Assembly of the Divine Creator Rainbow Bible

Associated Assemblies of Faith (AOFs)


Glorious Church of Hope

The Book of the Divine Creator

By Daniel

© 6173 SC


Verse 1

For Hope is indeed the greatest of the virtues.  For Hope always believes, even when all things seem lost, when all things seem forsaken, when all things seem as if heaven itself is determined to destroy your very soul, Hope still believes.  And as that Hope endures, peace, life, love, faith and joy come forth, born from the strength of Hope, enshrouding the soul of the child of God with Glory.  For children of the Assembly of the Divine Creator are eternal children of Hope, never giving up in their belief that God will always be their for them, hoping for bright eternal promises to give them the consolation their souls truly desire.


Verse 2

For Peace is Hopes firstborn child, born of the Hope for better days, beyond the wars, trials and tribulations of the children of men.  Peace is what Hope has always longed for, desiring its blessing to enshroud the heart with eternal joys of friendship and kindness, even with those who were once their bitterest enemies.  Peace flows eternally, from the heart of God, like a river of purest ecstasy, refreshing the heart and giving eternal consolation under even the most difficult of circumstance.


Verse 3

And Life, New Life, is the second born child of Hope, New life, born into a world of Peace, in which Hope has found its glory in the new world of life eternal.  Life begins anew, flowing from the heart of God indeed, growing each day, brightening the heart, brightening the mind, brightening the soul, Life, in all its splendid vibrancy and enchantment, Life to make the joys of each and every day an eternal consolation from the Hope and Peace from which it has sprung forth.


Verse 4

And Pure Love, the third-born.  For in the new life of glory, what more could one possibly desire to seek than the gentlest touch of Love’s pure heart.  For in the death of violence and bitterness, those things which the eternal power of peace has vanquished, love can be resurrected in even the most bitter of hearts, born anew, born to life eternal, and growing each and every day in the beauty which flows from God the creator, the source of eternal and blessed love.


Verse 5

And then faith is restored, growing again.  For love has touched its deepest heart, reminding it that once, when lost in misery and despair, hope almost forsaken, that faith can be rekindled even in the darkest of hearts.  For faith moves us onwards, propels us ever onwards, trusting in the eternal Lord of Glory, trusting in the divine creator to bless us and give us the eternal joys and gifts of heaven which our deepest yearnings so truly desire, all born from the gift of faith, believing and trusting in our eternal lord.


Verse 6

And the fifth-born, the greatest consolation, born from enduring hope and the remaining virtues, blessed and pure joy.  Joy which gives us those moments were everything is perfect, were we cry to the heavenlies that everything is good in the world, that everything is right, that life is rolling along in divine perfection and that all things are as they should be.  And that joy bursts open within us, giving us the greatest sensations of our lives, making us never forget the eternal and loving divine creator who has brought us to be.


Verse 7

And then, the virtues of life, the foundational virtues being in place, we grow and develop, continuing to learn each and every day of those eternal principles of life which embellish and grant ever-growing perfection to our lives, the lives of the Assembly of the Divine Creator, the Lives of the Eternal Children of God.


Thus Ends the Book of the Divine Creator





A Noahide family need to show loyalty to each other. Loyalty, love and respect for each other. They should try to like each other, even when there are challenging family members and challenging times. It is not always easy to love or even like a family member of they are a god-damn son of a gun, but be patient. Remember they are only human, and are often doing the best they can despite a sometimes more ordinary exterior. Remember, God knows the heart of a person, and what they are going through in life, so be patient with your kin, and accept that they are going through this challenge of life and might not always be finding it so easy. Remain loyal, don't easily burn bridges with your family members, and if and when you find that necessary, you really should always allow an opportunity for divides between you to be repaired when the situation improves. So remain loyal and patient with family members, and show them the kind of love which Noahide families really need deep down in their heart. Fathers in families need to be responsible and set good examples for their wife and children. They usually need to be the primary money earner in the family, but while the husband is the head of the wife in a family, sometimes a wife may be the more talented or competent at earning a wage for a family. If her skills demonstrate this, a husband needs to humble himself and accept that. Sometimes, of course, both husband and wife need to work to support the family, and this is completely natural and acceptable. Fathers need to provide for their family, not just their food and clothing, but their time as well, as children need input from their fathers and need to spend quality time with them, getting to know them and having happy and positive family experiences with their father. Sometimes a father needs private times with each of their children, and each child needs that special relationship with their dad. Each should have a time and place for just them. Love your children, fathers, and raise them to respect the family rules and traditions as well as the customs and laws of society. Be a good dad.

Mothers often need to serve in traditional roles as wives and homekeepers. This should not be assumed by the husband, as a woman needs to express herself in life, but this in Noahide tradition should still probably be the normative role of the wife. It's a traditional model and works well, and is in harmony with what is usually a more assertive man and more submissive wife. Not always, but it is a regular truth of our humanity regardless. Exceptions always need to be taken into account, especially in more modern eras in response to the desires of feminist thinkers for greater equality with men. Mothers need to be just like fathers and love their children and have that special time and relationship with each of them. Love your children, for you gave birth to them, and that was challenge enough. Children. You are learning. You are given grace for a season and a time. But as you grow, and come into adulthood, remember you always needed to show respect for your parents growing up, so learn to maintain that as you develop into adulthood, and stay loyal to your parents and love them dearly.


 Astrology is an artificial creation of minds of staggering intellect, truly stupendous in its paradigms of insight into life, beyond all the fathoming of minds based on simplistic idea like logic and reason. It baffles mere mortals who say stupid things like ‘That’s bullshit mate’ and ‘What a load of bollocks’. But these are the unlearned ones, says the soothsayer of fortunes, happy to read your palms for a buck and tell you just how tall that handsome stranger will be, and just the exact number of zeroes in that sudden cheque you are SOON to DEFINITELY get in the mail. Bwah ha ha harrgh. But I love Astrology – seriously. Couldn’t live without it. Every time I open up one of those Women’s Weeklies and am told the fortunes of Scorpio for the month I wait with anticipation as my DESTINY UNFOLDS. Amazing. Numerology – that is what the Jews are in to. They call it Gematria. Funnily enough, I dabble around with that, and find some very interesting connections on English words using Ordinal Equivalents to total them, when A is 1 and B is 2 and C is 3 and so on through the alphabet to Z is 26. For example God is 26 – the exact number of letters in the English alphabet. Daniel is 45. Adam is 19. David is 40 and so on. Of course Cool is 45 and Dumb is 40, but I digress. Astrology is the WAVE of the Future. As the Age of Aquarius unfolds, our lives will be enrichened by such gems of wisdom as ‘Knowing your Soul Path’ and ‘The Wisdom of your Gemstone’ and so on and so forth. Heart of the Earthmother. I am not sure if she is into Astrology – she might be – but the magazines, which you can find in Aussie newsagents, or order online, are AMAZING. In the Chronicles of the Children of Destiny – the Pagan Version – which you can find online, I have some fun with Heart of the Earthmother. Her Combatant is Daniel – from the Realm of Understanding. WHO KNOWS what the future has in store for her as she struggles with the villainous Seraphim of Yahweh, sure to corrupt the universe with their ‘Devilish Ways’. Beware those blonde Seraphim, she bemoans. Funnily enough, I have been visited by a blonde Seraphim, in the skies above Macarthur, and down at Fadden Pines. And Michael himself appeared in a dream, with the Seraphim who had appeared to me in person. I thought it was Ambriel. It seemed the Ambriel from my books. I really don’t know, as he said not his name. Life is a mystery. Astrology is OK, as long as it doesn’t go to your head. It’s a little bit of fun, but getting caught up in the New Age is just a distraction from the mundane of life anyway, which is why people do it. I mean, after all, its all about spirituality these days, isn’t it politically correct society out there? Isn’t it? I mean, religion. Who needs that.

Daniel, 7 Jan 2012



A Noahide has an idea. And their mind goes off on a tangent considering the idea. But sometimes the idea has a merry sarcasm and decides to venture into untamed territories of ideology. And sometimes the will of man is to allow these thoughts to develop and go were they will. The secrets of the heart are mysterious at times, but sometimes the heart, which seeks good things, can be deceived by the thoughts of a mind which has gone into irrational thinking, often for the sake of assuming vain pleasures – sin – will profit the soul in the sarcasm of freethinking delight. It is not wise to let your mind roam unrestrained. Schizophrenia and other mental conditions, including anxiety and depression have their root in thoughts which are left to run unrestrained, and often those thoughts are the simple condoning of behaviours which seem like fun, but which later on are repented of as the sins of wilful youth. The Rainbow Torah teaches this truth – God knew the thoughts of the heart of man was wicked from his youth. For the innocent youngling thinks, if it feels good do it, and runs with the excitement of the moment and the day. And even in teenage years, when they perhaps should know better, they can be a worse devil than ever. Irrational thinking is thinking which condones poor attitudes, mean and hostile words and behaviours, and desires of depravity, immorality and hedonism. At the root of all mentally ill conditions were choices of youth and earlier years in which you allowed your mind to delight in vanities of pride and sin and unabated pleasure. Often it is listening to things and words of people, or watching and listening to entertainment programs of various kind, which your passions somewhat agree with, especially politically correct hypocrisy of liberality, which take root and set an attitude in your thoughts but, the behaviours of which that flow from such thinking are ultimately detrimental. There is a way the human body should function, and if the mind has developed thinking which at its root is irrational, later on you will suffer various mental afflictions as well as often physical ailments. Irrational thinking, ultimately, is the psychologies of stupid and ungodly behaviour being condoned in your thoughts, thoughts which lack experience to discern the ultimate consequences of this thinking and the actions which can and do result from all such belief. Reason accords with truth and decent behviour. Reason accords with things which bring health to your mind and body, as well as to your affects on the exterior environment, and the opposite is thought which ultimately leads to the degradation of heart, mind and spirit.

Remember, people like to justify themselves. They like to demonstrate their point and show they are acting justly according to what they believe. When you are arguing heatedly with someone, remember, they have a built up set of beliefs and viewpoints, and they often want to insist you listen to what they say and understand it properly so you can see their point. People can be very rude and interrupt you and say that is not true, and deny your arguments to justify themselves. Often people didn't understand you properly when you said something and they can insist you are wrong and get quite heated. Then they often feel a little embarrassed when the point you made was factually misunderstood. The best thing to do? Stay calm. Make a point, and if someone goes straight to disputation let them speak their mind and stay silent until they have said what they want to say. Calmly explain yourself when they have stopped speaking and clarify clearly and exactly your points. Use factual information to demonstrate the point you are trying to make. There is no point in trying to humiliate someone with truth, as you already know how that feels, don't you. Be sensitive and compassionate and grant people the grace of their often frail human understandings and pride. Sometimes points don't always need to be said and a very important rule is if someone says 'I don't want to talk about it anymore', shut the heck up and drop the subject immediately. Let go of trying to justify yourself. Trust in God and life that the truth of any given situation will speak itself out through the facts in due time.


For a new endeavour to last, it has to be created ancient. For it to be ancient it needs to have principles of life and truth which are well established and have worked in continuity in mankind's history. A new endeavour has to be created with a spirit of everlasting stability, truth and continuance – it has to be created with the intention of it remaining relevant eternally and for it not to be a transient work of a particular age or era, but one of permanence and endurance. New endeavour's can be accomplished. New ideas can be grasped and brought forth. New life and new understanding can shine forth. But if this new work does not have the essence of an eternal nature associated with it and, primarily, if it is an essence of sin in the core of this work, it will ultimately fail. Sin can be popular for a season, yet righteousness endures eternally. Starting a new business needs to be built on sound business principle. It needs to be established in prayer, lawfulness and practical use. It has to have value, meaning and fit a niche or marketplace in the world. Yet not just a business, but a new congregation of religious thinking, or an established one in an established religion or denomination. Yet, a new fiction work, or style of architecture or piece of music, or any endeavour intended to be eternal will ultimately fail unless it is built on enduring principles of ancient tradition.


I use a term 'Technical Virgin' for someone who has not had sex without a condom in the act of sexual intercourse. It is only on a technical point that they remain virginal, for in most respects the innocence and virginity is lost, especially in a woman because of the broken hymen. But, technically, a degree of innocence is still maintained while the physical penis has not been intercoursed with the physical vagina. Usually this protects from Sexually Transmitted Diseases and unwanted pregnancies. This technical point, in this sense, is not even minor, but in fact an important practical reality. When a woman is up the duff, she has often lost her family name/reputation. But a woman who is single with no children has a reasonable and fair enough degree of virginal status remaining to her. If she has not practised unprotected sexual intercourse at all and always used the condom, an even greater degree of purity and innocence remains. These are important considerations. Uncleanness spiritually is very much associated with STD's and Bastard children. Without the occurrence of these realities, a person is still in a large degree of spiritual purity and innocence. By no mean a chaste virgin, but there is a technical and important amount remaining. I first visited a prostitute in 1999 at 26 years of age. I have been, in the last 15 years since, about 50 times all up, once visiting two girls. This averages to about 4 to 5 brothel visits a year. God has not visited guilt on me on this issue so far, and allows it if I remain within reasonable practice amount. Members of the 7DF are not required to be quite as strict as the headship, unless pastoral, so a doubling of this amount by regular members of the 7DF is quite tolerable and acceptable. But we should not practice unprotected sexual intercourse at all really. We should retain this for our marriage, so we still have a purity to offer our spouse, and can ultimately hold our head up as a reasonable sexually moral person. Complete abstinence is a commendable ideal. Many achieve this, and they should be praised for doing as such. In the realities of life for 7DF, though, we tolerate a certain degree of sexual activity, provided safe sexual practices are adhered to. One last point, after 50 occasions I am most definitely STILL a technical virgin, and intend remaining as such until marriage.


I don't believe in bashing gay men or women at all. We shouldn't bash anyone. I don't agree with gay marriage, but neither do I agree with overt discrimination. I don't object to Civil Unions between gay people, because I do recognize that they can and do enter relationships of care and respect for people of the same sex. But I disagree with the idea of gay marriage, as this, in my mind, is reserved for the hetero lifestyle choice, with children as part of a natural marriage. Really, they should be looking for a different term to 'Marriage' to define their close relationships because, in the end, it's just a corruption of the natural order to view same-sex relationships the same was as natural hetero ones.


The ability to take the 'Rainbow Covenant' of God - the enshrined promise of no judgement day upon mankind - and through adhering to the principles and rules associated with this covenant as found in Genesis 1 - 11:9, has everlasting, eternal and unending possibilities of ultimate glory associated with it. Yet only the noble of heart, mind and soul can hope to win the true blessings associated with God's foundational Covenant for the children of Noah. Eternal shall be thine glory, shouldst thou conquer the darkness and reveal in the light of the rainbow, and acknowledge the truths of nature, the truths of the natural order, the truths of walking in harmony with the design of God imprinted in your very DNA, and find the peace of spiritual harmony by walking in love and peace and truth with your fellow man, your fellow animalkind, by watching over all the flora and fauna of creation and, by showing forth the wisdom of thine heart in all thy studies of truth and proclaiming these wisdoms to mankind - the reward and blessings for you and your posterity shall be of truly grand and unimaginable glory, majesty and amazement - and you shall find the eternal consolation of peace and love your deepest heart and the deepest desires of your soul could ever hope to dream of in your wildest imaginations.


