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Superman: War of Powers

Lucifer Reborn

A Day in the Life of the Justice League International

Def Leppard Adventures: Pyromania

Def Leppard Adventures: Hysteria

New Characters & Ideas

Joker's World Tour

Blue & Gold: The Chronos Factor

Blue & Gold: Heavy Hitting

Catwoman Movie Review

Superbuddies and a Depressed Brimstone

Blue Beetle Corps: Quasar Conundrums

Gold Beetle Confronts Aquarius

DC Plot Ideas

Batman: The Real McCoy

Blue Beetle/Aquaman: Underworld Reach

Booster Gold: Citadel of Gold

Bumblebee Movie – Plot Details

Tailgunner Jo 2: Enter Rugrat Jack – Plot Details

Hawkman Story Plots

Flash 2022: Dark Charlatan

Flash 2022: Goldface Rears his Ugly Head

DC Plot Ideas: One Star Squadron, Global Guardians & A Day in the Life of the JLI

Power Twins

JLI Movie Dialogue

The New Titans: Dragon's Blood

Harry Hokum: The Perfect Mate

Harry Hokum & The Citadel

Gods & Monsters

Superman: War of Powers


China announces a Celebration of the Great Wall to be completed.

Lois Lane is at the Great Wall, and there are fireworks.

A Chinese traditionalist group attacks the forces to prevent the

great wall being completed, led by 'The Grand Dragon'super warrior

who takes Lois. Superman finds out and flies to China, confronts the

Grand Dragon Warrior, and persuades him to release Lois, and that

there is a better way than confrontation – negotiation. The grand

warrior is able to negotiate the great wall staying as it is. Later on

at the Daily Planet they discuss this and lois says to Clark that it could

have been kind of interesting though, the great wall being finished.

Focus on Lex and his prison life.

Lex is freed by the same old goons.


Phase 1 LEXCORP. Superman Meets Supergirl.

Phase 2 Battle between Lexcorps & Superman/Supergirl above Metropolis

Phase 3 Lexcorp retreats and begins Nuclear operations. Superman & Supergirl deal with this

and the final apprehension and dismantling of LexCorp

Lucifer Reborn Part 7

'Where are we?' asked Lucifer.

Yahweh the God of the Covenant poured out his tea.

'I am not a triune God,' he said.

Lucifer continued looking around the complex, and looked at the old Englishman. 'Funny,' he finally replied. 'I took it you were something approaching that supposedly in the teaching of Christendom. You are saying you are a Muslim deity?'

'The earlier flock?' replied God.

'The Jews?' queried Lucifer. 'How original. Keeping the faith with Israel. How noble of you. Amusing. I suspected funny business as well. Since the beginning it appeared not to be the case, Triunity. But Augustine was terribly persuasive.'

'He had his charms,' replied God. 'This place is a hostel and home of sorts. Not too far from our last dining experience. Lower down a bit, a bit this way, a bit that way, and Bob's your uncle.'

'Fascinating. Through the portal – I had no idea where I was going. Why did you summon me? I recall our speaking again was not required.'

'Your words Samael. I may have agreed for a while, but I shall do as I shall do. I wanted to talk about Beyond.'

Lucifer scratched his leg, stood, and started wandering off around the facility. He found residents here and there engaged in this and that. They seemed like Yahwehs regular cronies. Quiet, obedient, preoccupied. Finally, having seen enough, he returned to the Father in Flesh.

'What do you wish to know?' asked Lucifer.

'Who do you think created it?' asked God.

Lucifer stared at God. 'In him we live and breathe and have our being? Is that what you are saying?'

'Your energy and power is created within you by my own ability. So is your life force. You are an angelic child of God. How can you think this changes in some way? How can you create your own life force and energy? It comes from the spark I have placed within you? This universe. There are ways it operates. There are ways it function. There is design at work. What makes you think it can run happily contrary to that design? An elevator makes a poor automobile, no matter how much the libertarian insists on their rights of self determination.'

'You are arguing the moral constants of your own declaration. Old news I'm afraid. Not buying it anymore?'

'And you can design a better world?' asked God, sipping on his tea.

'Of course,' said Lucifer.

'I will cut a very long story short. I am prepared to allow you to expand Beyond in the realm it is within. To your hearts content. But you will find, in time, no matter how much you declare your righteous truths, they will behave in certain ways you can not control and crave certain ways of life which you insist are too – dogmatic – to be tolerated. It is what is in a person.'

Lucifer went silent. 'At the least, I would like to find that out for myself.'

'Then you shall,' said God. 'This place is called the Castle of Quiet Escape. It's a regular enough recluse with its own charms and wonders.'

'Fascinating,' replied the devil, and sipped on his tea. 'If that is all?'

'Good day good sir,' replied God.

'Good day,' replied the Devil.

* * *

A Day in the Life of the Justice League International

Particle Man and Blue Beetle Live it Up

Particle Man from the Hero Group was firing Particle beneath Ted Kord's feet. They were in the extensive larder of Queen Bee of Bialya.

'A little more,' said BlueBeetle.

Particle Man concentrated and increased the particle load beneath Blue Beetle's feet. Blue Beetle gravitated a little higher in the air.

'A little more,' said Blue Beetle.

'This is taking some effort,' replied Particle Man, but increased his work again.

Blue Beetle rose again.

'That's it,' said Ted, and reached up to the top shelf and grabbed the sixpack of carefully stored beer. He jumped down and handed Particle man a can, and they sat on the larder floor, drinking grog.

'She's a muslim,' said Particle Man. 'Keeps that stuff hard to get.'

'Hey, no skin off my nose,' said Blue Beetle, and burped. 'This is good Bialyan beer.'

'Hey, life's a party,' said Particle Man, and they drank the rest of the sixpack that afternoon, and got a tinsy bit drunk in the process. In the morning, when Queen Bee and her guards opened the larder which had been locked, accidentally locking inside Blue Beetle and Particle Man of the Hero Group, they found the two heroes, sleeping, a pile of beer cans around them, and empty packets of potato crisps, mars bars, and ice cream containers.

'They have eaten all the good stuff,' said a guard.

'Queen Bee kicked the two heroes and there eyes opened. 'I should make you pay for all of that,' she said.

'Yes, your majesty,' replied Particle Man, bowing to Queen Bee.

'Got any chocolate fudge sauce?' Asked Blue Beetle. 'We've still got a 4 litre of plain vanilla to polish off. Bwah ha ha ha.'

'Take them away,' sighed Queen Bee, and looked at the mess and thought on her impending shopping list the Kitchenmaid would soon present her with. More damn bills.

The End

Def Leppard Adventures - Pyromania

Chapter 1 Def Leppard was in a mood. Billy was back in the gang, and had a new gun he'd bought from Die Hard. It was a GHT467X. Deadly. They were out the back of Def's place, smoking, drinking booze. The babes were strewn around the pool. 'Is this Taylor Girl the main Squeeze Def?' asked Billy. 'She could be,' replied Def. 'But I'm a long time Marilyn faithful. She is the photograph my heart can't move on from.' Def looked over at Taylor and Marilyn chatting. Babes in their bikinis. 'What you gonna do with your gun Billy?' asked Def. 'There is some action coming up. I'll be under fire. It will need less words and more action to cope with the Stagefright.' 'Borrow Taylor. She likes the limelight,' said Def. 'Too late for that love,' said Billy. 'I had my eye on her once, but she's a love story I just can't cope with.' 'Yeh, Love bites,' replied Def. Still, you'll shoot up some hot action when you get going on the new scene.' 'He'll be like a rock of ages,' said Die Hard. 'He'll never go out of fashion.' Def Leppard thought on that. 'It's hard not to get to jaded. Dated. But we rock on, and the new kids show up.' 'Ain't that the truth,' agreed Billy and Die Hard. THE END.

