, and we need a runner. We don't have one. Japheth himself is prepared to run, but will probably do it in about 16 seconds or so.'

'Don't knock it,' said Jack. 'These days that might even win. The heat is off at the moment.'

'It will return,' said Dan Ironheart. 'You've got to mate. We have paid you sufficiently in the gold coinage you demanded.'

'Why the fuss anyway?' asked Jack, sipping some gatorade. 'Nobody takes competition that seriously anymore. It's mostly about friendlies now.'

'Have you seen the new entries on TV? From Earth? They run quick. They run damn quick. They've been competing in world which runs damn quick, ok. They do under 10 regularly still. Jaded too, indeed. But they hack it out and get the job done in the end. Lots of them. We need you to run a 9.9 to keep our head high. Otherwise....' Dan trailed off.

'Otherwise what?'

'We may need a new champion, and we have some Noahide runners from Earth which are eager and happy to take your crown. If we let them. If you don't make your claim.'

'Oh. I see. That's why, huh? New competition. But it will blow over. They'll settle eventually. Very few have the temperament over the very long haul. Very few can maintain high standards aeon after aeon.'

'True,' replied Dan. 'But don't think they're not prepared to have a go. So are you serious buddy?'

Jack put down his bottle. He stood up, took off his track pants, and nodded to Dan. 'You'll have your runner. And watch out the competition.'

'That's the spirit, Jack,' replied Dan. 'I knew Team Noah could count on you.'

And so Jack Strawfield ran, and Team Noah, which represented at the Religolympics and other religious sporting competitions, got running again, a long rest come to an end.

The End

The Bird 4

'You know, Celeste. You are a bird and I am the hunter. I have caught you, and you are mine forever,' said Vork.

'You hardly chased. I dogged your steps aeons, man. No, barbarian man. I had you before you had anyone else.'

'Hardly,' replied Vork. 'I'd had many before you. Many lovers. Many wives. Countless children.'

'Oh. How many?' asked Celeste.

'Numbers to rival the progeny of Adam himself,' said Vork.

'I count zero,' said Celeste.

'There's an old bastard somewhere out there. Mark, I think it is.'

'Really?' asked Celeste.

'Shit, Mark,' said Paul, smoking in front of the fire place. 'A long time since I've heard his name mentioned.'

'Who is this Mark?' asked Celeste. 'The first time I've heard of this Mark. You've never mentioned this Mark.'

'Do tell,' said Maid Jennara.

'Illegitimate child of youthful barbarian days. Before Celeste came along. He's an oath. A dullard. Well, not a simpleton dullard, but more brawn than brains, put it that way. He's improved, though. From last visit.'

'When was this visit?' asked Celeste, eyebrow raised.

'A long way away. You were there, though. I did not mention his name. We spoke a few hours in a tavern. Just said he was an acquaintance of mine.'

Celeste rolled her eyes. 'That many acquaintances I've met in our time. I could not recall. So you have a bastard son. Figures.'

'He plies the trade alike his old man. Wanders the olde world. Earning his wage here and there. Has a maiden he visits on occasions. Not the settling down type he tells me. But a place in an out of the way part of the world where his maiden lives, and he retires then when he needs a little rest and recreation.'

'I would meet him,' said Celeste. 'He has brethren. And a daughter. The tealeaves are sure.'

'I think I can arrange things,' said Vork. 'I'll send a letter. There are places he frequents regularly. They should be able to pass on the message.'

'You have an even older brother, little one,' said Celeste, patting her stomach.

'May still be many years before he hears word. Do not count on any great result any time soon.'

'I shan't,' replied Celeste, amused at a secret now come to light in her barbarian husband's life. 'Now dinner is prepared. And I am famished.'

'After a hard days knitting,' said Paul.

'Funny,' said Celeste, as they retired to the dinner room, and the servants served the nights meal, a winter's day turned to night and rolling on by.

The End

Family Gathering

Mark and his partner Eliza and their daughter Mildred, with Vrak and Sebbie, young master Marc, and Vork and Celeste's newborn Sebina, were gathered together in the sitting room of Vork's palatial abode in Grand London Town in the olde world.

'So, was she named after me?' asked Sebbie, nursing the young child.

'Well, in the end, we wanted a family name,' said Celeste.

'Thought it was a good idea,' replied Vork.

'But we couldn't have two Sebbies, so decided on Sebina. A close representative, but different enough.'

'Oh, I love it,' said Sebbie. Vrak looked at Vork. 'Britannic Majesty Comics is willing to up the price on your modelling work. Money is not too much of an object. They need the authentic Barbarian fresh and strong. You are still ripped, dad, after all your adventuring.'

'Jacko McGee should not have suggested me,' regarding the artist which Vrak had recently recommended to Britannic Majesty Comics. Jacko had been buddies with Vork a long time ago, who was apparently the inspiration behind much of his barbarian art.

'You are cool in this comic dad,' said young master Marc, holding up a comic. The comic in question was Vork: The Guild from Dark Horse Comics.

'That's not your father,' said Celeste. 'Merely coincidence.'

'Dad named me after him I think,' said Vork. 'Old man Marcus.'

'Marcus?' queried Celeste, eyebrow raised. 'No, I don't think you've ever mentioned his name before.'

'Why we have a grandfather named Paul,' said Paul, sipping on some tea. 'Traditional New Testament names. Catholic stuff.'

'Funny,' said Vrak. 'I figured I was a byproduct of dad's reasoning.'

'I didn't want Vork the Second but I wanted Vork the Second,' shrugged Vork. 'Vrak seemed appropriate.'

'Two marks,' said Celeste.

'Dad would like to be well represented in names,' said Vork.'

'A close knit family,' said Mildred, who had light armour on.

'Are you an adventurer?' asked Master Marc to his technical niece.

She nodded. 'I don't run around after dad, but I do a lot of work guarding castles and things.'

'She just had this grunt in her when she was young,' said Mark.

'Tell me about it,' said Eliza. 'Her father's daughter in every which way.'

The room chuckled at that.

'Barbarian family,' said Sebbie. And everyone laughed.

The End

The Noahide Assembly of Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh 2

'Well, it's a core doctrine,' said Jock Smith.

'And long have we laboured for the second Great Unification,' said Ann.

'Long,' said Jessica.

'How big is the congregation heavenwide?' asked Kayella.

'Private statistics of the Daly Foundation,' said Callodyn. 'We don't reveal those details sweetie.'

'Bah, humbug,' replied Kayella. 'Confess the goss.'

'Big enough,' said Jock Smith. 'We're not a big congregation, compared to others. We function as an Assembly of Faith of the Advancing Noah Movement. We have our own spirit – our own Anima – as each of the Assemblies of Faith and Divine Fellowships does. We like ours now. It's well established and functions well.'

'I can sense it,' said Kayella. 'You worked out self quite well. I can sense the inner mind of God in this assembly hall.'

'That's what it's based on,' said Callodyn. 'The person of God in his personal sense. Thus using the name of the Great I Am that I Am. The point of the Assembly in balance with the overall movement. The Advancing Noah Movement has bodies which function in their own way, but part of an overall bigger picture. Pretty sure Daniel had that in mind. Paul's theology I think he borrowed it from. Or just the realities he saw in denominational Christianity.'

'Or got lucky,' smiled Kayella.

'He got lucky,' said Jessica.

'Dumb luck,' said Ann.

'Mr Daly knows what he is doing, regardless,' said Jock Smith. 'We've had an assembly functioning well for aeons, and we're not about to change it now. God likes us personally, and we have good and happy Noahide lives at work. What it's all about.'

'And you play a lot of the Quick Score Rugby League,' said Kayella. 'Me and Callodyn follow the Ice Wolves.'

'They run in the competition also,' said Jock. 'Aye, our religion is the watchdog body over Quick Score Rugby League. The alternative competition originated with us. It's quite exciting. A different style.'

'We've been watching it recently,' said Callodyn. 'You've got to score quickly.'

'The reason for the name. It's a lot of fun,' said Jock.

The group continued chatting in the Assembly Hall of The Noahide Assembly of Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh in the Antarctica Region of Eternya in Heaven, and the day passed, both Kayella and Callodyn happy to catch up with some old friends.

The End

Valandriel and Daniel: A Day in the Life

'Yeh, she's attractive,' said Daniel about Sharakondra.

'Concubine, huh?' queried Valandriel. 'Is that working for you?'

'Somewhat. Jessica is with it and Sharakondra doesn't want to look elsewhere anymore. Just wants a touch up every now and again and chatting at the breakfast table.'

'That's were we begin a day in the life,' replied Valandriel. 'It's all about that. A day in the life. Where we start the new adventure. Endless days, were we begin the new chapter and see where it takes us.'

'Let's get down to the garden,' said Daniel.

'Oh. Ok,' replied Valandriel.

They wandered down Danielphon and walked north to the garden. Daniel pointed at the hidden place.

'We can get in now,' said Daniel.

They past the cherubim and found the tree of life. Valandriel ate some.

'You are old Valandriel. That stability with Elsabel has been acknowledged. You have a permanent place in Zaphora now. You, Daniel. He hasn't signed off on the title deed for Danielphon yet. Still a few days of consideration.'

'He's let me know if things stay the same, I get the nod.' Daniel picked some fruit, looked at the angel who stared back at him, and ate it, looking at the angel.

'I guess he probably will,' said the angel. 'I'm going back to sleep.'

They left the hidden place and walked to the bench on the west of the garden, where Daniel sat with his women a lot. Valandriel put on his walkman and started listening to Mozart. Daniel took out his sandwiches. Cucumber and tomato. He ate slowly, looking at the birds. He fed them some crumbs, and was happy. After a while he nudged Valandriel, who had eaten a toasted sandwich for lunch, and they returned to Danielphon.

'Now, where were we,' said Valandriel, scratching his head, and looking down at the papers on the table.

'The Worlds of Splendour theme parks,' said Daniel. 'The better attractions of the realms in one theme park. We have plenty of land here and there, and we get them built. This is a standard oblivion tube project, and we run with it now. But I want the 'Model Runway' attraction handled by Sharakondra. She'll know the best routines and clothes we should use for the pretend model runway exhibits. People get a thrill of thinking themselves beautiful. One of the better things we've seen out there. Works well in French cultures particularly.'

'She's our girl then,' replied Valandriel. 'Ok, let's get on with things. We're about ready with our final list of core exhibits. Time to think the layout for the parks.'

And so, planning out their 'Worlds of Splendour' theme parks, Daniel and Valandriel got on with another day in the life of the Realm of Eternity.

The End

The Worlds of Splendour Theme Parks

'Ok, Melanie. You stand there with the cord.'

Melanie responded to Daniel's request, and stood next to the Danielphon conference room table, where a big model was on the main table with a cloth covering it.

'Reveal,' said Daniel.

Melanie pulled the cord, pulling the cloth off the model.

'Ooh, it looks special,' said Melanie. 'Like your blessed Cockington Green.'

'Very funny,' replied Daniel.

'How big will it be in reality?' asked Sharakondra.

'Sort of how big it looks in dimension adjustments,' replied Daniel. 'About a square kilometre. Now these are the best attractions of the heavenly realms. Ok, not necessarily an alltime list of the absolutely most appealing, but the ones we felt suited our purposes. It's the best of heaven in many ways for a theme park.'

'When do you start the project?' asked Melanie.

'I made the model myself,' said Valandriel. 'Daniel did the little people.'

'And the vehicles,' said Daniel.

'Only the detached ones. I did the monorail.'

'But I did the carriages for the monorail.'

'Only two of them,' said Valandriel.

'Boys,' said Melanie to Sharakondra. 'Always arguing in pride.'

'Agreed,' replied Sharakondra.

'Yeh, well I was the chief architect,' said Daniel. 'Did most of the work.'

'I have the best bits though,' replied Valandriel.

'Are they always like this?' Melanie asked Daniel.

'No,' replied Sharakondra. 'They're usually worse.'

'Bite me,' said Valandriel to Sharakondra.

'See what I mean,' replied Sharakondra.

'How many of these will there be?' asked Melanie.

'Unlimited,' replied Daniel. 'We are just figuring the spacing arrangements. How much in terms of land area density we need to space them apart. To maintain the best monetary reward we can get. Too many and some won't reap maximum income, too few and we leave ourselves out of pocket to what we could have achieved. It's a lot of our experience doing the figuring on it.'

'About one every standard Australia for Terraphora,' said Valandriel. 'Quite a lot, but sometimes in some places less, and in some places more. We know a lot of cultures that love this stuff, and some only want oh so much.'

'A bit of wisdom has entered their minds,' said Melanie. 'Surprising.'

'Agreed,' replied Sharakondra.

'We dine tonight,' said Daniel. 'You two will be our dining partners. Elsabel and Jessica are otherwise engaged.'

'Our heroes,' said Melanie.

'Brother,' said Sharakondra.

As Melanie and Sharakondra wandered off, Melanie said 'Either one of us could have done a better model than that.'

'Agreed,' replied Sharakondra.

Daniel and Valandriel were standing at the window, looking out at Zaphona City.

'We're on the mission again,' said Daniel. 'Daring to Dream.'

'Agreed,' said Valandriel, and Daniel laughed.

The End

Daniel, Taylor & Mary 2

'Papers,' said Mary.

Daniel sighed. 'Fine.' He went to his room to pick up the papers. They were at the address again, a particular 29 Merriman Crescent on Earth in an Australian continent. Cyril Daly, Mary's husband and Daniel's father, made a point of acquiring 29 Merriman Crescent addresses regularly for the family. Daniel served his father somewhat. He stuck with his estate. The Noahide concepts had come from Daniel himself, but he had built this framework within his father Cyril's authority to a degree, and Cyril was predominantly Catholic in thought. Daniel returned.

'So you go to church every week?' Taylor asked Mary.

Mary went to the kitchen and got out a frying pan. 'Every week without fail. Gerald does so also. My brother. We're faithful to the Lord in the faith we were brought up with. I know Daniel's Noahide ideas, and I accept the humanity of Jesus. But we were made that way in my imagination.'

'I see,' said Taylor, looking at Daniel. 'So were you, weren't you?'

'Sort of,' replied Daniel. 'But I migrated to Agnosticism and then Pentecostalism and finally Noahidism, so it got lost in translation.'

'That's one way of putting it,' said Mary. 'Just not for him, but he is close to the Lord which is all I worry about.'

'As long as he is close to God,' said Taylor.

Later on, after eating the pancakes Mary had made, they were in the back yard, Daniel sitting on a familiar looking couch.

'Dad usually gets this model for the back for me to sit on and smoke,' said Daniel, who was smoking. 'Tradition, you know.'

'But not Catholic tradition.'

'You know the Catholic movements in the ANM,' said Daniel. 'How I keep the faith in my upbringing.'

'Don't you like Jesus?' asked Taylor.

'I'm fond of him, but the rainbow is my covenant. It doesn't change now. It settled in, made itself at home, and there's no way back.'

'You could arrange to talk with Jesus. See what he argues these days. Work it out with him.'

'And conversely Jesus of Nazareth could finally get the hell over it and return to Judaism.'

'Touche,' replied Taylor.

'To each their own,' said Daniel.

'Are we going out tonight?' asked Taylor, eyes lit up.

'Oh, ok. I was going to watch some TV with mum tonight, why we're here, but if you want to try the restaurants around here, fine by me.'

'Ballroom dancing. I looked a place up on the web. Remember to tell me Love Story lines. I like that,' smiled Taylor.

'Very well my beloved,' replied Daniel. He puffed on his ciggie and looked at her. 'We're good together.'

'You think,' she said.

'Yes. Yes I do,' he replied.

She looked at him and smiled. She thought so too.

The End

Zaphon Celebration

'Chop chop,' said Kaladel.

'Are you sure they want Scottish cooking for this event?' asked Kwintakel.

'As long as it's not haggis,' replied Kaladel.

They were in Zaphon in the kitchen, preparing meals for the formal dining room, against the Eastern side of Zaphon. Many Seraphim and Cherubim were gathered. The Highland Games were in Zaphona City this year, and it was a high time for Azrael.

'I would have thought they would want standard Zaphon Cuisine,' said Kwintakel. 'Despite it being the highland games I was assured they expected the regular grub for the event. Azzie even said so.'

'Don't be silly,' said Kwintakel. 'Make sure you check those pies.'

Kaladel wandered off with a plate, across the hallway of the cafeteria into the formal dining room.

'Ok,' said Cosadriel. 'The Scotts can play football somewhat. I admit it.'

'That's taken a while,' said Valandriel. 'You never admit that Icelander.'

'Because they are crap at football,' replied Cosadriel.

'Nobody as poor as Iceland,' said Azrael. 'Except the dutch. Now they are shite at football.'

'Low blow,' said Valandriel. 'We'll win the Realm cup one day. Just you watch. We did it a few times not that long ago anyway.'

'Millennia, and then some,' said Azrael. 'Fat dutchmen. That's what it is. Enjoying their wives cooking, and not getting off their arses.'

'You could get off your arse and tell me who is your bet for the log throwing,' said Michael, sitting down next to Azrael.

'Firstborn is in town!' exclaimed Azrael. 'And here I was hoping Zionistya would never let him go again.'

'If they had any sense they'd lock him up in a dungeon,' said Daniel, across the table.

Michael glared at him. 'Ambriel has softened you yet I see Daly.'

'Daly?' queried Daniel. 'Oh it's surname pride these days is it Rothchild.'

Ariel tapped Daniel's shoulder who turned to look at her. 'No fighting, Danny. Keep the peace of the Seraphim.'

'The peace of the Seraphim works fine when dunderhead isn't present,' said Daniel, glaring at Michael. Michael did a pathetic kiss in Daniel's direction, and moved on.

'Asshole,' said Daniel under his breath, and Ariel kicked him under the table.

'Is everything good here,' said Meludiel, coming up to the table. She put down a bowl of potato crisps and some cola. 'This should keep you busy till the meals are served.' She looked up just then as Kaladel came in. 'Oh, good. They're ready.'

And so those elders gathered to celebrate the Highland Games got together again, and when Samael of Infinity and the Theophany wandered in late in the evening, Sammy commented to God, 'Eternity. Such a second rate outfit.'

'They'll do me,' said the Theophany of God.

'Indeed,' replied the firstborn of the Onaphim, and spied an unopened champagne bottle, and nudged God, who turned to look making sure Memra wasn't on his tail.

The End

Zaphon Celebration: Afterparty

'Jesus Christ!'

'Don't blaspheme, Azrael,' scolded Meludiel.

'I will do it,' said Jesus, practically naked, on the edge of the large plastic pool which had been set up on the edge of Zaphon for the celebration by Cosadriel and co.

'Diving into that wee little wonker of a swimming pool? You'll do your nut,' said Azrael.

'Jesus is drunk,' commented Samael to God, sipping on champagne. They were at the Zaphon Celebration Afterparty. Not just one of the Seraphim and Cherubim were inebriated. It would be difficult to find one, apart from Meludiel, who wasn't.

'He's not drunk,' complained Meludiel. 'The Christ would never get drunk,' she said, watching aghast from her position next to God, by the edge of Zaphon tower.

'I'll do it!' yelled Jesus.

'Your a nut,' shouted Azrael.

'He's bonkers,' cried Cosadriel.

'Go on then,' said Michael. 'I dare you Jesus.'