Everyone has a right to express their own racial identity and cultural beliefs and aspirations. I don't believe in racial hatred of people from other Noahide lineages, but I do believe that the origin of most modern nations arose in a group of similar family members developing a unique family-nation, which developed into a race of people. And such races have a fair degree of rights in preserving their racial culture, values and identities. I believe we all go back to Noah - and further back to Adam - and we are all ultimately one family, but a 'Racial Identity' is also acceptable.


In my religion - Karaite Noahide Faith - people accept this belief because they believe it is the truth. We are not commanded by God to convert people to our religion, or even to tell people at all about our religion. If we do so it is entirely voluntary. We can completely keep it to ourselves if we want to. Nobody in the world is commanded in our faith to actually keep our religious observances. It is not based on that at all. We don't care if people in the world couldn't give the slightest shit about our Karaite Noahide religion. Couldn't care less. We keep this faith because we choose to and we want to and we believe it is the truth. We DON'T give the slightest fuck about your religious beliefs at all. They are all idolatry as far as we are concerned. We recognize one branch of Judaism as correct for the Jews - Karaite Judaism who use the full Jewish Bible, called the Tanakh. Our Scriptures (Genesis 1 – 11:9) as the same as the early portion of the Jewish Bible. And we are Karaite Noahides. The term Karaite means we follow the Rainbow Torah (Genesis 1 – 11:9). We do NOT study the Jewish Bible. They have the Abrahamic Covenant which grants them the land of Israel, and they have their own religion in the Jewish Bible. It does not need to be studied by Noahides.


Spiritual growth is not dissimilar to physical growth. Don't expect a three your old spiritual person, who has just discovered faith in recent years, to be all of a sudden a master of theology. Things take time, and its 18 years to adulthood. Be patient with yourself in any spiritual walk you are growing through. Growth and maturity takes time, and their are lots of growing pains along the way. Changes for the better can often take a long time to eventuate and God knows the heart and progress of men and women, and you never tell the secrets of another's hearts or the contemplations they are considering. Often appearances can be deceiving, for the most carnal of people can often end up the most spiritual. It is not a race to win all at once. You don't go out on the spiritual marathon of life, sprint like crazy for a few hundred yards, and expect to finish the race all at once. As Miley Cyrus sings, its all about the climb, and the lifelong walk with God is about commitment and endurance, and having patience with yourself that you will gradually address spiritual concerns in your life and resolve issues in time. A new born spiritual child should not spend up all its spiritual zeal and then drift off back to the world and sin, resenting the faith it was birthed in. It takes time. It takes time to get things right, to re-order a life which has often been a mess, and it takes time simply to learn and understand the spiritual truths necessary for coping with the eternal spiritual life. And, for life, it is not even a marathon. As with Noah, it is a long distance 'Walk with God'. Take each day at a time and build your spirituality slowly and carefully. Just stay committed. The essential basics are prayer, scripture and acknowledging the spiritual issues the Holy Spirit of Jehovah brings up to you when he does. Take your time, plan out your spiritual walk slowly with care and forethought. And you will achieve success and the eternal reward.


' Perhaps the greatest attribute of God is that he is holy. He is a being of eternity, and because he is of eternity, his being will not dwell with sin and those things which fall away to corruption and death. In his love for mankind, he offers us a way of salvation, through studying Torah and becoming 'Holy'. Holiness is not a temporary virtue. When it is achieved, it is the stuff your soul must resonate with for an eternal existence. It is a moral heart. It is a true heart. It is a heart which knows and understands the truth, no longer deceiving itself nor allowing itself to be deceived into the seductions of sin. Negative lifestyle choices – sin – are what corrupts a human soul and destroys the eternity God is desiring formed within you. So for eternal life, holiness is not just an option to be chosen on a check-list – it is the fundamental thing. The more you study the Rainbow Torah and the Rainbow Bibles and apply the wisdom therein, and grow in godliness, the holier you become and the more eternity is at peace with your soul. Often, it is the pleasures of the flesh, such as drug use, which destroy a person's eternity, even if they have gained the salvation of the heavenlies upon death. And when the flesh is dead, life ends. It is no more. A holy person attempts to grow in holiness, through study of the faith, and learns to obey godly rules and principles and become wise for life thereby. Practising holiness is about committing to the faith, applying it, and living it. It is about keeping the faith and enduring, to the eventual point were God grants you eternal salvation. But that choice to life forever can only be fulfilled if you genuinely repent your heart and works of sin, and practice holiness. Yes – eternal life is the reward.


Perhaps the real reason socialism often doesn't work well in an earthly environment, is that people want to get ahead. And they want to be rich, and prosper, which creates a working class to support them, of the less successful and the less driven. Yet a heavenly environment could surely and pleasantly create a beautiful planned economy, were people are at peace with each other, right? A heavenly economy works well, because buying and selling is still part of it, and when it is socialist-capitalist, with a strong sense of social welfare and taking care of its impoverished citizens, a happier and wealthier society results. Encourage the weak and they will become the strong, and do not always insist that the person should have to always work it out for themselves. Give people the occasional break. The bird needs the left wing and right wing to fly – balance your socialist heart of the left with a mature success-oriented prosperity of the right, and with them in good and loving harmony, success is sure to result. This should be the ideal basis of policy and rule, and is the heart of 7DF.


At times, the mind of man believes the mind of man has become wise. A life has been formed on familiar ways which have stabilized. But then the thinking becomes that change is a virtue. A life which has sought stability and found it, has often gone through many hard lessons on what works and what does not work in life. The anxiety of growing pains have become lessons learned in how to live a sensible and productive and, ultimately, stable life. And thus, why therefore wouldst thou chooseth to interfere with the wisdom of victories gained? Yet, so often, a crisis emerges, and the soul is told it needs something more. And who can not verily say it is not oft pride which is at the bitter root of this anxiously chosen paradigm? Live the dream! Chase the rainbow! Go for gold! Yet what kind of wisdom on a foundation of stability hard won would venture forth to the risk of a new adventure? But so many do and turmoil often results. Shattered dream can come for those who leave firm foundations. Nay, not always, yet often. And often is is verily because of the pride of thine heart rather than any lack of God-given talent. If you can humble yourself after prides great fall, and admit the often stupid decisions you have made in leaving a firm nesting place, the grace of God is a God of restoration. When people can admit that they have been pride-filled in certain decisions in life, and show some humility, God is a gracious God who can forgive you and restore you to your former glory. And through the restoration of God's love you can regain that which you let go far too easily of, and be restored to your proper place in life, your proper reward for the hard learned lessons of youth.


Divine Mercy is the outreach Program of Assembly of the Divine Creator. Haven Outreach promotes 7DF through evangelistic crusades. Divine Mercy, on the other hand, functions as a charity story of donated second hand goods sold at a cheap price, and also providing financial charity and assistance for deserving cases.


I wholeheartedly support the movement of American Monarchism. Further, I support the British Monarchy looking into the ancient history of faith and founding its religious ideals on the oldest religion of mankind, the faith of our father Noah, the Adamide-Noahide community. I believe in the Celtic Isles of Ireland and Britannia. I believe that these people are united as many families, who share a similar and common heritage, united now in English as a common tongue, and who play similar sports, have similar faith, and walk in similar customs and mannerisms. My family history is Irish and I support Ireland wholeheartedly. I was born in England, have an English Mother, and was raised in Australia, were my father was also born. I support the notion of a British Commonwealth of Nations, yet, with the close inter-relationship of the Celtic-Anglo-Saxon-Norman peoples, I also believe in the cultural significance of Scottish, Welsh and Irish Commonwealths within the British one. And, through ongoing cultural immigration, our nations have taken an influx of world citizens, and such cultural commonwealths of peoples are also recognized as valid and important to myself, children of Noah, part of the family of man. In essence I believe in an Anglospheran culture of all cultural truth and customs of the 7 Sovereign Nations, and that all the children of Noah, all the families of man, may find some of their own as members within this great and grand Anglospheran Vision of Glory. Alleluia. Amen.


A Noahide needs a decent work attitude if he or she must work for a living. Employers don't like lazy employees, because they need to maintain a profit for their organization or business to have a successful life for themselves and their family and loved ones as well. You should keep that in mind – the thoughts of your employer. In fact, that should be a major part of the shaping your work attitude – pleasing your employer. A servile attitude is welcome. One which does the job humbly and according the way your employer likes it. This doesn't mean you should be weak or pathetic in your attitude towards your boss, just being a submissive 'Yes Man' who says yes to everything your boss wants in a snivelling manner. A boss who is worth working for will usually respect his employee if the employee has a mind of his or her own and can show initiative and be able to object and raise his voice if he has genuine concerns about work protocols, procedures and practices. But an arrogant employee who thinks they know everything is not welcome either. Be competent, genuinely complicit with your employers wishes, and work hard. Show initiative when you think it appropriate, but at times, just shut up and get the job done. Work should be carefully according to the procedures and rules of the organisation and the law itself. If there are corrupt practices going on you need to bring this to the attention of supervisors and managers, even if it means losing friends. They may not be the kind of friends worth keeping anyway if they are involved in corrupt practices. Follow guidelines for you job, educate yourself on them from time to time, and work hard to stay informed in your organisation on any new practices and procedures, and try to ensure you attend all work meetings and listen attentively. Try and show aptitude and common sense in following guidelines, and if you are not sure about how a job or procedure should be done properly, quickly seek guidance from your manager or supervisor. Some employers are strict and very fussy and some are a bit more relaxed. You should be sensitive to a strict employer, but never take the graces of a more relaxed employer for granted at all, because slack attitudes can develop. To stay employed you need to be consistent in a good work performance, so don't let your decent standards slip, and work hard to amend casual attitudes in your performance. Be thoughtful, considerate and fair towards all other workers and your supervisors in your organization, try to remain friendly with a generally positive and welcoming attitude. Try to repent of bad habits in your work procedures and and hostilities or rivalries towards fellow employees need to be turned away from. Avoid sexual harassment and unwelcome advances towards other employers, and stay on a firm path of respect and concern for your fellows. This does not mean slightly flirtatious talk towards a person of the opposite sex is necessarily unwelcome, but don't take too much for granted. Show respect for your fellow workers and try to get along well with a friendly spirit.

In the end, especially, work hard. Do a competent and proper job and maintain this ethic and attitude throughout your working life. Try to be a model employee and if you do so your advancements in life should take care of themselves in time.


What is faith? What is unbelief? Can we truly know anything? Do we really exist? Are we not, as some may say, a figment of our own imagination?Is not being Uncertain simply part of the human condition? Are we not simply born into this world and, as we grow, start to uncover that there are questions about life which so many people ask and that so many people reach so many different conclusions. Are there not multiple religions and multiple belief systems? And, in all of this, is it not true that ‘Uncertainty’ rules the heart of so many? Yet, say I, what is the opposite to uncertainty? Is it faith? Certainty Itself? Is it fact? Is it knowing something is so definitely true, even despite others who might oppose your viewpoint? It seems to me that part of the human condition of life on earth is the very fact of uncertainty on moral and religious issues. So much of the time we do not really know for sure about what the truth is. So much of the time it is just very hard to grasp. But, why should so many of us be so insistent that people should be working it out according to their own belief systems to justify their own viewpoints? Hey, brother – believe in my beliefs and my church, or go to hell brother? Just tough, brother. You got it wrong – we are the right church. Tough luck. Now you deserve hell. Is that Justice? Is that the mercy of God? Is it unforgivable to get it wrong? Is it unforgivable to be uncertain?  NO. Uncertainty is simply a fact of the human condition. It is part of being alive. The whole purpose of having questions is to learn. But, until we get the truth of all our questions answered, we simply have the irrevocable position of being ‘UNCERTAIN’ in relation to a lot of issues. Uncertainty is an inevitable part of being alive. We can’t avoid it. We just can’t. Perhaps – perhaps – we get answers from God over our lives on our questions. Perhaps we get the information we need from time to time. But, one thing I am sure of is that there is a lot of uncertainty along the way. And the reality of uncertainty definitely appears to be a truth of human existence.


Life can be a rocky ride. Some of the appeal for a lot of people in traditional religion is that it supposedly ‘Doesn’t change a lot’. It is a faith which offers ‘Stability’.

Stability is found in truth. In knowing truth.

1 + 1 = 2

That is an infallible mathematical truth. It is a fact. Funnily enough, such an idea can be latched upon to develop ideas of logic – logic which bring correct thinking about life’s problems.

Spiritual stability is in finding spiritual truths which don’t change and can’t change. Things which remain the same eternally.

Some people need to think you need to ‘move with the times’. That you need to ‘Progress’.

Stability – a constant faith – means reliability. It means people can really learn and know were you are coming from after a while. It means they can know were you stand on issues.

I am the founder of the ‘7 Divine Karaite Noahide Fellowships’ which are: 1) Haven Noahide Fellowship, 2) Assembly of the Divine Creator, 3) Universal Faith Assembly, 4) Assembly of the Living God, 5) Universal Truth Assembly, 6) Assembly of the Most High & 7) Haven Adamide Fellowship. The doctrinal basis for each of these 7 Karaite Noahide Fellowship is finished. The information for Haven and the 7 fellowships can be found at: in the various links.

These fellowships are intended to have UNCHANGING doctrine. They are intended to remain the same, eternally, unchangeable. Whatever truth they teach is meant to be just that – unchanging, and constant. Whatever people think of these religions, that is their own prerogative, but they are intended to never change. To be what they are.

The fictional spiritual literature of each of the 7 Divine Fellowships is still unfolding, but will be complete in time. I am writing this in the year 6175 SC which is the same year in the Christian Calendar as 2011 AD/CE. I will hopefully have the complete literature finished within 1 to 2 decades from now. And once it is complete, that is the end of it. The doctrine itself is already complete – only the literature needs to be finished off.

What these 7 Divine fellowships are meant to be is this – unchanging, eternally, fundamental, Noahide Karaite fellowships. If you like them – one of them could be for you. If you don’t, feel free to disregard. I am only trying to appeal to whom they naturally appeal to. If you want to join one of them, you are welcome. If you don’t, that is fine by me.

But they are meant to offer STABILITY. Unchanging viewpoints, viewpoints which don’t really care what era of mankind they are in, but remaining the same viewpoints forever. Unchanging religion. Stable religion. Happy religion.



God simply is. He is one. He existed before everything else. He will exist eternally. He has sovereign power and abilities. He acts justly and acknowledges the truth. He shows people grace, but will correct them when they are mistaken. He is slow to anger and longsuffering. He is merciful. If you provoke him, he can lean to judgement in time. God has a consistent nature. It is his natural state. He can’t really be anything other than himself. We should not expect God to be, either – he is who and what he is. Knowing God is the foundation for eternal life. Knowing the peace and love which comes from God gives life happiness. It makes life feel like it is worth living when God is in the centre of our lives. Jehovah God’s spirit is the deepest spirit of all. It is eternal. It is loving. It is peace. It is truth. God simply is.


