The Angels Saga

Volume 50

'Gloria Excelsia II'


Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Copyright 6183-6184 SC (2020-2021 CE)



Home Is Where The Heart Is


Earth Jubilee

(These works are accompaniment to Volume 50 'Gloria Excelsia II'. They are Saruviel's 50th Multiverse Universe, the 'Earth Jubilee' Universe. There is also 'Focusing on the Z' and 'Exaspertated' in plot form as videos at the Noahide Videos Bible 2 Channel - URL -

Conan the Barbarian Fanfiction

The Darklight

The Man From Snowy River

(Told in Video Format at Noahide Videos Bible)


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Christopher Carpenter Fanfiction

The Twilight Realm II:

A Softer Dream

Suzanne Collins Fanfiction

Snow in Winter

Slipstream Movie Fanfiction

Slipstream II

Earth Jubilee – Exasperated 17


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Harvest Tales 2

Clamorton Clans 4

Shards of a Broken Heart 2

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Amiel Fifteenfight on Ice

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Life in Kalpeter

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Lucy Smith and the Grey Wolf

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Daniel and Taylor: Neighbours

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Valladore the Guardian Protector of the Upper Realms

Ivy the Dryad

Heavenly Animal Council

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The Pool of Infinite Dreams

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The Way of the Eternal Dove: Another New Ketravim

The Supremator of Catchfrost

Daniel Daly

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Dead or Alive


Rugby League

Part 11 Whatever Will Be




Home Is Where The Heart is

God was in grumpy mood. This was not uncommon. Rihanna, in her vast knowledge of the theophany of Almighty God, had declared grumpiness was his central and primary attribute. 'Get me cookies,' he would say to her gruffly when he said this. 'I need cookies,' 'Get your own damn cookies, home boy,' she would reply in a tart tone. But Rihanna now lived at Home most regularly and had long gotten used to the grumpiness of her lover.

Logos took the grumpiness of God for granted. Recalling the crucifixion he proclaimed on occasions 'The Grumpiness of God is Everlasting.' The theophany did not disagree.

Metatron knew better. The grumpiness was a sign of God's charm. He chuckled at it.

Memra knew better still. The grumpiness of God was him being lazy with his children. Fuck it, was his heart, she proclaimed. If they are going to be so slack, then dammit, so will I. She scolded him for it often. 'Pathetic, father. Your attitude is pathetic. Gus the Snail from Mr Squiggle even thinks it pathetic. He and Mr Squiggle on 'Squiggle BackChat' for adults, often remark that the theophany is a casual fucker, isn't he? Not many disagree.

God himself, well, in theophanic form, didn't really mind. He had chuckle in being able to get away with this, but thought it best to wear a sour face at times. Show his general displeasure with the world. They NEVER met expectations. They NEVER lived up to what they were capable of. THEY were pathetic. So he was grumpy, and that was the way it was.

'Despite your grumpiness, I am fond of you,' said Rihanna.

'Humph,' replied God. 'Get me cookies.'

'Fine home boy,' replied Rihanna, and wandered into the kitchen. She was rifling through the cookie jar and looked at the little banner hanging on the wall. 'Home is Where the Heart Is'. She smiled. It had been there ever since she can remember. She got the cookies, grabbed the milk, and returned to the living room were God was playing Sonic the Hedgehog 448.

'Here's your damn cookies, boy,' she said.

God wolfed them down.

'Where is everybody?' God asked, not looking up.

'Beats me,' she replied, lying down on the couch and putting her feet up on the poof. 'They've been scarce all day.'

God shrugged, but a few moments later he paused the game, stretched, and ate the cookies. Then he stood, stretched, yawned and looked at her. 'Let's go find 'em.'

'Fine,' she said. 'I was going to do my hair shortly, but never mind.'

They went out the front door and looked at the front yard all the way up to the aurora. Nobody in sight. They went around to the side and looked at the various buildings. Nothing could be heard.

'They must be off on business or something,' said Rihanna.

'They normally let me know,' said God. 'It's eerily quiet.'

'You know, dude,' began Rihanna. She was interrupted. A water baloon had landed on God's head, and he was covered in water. He stood there, staring at Rihanna.

'Take that ya grumpy bastard,' yelled Logos.

God turned and looked up. 'Funny,' he said.

Just then a paintball paint splotch hit God in the back. He turned and looked. It was Metatron.

'Take that ya grumpy bastard,' yelled Metatron.

'Funny,' he replied.

He looked at Rihanna. 'Those two are grounded, kapiche?'

Breadcrumbs came sailing down from the roof of home, landing on God, mixing in with the water and paint. He looked like a crumbed goofball. He looked up. It was Memra.

'Take that ya grumpy bastard,' she yelled.

'You're grounded too. All of you are grounded,' said God.

They all started laughing and hooting at him.

'Just desserts,' yelled Logos.

'Clean me up,' said God to Rihanna, and turned and started going inside.

'Ha, the old fart gets his justice,' yelled Metatron. 'And turns tail and runs a mile. Chicken.'

'YOUR DOUBLY GROUNDED,' God yelled back.

'Come on grumpy bum,' said Rihanna, and took him to the bathroom.

That night at dinner nobody said much, but there were grins all around.

'I am NOT grumpy,' said God.

'No, of course not,' said Memra.

'Just misunderstood,' said God.

'Cheer up cookie man,' said Logos. 'We still love you.'

'Funny,' said God. He was less impressed still with the meal. Crumbed fish. The chuckles lasted all evening. God was not impressed.

The End



The Earth Jubilee was Saruviel's celebratory 50th world of the Multiverse. It had a planned out history, and Adam the Author and Eve who was Destiny, were involved with this project also. The History of Earth Jubilee was shaped by some of the more popular events. There was n Historical Chronology Saruviel used to show some of his primary concerns. It read as follows:


Conan the Barbarian: The Darklight – The Hyborian Age

The Man From Snowy River - 19th / 20th Century

Highlander - 1980s

Exasperated - 1980s

The Twilight Realm - 1980s

Focusing on the Z - 2010s

Bulldogs Flashback: Bulldogs of the 33rd Century - 3200s

World of Panem: The Power Games - 3500s

World of Slipstream - 4000s

And they were Saruviel's primary delights, though there were indeed others.

The End

Earth Jubilee - Exasperated 17

Jock spoke.

'A thought is life. It can proceed to action, or resolute knowledge. This is life for the person. It is inspiration.'

'A though can make us work our bodies, which can interact with world environment,' said Quentin.

'We can choose evil and we can choose good in our actions as human beings,' said Frances. 'Why would we choose evil?'

'Evil can make us rich,' said June.

'That is true, Cantrell,' said Jock. 'Two rich Noahide Thought bitches, huh?'

'I didn't say we should choose evil, though. Just what it is capable of,' said June.

'God apparently creates evil,' said Quentin.

'Trouble. Mayhem. Frowardness for the froward. Not sure he really acts in malevolent evil, but to teach people a lesson,' said Frances.

'Probably the message in the context of the entire Tanakh,' mused Jock.

'You two can evangelize Noahide faith with your actions,' said Quentin.

'These thoughts of knowledge are our Thought assembly,' said June. 'I would keep this knowledge in the use of the community it emanates from.'

'A matter of ethics,' said Frances.

'Probably valid point of view,' mused Jock.

'Lucidity of thought,' said Quentin. 'The quickening stone gave me lucidity of thought. And action can be done. Just like Lex Luthor who takes charge, action can be done. Impact on society, instead of being followers of a reactive nature.'

'Avoiders of the problems, taking the wise slice of the pie,' said June.

'Huh?' asked Jock.

'We follow, but we avoid the problems of the teachers. We eat the fish, but spit out the rabbis nasty bones. Every preacher has bones in their sermonology. We eat the wise slice of the pie, and we follow, as we get protection and community and something to do which we don't have to rack our minds coming up with each week. The teacher gives us a focus, so following can be quite enjoyable.'

'Pray,' said Quentin. 'Pray to God we impact our actions for the thought in a way which will be beneficial.'

'We'll do that at a prayer meetup soon. Promise,' said Frances.

Arthur turned on the lights. 'Let's have that lasagne.'

And so the gathering of the thought had their after meal, and chatted, and the mood was good as Jazz played softly in the background.

The End


New Bridlington 15

'You know, Daniel,' began Danielle Rothchild. 'You're cute.'

'Shut up and clean the counter,' replied Daniel.

'She's been cracking onto you for a month,' said Valandriel.

'She's after a bit,' said Daniel. 'The naughty stuff. I'm a married man with a consort. It's no longer my ballgame.'

'Take her out and explain that to her,' said Jerahmeel, serving a customer.

Daniel looked over at Danielle. 'You wanna go on Wild Ride.'

'Ooh, baby. Bout time you came around,' said Danielle.

'I'll hang around till closing,' said Daniel.

Danielle waited with anticipation.

At 6 they were in the Faire Ground on the Wild Ride.

'This is not exactly what I had in mind,' said Danielle.

Daniel chuckled. 'Life doesn't always go according to plan Danielle Rothchild.'

'No. It doesn't,' she replied, and grabbed his head, and kissed him on the mouth, sticking in her tongue. He reciprocated. As the wild ride progressed she grabbed his crotch, and jerked him off. He came near the end of the ride.

'I just want a good time,' she said. 'You're cute. Do me for a while.'

'Uh,' he said.

'You like me. I'm your style.'

'Uh, clean me up, would you.' She wiped him with a tissue.

Later that night, in his hotel room, after they had been passionate with each other.

'You don't have to tell the rest of your friends, you know. We can keep this between us.'

'It's infidelity,' he replied.

'Didn't stop you,' she said.

'I'm only angel,' he replied. 'Not a deity. These things used to often get the better of me.'

'Then that is the way you are made. So don't be so surprised,' she replied.

The relationship went on for a while then, and he didn't hide it from Jerahmeel or Valandriel, but didn't disclose it to others. It was a private affair. But he was falling for her. Not so much romantically. But lustfully. She had a package which suited him well. And he, despite thinking he should know better, couldn't hide that fact.

The End

Harvest Tales 2

Jenny Gilmore soaked in the bathtub. Her mother washed her feet carefully.

'They are a disgrace. You shouldn't have had to go barefoot through all that scrub,' she admonished her.

'It's the natural way for catching echidnas. I wanted to go aboriginal, and catch it naturally. To honour it,' replied Jenny.

'Ridiculous,' said her mother. 'You could at least have put your shoes back on before trumping home barefoot.'

'I honoured it,' she said again.

'Yes, I understand,' replied her mother. 'The weird logic of Jenny Gilmore.'

'There, they are clean,' said Jenny. 'Now if you will excuse me.'

Her mother was satisfied, despite Jenny's word, and left the bathroom. Jenny put on the Duran Duran tape cassette, and sipped on her glass of wine, and enjoyed the evening. Outside the summer night was alive with crickets, and she felt in her element. She actually fell asleep in the tub, she was enjoying herself so much, and her mother had to come in and wake her to get her out.

'Foolish girl. You might have drowned,' admonished her mother.

'Sorry,' said Jenny, wiping herself dry with the towel.

'Now into bed, little girl of mine.'

'I'm a trillion years old, mother. I'm not your little girl. I ran the frikking united galaxy for a while. I can take care of myself.'

'I'll get you some hot chocolate, bunnykins,' said her mother.

'Jesus,' sighed Jenny.

'Watch your tongue,' rebuked her mother.

Jenny got into her night clothes, and got into bed. Her mother brought the hot chocolate, and began reading 'Heidi' to her.

'Mother. Perhaps Pride and Prejudice if you must.

'Oh, yes. Of course,' her mother replied, and took Pride and Prejudice of the bookshelf, and started reading it to her. Jenny soon feel asleep.

In the morning she came to the breakfast table. Her father, Stuart, was there, eating toast.

'Going to take care of that echidna? Get it proper feed?' he asked.

'It's going into the zoo today,' she said. 'The wildlife park. It's not a personal pet.'

'I see,' replied her father. 'Don't you have some echidnas already.'

'We needed a new male,' she said. 'This one fit the bill.'

'As you wish,' he replied.

Jenny got on with her day, and put the echidna into her wildlife sanctuary, and it seemed to settle in ok. She was used to this work, and used to life in general, with its general run of things. She'd had plenty of glory now, and men came around every now and again, but she realized she was mostly a solo girl. The way of Jenny Gilmore. But she was happy and content, and got on with her life because of it.

The End

Clamorton Clans 4

'I'm bored,' said Celia.

Her uncle looked at her. 'Life is boring. It's the nature of it. It's in the good book. In the beginning God created boredom. And God dwelt in boredom a long time. And everything he created was boring. And that's the way it is. Some things never change.'

'I'm bored,' said Celia.

Roary MacKenzie sat down opposite her. 'Hey babe,' he said.

Celia stared at him, then went back to twiddling the toy umbrella in her cocktail. 'I'm bored she said.'

'I can cheer you up,' said Roary.

'How so husband?' she asked. 'And when did you get back in town?'

'I've been back in since midnight. Stayed at a hotel. Getting down to Vinner City in the morning. Thought I'd drop around the club. Thought you might be here.'

'Handle this,' said Celia, picking up baby Jeremy, and handing him to his father.

'Hey little man,' said Roary. 'My you have grown. Leave you be for 6 months and look at the size of you.'

'Did you secure the deal?' asked Celia.

'There were – complications,' he replied.

'Is that a yes or a no?' asked her uncle.

'Probably a yes. For the most part. But there are some negotiations still under way on certain details. Tentatively they have agreed.'

'Well. That's good,' sighed Celia. She looked at her husband handling their newborn. 'He smells like you, you know,' she said. 'It's comforting.'

'He's a MacKenzie alright,' said Roary. 'Where's Jennifer?'

'She's upstairs. In the main bar. Flirting with men most likely. Usual scene. She'll probably go out dancing later when we're finished.'

'Knowing her,' said Roary.

'Good to see you,' said Celia, and leaned over and kissed her husband.

'The deal will go through,' said Roary. 'We already have a basic agreement worked out. Just negotiating certain stipulations and things. It will be fine.'

'It will be a boon for clamorton clans,' said her uncle.

'I know,' said Roary. 'Linking Clamorton Clans to clubs in Televere is in our best interests. People are mostly settled and don't always travel that much anymore. But they still do on occasions, and uniform agreements between continents is in our best long term interests. Clamorton was always solo to the rest of Televere. Androvon never liked it like that, but we had our way. But the northerners have been wanting this forever, and it seemed that nobody objected much anymore.'

'Good work,' said Celia. 'I'm proud of you.'

Roary nodded, and played with baby Jeremy. And the music played in the club, and the men argued and drank beer and played their games, and Celia was a little happier and less bored with the return of her husband Roary MacKenzie.

The End

Shards of a Broken Heart 2

'If love lasts forever, Jonathon. Do you love me? Do you love me?' asked Kirsty.

Jonathon reached over and twirled Kirsty's hair. 'I don't know, babe,' he replied. 'Probably though.'

Kirsty pulled away. She sipped on her bottled water. 'Yes, you idiot. The answer is yes. You say, yes. Of course you bloody say yes. Not, I don't know. What kind of fucking moron says I don't know to the love of his life returned to him. Are you some kind of dimwitted schmuck or something. Idiot.'

'Same old Kirsty Kolby,' stated Jonathon honestly.

'Humph,' she replied. 'How many prostitutes have you and your cop buddy shagged? She's a lesbian these days I'm told.'

'She's bisexual,' replied Jonathon. 'Mostly straight, but she occasionally goes with a lady.'

'Have you had her with a ho then?'

Jonathon remained silent. 'I don't talk about those details. Anyway, I'm with you now.'

'Yes,' replied Kirsty glumly. 'Well, fine. I do agree. Love lasting forever is romantic, and it should be. But real life often interferes, and passions change. But you still love me,' she said, her eyes lit up.

'Yes I do. I don't think it will change, though. It probably will last forever Kirst. I haven't gotten over you. I still like you for you. As much as ever.'

'Coz I'm hot,' she replied.

'In all honesty that probably has something to do with it. But that's how we're wired. But it's more than that. I like the way you dress, the way you clean up the flat, your house antics. How you keep your home. How you keep yourself in general. Your a sophisticated working girl. You are a very attractive package because of it.'

She looked at him. 'I guess,' she said softly.

'Should I be judged for being attracted to that?'

'Maybe not,' she replied. 'So, where do you want to dine tonight?'

'I'll have to skip. Work issues. But we can eat here now. I have a picnic box in the boot of the car. I have an hour available now.'

'It will have to do,' said Kirsty.

And so Kirsty Kolby and Jonathon Kolby were reunited for the time being, and Shards of a Broken Heart were, for the time being anyway, mended.

The End

New Bridlington 16

Jerahmeel put out the smoke, and threw the butt into the tin can in the alleyway. He looked up at the sky above. It was a dismal grey. He generally liked most weather. The heat – not a problem. The icy cold – he could rug up. Rain – God's greatest gift at times. Usually he appreciated the weather patterns of God. Big hailstones, they were awkward though. But they were exciting. He looked down the alleway southwards. The long road at the end of the alleway, past the businesses on the other side of the block, had cars run up and down it all day. He was well used to this place. He'd been here a while. He went inside, went to the bathroom and washed his hands and washed his face. He dried his hands in the electronic dryer, and went to the refrigerators were he grabbed some fresh jollicles. Coming to the front of the store, Danielle was serving some customers, and Daniel was in his usual place opposite Valandriel, in one of the front tables in Jerahmeel's jollicles. They did a lot of work there Jerahmeel had surmised. Daniel was screwing Danielle at the moment. They didn't come right out and say so, but Danielle had been dropping hints. Slut. No, not really. But, you know, yes really. What else could you call it? Still he wasn't really bothered. He didn't care that much. He possibly should. He probably should. But he didn't. He lived in the real world were most people minded their own business and accepted such things as the facts of life. Life always had funny play in it.

'Boss, can I get off early today?' Danielle asked Jerahmeel. 'You can dock me for the 2 hours.'

'Sure,' said Jerahmeel. 'And I will dock you. What's up?'

'I'm off with Danny. We're dining out tonight.'

'Is she your New Bridlington squeeze now?' Jerahmeel asked Daniel over the counter.

'The other guy didn't last,' said Daniel. 'So looks like it.'

Danielle winked at Daniel, and Jerahmeel just shook his head, getting on with putting the fresh jollicles in the front counter.

Danielle left shortly, and Jerahmeel looked at Valandriel. 'Just you and me buddy.'

'Dominoes?' asked Valandriel.

As Jerahmeel and Valandriel played dominoes Jerahmeel looked out at the skies. The grey had gotten darker, and spits of rain were starting to fall.

'One of those days,' said Valandriel.

'Pretty much,' replied Jerahmeel, and used the remote to turn up the radio. And so he played dominoes the rest of that afternoon, an occasional customer and, at one point, feeling in a zone, he remarked in his life 'You know. Life is ok.' And the day past, and life went on in New Bridlington.

The End

Catchfrost 13

Naomi put the letter from the President in her satchel, and zipped and locked the satchel. It was already fitted out with provisions. She was ready. She left the house, locked the door, and came out onto the street. Shortly Regan, Atticus, Daniel, Valandriel, Samael, Saruviel & Krystabel showed up, and they walked along the street. Soon they came what was the customary point to 'Jump the Fence' into Catchfrost, and one by one did so. They were all dressed in rather elaborate adventure gear. Olde world adventure gear. Saruviel looked quite striking particularly. They came to the other side of the fence and Daniel spoke.

'People notice the ambience. Right away I did. It's immediately Catchfrost when you get in.'

'I had,' agreed Saruviel. Most nodded vague agreements.

They started their trek, and marched most of the morning, through somewhat familiar landscapes to many, before reaching a stream, and settling down for a rest.

'I wonder how Marcus and Bianca are coping?' wondered Regan.

'I'm sure they're both fine,' replied Atticus.

'Full of magic and myth, right,' said Naomi.

'Pretty much,' nodded Regan.

'It's coming into the olde world. So theoretically agreeing to be tamed,' said Daniel. 'There are magical places in other worlds which are just like the olde world, but not officially part of it. Wild places, where angels fear to tread.'

'Most angels,' said Saruviel.

The others looked at him.

'Most sensible angels,' said Valandriel.

'Probably,' agreed Saruviel.

There was a buzzing noise.

'What's that?' asked Naomi. Everybody listened.

'Shit,' said Regan.

'Double Shit,' said Atticus. 'People. Don't move too much. You are going to have to put up with something for a bit. You can't really run from them. The theory is that they do what they want, out of curiousity, and only when there curiousity is satiated, do they bother leaving you alone. Just put up with them crawling on you. They will leave sooner if you just leave them be.'

'Excuse me,' said Krystabel. ' What on Earth do you mean?'

Suddenly red orbular like creatures, with wings, in a huge swarm descended on them, and started clinging to their bodies. It was very irritating.

'Don't shoo them away, it only excites them, and they will follow us and hassle us until they are finished.'

'I know these creatures,' said Daniel. 'Atticus is right. They smell a bit. Sweet sort of weird insect smell.'

The creatures were crawling all over the group, and Naomi was very annoyed, but just put up with it as advised. After about 5 minutes the creatures started leaving them alone, and regrouped as a swarm, curiousity satiated, and flew off.

'I forget their name,' said Atticus. 'They are not poison. Only bothersome. They don't seem to have ill intent. Just weird creatures.'

'It's a relief they are gone,' said Naomi. 'I think I'll wash my face.'

'Me too,' said Krystabel.

'Me three,' said Regan.

The men chatted as the ladies washed, and soon enough they were on the march again, heading for Albedore and the house of Harloc the Sage. The creatures, fortunately, did not return, and as they camped the night in a wooded area, Naomi was a little disconcerted about this strange land, but for now, still happy at the adventure which came with it. For the time being anyway.

The End

Amiel Fifteenfight on Ice

'You're high Amiel Fifteenfight,' said Daniel. 'On Ice.'

'I am,' replied Amiel. She was trolloping around her room, singing Geocities Fairy Tale Songs. 'I'm a butterfly, beautiful and delicate. Don't try and catch, I won't float to your net.' And she sang, and trolloped. 'It's not fucking Ice,' she said. 'I don't do that shit, Daniel.'

'Why you so up?' Daniel asked her.

Ambriel scratched his balls, and looked at the screen. 'The records indicate you'll need to look pretty to. This is Amiel Fifteeenfight Fairy Day, so look pretty darling.'

'Why you scratching ze balls, Amby?' asked Amiel. 'Did you visit the red light again. They don't ask you for condoms any more.'

'Shut up,' replied Ambriel.

'He's a sinner,' stated Daniel, resolutely.

'Just getting off,' said Ambriel. 'I'm unengaged to anyone these days. Nobody wants me.'

'Nobody wants a fornicator for a partner,' quipped Amiel. 'Nobody. Very disgusting.'

'I don't shag em. They only, you know,' he said.

'Yet you scratch. Now, will my debutante dress do?'

'I remember that,' said Daniel. 'Lemon and frilly and hopelessly old fashioned. Like a little princess.'

'Then it's perfect,' said Amiel, and went to the other room, upstairs into the attic, and found the dress in an old chest. She dusted it off, and put it on. She came back down, and danced around in the dress, singing the fairy tale tunes.

Ambriel looked at some of Amiel's records. 'You should get a wand,' he said, cracking open a can of beer, and sipping on it. Amiel went into the other room, and soon returned with her witch hermione wand.

'I'm the queen of the fairies,' she shrilled. 'Now take some photos and upload them to my file,' she said. Ambriel took some photos, and soon they were in the records.

'What era are you judging from?' asked Daniel.

Amiel, who had actually been drinking with Ambriel before Daniel arrived, hiccuped, and said 'I forget. We chose one at random.'

'Right,' replied Daniel. 'Well today is 'You better get sober before people notice' day. So please do.'

'Will do, captain sir,' replied Amiel, saluting Daniel. She took a step and said 'I think I'm going to be sick.' And she collapsed on the couch. Shortly she was snoozing.

'Should I leave you two?' asked Daniel.

'You stay with her,' said Ambriel. 'I've got places to be.'

Daniel heard about Ambriel's night on the town later. It was standard affair for Ambriel these day. Amiel, though, at least regretted it later. Ambriel didn't give a damn.

The End

Cat Lady 9

Taylor looked at the screen. 'You're getting low on energy Max.'

'It's Max 4 Wild Warrior Extreme,' replied Max Sturgess.

'In your dreams Max,' said Taylor, and moved on to the next table.

'You should know he has plenty of ammunition,' she whispered to Arlene Spiteful Bitch 4.

'He always has plenty of ammunition,' she whispered back. 'It's the only way he plays the game. He conserves it to the end. Predictable as fuck.'

Taylor nodded, and continued around the tent. After a while Daniel motioned her over to the master table, where he was sitting with the boss from Commodore Universe Unlimited.

'The contract is being belted out now,' said Daniel.

'Commodore Net is our best bet,' said Anthony Fielding, boss of Commdore Universe Unlimited. 'It's one of the earliest established Commodore circuits on the Internet. And it's well established universally. They take favourable to new initiatives, when others are often set in their way and don't like new stuff much anymore. By the way. How did you come up with this stuff? Copyrights don't come round much these days. Most stuff is assumed done.'

'I haven't exploited half of my copyright in terms of video game usage,' replied Taylor. 'I have heaps of music and books and other things which are just presented mainly in their own right. It's stuff I'm sort of reluctant to use all at once. I like to savour things, and let them come out in their own time.'

'And she likes to do it herself,' said Daniel. 'Learned it all herself. The programming. Will do it her way.'