Jesus burped. Then puked in the pool, and collapsed down into the water.

'He'll drown. Save him,' said Meludiel.

'Let him drown,' said Azrael. 'Pride comes before the fall.'

Daniel sighed, and got into the pool, suit on and all, and dragged Jesus to the surface. 'Your a daft sod, man from Nazareth.'

'The son of God,' said the inebriated Jesus of Nazareth.

'A pride-filled Cherubim who let a Christ brag, invented by Davriel none-the-less, get way out of hand. Nuts indeed.'

'They love my campaign,' said Jesus, grinning at Daniel.

'Your an idiot,' responded the Seraphim, dragging him out of the plastic pool.

Meludiel came over. 'I'll give you mouth to mouth.'

'Don't you dare,' said Daniel. 'We don't want to be kissing Nazarean herpes in Meludiel's mouth.'

'Shut up,' said Meludiel, looking woefully at her saviour. 'You disappoint me Christ Child,' said Meludiel. 'Ambriel would never let himself get in such a state.'

'He can bite me,' said Jesus, gingerly getting to his feet, and putting his hand on his stomach.

'Better out than in,' said Azrael, coming over and patting Jesus on the back.

'Crazy idiot,' said Samael, and sipped on his bottle.

'Indeed,' said God. 'A night to remember.'

And indeed it was at that.

The End

Zaphon Celebration: The Morning After

'I look like shit,' said Jesus, coming into the dining hall of an undisclosed Zaphona City Hotel.

'You are shit,' said Michael, nibbling on some pancakes.

'Watch your language,' reproved Gabriel. 'He just looks like shit.'

'The Great Pretender in his natural element,' replied Michael.

Jesus sat down and stared vacantly ahead of him. 'I need coffee. Black coffee,' he said.

'Did the trick with the ice water?' asked Ambriel. 'I advised you might need it.'

'Kind of you,' Said Meludiel. 'He's inexperienced at things like this.'

'Ha!' went Michael. 'The things the Christ Child has done behind your backs. Odysseys galore could be written on his wicked ways.'

'I am entirely innocent,' replied Jesus. 'The church, admittedly, gets out of hand from time to time, but I can't stop them doing a lot of their own will. She has her own mind. But I enforce the Gospel at the foundation of Christendom, and the ecclesiastical works thereafter. I teach law and holiness.'

'Apparently,' said Gabriel, and nibbled on some of Michael's pancakes. 'Want some?' he asked, holding up Michael's plate of chocolate covered pancakes to Jesus.

'I think I would puke if I ate them,' said Jesus, shaking his head. He stared at the plate. After a moment he reached out and picked off a bit and ate it. 'Mmm. Nice chocolate.'

'He seems to have recovered,' says Gabriel, returning Michael's plate to him. 'The invincible Jesus of Nazareth. The Morning After has no problems for the Man from Nazareth.'

'Nazareans. Tough stuff,' said Jesus, touching his chest.

'And rude,' said Meludiel. 'When they finally let go and admit their shortcomings. I expected a braver face than that Jesus. We maintain a decent theology for Christhood. Don't spoil it please.'

'Yes Meludiel. You sound like mother. Still trying to win an argument which is all we are doing.'

'Oh, so you admit it,' said Michael.

'I maintain I make a good Christ and attempt to be Christ-like. The gospel was founded on genuine faith in that idea,' replied Jesus.

'That's a fact,' said Meludiel, looking sincerely at Michael.

Michael reched down and picked up a Torah he had with him. 'We are not to have other gods Jesus. The first commandment.'

'There are teachers, and I take that job seriously,' replied Jesus. 'And David liked being a king.'

Gabriel looked at Michael.

'True,' replied Michael, and put his Torah away.

Meludiel looked anxiously at Michael, who just smiled.

'I'll have some pancakes,' said Jesus.

'Good choice,' said Gabriel.

You could sense a spirit of peace and willingness to work it out in the little assembly. Things had progressed.

The End

Billie Eilish

Taylor noticed Daniel looking at Billie Eilish. They were at a concert afterparty a few months after the Highland Games in Zaphona City, and a number of celebrities were hanging around, including Billie Eilish.

'What, you fancy her?' Taylor asked Daniel.

'Course not,' replied Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

'Then why are you looking at her like she is hot stuff?' asked Taylor.

'Just curious,' replied Daniel, and sipped on his glass of wine. 'She always fascinated me. Cool girl who never seemed to care that much. But she's still around and seems to bother with some sort of mentality on life. Sticking with it. I wonder what makes her tick.'

'She has a heart,' said Taylor, observing Billie mingling. 'She is a deep girl. That much is obvious when you consider her lyrics. You would call her a flake though.'

'You judge me harshly,' said Daniel. 'I think deeper than you think I think. You think I'm a redneck. I'm a normal person. It's simple to assume biblical thinking is shallow and not considerate of compassion. It's also naïve to assume we're not right. You need to calm down was so up its liberal agenda it lost sight of that.'

Taylor sipped on her wine. 'So you say,' she replied. She looked at her man gazing at Billie. 'Go talk to her then.'

Daniel looked at Taylor. 'Maybe some other time. Are we done here? I want to get home and watch Vera. The episode tonight is one of my favourites.'

'Fine,' said Taylor. They made their farewells, but Taylor noticed Daniel looking at Billie more than once as they exited the party. Later on that week Daniel was playing Billie Eilish CDs, and Taylor was starting to get annoyed. 'Is this one of your famous obsessions over diva's. You Daly boys do that all the frikking time, you know. A new piece of tail when you get in the mood. Need to get it in if you can with the latest piece of flesh.'

'You hurt me, babe,' replied Daniel. 'She's just on my mind. It's nothing more than that.'

'Sure,' replied Taylor. 'I'm not an idiot Daniel Daly.' She left to her room, and Daniel noticed her 10 minutes later with a suitcase, standing at the door. 'Fuck the bitch, then,' she said, and stared at him. He just looked at her. 'I'm out of here,' and she walked out.

'Women were always a pain in the neck,' thought Daniel, but he picked up the CD of Billie Eilish. 'Fuck the bitch, huh? Interesting idea.'

The End

Katy and Taylor

'You are just getting what you want anyway,' said Katy, in the Zaphon cafeteria. 'I'll have a pastie, Kaladel.'

Kaladel smiled, and left.

'I am not,' retorted Taylor, sipping on her sparkly apple juice.

'BS,' replied Katy. 'You arranged this in prayer. A little birdy told me.'

'The old man,' replied Taylor.

Katy nodded.

'Don't tell anyone,' said Taylor.

'You chatted with Billie Eilish and arranged for her to be at that party and shoved Daniel towards her, all the time pretending it was his idea. Playing on his old lusts for the chick.'

'Shut up,' said Taylor.

'So you could have your lover Joe Alwyn for a while. While Daniel is the one guilty of adultery, you are perfectly innocent returning to your man, all so that you can have your bit on the side, but the man is guilty. Shameless,' replied Katy.

'Shut up. That's not the situation,' said Taylor.

'It isn't?' replied Katy.

'Don't tell anyone,' said Taylor. 'I miss Joe. It's not a bit on the side. It will take me a while to get over Mr Alwyn. I've already chosen Daniel. He already knows that. I'm making peace with my past. Need to take it slow.'

'Bit on the side,' said Katy, looking away to an angel staring at her.

'Not like your not guilty of the same,' said Taylor.

'Oh, so you admit it, do you?' replied Katy.

'What of it? I'm a liberated woman.'

'Hussy,' smiled Katy.

'Oh. Rich coming from I'll fuck Saruviel without anyone knowing in my private ski lodge. Krystabel is not stupid you know. She could tell.';

Katy had a grimace on her face for a moment, but calmed down just as quickly.

'Nothing to say,' she replied. Kaladel returned with Katy's pastie.

'Oh, you are such a hypocrite, aren't you Perry water.'

'Calling me that too now are you,' replied Katy. 'Daniel always calls me that, Tails.'

'And you are calling me Tails, just like Daniel.'

'Taffy is weak. And Tay Tay is for fangirls.'

'I like Taffy,' said Taylor. 'I'll pass on Tay Tay, though. Sounds like a chinese meal. I'll have Tay Tay and rice, thanks.'

Katy smiled on that one. 'Make sure he doesn't find out the root cause of his lust.'

'It's his lust anyway. I doubt he's not getting what he wants. The situation has probably come out in normal machinations of things.'

'Good excuse. I'll have to blame all my sins on that now. The normal machinations of things. Clever.'

'Shut up Perry,' said Taylor.

'You coming over to Kalphon one of these days. Sit with us. We muse. Chatting lightly. It is very therapeutic.'

'Maybe one day,' said Taylor.

They sat in silence a while, and Taylor picked up her CD player.

'What you listening to?' asked Katy.

'Billie Eilish,' replied Taylor.

'Yep,' said Katy. 'Totally preplanned.'

'Bite me,' replied Taylor. Katy just smiled.

The End

Ruth 33

Chapter 1

'It's hardly ethical, Callodyn,' said Ruth.

'You haven't always been ethical. Nor I,' replied Callodyn. 'If you recall.'

'I recall alright. That's water under the bridge. I'm a settled old maiden these days, my neighbour. Shenanigans are not really in me much now. Too much Boaz has rubbed off. The Moabite has been settled by Jacob's ministry.'

'I think Boaz gets to me too at times,' replied Callodyn. 'But Daniel the elder is an ethical soul. He has some inclinations to take care of Billie Eilish. He senses she's lonely. She flakes around from lover to lover over the aeons, and hasn't found a stable influence.'

'It's hardly an excuse to leave Taylor just to save Billie Eilish.'

'But that's what we do at times. Stupid things. It's the Jesus in our roots,' replied Callodyn.

'I fear there may be truth in that notion,' sighed Ruth, and poured out the fresh coffee for them both to drink. 'Well, I guess if that is the backwards kind of way he thinks is necessary for this pop star, then he will do what he will do.'

'As we sort of all do in the end,' replied Callodyn. 'Whether we think it or not, when we settle, it is only because its what we believe in.'

'Maybe,' said Ruth softly. 'Or God has ended up winning the argument with you.'

'That too,' grinned Callodyn. 'Anyway, it doesn't bother me much. Billie will be good for him for a while. She's like him in some ways. Daniel can get very dark, or moody at times. He's sort of serious. Takes life too seriously and can get very morbid practically in his attitudes. Oh, he's positive enough, but he doesn't smile much. He laughs, but doesn't smile much. Not happy in a lot of ways. Billie will probably even suit him as a friend. What his motivations are there. Wants to win her as an eternal friend. To make sure she is taken care of and that he also gets a friend which he thinks is the kind of personality which will be good as a friend. I think they'll actually end up working it out well in that respect.'

'But bedding her to accomplish that? Carnal and can be done with better wisdom,' replied Ruth, sipping on her coffee.

'Practical, and gets the job done,' said Callodyn. 'And Taylor needs to see Joe Alwyn for a season and a time anyway.'

'Funny ways,' sighed Ruth.

'The Boaz in you,' smiled Callodyn.

'The Boaz in me,' agreed Ruth.

Chapter Two

'So, practical or pathetic?' Ruth asked Boaz.

'I've invited Miss Eilish over for a weekend stay,' replied Boaz, going through a stamp album.

'What the...Excuse me,' replied Ruth. 'Why the hell would you do that?'

'It's neither practical or pathetic. It's just reality. Daniel spoke to me about it personally. It's a lot of huff and puff to amuse the people, but he has chosen Billie to give her a bit of stability as a friend, but that she is chosen because she works well in the circle of friends we've developed.'

'Circle of friends,' replied Ruth.

'She's the kind of girl who has interest in her person. She's not boring. So many people are boring, Ruthee. Billie Eilish has an interesting personality and lifestyle. Daniel intends her to be a permanent new friend in our circle. She's good value for variety in the Daly circle. Will spark things up a bit with some fresh excitement. She's not exactly primary child of destiny material in her foundation, but she endures as an icon in society and is mellow. Why I've been listening to her music on spotify recently. She is a mellow soul, who doesn't fight life very much. Generally accepts things, and more importantly,' he left off speaking.

'More importantly what?' asked a bewildered Ruth.

'She's not a trouble maker. She doesn't go around causing contentions. She's a person who is relaxed about life. Mellow and the emo sort of way in her. She only wants to be happy. But she is so sad that whatever she can get will do. She doesn't really have much fight in her. She's ideal for our circle.'

'You are happy about the situation?' asked Ruth.

'I know men,' said Boaz. 'I know them well now. I've seen the evil the Lord talks about and opposes. When a soul hangs around in life a long time and is clearly a passive personality, well, thank you very much. Worth having as an acquaintance. She's soft. If Daniel has to bed her for the rest of the process, in this cruel world, I don't think I'm complaining too much Ruth.

Ruth stared at him. 'Once again you rewrite the book of Ruth,' said Ruth. 'I don't know if I will ever understand male logic.'

'You'll get there,' replied Boaz.

'Indeed,' finished Ruth.

Chapter 3

'So what percentage of Androvon are you working on?' asked Boaz to Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

'It's not like you guys give that official data,' replied Daniel.

'We don't disguise our general procreation plans,' said Boaz. 'We maintain an approximate constant.'

'The 7 law keepers like a chunk of Androvon,' said Daniel. 'The ANM doesn't intend to change from this being one of our strongholds. But percentages are private affairs of our future plans. We have no object to take over things, if that is what you are asking. But official percentage of Androvon population for Karaite Noahides – our personal business. We do have a goal in mind, you'll find out through observations as time passes.'

'Right,' replied Boaz, and put out his cigarette.

'Business,' said Ruth to Billie Eilish. 'He smokes when he's talking serious business. Hardly ever smokes, but bought a pack when he arranged Daniel and your visit. Walked down the street to buy the pack specifically.'

'Oh,' said Billie. 'You are the biblical Ruth, aren't you? I think Daniel mentioned that.'

'Is that an issue?' asked Ruth.

'Don't expect to meet Ruth and Boaz in the end,' said Billie. 'Little bit unexpected.' She was in a skirt and a t-shirt. Sandals on with socks up to her knees, striped ones. She looked funky.

'Why don't you tell hime,' said Billie. She looked at Boaz. 'They just intend to match the Talmudic Noahides here in Televere. Maintain the same numbers. Unless their number fall dramatically, they'll just match them.'

'Billie, no need to tell them those details, but I don't object if you think you should have said that,' replied Daniel.

'And this is a policy of the Karaite Noahides?' queried Boaz.

'Only in some places,' said Daniel. 'Your traditional strongholds. We match you, and leave it at that. Don't care apart from that.'

'I see,' said Boaz. 'Interesting.' Boaz turned to Billie Eilish. 'You holding up with Daniel? He has plans with you.'

'So he says,' said Billie, looking at Daniel.

'Yes,' said Ruth. 'Plans. If that is what you call them.'

Boaz lit a new ciggie, and smiled at Ruth.

'Men,' said Ruth, and left the room.

'Something I should know?' asked Billie.

'No,' said Boaz. 'Nothing at all.'

Chapter Four

Billie and Daniel stayed the weekend, and they had a barbecue in the back yard, but they left on Monday, and life got back to normal for Ruth. She'd gotten a bit more insight into men. Some of the things they were about. They made decisions which like women they kept to themselves. She'd seen a bit of that in recent times. That men kept their thoughts to themselves just as much as women did. And that they had well thought out reasons for their logics in life. That much was apparent too. But she would ponder all that some other time. For now Boaz had a circle of friends of stamp collectors coming for a visit to the house in a few weeks, and she had been asked to choose the refreshments and meals for the occasion. Technically it was even a stamp meeting for buying and selling, just in their front living room. There would be 17 people in the house all up, and she needed to prepare things to make sure she could cater for them all. That much she understood well. Taking care of functions for the home and things like that. Deeper mysteries? She understand so many things common to women, but some other things took time. Despite her long age she hadn't worked everything out yet. She did not know the answer to all mysteries. But that was life. You lived, you learned, and hopefully got the wiser for the experience. And married to Boaz the Bethlehemite she had indeed gotten wiser for the experience. So life went on and Ruth got on with life, and the world turned in Televere in Heaven, and life went on as it had done for so long, in the life of Ruth the Moabite.

The End


'Billie Eilish. You are fat. Big tits, though,' said Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

'I'm not fat asshole,' replied Billie. 'Why am I going on a date with you? Lucifer is far more interesting.'

'I've broken up with the Swift Chick. She's moved back to Joe Alwyn,' replied Daniel.

'Saw that coming,' said Billie Eilish. 'He tickles her tits the way she likes them.'

'I can tickle your tits if you like,' said Daniel. 'They are worth the effort as well.'

Billie stared at Daniel. Her glance suggested he was an idiot. The middle finger raised a moment later confirmed that.

'Can't blame a guy for trying,' said Daniel. Daniel pointed up to the sky. 'Lots of colours this evening.'

'Shit happens,' said Billie.

'Are you the unrivalled champion of depression poster kids?' asked Daniel.

'There is competition,' said Billie. 'They are crap at it though. Got the dark side mastered. Why Lucifer is more interesting than love bugs like you. Catholic in disguise I think.'

'Back there, yeah. But it's not me. The rainbow covenant is my central aspect.'

'If you need rules. Principles which are flexible work for me,' said Billie. 'Guiding lights which can bend with the wind when necessary. How I get by Danny.'

'Ok. You can call me Danny,' replied Daniel.

Billie leaned against Daniel on the bench in the garden, resting her head on his shoulder. 'I'll keep you busy for a while, rainbow boy. You've obviously moved on. I can't manage to keep my boyfriends. I end up killing them.'

'Humour,' said Daniel. 'Funny.'

'Yeh. Humour,' said Billie, looking the other way.

'I don't mind black widows,' said Daniel. 'One of my favourite songs.'

'I'll make sure I hide your body well,' said Billie.

'I think we'll make a good blend. You and me,' said Daniel. 'When we're blended together, a new flavour of coffee.'

'Or dark licorice syrup,' said Billie. 'With extra blood red colouring. And a pinch of whiskey. And tequila. And blood,' she said, emphasizing the word blood.

'I see the attraction in Lucifer. But you'll get used to the Danster. He has a bit more of a life plus account with the universe. You'll like it after a while. I never fail to impress.'

She kissed him on the cheek. 'I don't doubt you'll be fun. Danny boy.'

Daniel smiled. Billie was cool. They'd make a good blend for a while.

The End

New Chicks on the Cock

'Getting a bit are you old fart?' asked Callodyn.

'He's a dirty old man,' said Kayella.

'Taylor wasn't working out,' said Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. 'She had issues.'

'We all have issues,' said Kayella. 'You deal with them like any sane person does and resolve them.'

'Nah, dad like New Chicks on the Cock,' said Callodyn.

Kayella smirked. 'I suppose you could put it like that,' she replied, glancing at the cherubim.

'What? Checking him out?' asked Callodyn.

'I'm currently single,' said Kayella.

'Jesus. I'm out of here,' said Callodyn, leaving the Zaphon cafeteria. Awkward silence.

'You wanna fuck?' Kayella askede Daniel.

'Callophim, aren't you?' asked Daniel.

'Come on,' she said, taking his hand. They went upstairs and hired a room from one of Zaphon towers hotel rooms. After they had undressed and showered she took him to the bed.

'Lie down Daniel,' she said.