In the end, complaints are supposed to be a good thing. They bring attention to peoples problems and concerns. In a dictatorship, thank God for the objectors and protesters who point out the evil and hypocrisy. Yes, we should feel free to complain and voice our opinions and right wrongs when we see them. Some people get carried away though and all they do is complain. But improvements in our lives and society don't come from people shutting up and saying nothing. Voice your concerns and voice them always. Remember it is often said 'Why didn't you tell me there was a problem.' There is no need to be harsh in delivering your point, but sometimes belting out your problem is the best way to get it heard. So let people bloody know if you have concerns. Now, thinking about it, if people obviously have issues, it stands to reason to be proactive and ask people if they have concerns before they feel a need to voice them. Concern yourself for the issues that may be bubbling up in a person's heart. Ask them to speak their mind, their opinion. But in all things, ultimately, moderation and calmness should prevail.


It pays a lot, you know. Being consistent. But consistency in pride, exceeding yourself all the time, leads to exhaustion. Conversely, consistence in slackness leads to slovenliness. Consistency, for good performances, and good results, needs to be tempered with moderation. Success is attained through perseverance. But the keys which make perseverance work are setting the right amount of work, and then being consistent and moderate in how that work is followed. Do you have a mountain of work ahead of you? Sit down, plan it out, work out the right amount of work you have to do in each session, and then remain consistent with that work. But make sure that work is the right amount – and the right amount is a moderate amount. Remember, too much leads to exhaustion, and too little and you can quit and devolve into boredom and other things. Consistency in moderation. It's the key to getting a lot done over a long time. Apply that truth.


Admit it, sweetheart. You married an idiot. There he goes, off on the fishing weekend, with the 4WD, and you are left with the tiny Daihatsu, and you have a heap of shopping, and lots to do, and endless cleaning. He's a great hub isn't he? And, again, there he goes, watching some porn with his mates, and bragging about his past conquests. You give him that look, and he shrugs, and continues on with his braggotry. What a catch, huh? And, yet again. There he is with the barbecue. The steaks are burned beyond mortal comprehension, more ravaged than the demons of hell itself, and he's says 'Yeh, they are nearly done.' Culinary skills of a Zombie right? Part of the reality for marriage when married to 'Him' is showing grace. As Marge Simpson does time and time again, she sighs and says 'I'm getting used to that,' which is all you can really do. Get used to it. It has been said by a wise man once, little girls grow up to be women, whereas boys just get bigger and bigger and bigger. How true. But, in the end, you married him, and the bleary eyes after the buck's night, and the police officer saying, 'It took a while to cut through the chains,' as he was chained naked to a post, with lipstick all over him should not dissuade you from the commitment you made. And while the lipstick you noticed on certain parts of his anatomy really made you question, he is only human after all. Life with the monster is full of challenges. It can be trying, demanding, frustrating, and just plain awful. But its when he finally remembers that anniversary, after years of forgetfulness, and brings you those chocolates love, those expensive ones, remember you must show grace when 90% of them have been eaten already, and he just grins and grins and grins at you. Heh heh heh.


In the end, you really need brilliant manoeuvring. To chart you around in life, with pleasure, you need to work out how to get from this to that, how to style yourself from this trend to that trend, how to adjust from this scene to that scene, how to think from that area of philosophy to that area of philosophy, and how to handle it all with that self-confident and enormously arrogantly sarcastic self-knowing that they are all, in general, dimwits, and not up to your superior level of knowledge and infinite grace and supreme wisdom. See, as you manoeuvre yourself around life, and you get better and better at handling difficult people and better and better at speaking in challenging situations, you will grow to realize just how fab you really are, and how far above mundania you have managed to exalt your ego. Aren't you special. They should have a day of the week named in your honour. Not only does the sun shine out of your arse, but the moon and stars themselves. Seriously, some people need to get a grip. They are living in the world of 'I Am Wonderful' and have forgotten about the bloke who sits at the toll booth collecting tolls and the sheila who works in the tuck shop dealing with difficult children all day long. The little people who make the big people big. If there really is any brilliant manoeuvring required in life it is about coming down from Mt Ego and confronting the seer of wisdom in the Temple of Knowledge who will remind you of just how frail and fragile your person really is and that your not that great and that not everyone likes you and that some people think you are an egomaniac and what the hell makes you so special? The Temple of Knowledge will humble you, get you back to the real world, and kick you in the bum and remind you that you haven't mastered holiness yet and that you haven't mastered grace yet and that you haven't mastered love just quite yet. Or are you the divine glory of God Almighty? AMEN.


Deliberately being Inclusive of the differing families of mankind, in their different ethnic categories, is probably acceptable, despite being a bit deliberate. It might be considered that deliberately including someone of another race - eg the token black guy - is a little bit racist in and of itself because they are being chosen to fit in because they are a different race to show that the interest at heart is not racist. I think there is something about people creating culture usually in their own image, so that a white author probably normally writes about white characters, because that is what they are familiar with, and a black author probably normally writes about black characters, because that is what they are normally familiar with. I wrote the characters of the Chronicles of the Children of Destiny, the majority being white, simply because its sort of how I naturally created the characters ie after my own image somewhat. But the books are intended to be for the Noahide community, which has representatives of all mankind, so I have been advised by God that it might be for the best if I am deliberately inclusive of other races, for want of a better word, rather than just creating whatever characters I fancy. Normally, personally, I would create characters from other races, if that is something I wanted to write about, but it would probably not happen much. But the for sake, and perhaps importance, of being inclusive, despite its potential reverse racism in a way, it might be for the best that I now create characters from all the races and families of man in a deliberate and thoughtful way. I am certainly in no way against having characters from all the races, so hopefully inclusiveness, for want of a better word, will be acceptable enough.

Cultural identification is a right of humans. To want to prosper, first and foremost, our own family, and then beyond that families of the same ethnic origin and cultural identity is a very natural thing. People, by nature, are usually more comfortable associating with, forming friendships with, marrying and having community with their own kind and racial group. There seems to be something natural enough about this idea. The histories of the nations of the world, in their earlier pre-20th Century origins was one in which a racial identity and, for want of a better word, a 'Colour' was a reality. This was how human society naturally formed. God divided mankind at the tower of babel, and divided their languages also, forming a natural culture for these linguistic peoples. The English language is a language which has developed in time, and has a natural people at the foundation of it, but the Anglosphere has developed with peoples of all the races of mankind, perhaps more than any other linguistic nation. However, within the Anglosphere, there is still usually a preponderance to associate with your own kind, and this is probably natural instinct. Cultural appropriation, where you take the styles and paraphernalia from another culture not your own, and apply it to your own person or community, well, perhaps you should not really do that so much. Coveting a culture item which a family or race has developed and created is perhaps wrong. They have earned that thing through their own creative endeavours, and perhaps it is just plain rude to assume you can, simply because of your personal autonomy, appropriate a cultural item into your own person and community. It happens, and sometimes new things are not owned long enough by just one culture (perhaps) for that culture to claim a complete ownership of it. In this sense a racial, or perhaps more ethically a 'Cultural Identity' in which you primarily identify and affiliate with your own kind is a natural thing.


AOTDC - The English Fellowship


The Book of England


Verse One

Be Strong. Trust in the Lord Almighty. Seek his ways. Seek his wisdom. A True Heart must be a faithful and devoted friend, not given only to fair-weather friendship, but through all the seasons of life, enduring, giving love, charity, peace, a good word, a kind smile, and a kiss of affectionate friendship as life passes by. Seek to be a friend to all, kind and true, good in words and deeds, good in all manner of ways and life. Be Strong. Be a foundation of goodness for others to build upon, to rely on, to seek comfort and shelter from. Be true to yourself, your English virtue, your land of hope, glory, comfort and consolation. Be true to yourself. Be a tool of wonder and amazement in the worker of Glory’s grand machinations, admired by all, constantly devoted to truth, constantly devoted to the facts, constantly devoted to the right way of life, constantly devoted to God. Be Strong. Keep faith in he who sits on the heavenly throne, the Lord the Holy One on high. Keep faith in his existence, his centrality, his Almighty Nature, His Infinite Mind and purposes, His flawless truth, his Benevolent Loving Concern, his favour towards good children of English stock. Be Strong.


Verse Two

Walk in melody and harmony, sing quietly, sing joyfully. Be true to yourself and your own mind, but also be true to your nation and play your part and your role in England’s wonderful and eternal destiny in the MOST HIGH – the God of Ancient Britannia – The LORD of Glory. Be strong in courage. Do not waver towards those whose heart is set upon error. Do not waver towards those whose heart is set on chaos and destruction. Seek the calm and steady waters of England’s firm shores, undefeated and rejoice in the pleasure of knowing eternity, firm in the shelter of the Most High, our Glorious Shepherd upon High, firm in the love of his Messiah David, His Loved One Jesus, His Angel Michael, His Angel Gabriel. Be firm in Israel as a friend and compatriot throughout our eternal sojourn, knowing they too have long chosen the firm pathways of salvation. Work in harmony with the will and word and way of God the Almighty One – El Shaddai – the giver of the Covenants of Life – The Giver of the Spirit Truth. Sing Hallelujah with a humble heart, knowing that God cares for thee, that you have chosen the firm eternal pathways of truth and justice, and that Yahweh – that Jehovah – that Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh – will continue to guide and teach you in the ways of nobility, love, kindness, truth, chivalry, justice, godliness and every good thing.


Verse Three

Hey, yo, get with the times. Remember, an English soul was not born yesterday sonny jim. As the rockers say, keep on rocking, keep on bloody rolling, rapping and a humming, bopping and a rocking. Stay cool, son and daughter of glorious England, for you are an intelligent, modern, cool, hip, happening, and thinking man and woman, capable of adapting styles with skill, coolness and adroit understanding of the wisdom of the multi-faceted historical cultures afore us in the transversing of time in our eternal destinies. Stay ahead of the pack, set the trends, be culture current, be culturally advanced, yet never forget the wonderful heritage you are building upon, and the wise and faithful souls gone before you. Be spicy, have some chemistry, make sure the kids are alright, rock with that bloody DJ, and learn to be a better man. You are English, and there is more to you than meets the eye, son of the land of Rain and Green and Lovely Pastures. Oh, and one last thing – keep your eye on those Australians in the Cricket. Those ashes are going to be a perpetual field of combat for both of us, so keep the faith, stick to your guns, and keep the ale flowing. And don’t forget, boys, to check out that babe on page three.


Verse Four

And the future. Ahead of us. Shining gloriously, the eternal kingdom, wise and knowledgeable through gained experience, not conquered by sin, resisting stupid ways, still focusing on scripture in our heart, working onwards to establish the reign of the Kingdom of God among men, faithful to the truth, yet now challenging, now seeking, now charting our way to the stars and beyond. We seek planetary bodies, planets of settlement for the British Empire, for the Empire has only just begun, dear son of the United Kingdom, and we are not finished yet. God has made planets with life on them, and our share is before us, ready for us to seek them out and settle, to claim our glory and to continue our genealogies and to build our family legacies and to continue to broaden and increase our love, our faith, our life, our truth, our British and English and Scottish and Welsh and Irish and International heritages. England moves on, ever on, building on a firm foundation, taking our part in the grand design of the creator’s purpose for mankind to tread down even further on our eternal destiny, to settle this universe and to be at continued peace with mankind and show them the love, purity and truth and grace of the heart of our English ways. Keep our land on Earth, our beloved Britain, pure and true, keep it as our eternal foundation, as we build our Empire ever onwards, settling each new world with love, peace, purity and truth, building cities of hope and faith and love, cities of joy and goodness, cities of amazement and knowledge and fun and entertainment, cities of good work, happy consolation and eternal knowledges. Cities of God. So walk on, child of Britannia, into our fair and amazing destiny before us.


Verse Five

Love. Truth. Peace. Kindness. Joy. Happiness. Eternity. God.

England is an amazing nation, a nation of God, a nation of truth, a nation of virtue. Be joyful in your citizenship in an amazing country, serving God with repentance of past woes, and continued service of God for a glorious and blessed tomorrow. Hallelujah.


AOTDC - The Australian Fellowship


The Book of Australia



The Empire is our Mother, and we are Australian. Sons of this fair sunburnt continent, this drought filled plain, this flood soaked soil, girt by sea, a true and proud land, of strange and dark natives, but of promise for advancement in every generation. Land of the southern cross, land of Eureka, and of convict blood proud and true. A land eternal, for all generations will call us the lucky ones, truly blessed by our providing heavenly father upon high.



Tie me kangaroo down sport. Ettamogah pub. Slim Dusty. Kylie Minogue. John Farnham. Jimmy Barnes. Cold Chisel. Inxs. And Acca bloody Dacca. True Blue. Vegemite. Cockatoo. Shane Bloody Warne. The Bradman still the King. AFL. Rugby League. Rugby Union and Football. Midnight Oil and the burning beds. Land Rights. Mabo. Saying sorry. And the Olympics. Floods. Cyclones. Thorpie having another go. A bright future ahead.



Still children of the Empire. No republic. Not necessary. England still at war with us on the cricket. Still an even contest. Still a hard fight. Improving standards continually in education, health, welfare, science, religion and medicine. Advancing still. Concerned with aboriginal heritage and their place in our nation. Reconciliation for past problems. Finding lasting solutions for a better world tomorrow. Britain still going strong with us in sports. America taking more of an interest in the cricket. New Zealand still fighting us at the Rugby. 2012 Olympics – what a contest. Looking to the stars. Matching NASA Setting also a goal for Mars. Being bold and aiming for Pluto and Charon. Working out with the British how to settle Mars, Venus and Mercury. A joint focus from both nations. People like William and Kate. God still popular in religious circles. The nation stating itself in its heart as abiding by the principles of monotheism. Accepting that God is there, as parliament shows through its prayers to him. Being sensible. Being careful. Society working on the religious truth problem. Trying to work it out properly. Colonizing the stars looks possible. Working out how to get beyond our solar system – a long term problem. But this solar stellar system is eminently colonisable and Australia wants its own share as well. Reaching out in love from Hillsong. Being strong in the faith. Enduring. Learning peace. Learning truth. Learning love. Learning faith. Showing mercy. Keeping the faith. Taking sensible risks. Exercising prudence and caution. Growing as a nation. Building as a nation. Staying true to our British and International roots. A Multicultural nation. Still Advancing.



Studying knowledge and building in our planets wise cities of knowledge of love, of knowledge of truth, of knowledge of faith, of knowledge of hope, of knowledge of God. Enjoying our culture, our ways of life, our destiny, our legacy. At peace in our heart. Full of health and vitality. A strong, vibrant and successful nation. A joy to be a proud Australian. Looking forwards, ever onwards. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.


Some Modern Proverbs


A Fool and his life are soon parted


A Wise man acquires wealth which has long-life asset value associated with it


Coins are a better investment than stamps or comics – unfortunately paper damages easily and won’t last as long


Decent people of the world have hearts too and God loves them. So be friendly but exercise sensible caution


ANY land is an excellent long-term asset to invest in. Keep it forever and you will see what I mean


Bless your friends, but don’t spend a fortune on them, unless you really like them or can afford it


Give a small percentage of your income to charities, as this shows you care


Be wary of strangers – don’t give out trust automatically – let new people in your life earn your trust


They say don’t burn bridges – if the person is wicked demolish the bridge damn quickly


Invest in assets which last


Study maths, science, languages, geography, computers and HISTORY


Study can become a joy all of its own merit. When you grow in knowledge it often becomes just as much fun as computer games, and sometimes a lot more


Stay abreast with current affairs – watch the news in full regularly


Be grateful to your parents for bringing you into the world and raising you. Someone had to do it.