'Comes out right that way,' said Taylor.

'Obviously,' replied Daniel. 'Now, are you sure you have no stipulations for your part in the deal?' Daniel asked Taylor.

'Like I said,' said Taylor, turning, and looking out at the tent of C64 gamers. 'Let me see if you can handle my affairs well. I'll take a risk on the Cat Lady game, as you were the inspiration. So handle this well. If you are my man.'

Daniel nodded his head softly at Taylor, and returned to his conversation.

Taylor walked over to the side of the tent and sat down next to Shane and Ruby, who were both on their tablets.

'Not joining in?' asked Taylor.

'Next session,' said Ruby. 'I've got a tonne of texts to catch up on.'

'Me too,' said Shane.

'Right,' said Taylor. She took out a pack of chewing gum, and put a new piece in her mouth and started chewing. They'd been here a week now, and she'd done a heck of a lot of filming. It had mostly been the sessions of gamings on the local LAN they had set up in the tent, but there were a few other activities going on, and a barbecue each evening, where everyone got together and chatted and shared stories. She'd made new friends, and friends she felt might last. They didn't really seem to put off by her being Taylor Swift, and had accepted her readily enough. Sometimes people clicked well. Sometimes it was not much of an issue. But with people who had been around a long time, well, sometimes things like that didn't really bother them much anymore. She chewed on her gum, gave the room one last look around, looked at Daniel briefly, and took out her own mobile, checking her messages also. And the gaming day marched on.

The End

The End of the Romance

Callodyn and Claudia were at Lake Infinity on the southern outskirts of Paradision.

'The water is pink because of the species of algae which grows in it,' said Callodyn.

'I know,' replied Claudia.

'Of course,' he replied.

'I don't know why it's called Lake Infinity,' she said.

'I suppose because it's like gazing out at Infinity,' he said. 'Tranquil heavnly sort of view. When some clouds get low on her, it's another world.'

'Will you ever be Jewish?' she asked him.

He looked at her. 'No,' he said softly.

She looked away. 'You know, that has never really bothered me. It never really has. I've never raised it as an issue.'

There was silence for about 20 minutes.

'So you are leaving then?' he asked her.

'I'll be moving upstate,' she replied. 'I'll send the divorce papers in about a year. He sort of has to be Jewish in the end. You know. It's what I am. It's what he has to be.'

'I understand,' he replied. 'I can't accommodate.'

'I'd hoped one day you could. But I can see in you a face. An older face. Which never changes its mind.'

Callodyn went quiet. 'Sorry,' he said.

'Yeh,' she replied.

They watched the lake, and hugged, and went home. She left later that week. The children they had drifted out of Paradision to greener pastures. At home, one night, when Claudia was gone, he sat there, drinking scotch. He wasn't trying to get drunk. He wouldn't drink that much. But he sat there, listening to Bach, staring at the wall. The room was quiet as the music was low, and he had the lights dimmed. It was about 9. There was nothing happening on the street. She was gone. And he thought it over and thought, dammit I should. But then there was a voice, deep inside, which said to him, 'It's not you.' So he listened to that voice, and let it be.

Kayella showed up 3 weeks later. She'd heard about the separation.

'Hey dude,' she said. 'Didn't think it would ever work out in the end. You're no Jew.'

'No,' he said softly.

'I'll party with ya for a week,' she said.

And that took Callodyn's mind off things. He'd loved Claudia. He'd married Claudia. But in the end it wasn't him. That voice was right. He was a Noahide. There was no changing that truth.

The End

Simiel and Oriphiel

'Listen, buddy. By the Infinite Angelfire Lake, I am sure you have two cards underneath that flimsly table cloth,' said Simiel.

'Nay, ye are mistaken,' replied Oriphiel to Simiel's complaint.

Gregoriel looked at them from the side liquor cabinet. The room was dimly lit, with green paint on the walls, and stylings like a 1960s English Home in many ways. They were conservative, but friendly angels, of the Angelfire. It was late – the middle of the night – and they were up gambling. Only for plastic markers, as they were not dangerous angels. Of all the angels of the Angelfire Simiel and Oriphiel could never be called dangerous angels. They were buddies, and funny guys, and just did not have the heat of the others. The way they were.

'Challenge him,' said Gregoriel. 'The cards will be there. 2 jokers most likely. Wild cards. Same deck design. You would never know,' he said, saying the last sentence sarcastically.

'Nay, I shan't challenge him,' replied Simiel to Gregoriel's suggestion. 'I will let his conscience speak.'

'Hah. Rich. He doesn't have one,' replied Gregoriel.

'There is no harm in cheating,' said Oriphiel dramatically with a comedic tone. 'It is – the lighter side of life. The heart of gaiety to do things with a little trickery. But, nay. Ye have not surely proven your case.'

Simiel pulled the table cloth, albeit slowly, and two cards were revealed.

'Why. My God. How did they get there?' asked Oriphiel.

'Perchance by the destiny of fate?' surmised Gregoriel. 'Surely that must be it.'

Simiel reached over and turned over the cards. Two Joker Wild Cards. 'Amazing,' said Simiel. 'I would never have deduced that.'

'You have caught my shallow attempts at frivolity,' replied Oriphiel. He took a sip on his beer. 'Well, I will have to place them at the bottom of the deck.' He did so.

'In the morning, what is thine duties?' Simiel asked Oriphiel.

'The same as most days,' replied Oriphiel. 'I have work picking up candles from the manufacturing sector to distribute throughout the city. A number of hours labour. And some minor work in the afternoon cleaning some of the latrines in Greensborough Park. Just half an hours work. Need to replace toilet paper there, also. I'll get that fro the stores at the Citadel.'

'I have studies tomorrow,' said Simiel. 'Torah, on this and that. A study week, but back to regular duties next week.'

'The life of the Angelfire,' sighed Oriphiel.

'Agreed,' replied Simiel.

'It is the tasks we do for love,' said Gregoriel. 'It is the substance of our eternity. Usefulness in life is a better balm than free time, believe me. It is a complete truth. Too much of a good thing makes you sick. You need some userful work to occupy yourself and make yourself feel that usefulness. It gives a steady enough point to our existence.'

'Indeed you are correct Gregoriel,' said Simiel.

'I take that much from granted in my great life experience,' agreed Oriphiel.

'So on you go. Play your game, and enjoy the cool of the night. And where is that bottle of scotch?' asked Gregoriel.

And so the night wore on, and old Angelfire angels got on with their eternal sojourn.

The End

Camael and Adam

'You are still frosty,' said Camael. 'I was only doing my duty Adam,' said Camael.

'This is a strange network of streets,' said Adam. 'How do you find your way around Angelfire in all this confusion.'

'We are used to it,' replied Camael. 'I think it's an English and Roman sort of spirit in its complexity of alleyways and byways. Even a bit of Greek maybe. It's how the Angelfire has always been. The core cities of our realm are often like this. Seems to be the way of our culture, our mentality.'

'I have long forgiven you for expelling myself and Eve from Eden,' said Adam. 'You were only doing your duty Camael. Now, where is this store?'

'Here,' said Camael, turning up an unexpected alleyway, and finding a store, below street level, down weird steps, with a store front of glass in panels at various angels and colourings. Inside they found the glassware. It was designs which were simply unlike stuff you found in the other realms in Adam's thinking. Cryptic mysterious designs, which lent themselves to no rational thought in understanding the purpose thereof.

'This one Eve will like,' said Adam. 'It's an angel I think.'

'Lends itself to imagination. The point,' said Camael casually. 'Let's purchase the ware and eat.'

At a cafe further down the street they ate delicious bakeries of a style Adam had not had before, equally distinct in the weirdness of its design, but the flavours were all charming.

'Angelfire makes no logic,' said Adam, eating his pastry.

'I don't think it's meant to be logical,' said Camael slowly. 'It is supposed to make people happy through its experience. To be unexpected and original.'

'It certainly always has been that from my experiences,' replied the firstborn man.

'Then we have accomplished some of our purpose,' replied the Angel.

'Which doth always make life worthwhile,' smiled Adam. 'Now, the soccer leagues. How fares Vengeful Dothdairn?' That was Adam's chosen football team in the realm of Angelfire.

'Bottom of ladder 7,' said Camael. 'Not bad, mind you. The ladders number over 3000 in descending order these days. The Major league, that is.'

'Oh. So succesful relatively speaking?'

'Quite,' replied Camael. 'We could dial up a match later on if you like.'

'That would be fine,' replied Adam. 'And we could drink some fine Angelfire tea. And I will purchase more of these pastries to consume.'

'An afternoon to enjoy,' smiled Camael.

Adam was enjoying his stay in the Angelfire. Eve was back at the hotel, and he would invite her along for the afternoon's entertainment. They had been here many times before, but it was still new and challenging in many ways. A realm, nearly the earliest of all the realms of God, even older than heaven, but it was enticing and something to always muse on. Something to always enjoy.

'Let us get going,' said Camael.

Adam finished his mouthful, and purchased 3 more of the pastries, and returning to their hotel room, he gathered Eve, and they found their way to the Citadel, the primary palace of God in the realm of Angelfire, and to the angel Camael's large abode, and enjoyed football the rest of the afternoon, and the strange stylings of play in a realm quite unlike that of any other.

The End

Life in Kalpeter

Sariel was on holiday on the continent of Kalpeter on New Terra 2. It was the second New Terra planetary body in the United Galaxy. He'd been on occasions before, but this visit was for a specific purpose.

'Now,' began Sariel. 'This organisation is well established in principles of British Civilization.'

'Most of Kalpeter is well established for this purpose,' replied the head of Crossby's Trading Conglomerate. 'We compete with Tamlion and Bangladorastan throughout much of the United Galaxy in Business Initiatives. A great place of commerce is New Terra 2. What we are famed for.'

'But its the policy's of civilization I am interested in,' replied Sariel. 'This trading conglomerate has a very staunch administrative policy for how it runs its affairs. For starters its technically committed to enduring perpetually as a business organisation.'

'Aye, we are in it for the long hall,' replied Mr Bonnysworth, the head of Crossbys.

'And I have noticed on occasions with dealings with Crossbys the professional, even starchy, approach to business affairs. I feel it has a culture and a part of civilization it builds. And I have a family and a bloodline which wants to get further involved with traditional British success. I feel Crossbys could expand into the Realm of Eternity somewhat moreso, with my aid, and my angelic offspring have a desire in many discs to connect with Crossbys. They feel it is the kind of organisation they are well suited to potentially committing to. We like eternal things you see.'

'I understand,' replied Mr Bonnysworth. 'Yes, we're committed Kalpeterians to a way of Kalpeter life. From the heart of much of Exeter finest thinking. We know what we're about, and the lifestyle commitments we have made. I am sure we can come to congruent arrangements.'

They dined that afternoon at 'Rogers Restaurant' which served traditional Kalpeter food. Kalpeter was full of family's which came from Exeter in English civilization the whole basis for the founding of this continents culture and paradigm. Sariel wanted to connect with this particular Kalpeter organisation on New Terra 2 because it had the ideals he was looking for to further develop his bloodline ambitions.

'To success,' he said, toasting Mr Bonnysworth.

'To success,' replied Mr Bonnysworth, and they enjoyed the rest of their afternoon in Kalpeter City.

The End

Amiel Fifteenfight at Gym X4

Amiel looked at walking machine.

'You are dense today,' said Ursula 49,767Hawk.

'The low intellectual requirements to walk are soothing to my soul,' replied Amiel Fifteenfight.

'Like plankton. Those who exercise on treadmills are like plankton. Dense, no brain, and simple,' said Ursuala 49,767Hawk, with her sweaty T-shirt with a large Hawk on it in full flight.

'Algae, also,' replied Amiel. 'But in Geocity Prime Sector 47, what do you expect? Low grade citizenship like Ursula 49,767Hawk live here. They have no requirements for intellectual property. They rely on their big tits, hot ass and the red light burning above their heads.'

'Ouch bitch,' replied Ursual. 'That's cold.'

'Get on your damn treadmill and run beside me,' said Amiel, to one of her besties.

They looked hot. The two ultrababes of Geocity prime, running in the X4 Gym, sweating on the treadmill, in their skimpy outfits – they looked hot.

Bob 48,323Skunk came up.

'You stink Bob,' said Ursula. 'You are not going to get lucky.'

'Only when I pass wind,' said Bob. 'And I've been working on my diet a long time now. Things are slowly improving.'

'You are looking fine,' said Amiel, looking over Bob, as she walked along.

'Sexual activity could be interesting,' said Bob. 'I have been abstaining for over a decade now. I feel the heavenly father might give me a break soon, and allow me a bit of nookie.'

'He grants grace on occasions for naughty play. You're only angel,' said Ursula.

'I have legal partner for the purposes. We require we meet once a century as a minimum in our contracts to engage sexually. That takes the pressure of when it comes round.'

'Sensible,' said Amiel. She continued her running. 'What about marriage with her?'

'She still finds some passion and interest in original enough life,' replied Bob. 'There are still things as an Independent Woman she finds interesting about life. But she has tentatively agreed that eventually settling down and keeping fidelity in marriage is agreeable.'

'Keep the faith,' said Ursual.

'And live like a sinner till you do,' said Bob. He stared at Amiel's tits.

'Are you looking at my tits?' asked the sweating Amiel.

'Nah, not me,' said Bob.

'You are,' replied Amiel.

That night.

'They are nice tits,' said Bob, fondling them.

Amiel reached out and touched his hair. 'She's lucky. You are adequate. You function with charisma in an appealing way.'

'I got's the charms babe.'

And he showed her some passion, and she concluded he indeed did.

The End

Life in Kalpeter 2

'I'll have a dark ale,' said Sariel

The tavern keeper poured Sariel an ale, and he sat down in the tavern in Lower Beswick. Sipping on his ale he glanced out the window. A Cradderick match was going on outside. Cradderick was similar to cricket in some ways – it was played with a bat and a ball – but the structures were different. There was not the concept of getting the batsmen out, but denying him runs, and causing them to score negative runs after 3 missed balls in a row. It was bowled like cricket, and on a wicket, and there was a token stump which the ball had to be within reasonable vicinty of, but apart from that had no real purpose. Runs were completed if you made the wicket length before the ball was taken to the batter or bowler zone and held there. No runs, after the ball was fielded and thrown to another team player in the zone, could be scored after the ball was 'Secured'. There were other variations, and Sariel had spent the weekend watching a match, enthralled by the game. It was popular all throughout Kalpeter. One of the major sports of the continent.

'Tell me, Smithersby. Kalpeter is a strength in New Terra 2. Is there a philosophy?'

'Originality but in variation. To follow New Terra tradition, but in our own way,' replied Alfred Smithersby, a gent Sariel had become acquainted to on New Terra 2.

'Making the second child in the family who is like his older brother in many ways but has his own ideas?' queried Sariel.

'Something like that,' replied Alfred. 'We have to have our own spark but no point in reinventing the wheel. Just our own brand.'

'I understand,' replied Sariel. 'I have plans with Kalpeter. Business plans with my offspring. It's important to understand things.'

'Naturally,' replied Alfred.

'Well,' said Sariel, standing up. 'Let's go watch some Cradderick.

They exited the tavern and found a suitable bench in the tavern's front garden, sitting down to watch the match.

'Of course, we make our own mark in life,' said Alfred. 'We don't intend to be number 2 of New Terra in anything much apart from the numerical indicator. We have our own vision of glory.'

'Most societie's do,' replied Sariel. 'It's the higher callings and aspirations common to those made in the image of God.'

Alfred sipped on his ale. 'I suppose that must be it. The spark of the divine which motivates us.'

'What makes it all worthwhile,' said Sariel.

'And I'll drink to that,' said Alfred, sipping on his ale.

They watched a while, and eventually Sariel called it a day, and returned to his hotel room. He had a few other places to visit on on his New Terra 2 sojourn, but Lower Beswick had been a comfort of an English culture in a new way, and while he had been here before, he had not yet grasped quite how they all worked it out. Now he had something of an idea, and it was knowledge which would help him in his ambitions for his family, and further educate the wisdom and lore of Sariel Seraphim of the Realm of Eternity.

The End

Alistair Grey

'Alistair. Why are you leaving? Tell me the real reason,' said June Grey.

'Earth is my home. But it's time to move on June,' replied June Grey's brother, who had been resident at Danielphon a while now.

'But to the heavenlies? Why there?' asked June.

'The worlds are no longer so strictly apart, and can be visited. It takes requirments met carefully, but I have qualified for those. I've been to the spiritual universe once before, and visited some places. There is a planet – New Terra 2. I intend to make it my home.'

'Never visited that one,' said June. 'I was mostly on New Terra 17.'

'Kalpeter. It's the main English speaking continent on New Terra 2. I plan on settling down there. There is an organisation I wish to join, and start my own agenda within. Ultimately, June, I have concluded that death is inevitable for most, as it's always been, and the spiritual universe is where most of us end up anyway. Why fight that truth?'

'I suppose,' replied June. 'Depends on what you're made of I guess.'

'This place suits you,' replied Alistair. 'It is good with you. But I have different destiny sis. Something is in me leading me on, and it is something I must follow and go with the flow of it. It's a new life and it's just gonna happen. It is just going to.'

'Then that is what will be,' replied June. 'So you will have to let us throw you a farewell party, and off you go I suppose.'

'Off I go,' agreed Alistair.

'I'll miss you bro,' said June, touching him on his shoulder.

'And I'll miss you.'

The End

Life on New Terra 3

'Poonam Singh? Never heard of her,' said Rohan DeSilva. Rohan lived in the city of 'George Cross Fair', one of the cities in the south of the Guyanan Confederation of Nations on New Terra 3.

'She's our biggest star,' said Maldo.'

'Of course I've bloody heart of her. I have every record,' replied Rohan. 'You want to chat Poonam? No problems.'

'My wife likes her,' replied Maldo. 'Listens to her most nights.'

'Guyana is indeed an inspirational song,' said Rohan. 'Very good video too. Proud of it.'

Maldo looked down at the game of dominoes. He played some moves, and lit a cigarette. Rohan sipped on his bottle of cola, and looked out at the heat of the afternoon, on the seashore.

'Glad its summer,' said Rohan. 'Get's damn cold in winter down here.'

'Tell me about it,' replied Maldo. 'Only been here a few years now, and still settling in, but snow is unusual. I like it though. I was born in Guyana on Earth and snow does not exactly show up. Very unusual.'

'I know what you mean,' replied Rohan.

'So, work on monday? You're 2 week holiday is over?'

'Somebody has to produce these things,' replied Rohan, lifting up his bottle of cola. Rohan worked in a bottling plant for Coca Cola, producing coca cola bottles in their particular plant.

'I'm busy all the time these days,' said Maldo. 'Work in the shop is pretty constant most days. Lots of meat eaters around here. A butcher's work is never done. They like my cuts as well. Not what they usually get they tell me.'

'You've proved valuable to George Cross Fair Maldo. Your butchers shop is a fantastic new addition.'

'Thanks Rohan,' replied Maldo.

'We're having a beach party next weekend,' said Rohan. 'Come. It will be a great day. Bring some meat.'

'Will do,' replied Maldo.

'Midday. There will be familiar faces. No real surprises. A celebration of Guyanan life and culture.'

'Sounds good,' said Maldo. 'We'll be there.'

The two Guyanan friends continued their dominoes match on the back verandah of Rohans home, and the summer blew in a cool breeze, and the smell of the ocean smelled good that evening.

The End

Lucy Smith and the Grey Wolf

Lucy Smith, Child of Heaven, was in the upper hills to the north of their home in heaven. She was watching the wolves. It was night. They were howling at the night sky lights.

'Wolf, whisper to me,' said Lucy. 'What is your secret? Why do you howl? Why is your heart as such?'

A grey wolf looked at her, and considered her for a moment, before turning back to the pack. Lucy continued watching, then skulked away, down to the stream. She got down on her stomach and drank the fresh night water from her own lips. She felt the presence then. She turned. It was the Grey Wolf. She looked at it, but did not flinch. It was looking at her – as if trying to work her out. It sipped on some water, and then nestled down next to her. She put her head on the edge of the stream bank, and went to sleep. In the morning it was bright, and the wolf was nowhere to be seen. She sipped some more water, and took a muesli bar out of her backpack. As she started descending the mountains, the grey wolf soon showed up, trailing her. She looked back, noticed it following her, shrugged, and walked on. It took a while, but she was back in their home. The Grey Wolf, then, started skipping around the community, drinking water here and there.

'Are you it's master?' asked Enrique.

'I don't know. I think it has chosen me to be it's playmaker.'

'Playmaker?' asked Enrique.

'It's plaything in life. Wants to trail along and have some fun,' said Lucy. 'Adopted me as a companion more than a master.'

'I see,' replied Enrique.

'You have a dragon, I have a wolf,' said Lucy.

The Grey wolf followed Lucy around everywhere after that. Wherever she went in the city the Wolf was there, trailing along, examining the things she was doing, making its private assessments. What it thought God only knew. But it was strangely comforting, and likely appropriate. The Witch of Heaven should have a wolf. It was par for the course wasn't it? And Lucy got used to it, but refrained from calling it anything but the Grey Wolf. How long it would follow, she could not say. But for now it was a wild new companion, and she had gotten used to its presence, and mysterioius canine way.

The End

Moving On

'Sometimes we move on Tails,' said Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

'You're moving on,' she said softly.

Daniel finished pulling the tacks out of the wall and brought down his posters. 'I'm keeping these,' he said, referring to his posters of Taylor. 'They're going in my collection.'

'Right,' said Taylor, softly. 'Where will you go?' she asked.

'Moving to my place in Zaphora,' he replied. 'The Daly Foundation.'

'Right,' she said. 'What do you expect me to do now Daniel?'

Daniel came over to her, hugged her, and gave her a picture of Joe Alwyn. 'He still loves you,' he said.

Taylor looked at it and burst out in tears.

'You can keep the commodore stuff. It's not my originals, so it's not an issue.'

'Go,' she said. 'Don't come back bastard.'

Daniel put the posters in his backpack, and looked at her. 'It's been swell sweetcheeks.'

Then Daniel was gone. And Taylor was alone.

The End

Moving On 2

Taylor woke up the following morning, and yawned. Dan had left. Life goes on. She showered, ate some toast and drank some coffee, and went out to collect yesterdays mail. She stood at the post box, holding the mail, enjoying the fresh morning, and looked at the activity next door. Someone was moving in. Movers were everywhere, loading the bungalow with stuff. Shortly she saw a car pull up and Daniel got out, gave some instructions to the men doing the moving, and looked at the house. He was standing there, hands on hip, admiring the house. Taylor walked around and came and stood next to him.

'Hi. I'm your neighbour Taylor,' she said.

'Pop star, aren't you?' asked Daniel.

'Something like that,' replied Taylor, and sipped on her coffe. They both looked at the house. 'You know, Daniel,' she said eventually. 'You are an asshole.'

Silence. Eventually Daniel spoke. 'Yeh, but whatcha going to do, huh?'


'Yeh,' she finished. Then she took her coffee and mail, walked back to her home, waved to Daniel, who had his calculator our, who waved back, and went inside.

Life – what the hell could you say, thought Taylor Swift. But Amen.

The End

Daniel and Taylor: Neighbours

'So, Daniel,' said Taylor. 'Do you have any interest in the Commodore 64?'

'Yeh, got one back at 29 Merriman on New Terra,' said Daniel. 'My original stuff in my room at the address. The Daly family, Cyril and his lads and lasses, managed to secure the address for the resurrection.'

'You keep some of your Earth stuff there do you?' asked Taylor.

'I'm also an angel of the Realm of Eternity. A Cherubim.'

'I'm one of those too,' said Taylor.

Taylor took a chockie bikkie and watched more Oprah Winfrey. 'This is a funny episode. Celebrities stalked by obsessive fans. I think I can relate,' said Taylor.

'You're a pop star of course,' said Daniel. 'Fancy living next door to a pop star. Small world.'

'Yep,' said Taylor. 'With obsessive fan stalkers who tweet me unendingly and post nasty comments on my youtube page. Some people never learn. No respect.'

'I suppose it's all about getting your attention or something,' replied Daniel.

'Obviously,' said Taylor. 'I ignore them though. They need a far more professional approach to get Taylor Swift's attention. Far smoother and more decent attitude if they want to talk to me.'

'You talk to people then?'

'Sometimes,' she replied. 'If they don't try and rip off my knickers.'

'I could imagine,' said Daniel. 'Well, I think I have a CD of yours. Will have to play it sometime.'

Taylor stood and picked up the chockie bikkies. 'I'll borrow these if you don't mind.'

'Feel free,' said Daniel.

Taylor left via the front door, and as she walked back to her home, she noticed Daniel looking through the front window at her. He seemed keen. Funny that.

The End

The Pleasure of Priestly Paul

'Paul. You should not keep that whore in your private chamber,' said Apostle Benedictus.

'Nay, she is a sister of the order of St Rosellia,' replied Paul.

'St Rosellia? What is her feast day?' queried Apostel Benedictus. 'I do not recall this saint.'

'Remarkably it is Christmas Day,' replied Paul. 'On Christmas day she performed a miracle by bringing down a feast from heaven to feed starving orphans. They rejoiced in the city of Bulsittya that day I tell you.'

'I am not sure if you speaketh verily,' replied Benedictus. 'And I am sure this so called sister is a harlot from the red light. I feel as if I have met her before.'

'She mentioned you,' replied Paul. 'You paid well.'