Def Leppard Adventures - Hysteria

Chapter 1 Def Leppard was with Mars. The God of War. 'Diana. She's hot,' said Def Leppard. 'Aye,' replied Mars. 'Wonder Woman rules the Superhero Universe. But keep your eyes off her, Def. Marilyn is your girl.' 'Life moves on,' replied Def. He looked up at the sign at the back of his pad against the wall. 'ANIMAL. All New Incredible Majestic American Lovers'. 'Aye,' said Mars, looking at the sign. 'Your biggest audience the Yanks.' 'They love me the most,' said Def. 'American Women especially. Can't get enough of the Deffster. I run riot all through America when crusing Wonderland.' 'Plenty of Love and Affection, huh?' replied Mars. 'So damn excitable it's like Armageddon itself,' said Def. 'I get going with some passion, the Women Love me, get in the cruise control mood, get rocked on the radio, and as the cameral rolls and the action unfolds, they film my exploits. When it goes on TV later that week, all through the land they are chanting to Def Leppard. They love me.' 'You'll have to take on the Doom Bitches again. They have some Leppard Girls who they have under their control. Corrupting them in the Darkseid of the Force. Out on Apokolips,' said Mars. 'That could be a problem,' replied Def Leppard. THE END.


Bites his nails.  Blonde.  Wears a T-shirt with a smily

face and pants with suspenders, as well as a red cap.

Criminal.  Doesn't kill people, but robs a lot, and does

a lot of pranks.  Watches a lot of movies and bites

his nails and says 'It's Scary' when he's watching them

and sometimes, when people in the cinema say

''Pipe it down' he erupts and fury at them and shouts

'Shut the hell up' yelling on his feet.  He also watches

movies at home. He's a Batman/Blue Beetle/Booster

Gold & Harley Quinn villain.


Black lady with long hair and is pretty.  She wears slacks

and a t shirt with a 'up yours' flipping the bird finger on it.

She is in the habit of giving the finger.  Like nailbiter she

is a tough street fighter.  She is a criminal sort of person

but not really about crime for the sake of crime or to get

rich - more of a brat and a prankster after a fun time.

She's a Batman/Blue Beetle/Booster Gold & Harley Quinn

villain also.


Batman, Next Batman, Azrael & Batwoman in a cheverolot

with Batman driving, Next Batman next to him and Azrael

and Batwoman in the back seat.  Dressed in civvie clothes

going out for a night on the town.  In one scene they are

in the Batcave, and it's the old Batmobile (from the 60s)

with the Batman logos removed.  'That old junk' says

Damian, with nightwing standing next to him, as Batman

and co drive off, with Batman saying 'Don't stay up kids.'


In the Joker have Bane build a large Clock like Big Ben in Egypt, and he martials troops on the top, and calls it the Doomsday clock to his clock followers, and says 'Doomsday is Coming' and bring in Doomsday to the issue, and have Joker be confronted by Doomsday.

have joker control Doomsday on top of the doomsday clock, and have Bane in a Big Tank Machine make war with Doomsday, with joker helping them, to conquer Egypt and north africa, and put it on Gotham news. Joker is doing a big prank, and have 'Steel' resolve this

Joker story: have Connor kent superboy take on doomsday, steel take on Bane, and Lois lane reporting fight the joker in a fistfight and gives him a bleeding nose, but he escapes.

Joker ends up in the Congo and takes on Apes with practical jokes, and the CIA, Interpol and Russian police get inolved with Gordon, and Bane is in business with him again, and more of joker's militia.

Joker: After that joker is in South Africa, and Deathstroke has a job there, and Joker is dining with rich south african businessman discussing laughing gas, and its noir stuff.

Then continue 'Jokers World Tour' as he causes mayhem and does his business

And joker says to gordon 'catch me if you can'

Blue & Gold: The Chronos Factor

Blue & Gold: Heavy Hitting

'Level 2, Blue Beetle,' said the Commodore 64 voice processor.

'How come we deal with C64 technology?' asked Ted to Booster Gold.

'Works well,' replied Booster Gold. 'Has the basic flows of computer engineering understood well. Programmers can use 64 knowledge to clearly complete task and organise things well. Smoothly. Basic and ML have great capabilities when handled with skill.'

'I see,' replied Ted. 'Ok Computer. Level 2.'

'It is more – complicated,' said the computer.

'Bring it,' said Ted, and entered the training room.

5 robots entered the room. They looked like R2D2.

'They are expensive to rebuild, Mr Kord. If you damage them to excessively you will face deduction of your hero wage. Take care and defeat them with precision and class. Do not be destruction. Codes of heroes keep the cities under control now in their brawling with the dark side. Terribly high expenses otherwise.'

'Gotcha,' replied Ted. He entered into the training area, and took out his air gun. An R2 unit came forth, and out of its head came a light camera. It showed a picture of Princess Leia in her famous bikini. 'I want you Ted,' she said. 'You and me dude. How about it?'

'Sounds good,' said Ted.

At that moment and R2 unit had snuck up behind him, and branding a poker tazer, zapped his butt.

'Unnggh,' squirmed Ted.

'Basic delusionary tactic Ted,' said Booster Gold. 'You should have seen that coming.'

Ted turned and looked at the R2 unit. It whirred softly.

'Aw, I forgive you little fella,' said Ted, and patted his head.

At that moment the 3rd R2 Unit had sped up and rammed Ted from the side, sending him collapsing.

Ted got up. 'Dirty play, huh?'

'Whirre,' said the 3rd R2 unit.

Ted aimed his air gun, bu the 4th R2 Unit used a magnet and extracted the air gun from Ted's grasp.

'Shit,' said Ted.

'What you are in,' said Booster.

The R2 units gathered then, as one, in front of Blue Beetle. They brandished Robot War daggers emerging from their head units.

'I could be stuffed,' said Ted. 'Time to kick into action.' He kicked the first one, and it fell on its side. He toppled the second one over, and it whirred its wheels helplessly. Grabbing the net from the side of the room, he grabbed the 3 other units and tied them up, and tied the net against a hook on the wall. He dusted his hands together, and came over to Booster Gold.

'Effective enough. And the units are in acceptable condition,' said the voice. 'But it was only level 2 Blue Beetle. Level 3 will increase the actioin with droids you have a degree more liberty to get more action oriented with.'

'No kidding,' said Ted.

'All in a days work,' said Booster. 'Let's get a drink.'

And, so leaving the Super Buddies training room, they went off for refreshments, leaving a C3PO unit shaking his head, and restoring his R2 units to their proper standing.

The End

Blue & Gold: Heavy Hitting 2

'Now would be a good time, Ted,' said Ice.

'Pretty much,' replied Fire.

'It's barely started to bubble,' said Ted.

'We could let it,' said Booster.

'We'll use our powers,' said Ice.

'I promise you, it won't be pretty,' said Fire.

The savages with the brandished spears looked hostilely towards Blue & Gold.

'We need to rescue them,' said Ted, talking also with his hands. 'They are the Super Buddies.'

'There will be a ransom to pay,' said a savage in an accent. 'Cigarettes. Kord Industries cigarettes. We have noticed your Luxury Goods line. Cigarettes will do.'

'Fine,' said Ted. He took out his notebook, and wrote a slip. '500 cases of cigarettes. I've signed the note. Will that do?'

The savage took the note, and they left the enclosure.

Booster undid the ropes, and fire and ice got out.

'We're too polite to normally do much,' said Fire. 'But I was tempted.'

'They are savvy, if you really must know,' said Ted Kord, looking at the savages climbing into their tree houses. 'They have technology in the central trunks. They are not real trees. And it goes down as a network underground. The apparel is to put people off and give a false impression. It's a complex society of about 100,000 down beneath us. Strict protocols and well oranised. Semi-hedonistic, as pleasure is a big part of the program, but they have ethics and act decently towards each other.'

'Kind of like the Super Buddies,' said Booster, handing the girls a towel from his backpack.

'Were is the X factor?' asked Ice. 'We couldn't find it.'

'Jonn said it would be on the island. He didn't say were on the island. Just that it would be on the island. The Y factor is Batman and Superman's concern, and Flash and the Lantern are handling the Z factor. Our job is to find X.'

'Doctor XYZ is a new one,' said Ice. 'I don't think I've heard of him before.'

'He's obviously another madman with a bend on science to the world's detriment. Or some other logic which motivates him,' said Ted.

'Like Kord industries,' said Fire, as they started wandering through the forest looking for the X Factor. The X, Y & Z factors were boxes with electronics in them. They were codes Doctor XYZ had send them off to find, lest the world suffer a nuclear attack.