Confess all of your sins in every detail to God – don’t hide anything at all. And tell him your motivations for all your sins. Get it all off your chest


Ask God to guide you.


A wise person can learn how to guide themselves


An idiot needs to be disciplined by others. A sensible man disciplines himself


Tell the truth


Conceal your sins from a corrupt judge or person – often they will use it against you unfairly


As long as God knows your sins, that is the important thing


Keep communication channels to God open at all times


God will tell others about your sins if they need to know them


Lie to someone who you think will hurt you


God deludes the nations if they are hell-bent on sin – do the same if someone is out to harm you


Violent people are a waste of space


If people are gentle, allow them grace for their mistakes


Study autobiographies of successful people – why listen to last place?


If you are going to try properly – then work your bloody arse off


Being lazy is ok if mummy and daddy are rich or you have a secure income. You don’t always have to work hard for success. It mainly comes to those who are simply good.


Face reality – be practical, pragmatic, sensible and honest


Follow what really works – not airy fairy philosophy


Break a treaty if you bloody well have to – don’t go down with a sinking ship


After the glory days of an Empire, passivity and tranquillity are usually the fruits


A nation will continue to rise if it:

o Maintains its core goals and works to defeat opposing obstacles

o Revises its core goals if the obstacle is impossible

o Only takes on those challenges it knows it can accomplish

o Sets it as a primary goal to acquire wealth eternally

o Knows when to put in a solid, passionate effort – and knows when to relax and rest

o Avoids risks and takes secure pathways


Don’t listen to a braggart


Avoid stupid people


Rebuke violence in your children


Schools are often second rate, catering only for the average. Teach your children everything you know and encourage them constantly. Don’t just rely on the schooling system. Actually DO try and live your dreams through your children, because they will appreciate your teaching as they grow wise in years to come


Quiz your children constantly


Remember this fact – a lot of people don’t try that hard in the end – don’t be like the majority – be a spark in the dark and a passion unending


Seek in depth knowledge of as many useful subjects as you possibly can


Never stop studying


Be wiser than your opponent or they will rule over you


If someone is better than you at something, admit it, but don’t give up – practice harder, and then harder still, and look for intelligent ways of improving more than them


Exercise regularly


It is good to ask advice of sensible, wise and successful people – but a lot of the time, child of mine, you really need to look inside and use the God-given talents that the creator has already given just to you

It is not terribly wise to over-extend yourself - learn to live within your means.

Young people lack experience – a teacher they lack to guide them in their decision making.

Old people have experience – a teacher they often neglect because of pride in their decision making.

Experience is a great teacher – make sure you take note of the lessons it teaches you daily.

If Wisdom lies in a multitude of Counsellors it would be best to ensure you have a good assessment of the actual wisdom of these counsellors.



 The Second Torah of Noah

(Canon for the Kingdom of Noah & the 7 Divine Fellowships)

The 247 Next Set of Rules for the Kingdom of Noah and Mankind

 1) The prior set of rules remain binding, authoritative, and eternal

2) The prior set of rules are to be followed, in principle, with good intentions of being decent, moral and kind and lawful. They primarily apply to Haven Noahide Fellowship, but have relevance to the Assembly of the Divine Creator.

3) Any problematic principles within the prior set of rules can be modified in their obedience towards them if they are deemed immature, inappropriate or morally unacceptable

4) In general, it should still be assumed that there is a strong and reasonable basis in law for all the prior set of rules, and only careful consideration by an individual or society should set aside any particular rulings as morally unacceptable

5) You shall have appropriate food and hygiene rules for the manufacture of clean and wholesome foods, available for eating in private domiciles and for resale in the general marketplace

6) Health rules of your society should be generally observed

7) The laws of mankind, enshrined in their legal codes and constitutions, are to be generally considered applicable for observance. Be discerning, though. Not all of them are grounded in sane truth.

8) The legally authorised institutions of nations - a nation generally and usually defined by acceptance as a nation into the charter of nations of the United Nations as of 6175 SC - are intended to be viewed and accepted and followed as the institutions of society, and a functioning and real part of the lives of Noahides - members of Haven Noahide Fellowship and the 7 Divine Fellowships - and Mankind in general.

9) To reiterate, the laws of member nations of the United Nations are to be deemed applicable for observance by Noahides, members of the 7 Divine Fellowship and, under our divinely approved authority, by all members of mankind.  As time progresses, future obedience the legal codes of law from member states of the United Nations is still encouraged, but caution over liberal elements is warned.

10) Study of the legal codes talked about in the prior rulings of this second kingdom of Noah Torah, in the next life - the world to come - is deemed as appropriate and important and should be ideally complied with by everyone.

11) Flexibility to individual behaviour, were society generally accepts this behaviour for you on a personal level, can be regulated and adapted to.

12) It is important to adapt to the particular lifestyle yearnings of other individuals within society where this does not compromise your own quality of life

13) Live and let live is an important principle of the Kingdom of Noah Torah

14) Being too flexible, conversely, is not wise

15) A complete reading of the Rainbow Bible in the world to come and in life on earth should be viewed as a work worthy of undertaking.

16) The fictional Pseudepigrapha - the 'Chronicles of the Children of Destiny' - should be deemed as appropriate reading material as an aid in the way of life of the Rainbow Bible and its teaching. It is the Advancing Noah Movement's spiritual culture.

17) Through revision of doctrinal understanding as corrected by the Spirit (as of 16th of July 6178 SC) it has now been deemed that the World to Come is generally understood as our heavenly reward upon physical death from the Earthly world. But this is not stated as absolute fact, because the possibility of a future resurrection is acknowledged, as well as the possibility of just living the life of trees in length, or long age.

18) What you acquire in life on earth you acquire in life for eternity.

19) It is important to be a good person, to love God and to get along with our fellow human beings.

20) There will be 272 rules of the Kingdom of Noah Torah in the third rainbow Bible, and the final 228 rules of the Kingdom of Noah Torah in the fourth Rainbow Bible. This will culminate the rules list at 1000 rules.

21) The more Rainbow Bible you read on earth, the greater your blessing becomes over time.

22) The Pseudepigrapha of the ‘Angels of Hope’ in the Chronicles of the Children of Destiny is an important accompaniment to the Second Section of the Rainbow Bible for the Assembly of the Divine Creator.

23) Repentance should be something you consider from time to time.

24) The Assembly of the Divine Creator is made up of individuals who voluntarily accept the teachings and rules of the Second Section of the Rainbow Bible.  It is done so on a voluntary basis.  We believe in the universalization of the entire 7 Rainbow Bibles.

25) Tithing to your pastor for the spiritual sermons and teachings and administration of Assemblies is an appropriate thing to be given in the Assembly of the Divine Creator. In general, we follow the principle of Full Members of ANM to tithe, associate members to give occasionally, and guests to give an offering perhaps if they choose.

26) Acquiring things in life for eternity should be a particular focus for your life, but you also have to live life in a regular way as well, remember.

27) Doing the will of God is important for Noahides.

28) Doing the will of God is important for Noahides. Following the leading of his holy spirit is important as the world works better following the wisdom of Almighty God.

29) The 1000 rules of the Kingdom of Noah Torah are not just simply rules - they are also principles, ordinances, words, statements, imperatives and proverbs.

30) Judgement on Salvation belongs to God Almighty.

31) We recognize the notion of Branches of Noahidism and the importance of each branch functioning as it is supposed to in the divine Tree of Life of God's faithful religion and adherents. We believe that other movements of Noahidism could arise if others were passionate enough and dedicated enough to the Rainbow Covenant tradition.

32) Practice Goodness.

33) Practice Kindness.

34) You should seek to be a law abiding and responsible citizen of mankind with a good and decent reputation.

35) Say sorry when you should. Perhaps mean it when you should.

36) The Assembly of the Divine Creator has a strong focus on the ‘Anglosphere’ and English, Scot, Irish and Welsh culture. But we don't ignore international culture either.

37) Hopefully people can find a second chance if they can acknowledge their mistakes.

38) Archangel Gabriel is hopefully a wonderful Angel.

39) Archangel Michael is hopefully a wonderful Angel.

40) May all the angels of God praise Yahweh forever, for he is a glorious God, creator of all things, and to him we owe our love, loyalty and eternal devotions. Praise the God of all mankind and all angelicdom, praise the creator of glory, praise the most high, the God of victory, prosperity, and abundant love. Praise his name forever and ever and ever and ever and ever. Amen. Alleluia. Amen.

41) There are rules at the beginning of the First Torah of Noah which may sound sarcastic. Rules about rock and roll and swearing and so forth. Yet, disguised in this sarcasm, are simple and pragmatic ideas that teach 'Keep the Peace' and don't let the party get out of hand. This is actually sound advice, despite the colourful language employed to belabor the point. Sometimes people use colourful language in life. There is, perhaps, a time for these things, and a time to refrain from these things. The first Torah of Noah employed it somewhat. There is far less in the second.

42) These Torah rules are, as well as principles and proverbs and so forth, ultimately commentary as well, and other things, on its own nature of the rules and principles of Karaite Noahide faith as well. The term Karaite means we follow this Kara - this Word - this Scripture - the Rainbow Bible. We are people of the Kara, the Word or teaching of God.

43) The Full Torah of Noah should be revised on occasions to correct improper legalisms, rulings, immaturities and inconsistencies. Ultimately, a final product is indeed the aim, which does not change its core morality or structure, and lasts eternally. For earthly purposes, upon my passing, the Torah of Noah is to remain unchanged from that point. In heavenly realities, the work is to be continued to be analysed and, were appropriate and necessary, corrected to bring forth a purer and better legal code for the administration of 7DF and whoever adheres to the principles of the Kingdom of Noah Torah. It is important that all prior copies of the code be preserved historically. It is also important that the work is continually modified until a satisfactory final product is realized. Further, the final product must, to a reasonable degree, reflect the intended decency and integrity of the original full Kingdom of Noah Torah and, upon completion, it must be stabilized and set without any further allowable change eternally. It should be 'Covenanted' upon all final amendments having been made. Ultimately it should be a 'True' work of theology.

44) Live and let Live. Live and let die. Which will ye choose? asketh I, asketh I?

45) Is there really any point to endless studies of doctrinal disputes which go on forever? Or reading endless arrays of spiritual tomes on living the enlightened life? Or praying endless prayers? Or going to service after endless spiritual service? Is it, as one might say, all chase after the wind? For the moral heart which has just enough religion may, in the end, seek to live its own life, and be the kind of person bible stories are written about, rather than being the kind of person who reads bible stories.

46) There is a way which seems right to a man, but in the end it is the way of death.

47) There is a way which seems right to a repentant man, and in the end it is the way of life.

48) Knowing God himself, and conversing with the Most High, if he would ever deem you worthy of this glory, could be the ultimate experience in a life hoped to be eternal. For why wouldn't you seek the hallways of eternity, to bask in the fiery glow of Torah's purest caress, and ride the wild stallion of dream, fantasy and adventure in the arms of a faithful companion who has chosen virtue and kindness to embellish the life you have chosen to live in a moral and decent way? For what prosperity is there in endless argument, of people who should know better by now, when so much more comes to those who put a little effort into their spirituality to seek a better way, a kinder way, a purer way, a happier way.

49) 7 Rests.

50) And then a celebration.

51) God has infinite knowledge. Perhaps you should take his advice.

52) The master of all creation delights in his work. And mankind is the pinnacle of earthly glories. You are important to God, and he loves you even more so when you repent of your wrongdoings, your crass ways, your insulting behaviours, and practice kindness and peace with your fellow man. Caring for the poor and disaffected, indeed true religion, and giving charity when you can, even if only a little, shows your heart cares and considers others, for no man is an island, and well all need to get along in this world with everyone else.

53) Respect for God. Respect for your neighbour. These are principles of Torah in a nutshell. Torah is the teaching of the Rainbow Bible. Torah means teaching.

54) Watching your tongue for the words it speaks is often very good advice, for a blasphemer must repent much to earn God's forgiveness.

55) Even in your sin, do not forsake the faith. For tomorrow is a day away, and you can repent later on at times and genuinely still really mean it, despite thinking you might be unforgivable. But do not take that for granted, for deliberate sins are gravely wrong to the Almighty one upon the throne of Glory.

56) Never defiantly say 'I am just going to sin,' for if God pricks your conscience because of it you could be in for a hell of a ride.

57) Forgive and let the grudge go if they are sorry enough and decent enough in their new behaviours.

58) Get along with people, but be cautious about new souls.

59) Reconciliation can often be a good idea, but wisdom needs to be applied to that idea.

60) Cleaning your body with water regularly and giving it a good scrub is a good sign of health and wellbeing.

61) We are of the view that in the future of mankind's history, ultimately, public domain ownership of copyrights should cease and products copyrights and patents (etc.) be given to the family/clan of the authors and creators of the work.

62)  The resurrection of the dead in a future world would be an interesting idea, but heaven is the probable place of eternal dwelling when we die

63) The world to come is likely, in practical terms, the heavenly afterlife.

64) Heaven is your reward for service to God, and all should seek it.

65) God is good. So give him some respect.

66) Follow God and keep your religion pure.

67) Therefore, how much you want to please God is based on how much you actually want to please God. As a Noahide, your walk with God in holiness is in your own hands.

68) Genesis teaches that humans are made in the image of God. Because of that we all carry the divine spark - we are all bene elohim or children of God. As a child grows up it hits its turbulent teens and craves independence. So, also, in our relationship with God. We learn to take care of our own lives and deal with our own problems.

69) Tell the truth.

70) Avoid most arguments.

71) Find peace in nature.

72) Sabbath observance by a Karaite Noahide is purely voluntary. It is a practice you may choose or not choose to employ. Periods of Sabbath observance is also an acceptable option. It is up to the individual Karaite Noahide to decide for themselves.

73) Observe society law and culture.

74) What? Are you an idiot? Trying to disobey the laws of truth, peace and love of God & neighbour? Shame on you.

75) Eternity should be a focus in your life at times.

76) God is good. So you can probably trust him. Pray to him. Ask him to guide you. Seek out the problems in your life and try to amend them as per his spiritual leading.

77) The international law codes are often good ideas. Go study them. They are not always perfect though so exercise biblical caution.

78) The United Nations Charter of Human rights is judged as a good idea by the Advancing Noah Movement. Study that also.

79) Follow the way of peace.

80) For law guides our conduct and helps us to get along.

81) The Law of the Land applies in general.

82) This is a good saying and worthy of all acceptation: holy religion should involve charity, care for orphans, and concern for widows. Those disaffected in your society are those who need the most help. Love of brother, love of neighbour and love of God are the spokes of a society which will inevitably prosper. Wise sayings are the hallmark of the wise, but the hypocrite speaks one way yet acts contrary to his own words. More hope for a fool than him.

83) Those made in the image of God can find morality in their own hearts. The religiously bigoted believe the world owes them everything, that they invented morality, and that they are the centre of all wisdom. I know a people just like that.

84) The bigoted say 'Only we can interpret our holy book.'

85) Humility comes before Honour.

86) Pride comes before the fall.

87) Searching for spiritual truth might seem vague, but there is a time in life to ask the big questions.

88) Pray - Just to make it today

89) It is ok to be proud of yourself if you have earned it. But it must be humble pride. Unfortunately people can often end up believing, in their pride, they are greater than the truth really declares, and it leads to arrogance. It is arrogant pride which comes before the fall, as the saying goes.