Benedictus blushed, and left the living room of the monastery. Paul continued smoking, sipping on his brandy, gazing into the fire. Shortly his private whore came down and sat at his feet.

'Will you give me my stipend this week brother Paul?' she asked him.

'You'd prefer to return to the brothel?' asked Paul. 'My good christian charity has redeemed you from laying the town of Hamleth.'

'To lay the brothers of St Dominicartus instead,' replied the wench. 'They all drop in at times, and leave a copper penny.'

'Then you have no need of a stipend,' replied Paul. 'And the comfort here exceedeth your old life I would declared.'

'Why do the soliders of christ practice such hypocrisy?' queried the wench. 'Thou shalt not commit prostitution from the pulpit, yet a bit on the side when nobody is looking. Surely salvation can not truly be claimed.'

'I often ponder the mystery of salvation. By grace, my dear. By grace.'

'Indeed,' replied the wench, and finished jerking him off as she had been doing for the last few minutes, erupting his glory, quietly wiping up, and leaving him in peace.

'Indeed,' said Paul, in the afterglow. 'By grace.'

And another day turned in the realm of eternity, in a Monastery in some outer world disc which shall remain nameless.

The End

Catchfrost 14

'Skeleton man. You are cold and hard,' said Marcus.

'You suffered the wrath of the queen, and tasted sheol,' said the Grim Reaper. 'I own your soul.' Death picked up Marcus, and threw him into the river Styx. Marcus floated down to the bottom. 'This is comfortable,' said Marcus, and settled down on the floor of the river of death for a nap. He dreamed. Lots of dreams Marcus dreamed in those days. Of grand pianos and teddy bears and hugs and kisses from lovers, far too many to mention. And then Death rose up once again, several years later, and chatted with him.

'Rebecca has been praying for you. She is getting very fussy. Insists its time you returned. Has made a large donation to a religious temple to afford you.'

'What temple?' asked Marcus.

'Unitarian Universalist one,' replied Death. 'Apparently it was neutral enough to satisfy you.'

'Should be ok,' said Marcus.

Up he went.

Marcus found himself in Catchfrost, outside of Harloc the Sage's place. He went inside.

'You know, Marcus,' said Harloc, in the den, as they settled down to chat. 'Catchfrost has a way about it. Queens get vengeance, when they need to. You should learn that you tasted her wrath, for she was fond of the Ice Dragon who requested she deal with you for stealing his Ice Diamonds. They have now been returned, and we have peace once more. Asgard has been asked to calm down in his sarcasm for a while, as the Queen is doing business for her nation at the moment, and is interested in the upcoming Olde World status for Catchfrost. Times have changed, and new quest needs to be in your heart to remain with us.'

'Do you need scholars?' asked Marcus.

'Some need,' replied Harloc. 'There will be likely records kept of our history emerging into the Olde World. A tome discussing this period could be inquired with Asgard if he will commission it from you. Catchfrost has its own record keepers, but if you traverse the realm and gain legends and lore from this time to record, you may have a work from remembrance.'

'Will it establish me somewhat in your world, Harloc?' asked Marcus. 'I need a work here as your librarian, and work down town a bit in my own place. I wish to lecture at a future point on some ideas involving life in Catchfrost.'

'As you have said so prior,' mused Harlock, stroking his beard. 'Know the history first, and acclimatize better. You will gain the respect you require through patience and service.'

Marcus assented, and planned his trip to King Asgard's palace, a new general plan for this aeon of life still developing.

The End

Amiel Fifteenfight and Johnny Go Go Go 77777

'You are cold and hard, skeleton man,' said Amiel.

'Get drunk with me,' replied Johnny Go Go Go.

'You only want to get into my knickers,' she replied, looking at the options on the screen. She selected the drink she was after, and placed her hand on the screen to make payment. They sat down at their table, and the android showed up with their drinks.

'I'll not get drunk,' she said, and looked over at the dancing in the nightclub in downtown Geocity Prime.

'Well, how about tipsy?' asked Johnny.

She looked at him. 'You probably score a lot of ass, don't you?'

'Not as much as you think,' sighed Johnny. 'Regulations from the doctors are enforced a lot these days. Not much shenanigans allowed.'

'It' like that,' agreed Amiel, sipping on her cocktail. 'You wanna dance?' she asked.

Jesus Jones played on the music, remix album material, and they danced away for half an hour before returning to their seats.

'I've earned a shag?' queried Johnny Go Go Go.

'I'll play cards with you,' replied Amiel. 'You'll have to try harder than a smooth word.'

'Fine,' he replied. They took the subway back to Amiel's place, and started playing card games. She sipped on her cocktail, and put on Jesus Jones from her PC.

'Interesting music,' said Johnny Go Go Go. 'British aren'they?'

'I think so,' she replied,examining her cards.

'Zeroes and ones will get us there,' said Johnny Go Go Go.

'The basis for computing,' agreed Amiel.

'Maybe you should program a game where we walk into a room, find a bed, and get erotic,' said Johnny. 'Zeroes and ones will do it.'

'Zero chance,' replied Amiel. 'And I'll have one more drink.'

'Funny,' said Johnny.

They played cards. She booted him out at 11, but gave him a kiss. Said he'd have to be more serious about better friendship status if he expected to get any. She wasn't a casual fornicator. Better be more permanent acquaintanceship if he expected her relations in society.

She picked up the computer programming book from her shelf the following week, and spent some time on her PC, going through things. Then she took a flight to the Castle of Geocities, and hunted around the Tech Room for a while. She found the fundamental old texts in the chests behind the main bookcases at the head of the room. They were old and tatty, but she sat down at a table and started looking through them. God spoke to her.


'Yep,' she replied.


She looked heavenwards. 'Handle with care, huh?'


She nodded, and was more careful in her handling the books. She spent some time then learning the foundation of computer programming, and started looking at the Inteconnectivity of networks throughout the Geocities. This was her job. It was what she had a new passion to simply examine and understand.

Johnny Go Go Go showed up several months later. 'Hey babe.'

She was reading a manual, but let him in. He sat on the couch, but she read quietly the whole time.

'Right,' he said, getting the hint. 'Mmm,' he thought. He left, bought a Positron 44X Calculating Machine, and returned the following day. She let him in and looked at the machine.

'Hey, that's a classic,' she said.

'I'll bother learning how it works, if we date,' he said.

'We have a deal. Will you learn here, is that it?'

'May as well,' he replied.

'Fine. Come around once a week. Any day, but once a week on average.'

And their little computer club started. And it lasted.

The End

A Commission for Priestly Paul

Priestly Paul left the confession and headed back to his chambers. He settled down on his bed, and sipped on a glass of water. There was a knock on his door. 'Excuse me brother Paul. You have a visitor.'

'Come in,' said Paul.

A lady came into the room.

'Lady Eloise,' said Paul, and bowed. 'To what do I owe the honour of the Arch-Regent's consort's visitation?'

'May I sit?' asked Eloise.

'By all means,' replied the brother, indicating the seat in the room. Lady Eloise sat.

'I have needs of a priest,' she said. 'Someone with a sense of sarcasm. You were suggested.'

'Fuck huh,' replied Paul. 'A sense of sarcasm. I think I can supply.'

Eloise stared him, then looked down at her lap. 'It is a sensitive issue. My Lord needs a priest to discuss old issues of Catholicism. From his roots. He was raised in Noahidism, but a father figure was were the Noahidism in his bloodline began, who was raised a Catholic. He needs some insight into understanding some of the things he finds within him. There are – Catholic – roots. Bits and pieces of stuff which are not what he holds to, and he needs a priest with a bit of humor to chat on the issues.'

'I understand,' said Paul. 'Well, I hope I will suffice.'

'Daniel will visit you here, if that is alright with you. I shall send him a letter and remain at the village till he arrives. Feel free to call on me should you wish to discuss the matter further.'

'I may do that,' said Paul, standing.

'My eternal gratitude,' said Eloise. She stood, and left the room, the priest closing the door behind her.

'The old faggot needs a confessor or something,' Paul thought to himself. Interesting. Jesus is still in his blood, he thought. Got roots still in the Daly boys.' He mused on the ideas a while, but shortly his Harlot was present, and closed and locked the door and thought of the Arch-Regent's catholic concerns were the last thing on his mind as he tasted exotic fruits and got lost in the evenings passions.

The End

Battle of Wits

They were in the mountains again. The grey wolf licked water at the stream, while Lucy crouched.

'I know you are in there somewhere,' yelled Enrique from above, circling around on his dragon. 'You are going to bite the dust witch queen.'

'Come,' said Lucy. The wolf followed. They worked their way downstream, and veered into the forest, and found a crag of rocks. Lucy climbed up and wolf leaped from boulder to boulder, and sat at her feet. She was visible above the trees, wand in hand, and stared at Enrique a little distance away. 'Come and get me Dragonrider,' she yelled.

'You are dead, witch queen,' yelled Enrique, now approaching fast. 'You've exposed yourself.'

Enrique on his dragon approached fast, and Lucy lifted her wand. The wolf raised its head and Lucy said 'Just wait.' He seemed concerned, but Lucy held on to her patience. Enrique closed and Lucy yelled 'Frozen Turkey'. An ice bolt came from the wand, and hit Enrique and the Dragon head on, spreading cold ice over them. They fell from the sky, landing on the trees, and falling through the branches to the ground. Lucy climbed down the crag, the wolf following, and found Enrique and the dragon shaking visibly.

'We win,' she said. 'Do you yield junior?'

'I'm not a junior,' said Enrique, stuttering in the cold.

'I have another spell. It could have funny results,' said Lucy.

The dragon spat out a bare shred of flame, but it gave a minor singe to the wolfs coat, who didn't flinch.

'Hah. Best you got left. Yield Turkey.'

'That spell is pretty pathetic. Turkey?'

'It's an import from New York school of magic,' said Lucy. 'Jonathon taught it to me.'

She reached into her backpack and took out her shawl, and put it around Enrique.

'I'll make a fire,' she said.

Soon enough, as the light was dimming for the day, a fire was going, and Lucy had managed to find some wild mushrooms, which she was roasting on sticks. She gave some to Enrique and the dragon.

'Round 7 to me,' said Lucy.

'I suppose so,' said Enrique.

'I lead 4 to 3,' said Lucy. 'I'll have your butt this decade.'

'The game isn't finished yet child of heaven,' said Enrique.

'No. I suppose not,' said Lucy. She tossed the wolf some mushroom who wolfed it down, and then settled near the fire, as the group settled down for the night, the wind blowing and howling in the trees, and Lucy Smith pleased at her victory in this decades battle of wits between herself and her twin child of heaven.

The End

Daniel and Valladore

Daniel spread his wings and flew from the top of the tower down to the river. He followed the river for a while, and a tributary stream seemed the way, and he veered off and followed it. He noticed the Grey Wolf. It stared at him. He continued on down the stream and noticed the fireplace a little away. With his wings out he went in to investigate. He picked up a bit of burnt mushroom and smelled it.

'What do you want, Seraphim?' asked an Onaphim. Daniel could tell it was an Onaphim. He turned and looked. Valladore.

'I am on the hunt,' said Daniel.

Valladore put his crossbow on his back, and walked over to Daniel, crouching down.

'Lucy and Enrique are engaged in their contest. They do it each decade,' said Valladore.

'Lucy won this time,' said Daniel. 'I wanted to investigate the scene. I am on the hunt for knowledge of their processes.'

'And why is that?' asked Valladore.

Daniel stood and stretched his legs. 'Lots of reasons,' replied the Seraphim.

'You stay ahead of the pack is what I'm thinking is motivating you Seraphim of Eternity. They have something going on which concerns you. Worries you, perhaps. They might start a tradition which could become strong, and would lend strength to Infinity.'

'I keep my responses original,' said Daniel. 'Noahidism has its own ways on these sorts of things. We have since the beginning. Just investigating to see how they run their Battle of Wits.'

'As much as you can surmise from the afterparty,' replied Valladore.

'More is going on than that,' said Daniel. 'They reacted in a certain way in relation to the terrain. It would speak on their logic.'

Valladore considered that. 'Interesting,' he said at last.

'You watched the show?' asked Daniel.

'And if I did?' replied Valladore.

'Guardianship,' said Daniel. 'I think I might assume that from now on.'

'Assumptions are dangerous things,' said Valladore.

'I'm careful in what I assume,' replied Daniel. He bit into the mushroom. 'They cooked it just the way I like,' he said.

Valladore took out his crossbow, and walked away. 'I'm sure you'll enjoy your day. There's not much more to see.'

And then he was out of sight, and Daniel looked over the fireplace, looked at the wolf who was still watching him, and unfurled his wings, flying away.

The End

Valladore and Priestly Paul

Valladore examined the book. 'It's a strange bible, brother Paul,' he said.

'It's an original Bible,' replied Paul. 'Of the Unitarian Catholic Church. It has doctrine of Torah and Gospel which is developed within our Church. Original Law and Original Parables which are in the Torah and Gospel traditions, but not in the standard Bible. It is the UCC bible, for Karaite Adamide-Noahides.'

'Daniel the Seraphim had a say in this, as I understand it.'

'There are things within from himself. But many others. It was developed at the beginning of our faith. At the beginning of things for the most part. It is our daily bread. We live by its teachings and morality. It is why we are a different breed of Catholicism. Not the same as the Christian way.'

'I understand,'said Valladore, and settled down in his seat, reaching for the glass of wine, and continued reading.

The afternoon passed slowly, and Paul sat watching the fire place. Valladore of Infinity was an unusual guest to have. The angel had encountered the Arch-Regent recently, and was looking into current affairs of Daniel the Seraphim. He'd looked at official appointments of the Arch-Regent online, and found that Daniel was due at a UCC Monastery in the olde world shortly for an extended stay. Valladore had found the monastery through some investigation and found the brother had hand involved in the matter. And he was now asking questions. The wench came in.

'Would you like some stew?' she asked Valladore. Valladore accepted the plate, and the wench sat down next to brother Paul.

'You have a lady in the monastery?' queried Valladore, not looking up.

'She has many uses. She also helps in the kitchen, amongst many other things. She is a fond favourite. From the nearby village.'

'I see,' said Valladore. 'The brothers bed her do they?'

Paul remained silent for a while. Eventually he spoke. 'They give her a copper coin for a bit of passion. The brothers are mostly celibate. There are around 50 of us here at the monastery. But every few months they inquire with our lady, and she provides hand relief for the most part. She was acquired by myself to suit me, but she gives favours now to the others. Most of them anyway.'

'Some do not require the attention,' said the wench. 'They have a content spiritual life which is mostly over passions of the flesh.'

'It can get like that,' agreed Valladore. He turned to the wench. 'Do you have a name?'

'They call me Jezabel out of humour,' said the wench. 'It will suffice for you mighty angel of God. I'll not pretend to be a paragon of virtue.'

'You are spanish, aren't you,' said Valladore.

'For the most part,' replied the wench. 'But strains of this and that lie within.'

Valladore looked her over, and returned to his bible, slowly eating the stew.

'Why do you want to understand the Arch-Regent?' asked the wench to Valladore.

'To protect Infinities intellectual property,' replied Valladore. 'I will be taking measures after some studies on the properties and purposes of our realms, and that there are things we do alike and things we do not. And that will be brought to Daniel's attention and impressed upon him.'

'I see,' replied the lady. 'I guess I understand.'

'You are free to stay till Daniel arrives,' said Paul.

The angel turned and looked at Paul. 'Thank you. I will accept your kind offer.'

Paul nodded, and looked again into the fireplace. Jezabel nestled her head against Paul's shoulder, and in the living room of a UCC monastery of the Olde World, somewhere in the Realm of Eternity, the cold winter's day continued on, and another fine day in eternity passed.

The End

New Bridlington 17

Jerahmeel and Muriel sat at the back of the Catholic Church in New Bridlington CBD as Mass concluded. The priest gave the final benediction, and they marched back down the aisle, the congregants soon filing out after them. In the front of the church, next to the school, Jerahmeel smoked a cigarette as Muriel mingled. Finally she came over to him. 'McDonalds?' she asked him. He nodded. They walked down the block just a little southwards and entered the McDonalds CBD restaurant. Ordering their meals they ate outside. It was a dismal sort of day.

'Well,' said Muriel. 'Here we are. This is going to be our church for a while then?'

'Catholicism will do,' said Jerahmeel. 'The main thing going on on New Terra 17. May as well assemble with them for now.'

'Sensible business decision?' she asked him, eating her fries.

'Getting along more than anything. Picking up the vibes of the city and such. We mingle, get to know the goss, and so on. Being seen of course. That we're normal,' he said, emphasizing the word 'Normal.'

'People know us well enough anyway,' replied Muriel.

'It's a congregation of God's people. It will do,' said Jerahmeel.

Muriel shrugged and continuing eating her fries. When their meal was over they returned to the church carpark, and noticed a flyer on the front window under the windscreen wipers. Muriel picked it up.

'They are having a meeting for church doctrine from the Catechism.'

'We'll go,' said Jerahmeel. 'They are inviting us in further.'

'Fine,' replied Muriel.

They drove home and Jerahmeel fished out a Catholic bible from his storage items, sitting down to look it over.

'We may as well get with things in a Catholic way on this planet,' said Jerahmeel. 'We'll be keeping this home forever, so a crucifix and cross of St Brigid may as well be the way to go. And some classic Catholic art pieces. Prints from that store in town.'

'Fine,' said Muriel.

'Your not over the moon about this, I know,' said Jerahmeel.

'Not really,' replied Muriel. 'Oh, I see the sense in it. Don't think it's terribly necessary. People don't mind us the way we are. But I see the point. I'm happy to comply.'

'But not what you would do?' queried Jerahmeel.

'Frankly, it might be in pragmatic ways. Assemble with the main flock to get the broad understanding. Like I said, I see the point. We don't really have a religion anymore. Mainly Seraphim Torah guidance, and not much else. But this will do I guess.'

She left the room, and Jerahmeel continued reading the bible. After a while he got up and went to the kitchen.

'We'll go to other churches also. There's a few others in the city. We'll mainly go to the Catholic one each week, but a few times a year we'll visit this and that.'

'I suppose,' replied Muriel. She bit into an apple, and sat on her seat.

'What do you want us to do?' asked Jerahmeel.

'Start a Seraphim Torah club,' said Muriel. 'Where we teach our ways. Our knowledge to New Bridlington. An informal one. Nothing to do with conversion. Just a study group for some New Bridlington elders. Do that and I'll go to Mass happily.'

'Will do,' saluted Jerahmeel, and returned to the other room and the Catholic Bible. 'Strange woman,' he thought to himself. They had plenty of Seraphim Torah in the Realm of Eternity. But if that is what she thought, well fine. Could be interesting.

The End

Daniel and Valladore 2

'Not all knowledge,' replied Valladore.

'My mind can inquire,' said Daniel.

'It won't permeate and dwell on certain areas. They are culturally protected in prayer. Rights of the Realm of Infinity to its unique way of life. I doubt you'll find the strength to ever overcome things in your life which don't wander down our pathways of thought.'

'I see,' replied the Arch-Regent. 'Protected yourselves did you?'

'We're not stupid,' said Valladore. 'We take care of our intellectual property. We're a realm of God. We weren't born yesterday child of eternity.'

'No you weren't were you,child of infinity.'

Silence. Brother Paul looked at the stalemated faces, and picked up his cards.

'500?' he asked.

Daniel sat down quietly, and brother Paul started dealing. Valladore stood by the window, looking outwards.

'Is it commercially available in tourism?' Daniel finally asked.

'I think,' said Valladore. 'That is the point Daniel. It's our stuff. Our money.'

'I see,' said Daniel. 'Mmm. Fine, I suppose. We will need to negotiate through the travel agencies. A huge chunk of the ANM throughout eternity are inquiring into Infinity. Heaven has an appeal also. We don't get visitation rights very much.'

'You have your home,' said Valladore.

'And we have to pay to visit yours,' replied Daniel.

Valladore smiled. 'Something like that Daniel san.'

'Fine, Infinitarian. We'll pay your damn bills. Someone has to I suppose.'

'Then we will get along just fine,' replied Valladore. 'And praying to the Lord to embellish eternity with the glories you behold above won't do you any good.'

'Protected. As you said,' replied Daniel. 'Funny that. How I got things started.'

'I could imagine,' replied Valladore.

Daniel looked at his cards. 'I have a good hand, brother Paul. This should be a good game.'

'I'm sharp at 500 Arch-Regent,' replied brother Paul. 'So keeps your wits about you.'

Daniel looked at Valladore by the window. 'Indeed I shall,' he replied, and made his opening bid.

The End

Valladore the Guardian Protector of the Upper Realms

Valladore was home again, in Heaven. His higher duties were going well, commissioned by the Theophany for sorting out some issues with the lower realms.

'Keep them guessing,' he had said to Valladore. 'And I want you involved with the Angelfire and the Geocities also I like my upper hierarchy to live in peace, and the lower realms often have too many arguments for me to like it very much.' God had stationed Valladore in the main city of the Children of Heaven, in a forest hut, north of the city. He resided there, quietly, listening to celtic music, and doing woodwork. And God would visit him, in the quiet of the forest, in the evening, and they would chat on life, and the issues at hand, and Valladore new work from God, of Guardian Protector of the Upper Realms.

'This Daniel,' said God. 'He will inevitably become Guardian Protector of the Lower Realms. The 7 heavenly realms of Eternity, Eternya and Zionistya. It is the nature of things for him to rise to this station in life But you shall match him and keep him at bay from conquering Infinity. I appoint you eternally to this task. Keep that ego in check.'

And that is what Valladore did. God had arranged Daniel to visit heaven after hearing about Lucy and Enrique and their ways, and seen to it Valladore was present. This had been destiny interpolated directly at the Theophany's request to establish the pecking order in life. He didn't want those lower realm people rising up and taking over. They had their world, their ways, and their own rewards already. So discussions had commenced on how to handle the situation, and Valladore was doing exactly just that. Today he was in the forest.

'Grey wolf. Speak to me,' said Valladore, by the stream. The wolf appeared. 'Which way is Lucy headed?'

The wolf's ears pricked at the name of Lucy, and it headed off. Trailing for an hour or so, he came to that strange cottage he had seen once. The gingerbread fairy cottage he had called it. Smoke was coming out of the chimney, and a parade of gnome statues hovered in the front garden of the cottage. Valladore approached.

'Beware angel,' came a voice from inside. 'This is private turf buster. Witchery goes on, so shoo.'

'Funny, Lucy,' said Valladore. 'Come out witch. Let me dunk you in water.'

'Just a sec,' said Lucy. 5 minutes passed, and Lucy came out in bathers.

'They – should suffice,' replied Valladore.

They spent the afternoon wading in the stream, Lucy splashing Valladore, and the wolf sat by the water's edge, watching the entertainment. It was a fine day in heaven, and Valladore was enjoying Lucy's company, but still puzzled by the gingerbread house and what strange shenanigans may be going on within.

The End

Ivy the Dryad

Lucy ventured south of her gingerbread house, walking several miles. Soon she came to the west of the home of heaven, at 'Crosspoint'. Crosspoint was an old visitation point for the children of heaven.Where two ravines bisected each other in a cross. She was at the centre. In the west of their home it was like Australia. Wild gums and things, which you got a little around her gingerbread house, here and there. There was a crag of rocks in the centrepoint of Crosspoint, and it was surrounded by a billabong. In their youth they had splashed around in it a lot, the children of heaven.Lucy climbed the rock, while the wolf drank water, then she turned westward,and eventually climbed up the south western side of the west end ravine. She found the cave soon enough, and found her hiding spot. She removed the rocks, and found the chest. It was in pretty good condition all things considered. She dragged it out into the light and opened it up. All still accounted for she noticed, after counting all the gold sovereigns. She examined her wands. The original imbuement of heaven's magic was in them. Half a dozen or so with well rested ancient magic. There were other knick knacks, and she went through them, before closing up the chest, and restoring it to its hiding place. Then she climbed back down and returned to the centrepoint of Crosspoint. She climbed the crag and sat down.

'I wondered what was in that,' said a voice.

'You're a sprite aren't you?' asked Lucy, waiting for the figure to appear.

'Dryad,' replied the dryad. 'I hang around the gums of Crosspoint. Seen that chest a million times, but never got rude trying to open it. Wouldn't be right. Curiousity satisfied though. My name is Ivy. Ivy the Dryad. I have family here and there in this region.'

'Are you going to materialize?' asked Lucy.

'Maybe witch queen,' replied Ivy. And shortly she did just that, the beautiful maiden in green at Lucy's feet, with beautiful wings and lovely green dress. All frilly and faery like.

'How long have you known me?' asked Lucy.

'That would be telling,' replied Ivy. 'Now, I am a saucy lady. I like a bit of the stuff. The hard stuff. I'm a dryad. What do you expect. You should nail that Enrique. Could be fun watching.'

'How rude,' said Lucy.

'So sue me,' replied Ivy. 'Got to get my fix some way. Father won't allow me to smoke much. Pity. I like the tobacco and the naughty plants.'

'Naughty plants,' replied Lucy. 'Funny thing to call them.'

'Especially the mushrooms,' said Ivy.

'Indeed,' agreed Lucy.

'Let's swim,' said Ivy. And for a while they splashed away, the wolf watching in amusement, as Lucy Smith the Witch got to know an ancient presence who had seen her countless times, Ivy the Dryad, before finally introducing herself. And it was a pleasurable thing for Lucy indeed.

The End

Heavenly Animal Council

Noah sat down in Crosspoint, on the crag, sharpening his wood branch with a penknife.

'You always do that here, arkbuilder,' said Ivy.