'Wonder Woman is handling things in Metropolis,' said Ice, looking at her wrist monitor. 'Doctor XYZ from these reports and his droids are causing a lot of mayhem. Superman is with Batman out in the Kuiper belt somewhere, and the Dominators are present again, studying Earth. The Y Factor is out there somewhere. And Flash and Lantern are in Fiji, looking around. They'll find Z.'

'So we find X,' said Ted. 'And disarm those bombs before they launch.'

'So we find X,' said Fire.

And they got on with their search.

The End


Critics who panned 'Catwoman' are morons. I'm half way through the flick, and it's awesome. I'm pretty sure these days a lot of the critics of DC movies are people who don't understand well. Life in general. They don't understand well. But not just DC movies, but lots of things. I think a lot of the critics are haters and people who don't understand something on its own merit. Catwoman so far is a perfectly consistent, logical and entertaining movie. DC movies are not required to be kickass action superhero movies. They are required to be good movies. And Catwoman so far is very, very good. Charm. A fine selection from days a little further back when they were not so carnal as they are in today's movies. It's good stuff. It's positive, happy and that word again – charm. It's got heaps of charm. It's got strong social feel to it, and Halle is really very likeable as Catwoman, but more, as Patience Phillips. It's really good. It's not quite 100% a DC sort of Catwoman. Not quite. It's more of a fresh Catwoman of a more original nature. But that said, it is a DC project, and this new Catwoman has come into the corpus of DC movies as a new idea for Catwoman. I'm really enjoying this movie so far. Far from boring, and the pace is good enough for me, and the decent language is very appealing. My recent burst with Birds of Prey was a rush of intense language and action. Catwoman is far more sedate, but really quite lovely. If you appreciate genuinely cool and charming movies, watch this one. I can't speak in the end for everyones taste in things. If you are expect DC Catwoman, you'll get her somewhat, but if you just want a refreshing and cool movie, believe me, I'm taken with her. First class stuff.

Superbuddies and a Depressed Brimstone

The Bug is flying through the sky above the Atlantic Ocean. Blue & Gold are at the control deck. Banter. BB looks to the side as Batman & Robin in the Batplane sidles up alongside them, followed by Wonder Woman in the Wonder Jet alongside Batman. Superman flies on the left side of the Bug. They approach an island and Firestorm is fighting Brimstone. Doomsday suddenly lands on the front window of the Bug out of nowhere. He glares at Blue and Gold and then leaps onto the Batplane. He gets on top and starts smoking his cigar. Damian puts on his magnetic boots and goes out with his cane and starts whacking Doomsday. Doomsday gives Robin a casual glance, but otherwise ignores him. Damian gives up and goes back inside. They near the island, and Brimstone breathes fire at the Bug. 'We're going down,' yells Ted. 'We're blistered,' said Booster. The bug crashes on the island. Batman lands the Batjet near the Bug, as wonder woman also does. Superman and Wonder Woman start helping Firestorm fighting Brimstone. Batman watches the action, and Doomsday starts wrestling Brimstone's leg. Suddenly mini Brimstones human size appear and start wrestling Blue and Gold. Then a Big female Brimstone with a pony tail shows and shrieks. 'His Wife,' says Batman. Superman says to Brimstone 'Why are you fighting?' Brimstone glares at him then sits down crouched. He opens up his hands. Wonder Woman feels like she might know what is going on. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman find the villagers who had complained, and it is surmised from the Villagers that Brimstone has moved in. 'He needs somewhere to live,' says Wonder Woman. The Villagers want compensation and Batman forks over cash for Brimstone to live on the Island. The situation is resolved and they repair the Bug and leave.

Blue Beetle Corps: Quasar Conundrums

Blue Beetle is in the Scrapers. He is using binoculars to spy on Cloudflame and Scorcher on the scraper across the road. Scorcher and Cloudflame dive off the scraper and plummet down. Ted watches concerned. They land on the ground and enter the building which is 'Quasar Tech'. This volume involves Firefist's securing the 'Quasar Burst' which enable star travel for space in superior speeds and laser powered technology.

The Plummet: 'Remember,' says Scorcher. 'Don't burst on till just before the bottom.' They plummet head first, but half way down they burst on and slow down a bit, looking at people inside the building as they are in flames, then they descend to the bottom. They enter inside and people are aware of the two El Paso brats, and security cops meet them at the entrance. They zap them with their powers which are developing and the guards are propelled against the walls, knocked out unconscioius. They descend down stairwells, into sub-basement 4, break through security doors, and find the secret lab, which holds the technical research papers and some of the technology, which they retrieve. They meet Blue Beetle at the top of the stairs, near the entrance, who is helping the guards recover. 'Stolen property by the looks of it kid,' said Blue Beetle. 'Whatcha gonna do about it bug breath,' replied Scorcher Beetle takes out his gun, and warns them. 'Cops again, I'm afraid. Hard time.' 'Bite me,' says Cloudlflame, and they fly past him and escape. BB resheathes his air gund, and a guard says 'You're going to need a lot more than that thing to handle those two.' And BB says 'I know.'

Gold Beetle Confronts Aquarius

I am Aquarius, said Aquarius, looking in the mirror. He looked at himself. I'm not that tough am I? The reflection did not reply. Come on dude, he said. I am Aquarius. He glared at himself.

Your a starsign, said Feebler.

Why do I feed you Feebler? Queried Aquarius.

I'm a Celestial Chipmunk you acquired from Mr Miracle. One of New Genesis's finest creatures. Why wouldn't you acquire me dimwit.

Sometimes I wonder, replied Aquarius.

You have the Tarot Deck, queried Feebler.

The new age has dawned, replied Aquarius. And my cards are imbued with power.

Then let us strike this convention and dazzle them. And when are all under the spell, rich pickings.

Indeed, replied Aquarius, and grabbing Feebler, made for downstairs.

I have a golden joker, said the joker.

Golden jokers are worth not much, said Bruce Wayne. Barely a power structure.

Silver jokers are ok, said Gold Beetle. Silver Jokers work well with the Diamond Warrior cards. Gold melts in the action against Black and Red dragons too much.

Booster Gold laid down a card in the Aquarian Tarot Deck. The Wyvvern of Madness, said Booster Gold.

Blue Beetle looked in the rule book. Some abilities. Can turn opponents mad, but he can be countered.

The game went on. Aquarius entered the room. Ladies and gentlemen. Behold my cards.

Behold his cards, said Feebler, sitting on Aquarius shoulder.

Aquarius brought out his magical deck of Aquarian Tarot cards and, one by one, with spellcraft, flicked them into the centre of the room where they hung glowing in the air. The heroes and villains all looked on.

Hey, he's Aquarius isn't he?' asked Booster.

Where our cards came from, said Gold Beetle. He gave us a pack near the beginning of the convention. I don't think ours are powered though.

Aquarius muttered something, and the cards started forming a circle and marching around in circle form.

Gold Beetle watched on and picked up the rest of the deck of cards but dropped them. Oops, I'll pick them up, she said, getting underneath the table to gather up the cards.

AQUARIUS yelled Aquarius, and suddenly the cards splayed outwards and surrounded the heroes and villains and energy of Aquarius came from the cards, putting them all in a trance. As they were tranced, Feebler and Aquarius started robbing the heroes and villain one by one. Shortly Gold Beetle got back up from under the table. Got them all fellas, she said. She looked at Blue Beetle. His face was all up in a weird smile. As she looked around the table and the room, everyone was caught up like that. Then she noticed Aquarius and his chipmunk. They were robbing everyone.

Time to be a hero, she said to herself. She jumped to her feet and rushed over to Aquarius.

Halt ye unrepentant villain, she said.

Use a card, said Feebler.

I've used them all, said Aquarius.

Gulp, went Feebler.

Take that,' said Gold Beetle, and did a karate chop on Aquarius arm. And soon they fell to a struggle, but Gold Beetle was well trained, and soon had him pinned, and then handcuffed him.

Release the spell, she said.

Bite me, replied Aquarius.

Gold beetle pushed his arm in pain.

'Fine, said Aquarius. He yelled RELEASE and the Aquarian cards fell to the ground. The heroes and villans came to their senses, and Batman soon worked out what had transpired.

Good work, he said to Gold Beetle. I'll take him to the local jail.