90) So get a grip. Don't think yourself something you are not, and have a true recognition of your self worth, not an over inflated ego.

91) You can't take it with you when you die. The Psalms rightly teach this truth. Though heavenly copies of your belongings are put aside, for the Lord rewards a man according to his deeds. Ashes to ashes - dust to dust - the spirit remains forever. Sow to the spiritual realm, and pray to God to bless you in the world to come. Earn your blessing through seeking God's will. Ask for your heavenly reward in prayer and how you may earn the things you desire. Clear things with Almighty God.

92) A PSALM: Lord God, bless forever the Seven Sovereign Nations of The United Kingdom, Australia, Guyana, New Zealand, The Republic of Ireland. Canada and The United States of America, please. Amen.

93) A PRAYER: Lord God, bless forever the Anglosphere for all eternity. Amen.

94) The Chronicles of the Children of Destiny' is the primary 'PSEUDEPIGRAPHAL' work of the Kingdom of Noah and its religious documents. It is 'Scripture' but not authorized for doctrine in a binding or authoritative sense, instead, mainly in a practical and sensible sense. It is perfectly appropriate material for ANM sermons. It is to be utilized in harmony with study of the 'Rainbow Bible'.

95) The Kingdom of Noah acknowledges International Copyrights. We are NOT separatist from society, and take part in all the standard conventions of societal behaviour. Members of society who wish to study our material online without joining our assembly are free to do so. If you make it quite a long and detailed study, you know, we think it is kind of fair that you make a wee bit of a donation. Just in a decent fair way, ok.

96) I have decided that this second Torah of Noah will be the primary Torah of Study for the 2nd of the 7 Divine Fellowships 'The Assembly of the Divine Creator'. The Third Torah of Noah will be for the 3rd of the 7 Divine Fellowships 'The Universal Faith Assembly'. The 4th Divine Fellowship operates on the theological premise of the primary law it follows just being the 'Rainbow Torah Scripture' itself, which is Genesis 1 - 11:9. This is the 'Assembly of the Living God'. As such the fourth and final section of the Kingdom of Noah Torah will not be in the Fourth Rainbow Bible pertaining to the Assembly of the Living God, but instead delayed to the Fifth Rainbow Bible for the 'Universal Truth Assembly'.

97) The Assembly of the Divine Creator functions around 'Anglosphere' theology. The 7 Sovereign Nations are fundamental concepts of the Assembly of the Divine Creator. The 7SN theology promotes English as the Primary Language for the Anglosphere. It does NOT promote family-based racial concepts. It certainly DOES promote Anglo-Saxon-Celtic Cultural concepts to all citizens, whatever race, of the 7 Sovereign Nations. It is a cultural concept based on the English language at the heart of its purpose. In this sense it attempts to evangelize all citizens interested within the seven sovereign nations to uphold Anglo-Saxon-Celtic culture. All racial family groups within the 7 Sovereign nations are free to join the Assembly of the Divine Creator. There is no discrimination based on family racial origin, but it most definitely promotes Anglo-Saxon-Celtic culture and ideals. So we promote Anglo-Celtic culture freely to all members of mankind who have any interest. They are perfectly welcome with us, whatever their genetic race.

98) Pride comes before the fall. So if you fall, try humbling yourself and admitting your pigheadedness.

99) What we do in life echoes in eternity. Your rights on earth establish your rights in the new earth beyond death. It is what you get.

100) God is good. So he probably has concerns for you if you are also trying to be good.

101) Members of the Assembly of the Divine Creator should exercise Prudence, Caution and Wisdom.

102) A fundamental principle of this second Torah of Noah is that what you acquire on earth is what you acquire on earth, but that you also acquire that for eternity. God has said to me more than once the idea that 'You Bought the item.' You own it, you see. It's yours. You have already paid for it. That doesn't change when you die, which is just a continuation of this life anyway.

103) Pride pretends itself perfection long before it has really been genuinely earned.

104) Being a loving person never goes out of fashion.

105) Karaite Noahides should have a sense of community, togetherness and family. Having values which God teaches are an active part of Karaite Noahide faith.

106) God is good. So he probably has decent ideas for how life should work.

107) Try being kind with your family when you don't want to at times. Sometimes it's up to us to be the one who cares a lot, not just mum and dad.

108) God is good. So he probably has good ideas on lots of things, and even on what you could or should do with your life.

109) Serving God in this life and turning from sin is the secret to eternal prosperity.  Sin has its pleasure for a season, but catches you out in the end.

110) The Assembly of the Divine Creator is also known as 2DF – Second Divine Fellowship of the Seven Divine Karaite Adamide-Noahide Fellowships.

111) God is good. So you, who are made in his image, probably can end up good with some concern and effort.

112) A sinful lifestyle is never a wise choice.

113) God is good. So he probably likes people who try to be decent in life.

114) It is true - God is a loving and giving and caring God. As Karaite Noahides we can expect God to make great personal sacrifices to us from his deepest heart to provide for us when we are in need. God will see to it to answer all our prayers, in great and magnificent ways, for he cares for us amazingly. If we need families and wives or husbands, if we need children, or jobs or other things in life, God will always be there, for all eternity, providing for us, for the blessing of Jehovah Jireh is amazing indeed.

115) For God is a great and wonderful and glorious and loving God. And he turns all our sarcastic life commentary into a blessing of unbelievable proportions. For God loves a soft heart, and a heart which loves God, despite its desperate straits, and still trusts in his amazing abilities to bless, even at the nadir of despair. For God is good, alleluia, amen, and amen.

116) Recycling things in life is sometimes a good idea. Often you build up things, and run out of room, so don't think you have to hold on to every bit of your wealth your whole earthly life. Let it go. Let it be. It will likely be there for you in eternity regardless. We encourage hoarders not to worry, to let possessions go, and start their hoarding again. We don't think hoarding is a problem, as long as you let the items go after a while, and trust that they will be their in eternity for you. Please, though, make sure you take enough of an interest in the items - make sure you genuinely and sincerely want that particular item, and it is not bought just for the heck of it. Want it, or God might not necessarily give it to you later. Take an interest in it, primarily. Keep it for a while - after a while, and having taken an interest, you can let it go and move on.

117) And God is Amazing by the way. A top guy. A good heart, a good soul, kind and considerate.

118) Really amazing. Someone worth knowing.

119) Really truly amazing. His wisdom is seen in creation, which has an amazing manifold array complexity in its various designs.

120) Be at peace.

121) God is a God of restoration. You might go through hell and lose it all, but sometimes you will gain it all back. Remember Job. He didn't like his suffering, but hopefully it was all worth it in the end.

122) God has always been answering your prayers. But it is always a good idea to make sure you really mean them, genuinely, and they are not childish impulsive wishes soon forgotten.

123) God is good. So goodness in your heart, and towards other people, should also be something you chip away at improving at.

124) Obey the Law. It usually means a more smoothly and happily running life.

125) For God is loving and graceful and kind.

126) God is good. So the Torah probably makes sense in the end.

127) Seek holiness. It improves your character.

129) Repent of sin. It does away with nasty aspects of life.

130) Obey God. He knows what he is talking about.

131) May the eternal blessings of God Almighty rest upon the 7 Divine Fellowships, keeping them impervious to every curse of man and angel, god and devil, beast and woman and other, for all eternity, free from harm and sin and evil device, free from wrongdoing, and sledge and every hurtful word. May God bless the 7 Divine Fellowships, his eternal servants, and bless them this time forth and henceforth for all eternity, forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever, AMEN and AMEN and AMEN.

132) God is good. So creation probably has a lot of merit to it.

133) God is good. So there is probably a lot of goodness you can find in your own life with some effort.

134) God is good. So there are probably good people in the world if we are all made in his image. Try finding some of them.

135) God, really, is very good.

136) God is kind as well.

137) God is smart. He made you, didn't he?

138) God is merciful. He puts up with you, doesn't he?

139) Practice Kindness. Life is usually the better for it.

140) There are 140 Seraphim angels in the Realm of Eternity, 70 male and 70 female, in the Chronicles of the Children of Destiny, which is Noahide Pseudepigrapha.

141) Semyaza is an angel name

142) God is good. So he probably is easy enough to get along with.

143) God is good. So you can rely on him, if you serve him, to help you out when troublesome times come along.

145) Sow seeds of friendship with your fellow man. They can reap a harvest.

146) Do Not Steal or Rob people. You wouldn't like being stolen from would you?

147) Do Not Commit Bestiality. It's really just kind of perverse in the end, you know.

148) Speak the truth. You will probably get more of it returned to you if you do, and it give you the reputation of honesty.

149) Do Not Eat Animal Blood. It's a biblical command as well.

150) Do Not Blaspheme God’s Holy Name. He's actually quite a decent God.

151) Respect God and show him devotion. He is genuinely worthy of it.

152) Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh is God. He is the great 'I AM WHO I AM'.

153) Yahweh is God. It's a way of saying his name.

154) Jehovah is God. It's another way of saying his name.

155) Elohim is God. Elohim is a Hebrew word which means 'God' in English.

156) Hashem is God. It means 'The Name', which is the holy name of God.

157) God is good. He helps people in mankind.

158) God is great. He has a sense of grand things in his creations.

159) God is fantastic. He is capable of doing a lot of things at once.

160) God is amazing. He knows a heck of a lot of how it all fits together.

161) Following the truth and speaking the truth is vital for a well flowing and orderly society.  People in positions of authority, especially, should avoid lies.

162) Do not indulge in magic and the dark arts.

163) Smoking should not exceed sensible boundaries.  Keep it under control, thanks.

164) Watch your alcohol intake.  Too much is not good for the inner organs.

165) Try being kind and considerate with people. They will often like you better because of it.

166) Try empathising with people. They may often return the favour.

167) Try understanding the other sides perspective on things. It enlarges your world view.

168) You are important in the world, but so is your neighbour.

169) Try giving people love and respect. It shows you care when it all comes down to it.

170) Try arguing less with your family. Hey, they support you in the end.

172) Make sure you provide for your children. You had them for a reason, you know.

172) Treat your pets well and ensure they have access to vets when necessary.

173) Make sure your children get a good education. You want them to be successful in life don't you?

174) Make sure you clothe, feed, shelter, educate and entertain your children, and spend some quality time with them on a regular basis.

175) Jewish pride is very insulting towards Noahides, and Noahide pride is very insulting towards Jews. Keep bigotry, pride, prejudice and snobbery well under control.

176) Noah was perfect in his generations. That said he was still probably a regular type of guy.

177) Do not steal.

178) Do not rob.

179) Do not move boundary markers. Good records show honesty, and are the fact of the matter when it comes right down to it.

180) Stop having sex with your neighbours wife.  Get your own.

181) Don’t have sex with pre-pubescent children.   You will be mocked a long time if you do.

182) Honour God with your heart and devotion to rule of law.

183) Copyright laws and Patent laws are important and part of the eternal plans of God.

184) God is honourable. And he has a good reputation with a lot of people.

185) God is decent. He doesn't do things which are sick and twisted.

186) God is lawful. He has a good attitude on society and its morals.

187) God is holy. He is very decent in many ways.

188) Do not eat animal blood. The life of the creature is in it, and, for whatever reason that implies, you are not supposed to eat it because of that.

189) Do not commit violence against people.

190) Do not torture or maim people.

191) Torture in war, were necessary, can be justified to a limited degree.  Do not make permanent damage, though.  Make sure you have the right person.

192) Food and Health and Safety standards are a crucial recommendation to maintain eternally as advised by the Assembly of the Divine Creator.

193) We favour biological parents and their rights as, ultimately, superseding adoptive parent’s rights. But in some cases, were criminality is involved, adoptive parents might have to be the way to go.

194) We believe a raped woman who becomes pregnant should still give birth to the child, and love it as her own child.

195) We think abortion at any stage of the pregnancy is wrong.

196) Same sex marriage is just stupid.  We do tolerate civil unions if the gay couple insist.

197) Marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman.

198) We do not believe in hassling gay people.

199) We do not believe in practising violence against gay people. When gayness reaches 'Sodomistic' levels of behaviour in terms of crudity, violence and sexual harassment, we do preach the death penalty as appropriate.

200) All lawful people should be treated with courtesy, love and respect.  Sinners should be treated with caution, but we remember their human dignity.

201) Teaching people to repent of their sins is a good idea, but needs to be done sensitively and with care and forethought.

202) Worshipping idols is dumb.  Worship Jehovah God.

203) Do not worship idols you fool. They are lifeless.

204) Follow the Truth.

205) Avoid arguments with other religious people. They can be very antagonistic towards our faith.

206) Let love rule. It breeds a better attitude in the world.

207) Love your mother. She gave birth to you.

208) Love your father. He usually works hard to provide for you.

209) Respect the Police and Judges and Lawyers in your community. They do hard work for society and its maintenance on core law issues.

210) Respect the Doctors and Nurses in your community. They take care of us all.

211) Respect the Public Servants and other workers in your society striving for a lawful and civilized world. It helps when we all care about the work of those trying to better our world.

212) Coveting your neighbours property is not wise. Work hard and gain your own property instead.

213) Do not murder people. They deserve to live out their days unmolested.

214) Do not tell lies. They only lead to confusion and often false accusations unknowingly and often embarrassingly.

215) False witness is dishonourable.

216) Working in a job for a living is a sensible way to go.

217) Raising a family is a sensible way to go. Work hard to do it wisely and with commitment.

218) Use your creative talents. They show your heart and spirit to the world.

219) Spend quality time with your family. They are often the biggest source of comfort in your life.

220) Being loving and kind to people builds a good heart and a good name.

221) Show people love. It can never really hurt.

222) Love people.

223) Love God.

224) Being kind never goes out of fashion.

225) Practising hospitality shows a good heart.

226) Be considerate of other people. They like to live happy lives as well.

227) Practice respect towards God, Man and Nature

228) The Font of Eternal Wisdom is to follow a Torah Code like the Second Torah of Noah.

229) Follow the way of Respect for your fellow man.

230) Respect the Kingdom of God

231) Respect the Kingdom of Noah

232) Avoid religious discussions on other religions. They only lead to confusion.

233) Noah is our father, and we love him so.

234) God is good. He has a heart of gold.

235) God is great. He has a grand vision for what could be.

236) God is awesome. He is able to get along with a lot of people really well.

237) God possibly has an ego.

238) But is probably too humble to admit it.

239) Heh, heh, heh.  Just joking God.

240) Seriously.

241) Obeying the laws of your society and nation is a good idea.

242) Being an upright, decent and honest citizen is commendable.

243) Get some holiday time.

244) Get some great hobbies.

245) Collect a lot of enjoyable and fun things.

246) Collect a lot of enjoyable and fun things and use them.

247) Keep the Law.