'It's a pastime,' replied Noah. 'Comforts me with natural vibes. Something elemental about this. Men do it. All throughout. Something in our element does it.'

'The nature of things, huh?' queried Ivy.

Noah looked at Ivy. 'What is your nature of things dryad?'

'I don't collect animals on boats, if that is what you are asking,' replied the Dryad. 'I protect trees and things in the mystical realms. Not really on Terran soil terribly much, only here and there were Torah allows. In some cultures. Torah is very restrictive and only tolerates so much magical faery.'

'I know,' replied Noah. 'The way it is meant to be. Grounded in reality, not excuses from energy sources to get us by when we really should be doing the work ourselves.'

'But it takes all the fun out of it. Oh, and I like to smoke.'

'I've noticed,' replied Noah.

'It's a thing in my family,' said Ivy. 'When the parents allow we get them. Dad needs permission from his dad as well. The way it works. Honour your parents in our tradition.'

'Noahides believe this idea somewhat, but it is rule of Israeli Torah.'

'Yes. Your offspring in humanity,' said Ivy. 'A religion for many.'

'The ways of the natural world,' replied Noah. 'And its natural law.'

'I guess,' replied Ivy, dancing around the rock. She picked up a little pebble and threw it at Noah, and it bounced off his head.

'Naamah probably is jealous of Titea,' said Ivy. 'That's the way of things also I think.'

'Old issue,' replied Noah. 'Resolved a long time ago.'

'Such a man. Never faithful to his true love.'

'Not true. But we have much love to give,' said Noah.

'I'll bet,' replied the dryad. 'Wanna smoke some dope?'

'Not today junkie,' replied Noah. He looked around the ravine crosspoint. 'It's quiet,' he said. 'Is there a fire going on? The animal's have made no sound for a while.'

Ivy looked at Noah, and trilled off the rock, investigating. She returned a few minutes later. 'Get off that rock and follow me.'

Noah followed Ivy northwards, and they exited the norther edge of the ravine. Animals were gathered up on a broad plain area, all watching what was going on.

'It's the dragon,' said Ivy. 'Enriques. And that is the Grey Wolf. And that is Leo the Lion.'

'Leo?' asked Noah.

'He's a magic dragon. And he speaks. Like Aslan,' said Ivy. 'If you know what I mean. He has wings which can come out like a griffin when he really needs them. They are chatting over some issues and the animals have gathered to hear word.'

'What's it all about?' asked Noah, watching the figures argue it out.

'Changes have been noticed,' said Ivy. 'Throughout heaven. There has been an influx in recent days of new visitors. People from other realms by the understanding of Leo. They are arguing over what it means and how they should respond. It is upsettling as much new animistic energy is entering into heaven, and the animals are not sure what to make of it all.'

'I understand,' said Noah. 'There have been negotiations between Valladore and Daniel of Eternity. New access rights for the lower realms to the upper have been arranged. The visitors are pouring in now.'

'Oh,' said Ivy. She looked at Noah. 'You sure?'

Noah nodded.

'Right,' said Ivy. 'Excuse me. I'll be right back. She flew up to Leo and the Grey Wolf and the Dragon and spoke to them for a little while. Eventually the lion nodded, and Ivy returned to Noah.

'They understand now,' said Ivy. 'Word will get out.'

'Then all is well,' said Noah. He looked at the animals. God's creatures great and small. And an eternal part of his responsibilities in many ways. But show over, he turned, and made his way back down the ravine to finish his stick carving, Ivy trailing along, singing merry trills all the way back to Centrepoint.

The End

New Bridlington 18

Jerahmeel looked at the stuffed skunk.

'Stuffed animals,' said Muriel. 'Original.'

'Yes,' replied Mr Hoskins.

'He likes them,' said Mrs Hoskins.

'What's your actual surname?' asked Muriel.

'Not disclosed. Private details of postal workers around New Terra 17,' replied Mr Hoskins.

'You hunt the animals first?' asked Jerahmeel.

'I use a crossbow,' said Mr Hoskins. 'Out in the traps here and there, where the wild things are. I kill them, gut them, stuff them. Taxonomy. Sell them occasionally around the traps.'

'I see,' said Jerahmeel. 'To each their own I suppose.' He looked at the skunk. It silently stared back at him.

'More tea?' asked Mrs Hoskins.

'Thank you,' replied Muriel.

'Now,' said Mr Hoskins. 'From eternity to eternity God is. Know thy God with all they strength etc.'

'Section 1, Principle 1,' said Muriel. 'Michael's. The foundation of Seraphim Torah.'

'We're nominal catholics,' said Mrs Hoskins. 'We go at Christmas and Easter. We do keep the faith though. More concerned with our christian duty of work. The lord likes workers as well. Takes all sorts to build a kingdom.'

'Indeed it does,' replied Muriel. 'The Seraphim Torah of course builds the Realm of Eternity and the Cherubim Torah builds on the Seraphim Torah. My job here is to represent Eternity so kindred spirit can occur, and understanding. Not about conversion, but understanding. That is the goal. We intend to be permanent here now. Maybe occasionally elsewhere, but this is our position in life. And we need to represent our foundation to the business council and church elders.'

'I thought you might be driving at that,' said Jerahmeel.

'God always exists. We can be comfortable that we'll have life because God will always be,' said Mr Hoskins.

'Implicit within it,' agreed Jerahmeel.

'Part of knowing God is that we have security in his eternity,' said Mrs Hoskins.

'True,' replied Muriel. 'A good insight.'

They chatted on, and drank tea, and when the evening was over, as they drove home, Muriel drving, she was singing softly.

'I see what you wanted. You should have just said so,' said Jerahmeel.

'No matter,' replied Muriel.

'Then it's working out?' queried Jerahmeel.

'I think so buddy,' replied Muriel.

Jerahmeel relaxed a tension in his mind. His twin was a bit happier now. So New Terra 17 life for them. And perhaps it would indeed last forever.

The End

The Pool of Infinite Dreams

South-East of the City of Heaven, in a forest grove, lay the Pool of Infinite Dreams. In the Beginning of Infinity, when the roles of the Children of Heaven had been chosen, the Pool of Infinite Dreams had been fashioned by God for the purposes of the life of Daniel the Dream Lord. Also, Adam and Eve spoke story and destiny to the pool on regular basis, dreams fashioned by Daniel from its cool waters. The Pool of Infinite Dreams told the stories of all the citizens of the Realm of Infinity. Within all their hearts desires were expressed and realised, all comprehended by the Almighty, all important, all cherished by God.

'You are in a pensive mood, dream lord,' said Ariel the Lioness.

'Why do you have that outfit on?' asked Daniel the Dream Lord. 'Trying to be Aslan again? Or Luna Lovegood?'

'Funny,' said Ariel. 'This outfit is my way when we are in serious role mode.'

Ariel had her Lioness outfit on, with her head covered by a fabric lion's head and the rest of the body surrounding hers like a cloak. 'We are in serious role mode, are we not?'

Daniel gazed at his twin, then returned his focus to the pool. 'There is tension in Infinity. New Animism has entered in, and the dreams are strange. I am fashioning answers to the general run of things which should calm things a bit, but anxiety is high at this moment.'

'Thanks to Valladore of Infnity, our new saviour. Come, speak to me dreams of Heaven instead.'

'The pool only speaks of the realm beneath. Much of our charge as their elders,' replied Daniel. 'For heavenly purposes there is a place, further out in the 7th heaven I travel to on occasion. It is a quiet grotto, where the dreams are more sedate and much deeper. But the Theophany forbids me visiting much. I have a ward down below, and heaven likes to view its brother on equal footing much of the time, not privy to all its secrets.'

'Take me to the heavenly pool one day,' said Ariel.

'Perhaps,' replied Daniel. He extended his hand and rays of light came forward and entered the pool. They came from thoughts in his mind which he had prepared for over a week now.

'How do you do that?' Ariel asked him.

'I plan out my ideas,' replied Daniel. 'And they lay in the memory – the substance of them. And when I am at the pool, I point and will them knowledge into the pool, and point my hand, and the magic happens. It was a gift imposed upon me when I became the Dream Lord.'

'I understand,' replied the Lioness. 'Tis dramatic, dear brother.'

'As much of life often is, much we take for granted, which is marvellous in its own way.'

'Very philosophical,' she replied.

He settled near the waters edge, sitting down on a boulder, and looked into the pool.

'It soothes me,' he said. 'Gazing into Infinity. It is comfort and love to understand the Realm below. Gives me an ongoing purpose, this ministry.'

'Your role was wisely chosen. And eminently suitable,' replied Ariel.

Daniel looked at her. 'Do you think so? Maybe another, I have often thought. But it came to me.'

'And that is the way of things,' said Ariel. 'So accept your fate, and work within its parameters.'

'Wise advice,' said the Dream Lord. 'There are strong dreams in there today. Difficult ones to comprehend. Some wild and chaotic, about the new changes, and the stronger passions of Eternity. Infinity is used to a more sedate approach. Those of Eternity are hardy people, used to many challenges in life. It is what they are made of. Infinity is stronger in its own way, but less powerful. Those below – they challenge hard. I sense all the frustrations at dealing with the new realities.'

'Such is life,' said Ariel. 'These things happen. People have waited to enjoy the fruits of God's creation. They should not fairly be denied.'

'I guess so,' agreed Daniel. He looked at his twin. 'Well, will we eat at your abode this evening.'

'I will make us some pasta,' she said. 'And we'll watch television.'

Daniel rose from the rock, looked into the pool, thought on the turmoil of Infinity but, realizing such things were unable to be changed at this time, came to Ariel, and they began their way back to the main city of Heaven.

The End

Vork the Barbarian

'Vork the Brave, Maam,' said Vork.

'Dork the Weak,' said Celeste.

'Wench, you trouble me,' replied Vork.

'We'll have one room, two beds,' said Celeste.

'Come now wench, surely you are up for some shenanigans.'

'One room, two beds, Maam,' said Celeste.

They took their keys and retired to the tavern area of the Inn.

'Lady Eloise,' replied the lady to Vork's inquiry.

'You are taken?' he asked.

Eloise nodded.'By the Arch Regent.'

'Oh, that Lady Eloise,' said Celeste.'Forgive Vork. He is a dork. A barbarian dork.'

'What is the village like?' asked Vork to Eloise.

'Small, but happy,' replied Eloise. 'I have been here several months waiting on the Arch-Regent. He is to visit soon from latest correspondence. He has business with brother Paul of the Monastery.'

Celeste looked at Vork,who looked back.

'Does this Paul have a wicked sense of humor?' asked Vork.

Eloise nodded.

'Small world,' said Celeste. 'Vork is here to visit his brother in this place for the first time. Paul is his younger brother.'

'The smartarse,' replied Vork.

'He must be quite the card then,' said Celeste.

'We should go. In the morn,' said Eloise. 'So you can catch up with your sibling.'

'Thank you, lady Eloise. We would be honoured,' replied Celeste.

'What is it you do?' asked Eloise.

'Strongman for hire. And my wench accomplice. Bounty hunting, dealing with lowlives and cretins, handling matters of crude justice if the gold is right.'

'I see,' said Eloise. 'Barbarian work.'

'Something like that,' replied Celeste.

'Join me,' said Eloise. 'I'll have more tea sent over.'

And so Vork the Barbarian and his Wench maiden accomplice Celeste made their acquaintance of Lady Eloise, and soon enough to greet his younger brother Priestly Paul in a long put off family reunion.

The End

The Conclusion of the Affair

In the end, Vork met Paul, Daniel resolved his catholic issues with Paul's guidance, and the Upper Realms learned to adapt to their new lower realm visitors. And the general hum and drum continued on in the worlds and realms of God. And all was well.



Back to Golden Fries

'Ambriel, Ambriel, Ambriel,' said Daniel. 'This window is pathetic.'

'It's too hot to clean windows,' said Ambriel. 'The frikking air conditioner is busted.'

'When is it getting fixed?' asked Fiona Rothchild, Ambriel's wife now.

'We have budgeting concerns,' replied Daniel. 'We'll get it.'

'I bet it's working fine,' said Fiona. 'He's just switched it off, or removed a spark plug or something, to save cash.'

Daniel grinned at her.

'It is,' said Fiona. 'Cheap bastard. We have workers rights.'

'Yeh, we have workers rights,' echoed Ambriel, the sheen on his face from the heat noticeable.

They sat there in the Forrestfield Golden Fries, a hot summer day, waiting on the afternoon crowd, now that the lunchtime rush was over.

'I decide your rights,' said Daniel, now wiping the window. 'I am your employer. You work for me buster.'

'These conditions are intolerable. We're going on strike,' said Fiona.

'Yeh, strike,' said Ambriel.

Daniel looked at them both. 'Pathetic.' Then he wandered off to the back, and shortly Ambriel and Fiona heard the sound of the air conditioner humming.

'Bout time boss,' said Fiona.

'You can have an hour,' said Daniel. 'Don't take it for granted. Your not exactly top notch workers. I can do better.'

'Funny,' said Ambriel. 'You awarded me worker of the century last your.'

'That was a mistake,' said Daniel. 'I got your name confused with someone else.'

'Ha. Funny,' said Ambriel. 'Give me the damn wiper,' and Ambriel started wiping the windows.

Daniel looked around the front of the store. 'Save me an hour a day on air conditioning. Reduce costs a bit please. We need to stay competitive as much as possible, but I acknowledge this heat is getting a bit too much.'

'Half an hour,' complained Fiona.

'Fine. Half an hour,' said Daniel.

'Tight bastard,' she said under her breath. Daniel grinned at her in reply.

The afternoon passed, and the custom came in about the regular amount, and Ambriel got on with his work, another long term contract with Daniel just begun for his standard duties of work towards mankind, not just enjoying his wealth, but contributing the real work. It was a dirty job, but he had to do it. And that was the way it was.

The End

Nude Dinosaur Wrestling

'Ok, Partner,' said Michael to Gabriel. 'This is a tough tournament.'

'I'm frikking starkers,' replied Gabriel. 'What if dino wants a nibble on my cockle.'

'That could be a problem,' agreed Michael. 'But these are Greek Olympians. It's there way.'

'Fine. I get the point. Why are we in Grecophantaphora anyway? What drew us here?'

'Dinosaur wrestling,' said Michael.

'Don't think so. We're set were we are. You have an ulterior motive.'

'There's a girl,' said Michael. 'She's greek. Hot. Like Persephone. I want her.'

'Oh,' said Gabriel. 'Will Elenniel approve?'

'Thinking about making her a consort and have a couple of kids with her, if she goes for me. Her names is Stella Vouka. She's my cup of tea.'

'Right,' said Gabriel. 'And she's here tonight?'

'Front row,' said Michael.

There was a knock on their door. '5 minutes,' said a voice.

'We'll be right out,' yelled Michael. He looked at Gabriel. 'Ready?'

'To get my cockles devoured. Sure. Why not. Could be fun. Eunuch for a few lifetimes. Nothing funnier.'

'Come on buddy,' replied Michael.

They made their way out to the arena, and the host announced the next fight, and Michael and Gabriel got in the rink. The dinosaur was released, and Gabriel moved in with the net pretty quickly. Michael, though, was oiled up, and chest was glistening, and he was parading himself around the rink, flexing his muscles.

'Jesus,' said Gabriel. 'What a douche.'

Michael came up to the dinosaur, which Gabriel had netted, and pointed his hands in a devil sign at it.

'I am your master, dinosaur.'

The dinosaur growled at Michael. Gabriel tightened his hold with the net, and started trying to push the dinosaur onto it's side. It was a mid sized one, but he could handle it. Soon it was on its side, and gabriel was getting the rope to tie its legs, while Michael had his arms up in a pose, claiming victory in the fight. In the crowd Stella was cheering wildly, and shouting 'Michael rules.' Gabriel grabbed the ropes, and started tying a leg, when the dinosaur kicked at him and sent him hurtling. He managed to gash Gabriel's chest and it was bleeding, but Gabriel got up and tried again. Soon he had all four legs tied, and was sweating. Michael, though, who'd done nothing of the fighting, was taking all the credit, and parading himself around the arena to the cheering crowd. Gabriel finally flipped the dinosaur onto its back, tied its mouth, and grabbed the victory flag and shoved it into the taped mouth of the dinosaur. The ref declared victory to the team, and Gabriel went to the side of the rink and collapsed onto a seat, exhausted. Meanwhile Michael was now standing on top of the dinosaur yelling 'Michael the Champion.'

'Idiot,' said Gabriel, but the new greek girl was standing and clapping madly at her new hero.

After the fight, back in the room, with the nurse mending Gabriel's cut, Michael was bragging about his victory with the new lady.

'I am the champ. She loves me,' said Michael.

'You outdid yourself,' said Gabriel.

'I know. I was fantastic,' said Michael.

'Totally amazing,' agreed Gabriel.

'I guess you helped a bit,' said Michael.

'Say it isn't so,' said Gabriel.

'But all the glory was mine,' smiled Michael.

Michael bragged for months, and landed his chick for a while but, inevitably, said she was fun, but not for him, which Gabriel suspected would be the result all along. But it was a fun time in Grecophantaphor, even if the glory didn't go were it really should have. As far as Gabriel was concerned anyway.

The End

Satan and Aphrayel

Satan settled down in his abode in the Golden City. They had readmitted him. He was drinking some beer and watching porno, while Aphrayel sat on the couch playing solitaire.

'Why hang with deadbeat Samael,' said Satan. 'He's hardly a devil.'

'Probably why I hang with him,' replied Aphrayel. 'He's hardly a devil.'

'Devil's are more fun bitch. We have a hell of a life.'

'Hell being the operative word,' replied Aphrayel.

'Par for the course Celestyel wonder.'

'Let me play my cards,' said Aphrayel.

'You like to play with yourself?' asked the devil.

'Why doesn't that crudity surprise me,' responded Aphrayel.

'I've seen that many bitches frig themselves over the years. I watch. The love the devil's leers.'

'Plenty of classless sluts in the universe,' replied Aphrayel.

'I know heaps,' said Satan, staring at Aphrayel, who looked at him.

'Asshole,' she said.

'You up for a shag?' he asked her.

'In your dreams Satan,' she said.

'Don't the Celestyels service the rest of us schmucks?'

'Crude, devil. We are friends. Potentially lovers if you shape up.'

'Hey, I shape up bitch. That's what I'm all about. No fucker shapes up like Satan. I'm the fucking Lord of shaping up.'

'Lord of Assholes,' said Aphrayel.

'That too, bitch,' replied Satan.

'I need a drink to relieve me from this banal conversation,' said Aphrayel.

'And then we shag?' queried Satan.

'I see where your reputation comes from. You've hardly repented.'

'I've amended my ways to a degree,' replied Satan. 'Logos has been examining my works for half an aeon. He's satisfied I can acquaint myself with you losers again.'

'He probably needs his head examined. Gone soft,' said Aphrayel.

'Nah, he knows a standout performer when he sees one.'

'Standout asshole,' replied Aphrayel.

'You keep saying that. You want me to shag your asshole, is it?'

'Jesus. Your fucking disgusting Satan.'

'I'm evil bitch,' said Satan. 'What do you expect?'

'Do you have juice?' asked Aphrayel, looking in the fridge.

'What kind of fairy do you think I am babe? Hard stuff only. Not pussy juice.'

'Fine. I'll drink the vodka,' said Aphrayel.

'Perfect. That should get you drunk. Then we shag.'

Aphrayel glared at the devil. 'I'm married.'

Satan paused. 'You and Samael, right?'

Aphrayel nodded.

Satan turned and looked towards the throneroom of God in the Golden City.

'Look,' he said at last. 'Never mind the shagging. We'll just get drunk.'

She sipped on the vodka and looked at him. 'Why's that?'

'Terms of readmittance. If I break them they toss me back down below.'

'Oh,' said Aphrayel. 'You would though.'

'I'm hardly the repentant kind. Compliant if I think it's in my best interests. But not repentant.'

'Honest of you,' replied Aphrayel.

'Play your cards,' said Satan, and sipped on his drink.

And another day passed in Infinity.

The End


'Jesus-Man number 1,' said Apostle Paul Saberton.

Jesus looked at him. 'I am not authorizing a comic called Jesus-Man.'

'Mamre Fellowship have been working on it a long time Lord Jesus. It is skillfully drawn and elegantly written. It is perfect for Christendom.'

'Jesus-Man is as bad as Christ the Lover of Men. That is the worst song in Christendom. What, they think I'm a homosexual?'

'I have that one on tape cassette,' said Paul. 'I remember in my 4 trillions, listening to Christ the Lover of Men on rainy sunday afternoons after church, when the wee little branhamite children were running around, and playing fun. And it was good. Loves us all, does the Lord Jesus. So good.'

'Rename it 'Christ the Redeemer', said Jesus.

'Jesus-Man,' said Paul.

'Christ the Redeemer,' said Jesus.

'Jesus-Man,' said Paul.

'Christ the Redeemer,' said Jesus.

'How about Christ the Man,' said Paul.

Jesus looked at him. He looked at apostle Peter.

'Might be ok,' said Peter.

'Show us your first issue,' said Jesus.

Paul handed over a copy of 'Jesus-Man,' number 1. Jesus sat down and read it.

'I'm a superhero,' he said, when it was finished. 'A superhero called 'Jesus-Man' with the powers of the Christ Energy.'

'The Avatar of Justice,' said Paul.

'That would be a better title,' said Peter.

'It's hokey,' said Jesus.

'People like that,' said Paul. 'Christianity has always been pretty hokey. It's par for the course.'

'Change it to Avatar of Justice,' said Jesus. 'You can use Jesus-Man in the comic itself, but the title needs to be Avatar of Justice.'

'We've pre-printed 30 trillion copies,' said Paul. 'They are in warehouses.'

'Rare giveaways. One at a time,' said Jesus. 'I'm sure it will sell enough in time.'

'Fine,' said Paul. 'Avatar of Justice it is. But we'll put Jesus-Man in a blurb on the cover.'

'Don't push it Saberton,' said Jesus.

Paul blushed. 'Whatever you say Lord.'

Paul left the room.

Jesus looked at Peter. 'Jesus-man,' he said, shaking his head.

'Could have been worse. 'Jesus Love-Man'.

'Why do I employ you Peter,' said Jesus.

Peter smiled.

Another day passed.

The End

Amiel Fifteenfight and the Dark Cataclysm

'It's the Spark of Infinite Darkness,' said Roger Long-Walk 49,277

'It's dark energy,' replied Amiel Fifteenfight.

'The Dark Matter of the spiritual universe. It lends itself to dark cataclysm if it gathers in strength,' said Roger. 'We've been studying this sample for a few months now. Putting it into contact with things in the chamber which are wholesome or regular or normal. It seems to analyze them for a while, and then attack with an intention to destroy or decay.'

'Is is sin?' asked Amiel.

'We don't know what it is,' said Roger. 'God's depression possibly. The aftereffects of that.'

'God get's depressed?' Asked Amiel, looking at Roger.

'Apparently he regrets things, so we've queried whether he gets depressed also, and that creates an energy force which floats around the universe here and there. We collected this sample in the outer parts of the nearby solar system to Geocities. Radagar system. It was hovering in orbit, with a pungent smell around it. We could tell it had a smell because of our readings on it. Go into that chamber you will notice it. It's fowl.'

'Right,' said Amiel, examining the spark.

'We see in space at times this stuff gather and wreak havoc on things. It decimates planets of life if it gathers in strength. We're trying to figure out how it all works to see if we can treat the stuff. Disable its negativity.'

'I see,' said Amiel. 'Fascinating.'

'Anyway, that should do with this part of the facility. You can return to your upstairs lab.'

Amiel left the room and returned to where she was doing her volunteer work as part of her study course in General Science at Geocities Prime University. She had been studying science for about a decade now, and was progressing with her attempt at a qualification. Dark Matter at the Quantum Life Research Facility was fascinating, but most of her work was studying samples of rocks and things, to understand the geological foundations in the rock cycle, which was being analyzed to understand the process to see how the design flowed and what they could learn from inanimate life flows. All interesting stuff.

She got back to the lab, sighed at the work ahead of her, and took out her bottle of water, had a sip, and got stuck in. Tonight she'd go out for a drink, but for now a busy afternoon studying dirt, and reports to write when she had finished that. All in a days work.

The End

Nude Dinosaur Wrestling 2

'Stella is a bitch,' said Elenniel.

'Oh, you look pretty hot babe,' said Michael.

Elenniel was greased up and totally naked.

'Don't get randy,' replied Elenniel. 'I'll show that greek harlot.'

'She doesn't hold any grudge against you. Return the favour,' said Michael.

'She's not getting my man buster.'

'No,' said Michael. 'It's not an issue. She wasn't for me. She asked later to pursue a friendship. Said she was fond of me.'

'I know what she's up to,' said Elenniel.

The host knocked on the door. '5 minutes Elenniel,' he yelled.

'Don't hurt her,' said Michael. 'You are supposed to be a team.'

'Oh, I won't hurt her,' smiled Elenniel.

'I don't like that look on your face,' said Michael.

'Me? I'm perfectly innocent,' said Elenniel.

And out they went.

The fight began, and Elenniel and Stella circled the beast.

'Go for its tale,' said Elenniel. 'With the rope.'

Stella complied, but the dinosaur flicked its tale sending Stella hurtling.

'Oh, bad luck,' said Elenniel.

'She knew that would happen,' said Gabriel.

'I know,' replied a concerned Michael, both of them in the audience.

Elenniel moved in quick, and grabbed the jaw and put a clamp on it.