He lay down. She got on top of him, and massaged his chest a while, before moving down, and massaging his stomach. Then down to his groin. She grabbed his cock and massaged it a while.

'I'll fuck you,' she said, and guided the cock into her cunt. She rode him a while, then he groaned he was coming, and erupted his load into her vagina. She got off and started licking his dick, and stuck out her tongue, showing him his jism, before she swallowed it. Then she got back down and started fellatio. 20 minutes later he came again. Then she let him rest, and a little later she started massaging his dick and he got hard again. She got on all fours. 'Fuck me from behind,' she said. It took him half an hour but the orgasm was intense, and she was moaning heavily when he finally came.

'Fuck me regularly,' she said. 'I need a new lover Cherubim.'

'Yeah, ok,' he replied.

Later on that week when Billie Eilish was doing similar to things, New Chicks on the Cock sprang to mind. He was getting a bit at the moment. Not normal for him anymore. Those shenanigans had died down a lot in recent times. He looked out at the skies about Zaphona City, and noticed there were lots of colours recently. Things had changed in Heaven. Something new was going on. It was the foundation of a new era. It probably needed to start with some excitement, but he had already made up his mind on the issue. Taylor didn't really work out in his heart with him in the end. He'd give Billie Eilish a go, but wouldn't touch Kayella again. She was deadly. He'd stick with Billie for this Process if she didn't bugger off. He'd met her before on occasions, but now he would bother with a serious friendship if not relationship. He wouldn't be looking elsewhere. He already knew about settling down. Time to take that idea seriously.

The End

Settling Down

'I'll stick with her this process. I won't sleep around apart from her. I'll be very strict about it,' said Daniel.

Silence. 'Ok,' said Taylor. 'One process buddy. One process. Kapiche. Joe wants me for a while again anyway, so it's fine. Then we do a long time. Not really looking anymore Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. And I know you've always liked Billie. So don't fuck around, and clean out your cock before you see me again.'

Taylor hung up the phone. Daniel put down his, and sat down on his couch in in Zaphona City address. Ok. New chick on the cock. Billie Eilish. She was what he liked also. Divas were his type a lot of the time. They wrote their heart into their song lyrics, and that spoke to Daniel, who did the same, but in preaching. She was a person who had deep thoughts, and was somewhat emotional. She would be a good person to simply know for a long while anyway. He looked up at the skies as he wandered out to the back yard prorch. Colours again. Colours most evening. Nearly always now. Something was going on with that. He opened his can of cola and sipped. He'd probably call up Billie in the morning and see if she could come over. Possibly move in. And there were plans to make. He had a sermon to prepare for Haven Noahide Fellowship, where he was preaching in Zaphona City in a few days. It was a sermon on stability in life, and his thoughts of settling down were being laced into what he had written so far. Gosh, he'd written it all before. But it needed to be done fresh every time. To stay real to the life which was happening at the moment. So he'd prepared his words carefully and was half way through the sermon, which was written out in full, but which he would use memory cards for key sentences to guide him from the pulpit. He sipped on his cola and looked at the skies. 'What are you up to Most High?' he said softly. A new thing, huh?' He looked at it for a while, sipped on his coke, and went inside to watch TV. In the morning he rang Billie who came over and they arranged for a suitcase to come into Daniel's home. Taylor had a cupboard full of clothes in the bedroom, which she had suggested had found their home, so Daniel had cleared out the bottom two drawers for Billie to use. She got her stuff put away, and headed to the kitchen. She ordered McDonalds for lunch, and they ate burgers, and spent the afternoon playing Sega games. She'd let him know she was a casual bitch. She did her concerts in heaven all over the place, and her albums sold well. She had heaps of cash, like Daniel, and she did what she wanted because of it. She didn't have a permanent squeeze though. Just best friends. It's all Billie Eilish is made of, she told him. Just a girl who sort of doesn't give a shit, and if a guy likes her enough, well fuck, that would do. And he liked her well enough, and so she agreed to hang around. And he talked about settling down for the rest of the current Process and she didn't mind, so that was that. Daniel had a new chick.

The End

Genesis Citadel

'This is Genesis Citadel,' said Daniel to Billie Eilish.

'What's it about?' asked Billie, sipping on grapejuice from a flask.

'It's about creating a society of a community which is Genesis Life in City Structure.

'Book of Genesis?' asked Billie.

'Yep,' said Daniel. 'It is meant to have a connected community of citadel dwellers who are interconnected and serve a specific list of common objectives. The key to Genesis Citadel's is that the formative society starts the mission by working out their list of common society objectives. The citadel functions in the centre of the city and then nation, and the nation grows from the central citadel and its list of defined common objectives of the society. The roots of the objectives lay in the morality of the Rainbow Torah and the key decision that life must function on some common things of interest and excitement. There has to be in the list of common objectives activities of pastimes of a communal nature which bring happiness, contentment, satisfaction and a sense that the society is doing something good or the kind of things that humans should be doing.'

'I see,' said Billie. 'Taking the life God gave us seriously.'

'Exactly. And making it work,' said Daniel.

'This is your area. Your disc land originally,' said Billie. 'I checked.'

'Yeh. It grows in some places regularly,' replied Daniel. 'With the ongoing heavenly expansions happening regularly enough. But it only grows through the prayer campaigns of the overseers. We have to compete and remain loyal to our core legislation and societal vision for our disc, or God loses interest and we stagnate with no growth. The competition is now fierce amongst the overseers.'

'I see,' said Billie. 'Something you've always got to get to then.'

'Genesis citadels were formed a long time ago. They function within Adamide things a lot, but also Noahide. They are a passion of mine. I've done a lot of designs with them and got a lot of them going with ideas which I felt would work.'

'We going to live in one?' asked Billie.

'More than that,' replied Daniel. 'We're going to start one.'

'Oh,' replied Billie Eilish. 'I see. Fascinating.'

'Indeed,' replied Daniel.

The End

Genesis Citadel 2

'More like Genesis Shitadel,' said Jesus. 'This place smells.'

'Billie doesn't wash much,' said Daniel. 'She's being very earthy.'

Billie came in the room. She was dressed in a sheepskin. Not a sheepskin coat. A sheepskin.

'That's a sheepskin,' said Jesus.

'Baa bab, Christ Child,' replied Billie Eilish sarcasticall, and sat down and farted. She picked her nose for a bit, then flicked on the TV.

'She's crude,' said Jesus to Daniel.

'He wanted Genesis,' replied Billie, without looking up. 'Noah is a bumbling farmer is what I think of that old maniac.'

'He's cultured and civilized,' replied Jesus. 'You mustn't have met him.'

'Not back then,' said Billie. 'Basic and primitive.'

'Not as much as you think,' said Jesus. 'They had early society, but they were complex enough. Human beings are complex. They had deep thoughts also.'

Billie picked her nose again. 'I like basic in my common objective agreement. I am going to enjoy this life for a few millennia. We have a bun in the oven, and I'm going to enjoy taking my time with this idiot dream.'

'She doesn't favour them much,' said Daniel. 'Likes the complexity of society unabated.'

'You can't handle the complex,' said Billie, and changed the channel. 'I like mall life. This is basic and I protest till you get the point.'

'Mall life leaves you drained of communal togetherness,' said Daniel. 'And too disconnected.'

'That's the point,' said Billie. 'So I can have my freedom and cruise and crash when I want to.'

'You haven't worked it out yet,' said Daniel. 'Your depression is caused by the society you visualize as the natural progression of mankind. It's not. It the progression of a human society doing it its own way without terribly much organisation, and too much individual liberty. It is only a society created on those paradigms, and it leads to disconnection and lack of unity which leads to depression as you don't feel part of anything very much.'

'Fuck you,' said Billie, and lit a cigarette.

Jesus sat down and watched TV. Daniel got him some orange juice.

'Who the fuck are you to judge me,' said Billie.

'I'm not judging. I'm describing the situation. The society you are normally part of does work. Just not very well. Genesis citadels are basic approaches which improve the situation for human habitation. They produce better results.'

She turned to look at Daniel. 'How do you know?'

'You would have fucked off if you didn't want to go this far. I know you.'

'Dunno,' she replied. 'Might be something in it. Just a glorified kibbutz, but it might work.'

'It will. And you know it,' said Daniel.

'The church functions on the same idea at its core. It's just loose because of its size,' said Jesus. 'You would know, though, that the priest and the pastor are part of a long term plan. It is the sanctification of the bride. We don't push you too hard to start with. The unity is not pushed until people have developed a long streak of built up theological consideration and experience. Gradually you will learn we have a plan and it is to build a spiritual community which gets along and gets tighter with its members as the aeons progress. You don't go to church much, so it happens slowly in your progress notes.'

'My progress notes?' asked Billie, looking at Jesus.

'Your progress notes,' said Daniel. 'The church has them on everyone like the Noahides do. Jews use a similar idea, but it varies in ways.'

'Progress notes?' asked Billie. 'How am I doing?'

'Slowly,' replied Jesus.

Billie shook her head, and turned to the TV. 'Progress notes,' she said. She looked up to heaven at God. 'Funny, aren't you.'

Jesus smiled.

'I'll stick with this though,' said Billie. 'We'll see how much credibility you get in the credibility report of Billie Eilish. Yep, credibility report. I have that in my arsenal.'

Jesus looked at Daniel. 'You have been put on notice.'

'Obviously,' replied Daniel, and sat down next to Billie. 'You are not boring, though. Taylor was dumb at times. Mostly smart, but she was a princess. You are no princess, but the brain is nearly always active.'

Billie smiled slightly. Daniel noticed.

The End

Genesis Citadel 3

'The form said apply here,' said Taylor.

'Nah, nah,' said Billie Eilish. 'Tell Princess to take a running hike. She's not what we're looking for.' Billie had improved her dress code. 21st century standard casual.

'Why am I not exactly what you are looking for. I'm willing to interbreed with the community. That was the requirement. Your husband will do. I'm looking for a new lover.'

'He's not my husband,' said Billie. 'We have a friendship ring relationship.'

'Oh, so he's available,' said Taylor, looking at Daniel, and giving him a wink.

'She seems ok,' said Daniel. 'I'll approve the application.'

'Fine then,' said Billie. She looked at Daniel. 'Let's fuck then.'

'Can I watch?' asked Taylor.

Daniel looked at Taylor. 'This friendship is temporary. Till the end of the Process as agreed. Then you and me are together probably eternally then.'

'I decided I will be a faithful wife,' said Taylor. 'Joe is over it, ok. It's not really an issue anymore. He's moved on.'

'Let's fuck,' said Billie, and grabbed Daniel, pulling him into the bedroom. They came out 20 minutes later. 'I'm probably pregnant after that double load,' said Billie, sitting down. Taylor sat down next to him.

'I'll expect the offspring to take the Citadel Community objectives seriously,' said Taylor. 'I signed up because of it.'

'Oh, they will,' said Billie. She looked at Daniel who was eating nutella from a jar with a teaspoon. 'He's on my list as a permanent buddy. It's what he wanted from me. Suits me just fine.'

'You weren't going anywhere,' said Taylor. 'The circle likes you.'

'What exactly is the circle?' asked Billie.

'It's the inner circle of the hierarchy. The serious ones. The ones who have made commitments to congregate in the primary worlds of the heavens. They would be in Zaphora much of the time, and Terraphora. Serious about being in the primary attention of God and serious about a community standards amongst the core community. You have impressed them with not going too doo lally.'

'Not too doo lally,' replied Billie. She looked at Daniel. 'Eldership must maintain a certain standard must it?'

'The nobility,' said Daniel, waving his hand, continuing eating his nutella.

'That's how it works,' said Taylor. 'They take their job seriously. They are possibly supposed to.'

'Possibly,' said Billie. She glared at Daniel who just kept on eating his nutella, and returned her focus to the TV screen. Another night passed.

The End

Genesis Citadel 4

'You need chinese for this Genesis citdadel,' said Uriel.

'And a Catholic god,' said Jesus of Nazareth.

Daniel looked at the hall of the 'Gemstone Life Genesis Citdael' admission centre. This was the project he and Billie had founded, and he had specified today for new admissions in person. They were in his area of Overseersmanship in heaven, were he had land to him and built the citadel. The main citadel was a pyramid structure with underground labyrinth of several hundred levels and sub-basements all told. There were some initial streets put into place in the area with projects for shopfronts and public administration pencilled down. At this stage a daily flight came in with goods from a city not to far away from them, which fed him and Billie and now Taylor, and gave them the disposables they relied on for regular life. For the time being, before they became self-supportive. There was also a number of roads now in place and a bus service had begun running, Daniel financing it. A number of people had arrived on the bus that morning.

Ambriel and Meludiel were back there, behind Jesus and Mary Magdalene, as well as Michael the Cherubim and his twin. They were standing in the short cue. At the entrance to the building was the guard doorman, with dozens of other people, some minor celebrities, lined up. Daniel would have a busy day.

* * * * *

After Uriel and Karel had agreed that a focus on Gemstone architecture, something like the 'Amethyst Princess of Gemworld' comic designs from DC Comics, was a satisfactory idea, they had laid down a policy suggestion of interracial harmony, which Taylor had ticked of immediatel and Daniel said, Yeh, I guess so. Not really a problem. Now it was Jesus.

'This looks like a Genesis Citadel with a bit of spike in it,' said Jesus.

'I agree,' said Mary Magdaelene. 'We've lived a long life with the church, but my husband occasionally likes to consider other projects. This looks like one with some liveliness in it.'

'It's planned on having a bit of that,' said Taylor. 'Billie has some good ideas there.'

'We want in,' said Jesus. 'Assuming you can tolerate catholic based virtues.'

'We can do that,' said Daniel. 'I do run things with that in the ANM, so fine.'

As the day passed they worked for the applicants, and most were approved of, after some discussion on the nature of what it was, a few wanting to think it over properly, but have themselves registered as interested parties. Later, when the evening bus left, they were in their main living domicile in an upper section of the pyramid, watching TV again at dinner time.

'Busy day,' said Taylor.

'Pretty much,' agreed Daniel.

'As long as you don't try and shag Karel. I know how long you've had a crush on her kemosabe.'

'Shut up,' said Daniel. 'I'm faithful.'

'Ha. Rich,' replied Taylor. Daniel didn't really disagree.

The End

Genesis Citadel 5

'Hey,' said Billie to little Timothy Daly. 'Don't do that Catholic boy.'

'Why is he a Catholic?' asked Daniel.

'Shut up,' said Taylor. 'Don't argue. We rule the Gemstone Citadel community. There are 57% planned Roman Catholics, 12% planned Messiah Ministries, and 13% planned Noahide standards. The rest is slowly being worked out.'

'I'm in Catholic mode,' said Billie. 'Jesus has been arguing with me. He likes this community more than you, so has asked God the Father that he be the dominant faith influence, and the Noahides can have the public administration.'

'Oh,' said Daniel. He hooked into some more nutella, and looked at Timothy. 'I guess so,' he replied.

'Don't say you didn't see it coming,' said Taylor, nursing Gennavera Daly on her breast. 'Jesus likes you. Every since the Highland Games in Zaphon he has gotten along with you. Smiled at a few of the jokes which went on that evening. A good atmosphere. Decided then that Daly's were worth getting along with in some project or another. He's not letting this one go.'

'That's fine by me,' said Daniel. 'But we're not changing the architecture. It's a Gemstone society.'

'He bought a full TPB run of Amethyst from DC and is reading and studying it all,' said Taylor. 'He likes the DC spirit hanging around also. This is a treasure community to him. He calls it a treasure that he has dug up in a field which the Father has given to him to participate in. He has several initial pages of Gospel theology for Gemstone. Variations on his ideas in this creative setting.'

'Oh,' said Daniel. 'Can they be read? Those writings.'

'Not till he's finished,' said Billie. 'And not by you till they are finished at all. He's expecting you'll do some Noahide code or another for your mob. He's assuming that.'

'Yeh, probably something or another,' replied Daniel. 'But if he wants 57% over the long haul, he'll have to keep his passion up. My guess he'll return focus to Christendom and this will be mainly a project which warms his heart.'

'You are the 228th Cherubim on the list. You have a percentage of his Progress Notes time,' said Taylor. 'This is at the top list of interests in you at the moment besides ANM discussion. I don't think he'll ever forget it Daniel San.'

Daniel stared at Taylor for a moment, and licked on his teaspoon covered with nutella. 'I see,' he said at last. He looked up to heaven. 'Funny,' he said to God.

Taylor smiled softly.

The End

Cat Lady 18

I have a perfectly good heart, Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly,' said Taylor Swift.

Daniel sat down on the couch in his house next door to Taylor's in an outer discworld. 'Apparently,' replied Daniel. 'Have you finished programming 'Head Over Heels: The Monkey Goes Mad'' asked Daniel.

Taylor continued staring at him. 'Perfectly good,' she said, and picked up her Hersheys chocolate bar, and started eating it, glaring at him.

'Come on lazy bones,' said Daniel. 'Monkey goes mad. Have you finished the programming.'

Taylor put down her chocolate bar and picked up a banana from the fruit bowl. 'Oopp Oopp,' she went, putting her hands underneath her shoulders. 'I'm a Monkey. A crazy monkey,' all the while staring at Daniel.

'Nuts,' replied Daniel.

Taylor put down the banana and picked up some nuts from the nut jar on the coffee table. She threw them in the air, and they landed in her mouth, and she munched on them, mouth open, staring at Daniel. 'I'm crazy,' she said. 'I'm a schizophrenic.'

'Fuck you bitch,' said Daniel.

Taylor started laughing. 'Ha. Pathetic. I have gotten the best of you Mr Daniel Daly. You are not half the man you think you are. Not even a quarter. I am the crazy bitch. Taylor swift is the crazy bitch. You are lukewarm at crazines. I run with it dude. I am a wild child.'

'Eat your banana,' said Daniel.

Taylor picked up the banana, peeled it and started eating. She flicked on the remote, and the C64 screen came on, and she hit play on the datasette and the game started loading. About 20 minutes later Daniel was satisfied.

'The designs. You've haven't gone crazy. Monkey is done as standard again, and your puzzles, from what I've seen so far, are fresh enough for this current era. Good work swift chick.'

'Perfectly good hearts get real work done lazy bones,' said Taylor.

Daniel stood, grabbed the cat, and placed it in Taylor's lap, who started stroking it.

'You've done well. We'll launch it into the market place. You've used all our standard copyright principles in it, so it should float without too many issues. People will enjoy it for ages I would imagine, before they need a fresh option on Head over Heels.'

'I might be crazy, but I have my brain on the nub of C64 World,' said Taylor. 'I know what they need in the current era. What traditions they are looking for at the moment. I can sense it, you know. They are predictable, like you. But friendly people.'

'You obviously have a brain, Swift Chick,' said Daniel. 'More goes on in that brain than sometimes I might give you credit for.'

'Comes from bananas,' said Taylor. 'And nuts.'

'Indeed,' replied Daniel, and patted Taylor on the arm. 'Good work sweetie.'

Taylor smiled. 'Glad to be of service. At least you don't bore me. You give me projects to do which have life and purpose in them. And the programming is within my mind now. Know how to get it done.'

'It's a good life,' said Daniel.

Taylor laid back, and put her hand in Dan's. Good times, at the moment. Good times.

The End

Vork the Barbarian 13

Vork pulled down the jug of ale from the shelf in the pantry. Celeste walked in.