Psalms of Assembly of the Divine Creator


Psalm 1

Dear God of Noah

Dear God of Lamech

Dear God of Methuselah

Hear my prayer


Bless forever the

Assembly of the Divine Creator

Bless forever this

Adamide-Noahide Fellowship


Teach it your wisdom

Teach it your truth

Teach it your kindness

Teach it your love


God of Noah

God of Lamech

God of Methuselah

Hear my prayer




Psalm 2

God of Adam my father

Hear my prayer I pray

Bring Eternal Salvation

Each and every day

Forever and ever

To the members of

Assembly of the Divine Creator


God of Adam

Hear my prayer I pray

Bring Eternal Wealth

Each and every day

Forever and ever

To the members of

Assembly of the Divine Creator


God of Adam my father

Hear my prayer I pray

Bring Eternal Love

Each and every day

Forever and ever

To the members of

Assembly of the Divine Creator


Thank you Divine Creator

For your manifold blessings

Each and every day





Psalm 3

Almighty Divine Creator of the Universe

God of Absolute Glory

Sovereign of Eternal Majesty

King of Radiant Magnificence

Pinnacle of Sublime Perfection

Judge of Unparalleled Wisdom

Lord of Knowledge Unfathomable

Holy Yahweh Most Supreme

We praise your name forever

We praise your name forever

We praise your name forever

We praise your name forever

We praise your name forever

We praise your name forever

We praise your name forever

We praise your name forever

We praise your name forever

We praise your name forever

We praise your name forever

We praise your name forever

We praise your name forever

We praise your name forever







Psalm 4

Lord God

We Pray

Bless the Seven Sovereign Nations

Bless the United Kingdom

Bless the Republic of Ireland

Bless the United States of America

Bless Canada

Bless Guyana

Bless New Zealand

Bless Australia

Forever and Ever




Psalm 5

Lord God

Bless the International World

With Deflation on an ongoing and eternal basis

Bless the Economies

Bring health

Bring prosperity

Bring wealth

Bring Spiritual Blessings

Now and Forever




Psalm 6

Lord God

My Heart needs spiritual nourishment.

I Call on your grace and love, God of Noah.

Fill my Heart with your spirit

And draw me into the comfort

Of your Everlasting Presence

And Glory.




Psalm 7

God is glorious

He is the giver of law

And the laws of the Assembly of the Divine Creator,

Part of the Torah of Noah,

Are his Greatest work



And Amen



Psalm 8

God - The Infinite One

More powerful than a billion burning Suns

Creator of the Glory of Man

Creator of the Glory of Woman

Creator of the Sun's, Stars and Moons

Creator of All Creation

The Intelligent

The Wise

The Majestic


The Glory of this Eternal Universe

The Glory of this Eternal Life

The Glory of this Eternal Love





Psalm 9

In Days of Old

When Dragon's Roamed the Earth

And the sons of men were wicked in their hearts

The Most High

Called upon the Son of Lamech

And chose him for eternal salvation

And because

The Fidelity of the Chosen One

Was true, strong - perfect

Mankind was born anew

Redeemed through its father Noah

To love God for All Eternity

To Witness the Rainbow as the Everlasting Covenant

And to Praise Yahweh


And Ever

And Ever




Psalm 10

In complete honesty

There are times I bloody hate God

Because all men are bastards

And I should know, being one

And as God is the biggest man of all

You do the math

But old Jehovah

Has some minor good points

On a good day






Psalm 11

And that is why

Because we speak our mind

In all honesty

The Rainbow Bibles

Speak the words of honesty and truth






Psalm 12

Of course

The irony

Is that I also really love God

And respect him

And admire him

And value and cherish him

And think he is the Lord of Creation

The Lord of Virtue

And the Lord of Salvation

And in these truths I can praise

And acknowledge

The Lord my God

My Saviour






 Psalm 13

Lord God of Noah

Here my prayer I humbly ask you

Protect the Seven Divine Fellowships

Protect us Spiritually

Protect us Physically

Protect us Financially

Protect us Forever in these ways

Protect our word

Protect the Noahide Torah

Protect our pastors

Protect our flock

Protect our teaching

Protect our works

Protect our offspring

Protect our loved ones

God of Salvation, security and Protection

Hear our prayer for all eternity

We humbly pray

And bless our lives

With your constant protection



And Amen



Psalm 14

Lord God

Teach us to order our lives right

Teach us to prioritise appropriately

Teach us to prioritise wisely

Help us to choose the best occupations for our lives

Help us to choose our best career path

Bless our working lives

Bless our working efforts

Guide us to raise loving children

Guide us to raise a holy family

Be with us in the mornings

Be with us in the evenings

Be with us, now and evermore

Lord God

Be our God

We pray



And Amen



Psalm 15

Dearest Lord Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh

Bless England

Bless Ireland

Bless Scotland

Bless Wales

Bless Australia

Bless New Zealand

Bless Canada

Bless the United States of America

Bless Guyana

Bless Jamaica

Bless Barbados

Bless Antigua and Barbuda

Bless the Bahamas

Bless India

Bless the Glorious Noahide Nations of the World

Now and Evermore

We Ask of You


And Amen



Psalm 16

Dear God

Please bless abundantly

The food production in the Seven Sovereign Nations

Make it possible

For us to feed luxuriously


Perhaps even Quadrillions

Of Citizens, if possible

(And Quintillions would be interesting, if at all)

And bless them also

With Amazing material wealth

And Happiness

And Spirituality

Now and Evermore




Psalm 17

Dear God

Inebriate Us With Your Love

Fill us to the brim with the intoxicating love of your holy spirit

Embellish pure and unadulterated joy into the very fibre of our beings

Place happiness beyond measure into our heart and soul

And bless us with the fantasmagorical ecstasy of your most intimate presence

Be with us

Sovereign Lord of Intimate Heavenly Divine Pleasure

And let your grace, love, purity, holiness, joy, ecstasy and eternal peace

Dwell in us

Now and Forever more



And Amen



Psalm 18

Almighty God

Bless the 7 Rainbow Bibles

I humbly pray and ask of you

Bless it with your wisdom

Bless it with your truth

Bless it with your love

Bless it with your grace

Let people universally amongst the children of Men

Find therein the kind of teaching

Which motivates them to live happy, successful and meaningful lives

Let it be for your glory

Let it be for the glory of the Children of Noah

Let it be eternal

Let it be love

I humbly pray and ask of you




Psalm 19

To You Almighty God We bring our Prayer

To You Creator of the Universe We bring our Request

Bless the Economies of this World We Pray

Bless the Wealth Earning Systems

Provide work for those who desire it

Provide opportunities of advancement

Give Housing, Clothing, Food and Entertainment to your human family

Give Love, Kindness, Peace and Joy to the children of Adam and Eve

Have your hand upon us all to be lawful

Have your hand upon us all to be holy

Guide us throughout our earthly sojourn

Guide us throughout our eternal lives

Praise to you Lord God Almighty

Praise to you El Shaddai




Psalm 20

Almighty Father

Bless the creative talents of the Noahide community

Bless the creative talents of the Adamide fellowship

Lead us to write books, compose music and invent new things

Lead us to be actors, singers, poets, politicians, managers, administrators and Prime Ministers

Lead us to be plumbers, carpenters, electricians, accountants, lawyers, executives and Presidents

Bring truth in all our works

Bring faith in all our works

Bring joy in all our works

Bring love in all our works

We Praise Your Name Forever

We Praise Your Name Forever

We Praise Your Name Forever

We Praise Your Name Forever

We Praise Your Name Forever



Psalm 21

Lord God

Teach us the truth

Teach us Godly truth

Teach us holy truth to succeed in life

Teach us the truth in wisdom

Teach us righteous truth

Teach us the truth about love

Teach us spiritual truth

Teach us wholesome truth

Teach us scientific truth

Teach us the truth about kindness

Teach us beautiful truth

Teach us amazing truth to be blessed in life

Teach us societal truth

Teach us mathematical truth

Teach us linguistic truth

Teach us the truth about courtesy

Teach us the truth about nature

Teach us legal truth

Teach us medical truth

Teach us mechanical truth

Teach us the truth about hospitality

Teach us the truth in all acceptable areas of knowledge

Teach us the truth

Lord God




Psalm 22

Lord God

Rebuke me not when I sin

But correct me gently

And lead me against my evil inclinations

Have mercy on me

Forgive me for my weaknesses and shortcomings

And make me a better human


Even when my heart feels as if I have tried your patience too many times

Forgive me

And lead me again in the pathways of salvation

Help me to repent of sin

Help me to repent of wrongdoing

Help me to be loving, kind and merciful

Help me to forgive others even as I have been forgiven


Help me to walk with you forever

To call on the name of Yahweh

And to be found in your Kingdom

At the culmination of my life’s work






Psalm 23

Lord God

Teach me to love others

Teach me to have a generous heart, a kind heart, a caring heart

Help me to follow the leading of your holy spirit

Help me to do the right thing toward my fellow man

Develop within me a caring and lawful social conscience

Develop within me a respect for societal law

Guide my heart to obey your rules

Guide my heart to live righteously

I confess I am not perfect, and only human

I confess I have sinned at times, and let down the respect due to your name

Lord God, Help me to keep faith with you

Lord God, Help me to obey you

And trust in your holy name of 'Yahweh' forever and ever




Psalm 24

Lord God

I Pray

Bless Ireland

Bless Dublin

Bless Belfast

Bless Mullingar

Bless Sligo

Bless Tipperary

Bless Limerick

Bless the Counties

Bless the Villages

Bless the Country

Bless the City

Bless the Harvests

Bless the Markets

Bless the Flora

Bless the Fauna

Bless the People

Bless the Community

Lord God

Bless Ireland

Bless Her People

Now and Evermore




Psalm 25

Lord God Almighty

Have your hand upon Scotland

Teach her your rules

Teach her your ways

Teach her to love

Teach her to care

Help her economically

Help her spiritually

Lord God Almighty

Have your hand upon Scotland

Each and every day





Psalm 26

Lord God

Bless your Welsh Villages

Bless your Welsh Cities

Bless your Welsh Country

Bless your Welsh Towns

Bless your Welsh Commerce

Bless your Welsh Industries

Bless Wales

Bless Wales Heart

Bless their marriages

And Bless their families

Bless their Comings

And Bless their goings

Bless their little ones

And Bless their old ones

Bless the high

And Bless the low

Bless Wales

And gather them in your heart and arms

Each and every day

Now and Forever




Psalm 27

Lord God Almighty

Bless England's Competitive Spirit

Bless England's humble pride

Bless England's Sporting Endeavours

Bless England's Economic Agendas

Bless England's Virtue

Bless England's Spirit

Bless England at War

Bless England at Peace

Bless England with Truth

Bless England with Love

Bless England with Strength

Bless England with Sovereignty

Bless England in the Mornings

Bless England in the Evenings

Bless her People with food, clothing and shelter

Bless her People with Entertainment, Spirituality and Prosperity

Bless your English Daughter

Bless your English Son

Bless them each and every day

Bless them in your name



And Amen



Psalm 28

Lord God Almighty

Bless the Isle of Man

Bless the Manxians

Bless Douglas, Each and Every Day

Bless its economy

Bless its spirituality

Bless it with an amazing abundance of people

Bless its population fantasmagorically so

Bless it with Olympic success for the United Kingdom

Bless it with Commonwealth Games success

Bless the city of Douglas with one of the world's greatest populations

Bless the city of Douglas with amazing prosperity and wealth

Bless the Isle of Man and her happiness

Bless the Isle of Man and her love

Bless her each and every day

Now and Evermore




Psalm 29

Lord God Almighty

Bless the Falkland Islands

Bless her People

Grant her economic prosperity

Grant her economic wisdom

Bless her social atmosphere

Bless her camaraderie

Take care of her every day

Take care of her every week

Have your hand upon the Falklands

And do your will in this land

Bless her with your spirit

Bless her with your love

And lead her in the everlasting ways

Of God Almighty's Salvation and Truth

Bless her population

Bless it abundantly

And bless her in your name

Now and Evermore



And Amen



Psalm 30

Lord God

Grant us your peace

Grant us well-being of soul

Grant us goodness and pleasantness in our feelings and emotions

Grant us kind spiritual experiences and feelings of joy and love

Grant us kindness and charity and happiness

Grant us good days and good nights

Lord God

Be close to us now

Be close to us forever after

Be at one with our hearts

Be at one with our minds

Be at one with our souls

Lord God

Show us your love

And make us so very happy

Each and Every Day

We humbly ask of you




Psalm 31

God Almighty

I should be patient, and not judge so quickly

I should be calmer, and not judge so savagely

I should be prudent, and not judge so rashly

I should be faithful, and not judge so impulsively

God, I apologize for my casual words I have said

God, I apologize for my thoughtless words I have said

God, I apologize for my pride filled words I have said

God, I apologize for my nasty words I have said

God, I am thinking, perhaps selfishly, on my future

Because I don't want to lose opportunities in the faith

By my thoughtless words

By my lack of patience

By my lack of fidelity

God, I don't want to lose the opportunities you offer

So I need to repent of casual words, casual attitudes, casual mannerisms

But this is not easy

For I can be a passionate man, despite my often passive personality

Lord God, I desire wealth, success and prosperity in life

And it is best to be honest about this

I could wish for the nobility of Solomon

And only ask for virtue in judgement

Yet, my virtue, it must be honesty

For I can not deny my heart's desire for material success

And in my desire for success in life

I can use accusing words of your lack of concern for my material state

And this is not right

So perhaps you shouldn't forgive me

As If someone said I was just trying to use God, what could I really say?

How could I deny the charge that I want great success in life?

I couldn't. I can only tell the truth about that. Its just the way I am, I suppose.

Forgive me for my shortcomings.

Yet, if you will bless me, and If I must pray for this success,

Please allow me to focus my prayers of passion on such success

And forgive me for my shortcomings

For I am only Human





Psalm 32

May the Orient come before you Lord God Almighty

May the children of the Far East be in your heart

May you sanctify their soul, heart and spirit

May you teach them kindness, respect for other cultures and love of God

Have your hand upon China and North and South Korea Lord God

Have your hand upon Japan and Taiwan

Have your hand upon Laos, Myanmar, Nepal and Vietnam

Have your hand upon Mongolia, Tibet, Thailand and Malaysia

Touch all the orient, Lord God, with your gentle heart and gentle ways

And teach them pure and true love, love which will last forever.


Psalm 33

Lord of Creation, God Almighty, True Divine Creator of the Universe

You who are known as Yahweh Elohim,

You who are known as Ahura Mazda,

You who are known as Allah the Merciful,

hear our prayer, we beseech thee.

Bless and encourage, now and in each generation,

those who seek the truth of your knowledge,

and the knowledge of your Divine Creation.

Let all honour you with words of kindness, and deeds of love.

Bless those of the faith of Karaism

and those of the faith of Zoroastrianism

and those of the faith of Islam

with a desire to know the truths of your divine creation,

and to understand the wisdom of love, peace and unity

in the God and Lord who made the heavens and the earth.

By your mighty kindness and mercy we humbly ask this of thee.


Psalm 34

Lord God

May those of English Speaking amongst the Zoroastrian Community,

Find Peace and Friendliness delivered to them from the

Assembly of the Divine Creator.

May those of English Speaking amongst the Zoroastrian Community,

Find Joy and Love delivered to them from the

Assembly of the Divine Creator.

May those of English Speaking amongst the Zoroastrian Community,

Find Warmth and kindness delivered to them from the

Assembly of the Divine Creator.

Any may they share their own English Zoroastrian culture with us,

If they so choose, and further embellish the Anglospheric culture of the

Assembly of the Divine Creator,

Who loves the English Language

And delights in her wisdoms and eccentricities

And desires to share with all cultures of mankind her joys and wonders,

With all who freely choose to learn her ways and mysteries,

Of their own volition

And freedom of choice.