I'll get my revenge, Gold Beetle, said Aquarius.

See you in court, said Gold Beetle. Your busted Zodiac Villain.

Bah, humbug, said Feebler, as Batman led them away.

Gold Beetle, after people stopped clapping, returned to her seat,and sat down, the heroes and villains looking at her.

Gold Beetle saves the day, said Blue Beetle.

Who else, said Booster Gold.

About my Golden Joker, said Joker, and the arguments started up again, as Gold Beetle sighed, and grabbed the rules book to work out her next move.

The End

DC Plot Ideas

(Were Tweeted to DC)


YAS PLOT 1: Dear DC. Could you do a new 6 issue 'Young All-Stars' mini series were the team are reborn in the Infinite Frontier, and are gathered at their HQ, looking out at Space one night.

YAS PLOT 2: They are called by Oan Guardians to travel into a faraway world were people are being persecuted. They travel their via spaceships provided by the Guardians. Iron Munro, while there, has an affair with a blue alien.

YAS PLOT 3: Coming from the Future, Locus of the 5 (Justice League 3000 / 3001) has travelled back in time chasing the Justice League. She comes into contact with the Young All Stars and informs Iron Munro she is descended from him.

YAS PLOT 4: On Locus Homeworld there is tension between the more human like inhabitants descended from Iron Munro and the indigenous. Locus is hoping she can find a place on Earth more appropriate for her. She resumes her crush on Hal Jordan.

YAS PLOT 5: Darkseid seeks to corrupt Locus (who is already a bad girl) but with the help of the YAS Locus overcomes the temptation, joins the YAS, is accepted by her ultimate grandfather Iron Munro, and they fend of ships from Apokolips attacking Earth.

YAS PLOT 6: The reformation of 'The Dome' by the Global Guardians occurs during the Mini Series with Fire and Ice Instrumental, and the Guardians of the Universe Commission the Global Guardians with their Charter for Earth in Sector 2814.


The 5 issue Mini-Series 'Justice League 3000: Locus - The Blood of Kings & Queens', shows how Locus from the Five is descended from supremely powerful figures from all over the galaxy of the DC Universe, leading to her incredible powers and strengths.


Catwoman on the Prowl: The Movie. Stars Halle Berry as Patience Phillips, Janet Jackson as Jessie Phillips (Her Sister), and Emma Watson as Selina Kyle. Selina is Patience' young protege and Patience and her Sister train her. The problem is when 'The Batman' Enters in.


A 3 issue mini series with the original hero team: 'Infinity Inc: The Bludhaven Bankers Bastards Association'. Dramatic Red, White & Black shadow covers.

Infinity Inc: The Bludhaven Bankers Bastards Association 2 - Nightwing joins Infinity Inc. (The Original Team) in exposing corrupt banking practices coming from Bludhaven Bankers, who are utilizing the finance sector to gain power and wealth and rulership.

Infinity Inc BBBA 3: Nightwing is kidnapped by 'Kestrel' (Hawk & Dove) who is working for the BBBA, and taken into a room with dark and shadowy figures who tell him to cease his investigations or there will be - trouble. He's then dumped in a river, blindfolded.

Batman: The Real McCoy

Officer McCoy surveyed the grim streets of Gotham. He was on patrol from New York, coming to Gotham chasing up a lead. The Batman was up ahead of him, on the heights of a office block, surveying the scene below. The Crimson Avenger Gang. The Pretend Crimson Avenger Gang. Drinking beer. They had Crimson Avenger logos on their jackets now, and prided themselves on being his cultic devotees. Officer McCoy was not impressed, neither the Batman. He strode up, hand on his holster, and Batman swung down in their midst.

'Shit, it's the Batman,' said one of the gang members.

'We don't want no trouble, Batman,' said another.

McCoy appeared. 'Batman won't give you any trouble, lads. I'm Officer McCoy from New York. I need information.'

'We ain't no snitches,' said one of the gang members.

Batman took the gang member by the collar, and glared into his eyes.

'What do you want to know?' replied the gang member nervously.

'Jack Bedlington came into town last night. I'm chasing him up. He's wanted for discussions on some incidents in New York.'

'Jack is down at wharf,' said a gang member. 'Waiting for someone. He's down at the bar there.'

'Thank you,' replied Officer McCoy.

Batman let the youth go, and they departed. Later, at the wharf, Jack fired shots at the Batman, but they ricocheted off his armour. Batman apprehended him.

'I'll take it your guilty then,' said the Batman.

'I ain't guilty of nothing,' replied Jack Bedlington.

'That's a double negative,' said officer McCoy, showing his face. 'You're wanted for questioning back in New York. You're coming with me.'

Jack looked up at the face of the Batman, behind his mask, all fearsome and powerful and grim.

'Fine,' he said. 'Better than the Dark Knight and his Grim personality.'

'Glad you like me,' said the Batman.

'Yeh. You're a laugh right,' replied Jack.

So Jack was taken by Officer McCoy, who saluted to Batman, as the Caped Crusade took to the heights again, soon swinging away, as Office McCoy took his man, and soon enough was gone from the grim and gritty streets of Gotham City.

The End

Blue Beetle/Aquaman: Underworld Reach

The Reach have Established a Network with the Octoids of the Oceanic Underworld. The Octoids have Reach Technology which is infiltrating the citizens of Atlantis and other underwater socities, and corrupting and reprogramming them into service of the Empire of the Reach. The Reach are planning on using the Underworld in their conquests of Earth. Blue Beetle learns of the machinations of the Reach, and Blue Beetle talks with Aquaman. They board the 'Ocean Beetle' (An Underwater Sea Explorer) and delve down into the deeps to confront and battle with the Octoids and expose their plans and connections with the Reach. They capture the Octoids leader who discloses the plan, and at Kord Industries they develop technology which can counter the technology of the Reach. But the Scarab power feels conflicted, which is still subtley serving the Reach, and Jamie battles Ted Kord to maintain Reach power, albeit unwillingly. Daniel Garrett and Aquaman manage to control Jamie, and the Scarab is subdued. A Vaccine is developed which forces the Reach technology out of Underwold citizens. But in the end not everyone takes the vaccine, and the Reach maintain a stronghold in the Underworld of the Ocean Depths.

Booster Gold: Citadel of Gold

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold are on the highway from Canberra to Sydney, driving along. Booster is in the left hand, while Blue is driving. Booster nods off, and is in a dream. He visits a manor of the Endless, and Destiny greets him. Destiny asks him what he thinks the future might hold. Booster says he really doesn't know what he wants. Destiny then says Dream has a Dream for him, and Booster settles down in a chair, while Dream whittles at a piece of wood and starts talking and says 'Let me Tell You a Story'. Booster drifts off in the seat.

Booster awakens in green meadows where there is a city in the distance. The city is surrounded by siege engines. Booster is in his costume, and Skeets says its time to go rescue the city. Booster charges into action and helps defend the city against the invaders, defeating them. Booster is cheered, and taken to the King, who puts him in charge of the city's defense. Booster stays in the city and gets to know people. After a while the King dies, and Booster decides to redesign the city with modern technology, having been appointed the new King. Booster turns the city into 'The Citadel of Gold' which is a Utopian Society where everything is automated and the people live in perfect peace and happiness with each other, with endless entertainment things to do. But Booster is sitting on his throne, in his golden robes one day, and is mulling over life. It's just not working out. He's forgotten who he was. Then Blue Beetle arrives as an angel on his shoulder and asks him, 'Don't you want the fun you once had with us, buddy?' Booster says he is a King now and has responsibilities. Guy Gardner, as a devil appears on his other shoulder and says 'So you sold out. Didn't expect much from you Gold.' Booster shakes them off and stands up declaring 'I am Booster Gold, king of the Citadel of Gold. I answer to nobody.' He sleeps that night, but is restless, and awakes with little faires of Fire and Ice on his doona. 'Your half the man you used to be,' said Fire. 'All full of golden pride,' says Ice. 'Go away,' says Booster. He gets on with his day, but on the throne in the afternoon he says 'It's just not really me.' And Martian Manhunter shows up as a sprite and says 'Come back to yourself Gold. You're just no King.' Booster starts sobbing on the throne and says 'I am a King,' over and over again, with his head in his hands. And then, back in the car on the way to Sydney he emerges from his dream. He looks at the countryside, and looks at Ted.