'You promised,' she said.

'Promises are made to be broken,' replied Vork, and took the ale, and wandered into the main living room on the ground floor of their mansion. Celeste followed afterwards.

'I'm getting itchy feet,' said Vork. 'I need an adventure.'

'You need an adventure? You need an adventure? We worked for fricking ever to finally settle down, and now you want to go back to it? Bloody hell husband. Where is your head at?'

'I have the map,' said Paul, coming into the room.

'Here we go,' said Celeste.

Paul showed the map to Vork. 'Right here. On the coast of gaul. It's a small settlement. The chief druid is called Getafix. Named in honour of the dude from Asterix comics. Parents had a sense of humour. The legend goes that the older druid buried the treasure in the town, but its been forgotten by most, except probably for Getafix, who apparently is ascetic somewhat, and likes a discipline Gaulish village not obsessed over cashola. We go to the town, hunt around its archives, and sniff out were the loot is held.'

'We're rich enough,' bewailed Celeste.

'Life gets to the point,' replied Vork. 'Were that is not really the issue anyway. It's the living of the adventure which is the thing. The hurly burly in getting the job done. The excitement of it all. We're doing this for the thrill of a mystery which can be solved. Roleplay if you like.'

'Roleplay with hungry dragons wanting to eat my scrawny butt is not exactly my idea of a good time,' replied Celeste.

'No dragons right?' Vork asked Paul.

Paul scratched his head. 'Not that I am aware of.'

'So there you go,' said Vork. 'A new adventure, and we'll travel traditionally. It will take a while to get there, and to satisfy your highness we can do a jot of tourism along the way.'

'Fine,' said Celeste. 'Well, when do we go, then?'

'We'll pack in the morning, and head off. Tonight is the beer. Wouldn't drink it otherwise darling.'

Celeste looked disapprovingly at her husband, but relented.

'Fine. We'll I'm going upstairs to knit with the maid. I'll see you in the bedroom.'

Vork waved her off, returning his focus to the map, which he and Paul were examining with something akin to childlike glee. They were again in their natural element it seemed to Celeste. She sighed, but knew this was a likely thing soon enough anyway. Barbarians tended to get itchy feet. She she rose the stairs, entered her music room, and the maid sat with her, and she knitted, enjoyed the warmth, and steadied her heart, preparing herself for another brave new adventure in the life of Celeste and her dimwitted but determined husband Vork the Barbarian.

The End

Genesis Citadel 6

Billie Eilish smoked on her cigarette. 'That's crap, Daniel,' she said.

Daniel moved the aerial. 'Is that better?' he asked her.

'No. Still crap. Why the hell do we have to put up with black and white TV?'

Daniel continued adjusting the antenna until they had a screen half filled with snowflake and interference, but a tolerable enough picture and sound. He sat down.

'I'ts charming,' he said.

'I sucks,' she said.

'It's what's required for authentic 'Genesis'. We are required to be 'Genesis'. Foundation. Origin. Things don't begin with colour. They begin with Black and White sweet child of mine.'

Billie put out her cigarette, and stood, going in front of the TV. She had a leather bra top on, and a skirt. She started dancing.

'Do I turn you on?' she asked.

'Move babe,' said Daniel, waving her away. 'I want to watch Monkey on ABC.'

'Fuck you,' said Billie, and sat back down. 'You don't even give me much these days,' she said.

'Fasting from sex,' he replied. 'Getting this Citadel sorted. It has to be founded on morals, like all endeavours, or it fades into the pit. I'll give you same later tonight. Shut up and watch monkey.'

Billie relit her cigarette, and stared at Monkey. 'This show is for morons. At least put on something interesting. Not that there is anything interesting in 80s TV.'

Daniel glared at her. He stood, and changed the channel, and sat back down.

'Oh, this is ok,' she replied. 'Hardcastle and McCormick at least have some shit going on. Monkey is too weird. Buddha gone crazy.'

'Buddha has his style,' replied Daniel.

'At least these fuckers are probably more aligned with Genesis though. They have biblical awareness.'

Daniel looked at her, and looked at the screen. 'What is your point?'

'They live in a world were bible is well known and accepted a lot. Monkey has heard of biblical things, but not much in his culture. Eighties USA had Genesis in the system. Monkey didn't that much. More appropriate for a Genesis Citadel.'

'Roots,' replied Daniel.

'I know monkey roots back in his genealogy, but his knowledge is weak. It doesn't link that much to Origins,' said Billie. 'I'm in charge also, and in this Genesis Citadel one of the rules is that we live in a cultural reality which recognizes Genesis well enough.'

Daniel stood and went to the other room, returning with the laptop.

'I'll add that to our next council's official discussion agenda. We'll work out how Genesis oriented cultural admissions have to be.'

Billie stood, and put on a Jazz record. 'Dance with me.'

Daniel held her close, and they danced. 'I do have standards, you know,' she said to him softly. 'I'm not a stupid person. I have insights some people don't have.'

Daniel held her. There was obviously a reason the universe had thought this one was good for him. She was a friend worth keeping. Others thought so too.

The End

Gilgadel's Building Supplies Empire 3

'Hazan! Get in here,' shouted Gilgadel.

Hazan came in from the other room. 'Look at this mess, Hazan. Have you been with your woman in the office again. The desk is a mess.'

'Boss. We worked late last night. Things got challenging. I don't quite remember. We got drunk.'

'Never mind. Jacinta!' he yelled to his secretary. She came in. 'Clean and file, dear,' he said.

Jacinta Saldana sighed, but got on with the work.

'Sit down, Hazan. And listen in Jacinta,' said Gilgadel, as the secretary began ordering the clutter on Gilgadel's desk. 'Things are going well. We all know this. The way that heaven is expanding with dominions growing territory at edges and even in central aspects at times has lead to a seeming permanent demand for carpentry services accessible from our main stores. And with the advances made in flight we are able to transport goods cheaply and affordably to work destinations anywhere on the heavenly global scale. As you know, this means we have eternal work by the looks of it. Gilgadel's Building Supplies should never ideally go out of business.'

'That's what we're counting on boss,' replied Hazan.

'Allah has been good to us. Wolfric the Theophany puts in a word for us from time to time, and life has progressed and our welfare has been constant. Things are good. Now we have very old policies in this company which are legal, and well worked through with the political and governing bodies of heaven. We follow the rules, and do our job by the book. We always have, we always will. One of our promises.'

'You got that right boss,' said Hazan.

'So we're not going to be changing this arrangement,' said Gilgadel. 'There is something about being out in the workrooms, when timber is being cut and when carpentry is going on, and when our supplies are being made in the factories. There is a spirit we have, and an atmosphere which is well comfortable now.'

'I know it well, boss,' said Jacinta. 'Why I'm committed. You run a tight ship, and the employment is always stable.'

'Right,' said Gilgadel. 'So we know what we're about, then, don't we?'

'I think so boss,' said Hazan. 'The employees are happy with you, and the workmen have been with us forever. Solid company, good reputation, quality product.'

'So on we go,' said Gilgadel. 'Now I want to ask the both of you. This is a settled issue, isn't it? Working with me. I wouldn't really want to ever let you two go. You are my right hand and my left hand. We've gone this fair because my aides know what they are doing.'

'I ain't going anywhere boss,' said Hazan.

'Here for keeps,' said Jacinta.

'Ok,' said Gilgadel. 'Well we have the anniversary coming up. Some number too high to count, but I want a quiet celebration this time, and low alcohol wine. Not too much revelry this time. We'll hire somewhere in the city.'

'I'll look into it boss,' said Jacinta.

'Good good.' Gilgadel put his hands on the desk in front of him. 'Right then, back to work. Things to be done. Chop chop.'

And Gilgadel got up, motioned for Hazan to follow him, and Gilgadel's Building Supplpies got on with another days work in the company of the 67th Seraphim of Eternity.

The End

Genesis Citadel 7

'I know why we are eating Ice Cream,' said Billie. 'It's because we need to acclimatize to this damn citadel. Biologically I mean. Cool right down, dude. It's primitive shit. No heating.'

'I'm having difficulty with the coal supply for the furnace,' said Daniel. He looked at her. 'It's being looked into.'

'Coal,' said Billie. 'What kind of moron believes in coal these days.'

It's traditional,' said Daniel. 'And it's used just for general heating. Coal is fine in heaven. The general use. Not too excessive. Genesis Citadels are old stylings, so we use firewood and coal to heat the furnaces in the basement.'

'Except when they aren't working,' said Billie. 'Hey, you can heat me up,' she said.

'Always wanting a bit, aren't you Eilish. Can't go without a bit? Not much patience in you.'

'Not true,' said Billie. 'I'm building a rapport with my current boyfriend. We're together a long while, and Taylor is still competing for your attention anyway.'

'She senses an extension of your stay. That you will hang around in an overdue manner. She's righting that wrong as she sees it. Doesn't trust me, the girl.'

Billie stood up and went to the wall. She pushed the button. There was a rumbling in the pipes, but no effect otherwise.

'Get the damn firewood and start a fire, then,' she said to him.

'Fine, said Daniel. He was gone for about 15 minutes, but came in soon enough with a bundle of firewood in his arms, and got the fireplace in the room going. Half an hour later the room was warm enough.

'Better, Daniel,' said Billie. 'Much more comfortable.'

Daniel turned off the electrical lights, and lit the candles near Billie. She continued reading 'Pride and Prejudice.' Daniel sat down, and picked up his magazine again, but put it down. 'We're having Ambriel and Meludiel over for dinner. And Callodyn will be showing up to say hello.'

'Fine,' said Billie, waving him away with her hand, not losing concentration on her book.

'Do you have anything planned for dinner,' Daniel asked.

Billie stopped her book, turning it over in her lap, and looked at him. 'Seriously?'

'Yeh. I told you last night. I don't know if you have anything prepared, but its 2 in the afternoon. So, you know.'

Billie returned to her book. 'I peeled the potatoes this morning. The coleslaw is already in the fridge, and we will be having potato salad also. The rice salad will be cooked at 3, and refrigerated at about 4, to make sure it is fresh enough. Vegetarian tonight. And we can have Ice Cream for desert. You haven't asked me to plan anything else, like conversation and shit, so that is in your hands buddy.'

'That's fine,' said Daniel. 'I like all that food. Thanks.'

'Not a problem,' she replied, waving him away again.

He went silent. 'Do you have a problem with duties of a wife?'

She put the book down again, and looked at him. Then she picked up her book and continued reading. 'I don't mind making certain meals,' she said. 'I will cook meat at times, also. But a lot of vege stuff. You know I like takeaway, but hard to get here.'

'Right, said Daniel. He went silent. 'You are probably a normal person, aren't you?'

'Normal but also smart enough,' said Billie. 'Grounded in regular societal ways. I'm not stupid. I know what's going on.'

Daniel thought that much was obviously the case.

The End

Sariel and Daniel: A Night in Bangkok 3

'Those were the days of glory,' said Sariel.

'I think you buy me a beer,' said the Thai Dancer.

'Buy here a beer,' said Daniel.

'We were the Morning Stars of Glory. We ruled the world. Now its a brand new heaven, and we are united. But each must compete in the prayer closet to grow the dominion, for the competition is fierce in the overseers domains.'

'Hardly fierce,' replied Daniel. 'Most pray a prayer a century at best. Talked around the traps a lot, and it's only 'Steady as we go' from most of them. Even Ambriel doesn't bother that much in his concerns, and Michael barely gives a shit.'

'Some care,' said Sariel to the lady, forking over some cash for the beer. 'I pray once a day. A standard prayer which takes about a minute, and my dominion of disc empire grows steadily at a quicker rate than most. Daniel's,' said Sariel, looking at Daniel. 'They grow much quicker than everyone by the looks of it, but Daniel is devoted to God and sits in the prayer room each morning, pushing his agenda. The Seraphim of Eternity have long waited for this passion to die down, but it hasn't yet.'

'Not yet kemosabe,' replied Daniel, sipping on some orange juice.

'He motivated,' said the lady. 'Different ideas in his younger years. Formed a bit differently. Took some ideas seriously. People are made of their founding years. They clued themselves up well, or they didn't. The life flows thereafter with what you expect.'

Sariel looked at the lady. 'Can latter remdiation of life philosophy remedy this situation my dear?'

'You would need to commit a long time. You very old Sariel. Not much going to change you now unless you dwell on it a fiercely long time my English Angel.'

'No, probably not,' said Sariel, as the lady took the cash to buy his beer. They were in Bangkok again, with the ladies. They didn't really sleep with them anymore. They really just liked the company. It's what Sariel and Daniel did together.

'A long period of commitment to greater competition would be needed to match you before I would care,' said Sariel.

'Sounds possible,' replied Daniel. 'If you bothered. Remember, I have extensive archives of wealth like Wolfgang. Matching my status would take a lot of effort my older Seraphim brother. Can be done, and you have a lot of decent copyright to work with to produce quality product which can be prayed over and garner you esteem. If your motivated, then bring it on. But your steady, and the Empire is doing well under your steady hand. Not trying to disuade you, but the Anglosphere likes Sariel and his established way. Think it over before you make and drastic decision.'

The lady returned with Sariel's beer. 'I'll do that.'

And they listened to the music, and the lady massaged Sariel's back, and another happy night passed in Bangkok city.

The End

Gilgadel's Building Supplies Empire 4

Gilgadel was in HQ on the factory floor. 'Where the heck are the N7s?' asked Gilgadel. The workmen shrugged. 'Hazan!' he yelled. Hazan shortly appeared. 'The N7s?' he asked.

'Be right back,' said Hazan, wandering down the factory floor. Shortly he was back with a handful of N7 nails.

'Right,' said Gilgadel. 'Follow me.' They wandered back to the office, and Hazan put the nails on the desk. Jacinta was called in and Gilgadel sat at the desk. 'We have 12 Nail designs,' said Gilgadel. 'N7 is our best seller.'

'Most useful size,' said Hazan.

'Most practical as well. Lots of tradies use it in their work. Gets the job done.'

'Right. We are going on to N13, and I want to emulate the N7 in some ways. Produce another nail which generally fits the bill better for our market. We're going into R&D for the next few months, and you'll be working overtime. I want several surveys prepared for our leading customers, and they are to go on the website also. I have the formative ideas, and we need to get this right. A new product now is not really the idea with the company, but I've been thinking this over a while now. We can probably increase our market a tad if we get the next nail just right. To start with, it's going to be smaller than the N7, but similar in many ways. But we'll discuss as the weeks go by. For now get ready, and I want Alec Bazandar called in. He'll be doing the computer blueprint of the nail's design. He's the best we've worked with, and I see no point in going elsewhere.'

'Got it boss,' said Jacinta, taking notes.

'Good idea boss,' said Hazan. 'Opportunities if we do this right.'

'More to come as well. About half a dozen products I'm looking at, and some new advertising strategies. And, finally, a slight fine tuning of our logo to update to the new mood in the universe. Heaven is unified now, and it doesn't look like it's ever going to go back to the way it was, so we need a slightly more universal touch on the logo of the company. Nothing major, but I do have some ideas.'

'A tricky one. If it ain't broke don't fix it,' said Hazan.

'People have gotten used to it boss,' said Jacinta.

'Be that as it may, there will be some fine tuning. Nothing too drastic mind you, but there will be an update. Now go, get to it.'

Gilgadel's primary team got on with their new task, and Gilgadel picked up an N7, looked it over, and turned to look out the window. Times had changed. Time to update a bit. Exciting somewhat, and a good time to be alive. Gilgadel's building supplies empire was alive and well.

The End

Vork the Barbarian 14

'We walk backwards,' said Vork. 'Slowly.'

'I usually need to see where I put my feet,' said Paul.

'We walke in this way. Use that dim memory of the event,' said Vork.

The giant vampire bats continued to snooze. They seemed perhaps rustled by their new visitors, but had not yet stirred.

'They look mighty fierce,' said Celeste, stepping back carefully, holding the torch.

Paul tripped. He swore. The bats awoke. They screeched. A hundred odd bats started flying past them, out of the cave. One of them scraped at Paul. Vork thrust his blade at it, and it crawled away. Soon enough the brave trio were on their feet again.

'What now?' asked Celeste.

Vork looked at Paul. 'On we go, I guess.'

They continued on into the cave, and came to the grave of the Knight of the village.

'So apparently this is where the gold is hidden,' said Vork. 'Let's lift her off then.' The three of them prayed a prayer, and opened the slab. Inside was the dead body of the knight, and after scratching around they pulled out a chest.

'Not too big,' said Paul,

'It's not tiny at least,' said Celeste.

Vork rattled it. It made noise.

'Here's the key,' said Celeste. Vork opened it.

'Well, there you go. Reasonable,' said Vork, sifting through the contents.

'It's like payday, but you worked overtime, and they only paid you the week's standard work though,' said Paul. 'What? About 30 gold pieces, and the rest silver and copper.'

'We'll count it outside,' said Vork. And so the heroes came back out of the cave on the side of the Gaulish village, and Getafix the druid was there, with his cauldron, a youth at his feet.

'Oh, you found it then,' said Getafix. Vork emptied the contents on the ground. They counted carefully.

'43 gold pieces, actually,' said Vork. 'Not too bad. About 100 silver and 50 copper. Worth a bit.'

'I'll take 10% as agreed,' said the druid. 'And you have a dragon to slay.'

'We're men of honour,' said Vork. 'We'll leave it all with you and slay the dragon, before we claim it.'

'How long will it take you?' asked the druid.

'Have it done by nightfall most likely,' said Vork.

'It does talk. But it is evil,' said the druid. 'Or mostly malevolent. It kills a villager every millennia or so. It has it coming to it.'

The youth spoke up. 'May I accompany you brave Barbarians?'

'Take Vitallix,' said Getafix. 'He needs an adventure.'

'If you say,' replied Vork.

The druid started gathering the coins, and Vork and Paul led the way to the entrance of the walled village, Celeste following, chatting with Vitallix.

'The day is half spent,' said Paul. 'Perhaps we should wait till the morning.'

'I'm in a fighting mood now,' said Paul. 'And my blood is up. We'll face Draconis, and claim our reward.'

'He's a fighter,' said Vitallix. 'And he's old and wily.'

'Then he will be evenly matched,' said Vork.

'Then lead on brave barbarian lord,' said the youth, and Vork did so, preparing himself for the wrath of the bane of the village, and looking forward to his reward on this new adventure of life.

The End

Genesis Citadel 8

'I'd say we have an inclination these days towards a lot of 'Divine Faith' ministry,' said Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

'Methuselah Ministries. The Power of Elohim,' said Billie in response.

'I think so. We have no specific Deciarchal Patronage for the Genesis Citadel projects. Mainly just Rainbow Torah ministry in general, but Divine Faith, I am feeling, can be one of our main pre-occupations.'

'Jesus likes it,' said Billie, putting out a cigarette, and picking up a crosswords book. 'What is another word for idiot? Six letters? Oh, I know. Daniel.'

Daniel smiled. 'Seriously, Silly Billie. Divine Faith babe.'

'You'll need it to get this Shitadel excited. Primitive lifestyle choices. Divine Faith may be all you can really get going out of this monstrosity. What, Divine Faith has a lot of medical initiative? With this basic lifestyle they'll need to watch their health. I'm not sure I want a full process here in the end, you know. Maybe a while longer, but I want back in Terraphora soon enough, and maybe back to the pad in Zaphora also.'