Blessed be the Lord God Forever.

Blessed be the Lord God of the Anglosphere of the Assembly of the Divine Creator.

Blessed be the Lord God Almighty.


Psalm 35

Dear Jehovah

The Anglosphere speaks English

This is our Language

And of this Language we have no shame

And speak it with Humility

And speak it with Pride

And speak it with Sense

And the language of the Assembly of the Divine Creator is English

This is our Language

And of this Language we have no shame

And speak it with Humility

And speak it with Pride

And speak it with Sense

And May all citizens of the Anglosphere,

Who speak the English Language

Come from all lands on Earth

From France

And from Sweden

From Malawi

And from Egypt

From Taiwan

And from Japan

From Iraq

And from Iran

From Ecuador

And from Argentina

From Australia

And from New Zealand

From Mexico

And from the United States of America

From any and all lands


Unite us all

In this our common tongue

And let the Lessons of the Tower of Babel

Encourage us to seek the hearts of gentle doves

Bless us all

Dear God grant us peace

And may the Assembly of God's people

Speak the wisdom of God within

Bless us all

Dear God of Mankind

Bless us all

And to us be kind



Psalm 36

Have Faith in God

Have Faith in Truth

Have Faith in Love

But have no Faith in Youth

For the life of a youngster

Is beset with Pride

And the life of a youngster

Often walks the dark side

God Almighty is good

God Almighty is the best

God Almighty is Royal

From the East to the West

Praise God forever

Praise Yah the King

Praise God the Lord

To him we all sing





Praise be to God

Father of Men

Psalm 37


Lord God, I beseech thee

Bless and add souls unto the Assembly of the Divine Creator

Bless and add souls unto us on this earth eternally so

Build our congregation, brick by human brick

Build our congregation, soul by human soul

Infuse this Assembly with your Holy Spirit

Infuse this Assembly with your Holy Presence

And bless, guide, teach and love us

The Assembly of the Divine Creator

The manifest beauty of your perfect will



Lord God, I beseech thee

Remember that hearts choose what they will

And its up to each of us to repent

And If we don't have your favour, we earn it still

But those who have your love, and do not repent with what they have

Will you begrudge us still our efforts of service

When we are not like those 'Supposedly Chosen' fat cats

They luxuriate with all their money

And pomp and pride in the Torah's they hold high

I've noticed the spiritual stink they carry

Is that Jehovah's greatest pride?

Perhaps if you did think again

And considered those who serve you better

You wouldn't be such a bloody snob

And acknowledge the truth of this very letter

Praise be to God

Praise the Father of Men

Praise be to God

May his Kingdom never End



I suppose Israel may have one or two good points

They're obedient, but that's about it

But in all honesty, if you asked me Lord

Well, quite frankly, they're a pile of shit

Us Noahides are wiser to me

We've learned how the world really works

While old Israel have their own particular ways

Really, they're just a bunch of jerks

You seem to think your infallible

Almighty God in all your ways

But Israel thinks they know it all

They pride themselves in Torah each day

They never admit it when they're wrong

They think they win every debate

Lord you don't yet understand

That the Jews a lot of us fucking hate

Your proud, Lord God

Your up your arse,

You always think your right and clever

You made us all, and so you think

You know it all, but your as thick as leather

It's Always God that matters most

He's said it time and time again

He doesn't care, or love us at all

Just come to God, I'll be your friend

But God NEVER goes the extra mile

He never gives much of a damn

He just wants the good things, all the servants

He never acknowledges our own plans

He's up himself, its the way it is

And he really thinks he's not a snob

But his arrogance has blinded him

He just justifies himself because he doesn't rob

He thinks he's perfect, God's fundamental flaw

He thinks he knows the truth of everything

But in the end, he has a lot of good points

And for his goodness to him I will praise and sing

But I've gotten older, gotten wiser

And now it seems this much is true

God ain't perfect, yet knowing this

Life goes on anyway, and I'll make it through

I don't need to be better than God

I don't need to be better than someone else

I'm happy being simple me

And resting in my simple self

Love for others, I've got to learn that

And forgive them still for their mistakes

Because I'm not perfect yet it seems

I still do have to go a long way

I am happy, I am content

I've found the answer in my own life

It's being good and being kind

And showing loyalty to my wife

It's time again sharing my faith

It's time again keeping faith in truth

For as I walked in days long ago

It's love and be happy till age from youth

Praise to God, Father of Men

Praise to God, Time and Again


Psalm 38

Lord God, I beseech thee

Bless Europe

Bless her nations

Bless Germany, Finland and Italy

Bless Spain, bless Portugal

Bless Andorra and France and Romania

Bless Luxembourg, bless Sweden

Bless Greece and the Netherlands

Bless dear Iceland, bless blessed Poland

And bless Hungary, Norway and Bulgaria

Lord bless Denmark and Bless Liechtenstein

Bless Russia and Georgia and Ukraine

Bless Albania, Bless Armenia

Bless Belarus and Azerbaijan and Austria

Bless Belgium, Bless Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bless dear Croatia and Cyprus and Estonia

Bless Czech Republic, bless Kazakhstan

Bless Latvia, Lithuania and Macedonia

Bless Malta, Bless Moldova

Bless dear Monaco, Montenegro and Serbia

Bless San Merino, Bless Slovakia

Bless Slovenia and Switzerland forever

Bless dear Turkey

Bless old Ireland

And for all eternity dear God bless the United Kingdom

And also dear God, because a nation it is technically

Even bless dear Jesus and his sacred Vatican City

Finally, bless Abkhazia

Bless Kosovo

Bless dear Nagorno-Karabakh

And bless Northern Cypress as well

Bless South Ossetia, a country now, you know

And lastly, bless Transnistria, Forever make it so


Psalm 39

Lord God Almighty

By your goodness and will and pleasure

May you bless the confraternity of the world of sports and pastimes

May you bless Cricket and develop her competitions internationally to every nation

May you bless Rugby League and develop her competitions internationally to every nation

May you bless Rugby Union and develop her competitions internationally to every nation

May you bless Soccer and develop her competitions internationally to every nation

May you bless the Commonwealth Games

May you bless the Olympic Games

May you bless the athletes and coaches and trainers and officials

May you bless volunteers in sport and doctors and medics who assist

May your hand of guidance teach them all fair play and proper conduct

And may you grant us thrill after thrill of entertainment and awe

As we compete in the greatest games of them all

In a spirit of fairplay, competition and human decency


Psalm 40

Dear God

May you bless the Noahide Covenant

May you bless the Noahide Faith

May you bless the Noahide people

May you bless the Noahide flock

May you bless the Noahide teaching

May you bless the Noahide truth

May you bless the Noahide Covenant

May you bless the Noahides for all eternity




Psalm 41

Dear God

Teach me the wisdom of understanding dreams

Teach me the wisdom of understanding schemes

Teach me the wisdom of understanding youths

Teach the wisdom of understanding truths

Teach me the wisdom of understanding stores

Teach me the wisdom of understanding lores

Teach me the wisdom of understanding charts

Teach me the wisdom of understanding hearts

Teach me the wisdom of understanding tumours

Teach me the wisdom of understanding humour

Teach the wisdom of understanding dogs

Teach me the wisdom of understanding Gods


Psalm 42

The Wisdom of Truth is an elusive thing

Praise unto God my heart doth sing

The Wisdom of Truth is hard to find

God is so loving and so very kind

The Wisdom of Truth is difficult to know

God teaches my heart wherever I roam

The Wisdom of Truth is what I want most

God is the lord of the heavenly host

If you my dear seeker want truths wisdom inside

Banish the evil from your heart and cast pride

Right into the deepest and darkest of hells

Never to reclaim that cruellest death knell

Pride thinks itself the true lord over men

Tells it this truth time and again

But pride is the enemy of all holy things

And the truth you believe in your pride, it hath wings

Of devil's and demons and fallen dark lords

Who would slay all your goodness with all their dark hordes

For they think themselves greater than the truth that they are

For the wisdom of truth sees all of your scars

Be humble, my friend, be humble forever

And truth will embrace you, a smell of pure heather

It resides with the lowly and meek and the mild

It resides with the gentle and purest young child

Praise God, our great saviour, the lord of all Truth

Who teaches the old and teaches the youth

But never will dwell in those full of conceit

So repent of your pride, and take the lowest seat

Praise unto God, saviour of men

Praise unto God, we sing it again

The saviour of man, the redeemer of hearts

Praise unto God, from whom we'll not depart

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Amen

Praise unto God, all my dear Friends.

Psalm 43

I have given to you Almighty God, yet you have not given to me

I have served you many years, yet you have not blessed me

And you have said to me 'I only accept from you what you give without hesitation,

and I make no promise at all of reciprocity.'

So as I have seen, vainly have I served you.

So as I have seen, with no blessing in my life, you are just a God who uses,

who has no decency, no soul. You are devoid of goodness and charity.

Fake is Jehovah. Fake is Yahweh. Fake is El Shaddai.

I gave you my all, hoping for a blessing, and you treated me poorly.

The goodness of God? What a fucking joke.


Psalm 44

Lord God. Alle Bloody Luia

You are an Asshole

But, in all honesty, you are in fact a decent enough and caring enough person

You summed it up when you said to me 'You think you're cool'.

Why should we, us humans, who have just started our eternal walk...

Why should we be so arrogant as to put on 'airs' of glory, and think so bloody

highly of ourselves? Holier than God are we? Can't we be real, huh? Can't we

relax and just be ourselves, huh? What, we have to get off on being superior

super gods, and think we are the 'Total Shit'? Perhaps we are total shit in that

attitude. Up ourselves. 'Holier than thou mentality.' You are an asshole. But

you defend your right to be an asshole. You want to also live a little, and let

it hang out a bit, and be a bit more normal. Take off the kit gloves with us

as we get older, and not always have to be on your ruddy best behaviour? Huh?

So, I guess God, you really are shit. But Holy Shit. Yes, God is Holy Shit. AMEN.

Psalm 45

Part One

Praise Jehovah, Praise the Divine Creator, Praise be to him who is very smart and clever

Praise Jehovah, Praise the Divine Creator, Praise be to him who has lived forever and ever

Thanks be to God, who puts up with all my crap

Thanks be to God, who tolerates this Noahide rap

Praise Jehovah, Praise him forever

A psalm of thanks to God, Mankind's heavenly treasure.


Part Two

Praise Jehovah, Praise the Divine Creator, Praise be to him who created the Badger and Beaver

Praise Jehovah, Praise the Divine Creator, Praise be to him who's taught wisdom for a long, long time

Thanks be to God, who likes it when it rhymes

Thanks be to God, who's heart is for us to live forever

Praise Jehovah, praise him forever

An ongoing psalm of thanks to God, the Badger and the Beaver's heavenly treasure.


Part Three

Praise Jehovah, Praise the Divine Creator, Praise be to him who created Mankind

Praise Jehovah, Not Praise to the one who he said 'Let Us Make Man in out Image' to

But no, only Praise to God, for no idol of Archangel shall I have before me

That is the stupidity of Israel, they need a King Like Michael

That is the stupidity of Israel, they need a King like David

As the Lord says in 1 Samuel, 'They have rejected me as King by wanting their own human lord'

As the Lord teaches those with ears to listen, 'David is just a human, who murders, and is fallible'

Jeremiah speaks the truth, a curse on those who trust in men

Jeremiah speaks the truth, a curse on those who rely on men

And while Michael thinks himself the splendor

The true wisdom of God supreme

He opposes those who are starting to gain glory

He is a Prince of jealousy

Michael is a dimwit

Gabriel knows this well

He's opposed me many, many times, and thinks I belong in hell

But God he shows me loyalty, and says Daniel is quite good

Michael seeks the pride and glory

But Daniel does the things he should

Daniel reads the Tanakh quite regularly, He prays the Chapters over lots of things

He reminds himself to stay humble, and not to think he's a glorious thing

But glory God has given him, with each and every step he makes

It's earned in fairness, diligently, and by repenting of each and every mistake

I am Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly, I serve Jehovah the Heavenly King

I also call him Holy Yahweh, and El Shaddai unto whom I sing

He is Elohim, and Eloah, And El and El Shaddai to Me

He's pretty kind, and teaches me that I speak sometimes to earnestly

To justify my life and actions, to think myself in the right all the time

But he gives me hints that he's pondered things,

And thought about it many times

God's wisdom is in his experience, for he's considered well the world and its ways

He knows how to handle heterosexuals, and give the appropriate amount of grace to lawful enough gays

God is tolerant, and quite a nice person, you shouldn't assume he's that judgemental

But he takes the necessary stand to run a world, and sometimes he needs to be fundamental

But God wants you to be happy and have a good life

And enjoy yourself each and every day

So in the first place learn the scriptures

It's what he teaches and I agree with him in every way

Praise Jehovah, Praise him forever

An ongoing Psalm of thanks to God, Everybody's heavenly treasure


Part Four

Eat your breakfast, eat it all, and clean your hands at the tap

Ensure you have an income to provide the food you need to eat, and for your loved ones, the heart of this rap

Eat your lunch, eat it all, and clean your hands at the tap

Ensure you have some things to do, like books to read, for you and your loved ones, and lots of crap

Eat your dinner, eat it all, and clean your hands at the tap

Ensure you pray passages of the Tanakh over society, and for your loved ones, and then have a nap

Praise Jehovah, Praise him forever

An ongoing Psalm of Thanks to God, my own and family's heavenly treasure.