'You nodded off for a while,' says Ted. 'Hope you had a lovely dream buddy.'

'Yeh,' replies Booster Gold. 'You could say that.'

The End

Bumblebee Movie

(Plot Details)

This idea might work: Hailee Steinfeld as Bumblebee (Super Hero Girls) in a Solo Live Action Movie. Then launch a Bumblebee ongoing.

Bumblebee movie starring Hailee Steinfeld: Bumblebee starts selling honey. She has her picture on the jar and says 'Buy my honey'. The Adversary to her is 'Punchline'. Punchlines launches a Hostile Takeover of competing honey sellers. Bumblebee is going down.

Punchline corners Bumblebee and threatens to drop her into a vat of boiling honey. (Similar imagery to 'Batman' movie with Michael Keaton)

Bumblebee is at Go Teen Titans Tower. They are out of food and go shopping. BB & Raven are pushing the Kart. Starfire and Robin are like Kids always saying get this and get that.

BB wants a serious job and Robin says let me introduce you to Batman. Bruce Wayne interviews her and gives her a job at Wayne Foods. she is in charge of honey.

Joker (Jared Leto) finds out about the honey ads on TV with bumblebee and Punchline starts her own honey company and buys up honey companies. She is going to take out BB in the honey war. This is in the live action Go Teen Titans Universe.

BB movie. Use the Titans from the tV show in teh movie for BB.

BB Movie. Obviously Joker & Punchline like Jokes. They line the Honey they are producing with special chemicals, which are reagents. Later, when they drop a certain gas into Gotham, the people who have eaten honey turn into Zombies.

The people who ate BBs honey did not turn into honey, which is what some people on the streets say. 'I eat BBs honey'. The Honey Wars was very competitive, with TV ads where Punchline mocked Bumblebee's pathetic efforts.

Bumblebee with the Titans and Batman in the background are ont he streets of Gotham, helping the normal people fight off the Zombies. The showdown is at Punchline's Honey Company, where Punchline is captured. 'No more honey for you, Punchline,' says BB.

a Punchline replies 'I never had much of a sweet tooth anyway.' Joker gets away

Punchline's honey has punchline on it. It says, 'Buy my honey, or else'.

There is a scene where Punchline is at the breakfast table (ad) showing a family her honey, and she presents the money like a model, and it says something dumb like 'Punchline's Honey. It's got a real kick'.

Aftermath: Robin eating a sandwich at TT tower. 'What's in it?' asks BB. Robin says, Honey. Whose, asks BB. BB looks in the kitchen. It's Punchline's honey. BB goes back, and Robin has turned into a vampire. Here we go again, says punchline.


Tailgunner Jo: Enter Rugrat Jack. in TG2, Lars Gunnar with Jo come through a sewer tunnel into the depths of the city were the Serfs live. Rugrat Jack is a young Serf, serving the might of Telemachus. TGJ2: Rugrat Jack's sister Jane dies, and Telemachus take Jack and his dead sister Jane and create a new 'Spider-Like' Cyborg, with a central arm on it's back with weaponry. TGJ2: Rugrat Jack escapes the clutches of Telemachus, and joins Lars Gunner in fighting Telemachus. Tailgunner Jo 2: At a Certain point the mind of Tailgunner Jo and Tailgunner Jane enter the 'Teleweb' electronically to fight the electronic Telenet dominance of Telemachus. The Serfs find their freedom somewhat at the end of the 6 issue series. In the Teleweb the Twin Tailgunner's must Navigate the 'DefTel', the Defensive Electronic Cyberuniverse of Telemachus' Teleweb. The DefTel are Programmed Elements which protect Telemachus from Hostile Hackers. The Tailgunners access Lars to Program 'CyberCycles' into the Teleweb, which they use to Navigate the pitfalls of DefTel and its bizarre Droids and Other Trips and Traps. In the Visuals there is a lot of Colour used. Lars, meanwhile, is starting to connect to 'Underground' figures of the City who quietly oppose Telemachus but keep this secret. As the Tailgunners infiltrate the DefTel, they are able to bring down its Network, and bring a halt in Reality to much of the Programmed activities of Telemachus throughout society. Things come to a grinding halt, and the Quiet Voices use this opportunity to speak to the people about the oppressions of Telemachus, which most people do know is going on. The Elite of Telemachus and their troops are forced to retreat as the uprising takes place, and they retreat to Orbiting Cities around the Earth, where they maintain their strongholds.


Hawkman: The Sunmaker Trade. Scientists from Thanagar are making stars these days. Foreign Galactic Federations are buying them. But there are flaws in the science, and corruption abounds, till Hawkman and Hawkgirl step in to resolve the problems.

Hawkman: Rogue Undertaker. The 'Rogues' are stealing the deceased bodies of Thanagarian Dignitaries and reanimating them with energy into undead figures, claiming the use of the dead's knowledge in a an attempt to overrun Thanagarian society. Only Hawkman can save us.

Hawkman:Colourblind. There is debate in the schools of Thanagar about acceptance of the races of Thanagar, but a corrupt supremacist movement is pushing the values of an elite class of Thanagarians. Hawkman confronts the corruption and Hawkgirl teaches lessons of justice.

Flash 2022: Dark Charlatan

Dark Charlatan has infiltrated Keystone City with 'Imposters'. Fake human beings are everywhere, and they are causing havoc and mayhem. They say silly things like 'Is it tea time yet?' and 'Can you order me a taxi? I always need a taxi. Get me a taxi.' They are obsessive about tea time and taxis and getting to dinner on time. They hang around diners and cafes and sing silly nursery rhyme songs and bother people for a penny if you please. They are very distracting. Dark Charlatan has set up these 'Shadow Creatures' to do his bidding, and 'Steal the Pennies' of Keystone City through guilt and manipulation to build his Numismatic Collection. He is after rare American Pennies, and is devoted to getting 'What he Wants'. When the cops try and arest the 'Charlatans' they say, 'Pity about the weather' and dissolve into dust. Wally West & Impulse naively give up some of their pennies to soon witness the shenanigans of the Dark Charlatans. Running around Keystone City they make up a basic grid and through triangulation and flash logic soon trace the source of Dark Charlatan to the Museum of Keystone. Down in the basement they find him, a disgruntled museum worker, who has a huge stash of pennies in coin books, and fawns over them each night, as he sleeps in the museum with nowhere else to go, unknown to his employees. The Charlatan attempts to use his powers on Impulse to turn him to a Shadow Creature, and Bart gets thrust into the 'Shadow Realm'. Wally rushes into the Shadow Realm to save him, and flings around here and there and finds Bartholomew in a maelstrom of souls, meditating on coins. Wally drags him out and they spin their way out of the Shadow Realm ending up in front of the Museum. Speeding up, they catch Dark Charlatan unaware, and in a cyclone they spin him dry till he is left hoisted up onto the streets of Keystone City, where the police arrest him and take the delinquent to the doghouse. Impulse first adventure didn't quite go as planned, but he's ok now.


There is a sobbery planned and Flash and Impulse hear word of it on the Grapevine. Impulse has been sent to school, but does his superhero work with Flash on the weekend. Impulse is investigating the trail left by Pennymaster and Dark Charlatan, finding clues in a warehouse they both used which is now mostly empty, with a filing cabinet left behind with a few scattered notes at the bottom. Impulse finds a note with 'Report to U242' on it – he doesn't know what it means. Pennymaster and Dark Charlatan are broken out of prison by men wearing gold coloured uniforms and 'U242' emblazoned on them. With further digging into the leads, Impulse and Flash work out that the Robbery is apparently going down at 'Broker's Bank' on the south of the City. Flash and Impulse are at Brokers but all is quiet. A police car whizzes by. 'They've duped us' says Flash. Impulse runs along side the police car. 'Where are you going?' The cop gives him a puzzled look and says 'Keystone City Mint'. Impulse and Flash take off. They arrive at the mint, which has just been robbed. A dazed guard says 'They went that way', pointing. Impulse and Flash give chase. They find the robbery truck down the road somewhat, and Pennymaster and Dark Charlatan get out. 'We've stolen billions in Gold Coins? And there is nothing you can do to stop us.' 'Thieves. There is no future in crime,' replies Impulse. 'I beg to differ,' says a voice, and 'Goldface,' shows up. 'I thought you were an honest boss for Union 242 these days,' says Flash. 'Of course, that's what the U242 means,' says Impulse. Flash gives him a puzzled look. The villains proceed to battle Impulse and the Flash with their various powers and trickeries, but they are spun into a frenzy ultimately and the heroes prevail, sending them back to prison. At the end Barry Allen shows up and tells them he had a fabulous time in Themyscira and gives Bart a concerned look. 'I'm sure you did,' replied Bart, feeling strange at the look given him.