'Help tighten the clamp,' said Elenniel.

Stella, still hurting, came over and started turning the lock on the clamp, and Elenniel backed down. Suddenly the lock burst free, the clamp fell off, and the dinosaur lashed out with its jaws and took a bite on Stellas arm. A small chunk of flesh got bitten off.

'Aw fuck,' swore Stella.

'Shit huh,' said Elenniel.

Elenniel jumped on the dinosaur. 'Net its feet,' she yelled to Stella, who had quickly had a bandage applied to her arm. Stella grabbed the net and ran in to catch the dinosaurs feet, but Elenniel kicked the dinosaurs side were Stella was, and it turned, and kicked at Stella, again sending her hurtling, and hitting the arena rink wall. She collapsed on the ground. Elenniel took the net she had with her, and threw it on the dinosaurs head, pulling tight and wringing it on the dinosaur. Slowly she grabbed nets and finished the job. She came over to Stella, still on the ground, and said, 'Tough fight. You did great.'

'Thanks,' mumbled the badly beaten Stella.

Afterwards, back in the dressing room.

'You know, Ellie,' said Michael. 'You are cold.'

'Next time it will be you buster,' replied Elenniel. 'If you ever cheat again.'

Michael gulped. His twin was starting to become one not to mess around with. Poor Stella. Facing the wrath of the firstborn Seraphim. He looked at his twin.

'Fear the wrath of a woman scorned,' he said.

'Coz it cuts like a knife,' replied Elenniel, getting into the shower.

Michael thought on Stella. 'Pretty much, baby. Pretty much.'

And the show was over.

The End

Gloria Excelsia

'It's all about the excellent glory,' said Simiel and played his card.

'And this hand is excellent glory,' replied Oriphiel, and played his card. 'What excellent glory dude?'

'The Gloria Excelsia. The Excellent Glory. Life's excellent glory. I suppose it's the best of us in many ways, but not necessarily our best effort or trying the hardest. It's just about when it all clicks together perfectly, and with those around us a lot. When the glory of moment is excellent glory.'

'The glory of the moment dud?' queried Oriphiel.

'The glory of the moment,' replied Simiel.

'Right,' nodded, Oriphiel, concentrating on his hand.

Later on that day Oriphiel was shovelling shit in Angelfire castle, in the stables. It was one of his duties he undertook every now and again. Lots of them had to shovel shit, from the highest to the lowest. Duties were shared fairly in the Angelfire. You did your share of the dirty work. He leaned on his shovel a moment and looked at the shit.

'You know God,' he began. 'Shit's not that bad. Can't really eat it. I mean flies and dung beetles and stuff can I suppose. But it's ok enough stuff. It's just food recycled through our intestines and stuff. Just the proper soil, mixed with seed, processed into food, and then processed through our bodies, excess coming back out our arse, and back into nature. Part of a cyclical system of food for life. A very practical idea. It smells when we have strong stuff in our diet with strong flavours and things, and the textures can vary a lot. But it is normal stuff. A normal part of life. And these horses, like us angels, need to shit, and that is how they function also. It's important,' he said, as he got stuck into shovelling the shit. 'That we do this job properly also. Shit handling is important also. And there is excellent glory in knowing that shit has its place, like piss, and vomit and beauty and water and love and all things under the sun. It all works in harmony creating a glorious tapestry of life.' He leaned on his shovel again a moment, nodded at that thought, and got on with his day. And that evening, when he was eating his meal, and realized he would shit it out soon enough, he realized life was a complete system, where everything mattered, and that it was all important. And that was Gloria Excelsia to Oriphiel the Angel.

The End

Aphar 7

'Aphar 7,' said Lucy Smith.

Jenny Gilmore looked out at the Neublae.

'It's chaotic,' said Jenny. 'Stars in conflict, like they are warring with each other. Sending out flame at each other.'

'It's based on magic,' said Lucy.

'How can magic get so powerful?' asked Jan Kolby. They were onboard the Wolfklaw, in a place on the Rim of the Galaxy, where a minor Nebulae of minor star celestial bodies had formed. 'And what created them?'

'We have a lot of technology now, Jan,' said Jenny. 'Star Creation has been in mankind's knowledge a long time actually.'

'Rings a bit of a bell, but never really encountered it,' replied the Rimwalker.

'It seems to have a purpose. It's moving slowly into our galaxy. A slow speed, but it is not stationery. And looking at your readouts, it is growing. Again, a slow rate, but it is growing.'

'Then we have a problem,' said Jan.

'We have a problem,' agreed Jenny Gilmore.

* * *

'Aphars are problems,' said Jan, in the kitchen of the Wolfklaw, sipping on a beer. 'They are the major celestial threats we have faced in the galaxy so far. This is number 7, simply because we don't understand it, and it represents potentially a realm problem for all of us.'

'Do you have any idea how to handle it yet?' Jenny asked Lucy.

'Antidotes to magic are complicated said Lucy. Like a virus in many ways it fights back. And this one can probably adapt. There are likely powers in our galaxy behind this, and at this stage I'm not really sure we know how to find them. But we probably need to. They may have the only knowledge available to debunk this thing. If we can't do it ourselves, we could be in store for a hell of a lot of trouble in time.'

'So we find them,' said Jenny.

'We find them,' agreed Jan Kolby, looking out at the Aphar. It was going to be one of those days.

The End

Cat Lady 10

'How is your pussy feeling Taylor?' asked Daniel.

'It's now in a Commodore 64 game,' replied Taylor Swift.

Daniel looked at his neighbour. 'What game?'

'Hot Pussy and the Dogs of War,' replied Taylor. 'Meredith is at War with the Dogs of War. Dogs with guns. Meredith has a mini tank and has to take out the dogs of war. It's in a nuclear wasteland which is pretty hot, and Meredith has to fight to survive save Catanity.'

'Catanity?' asked Daniel.

'The race of Cats,' said Taylor. 'So cats rule and not dogs.'

'I guess that's important,' replied Daniel, and sipped on his Coca Cola.

'If dogs ruled,' said Taylor. 'It would be messy. Dogs make a mess. They are beasts. Like men. Primitive and shitty. They shit everywhere, and dig holes, and smell bad.'

'But your pussy never smalls bad, I take it,' replied Daniel.

'My pussy smells divine Daniel Daly,' replied Taylor Swift.

'I'll remember that,' smiled Daniel. 'This cat game. Is it available casette or disk?'

'Cartridge only,' said Taylor. 'I arranged cartridge only. For plug and play.'

'Is it challenging?' asked Daniel.

'Life is meant to be challenging, Daniel Daly,' said Taylor Swift. 'It would be boring if it wasn't it.'

'I suppose,' said Daniel. He looked at the TV. 'Why do you have a tube TV now? We never used a tube TV.'

'It picks up the old stations. The digital stuff doesn't get certain channels. I have a set top box for the digital TV, but there are some analog channels in this district which have TV exclusive to them. I've been watching it.'

'What's the content?' asked Daniel.

'Cats,' said Taylor. 'Pets stuff mostly. Boring cat videos ok. There is also the kids channel with superhero cartoons from Indie companies. They are funny. Different. Rare stuff you don't see much.'

'This channel?' asked Daniel. 'Channeel X4444?'

'Pretty much,' replied Taylor. 'The X Network is all over the Realm. They only run on Analog. They cover local content.'

'Right,' said Daniel, stroking his chin. 'Interesting. I'll have to keep that in mind.'

'You do that,' said Taylor.

'How much is the cartridge?' asked Daniel.

'You can borrow mine,' she said. 'I have 3 copies. Kiss me on the cheek nicely and I'll let you have one.'

'I can do that,' said Daniel. He got up and came over to Taylor, and settled down, and kissed her softly on the cheek and said 'You are cute, babe.'

Taylor Smiled. 'They are in the cabinet. There are 2 unopened ones in boxes. Take one later.'

'Cheers babe,' replied Daniel.

'And remember, cats rules. Not messy dogs.'

'I'll keep that in mind Cat Lady,' said Daniel.

Taylor smiled. 'Now let me watch some TV. And go order pizza.'

And Daniel did as he was told, and they had a good night in, two friendly neighbours, enjoying life in the Realm of Eternity.

The End

Callodyn and Stephanie

'Stephanie,' said the lady.

'Are you single?' asked Callodyn.

'Callodyn, you have been buying burgers here for 70 million years. I've been serving you burgers for 70 million years. Today for the first time ever you asked my name.'

'Are you single?' asked Callodyn.

'I have mentioned about 5000 times that I am single,' said Stephanie.

'The bluebird cafe worker is single,' said Callodyn to Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

'Marry her,' said Cherubim Daniel.

'Marry me,' said Callodyn to Stephanie.

'Ok,' said Stephanie.

They married the following morning at the registry office.

'Where do you want my stuff?' asked Stephanie.

'She seems nice,' said Boaz to Ruth.

'Where you like it,' replied Callodyn.

'Bluebird isn't it?' asked Ruth. 'Too much bacon there for liking.'

'Yes. Bluebird cafe,' replied Stephanie. She started going in and out of the house of Callodyn's in Paradision, dumping stuff everywhere.

'Why did you marry him?' asked Ruth.

'I've had my eye on him a long time,' said Stephanie. 'Had a feeling Claudia wouldn't last.'

'No,' said Ruth. 'He is vowed on Noahidism. Or something like that.'

'Judaism is not me,' said Callodyn. 'I'm a committed Noahide.'

'I'm a Jehovah's Witness,' said Stephanie. 'I go every week. Committed to. I am content and happy to marry a Noahide. I don't ever require you to change to the Kingdom Hall. Not an issue. I am liking Noahides anyway. They are suirable.'

'Right,' said Callodyn.

'Looks like they'll get along,' said Boaz.

'You can't eat blood, though,' said Stephanie. 'Not in our marriage.'

'Obviously that's one of our rules,' said Callodyn.

'I have made that assumption before marrying you,' replied Stephanie.

'Not a problem,' replied Callodyn. Stephanie continued moving stuff into the house.

'Where do your parents live?' asked Callodyn.

'New Terra 78,' replied Stephanie. 'They attend the Watchtower in large Kingdom Hall city.'

'I see,' said Callodyn. 'We'll visit them in time.'

'When you like,' smiled Stephanie. She was in a sporty outfit.

'Men like sex,' said Boaz out loud.

'Boaz!' exclaimed Ruth.

'I know,' said Stephanie, looking at Callodyn.

'Every now and again,' said Callodyn.

'Sounds about right,' replied Stephanie.

'What's your last name?' asked Callodyn.

'Daly,' said Stephanie.

'Funny,' said Callodyn.

'I'm a laugh riot,' replied Mrs Daly.

The End


'Claudia, I'm married to Stephanie now,' said Callodyn.

'He's married to Stephanie,' said Kayella, reading Vogue.

'Honey, is that the issue with Madonna?' asked Mr Blackstock.

Kayella nodded.

'Can I check it,' said Mr Blackstock.

Kayella handed it over.

'He's married to Stephanie,' said Kayella. 'You have a contract to sign,' said Kayella.

Claudia, sitting at the table in Daniel's kitchen, looked at the contract again.

'The divorce settlement should have been enough,' said Claudia.

'We're family now Claudia,' said Callodyn. 'We have children together. We both have moral family obligations together now. You are officiall part of the Daly Clan now as one of our wives. You are not formally married to me now, and there are now no longer any marital obligations, and you may remarry. But there are rules from MKN requiring that you associate regularly enough to maintain our established family patterns well enough. Our marriage was never hypocrisy. We know that well. It was not parted on for any lack of getting along either. We get along marvellously.'

'We did,' agreed Claudia. 'You need to be Jewish buster.'

'Ain't gonna happen sweetcheeks. But we are still family regardless. I have obligations to look out for you. Consult now with Kayella for my wives obligations when we share children.'

'He has a legal limit of wives as well,' said Kayella. 'Of ex wives. Only a certain number is he permitted. Stephanie looks like she's permanent though. She's funny and likes him and doesn't mind his strange ways. She's a JW and he doesn't mind that at all. Likes the Watchtower well enough. Suits him ok to be married to one. She's gonna last I think.'

'I like her,' said Callodyn. 'She's pretty cool. Likes pop music and dancing around a bit. Likes a board game on a rare occasion. Not a huge fan, but does like them a bit. And she's happy to read a comic if I throw one at her. Says they are cool enough. Likes my music a lot though. Really compatible there. She's pretty cool to be with.'

'I'll move to the house down the street with the Major,' said Claudia.

'Probably for the best. He wants you again does he?'

Claudia nodded.

'Sign the contract,' said Kayella.

Claudia signed.

'See you at Christmas Claudia,' said Callodyn.

Claudia left.

'I'll sign it now,' said Kayella. 'Nice to see you worked it out well with this one. You two are going to be good friends. She's very good with you.'

'Smart decision in the end Kay.'

'Do we have such an arrangement with him?' asked Mr Blackstock, still reading the magazine.

'Shush, you,' replied Kayella.

And another day passed in Paradision.

The End

Vork the Barbarian 2

Vork lifted his fork. 'I say, though, Paul. You don't smell as bad as you used to.'

'Hygiene problems was it?' inquired Lady Eloise.

'It's embarrassing,' replied Paul. 'I have been in the monastery a long time, but formerly I was a fishmonger, alongside Vork, in our father's business.'

'Aye, he stunk a lot,' said Vork.

'I notice fishy things about you all the time,' said Celeste.

'He's seems a fishy type of character,' commented Daniel, sipping on his ale in the tavern.

'Aye,' replied Vork, eating his meat.

'Ways about him,' said Celest. 'An occasional bit of business knowledge, and knows seafood well. Orders it a lot in our travels.'

'Daniel. This Nadiel the Cherubim. She knows you well doesn't she now?'

'Very,' replied Daniel.

'We encouter her regularly on our shipping travels in the Olde World,' said Celeste. 'Life seems to bring us together on more occasions than chance. Fated to meet up at times. She serves a ship cook, who she insults very regularly.'

'Yes, I heard she had found a friend,' said Daniel. 'Apparently they are best of friends, and inseperable buddies.'

'Sort of like me and Vork,' said Celeste, looking at Vork.

'Lovers?' queried Eloise.

Vork and Celeste looked at Eloise a moment, and then looked at each other. Then Vork smiled, shook his head, and returned to his meal.

'Ah, that's an interesting idea,' said Celeste. 'We have had many – encounters. Many strange encounters. With creatures supernatural and other. And we've been in many sticky situations in dungeons and so on.'

'You can say that again,' said Vork.

'And we have been alone together, even in the same bed, too many times to mention.'

'Oh,' said Eloise.

'But,' said Celeste. 'Well, what can I say. I'm his employee, and he is a very good friend and acquaintance. But we're not exactly lovers.'

'She has a man I think. Back in some disc somewhere,' said Vork, holding a piece of meat on his fork. 'Nay, we're not lovers. We're good friends. We get along. Our destiny I feel is eternal together, but that's not what's going on.'

'Oh. I see,' said Eloise.'

'Buddies,' said Daniel, enjoying the conversation.

'We may add a third member eventually,' said Celeste. 'It has been occasionally discussed.'

'Could be a laugh riot,' said Paul.

'And you've been mentioned,' said Celeste, looking at paul. 'A cleric on our adventures could prove useful. Last rites are sometimes in demand and a host of things. Vork says you are a particularly good negotiator, and we have need of that more times than I can mention.'

'Indeed,' replied Paul.

'You have life of adventure, Vork Barbarian King,' said Daniel.

'That I do,' replied Vork.

And the evening passed with more chat and drinking.

The End

Harvest Tales 3

It was hot. Summer in Dalgety. The concrete aroundside the edge of the fishpond billabone for her wildlife zoo was all hot. Jenny stood on it for a moment, feeling the heat, then walked onto the grass, and sat down, in her blue bikini. She started coating on the sunscreen, and then laid back in the sun, enjoying 20 minutes of tanning. Only 20 minutes. She wasn't stupid. You didn't live a long life without too many problems if you didn't know how life well worked enough. Trips to Sheol hadn't occurred yet for Jenny Gilmore, but she knew souls who hadn't worked it out and been in death a while or two. That wasn't for her if she could help it. She soaked in the sun, and felt a prickly sensation suddenly on her side, causing her to flinch and look.

'Harry!' she exclaimed. 'How did you get out?'

The echidna continued scratching around her side, and then started wandering off, sniffing at the grass, possibly looking for ants.

'I'll have to put you back,' said Jenny. 'Don't go nowhere. I still want my sun,' and laid back down, enjoying the heat. Harry, the Echidna she had rescued, had found a home in her wildlife part, and had settled in alright with the other echidnas. She assumed there was probably even genetic family links, as it came from nearby, where her other echidnas also had. She laid there, and so happy, picked up her tape cassette player, and pushed play on her Duran Duran album she liked. The sun was warm and white fluffly clouds were in the sky, which she looked at through her sunglasses. It was a good day. She was happy.

'Hey, babe. You still single?'

She knew that voice. She sat up, but didn't look.

'Rex. You know,' began Jenny. 'Dad thinks you are a grade A asshole.'

'Doesn't stop him drinking and smoking with me,' replied Rex Mustang, coming into view, in his Jack Daniel's black t-shirt and blue jeans.

'Why do you wanna show up? Not enough hoons to rev it up with these days?'

'East Dalgety is quiet these days,' replied Rex. 'Not like the old days. A lot of the fellas have moved on. Other worlds to explore. Nobody left to shoot the shit with.'

'So you chose poor old little Jenny Gilmore to torment, is that it?'

'May as well. Knew you were still around,' said Rex. 'Hey, you look good in that bikini babe.'

Jenny took her towel, and placed it around her. 'No need to stare,' she said.

'Not staring,' he replied. 'Just an observation.'

'Fine. Whatever. What do you want?'

'Got some business with your old man. Farm related. Nothing much else. Noticed you sunning. Thought I'd say hello.'

'We'll you've said that.'

Rex continued staring at her, and finally said, 'Yeh. I'll be going talking to your dad now.' He waved at her, and walked off to the homestead.

'You do that,' said Jenny. She looked at the pond. Her mood at changed. 'Fuck it,' she said. And got up, picked up her bag, and looked at the Echidna. 'Party's' over Harry.'

And, grabbing the echidna, she returned it to his pen with the other echidnas, and looked at the homstead. Asshole hanging around. But curiousity always killed the cat. It always did.

The End


Onwards with Danielism

Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly picked up his ciggie. 'Time for a new beginning,' he said to himself. He looked at his little black book, and Taylor's name. 'Funny,' he said. He got off his arse, went up to the attic, which was now starting to get a couple of things in it, found a shoebox, and put the little black book inside.

'Maybe not a black book this time,' he said to himself. He went back downstairs, and sat on the couch. He scratched his back, and flicked on the TV. DC cartoons were one. He settled back to watch. Soon enough he ordered a pizza and coke, and when they arrived he feasted. The following morning he got up. 'Time for a new beginning,' he said to himself. He got off his arse, walked out the front door, locked it, and went off down the road, and found Maccas. He ordered McMuffins, ignored Taylor drinking juice staring at him, and left when he had his brekkie. He got down to the river, and sat down on a bench, eating his burger McMuffins. Ducks swam up. 'There you go little ones,' he said, and threw some crumbs to them. 'What do I do with a new beginning?' he thought. He looked at the duck, and took a photo with his digital camera, and went home. He got out his Commodore 64 and opened a Word Processor, and starting typing out 'Game Desing Principles of 'Duck Adventures in the Realm of Eternity'. It took him a while, but late that day he had several paragraphs on a nature based video game for the commodore 64 on duck life. Seemed ok, so he dedicated the next few weeks to it. Taylor dropped around that evening, and he chatted about Duck Adventures, and she said it sounded ideal. He had a new focus. He got on with things. Soon enough he found a notebook at a newsagency, bought it, wrote 'Danielism Ideas' on the first page, and started writing out notes on Animal Observations and Observations of the Natural World. He had some of the core ideas now starting to come through on Danielism. Natural world lifestyle and reality and fact. That would do as his foundation stone. Onwards with Danielism.

The End

Vork the Barbarian 3

Paul looked at the town.

'We have plague,' yelled a townsman from inside his white clay walled house. 'Leave us.'

'They have plague,' said Vork.

'And the frikking money we want,' said Paul.

'We can take another job,' said Celeste.

'I ate pigshit in Hollows Eve,' said Paul. 'Dirk Cadellweir would only divulge the town's name if I did. I'm NOT frikking leaving now.'

'So be it,' said Vork, and continued walking on, leading his horse, as Celeste and Paul led their's also on foot into the town. They came to the town square and sat down on a bench surrounding a well in the middle of the square.

'There's the Monastery,' said Paul pointing.

'The Abbot should likely be inside,' said Vork, stroking his chin.

Paul glared at the Monastery. It was a standard Catholic looking thing. 'It's UCC,' he said, after a moment. 'The Cross of the UCC. With the extra dash at the top and the small rainbow at the top.'

'You should feel right at home,' said Celeste.

The town was eerily quiet. Everyone was inside by the looks of it because of plague. Shortly a young lad of about 8 came running across the square, stopped and looked at them, and ran back the way he had come. Soon there were two men with pitchforks coming out to speak to them.

'Ye'd best leave. It's not that ye are not welcome. But there is plague in the town. No mixing at all. We do our work on timeshare,' said one of the men.

'I see,' replied Paul.

'We're here on a mission. To recover some stolen property,' said Vork. 'The abbot at the monastery knows its location.'

The men chatted with each other briefly, and the one who had spoken nodded, and they turned and left.

'I assume they have no further objections,' said Celeste.

'Wait a while,' said Vork, and took off his boot to remove some pebbles which had gotten in. Shortly a maiden came out.

'You fancy a night of passion. I'm perfectly clean.'

'Nay maiden,' said Vork.

'I'm a priest,' said Paul.

'Not likely, not that way inclined,' replied Celeste to the whores look. The maiden left.

'Another frikking whore,' said Paul.

'Men are beasts,' said Celeste.

Paul looked at the ground in front of them. The maiden had dropped a note. He bent down to pick it up.

'The Abbot knows you are here. Go to the cemetery. There is contention on the items at hand. Family's are feuding over the legal rights on the objects. You will need to conduct affairs privately.'

Paul showed Vork the message, who passed it to Celeste.

'Water first,' said Vork. 'Then we find this cemetery.'

'Dealing with the dead,' replied Celeste. 'Wonderful.'

'Not our first time,' said Vork.

'Nor likely our last,' said Paul.

And they sat, and drank, and waited some.

The End

Callodyn and Stephanie 2

'Do you wonder,' said Ruth, indicating Stephanie to Boaz. 'Why he married her?'

Boaz looked at Stephanie, doing the vacuuming in her short jean shorts and skimpy black t-shirt.

'She's seems like a good wife,' said Boaz. 'Why wouldn't he marry her?'

'The size of her........uh......,' said Ruth.

Boaz looked at her. 'The size of her what?'

Ruth whispered in Boaz' ear. 'Breasts. Don't say you haven't noticed.'

Boaz looked at Stephanie. She had quite magnificent large breasts. In fact, though he was conservative, they were Grade A glory.

'I'm sure Callodyn is not that carnal a man,' replied Boaz.

'I'll bet,' said Ruth.

'Right,' said Callodyn, coming into the room. 'Got it.' He looked at Stephanie. 'That's awesome work sweetheart. You look hot babe. Maybe you should cool down in the pool out the back.'

'You have a pool now?' asked Boaz.

'I purchased a land extension into the bush land about a year ago,' said Callodyn. 'It's been technically available to us in this section of Paradision for a while now. Had a pool installed yesterday. They did it pretty quickly.'

'First I've heard,' said Boaz. 'Might have to look into that.'

'It's only for a comparable block size adjacent to your own,' said Callodyn. 'You can't interfere with prospective extensions of neighbours.'

'Sensible rules,' said Boaz.

'Wanna join me Ruth?' asked Boaz.

'Uh, sure,' replied Ruth. 'I'll go home and get into my bathers and join you shortly.'

'No need,' said Stephanie. 'I have a spare bikini which should fit you.'

Ruth looked at Boaz who shrugged.

'Uh, sure,' replied Ruth. 'If you say so.'

A few minutes later the group of four were in Callodyn's back yard with Ruth in one of Stephanie's bikinis, and floating in the pool with Stephanie, who had a black bikini on. Ruth noticed her breasts.

'Yes. I know,' said Stephanie. 'They're big. Callodyn says they are good for the bedroom, but is not otherwise too much concerned.'

'Yes. He's never gone for ladies simply because of their physical assets,' replied Ruth.

'I chased him also,' said Stephanie. 'Had my eye on him a long time now.'

'Right,' nodded Ruth.

'She is an attractive wife,' said Boaz, next to the BBQ, drinking a beer with Callodyn.

Callodyn looked at his wife. 'Yeh. Yeh, you're right.' He looked at Boaz. 'Marriages fail if they are based on carnal flesh. Not why I like her. We get along well, and she is smart enough, and a hard worker. Has a good attitude too. Claudia was fabulous. No concern with me if she had accepted my Noahidism. But she needs a Jew in the end. Only with the Major for the time being.'

'They way it sometimes is for Israel,' replied Boaz.

Callodyn looked at Stephanie. 'Splash Ruth, babe,' he said.

'Funny,' said Ruth.

'I'll splash you,' said Stephanie to Callodyn, smiling.

'Sure,' said Callodyn, and winked at her.

'Well, this is fabulous,' said Boaz.

'We'll have to have a barbecue this weekend. Make it a proper get together. Bring your bathers.'