'I am aware of your inclinations. Our child is only 8 years old now. He is adapting to his job in this Citadel. He will be running the thing and charting its destiny. He has had inclinations towards Divine Faith as his choice of Ministry, so that is the table talk for the forseeable future Mrs Daly.'

'We're hardly married,' replied Billie.

'No. We're an arrangement. But you are in the Blooded Daly Clan now anyway. I have had my seed mingle in your bloodstream, so you are one of us wonder chick.'

'If you say so,' replied Billie. She looked at him. 'Divine faith will do for the lad. I wanted a Christian movement if possible, but Divine Faith has ratty old Methuselah involved, and he is usually quite a stable and flexible influence in life. It should be fine.'

'Then it is settled. Divine Faith will become the main thing for this particular Genesis Citadel, and I may have discussions with the Genesis Citadel Society as to whether Divine Faith can sponsor and be the main religion backing the organisation. Nothing in particular yet apart from ANM in general.'

'You have your hot potato. Now how about getting me in the sack, kemosabe,' said Billie, eyebrows raised.

'Later,' said Daniel, waving her away. 'The loins of Billie Eilish. Never satisfied.'

'With you as a lover, what do you expect?' she replied. 'Old nursing home farts have more go in them then you. At least they would pinch my butt. You? More life in cheese then you Daly boy.'

'I'll make you a pizza then,' he replied.

'Funny,' she said, and got on with her crossword for the afternoon.

The End

Alistair Grey 5

'What do you call a member of the Way of the Eternal Dove with a meanstreak?' asked Alistair Grey.

'We call them Raven's,' replied Delta Goodrem.

'You know the joke,' said Alistair.

'You get them here and there. Emo's mostly,' said Delta. 'They think they are the cool kids in the Way. The Raven's. Not real children of the Dove. The Devil's amongst us.'

'You'd make a good Raven, Jack,' said Alistair to Jack Dagger.

'I've considered that idea,' replied Jack Dagger. 'But, no. I'm a copper in the end, and I do my job. Not really attracted to lawlessness or the rebellious side in the end.'

Alistair picked up a piece of the sweetened Callodyn stalk and nibbled on it.

'Having fun with the stuff, are we?' asked Jack.

'Hey, it's your biggest seller in Dagger Confectionaries,' replied Alistair.

'Old jokes which ran into a tradition idea,' said Jack. 'Hull has a tradition with confectionary and I figured defloracious liverwort after a lively encounter could be an interesting thing to crystallize and sweeten and have a go at.'

'Works for me. Don't know what it tastes like unsweetened.'

'Bloody orrible,' said Jack.

'Indeed. But it works well enough what you've done to it,' said Alistair.

'Pays the bills.'

'So you can hang here and chat all day with small talk,' said Delta.

They were in one of their ususal Way of the Eternal Dove congregations, sitting against the wall, chatting. Cheryl was quiet at the moment in the pews praying silently.

'This is what we do. It's our therapy said Jack. How we cope with this mad, mad world.'

'It is mad,' said Delta. 'Crazy people everywhere. Like Jack Dagger and Alistair Grey.'

'I'm normal,' said Alistair.

'I guess,' said Delta, looking at him. 'But Jack is certified.'

'I won't argue with that,' replied Jack Dagger.

'But you'd make a good raven,' said Alistair.

'And you could be a giant with your Callodyn Stalk,' said Delta. 'Beware. Buy Daggers Sweets or he'll eat you up like the Giant Raven he is.'

'The bossman might complain,' said Jack.

'Eat him too,' said Delta.

'Always an option,' said Jack.

And everone laughed.

The End

Ruth 34

Chapter One

Ruth was exercised. It had to be done. Boaz was fussy. But she knew Boaz well. He wouldn't say he was fussy. Boaz wouldn't admit to anything exhibiting the notion of guilty behaviour. He was too wise a son of Judah for such an admission. But he was fussy. In the real world. And he communicated his desire for his wife to practice physical fitness with subtle words of encouragement. For example, they might be up one morning watching TV, on a weekend, and Jazzercize might come on. Boaz would say, 'Gosh, those ladies look awfully fit. That must be very good for the constitution. We should all do that I imagine.' And he would look at Ruth, and she would smile back. She got the point. She always got the point. And she was now exercised, down at the Lyons park on the northern edge of Paradision, with her track pants and t-shirt all sweated up, with Boyzone on her CD player. A CD Single she'd had playing on repeat. She sat on the bench, and took out the single. It was a limited edition. It struck her that she liked the Irish band Boyzone somewhat, and had a minor curiousity about perhaps collecting a few of the CD singles in the limited series release. She breathed carefully for a while, sipped on her water, and finally stood and looked around the park. It was similarly designed to Cooma on New Terra in New South Wales Australia. A lot of Paradision was structured with a similar look. Cooma was it's sister city and the model for the foundation of the town at the beginning of Televon. Lots of places on the planet had sister cities and towns they were modeled on, as while heaven had lots of new creation, they were humans, and humans had already achieved a significant amount of the creation of knowledge when the resurrection had ocurred and the new planetary bodies had been formed to house the new humanity emerging upwards. But that was long ago now, and the dimensions of physicality and spirituality had merged with the unificaiton and the world was all now one. Such was the will of the Lord. She looked at the trees she knew well, and the bushes, and the few houses around the area, stretched a bit, and turned, and started jogging, making her was back to the southern side of Paradision and home. But the CD single was on her mind, and something had been nudged in her thinking. Something she would chat with Boaz about. The notion of collecting, and how much was enough? And even how much was too much? As she jogged along, she made the instant assumption that if she really wanted to, like any King or Queen she could seek wealth and glory if that was her hearts desire. But should she? Boaz had a large stamp collection, but there house was mainly filled with ancient and traditional objects and, apart from things like birthday cards and other temporary thrills, they never really bought anything new much anymore anyway. But was there more? Should Ruth the Moabitess finally seek the glory in life? Should she crave the Royal assets of wealth? It was on her mind as she jogged along, passing familiar Paradision homes, making her way through the crisp afternoon air of Paradision town.

Chapter Two

'Of books without end can there be a making, but it's not necessary for the perpetuation of human life,' said Boaz.

'I know,' replied Ruth. They were in the lounge room at the front of their home, in front of the TV.

'Why do you ask if we need any more?' asked Boaz. 'We've long been content with Paradision life. It's where we're settled Ruthie. We don't want any change, do we? Callodyn has been a faithful neighbour forever, and Claudia down the street visits us often. We're settled here. I can fill out a bigger basement if you need a few more things for the collection.'

'That's not what I'm saying or asking,' replied Ruth.

'Then what are you asking?' queried Boaz.

'What do we want? Do we want more? Should we want more out of this life? There is so much more we can simply have an enjoy? You know?'

'But will it make us happy? Do we have a practical use for it?' asked Boaz. 'Everything comes on TV in the end, and you have an eBook reader and can order any book you like for it. Electronics has been mankind's salvation Ruth. We really only need the idiot box, the radio from time to time, and that mostly sums it up. The rest of it is mostly superfluous junk which only clutters up a reasonable life.'

Ruth stared at him, and then picked up her fork returning to her dinner. 'I know,' she said after a while. 'That's the argument you usually sell to me. Keeps me pacified.'

'What? Are you saying you disagree?'

'No I'm not saying that at all. For the most part I probably agree with you. I'm just querying the situation. What would be wrong with being fabulously wealthy with lots of fine and nice things to look at and peruse, and a lovely mansion to stroll around each day.'

'Nothing at all. The Royal Rothchild family likes it that way,' replied Boaz.

'Then why shouldn't we?' asked Ruth, and went silent. Boaz looked at her, but continued eating his dinner. The evening passed.

Chapter Three

'It's a ticket,' said Ruth. 'Androvon. To the capital. Why are we going there?'

'Arrangements,' said Boaz. 'We're going to the southern Palace of the city, where there is land on the grounds. A hectare of land is available for building a fine mansion.'

'Are the Rothchilds making an extension asked Ruth.

'No. We are,' said Boaz.

Ruth stared at him. 'What's that supposed to mean?'

'We're Ruth and Boaz. Everyone knows us, you know.'

'Yes. We're in scripture,' said Ruth softly.

'They have no objections to us being part of the Royal Family of Televere. We are technically sort of anyway. We will be having built a mansion on the southern palace grounds which will be our official residence as part of the family. We're going there tomorrow to chat with Albert Rothchild, and the mansion will be started in its early discussion design phase. Make sure you speak your mind perfectly clearly because its mainly to satisfy you.'

Ruth was silent for a while. 'Thank you,' she said at last. 'And I want a big library and a big music room. I want to collect lots of books and musical records.'

'As you wish,' said Boaz. 'Suits me fine. I have no objections to expanding the stamp collection.'

'How often do we visit?'

'I was thinking we spend one year a decade at the palace,' said Boaz. 'Should be enough for your fantasy on the issue.'

'That sounds fine,' said Ruth. 'I'm happy to live here the rest of the time.'

'Now, are you sure about this? I'm not fighting your urge, Ruth. It's probably natural and what you expect in your heart or something at this time in your life. Quite happy, but make sure of it.'

'I'm not even going to go in the debate of it anymore,' said Ruth. 'I just want to run with this. It's what I want.'

'Fine, sweetie. That cleared up.'

And Ruth was delirious.

Chapter Four

She sat on the bench in the northern Lyons park, and was happy. They'd spent months in the Capital, going over the design for the mansion with Albert, till it was the way they liked it. Next year the works would begin on the building of the project, so things were underway. Ruth had been allowed the current craving of her heart. It had occurred to her that Boaz hadn't argued much, which she found interesting. Perhaps he liked the idea also. Perhaps he felt it appropriate for the great grandfather of King David to be treated as royalty somewhat. She did not really know. Or maybe he wanted to have a bigger stamp collection, or just liked the idea of a getaway with plush treatment once a decade, as servants had also been arranged. But, whatever he thought of it, he had approved, and it had not taken much of an argument this time. Just a few persuasive words. She was happy. Delirious really, and as the year passed by, and the new one dawned, information came at the breakfast table regularly enough about the works on the project and, soon enough, Ruth would have her mansion, and the plush life. A life she was now excited about and most definitely looking forward to.

The End

Vork the Barbarian 15

It did not take an afternoon. 3 days later they were in nearby peaks of the village, armed with spears they had made. The dragon was up above them, and they were climbing.

'Puny humans,' it yelled at them. 'You'll not slay me. I see your weak and pathetic attempts at dragonslaying. I'll fly off or breathe fire on you.'

'He has a point,' said Vitallix.

'We have a commission,' said Vork.

'We need a magician,' said Paul.

'Does the druid have any tricks?' asked Celeste.

'I mix potions for health and curses,' said Vitallix. 'Not much more. I am only young in the crafte.'

Vork looked up at the dragon who was sitting proudly on the rock, glaring at them.

'We enter into agreement,' said Vork. 'Move him on. I'll persuade him.' He looked at the dragon. 'Noble beast. You have plagued these villagers far too long. You need to fly off and find a new lair. I am Vork the Barbarian. Legendary slayer of Dragons and Wyvverns.'

The dragon snorted.

'I have been hired by the village to decapitate your head, and will not rest until it is accomplished. Night and day for as long as it takes. If you wish to be free from my pesterings, leave this valley forever. Never return.'

'And if I disagree?' replied the dragon.

'Then I will never stop hunting you until I claim my victory.'

'Lies,' whispered Vitallix.

'He's thinking it over,' said Paul.

The dragon rose up on its wings, and flew down to them. It snorted a small breath of flame at them, and said, 'Very well. I shall depart. I will return to my own kind far away from here. But if we meet again, Vork the Barbarian, I doubt I will be so accommodating a second time.' And the dragon turned, and flew away.

'Lucky break,' said Paul.

'Fluke,' said Celeste.

'It seems to have got the job done,' said Vitallix.

'Let's go get our gold,' said Vork.

Later on, when they had claimed their gold from Getafix, Vitallix had come up to them.

'My master wishes to inquire whether you could use a druid associate for a number of millennia. To give me some real world experience. I'll be little trouble.'

Celeste looked at Vork. 'We're adventuring again then?'

'It seems destiny wishes so,' said Vork.

And as they turned, and walked along, in the distance a dragon was still surveying the valley he'd known as home for so long, soon to leave it forever to return to his own dreaded kind.

The End

4 O'Clock 26

God was starting to get tired. It was 4 O'Clock in the morning. Sleep soon enough. He turned on the TV, and sat there. Rihanna wandered in, and collapsed on his lap. He put his hand on her head and stroked her hair.

'Do you love me?' she asked.

'I guess so,' replied Wolgang the Theophany.

'But you won't marry me,' she replied. 'And make me an honest woman.'

'I don't need to do that. It's not fitting for God's theophany to get married. Only that he shows himself a man.'

She rose up and stared at him. 'You have a problem with black girls?'

God stared at her. 'You are talking nonsense Robyn Rihanna Fenty.'

'No, no that's what it is. You have a problem with black girls. I'm not your kind. What, you are a Debear or a Daly or something. Your DNA. You probably want a European girl as your wife.'

'I'm committed to you as my squeeze, so stop getting melodramatic,' he replied. 'I don't want a wife. They are all my children. I am a Father. Stop being silly. We'll have another kid if you don't believe me.'

'No,' she replied. '3 are enough.' She put her head back down in his lap. 'I don't know. I'm not sure if I really give a damn anyway. By nature I'm flexible.'

'I know,' he replied. 'Why I like you.'

'And you are a white guy, but you sort of get along in a funky kind of love way. You like certain specific hip hop artists I like without faking it.'

'Kanye kicks,' replied God. 'And Jay Z is the total scene.'

'But you would say that,' she replied. 'I don't know.'

'Stop your moaning. The A Team is on.'

Rihanna watched the TV for a while, then nodded off. God watched as Hannibal got on the jazz, and when the show ended he decided it would be best not to disturb his sleeping maiden. So he slept where he was. He dreamed. The Sandman introduced himself, and guided him into a 1930s cafe. Rihanna was on stage. She was singing. God sat down and watched.

'Why don't you love me, colour of my skin? Why don't you love me? Is it too much a sin? Why don't you love me? Not your kind? I bet you only love me for me first class behind.'

'I'll have a latte,' said God, and settled down to watch his beloved. But the dream morphed, and was in the jaws of a giant Black Panther which spoke and said 'You'll love me or I'll eat you.' God gulped. The ending of this dream could be quite a difficult matter.

The End

Destination Peachy Sound

Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly & Cherubim Taylor were married again. Daniel Daly & Taylor Swift. They had children. New kids. Alison Jacinta Andrea Daly & Matthew Scott Austin Daly. Alison was a couple of years older than Matthew. Alison was a mix of Taylor and Daniel's sister Jacinta, with very much a peacemakers attitude and social conscience. Matthew had a lot of the ways of his uncle Matthew, especially stubbornness, but was much less grouchy. Daniel looked at Matthew in the eyes of his father Cyril, and loved him much. They were together living at 29 Merriman Crescent in Macarthur.

'We're going to Peachy Sound in Manly,' said Daniel one day. 'I'm pushing our bed all the way.'

'You're an idiot,' said Taylor. 'You're not pushing a bed to Peachy Sound. You'll never make it.'

'I'm doing it. And you and the kids are coming along.' And so Daniel moved the bed out of the house, and started pushing it along the street. Taylor followed along in unbelief, and the kids followed along. After a few hours, making it out of Macarthur, the cops showed up and Taylor said it was for charity, so a police car was assigned to follow from a distance. It took many months, and they made it to Goulburn. Joe Alwyn showed up there, and Taylor called Daniel an idiot and pride filled and stubborn, but Daniel persevered with the kids and they made it to Peachy Sound in Manly. Peachy Sound was hard to find. Eventually they went across the city to Peachy Sounds, were Taylor was with Joe.

'We ready to do the new album?' Daniel asked her.

'Good to go,' said Taylor.

'We stopped at Mittagong for a while at a pub. They refused to pay me a prize I'd won. I stood at the barman's ledge for ages. He just refused to pay me,' said Matthew.

Taylor looked at him. Matthew was stubborn that way.

'I hope you have enough material now, Taylor,' said Daniel.

'Likewise,' replied Taylor. 'Stubborn, Daniel. You are stubborn.'

But Taylor was proud of her man for going the distance.

The End

University Blues

'So, how did you go?' Daniel asked his daughter Alison.

'Abysmally,' replied Alison. 'You look better dad? Have you enjoyed your schizophrenia?'

'It builds up every few mega,' said Daniel. 'Gets the best of me on occasions. I'm in control, but it's like a spirit is in my head which gets me on a high and the voices return a bit. Dazed.'

'Right,' said Taylor, giving Daniel a peculiar look. 'I wouldn't know. Just correct you when you go too crazy.'

'The distances are increasing between attacks,' said Daniel. 'Or episodes, I guess. The more time passes in life and the more scripture I study, gradually I improve in relation to the condition. The more logic and truth circuits which enter the mind, the less paranoia has a chance to get me.'

'I'll take your word for it,' replied Taylor. She looked at her son.

'Are you finished that pizza, Matthew? Already?'

'It was only a medium,' said Matthew.

They were at the Pancake Parlour in Civic, down the street from the ANU were Alison had completed her university course.

'So, what did you get on your grades?' asked Daniel.

'I passed everything,' said Alison. 'But only 15 A's out of my time. Mostly Bs and a few Cs.'

'Right,' said Daniel. 'So you are an above average student.'

'About that,' replied Alison. 'I'm good at history. It's my strongest suit. I remember details well. And general knowledge. Trivia shows I'm number one at.'

Daniel looked at her. 'That's my strong suit.'

'What she gets from her father,' said Taylor.

'Yep. Social concern from you and her Auntie Jacinta, but she has her dad in her as well. You know, being above average is a good thing. You were obviously university material. You did well enough.'

'It was pretty challenging, and I worked hard,' said Alison.

'We're proud of you. Have some more cottage fries,' said Taylor.

'Can I have ice cream for desert.'

'I don't think you need to ask at your age,' replied Taylor.

And so, the main meals finished, they had desert, and University Blues had come and gone, and their new daughter was now, theoretically, ready for the real world. Theoretically.

The End

Alistair Grey 6

Alistair was on Mt Doveflame. 'It's a beautiful statue,' said Alistair. 'A Dove Phoenix.'

'I guess,' said Cheryl Colson. 'You could call it that I guess.' She bit into her peach, and sat on the rock, quietly.

'Something up?' asked Alistair, sitting down on a rock opposing her.

'Where does life go Alistair?' she asked him, looking directly at him.

'What do you mean by that?' puzzled Mr Grey.

'Where does it go? Destiny? Does it have a frikking point? I try to do everything right. I follow the way of the eternal dove, but I puzzle. Is there any point to this? Why should I bother?'

'Suicide sucks,' says Alistair.

'Don't get me wrong,' she said, and bit into her peach. 'I'm not quitting on it. I'm just wondering. What the hell is the point? Why should I bother following the rules? Do they achieve much.'

'Not following the rules is more of a lifestyle which is harsh in the end, with a lot of depression in it. We follow the rules to maintain a decent thought in our mind. A decent regularity. A decent knowledge stream. The rules keep our behaviours and thinking in right alignment.'