*There are 4 Pantheons involved in War of the God's 2. The Greek Pantheon. The Hindu Pantheon. The Asatru Pantheon. The Canaanite Pantheon.

*The Presence has summoned an 'Assembly of the God's'. The Presence wants the 'God's' to know they are on notice and he expects better 'Performance' from the deities in their duties. Many of the God's brood this over and say 'Who does he think he is?' They have grown very accustomed to running their own show. The Presence, noting their defiance, decides to employ his son Lucifer Morningstar to 'Kick Some Head'.

*Niles Caulder & Buggles Action with Blue & Gold and Arani (Celsius) in the Himalayas, confronting Kalki. (Doom Patrol 2022 Part 2)

*Kalki is Manipulating Light to build his Army in the name of Shiva and Krishna. He has his followers in a trance and their collective willpower and 'Faith' is strengthening the creatures of light and fire.

*”New Superman” Action in the Himalayas as he has learned of the new superhero 'The Golden Child' and has come to help him out, meeting up with Karma and Lodestone from the Doom Patrol who are on the same mission. A buddhist priest watches over the Golden Child who is a repositry of wisdom of the 'East', with a multifaith spiritual identity within his being.

*Karma & Lodestone Action involving lessons of Karma from the Buddhist Priest. Niles has sent them to protect 'The Golden Child' who is a crucible of the energy of Hindu deities.

*The Golden Child has the Energy of the Hindu Pantheon running through him and in this war of the gods his goal is protect the citizens of his nation from the conflicts of the War of the God's. It is a balancing act which is going on in his soul, as some of the God are eager to 'Rip it Up' in the war with the other Pantheons, yet the majority of the Gods wish peace to be preserved and a harmonious way of life for their world, and the Golden Child must learn lessons of calmness in dealing with the tensions in his soul.

*The Greek Gods are Competing with the Gods of Hindustan for Authority in the World.

*Hera is in a garden of the gods paying attention to some peacocks she is feeding, and says to her husband Zeus 'Maybe we should listen to the Presence. It could be time to act in a more orderly fashion.' Zeus replies 'I'll be damned if I listen to that old Canaanite nitwit. Nay the Gods are going to war. Shiva has bothered me for the last time. They have another thing coming if they think they will slowly rule this world. A frail excuse for a Pantheon the Hindu schmozzle, with a million lesser deities with the most pointless of duties. Nay, Olympus shall be supreme, wife of mine. Olympus shall be supreme. And I have in mind the one Joker to teach them all a lesson.' Zeus rubs his hand with glee as Hera has a concerned look on her face.

In the oceans around southern India Poseidon is shaking his head under the waters. 'Well, if this is what the old fool wants, this is what he gets,' and starts to unleash a typhoon on the southern coastline of India.

*Niles, Arani, Blue & Gold are watching the news about the devastation of southern India. The greatest catastrophe on the nation in living memory. 'I think,' says Niles, 'That this was no accident.' 'What do you mean?' asks Arani. 'I sense Powers are at work. Great powers which rules this world.' 'What sort of powers?' asks Booster Gold. 'Not minor lords of order and chaos this time, it would seem. No, the Gods themselves are taking action. We could be on the brink of another War of the Gods, and the Pandemonium which could ensue, not good my friend Booster. Not good.'

*Odin is sitting on his throne. Loki is down below him, playing with a Rubik's Cube. 'I can never solve these blasted things,' says Loki, tossing away the cube. 'Patience, brother,' says Thor entering the room. 'Oh, look who it is? The God of drizzle and sleet.' 'Funny,' replies Thor, bowing the knee to Odin. 'Tora Olaffsdotter,' says Thor. 'Our beloved Ice Goddess. She has concerns.' 'I am aware of her concerns,' replied Odin. 'I am afraid there is little I plan on doing on alleviating them.' 'And how is that so?' replies Thor. 'The Supreme Being of the Canaanite Pantheon has ruled long enough. Mankind believes him God himself. The creator of all life from the loins of his Adam and Eve project.' 'I do recall,' replies Thor. 'You are quite hesistant on such details further back in time.' Odin glared at his son. 'I assure you, Elohim has little to do with the origin of all that is.' 'So you say,' replied Loki. 'But I think,' he says, standing to his feet, 'That I have seen devotion this God, especially in the man from Nazareth, unequalled to our bravest attempts at glory. More is going on than you say say father.' 'Bah,' replied Odin. The House of El has a lesson coming to them. And I think their favourite son from Krypton can learn that lesson. Quiet enamoured with Kal El is the old fart.' 'Superman?' said Loki. 'You intend to war with Superman? He has great energy at his disposal. And I don't expect that blasted Amazonian to sit back and not come to his aid.' 'Then we shill give them some trouble,' said Odin. 'Trouble?' replies Thor. 'Trouble,' says Odin, standing to his feet. 'Trouble the likes of which a War of the God's will show the true powers which rule this world.' 'So you say,' replied Loki.' 'Bah,' replied Odin, and stormed off. 'Father is in a mood,' said Loki. 'And I am afraid we will all suffer his wrath,' replied Thor.

*The Presence notifies Lucifer he has work kicking head and reminding them all that Yahweh rules

*At the end the Gods are Assembled again and Lucifer has a Cain and is whacking the Cain on his hand repeatedly, and the Gods are saying 'We'll be Good' after Lucifer has been kicking head.

DC Plot Ideas: One Star Squadron & Global Guardians

'One Star Squadron: Get Rich or Die Trying'. The OSS have entered into the Metropolis Mile High Club, were Lex Luthor proposes a Business Plan for a New Internet Empire focusing on the Squadron. Problem is evil lurks, and the OSS are Pawns of Lexcorps plans.

Global Guardians: The Fire & Ice Prophecy. In 1677, an American Female Prophetess foresaw the Age of Heroes. She foresaw a struggle when the Global Guardians were called on to save the world from a Global Climactic Catastrophe, and Fire and Ice had key parts to play.

Global Guardians: Jack O Lantern's Dream. Jack has a dream of the Global Guardians in a Crisis on Earth were the Paradroid Army of 'Bizarro Brainiac' from Dimension Electronica are at their Destiny's End, and Jack must persuade the Guardians to act beforehand to live.

Global Guardians: Godiva's Scroll of Misery. Godiva has an ancient scroll from her culture which has been stolen by Silver Banshee, which she was entrusted to watch over and Silver Banshee is using the magical power in the scroll to raise an undead army to cause havoc

One Star Squadron: General Glory's Billions. General Glory has been making a Billion from his 'War Glories' Empire. But Ernie has been Kidnapped, held for ransom, and the kidnappers want billions. The OSS must find and rescue Ernie with the General's help.

One Star Squadron: Manga Kahn's Employment Contract. Manga Kahn wants to Employ the OSS in his Trading Empire to do Diplomatic Work with 'The Federation of Galactic Traders' who employ Lobo to mess with Manga over some trade disputes, the OSS taking on Lobo.

One Star Squadron: The Financiers. The Financiers who finance Galactic Federations have called in a debt from the OSS on some bad debts of hi tech comuter equipment for their HQ, and the debt collectors have a lot of fun taking them into custody and extracting their due .

"A Day in the Life of the JLI: Black Canary - Gardner, Kord & A Carter Who Should Know A Hell of a Lot Better".

Black Canary, in her 80s Power Suit, has to ward off the amorous attentions of first Guy Gardner GL, Ted Kord Blue Beetle, and Michael Carter BG.