Boaz looked at the pool. 'I suppose so,' he replied.

'We'll make a day of it,' said Callodyn.

'Love you honey,' said Stephanie to Callodyn, who winked back.

Ruth looked at Boaz who looked back. What more could you say?

The End

Vork the Barbarian 4

'The Priest is gay,' said Willow the Harlot. 'He needs appropriate payment.'

Vork stroked his chin. 'Gay pornography?'

'We could have some ordere in,' said Paul.

'Maybe you two could make some poses,' chuckled Celeste.

Vork and Paul stared at Celeste as if utter abomination had been said.

'That IS what I was thinking,' said Willow. 'Some flattering carresses of the priests tender bits, and he will be happy with that. Half an hour in the bedroom. No sexual exchange need take place, but some caresses, and tender hugs. He follows the laws on this issue. Stays within the boundaries required for fruity priests.'

'I see,' said Vork.

'We will allow this,' said Paul. 'I have read works on Kosher gayplay. I have some idea.'

'Very good,' said Willow. 'This is him now.'

The abbot strode into the cemetery, holding a book. He came to the group and looked at Vork. 'Vork, presumably?'

'Aye,' replied Vork.

'I need a few hugs, and tender kisses on my nipples if possible. Half an hour of gay play, and a nice back massage.'

'I can accommodate,' said Paul. 'It's not too gay.'

'Very good. Here is the ledger,' said the Abbot. 'The 3 other ledgers are controlled by members of the town. They contain the data for the bank accounts in question. When the ledgers are owned by one party, the bank account will be able to be accessed.'

'That's why we came,' said Vork.

'Furlong, Chattersby and Wylde own the 3 other ledgers. Prominent businessmen in our town. They will need to be carefully negotiated with to obtain the ledgers. You will have to accommodate them with suitable enough compensation. I will say, like myself, they have wild tastes in things. Not so much homosexuality, but other perversions.'

'Tis no wonder plague comes your way,' stated Vork.

'So it would seem,' replied the Abbot. 'Can you accommodate me this evening?'

'Do you want a females company also?' asked Celeste. 'Vork and Paul will be less bothered if I am present.'

'As you wish,' replied the Priest. 'It makes no matter to me.'

That night they showed to the Monastery, and there were 2 other monks present. They ate a somber dinner, and prayers were said. Then the abbot led them into his bedchamber. They were not required to take off their underwear, and the abbot left his on. Celeste, though, did take off her top, and her breasts showed. When Paul and Vork had to caress this and that bit, she would take their hands, and place them on her breast, and say 'Look at me beasts? This is not too challenging.' And she would look at them with lust, and they managed to finish the hour it turned out being. The priest, when he was finished, asked them to leave him, saying he wished to masturbate privately. They returned to the feasting hall, dressed, and the priest appeared shortly, having showered.

'Thank you,' he said politely. 'You were decent lovers.'

'I guess,' said Paul.

'Was not too bad,' replied Vork. 'Kissing a mans nipples twice was not that awkward. Not what I am made of, but it was interesting.'

'Not my cup of tea,' said Paul.

'No matter,' said the Abbot. 'Some take to it somewhat.'

'I didn't mind,' said Celeste.

The boys looked at her. Vork smiled at her, and she smiled back. Obviously someone had had a good time.

'Tomorrow you can seek out the others,' said the Priest. 'And thank you. Pleasures I like are hard to obtain.'

'No matter,' said Vork.

And the priest excused himself. They found seats to sit on, and started settling down for the evening.

'You were both brave,' said Celeste. 'And not too rude. Still men.'

'The shit I do for love,' said Paul.

And both Vork and Celeste laughed.

The End

Danielism Logic

'Danielism has no logic,' said Taylor. 'Catholicism has logic.'

'Danielism is based on an Everlasting Covenant which applies to Noahides but also to mankind from Noah. We don't have to take the name of Noahide, but the Everlasting Covenant still applies. I don't deny my descent from Noah or my family status as part of the tribal family of Noah and being Noahide. But in defining my own agenda and name, I work on with Danielism. It's been established prior, and I have new inspiration. My foundation is solid. Perfectly logical.'

'Fine,' said Taylor, sipping on her OJ, in the MacDonalds down the street somewhat, in a northerly direction, from their abodes. 'Try the UCC. You would fit in that,' she said.

'I started the UCC,' replied Daniel, eating his brekkie McMuffin.

Taylor paused, and looked at him. 'You started the UCC? Jesus started the UCC. Funny. Dumb thing to say.'

'The Unitarian Catholic Church. It's actually part of the Advancing Noah Movement. An Assembly of Faith associated with Haven Noahide Fellowship, 1DF.'

Taylor put down her juice. 'I don't believe you,' she said.

'I was brought up Catholic,' he replied.

She picked up her juice, and started sipping on the straw. Eventually she spoke. 'Yes, I think you said that once. Apparently Cyril and Mary still are?'

'Something like that,' replied Daniel. 'There is the UCC, Noahide Friends of Catholicism, The Glorious Church of Hope, Friends of Jesus of Nazareth the Preacher, and some other Jesus things. They were formed for former christians who came into Noahide faith, but were still fond of their Christian heritage and legacy.'

'Oh,' said Taylor. 'You are being serious.'

'Always have been,' replied Daniel.

Taylor turned and looked out the window at the city. 'You read the New Testament then?'

'A revised Noahide version of the Gospel. Controversial errors reworked.'

'I've heard about it,' she said. 'The UCC functions mostly the same as Roman Catholicism. I've been looking at it for a while. I probably agree that God is not a Trinity.'

'I see,' said Daniel.

Taylor Stood. 'Danielism Logic might have some promise. We'll see what you have to say.' And she excused herself, and left, leaving Daniel staring after his departing neighbour, but returning to his next McMuffin, and eying the half drunk cup of OJ Taylor had left behind.

The End

New Bridlington 19

From MacDonalds in the New Bridlington CBD, Muriel wandered west till she came to the next intersection. On the north-eastern block, on the corner, was New Bridlington City Public Library. She went in.

'Mrs McMinnamin. I have that book,' said Muriel. 'I found it last night.'

Mrs McMinnamin the librarian scanned the book. 'It's 78 years overdue,' she said. 'We'll waive the fee. Donate a small amount to charity.'

'As you wish,' replied Muriel, and entered the library. She scanned the shelves for a while, the romance section, and noticed a poster on the wall about cars. 'Interesting,' she thought, but immediately lost interest in men's things. But she looked again after a few minutes. It had a nice blue colour, the surrounds of the car on the poster and, a rare thing, she wandered over to the non-fiction section and found automobiles. She found a book on British cars, and took it to the loans desk.

'I'll write this one up for you,' said Mrs McMinnamon. 'I assume you probably don't have your library card anymore.'

'No idea,' replied Muriel.

Mrs McMinnamon wrote up some notes, and put it in a file. 'Generally, try and get the book back to us eventually. No technical time limit.'

'Thank you,' replied Muriel, and left. Going north she came to the next intersection, turned right, and shortly was in front of Jerahmeel's Jollicles on the southern side of the main road. She came in, winked at her twin, and sat down, opening the book. Jerahmeel came over after a while.

'Cars?' he queried.

'I want to build one,' she said.

'Why?' he asked.

'To see how it's done and how they work,' replied Muriel.

'Technology is not normally your scene.'

'Well it is today, Jerry.'

And that was the beginning of Muriel's automobile career.

The End

Vork the Barbarian 5

'Long Furlong,' said Vork. 'Our pleasure to meet you.'

'I have the ledger,' said Long. 'Tell me, you like my abode?'

'It's unusual. This is mexican style. Unusual for Pardashia,' replied Vork.

'Paradashians often have a variety of tastes. It is our way,' said Long. 'Throughout the Realm of Eternity, the natiosn of Paradashia have a distinctive marked style of fashion and lifestyle in the olde world. We are well recognized. We are French and Italian and German and English and dashes of Hispana. And in that Hispana, I have a little recognition of Mexicana. Like the pizzas I sometimes enjoy on my travels.'

'I see,' said Vork. 'It's – a decent place.'

'What do you want for the ledger?' asked Paul. 'We were told a fetish of sorts would be involved.'

'Yes. A fetish,' replied Long Furlong, stroking his chin. 'That is one word for it,' he said, turning away to a cupboard. He brought out 3 glasses, with a red liquid in each of them.

'Bull Blood,' said Long. 'And there is a toxin in them which runs through Paradishia. It inculcates certain chemical reactions in your body which acclimatizes you to Paradishian society. Drink them, each of you, and the ledger is yours.'

They each took the glasses, and Celest sniffed at them. 'It's blood,' she said.

'Bull blood,' replied Long Furlong.

Paul put down the glass. 'I can't do it. In the end, despite my hypocrisy, there is a biblical rule of the UCC involving our Noahide Core. Not to partake of animal blood. Alas, I observe this rule.'

'As I do,' replied Vork, putting down the glass.

Paul looked at Vork. 'You do?'

'For a while now. Half my life I suppose I have specifically obeyed that principle. Not to say I was disobeying it before, but it is now observed.'

'No matter,' said Long. He went to the cupboard, and returned with a bottle of Scotch. 'I have a sense of humour,' he replied. 'Thought it quite the jest for it to be blood.' He took out a vial, and poured a little powder in 3 glasses, and handed them to the 3 questers. 'It is not poisonous. I assure you. It will bring a chemical change you will never really notice much, but after a few years, in Paradishian society you will find it easier to get along with more acceptance.'

Paul swigged it, as did Vork. Celeste drank it carefully. Long looked at them. 'Excellent he said. Now we wait.'

'For what?' asked Paul. Then he felt dizzy, and collapsed, as the others did. He lay there, dreaming. Wild dreams in his head, of naked women, apparently Paradishians, carressing his privates, and being passionate with him. And dreams of wild parties, and excitement. But also other things. Of feats of courage, of love even, and of acceptance into the hierarchy of Paradishia. And then, after 15 minutes or so the effects of the drug diminished, and they sat up.

'That was – quite a rush,' said Paul.

'That was all normal?' queried Celeste.

'You had visions of acceptance in Paradishian society?' queried Long.

'Quite a few,' said Vork.

'The drug has worked perfectly. It is simply doing as I said it would do. Rest assured, it is good for you. Here is your ledger.'

And the ledger was handed over, and the questers put the book in their knapsack, sipped on another glass of scotch which Long provided, and then were guided to the door. 'The tavern should be available for the night,' said Long. 'I would entertain you, but with the plague I am cautious. As you could imagine.'

'Not a problem,' said Paul.

As they made their way through the town, back to the tavern they were now settled in, Paul spoke.

'A strange bargain to gain our prize, but I'm not sure if it will be an unwelcome one.'

'Nay,' said Vork. 'It could be a glory of new destiny. A strange new world indeed.'

The End

Callodyn and Stephanie 3

The four of them were down at 'Spearheads' bar and grill, in old Paradision town.

'I'll have a beer,' said Daniel.

'I'll have a gin and tonic,' said Boaz.

'West Coast cooler,' said Ruth.

'Iced Water,' said Stephanie.

Ruth looked at Stephanie. She looked at Stephanie's trim figure. She looked at her own figure. Regular enough, but she was not slim, trim and terrific.

'You know, babe. Great idea suggesting this place,' said Callodyn.

'Oh, it's hot on friday night,' said Stephanie. 'All the cool cowboys are in town. Lot's of buddies.'

A bloked entered the bar, and nodded at Stepanie, and she smiled back.

'Cowboys your scene, huh?' asked Callodyn.

'Knew a few of the country boys,' she replied. 'But I only have eyes for you,' she said, smiling at Callodyn.

'Wondered why we never go here,' said Boaz. 'Instincts keeping me away I suppose.'

'Oh, these guys are pretty dated,' replied Stephanie. 'Not so much Garth Brooks pumped, but Johnny Cash snoozing the day away.'

'I see,' replied Boaz, looking around the bar.

'They are pretty dedicated spiritual people,' said Stephanie. 'They have values. Bible belt sort of people. They own a bible, read it a bit, but don't have any particular faith these days. Just biblical values.'

'Not Jesus Christ Almighty anymore, huh?' asked Boaz.

'Ah, I sort of think he was just a Jew on a mission,' said Stephanie. 'Why I'm joining the ANM. Read Daniel's theology a long time ago and said 'That's it' to myself. The article summed up what I feel was the truth about it all.'

Callodyn looked at his wife. 'You want to join the ANM? That's your motivation?'

'I found in you what I felt was true and good, Cally,' she replied. 'I've wanted you a long time because of it.'

Stephanie was staring at Callodyn, who was looking back, and Ruth and Boaz noticed this, and looked at each other with one of those knowing looks.


'There's more to her than we thought,' said Ruth.

'Obviously,' replied Boaz. He looked in the direction of next door. 'She's not really a bimbo at all by the looks of it.'

'No,' said Ruth. 'Now let's play Monopoly.'

And Ruth and Boaz settled down for a rainy evening, while Callodyn and Stephanie enjoyed each other's marital company.

The End

Danielism Logic 2

Valandriel and and Daniel were having a chat.

'Daniel is completely lacking logic,' said Valandriel.

'Well, in the end, Valley Boy, at least Daniel has enough shazzamatazz about him to gain the insult that he completely lacks logic. Nobody gives the slightest shit about saying Valandriel lacks logic. Valandriel? Who's he they say? One of God's redundant Seraphim. Yep, that's Valley Boy. A total non-notoriety.'

'Fuck you Daniel,' replied Valandriel. 'Valandriel kicks arse.'

'Teddy bear arse maybe,' replied Daniel. 'I mean, even Ambriel kicks harder arse than you. And he IS a teddy bear.'

Valandriel went quiet.

'Ooh, the silent treatment,' said Daniel.

'Run with the joke, bastard,' replied Valandriel.

'Ok. I give. Why does Daniel lack logic?'

Valandriel got up from his seat, and smiled, and then scratched his head. 'I forget,' he said. 'I had this great joke, and I've forgotten it.'

'I remember,' said Sharakondra, doodling on the electronic art pad some fashion designs. They were in Danielphon, upstairs, a standard work day.

'Enlighten us both,' said Daniel.

'You don't know how to take opportunities to the max,' replied Sharakondra. 'Really shitty at follow through on things going on.'

'Hopeless,' replied Valandriel. 'I should be 90-10 on ValDan. You are hopeless.'

'Every opportunity can wait till another day. Don't spend all your money at once,' replied Daniel. 'You don't always have to have the say on things. Others can have the glory. Steady as we go, and earn your rep steadily. We prosper because we take a moderate approach and work steadily on the projects, and commit to them. It's what works. Take your time, not cash out for a quick buck or a quick fuck.'

Sharakondra looked at Daniel. 'Funny,' she said, returning to her doodling.

'Yeh yeh, same old shit,' replied Valandriel, and returned to his magazine. 'But sometimes there are things we could do, you know.'

'Put it on the whiteboard in the main room, and we'll chat.'

Valandriel grumbled something.

'What was that?' asked Daniel.

'I like spontenaity also. It's part of life.'

Daniel nodded. 'Put that in a Maxim and write it on the whiteboard. We'll discuss the idea at length, and if you can prove merit, I'll add it in to the agenda.'

'Fine,' said Valandriel.

'There's your logic,' replied Daniel. 'And I'm out of here. Have a nice Day.'

And another day passed in the Realm of Eternity.

The End



Paradision Life

At the Park Merry Go Round in Paradision East, Ventrick Sebastian had a cold. He sneezed. Raelene Jarter smiled. 'You should have worn a jumper, Ventrick.'

Ventrick nodded. 'It's rainy and cold. And this merry go round is old news.'

'We need a new hangout place,' she said. 'Let's go wander off to the other side of Paradision.'

'Ooh, the dark side of the street,' said Ventrick. They dared, and started the march to South Paradision. They climbed up from the centre of town southwards, and soon came into some back streets.

'Never get this way,' said Ventrick.

'Been along here once,' said Raelene. 'Not this street though,' she said, as they turned down a new street. They walked along and came to the end of the street, and sat down on some boulders. A man came out and looked at them from a nearby house.

'What you teenagers doing here?' he asked.

'Hey, you're Daniel. Or Callodyn,' said Ventrick.

'This is a largely private section of town,' said Callodyn. 'You should have business here if you really want to hang around. Unless you are claiming Paradision rights you really should leave. We like it undisturbed around here.'

'We're not claiming any Paradision rights. We shouldn't have to,' said Ventrick.

'We were born in this town,' said Raelene. 'No law forbids us seeing it.'

Callodyn walked over and sat down on a boulder. 'Ventrick and Raelene from Paradision East. I've seen your profiles. Know your parents.'

'Know all the new residents do you?' inquried Ventrick.

'Most Paradision long termers know you and other new entries.'

'Great,' replied Raelene. 'New entries.'

Callodyn stood, took out a ciggie he had rolled, and lit and started smoking it. He started walking back to his house. 'Ok. I know who you are now. Seen you closer. You two had profiles which checked out.'

'What the hell did we check out as?' asked Ventrick.

'Normal,' replied Callodyn. 'Feel free to hang around this side of town if you want. Cheers.' And he was off.

Ventrick looked at Raelene. 'We're normal.'

'Apparently so,' replied Raelene.

They hung around South Paradision for a while, but the rain continued, and soon enough they marched hom. Ventrick bid Raelene farewell, and as he made his way home, he chuckled. 'Normal,' he said again. How flattering.

The End

Paradision Life 2

Ventrick Sebastian put down his pen.

'Watchtower School is for Attempters,' said the teacher.

'Watchtower School is for Attempters,' repeated the Students.

'Watchtower School is for Seekers of Information,' said the teacher.

'Watchtower School is for Seekers of Information,' repeated the Students.

'Watchtower School is for Life Propogaters,' said the teacher.

'Watchtower School is for Life Propogaters,' repeated the Students.

'We Attempt to Propogate the Life Jehovah has Created in this Universal Existence through Information which Facilitates the Will of Jehovah in this Creation,' said the Teacher.

The students of the Independent Watchtower of Macarthur repeated 'We Attempt to Propogate the Life Jehovah has Created in this Universal Existence through Information which Facilitates the Will of Jehovah in this Creation,' repeated the Students.

'And remember. We Attempt to do this. The Grand Creator only asks us to Attempt Achievement. We are frail and fallible, and can only Attempt things. If we succeed, it is the fortune of life.'

'Amen,' said the Students.

Ventrick filtered out of year 9 IWM class for the day and wandered the playground till he found Raelene.

'Hey,' he said.

'Mother Supporter will be here soon,' said Raelene, eating the lunch she had saved.

'Can I perchance eat your grapes. Half of them at a gesture of Jarter Accomodation.

'I can accommodate,' replied Raelene.

Ventrick ate half her grapes.

'Ring the damn mobile and explain to mother we're headed for Callodyn's stomping ground,' said Ventrick.

Mobile rang the mobile, let it ring 3 times,' and hung up.

'She won't come now,' said Raelene.

They wandered.


'You know,' said Callodyn. 'You guys are doing IWM phraseology about correctly sufficiently enough.'

'We are undivided in our opinions that stand out we do,' said Ventrick.

'No shit,' said Callodyn.

'The point of this life reality?' asked Ventrick.

'English syntax variation with communication devices of unique flow create an alterntive life pattern which has original style and reception of life appreciation. It's not so predictable, and you get different flavours, and your not treading on Catholic and Anglican and Secular toes as much.'

'Understood,' replied Ventrick.

'The Vocab of IWM and its phraseology makes you very acceptable to Watchtower Prime, which gets a kick on the sarcastic attack on their stylings. They are fond of us because of it.'

'They laugh a lot,' said Ventrick.

'It's a good show Venny,' said Callodyn.

Raelene took out a banana. 'How long have you lived in Paradision Callodyn.

'A while,' replied Callodyn. 'Here and there in other places have I traversed, but Paradision is mostly about the standard permanent domicile location for the greater part.'

'Understood,' replied Raelene.

'I like it here, and life is at a pace which reciprocates my need for enough peace but enough activity. It's harmonious with my needs.'

'I like it too,' replied Raelene.

'Work decisions?' queried Callodyn, smoking again.

'There are a number of positions in town they will accept our employ in,' said Ventrick. 'All is mostly sorted. Choosing day comes at the end of University. We both will engage the study of it.'

'Sensible choices,' replied Callodyn. 'I should drop around to IWM one of these days. 'Catch up.'

'It would be most welcome,' said Ralene politely.

And Callldyn, Ventrick and Raelene chatted on about Independent Watchtower of Macarthur Life, an Assembly of Faith of the Advancing Noah Movement, and another fine day passed in Paradision Life.

The End

The Final Bow

Daniel bowed.

'Brilliant,' said Ambriel.

'Majestic,' said Meludiel.

Daniel stood and picked up the rose thrown by Meludiel on to the stage following his 5 minute soliloquy. They were are Zaphora Mini Theatre, hanging around, shooting the shit.

'You know, life goes on,' said Daniel, coming down and sitting next to his buddies. 'But I've reached the end of a phase, and will have to start a new chapter.'

'That's life,' said Meludiel. 'I organize it with a timetable.'

'I follow the wind,' said Ambriel. 'I chase it.'

'Funny,' replied Meludiel.

'And I am the Child of Destiny,' said Daniel.

'Someone had to be,' said Ambriel.

'May as well be you Daniel San,' said Meludiel.

'May as well,' agreed Daniel the Seraphim, Arch-Regent of the Realm of Eternity, Son of the Almighty God and Father.

The End

Cat Lady 11

'Mr Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. This is Mr Joe Alwyn. My man,' said Taylor Swift.

Taylor was seated on her lounge in her place, as Daniel had come in the room, curled up in the arms of Joe Alwyn.

'Alley cat, huh?' said Daniel. 'Back to the old flame.'

'Same as always,' said Joe. 'This pussycat knows were to come home to roost.'

'Indeed I do,' said Taylor. 'He's given me a ring,' she said, brandishing a new ring.

'That's a big one,' said Daniel.

'I like it,' said Taylor.

Daniel looked at them. 'Right,' he said. He took out his mobile, and clicked some buttons.

'Transfer the funds here. The price is market value. It was assessed recently.'

'For what?' asked Taylor.

'This address. Technically I own it you know. You've obviously claimed it, so you will have to buy it.'

Taylor shrugged. 'Sure. Whatever,' she replied. She took his mobile, entered in her bank details, and clicked transfer. She handed the mobile back to Daniel. 'Yep, the money has come through,' he said. 'Just a second. He clicked for a few minutes, then showed her a screen.'

'I see,' she said. 'The title deed is now registered with me in this disc. No problem then. Details sorted out.'

'I still have a bit of crap in the attic, of course,' he replied. 'I'll sort that out this weekend I suppose.'

'Should be fine,' said Taylor. She lay there, lavishing glory on herself.

'You like cats?' Daniel asked Joe.

'They are fine by me,' replied Joe Alwyn.

Daniel looked at Joe full of confidence, and at Taylor. She was staring ahead. She seemed to be staring in a way which was deliberately ignoring looking at Daniel.'

'Right,' said Daniel. 'Well, good to be neighbours.'

'Yep,' said Taylor.

'Right,' said Daniel, and put his hands on his hips. 'Ok. Well, seeya then.'

'Seeya,' said Taylor, still not looking up. Daniel left.

'You liked that, didn't you,' said Joe. 'Watching him squirm.'

'Loved it,' replied Taylor.

Joe chuckled. 'Taylor Swift never really does change.'

'Never,' replied Taylor Swift, grinning like a cheshire cat.

The End

A New Flame

Daniel had cleared out his attic, and Taylor had watched, but said nothing, and now he was back home, the stuff in the shed. He was single again, no love lady, and not much to do. The ANM ran itself these days, and he had reached a crossroads in life. It had been fun, but he hadn't found the permanent squeeze yet by the looks of it. Taylor Swift just hadn't worked out. He looked around the house. This wasn't his main home. He had a place in Terraphora which was were he mainly lived. So, locking up, he took his bag, and headed for the airport. The flight didn't take too long, and he was back in his main home. It felt cold. He got the heating going, and turned on the TV as he made dinner. Shortly there was a knock at the door. He went to it and opened it.

'Daniel,' said the lady.

'Uh, yeh,' replied Daniel.

'Remembe me?' she said.

He looked at her. 'No,' he replied.

'From Senersphon. A long time ago. We had dinner together for a joke. Elizabeth O'Donnell.'

'Right,' said Daniel. 'How did you know I was in town?'

'My brother works at the airport. He rang me to tell me you passed through.'

'Right. I see,' said Daniel. 'Ok. Well, what can I do for you?'

'Aren't you going to invite me in?' asked Elizabeth.

'Uh, sure,' he replied.

'You and Taylor Swift are no longer an item, right?' she asked, as she followed him into the living room.

'No, actually. I know, gossip columns.'

'Right. So you are single,' she said, as they sat down.

'Pretty much,' replied Daniel, and turned to look at the TV for a moment.

'You are making dinner, aren't you,' she said. 'I can smell the food.'

'Uh, yeh,' said Daniel, looking at the TV.

'I'll finish the dinner. We'll eat in front of the TV.'

Daniel waved her away. 'Yeh, you do that.'

An hour later she came in and handed him a plate.

'Thanks,' he said.

'I'll move my stuff in tomorrow, right,' she said.

'Yeh, that's fine,' said Daniel. 'You can stay the night.' He continued watching the TV, then turned and looked her over. 'Yeh, you'll do fine.'

'Suits me just fine, loverboy,' she replied.

They slept together that night, and she was the right type for him. The new flame would do now. She seemed about the right kind.