'I guess,' replied Cheryl, looking at her friend. She looked down at the valley below them. 'I don't even want to fornicate any more. It's out of me. Daly has gotten his job done in this respect. Practically a Noahide nun these days.'

'Why don't you marry?'

'I think I am,' she replied. 'Technically. This William guy who hasn't been around in a hell of a long time. I'm not sure if we divorced or not. Can't remember. He left one afternoon, and I was away for a while, and I forgot to ring him up, and then he left a message, and that was it. Haven't heard from him in forever. And we were together forever. And now, it's like, Jehovah? Do you have a frikking plan for me or not? Do you give a damn good lord above?'

'It's the same plan. It's in the book. We have our examples in the writing and in the knowledge, and what the community passes as acceptable we can use as our own life activity.'

She looked at him. 'Where is that written?'

'It's in there, Cheryl. Can't quite remember.'

'News to me,' she replied. 'I don't know. It's not like I'm depressed or anything like that. Content mostly. Not even bored. It's just......' she trailed off.

'A little lacklustre,' said Alistair.

'Exactly,' replied Cheryl.

'You don't do the timetable. I've noticed. Jack does it and so does Delta. They do it dutifully. I've started doing it to. The timetable for the way of the eternal dove. You follow the suggested activities.'

'They look a little basic. I've never really bothered,' replied Cheryl.

'Because the Girl Aloud expect paparazzi parties, and they don't fill the soul that well,' replied Alistair. 'If you get in the activities night and go to service regularly, and hang with the congregation in general, instead of our little clique, it will probably work a lot better. Jack says its about a decent routine, and when you glorify that routine in your heart, you appreciate the regularity of it all, and look forward to next week's possibilities.'

She looked at him. 'You think it works?'

'So far it's going ok,' replied Alistair. 'I've been at it regularly for about a decade now. Quite happy with the activities night. Same old faces, sure, but we do variations on the stuff we do all the time. It's like Total Wipeout on endless repeat with new structures regularly. I say that coz you love the show. It stays safe enough and interesting enough, and it gets you there in the end. And when you make a point of following the suggested meals your biology and mood works better.'

'Right,' she said. 'Ok. I'll give it a go. Maybe the basic will help. I don't know. Nothing to lose I suppose.'

'Nothing to lose,' replied Alistair, and looked again at the dove. 'And if all goes wrong, get up here and shit on the dove's head.'

'Hah hah har,' replied Cheryl. 'Very funny Alistair.'

And Alistair Grey grinned.

The End

Christ and the Apostolic Round Table 2

'So,' said Jesus, sitting on the couch of home, next to Rihanna, who had a iced napkin on her head. 'I have some questions.'

'My head frikking hurts,' said Rihanna.

'Too much booze last night,' said God.

'You got me drunk. Trying to get lucky. You didn't did you?' she asked.

God stared at Rihanna and said 'Silly Woman,' then focused on Jesus. 'What are the questions?'

'Right,' said Jesus, looking at Rihanna, who had laid down on the couch. 'It's about the overseer position.'

'Gotcha,' said God.

'What!' said Jesus, looking at Rihanna, who had been staring at him.

'I mean, it's God's theophany, I know. But you Jesus man. Sort of, your the Christ child man. It still gets me in the heart a bit lamb of God.'

'He has that affect,' said God. 'Remember me though, girl.' God thumped his chest with his fist. 'I'm the main man, Fenty.'

'Don't I know it,' replied Rihanna.

'Those questions,' said God, now focusing on Jesus.

Jesus stared at Rihanna a moment longer, stuck his tongue out at her, which she did likewise, and looked at God.

'This rule. Apparently. I don't really know if its based in anything factual, but apparently things slow right down if it isn't in fact done. Reports we've gotten is that it's some kind of divine decree.'

'Could be,' said God. 'What rule?'

'Discs don't grow without Overseer prayer?' said Jesus.

Wolfgang looked at him for a moment, then smiled. 'That decree,' said God. 'Oh, good. Someone is bothering checking it out. Interesting that it's you man from Nazareth. Let's go into the other room and talk shop.'

Jesus padded Rihanna's foot, who grinned at him, and went into the kitchen after God. God got the coffee going and soon they were having coffee and God's favourite cookies.

'So it is true,' said Jesus.

'It is probably true enough,' said God. 'Word filtered down from reliable enough sources to the Arch Regent of Eternity, who passed it on in due course.'

'What is due course?' asked Jesus.

'He had the information about 3 months before chatting with Valandriel about it and announcing the regulations about it.'

'Right,' replied the Christ Child. 'And this is authorized by the Heavenly Father.'

Wolfgang chewed on a cookie. 'What if it is?'

'Well,' he replied. 'Is it?'

'It's not my idea, if that is what you are asking. I may have had a chat with the Great Spirit, and he may have suggested that to be the new reality for growth, and I may have passed that on to Metatron, who may have informed Realm Chiefs.'

'Or you might not have,' said Jesus.

'Go figure,' replied God. 'Ok, yes. It is from God himself, if you really must know.'

'Right,' said Jesus.

'Other questions?' asked God, dunking his cookie in his coffee.

'Yeh. Any restrictions? Can I pray as much as I want?'

'Your the, what, 20th Cherubim Disc or something like that?' asked God. 'Of Eternity.'

'Something like that,' replied Jesus. 'Around that number.'

'Right. Well, no. There aren't really any restrictions. It's based on how much you give a damn about your world. If you want to stagnate and settle your population, that's fine. A lot of overseers, from report, are settled right down, and will only pray a prayer now once an aeon, more out of touching base with God more than anything else. They are mostly on do not disturb.'

'But others are praying,' said Jesus.

'Yes. They are,' replied God.

'And if I push my prayers in this respect?'

'You'll grow. And pray harder, you'll grow faster.'

'And if the church is strong in my disc?' he asked.

'Whatever is going on, the population in general will grow,' replied God. 'Now where are those chocolate covered ones?' he said, rummaging around. When he looked up, Jesus was gone. And God smiled.

The End

Destination Peachy Sound 2

'We're going to Peachy Sound,' said Daniel.

'Over my dead body,' replied Taylor.

'I'm not embarrassing myself at my age,' said Alison. 'You pushing a bed up the highway. Nuts. Totally bonkers.'

'I'll go with you dad,' said Matthew.

'Pass the chips,' said Daniel.

'Here you go,' said Cyril.

They were around the table at 29 Merriman on New Terra.

'I'm not talking about pushing a bed at all,' said Daniel.

'Come to your senses, then,' replied Taylor.

'No. This time we're pushing a wheelbarrow. Alison can sit in it, and you two can walk alongside. You'll be carrying things.'

'What things?' asked Taylor.

'A hose and a fork for you Taylor, and a shovel and a rake for you Matthew.'

'Why?' asked Taylor, eyebrow raised.

'It's for charity again,' said Daniel. 'Haven Garden Ministries. We've had it a while. It's a Halfway House Ministry to get broken and impoverished people off the streets. They work as gardeners for Haven Garden Ministries, and we pay them, and eventually get them into their own career in the field. The wheelbarrow will have the advertising on it, and we will be wearing T-Shirts advertising it as well. I've already cleared it with the state and federal police. It's a goer. We have a permit for the event.'

'I'll be following behind in the car,' said Cyril. 'With the tent and sleeping bags.'

'Fine,' said Taylor. 'As long as it is for charity.'

'Planning on doing this for a variety of things on occasion,' said Daniel. '29 Merriman to Peachy Sound. It's our thing as a family. The charity thing we do. It's a number of months the walk, but it's healthy and good for society. It helps people.'

'Ok. I'll make room in my calendar,' said Taylor.

'Billie and Timothy will be in the car with Cyril,' said Daniel softly.

'I love hanging with Timothy,' said Alison, about Daniel and Billie Eilish's son Timothy.

'You know how I feel about that,' said Taylor. 'But if you must.'

'It'll be sweet,' said Daniel. 'You'll enjoy it.'

'You hope,' said Cyril to Daniel, who was eyeing his wife cautiously.

The End

Alistair Grey 7

Daniel was hanging around. The oldest one of the trio.

'Right, Alistair. Cheryl is losfer words. She's sitting here, not sure what to think.'

'She's smart,' said Taylor Swift. 'But she is not able to integrate that easily.'

Mrs Martin spoke up. 'Cheryl. This is a Catholic after Mass meetup were we dunk coffee and talk bullshit.'

'Oh, I see,' said Cheryl. Cheryl reached for her coffee and sipped on it and smiled softly.

'She doesn't get it yet,' said Taylor. 'Let go of being a pop start, Cher,' said Taylor. 'Be the little girl you were at 14 who didn't really care that much about fame and fortune yet, and just respect your elders and do normal things.'

'I'll try,' said Cheryl.

'Join our game of Monopoly,' said Jock Williams.

'Fine,' said Cheryl.

'No, on second thoughts. Go there,' said Daniel, and pointed to the corner of the room. Cheryl stood and sat down at a table.

'What's this?' asked Cheryl.

'Bratz Risk,' said Jezabelle Williams.'

'Bratz Risk?' asked Cheryl. She looked at the board and picked up the instruction manual.

'It's a lot of fun,' said Naomi Davidson.

'Reading,' said Cheryl. 'Don't disturb. Play, play,' she said, urging the three girls at the table on. After a while she stopped reading, and looked at the girls playing the game. She whispered something in one of the girls ears who nodded. Daniel and Taylor sat with Alistair a while watching Cheryl. A couple of hours passed, and Cheryl got involved with the next game. And then you saw Cheryl Cole, the Girl Aloud being very much a Girl Aloud. Animated and full of life and well into the game. And then she started talking cutesie and the girls were laughing and giggling. Daniel nudged Taylor. Taylor went over and sat down next to Cheryl.

'Is this working now?' Taylor asked.

Cheryl looked at Taylor. Her face was lit up with excitement. 'Oh, this is a lot of fun.'

'Right,' said Taylor, and returned to Daniel.

'I think she's found something she likes,' said Taylor.

'It's going to work for her, then,' said Alistair. And he was relieved at one of his best friends finding a thing which might just give her the stability she might have been needing in life.

The End

Cat Lady 19

Taylor and Daniel entered the room.

'Now remember,' said Daniel softly. 'Count the cats first.'

Taylor mingled, and reported back. '15 cats, dude.'

'Right,' he said. 'Now how many C64PC stations?'

Taylor did a count. '9,' she replied.

'Right. And how many geeks?'

Taylor counted yet again. '27,' she replied.

'Ok,' said Daniel. 'Now, the priority hasn't changed has it?'

'I bear witness to the Gospel of Jesus as a faithful Catholic. I follow the historical Jesus Gospel taught from the Vatican 18 council. In the Swift Clan Mandate 14 I espouse the importance of Swift's living honest lives and showing concern for citizens of mankind. And in my personal convictions of the Taylor Swift Estate Manual I follow the agenda of showing care and love for my fellow citizens of the universe and, from time to time, acting with good deeds and happy and excitings acts of consolation.'

'Right,' said Daniel. 'And have these convictions of Citizen Swift been contemplated long enough to know what she believes and why she believes them.'

'Long enough, dear,' replied Taylor.

'Alright. So you have studied the core doctrines of Interactivity for about 300 years now in our private discussions. Your mission here is to act in the room in an interactive and mysterious way which the world of geekdom will not realize is occurring and provide moments of happiness and humor which help them to find some good times in life, cheer them up, providing that most people are of reasonable cheer at most times anyway, and leave them going, 'Oh, that Taylor Swift. She is special for a reason I guess, or thoughts to those effect.'

Taylor was nodding. 'Yes, yes. Something like that.'

'Work your magic babe. I will observe.'

Taylor worked the room. 'She had bags of jelly beans at her disposal as well. The words were carefully thought out in advance. The dialogue on relevant C64 culture of present times had been planned for 6 months with proper research and attention to points of interest. She did her magic. 3 hours later she was sitting on the couch at the side of the room. Faces occasionally turned to look at her and smiled. 5 cats were around her, and she was stroking one of them on her lap.

'Mission status?' queried Taylor, stroking her pussy.

'5 stars general,' replied Daniel.

'Good,' replied Taylor. She was quite pleased.

The End

University Blues 2

'History is a fine career to teach in,' said Taylor to her daughter Alison.

'Yep. Boring like her,' said Matthew.

'Matthew, mind your manners,' chided Taylor to her son.

'Even the history of zebra crossings is too much for your simple brain, Matt,' said Alison.

'Mee stoopid like Alison,' replied Matthew and did the unco sign with his hands.

'Funny,' said Daniel, looking over from the newspaper he was reading.

'Don't encourage him,' said Taylor. 'It's mean.'

'Everything is mean to you Taylor Swift. The pope is mean. Mother Theresa is mean. Even Jesus is mean.'

'Jesus is one of the meanest,' replied Taylor.

'I don't disagree,' said Daniel. 'But you have a complex on mean.'

'I'll be teaching history at university,' said Alison.

'That's nice,' said Taylor. 'And what is that supposed to mean,' she said, looking at Daniel.

'Your hung up on it,' replied Daniel. 'It's practically an obsession. I've known you forever now dear, and you criticize everyone as being mean. You even complain that the Easter Bunny is racist because he doesn't give chocolate eggs to buddhists. I mean, seriously.'

'Well he is mean. Buddhists are people too,' replied Taylor. 'He's a selfish bunny.'

'Buddhists couldn't give a shit about the easter bunny,' replied Daniel. 'They are still trying to figure out if Yahweh is the Lord Buddha in his ultimate ascension or not.'

'They need chocolate like everyone,' said Taylor.

'I'm sure they get enough,' replied Daniel.

'I'll be paid well,' said Alison.

'That's nice dear,' said Taylor. She looked at Daniel. 'How do you know they get enough? Maybe Buddhists really secretly crave a lot of chocolate, and because the easter bunny is holding out on them till he forces them to convert he won't pay. Mean I tell you.'

'Jesus,' said Daniel.

'Watch your mouth,' said Taylor. 'He's a mean bunny. Santa too. Naughty children needs presents as well.'

'Here we go,' said Daniel.

'Whether you are naughty or nice? Everyone deserves presents regardless. He is mean and judgmental.'

'The whole point is if you deserve it or not,' said Daniel.

'Santa is too judgemental,' said Taylor. 'I don't care what you say. He's a mean old Antarctican.'

'I thought it was the North Pole he lived at,' said Daniel.

'Saint Nicholas lives in Scotland the last few aeons,' said Alison. 'A history fact I know. He has a contract with the Presbyterians at the moment.'

'That's nice dear,' said Taylor.

'I suppose you think Mr Hugs is mean. Or the care bears. Yeh, yeh I reckon you think the care bears are too harsh,' said Daniel.

'They do moralize bit come to think of it,' said Taylor.

'Aw, fuck. You're kidding me.'

'Watch your language,' says Taylor.

'Are you mean?' Daniel asked her.

'I am perfectly kind,' replied Taylor. 'Like mummy and daddy and Austin.'

'Any other humans anywhere in existence which aren't mean?' asked Daniel.

Taylor glared at him. 'Shut up,' she said at last.

'I rest my case,' said Daniel.

'Meanie,' said Taylor.

'Hah,' replied Daniel. 'And well done Alison.'

'Thanks,' said Alison softly. The tirade at the breakfast table had been quite an event. She'd bring up her new job some other time. Best not to be thought as mean and proud, when mother was so certain of herself.

The End

Kalphon Days 4

Daniel the Seraphim struggled through the doorway and sat down next to Luladiel.

'Ho. The Arch Regent doth visit,' said Saruviel.

'You look exhausted,' said Krystabel to Daniel.

'Tough Day?' asked Katy.

'What time is it?' asked Daniel.

Katy looked up at the clock. 'Just after midday,' she replied.

'Oh. Right,' said Daniel. 'I'm on time then.'

'For what?' asked Saruviel.

Daniel had caught his breath, and came over to Saruviel. 'Here,' he said, handing him a manilla folder.

Saruviel opened it, and looked at it a moment, and looked at the clock. 'Yes, well before midnight. Fine. No problems.' He looked at the room. 'Just legal bargaining on some issues involving disc growth which were to be submitted to Kalphon before midnight tonight, otherwise it would be overschedule.'

'What bargaining?' asked Katy.

'It's been cleared with the Theophany, and God doesn't appear to mind,' said Daniel.

'He is procuring my services,' said Saruviel. 'We have an arranged contract for the payments I will require.'

'Your services?' asked Katy, eyebrow raised.

'Prayer services,' replied Saruviel. 'For his disc to grow.'

'It's the legal responsibility of each overseer to take care of that themselves,' said Krystabel, putting down her knitting.

'New legislation was passed recently,' said Daniel. 'It was approved by God, and it gives overseer's permission to procure prayers from overseer's as proxies for their own discs.'

'Right,' said Krystabel. 'And what does that mean?'

'I can pray for his disc also,' said Saruviel. 'And, dear overseer sister, if you hired me, I could pray for your own disc also.'

Krystabel looked at Saruviel and looked at Daniel, and resumed her knitting. 'Well I never,' she said.

'Really, buddy,' said Luladiel, looking at Daniel. 'You can procure. What, cash?'

'There are any legal recourses which satisfy the overseer. No set payment. Just whatever the agreement made is.'

'What did you agree to?' Katy asked Saruviel.

'A package. A prayer once every year with a psalm uttered for Daniel's disc. And there are a variety of goods and services which will be provided for my own disc at no charge. The package is quite attractive as well. Lots of lovelies.'

'I see,' said Katy. She looked at Daniel. 'Why the concern?'

'Christ child's, and not just one of them, are settling in to a new prayer routine. They are intending to make a definite point of who runs the show in the end. Can't afford not to get serious now. Will need all the help I can get. Made inquiries with around 90% of overseer's. Arrangements are being made.'

'Ooh,' said Luladiel. 'Does that include me?'

'Another reason I'm here today,' said Daniel. 'You and Krystabel also to talk to on the issue.'

Krystabel looked up at Daniel, and chuckled, and resumed her knitting.

'Should I take that as a no then?' Daniel asked Krystabel.

Krystabel put down her knitting. She stared at Daniel. Then she softened. 'What exactly would you offer me?' she asked.

'Goods and services. High quality ones free of charge,' said Daniel. 'And delivered too. For you and your disc.'

'How much prayer would you be after?' she asked, eyebrow raised.

'As much as you would be happy to provide.'

'Right,' said Krystabel, and resumed her knitting. 'Ring me in about a month. An agreement is likely.'

'Yeh, yeh that sounds good,' said Luladiel. 'But we can chat about it in the cafeteria later. I'm way up for free shit.'

Daniel smiled. A day in Kalphon had come out just the way he had hoped.

The End

Alistair Grey 8

'Welcome back to Danielphon,' said June. 'As you can see, not much change.'

Alistair sat down on his bed, and looked at June in the seat opposite him. 'Are you ready for the Way of the Eternal Dove?' he asked her.

'I wasn't sure if it was for me for the longest time,' replied June. 'But I have settled into the Activities night in the local which has been functioning under the Way of the Eternal Dove on trial upon your request for quite a while now. Most have adjusted to it. Nothing serious was going on in the religious department. It sort of came through as the Activities club we had seemed to be technically designed as the Way of the Eternal Dove anyway. We looked it up on the web, and we noticed it was Daniel's design for the Way of the Eternal Dove Activities night centre. Then we noticed that much of the Danielphon district of our Realm of Eternity was based on exactly the same thing – architectural designs of the Way of the Eternal Dove. He'd sold it to us a long time ago by the looks of it Alistair, without actually telling us. Crafty sod.'