One Star Squadron: Power Drive. Power Drive involves Power Girl launching a 'Power Girl Crusade', sort of like Spice Girls Girl Power, a Power Girl 80s women saying 'Yes We Can'. Book written by PG, and talks about Adapting to Difficult circumstances, citing her Kryptonian Heritage as an example of Adapting, in how she adapts to Earth Culture. Her book gets a special Power Girl Community Established, and she becomes a celebrity. However, Major Force feels threatened in his Manhood , and gathers a group of ticked of commandos, green berets, and masculinists, who invade the OSS HQ to 'Speak their Mind'. After the Major Force Crew wreck the OSS HQ, PG Ups the Ante and runs for Governor. Securing the Job she upgrades the Status of the OSS, and has them officially deal the the 'Major Force Crew'. The Major Force Crew don't take easily to a woman in charge, and in the final Melee Captain Atom steps in to sort out the mess, and both sides are appropriately scolded and told to go back to their respective corners to the public peace can resume.

Power Twins

Power Girl & Supergirl are on the Planet Oa, querying the Guardians of the Universe. With clear instructions they join Kal El on the rebuilt New Krypton. Formalising relationships with the Kryptonians who had been on a hidden colony far from Krypton, Power Girl enters into a Partnership with Kan Zod. Kan is quite impressed with Power Girl's Buxom Assets, and PG tends to think Kan's mind is in the gutter an awful amount. But relations between the House of Zod and House of El are crucial for New Krypton to run smoothly as there is much history between the two houses. In council there is discussion on the Genesis Chamber and the core idea that New Krypton should not pursue this line of logic in the future. It is deemed that Krypton felt in its heart that the Genesis Chamber was such an unnatural way of doing things that it would rather destroy itself for a while, making a plan for its restoration in the son of Jor El. The logic and power in the Universe, in the philosophy of the council of New Krypton. Natural childbirth is all that is now allowed, and on their wedding night Power Girl glares at Kan Zod who is stretched out on the bed, his muscles rippling and says 'How about it baby'. 'You are disgusting,' says Power Girl. 'If you think that now, just wait a few minutes,' replies Kan Zod. The next scene shows PG staring at the ceiling in bed. 'How was it for you?' asked Kan Zod. 'Disgusting,' she replied. 'You are a beast.' 'Hopefully you'll get up the duff, and we'll have a new little Zodomite to cheer you up.' 'Beast,' she replies. She ends up pregnant, and gives birth to twins. Life goes on.

JLI Movie Dialogue

'I think Green Lantern likes you Torah,' said Fire.

'Do you think so. He is so handsome. So – ruggardly. So manly. I mean, he's no Aquaman, but he is very much to my liking.'

'We are talking about the same Guy aren't we,' replied Fire.

'I especially like the fighter planes he pilots. Such a man. Doing his best for his country. A real hero Hal Jordan.'

'Guy Gardner,' said Fire. 'Guy Gardner likes you.'

Tora looked at Ice.

'Yes, I know. Hal Jordan is probably taken too. All the best ones are.'

'Guy Gardner. Bowl Cut Billy. Mr Macho Americana.'

'You're being silly now,' said Ice. 'Guy Gardner could not possibly like me.'

'He's been talking about you to Blue and Gold all week. Says you melt his polar caps. Thought that was my job.'

'Guy Gardner? Really,' said Ice. Ice looked in the mirror and picked up a brush and started brushing her hair. 'I am not sure if he is my type, Beatriz.'

'Not sure if he's anyones type,' replied Fire.

'No, you must be mistaken. He's too – too.'

'Too much of an asshole for you, Torah. I get the point already.'

'No, it's not that. Guy Gardner? He likes me?'

'Fallen head over heels,' replied Fire.

'Oh,' replied Tora. She continued brushing her hair. 'The other Green Lantern,' she said to her reflection. 'An alternative I suppose.'


Divided into 3 sections of 80 minutes each. The first section is based on soundtrack songs a bit. We introduce, in no particular order at this stage, Fire & Ice. Fire is obviously going to be a model from Brazil. Her tune is 'Dangerous' by Roxette. She is doing work most likely in New York City as a model, and as the tune plays in the movie you see shots of Beatriz on magazine covers, photo shoots and probably some TV work and Catwalk work. Firstly she was introduced as a bit of a her from the Global Guardians, who had likely finished up work with the Dome being closed down because of budgeting concerns, and she became an out of work superhero like Tora. She comes to New York and takes up the modelling work and starts to have success. Then we go into the 'The Look' tune by Roxette also for Ice Maiden. Ice has faced probably the same exact situation, and tagging in with Fire's idea tries modelling work, with the same sorts of things going on. Then we have them together at a cafe in Manhattan, talking about the success that has replaced the old hero work. Ice probably says 'I do miss being a hero, though.' Fire might say, you take the breaks you make, sister. And then Maxwell Lord sits down at their table and places his business card in front of them and says 'Are you looking for a new career, Global Guardians?' and Fire and Ice look at each other, wondering who this guy is. Booster is shown with a brief origin in the 25th century, and then some snaphsots of his success in forming Booster Gold International. Ted Kord is then shown having success building Kord Industries, and the inspiration from Daniel Garrett which makes him become Blue Beetle. Then they meet up a the New York City Mile High club, start cracking jokes, and Maxwell Lord sits down and places his business card in front of them. They look at each other the same way Fire & Ice look at each other. The song for the duo is average ordinary guys by Joe Walsh. Black Canary is then shown with TV reports on the famous Justice League member doing hero work, but then with the Justice League in current retirement, she is scratching around for things to do, and is at a shopping mall, when Maxwell Lord interrupts her, and gives her his card. She looks at it quizzically. Guy Gardner is shown with TV reports of him and Hal Jordan, but he is always the second string. We see scenes of him complaining about being second string to buddies, and says, 'Now if I was the main Green Lantern, I'd show the world how it was done. And probably at a Gym or sporting event Max introduces himself and gives him his card. Martian Manhunter is shown and is sombre over the retirement of the Detroit League, thinking about how he might do it better next time, possibly in an office as the detective manhunter john jonzz. Max introduces himself, and MM gives him a puzzled look. Finally, Batman is fighting crime, probably a scene have Killer Croc put into jail, and sits down on the side of a Gargoyle, looking at the city with Robin. Robin says 'Just you and me now Batman. No more Justice League.' Maxwell Lord is shown coming along the edge of the skyscraper. 'You're a difficult man to reach, Batman. My card.' Batman takes it, puts it in his utility belt and says 'I'll look into it'. And flies off with Robin. That's mainly the cast for the show, with Rocket Red introduced later on in section 3 when the world needs to come together to defeat the powers which control the satellite laser, and Russia provides Rocket Red to help them. His tune is Mother Russia. Section two is mainly about Blue & Gold shenanigans with Black Canary a bit and hanging around the new embassy as well as the romance between Ice and Guy Gardner. Section two culminates with the Royal flush gang encounter (from Justice League 4) and the team starting to look united. Section of the movie starts with Batman having gathered them to JL HQ to discuss the problem of the laser satellite and the villains associated with it, and the movie culminates with the scene from JLI7.

The New Titans: Dragon's Blood

Brother Blood wants to grow his cult.

He offers Deathstroke great power if he slays 'The Dragon of the North' in the uppermost regions of Siberia. Deathstroke does so and returns with the Dragon's Blood to Brother Blood. Brother Blood uses incantations with a portion of the Blood and gives Deathstroke extra strength, skill, cunning and agility. Deathstroke seduces 'Terra' to join him and 'Live the Life'. She is tempted and falls into Deathstroke's new deadlier and more perverse games. The New Titans see it as their job to redeem Terra from the Clutches of Deathstroke. But while this is planned, Brother Blood has intoxicated himself and many of his followers with the Dragon's Blood and they are converting citizens en masse to his cult. Azrael the Angel has been watching over the machinations of Brother Blood and is very concerned, and contacts the New Titans to alert them to the once again growing power of Brother Blood. The usual suspects in Brother Blood stories are involved. Deathstroke persuades Terra to take into herself the Dragon's Blood and in the climax the New Titans fight Brother Blood, his servants, Deathstroke and Terra. Terra is wounded badly, but Raven performs incantations and calms down the Dragon's Blood in her soul. She tells the team later 'Terra will always be affected. It just lies dormant in her. But it will rise again one day.'