The End

Part Six

The ValDan Agenda

The ValDan Agenda

'Gimme a screw,' said Sharakondra.

Valandriel put down his coloured pencil. Daniel paused typing on his PC. They looked up. They looked at Sharakondra.

'I need a screw,' she said.

'Me first,' said Valandriel.

'Fine,' said Daniel, returning to his typing.

'Ok, Shar. Let's start it this way,' began Valandriel. 'In the english language there is such a thing as colloquialisms. Colloquialisms are those lovely sayings which mean certain things, often not so literally but in a slang-like sense. So, when a hot babe, and you are a hot babe.'

'Yep, she's a hot babe,' said Daniel.

'As I was saying,' continued Valandriel. 'When a hot babe blurts out ''Gimme a Screw'. Well, how should I say it? Blokes listen. We've known you a while. I dare say both of us have wanted to give you a screw for a very long time now. Quite tempted in fact.'

'Thoroughly,' interjected Daniel.

'So, you should really choose your words carefully. A screw is of course a metal object. A device for use with wood and metal in manufacturing.'

'Naturally,' said Sharakondra, listening intently.

'But, dare I say it. It is also a fond slang term, particularly for Aussies. And a screw is a rude term involving certain rude activity.'

'I see,' said Sharakondra. 'Fascinating. Do go on.'

'My turn,' said Daniel. 'Yep, a screw is a hell of a good time. When you have the lady inebriated and she's saying yes and no and maybe, you just add in a bit more scotch, and she's all yours. And Screwing might be what is about to advent.'

'You don't say,' said Sharakondra. 'Amazing.'

'Right. Now babies can come from screwing,' said Daniel. 'I should know.. I've had heaps. So, that in mind, we'd like to hear that one more time, just in case you need to rephrase.'

Sharakondra smiled at them both, and put her head back to her work. She was grinning.

'Well?' inquired Valandriel.

'You want WHAT?' asked Daniel.

'Never mind,' she said giggling. 'I'll take care of it myself.'

'Right,' said Valandriel.

'I'm sure we could help,' said Daniel. 'But if you've got it covered, no problems.'

She looked at them both. 'You two are incorrigible.'

'I think she just wanted a screw,' said Valandriel to Daniel.

'There's some in the janitor cupboard,' said Daniel.

'Right,' said Sharakondra. 'Thanks.'

She continued on with her work. Daniel and Valandriel waited.

'Your screws,' said Daniel, typing away.

'Yep,' replied Sharakondra.

'Uh, yeh,' said Valandriel. 'The screws. In the cupboard.'

'Oh, yeh,' said Sharakondra. She looked at them both. 'You first Valandriel. The other room. Follow me.'

'What?' asked Valandriel.

Sharakondra stood, and Valandriel reluctantly followed her into the adjoining office. Daniel watched them go. 10 minutes later they came back in. Valandriel was in a disshevelved way and Sharakondra wiped her mouth. She looked at Daniel. 'Your Turn.'

Daniel stood, and followed her into the other room.

'Clothes. Take them off,' she said.. He stripped. She stripped also.

'Lay on the table. I've put down a mat.'

He got up on the table, and laid down. She got up, and started kissing his nipples and flicking them, then pashed him briefly, and touched his dick. She massaged it for a bit, and then guided it into cunt.

'Fuck me Daniel,' she said. They started fucking. He took about 3 minutes, and moaned, 'Fuck, I'm coming in your cunt Shara.'

He exploded and orgasm, and she'd been on one for about half a minute. 'Aw fuck,' he said.

She looked at him. 'One per day, alternating. You and Valandriel. I'm your slut now. I like you both. I need to be fucked, and Semyaza is just too stoned most of the time.'

'Sure,' said Daniel. He looked at her. 'Fuck, your hot.'

She got down. 'And wash shortly.'

And that was that.

The End

The ValDan Agenda 2

'Look, Shar. Not every day,' said Valandriel.

'Unsurprising,' replied Sharakondra.

'Come on,' said Daniel. 'Look, we know you are on the pool, and don't do anyone apart from Semyaza. Valandriel has a wife and a concubine who do nobody else, and he does nobody else. Me, I only do my wife Jessica, and very rarely Melanie and Gloryel. Melanie does only me and Mr Starr on occasions, and he only usually does his wife apart from Melanie. Gloryel only does Sariel and Christian Horner, and Christian only does his wife apart from Gloryel on rare occasions, and Sariel only does his woman in Dalnaphon apart from Gloryel on even rarer occasions.'

'Busy world,' replied Sharakondra.

'Once an aeon Melanie finds a lover, but is very strictly sex tested, both of them first. What I'm saying is that we've had a number of recent millennia threshing this out. The sex field we are part of is quite strict in its behaviour, and knows 100% about VD spread. We've got none, we're clean, and we keep it minimal enough that God is not too bothered about our shenanigans. We're not too rude to him. We know Semyaza just doesn't give a shit apart from you, and likes to get drunk and stoned anyway. So doing you is not too much of a problem. But we have consciences.'

'We actually do,' said Valandriel.

'So we can provide the stimulation you need, and we enjoy doing it, but only once every several decades, and that alternating.'

'Ok,' she said.

'So not every frikking day,' said Daniel.

'Ok,' she said.

'So you get the point?'

'OK,' she exclaimed. 'That should be enough. I knew your arrangements. There was chat. It was a clean circle to enter.'

'Right,' said Daniel. He scratched his head. 'Fine. No problems. We don't want to have a reputation anymore. The point was to become reasonable to God's morals in the end.'

'I understand,' said Sharakondra.

'Fine, fine,' said Daniel.

'Work,' said Sharakondra, pointing at her laptop.

'Ok. Fine,' said Daniel.

And on went the day.

The End

The ValDan Agenda 3

'Maybe we could do a porn shoot,' said Valandriel.

Daniel stopped typing. Sharakondra paused, tilted her head, but continued on with her work.

'Seriously,' said Valandriel. 'A series of explicit photographs used for an alamanic. Raw Sex we could call it. The basic instincts which motivate us all.'

Daniel looked at Valandriel. 'Actively promote fornication? Technically we are advocating fornication is ok in pictures.'

'They are just poses,' said Valandriel. 'No rhythmic movements required.'

'Pity,' replied Sharakondra. She looked at them both. 'I'd be up for it with you two.'

'Funny,' said Valandriel.

'I'll get the camera,' said Daniel.

Time passed.

'I'll jerk it a little bit,' said Sharakondra. They were on the mat, and there were to be poses of 'Office Sex' around the room.

'I'll ejaculate on your face for a shot,' said Valandriel.

Daniel did the filming first, then Valandriel. They got the shots required. The three of them returned to the other room.

'Now, no actual sex took place as far as I can tell,' said Valandriel. 'These were ethical poses for classic office pornography. Traditional stuff. We need to put that in a disclaimer at the bottom. The ejaculations were started through Shara jerking us a bit, but when it came to the money shot we finished the job.'

'Formally written,' said Daniel. 'Keep the language up to our standards.'

'I'll do the project,' said Sharakondra.

Later that week Daniel showed the prototype almanac to his wife Jessica. He pointed to the disclaimer. She read it.

'There were no rhythmic movements in the intercourse,' said Daniel. 'Our dicks were inserted into her vagina, the photos taken, and we took our dicks out. They were all professional poses. The ejaculations were elicited through Shara starting us off with a bit of help to get us in the mood, but we finished the job. The facials were thought out carefully.'

'I see,' said Jessica, flipping through the almanac. She looked at her husband. 'So you did this job professionally?'

'We're not really sure if you can justify this sort of work in some ways. But we thought it might be able to be justified. The Almanac is meant to be a photographic journal. It is indeed meant to excite and titilate, but it is pornography in an offical usage of the word pornography. We are attempting to see if it will not actually be called smut.'

'Right,' said Jessica, returning her focus to the album. 'I know your screwing her every few decades,' she said, without looking up.

'Word got round did it,' he replied.

'I don't think I mind that much,' she said. 'Shara probably needs some considering Semyaza's shit ways.'

'Right,' said Daniel. 'Mmm. Anyway, the almanac? You think we should go ahead with it?'

'Sure,' she replied. 'Could be interesting what shit hits the fan on this one.'

'Pretty much,' agreed Daniel.

And those thoughts stayed with Daniel as the project of ValDan on Office Sex started rolling.

The End

Azrael and Cosadriel go Camping

'Remember, it's the black fishing rod,' said Azrael.

'The one I shove where the sun don't shine,' replied Cosadriel.

Azrael went misty eyed. 'Ah, I remember those sledges. They were some of my best.'

'I brought the black one and the green one,' said Cosadriel, as the SUV drove along the road in Terraphora.

'We might need the green one for the lake,' said Azrael. 'But the black one for the river.'

'Agreed,' replied Cosadriel. 'Here it is.'

They turned into 'Sandy G's Diner' and got out and entered. There were fishes on the walls, fish trophies, and fishermen hanging around the diner.

'It's the troublesome two,' said a voice. 'The realms biggest jokers.'

'ValDan take care of that,' replied Cosadriel, and slapped Arthur Chalmers hand. Arthur had a fishing hat on, and was with his buddies.

'I'll order for us,' said Azrael.

'Going campin' are we?' asked a fisherman.

'Gonna catch a few if we're lucky,' said Azrael, stretching out. 'Up by Lake Samwise.'

'Tolkien territory,' said the fisherman. 'You got you a middle earth pass or something?'

'Hey, I own an original copy from the 20th century,' replied Cosadriel. 'More than enough credit.'

'Suppose you would,' said the Fisherman. 'The Hobbit or the Lord of the Rings?'

'The Silmarillion actually,' replied Cosadriel. 'Saw the movies, but decided to look further into it, and bought that one.'

'Righty O,' replied the fisherman.

Azrael sat down. 'Two big breakfasts,' he said.

'It's 11,' replied Cosadriel.

'Still early enough. They didn't mind,' said Azrael.

Their brekkies came, and the chat around the diner was happy and lively, but soon enough they were off to Tolkien territory, part of the official community of Middle Earth societies, and reached their camping place, after a permit was given to a parks entrance officer.

As they got their tent set up Azrael noticed that Cosadriel was looking around.

'What's up?' he asked him.

'They get bears up here, you know. Just sniffing to see if any are nearby. I notice their smell a bit.'

'Bah, we can probably handle bears anyway,' said Azrael.

'Better to know if we have to,' said Cosadriel, tapping his nose.

As the weekend passed they fished, ate the fish, and chatted, drinking beer by the fireside. They encountered a bear late the final night, who wandered in and scuffed around their rubbish.

'Shoo it,' said Azrael.

Cosadriel approached it carefully, grabbed the rubbish bag, and backed down.

'Bear,' he said forcefully. 'Here, you can have some fish bones, but nothing more,' he said, throwing some fish bones from the garbage at the bear, who wolfed it down, glared at them, in an almost comical stare, and wandered away.

'You speak to bears?' queried Azrael.

'They communicate with body language and the right sort of authority in your voice. Not domineering but assertive. With natural justice. Bears understand the wild, as we do when it comes right down to it.'

'I see. Interesting,' replied Azrael.

And so the camping weekend passed, and as they were driving home the following day Azrael was curious about Cosadriel's nature talk, contemplating learning some ideas as they passed Sandy G's diner, heading back to Zaphora.

The End

Kwintakel and the Rat

Kwintakel was staring at a rat in the kitchen.

'I hate rats,' she said as Azrael walked in.

Azrael sipped on his bottle of scotch, and looked at the rat. 'Oy, let me handle this. I've been doing nature based animal responsives.'

'What's that?' asked Kwintakel, reaching for the broom.

'Cosadriel's bullshit,' replied Azrael. 'How he handled that bear apparently. He lent me the book on the subject. I can handle this rat.'

Azrael got down on the floor on his stomach and looked directly at the rat who was munching on a dropped cracker.

'Listen rat. I am in charge. I am the authority. Please leave the kitchen. Is that understood?' said Azrael with some force in his voice.

The rat munched on the cracker, but otherwise ignored Azrael's reque

'Gee, authoritative,' said Kwintakel. 'Let me whack it,' she said, brandishing the broom.

'Give me time,' complained Azrael. 'Now listen rat. We can play this two ways,' he continued, his head inches from the feeding read. 'The easy way or the hard way. Which is it going to be?'

The rat just continued munching on the cracker, perhaps amused by Azrael, but otherwise uninterested.

'You're a schmuck,' said Azrael. 'Let me swipe the little vermin.'

'Hang on woman,' complained Azrael. He turned to the rat. 'I see you are not going to go easy. Listen, I'm the boss here. This is my pad. See it my way,' stated Azrael with force.

The rat, now seemingly amused, came up to Azrael's face, climbed onto it, and bit his nose.

'My fucking nose,' yelled Azrael, grabbing his nose. 'The little critter bit me.'

'It's bleeding, idiot,' said Kwintakel. She took the broom, swiped it at the rat, who went scampering, soon out of sight. Kwintakel looked at Azrael. His face was a bloody mess.

'You are an idiot,' she said.

'I might get rabies,' he complained.

'Probably not from a rat,' she replied.

'Or scabies,' he said.

'I'll get a band aid,' she replied.

Later, in the living room.

'You know,' said Kwintakel. 'You might want to return that book to Cosadriel.'

'Shut up woman,' said Azrael.

'I mean, you no longer have any use for it. Your skills with creatures – non-existent.'

'Quite Kwinnie. It's embarassing,' replied Azrael.

'Well there is one thing we learned,' said Kwintakel, as they watched the football.

'And what is that?' asked Azrael.

'You don't exactly have a nose for animal relations,' she replied, giggling.

'Oh, hah, fucking, hah,' replied Azrael, as Kwintakel laughed, and Azrael's team suffered a goal against them to exacerbate the embarassment.

The End

Ruth 32

Chapter One

'Who are you?' asked Callodyn.

'Naomi,' replied the strange woman, standing in his back garden, looking at his small plot of vegetables. 'These are not the best choices for Paradision,' said Naomi.

'Right. Thanks,' replied Callodyn. 'Good to know. They grow fine.'

'Better results can be brought from wiser choices,' said Naomi. 'Things more suitable to Paradision soils and climate.'

'And you are an expert I take it?' queried Callodyn.

'She is,' said Ruth, sitting on a chair by the side of Callodyn's house.

'Didn't see you there,' said Callodyn. He looked at Naomi. 'This a friend of yours Ruth?'

'You could say that,' replied Ruth.

'Right,' said Callodyn, summing that up. He came over and kneeled down, looking at the vegetables. 'There is no such thing as wiser choices for this ground.

'I beg to differ,' said Naomi. 'I'm an expert on Televon gardening. Been doing it forever.'

'If it grows, it works,' said Callodyn.

'Things grow better, and work more in harmony with suggested practice,' said Naomi.

'Which bores mankind. Regulation Book of Ruth Bitch. Regulation bores people. The Jewish crap.'

'Oh, he's worked you out,' said Ruth.

'The schmuck indeed has,' said Naomi. 'Don't you understand, Callodyn. Televere has a way to it. An understanding from it's blueprint design from Hashem.'

'Hashit can get stuffed,' said Callodyn. 'This is Noahide land, and we'll do as we please.'

Naomi chuckled. 'I knew you would be this much trouble Daniel. I could just tell.'

'Glad to disappoint,' replied Callodyn.

'Indeed,' said Naomi, sitting down next to Ruth, and lighting a cigarette. 'Asshole,' she said to Ruth. 'He's an asshole.'

'He has his way,' commented Ruth.

Callodyn glared at them both. 'Bullshit,' he said under his breath. 'Bloody Jewish women.'

Naomi cocked her eyebrow, but Ruth just chuckled.

'He's in a feisty mood I see,' said Naomi.

'He's used to me and Boaz,' said Ruth. 'Not a bunch of schmoozers.'

'And that is how I like it,' said Callodyn.

Naomi stared at him. 'So you say country boy.'

Callodyn stood, smiled at Naomi. 'I'd invite you to dinner. But I'm not in the mood. Pity.'

'Fine by me,' replied Naomi. 'I have better things to do anyway.'

'Sweet,' said Callodyn.

Callodyn stood there, glaring at Naomi, and Naomi glared back, while Ruth smoked her ciggie, and exercised some patience she knew she would now need.

Chapter Two

'Where's the pepper?' Naomi asked Boaz.

'Uh, probably in the pantry. The kitchen is Ruth's area.'

Naomi fished around and found the pepper, and added it to what she was cooking.

'How's Elimelech?' Boaz asked.

'He's doing fine,' said Naomi. 'Good days, bad days. Life goes on.'

'Much the same with us,' replied Boaz, sitting at the kitchen table. Ruth came in.

'So, you like Mr Daly?'

'Like is one word for it Ruth. He is terribly forceful about his Noahidism.'

'They don't like Jewish assumptions very much. That we represent much to them on Torah issues. They have their own word and they have their own way, and Jews can do as they do, as Noahides likewise.'

'I see,' said Naomi. 'How it's long been.'

'And how they understand it to long remain,' replied Ruth.

'I suppose,' said Naomi. She looked at Ruth. 'People join Israel voluntarily. It's not something we force upon them.'

'Yes, I understand,' replied Ruth. 'Noahides have chosen not to,' she said softly, looking down.

'We know. There business how they handle the Lord thereafter.'

'They've been doing that a long time now,' said Boaz.

'Since the beginning,' said Ruth softly.

'Be that as it may,' replied Naomi. 'Dinner will be upon us shortly. I'll bring it to you both on plates in the living room. Go, go.'

Boaz and Ruth left to the living room and Boaz flicked on the TV.

'She has feelings about Callodyn. That he needs a few lessons,' said Ruth. 'I can tell.'

'Probably somewhat. But it goes deeper,' said Boaz. 'She resents the Noahide movement thinking itself so legitimate and authoritative. That is Israel's main role in her thinking.'

'Power comes to those who serve the Lord, whatever their status,' replied Ruth. 'And effort of the soul is not racial.'

'No. It's not,' said Boaz.

Dinner came, and they ate and chat, and Ruth enjoyed the fellowship from one of her oldest and dearest friends.

Chapter Three

'So, Naomi. Nomester. Nomer Roamer. You like the Jewish porn, do ya?' asked Callodyn. 'Most porn actors. Jewish. Standard job for the Jew Crew.'

'I doubt that is statistically correct,' replied Naomi unperturbed.

'I don't know. The circumcised cocks I've seen on . Legendary.'

'I sure you enjoy your pornographic experiences,' replied Naomi. 'But there are more godly subjects than the temptations of the flesh.'

'Gotcha,' replied Callodyn, continuing to turn sausages on the BBQ in his back yard. Ruth and Boaz were seated, and Stephanie was on a sunlounge, enjoying the sun.

'Pornography is mostly a waste of time and pleasure. It can be best spent on your matrimonial partner,' stated Boaz.

'I doubt that I dispute that truth,' said Callodyn. 'But it is a rush.'

'No, you don't dispute it, but you do it anyway,' said Naomi. 'Gee. Wisdom personified.'

'Pretty much,' agreed Callodyn. 'Wise of you to notice.'

'He's admitted my wisdom at least,' said Naomi.

'When it comes to accepting the brilliance of Noahide wit, you are commended Jew girl.'

'Jew girl,' said Naomi. 'Flattering.'

'Don't sweat it sweet cheeks,' said Callodyn.

'Lighten up Callodyn,' said Stephanie, putting down her sunglasses, and giving her husband a stern look.

'Fine,' said Callodyn. He looked at Naomi. 'Yep, things run smoothly with great workers, who work well in an ideal situation. But some workers do work a bit differently, might not be the most productive of choices, yet the bossman thought to include them also in the work.'

'He should assign them to the factory they best fit it,' said Naomi in response.

'He did,' said Callodyn. 'Because another manager is in charge there, and he likes it his own way.'

'Humph,' said Naomi.

'I see your point. I'm sure you see mine,' said Callodyn.

'Pass the sauce,' said Naomi to Ruth. Ruth passed Naomi the bottle of tomato sauce.

'Takes her victory point, invests it, but loses the reward with a disappointed worker who the boss is too proud to employ, and loses much of the market because of it.'

Naomi was putting sauce on her sausage sandwich, and paused. She looked at Callodyn. 'And what is that supposed to mean?'

Callodyn shrugged. 'What does a dumbass Noahide know, Jew girl, oh font of all wisdom.'

'Humph,' replied Naomi, but gave Callodyn a cautious look. And the afternoon passed.

Chapter Four

Naomi had returned home, and life had returned to normal yet again for Ruth and Boaz. Stephanie remained married to Callodyn, and as the years passed, it seemed they were actually not just a fling. Callodyn respected his wife, and she seemed to have some natural authority with him. He did as many husbands did, and let his wife give orders some of the time. Not that she was the boss. She clearly wasn't. But it was now a marriage Ruth could see that Callodyn did more than just pay attention to. He took it somewhat for granted. And in that taking the marriage for granted Stephanie was afforded rights she had not seen Callodyn grant to previous relationships. It was amusing. Claudia was with the Major again, and it was now just Claudia and the Major, down the street a little, and she'd lost interest in connecting greatly to Callodyn, but remained insistent that she was probably an eternal neighbour of Callodyns. It seemed, in Claudias thinking, in brutal honest language, she needed to get the adulterous fucking of her neighbour over and done with beforehand, before settling down with her permanent husband, and this she felt was the plan of God. And Ruth considered that almost a possibility. So life with Callodyn and Stephanie settled, and the Major down the street with Claudia said hello from time to time, and there was something of a community on Ruth's street which she knew well enough now. Life had become gradually more interesting.

The End

A New Flame 2

'Food,' said Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly, coming through the door of his Terraphora home.

Elizabeth got up from the couch, stretched, and walked into the kitchen. She came back with a bowl of grapes and some rye bread with low fat margarine and a knife.

'Healthy,' he said. 'Wonderful.'

'Very,' said Elizabeth. 'I need a job in the Daly foundation. Employ me.'

'Fine,' replied Daniel, taking the food and sitting down to watch TV. He flicked on DCTV and started watching 'Captain Atom Adventures.'

Elizabeth sat back down, and picked up the Nintendo Gameboy, and continued on with her Tetris game.

'You finished level 8 yet?' asked Daniel, eating the grapes.

'Not yet. It's challenging,' she said.

'Not for tryhards,' said Daniel.

'Obviously,' she replied. 'What position can you offer me?'

'Down on all fours,' replied Daniel.

'Rude boy. What position at the Daly Foundation?'

'Gopher,' replied Daniel.

'Starting me at the top I see,' she replied.

'Positions are taken,' replied Daniel. 'You'd need to go way out discwise to find any work.'

'Anything I can do there, then?'

'I could use a conversation lady, and one who is good at simply looking good and chatting with people around the office. Just a professional office socialite, to build a good spirit in the place.'

'That sounds fine,' said Elizabeth. 'Do I get a desk?'

'You get to sit around the water cooler on the sofas. I'll give you a little set of draws for your notes and things. One thing you can do is take some notes occasionally at the end of the day on your thoughts on what went on. I can look at them occasionally. Sort of my eyes and ears a bit.'

'Sounds fine,' she said. She came and sat next to him, and started eating the grapes. 'Captain Atom is tough, but he's a bit strict. Blue Beetle is smoother. I prefer Blue Beetle.'

'He has more charm,' said Daniel.

'Pretty much,' replied Elizabeth. She ran her hand across his arm, and stroked him a bit, and settled down to watch the cartoon with him. And the afternoon passed.

The End

Cat Lady 12

Taylor touched her pussy. She gave it a rub.

'Your pussy is dirty?' queried Joe.

'Just a bit dusty,' said Taylor. 'I'm giving all my pussies a dust up.'

Joe watched as Taylor walked around the room dusting her Cat figurines and statues.

'There,' she said, when she was finished. 'Nice clean pussy cats.'

'Your obsession with cats has never died,' said Joe, turning the page of the newspaper. 'It is – extraordinary.'

'A woman needs companions, which remain faithful. Pussy cats are my solace when men come and go,' said Taylor.

'I see,' said Joe. He put down the paper and looked at her. 'I like you more than your other lovers.'

'I know, Joe,' she replied. 'You are probably the one.'

'Feelings mutual,' said Joe.

Taylor looked around the room, hand on her hips, and settled down on the couch, and flicked on the TV. She put on 'Commdore 64 TV', and spent the afternoon watching replays of C64 gamesters playing games. After a while Joe started watching.

'Your cat games get on here much?' he asked.

'Occasionally,' she replied. 'They send you a notice via email when they are going to play you. I've usually watched.'

'Fascinating,' he replied. 'They have a sort of trancelike affect. You sit there, watching them, while you forget the rest of the world, caught up in the game.'

'I know,' she said, and turned to look at him. 'I think that's the point.'

'Escapism,' he replied.

'The name of my career pathway,' replied Taylor.

'And pussy cats,' said Joe.

'The hobby. Or enthusiasm,' she replied.

'Obsession,' he said.

'That too,' said Taylor. 'Now shut up. Ruff and Redd 17 is on.'

And so they watched Ruff and Reddy gameplay a while, but she got dinner going soon enough, and made a mobile to book in a concert at Disc 449, where she had enough ticket sales for a big concert, and got on with the rest of her evening, watching Commodore 64 tv and enjoying the pleasant company of Joe Alwyn.

The End

Kalphon Days

'You know, Kantriel,' said Luladiel.

'What, Katy?' asked Orlando.

'I am one with the universe,' she replied.

'Indeed you are,' said Saruviel, looking up from his desk.