'This, I am aware of,' replied Alistair. 'I noticed it immediately in the community.'

'I'm settled here,' replied June. 'I can't not really be the Way of the Eternal Dove anyway. Just the way of the world for me now.'

'It's a peaceful way, but it has its characters,' replied Alistair. 'And it is a primary function of the Ketravim Community gradually forming. That much seems apparent.'

'Apparently so,' replied June. 'I wonder if our destiny might be shaped in that way somewhat.'

'Could be,' said Alistair. He pulled out a deck of cards and handed them to June.

'Oh,' she said, looking at the design on the back. 'What are these?'

'Official Activities Night playing card for heaven,' said Alistair. 'I wasn't sure if you'd seen them. They are the Way's own design.'

'Oh, that's awesome. Thanks,' replied June, looking at the shield with the doves in front of them. 'Well? Love life?' asked June. 'Anything happening?'

'Not yet. I'm sort of settling in with my way in the Way,' replied Alistair. 'I know it's been a while now, but I am part of something, and there are responsibilities to Jehovah. Finding my way in the Eternal, and there seems to already be work which he is pushing me towards. Social work in the Way. Not really pastoring, or counselling, but helping people find their way in life. It's something in me I've noticed now. I can work out what people's issues are and point them to the solution. It's part of my ministry in life.'

'You always had a good heart,' replied June. 'Well, one day you'll find the right lady.'

'One day,' agreed Alistair. 'I'll join you for dinner later, but if you don't mind I'll get some sleep now.'

June left Alistair off to arrange the nightly meal, and Alistair slept, dreaming lightly, happy to be home in a way, and perhaps coming to were he left in some ways, but to where he was getting an inkling that God was placing him in all along.

The End

Danielphon 5

'Ok,' said Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly to Andrew Mills. 'How is the company going?'

Daniel was at Danielphon district in the Realm of Eternity on Earth, a place he had founded in earth years manifestation a long time ago. Earth was like heaven now – the same dimension and growing.

'Well,' replied Andrew. 'Noahide Books is the biggest publisher on Earth. We're number one.'

'As I've been aware of,' replied Daniel. He looked at Alistair Grey sitting quietly in the office.

'Ok. This is Alistair.'

'I know him well,' replied Andrew Mills.

'He will be appointed now to a position in Noahide Books liaising with Danielphon itself. Carrier of official correspondence between the two locations. I like physical copies of everything as you know. He'll need official office space here, and he will need work with the social cohesion unit as he has talents in that respect.'

'Righty o,' replied Andrew. 'Consider it done.'

'Thanks Dan,' replied Alistair. 'It's nice to get back home and settle in with work which will last. I didn't know quite frankly what I was going to do.'

'Life had a plan for you. Destiny,' said Daniel. 'It has a plan for everyone if we hook into it,' said Daniel.

'I'd gone off finding that and many other things in the Realm and then heaven for a long time now,' said Alistair. 'It made and angel of me and gave me a spiritual home, which is where I have ended up seemingly anyway.'

'Aye,' said Andrew. 'We're mainly Way of the Eternal Dove in focus now. It's what's running through Noahide Books Publishing. And this entire Realm we are part of, which is growing now.'

'We've been praying. Daniel, Callodyn and myself,' replied Daniel. 'We're technically overseer of this place, and Earth is flowing with heaven's rules a lot of the time from experience.'

'So it seems,' said Andrew.

'Well, good luck settling in,' said Daniel. 'I'll be going, but I'll see you in the morning after you have settled in and we'll discuss official duties.'

'Thank you Daniel,' said Alistair. 'It will be a pleasure.'

Daniel left and Alistair smiled at Andrew, who poured him a drink and they settled and chatted business.

The End

The Bird 5

Vitallix sat quietly with Maid Jennara. The bird was in the room, on the bird feeding stand, nibbling at bird food.

'It's an older bird now,' said Jennara. 'It's adopted us by the looks of it.'

'Fascinating,' replied Vitallix.

'Do you have a religion?' asked the Maid.

'Druid,' replied Vitallix. He was quiet and shy.

'I'm Unitarian Scientologist,' she replied.

Vitallix said nothing.

'So you are with the adventuring party now?' asked Maid Jennara, a little more sensitively now.

Vitallix looked at her. 'Why all the questions? Aren't you the maid?'

'Well, I,' replied Maid Jennara, and went silent. 'The nerve of the man,' she said, under her breath.

Vitallix looked at her a while, before speaking again. 'No, you misunderstood that. I was actually just asking if you were the maid. I wasn't implying anything. It's just my manner.'

'If you say so,' she replied.

'Dad liked Scientology,' said Vitallix.

'Oh,' replied the Maid.

'He didn't convert to it or anything, but he has a number of works in his den. I read a whole book of it in my 15th year. One of the 3 religious books I studied of other religions, apart from druidism.'

'Is it now?' asked Jennara.

'Don't remember much,' said Vitallix. 'I did like it though. Watched the Battleground Earth movie. Thought it was good.'

'Oh,' said Jennara. 'Well that's wonderful.'

He looked at her. 'You are a nun or something?'

'A vow to my order,' replied Jennara. 'It's not eternal though. Just a good and heartfully long commitment to find my place in the order. My head sister visits me every now and again, and I have prayer duties and things to do and study. We are a church. We're not a Christian church but we are a church. There are things which churches do, you know. We are Ecclesia. We do things differently in ways from the world. We have a masterpiece by L Ron on 'The Nature of Ecclesia', which defines some of the core ideas Jesus established in how a Church operates, and what things are true about the notion of church without necessarily being Christian or Gospel based. We are the Church of Scientology. We have other aspects of the notion of Church in us, but similar things with Christianity.'

'Sounds intriguing,' said Vitallix.

'Oh, it is,' replied Jennara. 'It is.'

And the day passed.

The End

Daniel, Taylor & Mary 3

'Well,' said Taylor. 'Your mean,' she said, poking her tongue out at Daniel.

'Order chinese,' said Mary to Daniel. 'Matthew and Alison love chinese and it's your birthday.'

'You have a bottle of butterscotch schnapz for Daniel?' asked Taylor.

'I was almost forgetting,' said Mary, who disappeared from the dining room of 29 Merriman on New Terra for a moment, but returned shortly with the bottle of De Kuyper's butterscotch schnapz. 'There you go,' she said, handing it to Daniel, but Taylor grabbed it.

Pouring herself a drink, Taylor smiled. 'Oh, it hits the spot, Daniel san.'

'I'll bet,' replied Daniel, snatching away the bottle and pouring himself and his mother a drink. He picked up his mobile and rang Lisa Chinese restaurant from Chisholm and ordered two of the meals on the back of their pamphlet.

'Now,' said Taylor. 'We've had a good time, but Alison is off to university now to teach, and Matthew will be in his second year at Uni next year. Soon enough they will be all grown up. What's next Mr Daly? What's next in the great plans of Destiny for Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly and Taylor Alison Swift?'

'Great and marvellous things,' said Daniel.

'Like what?' asked Taylor.

'We have some movies to do,' replied Daniel. 'We're finally going to do the Belgariad for the Swifts and the Daly's. Some Bridges and Bradley's involved also. And we'll move on to the Malloreon after that.'

'Mr David Eddings,' smiled Taylor. 'Now these are our private versions of the saga, right?'

'You got it Tails,' said Daniel. 'You and me are the main producers of the project, and it should take quite a while to go thought it all and get it done right. Mum has agreed to all the costume design work with Brigid, and it's a lot of pre-production before we get on with filming. We're filming it in Canberra and the Monaro and down in Victoria in some places. But we'll chat, and you can share your views on things.'

'Sounds good,' said Taylor. 'A decent project to keep me amused. I'm on soundtrack.'

'We'll discuss,' said Daniel.

Taylor grabbed the schnapz. 'I'm on Soundtrack, or no Schnapz.'

Daniel glared at her. 'Fine. But I get tick off approval so get the job done right, or your fired.'

'Have I ever let you down yet Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.'

'No comment Swift chick,' said Daniel, and smiled at his wife. She smiled back, and poured herself another glass of De Kuypers butterscotch schnapz. It was going to be a good evening.

The End

Eden 7DF

Adam looked up at the sky. It was blue. Of course. It was always blue. Things in Eden in heaven were like that. Normal. Everything about Eden was everything about God's creation. Plants and animals – all were present. Of course, they would be. It was the beginning of things. And the sky was blue. Sure, at sunset a variety of colours. But for most of the day, solid blue. The way of the world. And he was used to that now. The way of the world. He sighed, and beckoned Eve, and she followed him inside their chapter of Eden 7DF in the heart of heaven. Time, again, for the Daly Foundation's Rainbow Covenant Ministries, which seemed to be the main Adamide-Noahide Assembly now with the zing in it. There were countless competitors, but the Daly's ran a strict ship, and nobody came close. The other's didn't have the doctrine. ANM and 7DF was well developed in doctrinal teaching, and was solid. It had been planned out in its foundation a long time, and consideration had been given to lots of life's fundamental issues. Daniel took care of that. Life's fundamental issues. They went inside, found their seat down the front, and sat down. Seth was here today, over in the music section, chatting with a singer. He waved at his parents, and they waved back. Soon enough the General 7DF assembly was filling up, and the pastor took his place on the dais, and the preaching began. Another wise insight into the meaning of life and Adam settled down to take it all in.

* * * * *

'Murder Inc.,' said Jack Dagger to Cain.

'Funny,' replied Cain, son of Adam and Eve. 'Suppose that's a joke about Abel.'

'Subtle like,' said Jack.

'Yeh, subtle,' replied Cain. 'I got the point.'

'Like Abel did,' replied Jack. 'But, no. Not really. Murder Inc. is a cosplay roleplaying organisation. It's run by the Way of the Eternal Dove. I'm on the board of the organisation. We want to run some events in Eden here and there, and we want you for some hosting work. Speaking in a really spooky voice. Like Vincent Price. Know what I mean?'

'I could imagine,' replied Cain. 'Sure. If the price is right.'

'We'll pay appropriate financial compensation,' replied Jack. Now, can you sign this?' Jack produced a copy of 'My Brother's Keeper' by Cain, and Cain signed it.

'Quite an early printing,' said Cain, looking at the publication details. 'It must have cost you a fortune.'

'I grabbed it early,' said Jack. 'It's in my field. Detective work and Murder and things.'

'That's right,' replied Cain, sitting down on the lounge of the 7DF Eden meeting hall he was currently involved with. 'You're a Ketravim. Early on the list. Eternity's Ketravim.'

'That's me,' replied Jack. 'Angel, technically. Bugger me sideways if I could ever work out what the good Lord saw in me, but I've been working that out over the years. I generally and pretty law abiding now. Just something I agreed on in my heart to generally improve on. Sort of see that God appreciates that.'

'Yes. He likes his rules followed,' said Cain, looking at his new daughter dressed in red vinyl chatting with a new man in the congregations. 'What is she up to?' Cain said.

Jack looked. 'Someone you know?' he asked.

'Elizabel. My daughter,' said Cain. 'She's not that old, but I suppose she's ready for men. But, you know. Can never let them go can we?'

Jack nodded. 'Anyway, I'll have the details forwarded to your address, and I'll see you on tour.'

'Fine,' replied Cain. He looked at Jack. 'Thank you Mr Dagger. It should prove a memorable experience.'

'Thank you Cain. My pleasure,' replied the Ketravim.

* * * * *

Seth and Abel were arguing. 'Of course, the firstborn has several duties of a royal nature.'

'And I make a suitable firstborn,' replied Abel.

'But naturally the role fell to me in the end,' replied Seth. 'As Cain did the right thing and knocked you off. Paving the way for the true glory.'

'But alack alas it was only temporary,' replied Abel. 'For heaven abounded early with progeny of Abel who established things with his father, and got the show up and running.'

'I'm ahead,' said Seth.

'Bullshit,' replied Abel.

'Your population statistics are flawed,' said Seth. 'Many you claim as your seed are in fact my own family lines.'

'We're accurate,' replied Abel. 'I check facts and figures carefully. We edge you.'

'I tend to doubt it. But whatever the case may be, your information and culture portfolio is lacklustre in comparison to the brilliance of Seth, father of Mankind. Our world in our nation is truly well developed. You hardly had an original thought outside of Adam's line of thinking,' said Seth.

'Critics often fail to comprehend glory,' replied Abel.

'You two are always arguing,' said Elizabel, coming away from the man she had been talking to. She looked at her father. 'That Jack Dagger has buggered off. Wonder what he wanted.'

'Who knows,' replied Seth. 'You looking to get hitched now Elizabel?'

'Nooo,' she replied. 'I was just talking with the dude.'

'Flirting I think,' said Abel. 'Just like you. Spitting image of your mother's shenanigans at times. She's always been feisty in that respect.'

'Leave Evelynn out of it,' said Elizabel. 'She was a spitfire in youth, but is well settled now she assures me.'

'Yes, time has moulded her,' said Seth. 'Lost her edge. Think Cain tamed the Jezebel. She had rough edges, believe me.'

'Just like Elizabel here,' said Abel.

'On that we can agree,' replied Seth.

'Stick you two,' said Elizabel, and poked her tongue at them, wandering off to the crowd coming out of the amphitheatre now that after service prayers were complete.

'You liking this 7DF thing?' Seth asked Abel.

'It's our most solid mainstream organisation,' replied Abel. 'The Daly Foundation keep it pretty solid. Very much traditionalists that mob. Probably what we want in the job. Keeps it steady regardless of the whims of the day.'

'My thoughts also,' agreed Seth. 'Come on. Let's catch up with the old man. See if we can talk him into Italian for the lunch.'

'Sounds good,' agreed Abel.

And the sons of Adam found their father soon enough, who was in the mood for flaffels instead, which was not that disappointing an alternative.

The End

University Blues 3

Alison put her satchel on the coat stand and came inside 29 Merriman. She was 22 now, getting on a bit in life.

'Hi mum,' she said to Taylor, who came out of the kitchen to greet her. 'What's for dinner?'

'A casserole,' said Taylor. 'Your father likes it on cold winter nights.'

'Sounds true,' replied Alison. 'Anyway, news.' Alison sat down and took off her gloves. 'I have an official appointment for a research book the university wants produced. The history of the world according to Adam and Eve. I am to be the chief researcher, and I am to do extensive interviews with Adam and Eve in Eden to record the work. It has all been arranged. I was chosen because of my connections. Obviously it wasn't too hard with my name to get the introduction.'

'Oh, that's wonderful,' replied Taylor. 'See, life is working out. Your young, and you don't know everything yet, but this is how we learn. Life throws us opportunities and we can show it that we know more than people often know when they are older. We forget things. Our passion and purpose a lot of the time. They get sacrificed on the alter of success and glory.'

'So you've told me,' replied Alison. 'Not sure. I'm an idealist I guess. It's part of me. But in recent years I've settled down with my university education. Faced the real world and it sobered me up. People are often very serious, especially the older ones.'

'We live in ancient society now, Alison. There is so much history and people have gone through so much, that we have become experienced and sensitive to it all.'

'What I've been finding,' replied Alison. 'Anyway, good news right?'

'It's wonderful. Your father will be well pleased.'

Alison told Daniel when he came in with Matthew about 20 minutes later, and he put his hand on her shoulder and smiled at her. They talked about it that evening, and Daniel informed her that Adam and Eve were currently attending Eden 7DF and monitoring one of the biggest Adamide-Noahide organisations.

'In fact, we are the biggest I think. Numbers and statistics in such an enormous universe are not easy to obtain, but our estimates put us at number one.'

'That's good,' replied Alison. 'Anyway, what is Adam like?'

'A regular man,' replied Daniel. 'And very, I don't think the word is basic, but he thinks about the fundamentals of life a lot. I suppose he would. It's his foundation. He worked a lot of things out the first time for humanity. He's number one after all.'

'His perspective should prove all the more interesting then,' replied Alison.

'I'm pleased for you Alison,' said Daniel.

'Yeh, good work sis,' said Matthew, eating his meal.

Later on Alison was in her room and grandma Mary came in, who was visiting, and they chatted quietly. Mary encouraged her to remain polite and respectful with Adam and Eve and let them tell their own story. Best for it to be honest, even if it was subjective. And Alison, thinking it over, didn't really disagree.

The End

Daly Family

Alison was sitting on the couch at 29 Merriman on New Terra. The front door opened and a man came in with a woman. The man was on his mobile and the woman was listening and making frustrating looks at the men. The woman sat down on the couch next to Alison and the man sat on the chair next to the back sliding door. They continued arguing. The door opened again and Uncle Matthew came in. Jayden Bridges was with him and they were arguing. Soon Cyril and Mary came in and Daniel and Taylor followed them. Cyril and Mary went to the kitchen and they were arguing. Daniel and Taylor were arguing. Taylor pushed Alison and sat down in the middle of the sofa. Alison had been working on a paper.

'Right,' said Alison. 'Hello Jayden,' she said.

'Yo,' said Jayden, and continued arguing with uncle Matthew. She looked at the lady on her right. She tilted her head at her father who said 'Jessica Daly. Andrew Daly's wife.' She pointed to the man who Jessica was talking to. 'Jessica Daly,' said Daniel. 'Seraphim Daniel's son.'

'Right,' said Alison.

'Oh, hi Alison,' said Andrew. 'You look like Jacinta and your mother.'

'I've been told that,' replied Alison.

Jessica turned to look at her. 'You're not a floozie are you? Your mother is one of the world's biggest. No idea what Daniel sees in her.'

'Thanks,' said Taylor, looking right ahead. 'Appreciated.'

'Mum is not a floozie,' said Alison.

'I've seen the nudie pics,' replied Jessica.

'You had to mention them, didncha,' said Taylor. 'You could have like, shut the fuck up on the issue, but you had to frikking mention her.'

'Language, Taylor,' said Mary from the kitchen.

'Jesus,' said Taylor.

'Your not a floozie mum,' said Alison, taking her mothers arm.

'Thanks,' replied Taylor. 'You're a gem.' She looked at Andrew. 'Anyway, don't you have a concubine or something? Hardly one to lecture.'

'Jesus. Who doesn't have a concubine in this family,' smirked Jessica.

'I don't have a concubine,' said Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

'Rich,' said Taylor.

'Which floozie haven't you done,' said Jessica.

'I suppose there isn't a floozie in all the world which Rabbi Daniel Daly hasn't slept with,' said Cyril, misquoting the Talmud.

'Not funny,' said Daniel.

'He's settling,' said Taylor. She looked at her husband with square eyes. 'Albeit slowly.'

'You have other children, don't you Daniel?' asked Alison.

'Callodyn is his son,' said Mary.

Alison looked at her father. 'Well?'

'It's all vicious rumour,' said Daniel. 'I am a Trinity. We three are one.'

'Funny,' said Taylor.

'Clones,' said Daniel. 'Ok, I'll come clean. They are my clones.'

'Isn't Chelle Bridges Callodyn's mother?' asked Alison.

'Fable,' replied Daniel. 'I hardly knew the girl. No, Callodyn just materialized from heaven one day. He came down in a cloud and said 'I am the Angel Callodyn.''