Part Five

Praise Jehovah, Praise the Divine Creator, Praise be to him who is old enough to know

Praise Jehovah, Praise the Divine Creator, Praise be to him who has seen it come and go

Thanks be to God, who puts up with all my madness

Thanks be to God, who helps me in my sadness

Praise Jehovah, Praise him forever

A psalm of thanks to God, Creation's Heavenly Treasure


Part Six

Praise Jehovah, Praise the Divine Creator, Praise be to him who is confident and strong

Praise Jehovah, Praise the Divine Creator, Praise be to him who has known the truth all along

Thanks be to God, who engages with the proud and overcomes them

Thanks be to God, who humbles the arrogant and knows how to defeat them

Praise Jehovah, Praise him forever

A psalm of thanks to God, the World's Heavenly Treasure


Part Seven

I am Daniel, I am Human, I was born in the Old UK

I am Daniel, I am English, And I'm straight my friend, and never gay

I am Daniel, I am a Daly, I've lived in Australia nearly all my life

I am Daniel, I am a Noahide, and one of these days I could use a wife

Be yourself, its who you are, and don't pretend to be Almighty God

Be yourself, its who you are, and if your a frog don't pretend to be a dog

Be yourself, you have a nature, its inscribed in your DNA

Be yourself, follow your instincts, each and every night and Day

Praise Jehovah, Praise him Forever

A psalm of thanks to God, our true self's heavenly treasure


Part Eight

God has told me, more than once or twice

God has told me, probably more man thrice

And it is written judgement takes 2 or 3 witnesses

And thus, this is from God, its his own witness

Pray a psalm of Torah 50 times,

For a request of yours, and in your earthly times

God will bless it endlessly, your blessing will be plain to see

But furthermore, as he has confirmed

Pray it 100 times to earn

A blessing which quite delightfully,

Last all of time eternally

And this much God has spoken true

That build the prayers strength beyond 100 to,

Gain a stronger better result

And your throne of Glory God will exult

But hark unto this final word

If you pray for something corrupt or quite absurd

God will not honour your prayer request

So consider carefully, before you pray with zest

Praise Jehovah, Praise him Forever

A psalm of thanks to God, our prayers heavenly treasure


Psalm 46

A Treaty with life, to live, to live

A Treaty with grace, when they're sorry, forgive

A Treaty with truth, honesty still

A Treaty with man, never to kill

A Treaty with Noah, honour the rainbow

A Treaty with peace, let your grudges go

A Treaty with sense, to keep your paths straight

A Treaty with God, to love and not hate

I honour the covenant, I follow the path

This Treaty I'll keep, this Treaty will last

Psalm 47

God he leads us

On and on

God he leads us

We needs be strong

The road it ends

Not quite yet

Lead me on Lord

My Path is set

Psalm 48

Part One

Wisdom comes with experience, may God guide us to experience

Wisdom comes with patience, may God guide us to patience

Wisdom comes with study, may God guide us to study

Wisdom comes with consideration, may God guide us to consider

God grant wisdom, grant me knowledge

God grant wisdom, grant me peace

Let wisdom shine in my daily life

And shine on the world from the West to the East


Part Two

Wisdom comes with studying the Torah, may God guide us to study the Torah

Wisdom comes with studying the Rainbow Bible, may God guide us to study the Rainbow Bible

Wisdom comes with learning from mum and dad, may God guide us to listen to our parents

Wisdom comes from being patient while you learn, may God grant us patience

God grant wisdom, grant me knowledge

God grant wisdom, grant me peace

Let wisdom shine in my daily life

And shine on the world from the West to the East


Psalm 49


Let truth be what I say and do

God guide me in truth when I confess to you

Let truth be what I hear and learn

God teach me pure knowledge, and how to discern

Let truth be the inner heart of me

God show me the way to love honestly

Let truth be my word and helmet and shield

Lord God defend me eternally



God, help me work, with devotion and skill

Help me speak honesty, for every day I live

God, help me love, and know when to forgive

God, help me work, with devotion and skill


Let truth be what I say and do

God guide me in truth when I confess to you

Let truth be what I hear and learn

God teach me pure knowledge, and how to discern

Let truth be the inner heart of me

God show me the way to love honestly

Let truth be my word and helmet and shield

Lord God defend me eternally



Life can be amazing, Lord teach me to be amazing

Life can be fun, Lord teach me to be fun

Life can last forever, Lord help me to last forever

Life can be glorious, Lord help me to be glorious

Life can be enchanting, Lord help me to be enchanting

Life can be superlative, Lord help me to be superlative

Life can be mysterious, Lord help me to be mysterious

Life can be loving, Lord help me to be loving


Let truth be what I say and do

God guide me in truth when I confess to you

Let truth be what I hear and learn

God teach me pure knowledge, and how to discern

Let truth be the inner heart of me

God show me the way to love honestly

Let truth be my word and helmet and shield

Lord God defend me eternally


Psalm 50

A Pentecostal celebration

50 Stars shine on our nation

50 Lores and 50 Truths

50 things for us to do

Yet, in truth, most manifest

Our blessings at this point don't rest

For God is faithful, ever true

May a Century be God's love for you

Yet if it be right here and now

That I do rest, I'll say it now

It has been the most truest pleasure

Finding this Word of Heaven's Treasure


Psalm 51

Use him up, spit him out

Get his talent, that's what its about

But we don't need loyalty in corporation 666

We suck the blood from our employees

And send them up the river Styx

Fidelity to God, now that's a joke to me

God is not the loyal kind to me, he just lives in vanity

Worship God Almighty? There is no point in that

I'd rather be Egyptian, and praise a bloody Cat

10 years have passed, and I'm middle aged

And I've learned a thing or two

Our company is fierce and strong, our reputation is we don't lose

But deep inside, there's not much heart,

Not that much soul to find

And while I claim it for my family, I'm no longer what I'd call kind

God's been calling, saying I'm a sinner, and need to get it right

The shit I'm in is rather empty, and my mother prays for me at night

There's a better way then selfish greed, and ruling everyone

It's earning it in fairness and giving charity to some

Take your time, the priest he said, when I did have a chat

Let your business build on sound principles

And not the spirit of a fat cat

It will not fail if you do guide by word of God and Love

You'll take your Name to all mankind if you're as pure as dove

So now, as I do age each day, I've seen the other side

Were there indeed is quite a point to heaven and its pride

For its pride is sense and wisdom true, it knows the heart of things

And coz of that, I'm no longer too proud, so unto God I Sing

Praise God Forever

Praise the Father of Men

I thank him for his guidance

And his word which never ends.


Psalm 52

Knowledge of Facts, know them well, study information, learn from many wells

Of knowledge of Truth, Of Knowledge divine, of how to grow grapes, and how to make wine

Of how to make bread, of how to make soup, of how to come in sync, of how to get in the loop

Of how to be up to date, of how to be always on time, of how to say its ok, and how to say nevermind

Of how to wear clothes with style, of how to eat and not give a damn, about your manners buddy, mate, coz I'm just human, so understand

Knowledge of Facts, I know them well, and why should I care about your posh passions

I'll live by my own standards of behaviour, and not give in to temporal fashions

Eternity is the hallmark of mine, I'll live a life by the Rainbow's truth

Its a fact that the Rainbow Ever Shines, Of the Noahide Covenant its living proof

Knowledge of Facts, know them well, study information, learn knowledge divine

It will keep health in your life and health in your heart, and guide you through most difficult times


Psalm 53

Trust in the truth, live your life by the facts

The Truth does not change, it never can

History does intervene, and society does change,

And while the future is unwritten,

The past will always stand

What's done has been done, and can never be undone

History told truly is eternal truth

But Pondering its past evil might not always be wise

Instead ponder the good, and those things true

Trust in the truth, live your life by the facts

The truth does not change, it never can

Let truth be in your innermost heart

Guiding you each day, upon which you make your Stand


Psalm 54

Lord God

When businesses would inflate the economy, deflate it in opposite and equal amounts

Let our Assemblies prayers for deflation primarily counter-oppose the inflationary impulse in the economy of the world

Essentially bring price stability

Bring price stabilization, on which proper economic plans can be made

On which proper savings plans and budgets can be made

Lord God we pray, do indeed bring price deflation to the economies of the world

But primarily to counter-oppose the inflationary impulse in the world economy

This we humbly beseech of thee


Psalm 55

Lord God of Creation. My words of truth are

gratitude. For what I have in life and how I have

been provided for to take care of my needs.

Lord God of Creation. Your world has many

things in it which give me sustenance, which are

my hearts and souls beneficience and needs.

Lord God of Creation. The society of people

in this world you created give me the support

in doing the things they do and help my needs.

I have needs Lord God, and they are satisfied

by your provision, and for this I am grateful

and the words I speak are true.

The Online Agenda - Core Principles

Resume Building

A Resume. You need one. And these days it has to be online. Use Linkedin. Highly recommended. Develop it carefully. It has to be honest, factual, truthful, balanced between concise and informative. Too short and you leave them guessing, too long and it just goes on and on. Find the right balance which suits you. A mobile phone is becoming mandatory, and so is an email address. And you need your Social Networks.

Web Presence

Web Presence. It is completely the way of the future. You rise and fall depending on your web presence. Online is how you interact with much of the future world. You live 'Locally' in your own world. Those social rules and norms are well established. In this brave new world of the 21st century and beyond, you need decent web presence. Archiving material of yours permanently is the way to go for future generations. Whatever you can lend out to the world of permanent free access should be done, such as storing blogs on google groups and so on - things which stay around and last. Need a website? Use a free one. Great chance of permanent archive beyond your death if its a free one. Try Angelfire or Wix or the like. Want success? Develop well groomed web presence, and use your talents in many fields. Youtube videos which you monetize through adsense are recommended. Facebook is a must, and usually Myspace, Twitter, Instagram and so on. Pray, with Torah passages, for your web presence to grow and maintain itself. Sanctify it through prayer. Pray with a bible, and KEEP your Bible. To keep the faith, and for your prayers to endure better, KEEP YOUR BIBLE. They are valuable things.


I have fucked up a lot online in my learning phase. But you don't make an omelette without breaking eggs. You need to learn the rules of the net. You need to learn the facebook rules and policies AND FOLLOW THEM. Facebook says One account. Don't have multiples. Close your excess ones. God will likely more honour you if you follow the rules of your web social network. Stay polite, flame in socially acceptable places, and stay within the law. Internet is young and randy at this stage, so beware the trolls, sharks, scammers, spammers and haters. Pray over your web presence. Follow the netiquette. It's the way to go.

Business Plan

You need a business plan for your physical organisations, but if you are seeking prosperity, you need one for your online life and web presence. Develop a business plan in traditional ways, and seek advice from trusted sources. A good business plan is a key and foundation of online success. Stay legal, keep those informed who need to be, especially tax people, and stick with it. If at first you don't succeed, try try again, and persevere. A niche is a great way to go, and stick with it. It can bear fruit eventually. Be patient.

The Online Agenda

It's the new world. The brave new world. As Desiree sings, you gotta be tough, you gotta be strong. Don't worry if you make mistakes. You are only human. But develop your talent online, even if it is only photos or blogging, but everyone can do an online resume and autobiography. And link to all your online presence at each of your sites. Get to it. There is work to be done.

AOTDC - The Scottish Fellowship

 The Book of Scotland


Kilts. Bagpipes. Robert Louis-Stevenson. Loch Ness Monster. Haggis Golf. Presbyterians. Billy Connolly. Edinburgh. Glasgow. Andy Murray. Thriftiness. Eric Liddell. Highlanders. MacLeans. MacDonalds. MacAllisters. MacEverythings. Lochs. Wee Little Ones. Aye. Bravehearts. Savage Humour. Gaelic. Celtic. Clans. Shields. Mary Queen of Scots. Soccer. Stuff the English. Alexander Graham Bell. Electric Clock. Aberdeen. Princes Street. Tartan. Sean Connery. St Andrews. Edinburgh Military Tattoo Susan Boyle. Gretna green. The Clyde. Firth of Forth.



Hail, northern warrior. Praise to the God of creation. Scotland is old and Scotland is young. A country of natures glorious beauties. A country blessed by God. A fierce history. A proud history. Now with the United Kingdom, perhaps even now and forever. A future before us, of unknown blessings, yet the fidelity of God remains true eternally. I charge thee, children of the Scots, keep faith in Yahweh, for he is the God of creation, and those who forsake his graces dwell in halls of eternal misery at the end of their pride. Scotland is brave and Scotland is strong, and grasping the possibilities of the eternal future before us takes courage and faith. Be strong, fair Scotland. Keep the faith, fair Scotland.



The Challenge is 'The Truth'. The Challenge to sons and daughters of Scotland is 'What do you believe, why do you believe it and are you right? Maybe you don't care. Maybe you are satisfied with your religious or non-religious beliefs and do not desire any change. Perhaps that is working for you, so who cares, right? Why change? What would be the purpose in that? Our fellowship offers new life and new hope - as many religions claim to do - and while we are new, we are ancient as well, for we are the faith of Father Noah. The builder of the Ark. The Father of mankind's covenant. The Seven Divine Fellowships crave sons and daughters of Scotland in their ranks, as we crave all the children of Noah. Yet the challenge to you is this - we claim the truth. We claim the correct religion. We claim the right standing with God. If you disregard us in the end, demonstrate the worth of your beliefs in the eternal before us. For the challenge is 'The Truth'.



Glory to God. Glory to the maker of Scotland, the father and creator of Adam and Eve, the ancient ancestors of the people of this faire land. Glory to God. Maker of heaven and earth. May Scotland find the truth and keep it eternally. May it never be sold, and may this fair land cherish the ways of holiness taught by the father of creation, taught to last eternally. Praise be to God. Alleluia. Amen.




Religious Unity amongst Monotheistic Believers and Believers of other Faiths

 7DF do not claim to have a solitary stranglehold on the truth. We do claim to be the closest representations of divine truth through our Karaite proclamation of faith, but do no claim exclusive knowledge of the fullness of every truth or fact under heaven. Goatama Buddha has challenged untold numbers to find truer meanings in this human sojourn on earth.

 Coming together - uniting - getting along with each other is a far better answer than religious pride and bigotry. We all must cherish our religious identities and values, and we must each keep the faith as we see it. Yet we must also share this planet and accept each other and religious understanding and acceptance is a far better bridge of hope than separation, pride and prejudice.

 And the heart of the Anglosphere culture which AOTDC represents is a culture which has love, unity, tolerance, respect and understanding of each other amongst our human race and family. It is not an Anglosphere for the English - it is an Anglosphere for everyone, and the 7 Rainbow Bibles and the Chronicles of the Children of Destiny come through the medium of the English Language and culture, and thus instinctively defend this culture, but march forth to all mankind with an international focus, and a message of hope and unity for all of us.


May we Sons and Daughters of Noah of all nations come together in love, fellowship and understanding

May we share our own visions of glory, may we share our own visions of peace

May we be united, may we accept and love each other, may we be as one

All Glory to God, all glory to the King of Creation





A Prayer Against Guns in the Seven Sovereign Nations

 Lord Yahweh God Almighty

May you eradicate gun ownership in the Seven Sovereign Nations

May the people of the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Canada, the United States of America, Guyana, Australia & New Zealand, see the wisdom in refusing to own guns, and the damage that guns can do to the heart of their nation

May we all repent of the wicked violence of abusing gun ownership

May we all repent of our tolerance towards frivolity on this issue

May we all repent of our tacit acceptance of the wrath which guns cause on our society

Eradicate gun ownership I pray, Almighty God

Make people voluntarily destroy their guns, voluntarily give them up for destruction

Convict people for their use of guns in their homes for protection

And teach them there is a better way of life, a better way of innocence

Defeat the seduction of the Gun I pray, Lord God Almighty

Defeat this wicked beast, which tempts with the power over human life

Defeat it, slay it, destroy it forever

Remove it from our homes and our families

Destroy this devil

Defeat the power of cold hard metal

Remove guns from our Land I pray Lord God

Remove them forever

Let all see that they only cause harm and death, in the end

For people inevitably abuse the privileges of owning them

Destroy the power of killing instruments

And let us turn our weapons of war

Melted down

Into instruments of peace

I pray to you

Lord God Almighty







The Book of Wales

 Dragons. Anthony Hopkins.  Catherine Zeta-Jones.  Cardiff.  The Snowdonias.  Coal mines.  Men’s choirs.  Leeks.  Daffodils.  Shirley Bassey.  Tom Jones.  Dylan Thomas.  Swansea.  Conway Castle.  Soccer.  Cricket.  Rugby.  Celts.  God. Wales is a mighty nation before the Lord.  Wales is a proud and true nation, of God-fearing people.  Wales is a dynamic powerhouse of passion, truth and life.  May God forever bless Wales.  Child of Wales, seek God Most High, seek him long, seek him often, seek him from dawn till sunset, all the days of your lives, and seek his passions, his loves, his glories. Wales future is eternal, by the Grace of God Most High. Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia



The Book of Ireland

 All I can say is ‘Mrs Browns Boys?’ Shite!! AMEN.