Harry Hokum: The Perfect Mate


Harry Hokum looked at the LA Dating Agency lady with a frown.

'I can give you my card,' he said.

'Sure,' replied the fat black lady.

Harry handed over his Details Card

Name: Harry Hokum

Occupation: Leader of the Citadel Empire on the Citadel Homeworld

Race: Human (American) from Earth

Objective: Grow the Power of the Citadel

Enemies: Omega Men & Supergirl

Known Employees: Lobo & Bedlam

Tactical Strategy: Bastardry

The lady raised her eyebrow, but then, wishing to keep her client engaged, wisely closed it.

'And what are you looking for in a partner, dare I ask it?'

'Cooks. Cleans. Things like that,' replied Harry. 'Oh, I like blondes now. Met Supergirl recently. She was quite the turn on.'

The lady typed out 'Likes Kryptonian Beauties, Supergirl in Particular' on to her screen.

'Anything else?' asked the lady.

'If she likes a cold blooded bastard responsible for personally overseeing the execution of thousands traitorous scumbags, she'll do me just fine.

'Not fussy,' typed out the lady. 'Ok. Let me see what I can do. Come back next week.'

Harry spent the week in his hotel, watching TV and ordering room service. The shows hadn't improved much, but what you going to do, huh? He soon enough presented himself back at the dating agency.

'I have the perfect woman,' said the lady. 'Calls herself 'Power Girl'. Former superhero in Justice League International and such associated bodies. Currently looking for a 'Real Man'.

'She sounds fab,' said Harry.

'I'll forward on your details,' said the lady. 'We'll arrange a date.

'Wonderful,' said Harry. 'Looking forward to it already.


'He's pretty disastrous,' said Supergirl.

'Love's a disaster,' replied Power Girl to her cousin. 'I don't know. He's kind of cute. And he dresses damn well. Probably rich. Rules the citadel, must be.'

'Not exactly the most heroic of personalities,' said Supergirl.

'Tried a few of them. They are always off to save the world. No time for the woman in their life. Always away. I'll give him a go.'

'You'll probably regret it,' said Supergirl. 'Just got this feeling about Harry Hokum that he's too much for even Power Girl to handle.'

'We'll see,' replied Power Girl.

The date was arranged and Harry showed up with his servants. Men dressed in uniform with rather nasty looking weapons acquired at the local Gun Store once back in town.

'Are they necessary?' asked Power Girl.

'Hey, I have enemies, dear,' replied Harry. 'You can never be too careful. Now, what would you like to eat? Anything on the menu.'

Power Girl surveyed the menu. 'Oh, this looks good. Fried bacon with cottage fries and snow peas, and a nice mustard sauce.

'I'll skip,' replied Harry. 'But you order that by all means.'

'What gives?' asked Power Girl.

'Bacon makes me queasy.'

'I love bacon,' said Power Girl open mouthed.

'I'll have the vegetable soup. Need to watch my figure,' said Harry.

The date went on, and Harry kissed her hand at the end, and asked for another date. Power Girl decided to agree.

'How was he?' asked Supergirl.

'Actually, he was fine. Grusome chat about those he'd knocked off in his work, but he tried to justify it all. But he was well spoken, and he smelled good. Proper deoderant. I'll date him again.'

'Still saying you'll regret it,' said Supergirl.

'We'll see,' said Power Girl.


The next date came. Harry had his guards again, and was looking proud.

'My date,' he said.

'Your honour,' replied Power Girl. She sat. She was dressed fine this time.

'What are your ambitions for the Citadel?' she asked.

'Grow its power,' said Harry. 'The Citadel is an important Vegan Empire, and we're intending to grow well into the galaxy. Crush those not fit enough to rule themselves.'

'Standard dictator then,' replied Power Girl.

'We're a strong empire, but people are free enough,' replied Harry. 'Ruling the scum of the universe is challenging work. You do a lot of dirty work.'

'My cousin often opposes people like you,' said Power Girl.

'I know,' replied Harry. 'Par for the course.'

'I don't know if I really should date you, Harry Hokum. I think I could regret it. But I've been around a while, and I've seen them come and go. And not many were made of that much

in the end. If I bother you, promise me you won't cheat, more than anything else.'

'My dear. I wouldn't dream of it,' replied Harry. 'Old fashioned on such issues.'

Power Girl sat with Supergirl later that evening. 'We've agreed to date for now. He knows I have work on Earth, and it's his homeworld. He likes me. I – I like him.'

'Oh,' said Supergirl.

'Don't know if it really will lead anywhere. He might be a bit too authoritative for me in the end. But I understand him. He explained himself well enough.'

'We all need someone in the end,' agreed Supergirl.

Harry and Power Girl dated for several months, but he said he had to get back to the Citadel, and for now their friendship was all that it was. But he found Power Girl to his

liking, and she felt similarly. And so that is how it ended, for the time being, and only the future could tell were it would go from there.

The End

Harry Hokum & The Citadel

Harry takes Power Girl to a Mansion atop a valley overlooking the ocean on the Citadel Homeworld. They are together for a while. A faction of opposing forces attack the mansion, having planned it for several years, and defeat Harry's guards, but Power Girl intervenes and defeats them. Harry thanks her. Power Girl comments that she should probably expect things like this to happen with the ruler of the Citadel. Par for the course, replies Harry. The faction, though, which is attempting to overthrow the power of the Citadel, is the major focuse for 'Harry Hokum and the Citadel' series. In this series Power Girl marries Harry Hokum and they have twins, boys, Daniel and David. Daniel and David have Kryptonian blood and as they get older they have strengths like Jonathon Kent. But they are proud defenders of the Citadel. Power Girl admires Harry for his Power, and after a while realizes that she has married an Emperor who some times does harsh things to maintain his power in the star system. Plots involve the 'Vegan Liberation Movement' and its attempt to make the Vegan Star System free for all, opposing tyranny and authoritarianism. Power Girl is constantly at odds with her love for Harry, and the reality that the Freedom Fighters really do emulate much of what she holds dear as a Super Hero. But she chooses loyalty to her family in the end as the Queen of the Citadel. This gradually brings her into conflict with Supergirl who continues her heroic duties in the galaxy, and they end up fighting it out on the royal throne of the Citadel in 'Battle of the Kryptonians', to which neither side is really victorious, Supergirl judging Power Girl and her loyalty to the Citadel before flying away. That evening Power Girl is watching Harry sleep and says 'Don't judge me Kara. I must do what I must do.' Life in the Citadel involves royal duties, but the main recurring threat is the VLM who Harry is always concerned about. They make a daring deed and employ Lobo to kidnap Daniel and David when they are young and not completely powerful yet and Lobo comes to odds with his former employer, Harry. Power Girl rescues her children, but Lobo scratches a scar on both their foreheads and says 'This isn't over Krypton Girl.' As they age David and Daniel bear a grudge against Lobo, which leads to conflicts later on in the series. At one point in the series Harry is about to execute some young idealists who oppose the Citadel in their poetry, but Power Girl intercedes and asks Harry to spare their lives. Power Girl takes them to Earth, to Supergirl, who is a bit hostile, but Supergirl agrees to find them homes on Earth, and foster their talents. The series culminates with the war between the VLM and the Citadel, which is costly on both sides, with ultimately no real victor, but Daniel loses his right hand in the conflict, and David is killed in battle. Power Girl realizes she has paid a high price for marrying Harry Hokum, and looks back and remembers Supergirl's words that she would regret it if she got involved with him. The series ends with Harry and Power Girl still on the throne of the Citadel, in their 50s or so, and Power Girl has, at great cost, become a Power Woman and a Queen of the Galaxy.

God's and Monsters

God's and Monsters is a latter era in the DC Noah Universe. When Power Girl has come into stronger authority as Queen of the Citadel, throughout the DC Universe, particularly on Earth, home to many powerful beings, the beings have become 'Godlike' in the sight of mere mortals and the villains have become 'Monsters'. It is a struggle at this time between the 'God's' and 'Monster's', a heightened time of tension in the DC Universe as the early firstfruits of Super-powered beings come into their strength in society and positions of power, authority and rulership – being opposed by the Monsters, their Arch-Enemies, which have grown all the more evil over time.