'He looks like you, my dear brother,' said Alison.

'Vaguely,' replied Daniel. Callodyn did actually resemble Daniel somewhat.

'He's possibly my son and Seraphim Daniel is possibly his,' said Daniel. 'But I can not confirm or deny with absolute authority. It's traditionally a divine mystery.'

'I know Seraphim Daniel is your father,' said Alison.

'You can take that for granted,' replied Jessica. 'He's as loose as Daniel at times as well.'

'Like your mother,' said Andrew, grinning at Alison.

'Asshole,' said Taylor.

'Just kidding,' said Andrew. 'I'm sure the Swifts are a clan of honour and virtue. I'm sure of it. Candidate for Sainthood. St Taylor the Merciful.'

'I'm not sure I qualify,' said Taylor. 'Too pro-homo for too many of the faithful. I think it should be accepted and supported as a lifestyle choice for human's. Theologically the church will never quite agree though.'

'No,' said Cyril. 'No. We believe in being merciful, but the divine writ does not change. Technically we have to charge them with behaviour unbecoming christian living. It's not really acceptable. It is a reality of our congregational lives, and we say go in peace and mean it. But we can't really openly acknowledge the lifestyle choice as acceptable or the divine will. Civic law likes to tolerate it, so we live in peace as a society. But it's not a doctrine of the Kingdom of God.'

'And I live for the time people learn acceptance,' said Taylor. 'When they realize we are all made in God's image, and not everyone has to be perfect.'

'Yet Christians and Catholics are called to be perfect like their father in heaven,' said Mary.

'I know,' said Taylor quietly. She patted Alison and went to the other room. Soon enough pizza had shown up and Taylor was in the front bedroom with her daughter and was combing her hair.

'Mum, it's good for you to have your own values and stick with them. But a thing like the church is set by the will of Jesus and God. They are never going to change their New Testament. It's a battle you will never win.'

'As long as I can make a difference,' replied Taylor. 'And that will be enough.'

'I guess that is all any of us can ever hope to do,' said Alison, and smiled in the mirror at her mother who continued combing her daughter's long and beautiful hair.

The End

Erindale Forthright

(Follow up to Ticket 674 on Noahide Videos Bible)

'So, the name of the city is Erindale Forthright,' said Marcus, having bought a map from the newsagency.

Daniel looked at it. Daniel and Marcu were in a city were Ambriel had invited them for a celebration. They had gone back for another visit, and were looking around. It was a Tuggeranong based city, were Erindale Forthright was the primary central district and name for the city at large. Bruce Willis was in town at the moment also, and had been at the even, were he had slightly better seats then Daniel and Marcus, but only slightly better. Ambriel had a sense of humour about getting Daniel back whenever he could. He didn't always like his subservience at Golden Fries and Burgers, but did agree it kept the virtue of humility under control in his life. Daniel, though, could learn some too as far as Ambriel was concerned, and Daniel didn't disagree in the end.

'It's a pretty spiffy place,' said Daniel. 'And a nice spirit. A little disorganized at times, but I think they do that on purpose. Lot of places have that theology now. Why the hell do we need to try so hard? It's a jewish thing I think. God likes a lot of that attitude. Why the hell should I give that much of a damn about things all the time? Who doesn't like things messed up a bit. People can find their way through the thing. Stuffit.'

'I know what you are saying,' replied Marcus. 'This map, for example, was at the bottom of a box at the newsagency, and the clerk told me to fish it out if I really wanted to buy it. Like customer service is an interesting idea if they could really give a damn.'

'Yep, that's what it's like in some places,' replied Daniel. 'Like society at large takes too much for granted from some people. But it's a nice enough looking place. People are friendly enough. Not exactly difficult, but awkward.'

'They don't really care,' said Marcus. 'But they have good hearts and like to talk to you well enough. But if they lose interest they are just like children. Short attention spans and they drift off to the next thing.'

'Yes, exactly,' said Daniel. 'Interesting. Honest, I guess. Not terribly organised, but it is honest. I don't think I mind it too much.'

'It has its appeal,' replied Marcus.

The two friends stayed in Erindale Forthright for a few days and toured around the city, and after talking to the inhabitants Daniel found that he liked them well enough, and at a dinner with Ambriel and Bruce, were they were in a restaurant, Ambriel said he loved this city and that it shone exactly some of the things he believed in. Daniel found that quite interesting.

The End

Wild Times 3

'As you can see,' said Subura Takahashi. 'My station is about R&D. It is about a new light for humanity. A new way. More enlightened thinking than the primitive society the United Galaxy advocates.'

The guests were on board Subura Takahashi's space station and had been shown around. What they had come into was a new world. A world of technology and science which was totally alien to them. A world made in the image of new thought and new advances. But it became more and more apparent, as they looked around, and the statues, busts and pictures of Subura everywhere seemed virtually ubiquitous, that there was only one man who would run this new empire. Subura himself.

'You're a free radical,' said Jenny Gilmore. 'There are many like you now. Moguls who think themselves the king.'

'I am simply a man with a vision,' replied Subura.

'Of Subura ruling the know universe,' stated Jan Kolby, looking at a picture of Subura on a throne with many submitting to him.

'Someone has to take charge,' said Subura, leading them into a chamber with seats and serving girls all around. 'Please. Sit. I will offer you refreshments.'

The company took their seats and the various serving girls presented them with fruit and fruit juices of various exotic kinds.

'Health nut?' queried Shanteera.

'Oh, I like to live when I wish to,' said Subura. 'But you have to be cautious with guests. Only so many foods are universally acceptable enough, fruit being amongst them.'

'You are wanted for questioning. We have a responsibility as guardians of the UG to take you in to answer questions pertaining to Aphar 7.'

'You have me at your disposal right now,' said Subura. 'What is wrong with right here?'

Jan's brow furrowed, but he turned to Chance. 'Go back to the station and bring the brown briefcase.'

'My girl will show you the way,' said Subura.

The group chatted, and soon enough Chance had returned. Jan took the briefcase, and opened it up. He looked through the files inside, and passed some papers to Subura. Subura looked at them briefly, and took a pen out of his pocket, and started filling them in. Music was playing in the background, some unknown classical composer, and Jan looked at the serving girls standing by the side, immobile, ready to do Subura's bidding at notice. Finally Subura finished and handed the forms back to Jan. Jan sat back in his chair, and took out a pack of cigarettes. 'You don't mind do you?' he asked.

Subura stood and went to the other side of the room, and took out a cigar, and lit it up. The rest of the group waited, and looked at Jan, unsure what exactly was going on. Finally Jan spoke.

'The details of the chemicals should ideally be provided. With the boxes you have ticked it is clear they are legal, but there are some problems, and the UG have a legal right to investigate them and study them. We can do this with our without your permission.'

Subura stood, and came over and signed a section of the form and said 'Very well. I will authorize legal study.'

'Pleasure,' said Jan, and stood.

Subura nodded to a servant, who indicated that the group should follow, and lead them back to their ship. Jan put the papers now signed back in the briefcase, and set the coordinates of the ship for a nearby planet.

'Can I check the papers,' said Jenny. Jan nodded.

'You mean that's it,' said Draven? 'That's blood it.'

'Space is international,' said Jan. 'Only so much can be legally claimed in the vicinity of most planets. Most federations are in agreement with the UG in this respect. He's stated his purposes and his intentions. They are legal.'

'And what are those intentions?' asked Draven.

'Legal private knowledge of the Takahashi corporation,' said Jan.


'For fuck's sake,' said Draven.

'Exactly,' replied Shanteera.

The End

Erindale Forthright 2

Bianca swung the porsche into the driveway. She sat there, with the bottle of champagne and chocolates on the seat next to her and looked at the garage door. This is life, isn't it, she mused to herself. It sort of – went on. It sort of had its adventures for a while and you thought you were sort of settled and sort of had found your eternity. And then it moved on. Sort of. Atticus was back in Catchfrost, busy with his adventuring, and she had just – moved on. She'd actually chased after Marcus, who had given her an email, and now she was in Erindale Forthright, in a new house she had bought and life had – moved on. She got out of the car, took the champagne and chocolates, and grabbed the bag of groceries from the back seat and went inside. She went to the kitchen, got dinner started, and went out and sat down with the chocolates and champagne, and decided to hook in now anyway, though they were meant for after dinner. She watched the evening news, and then turned off the dinner. She would actually leave it now for lunch for work tomorrow, in a plastic lunchbox, and returned to her liquor and chocolates, watching soaps on one of the soap channels. She sat there, eating a chocolate, staring at the screen, forgetting. Forgetting her past, and looking at the new options. Marcus didn't want her. That wasn't the reason she was chasing after him. It wasn't at all. She was chasing after Marcus because Marcus was a permanent friend of Daniel's and Daniel was a permanent Noahide. And Andrew and Jessica were also in that scene, but it wasn't that. She knew that Daniel dag deep into that bible, and she had this funny feeling. About eternity. Just this funny feeling which guided her. That, in the end, when people were finished with their duties in eternal life, to God and love and life and justice and all that jazz. When people were finished with that, they would move on. And it would be a foundation. But one thing she believed now. In her heart. They didn't really care in the end. They just didn't really care. Deep, deep down. Most people were over it. Really over caring about the gift of life. And at the end of the light, they probably would delight in the dark. And if she was in a world which delighted in the dark at the end of all its calling in life, it wouldn't work out. So she chased Marcus, because Marcus stack with Daniel, and she bid Catchfrost fairwell, and moved to a new place, which she would live in for a few millennia or so, and then, funnily enough, drift back to the Realm of Eternity, and look up this Danielphon abode, and inquire what it cost to get a job there, and things like that. Those were the things on Bianca's mind at the moment.

The End

Erindale Forthright 3

'It's not exactly cluttered with ideas and objectives,' said Bianca to Monkeyman.

'That would hardly be the objective,' replied the robot Monkey.

'No. Hardly,' said Jessica, Daniel's wife. 'They do what they do and they just do what they do because they don't really care about doing anything else or much of anything anyway.'

'Not uncaring,' said Bianc, sipping on her juice, and looking down at the Murrumbidgee river flow along at Pine Island in Erindale Forthright. 'Just totally not concerned. They are caring enough. But there is a complete lack of pizazz about the endeavour. The city lacks any focus on aiming high. On aiming at anything really.'

Daniel, in the back seat, photographing Marcus rummaging through the woods had a comment. 'They just don't give a shit. Ambriel on 'Fuck you all. I've had enough.' He is the popular dude here. It's not Messiah Ministries people even. Just Ambriel in chill out mode.'

'Indeed,' replied Jessica, Daniel's wife.

'What the hell are you looking for Marcus?' asked Bianca, turning her head to look at Marcus CCC.

'I'm collecting pine cones,' replied Marcus.

'Why?' asked Bianca.

'To make Christmas Tree decorations,' replied Marcus. 'I'm going to paint each bit a different colour and put them on the tree at your place this Christmas. They are big on Christmas here as something to chill out on.'

'My oath,' replied Daniel. 'And it's only early November.'

Marcus came back to the car with a sack of pine combs, and Monkey Man started the Porsche and drove them back to Bianca's place. They got out and went inside, and Bianca ordered Indian Curries for dinner.

'The postman sometimes comes around and says to me, you've got a parcel. I go collect it. It's been sitting there at the post office 4 months. They finall bothered telling me,' said Bianca.

'Sad but true,' replied Daniel. 'Something I've noticed about them also. Oh, they do their job. And usually according to the general way of things. But if there is something they are supposed to do, and they are in a mood to just do it when they could be bothered to, you can be in for an awfully patient wait.'

'Coz they have no passion,' said Jessica. 'Like the life has been snuffed out of them and they are now vaguely going with the flow and they say 'Will that do' as if their half arsed efforts should be enough but they know they are not.'

'They're not dull, though,' said Marcus. 'Or miserable at all.'

'No, not miserable,' said Bianca. 'Just so fucking sedate.'

'That's the word for it,' said Daniel. 'Sedate. I'll get to it mate is the attitude. Eventually.'

'Funny that,' said Bianca.

'I think they are having a go at the world,' said Daniel. 'Ambriel is deep down saying fuck you to everyone who expects the world of him. He set up a lot of this area in Earth. It's a huge chunk of Australian dominions all over this section, this country, what, 'Australtanteria' it's called isn't it. It just doesn't give a shit.'

'Let's paint those balls,' said Bianca to Marcus.

Marcus smiled, and got out the pine cones, while Bianca came back in after a moment with a paint set she had, and the others turned on TV, as the weekend morning passed by, a group of friends enjoying life in Erindale Forthright in a very casual Australtanteria.

The End

Kalphon Days 5

It was raining. Luladiel looked outside the window behind Saruviel's desk in his Kalphon office and sighed. Quiet day inside. Krystabel was knitting quietly and classical music was playing. Daraqel was dozing, and Kantriel was playing with a handheld video game. Luladiel sighed. She looked at Saruviel. He was studying a document.

'Saruviel,' said Luladiel.

'Yes, Luladiel,' he said after a while.

'Alexander. Alexander Darvanius the Second, isn't it?'

He looked up at her. 'My human moniker.'

'Darvanius? That's really Dardanius? Or Dardanus?' said Luladiel.

'Yes, that's the origin further back,' said Saruviel, returning his focus to his work.

'Right,' said Luladiel. 'The Kingdom of the Dardaniuns. Trojans somewhat and Balkans. Kosovo. Supposedly back to Dardanus son of Zeus and Electra.'

'Yes. All that jazz,' replied Alexander. 'We're a traditional family of the Kingdom of the Dardaniuns. In the 15th century someone put the V in instead of the D, and it stuck. Balkan family. Even Yugoslavian I suppose.'

'Right,' said Luladiel. 'European I guess.'

'Yes, we're European,' said Alexander, focusing on his papers.

'Mmm,' said Luladiel. She went quiet. She looked at Krystabel. 'Dardanus was the son of Zeus and Electra.'

'Yes,' murmurder Krystabel, continuing her knitting. Saruviel looked up.

'Mostly normal enough traditions further back in the family. We adopted the Church life soon enough in the early centuries, and by the time father had come along we were ecumenical in focus and strong on building wealth. It had been decided that Christ did not appear to object to reaping a hundredfold in his name, as he taught that in the Gospel, so the logic was if we take the gospel and church seriously we were supposedly to be greatly blessed as well, so we pursued economic endeavour.'

'I see,' said Katy. 'Yes, yes it teaches that in the gospel.'

'Yes,' said Alexander, looking at her a moment. He stood and went to his CD rack and pulled out a rare CD. It was in a foreign language that Katy had never bothered trying to understand. He put it on. Ancient folk music started playing. 'It's the Ancient music of the Dardanians,' said Alexander. 'Had this a long time.'

As the music played a quiet sedate calm came over the office and Kalphon seemingly. Alexander seemed to have a calmness on his as Luladiel studied him. A man in his own culture at it's roots. Fascinating.

The End

Eden 7DF 2

'It's about pride,' said Jesus, the Christ Child. 'And conquest. There is a point. Life is a competition, and it is up to us all to search within and find that divine spark which drives us to compete and be something in life. So many quench the divine spark of the spirit and lose their dreams on the wastelands of sin and comfort. But those who find discipline and purpose rise above and accomplish – miracles.'

The preaching went on from Jesus of Nazareth, and Cain sat there listening, but mostly keeping his eye on his new twin grand-daughters. Elizabel had married of late, and borne twins. Mystery & Enigma. They were 2 now, and playing softly down at his feet, Elizabel sitting next to him, watching Jesus preach.

'They are surprisingly well behaved,' Cain whispered to Elizabel.

'It's more their nature than anything else,' replied his daughter. 'They are gentle little girls who obey their parents and do as they are told. When they have permission they play around, but they are soft. Not very much fight in them.'

'I'd noticed,' replied Cain.

Jesus continued his preaching.

'It will come too late for many. Finally unearthing the dream of life. Others have come before them and grabbed the riches of heaven and developed a dream which they should have claimed. Should they have gotten out of their beds and repented of sluggardliness and gotten on with things. But, nay. They dreamed away their days and enjoyed the good life and, when the empires had come and gone and been built, they'd achieved naught but a decent home, a modest family, a few trinkets and not much else. Life is to be a bull which is taken by the horns, wrestled and conquered. Or you also ran in the race, but few remembered your name.'

'He's good to you?' Cain whispered to his daughter.

'He's polite. Well spoken. Caring. A little distant. Like his head is somewhere else. Possibly in the clouds, but I don't really know. Something might be on his mind.'

'Searching for meaning and answers, perhaps,' said Cain. 'We might see his blood in these girls. What's being going on there.'

'Perhaps,' replied Elizabel.

Jesus continued. 'So when mercy and the vision come upon you, resist it not. Have faith. Do not give into fear. Have faith and run with the fire of the holy spirit, and follow the dream. Or enjoy the mediocrity of the life of the servant who wishes for more but lacks the courage to do the hard things required.'

'He's not bad,' said Cain. 'The big thing from Nazareth. The Christ Child.'

'They make a fuss,' replied Elizabel. 'What tickles their fancy I guess.'

'I guess so,' replied Cain.

The preaching at 7DF Eden finished shortly thereafter, and Cain sat in the lounge out the front as his grand-daughters ran around and, when Jesus came over to them and picked one of them up, Cain was amused as the Christ Child poked his tongue at her, and smiled and patted her head, and put her down. Smooth. Like a politician. Well groomed. Apparently that's what success took in life. An interesting way to go.

* * * * *

Seth and Abel were arguing after service.

'Of course, the great landmarks of Seth the Incredible define heaven,' said Seth.

'I've always felt the staggering works of Abel the Magnificent are the true glory,' replied Abel.

'Seth. That's a name, say the people,' said Seth.

'Abel. The definition of cool, said by all and sundry,' replied Abel.

'Seth. The man for the hour,' said Seth.

'Abel. Always reliable and first class,' said Abel.

'Seth. Poet, mathematician. Philosopher. The greatest mind of our era,' said Seth.

'Abel. The greatest mind of every era,' replied Abel.

Seth sipped on his coffee.

Abel sipped on his tea.

'Whatever,' said Seth.

'Exactly,' replied the Son of Adam.

* * * * *

Alison was with Noah and Adam. Alison Daly.

'Of course, I am your grand-daughter also,' said Alison.

'Yes,' agreed Adam. 'So you want to know the history of the world from my perspective.'

'Yes,' replied Alison. 'It's a major project. Perhaps the major project.'

'I could imagine,' said Noah. 'Of course, it all begins with the glory of the Rainbow Covenant.'

'I would imagine the glory of the Garden of Eden precedes all things,' said Adam in reply.

'But it is the Rainbow Covenant were all things come into fruition,' said Noah.

'Yet the tree of life knows only Eden,' said Adam.

'I hope you are taking notes, Alison,' said Noah, and gave her a wink.

'Yes, little one. Remember this, for this misbegotten scoundrel has always been a braggart at heart.'

'Oh father,' said Noah. 'You misunderstand me. It's just a sense of humour.'

'Ain't that the truth,' finished Adam, husband of Eve, Father of humanity, and son of the Most High God.

The End


And so God's initial plans were complete. He had completed the destiny of his children in their first works, with codices and extra bits all now taken care of. But the future beckoned so, he surmised, whatever will be will be.......