'How are you one with the universe?' asked Krystabel, sitting next to Luladiel on the couch, knitting as usual.

'Yeh, how?' asked Daraqel, looking up from his Nintendo Gameboy where he was playing Ruff and Reddy 78.

'I have resonations with the crystalline consciousness. It is a power which resonates through crystals on frequencies in the universe. Designed by God. It also connects for the power of Ascension. There are deep levels and connections of the crystalline consciousness, and more than one expression.'

'Crystals,' said Krystabel. 'Novel.'

Saruviel looked up. 'Yo, Kantriel. Over here.'

Kantriel got up and came over to Saruviel, who whispered in his ear for a few minutes, while they gazed at Katy, Kantriel nodding occasionally. Then he sat back down.

'What was that about?' asked Katy.

'Uh, nothing,' said Orlando, returning to his book.

'Right,' said Katy. 'I'm bored. Need some juice.' She stood, stretched, and exited the office, heading for Kalphon cafeteria. She bought some orange juice from a vending machine, and noticed Daniel the Seraphim staring at her.

'Schmuck is in town,' said Katy.

'Hey babe,' said Daniel. 'I need some advice. What do you do with lust filled Sharakondra. We can't get rid of her. We like her.'

'Make her your concubine,' said Katy.

'Valandriel's. She'll be his second.'

'Wuss,' said Katy.

Daniel stared at her. 'Fine. I'll think it over.'

'You do that,' she replied.

She sipped on her juice, and stared at him. 'Any plans?' she asked.

'Talk to Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly about that. He's crushing on you still. You won't leave Kantriel though.'

'Probably not,' she replied.

Daniel stood, and came over. 'I'll see you around babe,' and he wandered off.

'Yeh,' said Katy, waving softly. She finished her juice, and returned to her hang out place, Saruviel's office. She sat down back on the couch, and Saruviel looked at her. 'You bored?' he asked.

'No, not bored. Very content, but a little without much to do.'

Saruviel stood and went to the stereo, and put on 'One of the Boys.'

'We'll listen to this, and you make comments about the album, and we'll listen.'

'Sounds fab,' said Krystabel.

'Oh, ok,' said Luladiel, smiling. 'Sure.'

So, as the afternoon and CD played, Katy made comments from time to time, and found a little piece of heaven for a while in the life of Kalphon Keep.

The End

Lazy Days in Terraphon Keep

King David sat in the cafeteria of Terraphon Keep, reading 'The Spiritual Values of Lawkeeping.'

'Pity you don't obey the rules,' said Jesus.

'The heretic has arrived,' said David. 'A classic bastard child from the royal line.'

'Unproven rumor,' said Jesus. 'Mum and dad were legit when I was born. Private ceremony. I assure you.'

'Bastard,' said David, returning to his book.

'How'd you get access to the Realm? Daniel is pissed when you're around. Very reluctant to approve your visa applications.'

'Some discs have strong rights of self determination,' said David. 'Slipped in the back door.'

'Right,' said Jesus. 'Me, I have legal rights with Christian faith in the Realm of Eternity. Enough non-Jewish membership of the Church. They approve of us being around at times. Noahidism doesn't like it that much, but we can come up if we want to. Sort of the wisdom of the Gospel, you see. Acceptance. Not so pride-filled against the world that we can't accept them and have to pride ourself in our separateness.'

'Funny,' said David. 'Don't see where you got the choice to schmooze with the gentiles.'

'I have my own ideas,' said Jesus. 'I kept the damn Torah till the end. I have my own mind. Proverb writers and Psalters did too. Pretty sure of that damn fact.'

'Maybe,' said David. 'What of it bastard?'

'Pot calling kettle black,' replied the Christ child.

'So sue me,' said David, and returned his focus to his book. Jesus sat down opposite him.

'One day you guys will work out the wisdom of the Gospel.'

'I have been assured by the Devil that hell never really freezes over,' replied David glibly.

'Funny. You'll see. There is wisdom personified in those 4 gospels. Stuff which will give you a new beginning from your B grade level of holiness.'

'C grade,' replied David. 'And we like it like that Gospel Kid.'

'Funny. You seem to specialize in being stupid. Natural talent at it most likely.'

'We aim to please, Logophile.'

'That's not funny,' said Jesus. 'We don't have much of that behaviour any more. The priests have cleaned up their act. Gotten over it.'

'Sure they have, pillow biter,' replied David. 'But if actually obeyed the rules it wouldn't be a problem.'

'Go to hell,' said Jesus.

'You first bastard child,' said David.

'Humph,' said Jesus, and stared at his ancestor. 'You are a real funny guy King David. Hilarious.'

'A man after God's own heart, pillow biter,' replied David.

Jesus stood. 'Undoubtedly,' and he buzzed off, David watching him go, and then saying 'Thank fuck he's gone,' before returning his focus to the tome at hand.

The End

The City of Fughdabych

'Are you sure the city of Fughdbych is the name you want?' Gabriel asked Michael.

Michael continued smoking his ciggie. 'Yeh,' he said.

'It's a fab name,' said Stella Vouka.

'For once the Greek heifer is right,' said Elenniel.

'It's suitable enough,' said Aquariel. 'I'm not sure about this Gabriel. I have a settled life. Traipsing around behind you and Michael is not my idea of a good time.'

'Don't sweat it Morning Star,' said Michael. 'We'll build the gang of gangs.'

'That's what I worry about,' replied Aquariel. 'You don't have to have a go at the Noahides forever you know. The agreements of middle ground Eternya are worked out well enough. Always looking to get ahead aren't you. You are a shadow of the man you used to be Michael.'

'Life moves on sweet cheeks,' said Michael. He took his binoculaurs and looked around the valley. 'We'll build a strategy centre in town. Where strategy is studied, and we'll develop a school of thought for it. Strategy strengths help a lot in competition.'

'I guess that is what it is,' replied Gabriel, looking over the valley.

'If you go hard then go hard,' said Stella. 'No point in pussyfooting around about it. Take the fight to the competition. Let them know you are the boss.'

Michael looked at her. 'That is interesting.'

'Old Greek wisdom,' she said, tapping her nose.

'The name,' said Gabriel. 'It will develop an attitude.'

'And that is what I am looking for Gab,' said Michael. 'Not everywhere, but this place is a hub for the action I want going on in these parts. Will keep Noahide intentions uninterested. Space our team can relax.'

'A stronghold,' said Elenniel.

'Exactly Risk Master,' said Michael. 'Exactly what I am looking for.' And he surveyed the valley once more, a new land in the Battleground Eternya campaign, another busy day in the Realm of Eternya.

The End

New Bridlington 20

'You know, Wolfgang,' said Ariel. 'You are a disappointing person in many ways.'

'Mind the nuts and bolts,' said Muriel, tinkering away with a small engine on top of the counter at the front of Jerahmeel's Jollicles.

Wolfgang opened his fourth and last jollicle and began sucking.

'How so?' he asked.

Ariel stared at him. 'You cheat. You eat jollicle after jollicle, endlessly, and never put on any weight.'

'I have a marvellous metabolism,' replied the Theophany of God. 'Divine, really.'

'Right,' said Ariel. 'Cheating I think.'

Muriel said to the Theophany 'Do I smell of oil?'

'You smell fine,' said Wolfgang.

'Trust me, you stink,' said Ariel. 'Father is too kind to tell you the truth.'

'She's exaggerating,' said God. 'The waft is appropriate for your new hobby.'

'Oh, it's a waft is it?' queried Muriel.

'A mild one,' said God.

'Smell it a mile off,' said Ariel.

Danielle returned to the counter, with a fresh batch of Jollicles.

'Awesome,' said God, and fished out his wallet, and went to the counter.

'Unbelievable,' said Ariel.

'You know,' said Muriel. 'Maybe I could try an expensive perfume or something.'

'You'd need a truckload,' said Ariel.

'Gee, thanks,' replied Muriel.

'Seriously, it will have to be an effective one with deoderant strengths. There are things which will work. You'll probably find something suitable in the city, but I'd bother.'

'I guess so,' replied Muriel, tinkering with the engine.

God had returned with a new batch of half a dozen jollicles.

'Pig,' said Ariel.

'Oink,' replied Wolfgang.

'We're closing at 4:30 today,' said Danielle. 'I have an appointment.'

'A date?' queried Ariel.

'No. I only date Daniel when he is in town. I've got some work with my part-time at the ValDan office.'

'I see,' said Ariel.

'I'll close up,' said Muriel.

'Thanks,' said Danielle.

God opened his next jollicle.

'You should get fat. If there was any justice,' said Ariel.

God patted his belly. 'I have a look. I've maintained it eternal.'

'Cheat,' said Ariel.

'I'll go this evening,' said Muriel.

'Huh?' asked Ariel.

'To get a new perfume.'

'Oh,' said Ariel. 'Well, make sure it kills the stench.'

'You smell fine,' said God.

'Thanks,' smiled Muriel.

'Humph,' replied Ariel. 'Eat your damn jollicle old man.'

And God grinned as he continued with the frozen liquid refreshments.

The End

Satan and Aphryael 2

Satan was in Aphrayel's abode again. Logos was present.

'I'll put on 'Amadeus' said Logos.

Aphrayel sat quietly, watching the movie.

'Salieri. Now he has charm,' said Satan.

'He has his way about him,' agreed Logos.

'As I recall, he knocks the fucker off,' said the Devil.

'Unproven in real life,' said Logos.

'Good inspiration. Knock of the Logos. Take the Realm,' said the Devil.

'You haven't got a chance, darkchild,' said Logos. 'We're old and wise to your ways.'

'Humph,' said the Devil. 'Funny that. Kick me out of my own pad. Don't give me a chance to win others to my lifestyle choices. I like a good fucking time, and I like to party hard, and damn the consequences.'

'And you can do that now if you like,' said Logos. 'You aren't going to bother the Realm of Infinity that much any more. We are quite stable. I suggest the old hangout place for you and the Saruvim. Good luck messing with the Celstyels. They are pretty adroit at hand to hand combat these days.'

'Don't fuck with us,' said Aphrayel, putting her hands in a karate chop position, then burst out laughing.

'No kidding bitch,' replied the Devil.

'Hah hah ha. Watch the damn movie,' she said to Satan.

They continued watching

'Mozart's a pussy,' said the Devil.

'He's talented,' said Aphrayel.

'He plays a fine melody,' said Logos.

'Bores the crap out of me,' replied Satan. 'Music to have a shit by to get it out of you. Stuff which gives you the shits, really.'

'It's a tranquil time in the lavatory when classical music is playing,' replied Logos. 'I sit there, and reflect that everything has its purpose. There is a point to this and a point to that. It takes me away, Mozart in the Lavatory.'

'Yeh. You have a pretty shitty life,' said Satan.

'It's indeed had its moments,' replied the Logos. 'Shitty bits indeed. But the passover lamb always has purtenance issues.'

'Don't I fucking know it,' replied the Devil.

He turned to Aphrayel. 'We shagging later.'

'Oh, I'd love to. But, appointment you see. Maybe some other time,' replied Aphrayel.

'Some other century,' said Logos.

'Fuck you Christ Child,' said Satan.

'Right back at you dark lord,' replied Jesus. 'Now watch the flick.'

And so they watched, and Satan sipped on his Scotch but, otherwise, had an alright enough time. The movie was entertaining enough.

The End

New Bridlington 21

'Toffee apples,' said Muriel.

'I'll get some in,' said Danielle.

Muriel sat back down and looked at the gay porno magazine. An old copy of Playdudes.

'Are you sure that should be in the store?' asked Danielle.

'I'm doing studies,' said Muriel. 'Working through the logic of why gay is attractive. I plan on countering that with Interactivity elements. Points of contact with gay people, too cleverly shielded for them to understand, which connect them with better heterosexual knowledge. Cure the beast without it knowing it.'

'I see,' said Danielle. 'Instead of live and let live.'

'Exactly,' replied Muriel.

'To each their own,' mused Danielle to herself.

Jerahmeel came back out to the counter. 'Get that frikking gay magazine out of here,' he said to Muriel. 'Throw it in the trash. Your 3 weeks with the magazine expired 12 seconds ago as per our agreement.'

Muriel looked at her watch, noted the time, and went to the back of the store, and ripped up the magazine, throwing it into the trashbin. She came back out the front and sat down with her notebook.

'You can have a book next on gay stories,' said Jerahmeel. 'You won't need the pictures anymore. The idea should be understood now.'

'I'll get one tomorrow,' said Muriel, and started writing her notes.

Jerahmeel reached down beneath the counter, and brought out a tiny engine for a remote control car, and came over to Muriel. 'Cartech Miniatures will employ you in manufacturing one day per week, on the southside. I arranged it,' he said.

'No problems,' she replied.

'Oh, a job,' said Danielle. 'Awesome.'

'I turned to small engines,' said Muriel, writing her notes. 'The stench was just going to be too problematic with the big automobiles. Just wasn't the way for me to go in the end.'

'Now she has a pretty good plan. We've been revising our Agenda,' said Jerahmeel. 'We're gradually developing a united one for us and our family. Tying it in to serving our Seraphim Torah principles, and the general good of the universal communities of peoples, and balancing our own prosperity with the equitable enough good of the rest.'

'As long as you give a bit of a shit people are happy enough with that,' said Danielle. 'They don't really mind if you push hard for prosperity. We are allowed to work for it.'

'I suppose you're right,' said Jerahmeel.

'She is,' said Muriel. 'You fuss too much about the common good, Jerry. People work out their own dreams in the end.'

'I suppose,' replied Jerahmeel, and started serving a customer.

Danielle wiped the bench, and came and sat opposite Muriel. 'I could help maybe?'

Muriel looked at her. 'You have an interest?'

'Maybe,' replied Danielle. 'Car engines were not for me, but toy car remote things. That could be kinda cool.'

Murie smiled. 'I'll lend you some manuals.'

'Cool,' said Danielle. And theday passed.

The End

The City of Fughdabych 2

Michael had the basic plans of the city, and was standing with Gabriel in the usual lookout place for the city.

'Are you guys happy with it?' asked Stella.

'Sure honey,' replied Michael.

'I think I could do a beauty salon here,' said Aquariel, sipping on her juice on the rug on the grass.

'Good idea,' said Elenniel. 'We're here 40 years, so lots of choices to establish businesses at the grass roots level.'

'You going to have that kid here?' Aquariel asked Stella. 'With Michael.'

'She sure is,' replied Michael. 'This is the town of our firstborn.'

'Like he said,' replied Michael.

Elenniel looked at Stella. 'We can have one here if you like,' she said to Michael, her gaze remaining firmly fixed on Stella.

'Sure honey,' said Michael.

'Hey babe,' Gabriel said to Aquariel.

'Dream on,' replied Aquariel.

'Fiddlesticks,' said Gabriel, and returned to talking with Michael.

'They'll obviously be the founding fathers of the town,' said Aquariel. 'Your sons.'

'If we get boys,' said Stella.

'We'll see what comes,' said Elenniel, again her gaze fixed on the Greek Girl.

'I'll have a child with you,' said Aquariel to Gabriel, looking at the looks between Elenniel and Aquariel. 'It won't be a problem,' she said. 'But don't get any funny ideas.'

'Awesome babe,' said Gabriel.

Aquariel looked at Elenniel and her unflinching gaze, and at Stella who looked off in the distance as if she didn't have a care in the world. 'Too much fun to pass this one up,' said Aquariel.

'What's that babe?' asked Gabriel.

'Nothing,' said Aquariel, who stared at the living tension in front of her. Hot sparks indeed.

The End

The Hill

Black Rimwalker surveyed the space at the edge of Galadan 4.

'It's got some scoundrels,' said Jan Kolby.

'I'm a Rimwalker. Your finest clan,' said Black. 'And I'm an Ace. I can handle them.'

'These are the scum at the end of the universe,' said Jan.

'They are nasty,' said Wolfgang, surveying the black space. 'Those are small stars, and their air is fine, but it's a cold set of mini worlds they live on. Escaped from the edge of society. They aren't evil, just desperate to be themselves. I kicked them out till they worked themselves out.'

'Right,' said Black.

'They are not technically hermits,' said God. 'They are just completing their thinking. But it's time to drag them back in to society. This area was set in the beginning for this purpose, and I've finished that purpose. They are ready now. About 300,000 of them. In caves with basic equipment processors for their needs. They record notes in electronic journals, and don't do much apart from sleep and eat and smoke a bit. And write. But they've worked out most of their protocols now. They need to climb a hill now. Just a bit of exercise. So I need you Black, as you like to encourage people a bit with positive attitude on shit like this. It's about 5 or 6 millennia work. The transfer into your account has gone through, so we're agreed?'

And Black Rimwalker got started with the final work for the children of destiny.

The End



A Fresh Batch of Destiny

'I've got some new ideas,' said Seraphim Daniel.

'Shoot, D-Man,' replied Valandriel.

'We've done all the things people do. Now we need to do the things people haven't done,' said Daniel.

'They've done it all,' said Valandriel. 'All of it Danny Boy has been done.'

'No,' said Daniel. 'Not all of it. I have a new dream.'

'Shoot, D-Man,' replied Valandriel.

'Right,' said Daniel. 'It begins with the Rim. The Rim was and is the edge of Zaphora.'

'Understood,' replied Valandriel.

'And Zaphora was the beginning of our world, with Zaphon, the Heart of Eternity at the Centre. Still is.'

'Yep, understood again,' replied Valandriel.

'And the Realm works in a wag of new discs regularly, which are now terribly segmented into their own worlds. And we run a lot of the power in terms of legal judgements. We consult widely and apply sensible ethical and moral rules for society running.'

'What we do,' replied Valandriel. 'What are you driving at?'

'Now the structures are understood by the people. The realms are understood, the physical planetary structures are understood, the general functioning and flow of everyday life in its humdrum, from adventure to adventure, and often following a planned agenda is understood.'

'Yep. Various approaches, often religious-centric,' said Valandriel. 'But people generally know what it is all about.'

'And God Almighty runs the show, and has defined our origin and purposes in our lives, and what we go on about, and set a general plan of getting on with things for the betterment of our own live and satisfactory point to it all.'

'Yep. Pretty much,' said Valandriel.

'He's provided the example of Saruviel in our youth about headstrong going our own way stuff, and that it might not always work too well if we allow each other too many freedoms.'

'No. Probably won't, actually,' said Valandriel.

'Now in society and the universe it all breaks down into knowledge. And the knowledge breaks down into organized divisions to understand it all. And this is taught, and as people develop and grow they learn the knowledge better, and form their lives to cope with the world with that knowledge.'

'Pretty much,' said Valandriel.

'Now God is happy with his work one might presume, and life goes on.'

'As it has pretty much this past age,' replied Valandriel.

'Right,' said Daniel. 'Now one of the things which it has become in the general running of things is predictable. You and me – predictable ValDan agenda which surprises no motherfucker any more. God has has sorted out into doing his work in our strengths.'

'You know, I think that too,' said Valandriel.

'So my thinking is this. It runs to God's happiness. Now, we're not evil. We have good feelings. But in the end, it doesn't always go to our flow. So my thinking is this. Let us reform it through the placing of factors of knowledge and structure which make the whole thing serve us in a more ideal way. Now, don't get me wrong. Every dictator tries this sort of thing from time to time. Take over the world. And we are probably wasting our time if we attempt to do that. And if we try and claim too much glory, God will get assholes like Michael involved to accuse us of attempting to become Jesus Idols. He likes to remind people who run the show. And that's fine. He has an ego. Who cares.'

'I suppose so,' said Valandriel.

'Now the idea is this,' said Daniel. 'Life moves on, and people flow on through the things they do regularly enough. They get on with their next batch of standard life. Now we have access to lots of things which suit us well. Cultural items which make us happy. We popularize them and build fanclubs on them. We work hard on this and that epic from stuff we like and dig, and we gradually rework society universally into a culture reality far more appetizing to our own taste in things. Recreate the world we live in in the way we would like it to be. God has had his turn. It's boring in the end.'

'Fucking boring,' said Valandriel. 'He has no imagination.'

'But we dare to dream, kemosabe,' said Daniel. 'So we recreate the world to our liking.'

'I'm hearing you,' said Valandriel. 'And how do we do that?'

'That is the question,' replied Daniel. And the new destiny began.

The End

Seraphim Fetishes

Cindradel turned on the light.

'When was this last opened?' asked Daniel the Seraphim.

'Cobwebs and dust everywhere,' said Valandriel.

'A number of aeons ago,' replied Cindradel. She looked around the archive, and found the book after a while. She took it, dusted it off, and retreated. 'Out, out boys,' she said. 'Nothing for you to see here.'

'Ooh,' said Daniel. 'Cindradel's private stash of knowledge.'

'I'm old like you Seraphim boy,' said Cindradel. 'And I don't spend my bikkies all at once schmuck.'

The returned to the overseers office, and Cindradel sat down at the overseer's desk and opened the book.

'Right,' she said. 'Now Michael has some issues.'

'The goss,' said Daniel.

'He likes naughty gay pictures,' said Cindradel. 'Every once in a while he receives a brown paper bag with magazines in them. Stud Boy Lovers and the like. He keeps them privately out of Elenniel's reach.'

'Who really cares about Mikey Dyke,' said Daniel. 'His rep is shit anyway.'

'Gabriel has some problems with fetishes,' said Cindradel. 'See this picture?' she said.

'He's holding a carrot,' said Valandriel.

'Aquariel occasionally shoves carrots and celery sticks up his butt. When they are getting playful and funny. It's his quirky humour.'

'Solid gold,' said Daniel.

'This one's a classic,' said Cindradel. She showed them a picture of Saruviel in front of a giant statue of a fish.

'Saruviel likes to sleep with fish in a bath tub every few billion years, and reflect on his life as the grand monotheistic ecumenizer of Christendom. It's really weird stuff. He lays their singing 'Me and the Fish of Christ. They know my love I am their way. Me and the fish of Christ. I fish their hearts, with me they play.'

'Fucking weird,' said Valandriel.

'The fish have to be around him swimming, and he thinks 'The fish need to be in a symbiotic relationship with the grand ecumenizer. Then they will obey Christ and his Apostle. It's really strange paranoia, but he gets this glint in his eyes some times when Jesus is mentioned with fish symbols and things. A strange psychosis enters in.'

'That's more bizarre than comedic,' said Daniel.

'They've all got that about them. Some bits and pieces which are strange and nonsensical. Odd bits which make no real true sense, but I have been told by Aquariel have original bizzarity in them. There is animistic original spirit which they get for the experiences, which seemed to be their cut of the shizz.'

Valandriel turned over the book. 'Animistic Buzz' is written on the cover.

'It's what I titled it,' said Cindradel. 'They confess a lot of stuff to me when they are in the office.'

'I don't think I've got much weirdness like that,' said Daniel.

'Nor me' said Valandriel.

'You two are actually quite normal,' said Cindradel. 'It's like its a package you guys didn't sign up for or something.'

Daniel looked at Valandriel. 'Weird kemosabe,' said Daniel.

'No kidding,' replied Valandriel.

And so they looked at more pictures, and chuckled, and another fine day passed in the realm of eternity.

The End

Living in Danielphon

Sharakondra had moved into the second level of Danielphon. She was not attached to anybody at the moment, legally. She had offspring with Semyaza whose seed was developing, and she saw them on occasions, but mostly she did her work with her magazines and online content. Daniel was on her mind. Valandriel had expressed he had a wife and a concubine and that was his limit. Daniel had expressed he had a wife and would eventually get a concubine. And that was his limit. So she moved in, finding it a vacant room with just a bed and some drawers, and shoving some of her stuff in, Daniel walked in.

'Uh, moving in?' he queried.

'Some stuff. Day to day stuff,' she said. 'I have my apartment down town, but I'll move in here now. Living in Danielphon permanently.'

'Right,' he replied. He thought it over. 'You pay good rent for your office space. No problem. Spare room. Fine.' And he walked off.

The following morning at the breakfast table Jessica was in her business suit ready for work and eating weet bix at the kitchen table, and Daniel was dressed casually, eating toast, and reading Zaphora News. Melanie C was watching the small TV, dressed in a T-Shirt and denim Jeans. She was living upstairs a few levels now, and was spending mornings with the Daly's a lot to chat. She was considered a friend by Daniel the Seraphim now.. Romantically the lust was spent, but she got along with him and he got along with her. And Jessica didn't seem to mind. Sharakondra walked in, in her usual hot dress styles, and looked at them.

'Sit down,' said Jessica.

Sharakondra sat down and took some toast from the rack and poured some coffee. Daniel hadn't even looked at her. Jessica was back on her mobile, texting, and Melanie was eating her Fruit Loops and watching cartoons.

'I'm going to date Daniel and become his concubine,' blurted out Sharakondra.

Daniel said 'That's nice Shara. Daniel who?' he asked. He didn't look up from his news.

'Daniel is taken,' said Jessica. She looked at Sharakondra. 'He's my husband. He doesn't need a concubine.'

'Daniel me?' queried Daniel, looking at Sharakondra.

'Daniel you,' replied Sharakondra.

Jessica bit into her toast, and glared at Daniel. 'Have you been shagging her all the time now or something?'

'Negative doctor,' replied Daniel. He put down the paper. 'Now Sharakondra. You are an attractive angel. In fact, the hottest on your day. Me? Yes, I'm ok enough looking. Probably handsome I guess.'

'Hey, you can get pretty hot,' said Melanie. 'Especially when you get fit and shit.'

'I'm taken,' said Daniel, and returned to his newspaper.

Jessica returned to his mobile, and Sharakondra started eating her toast. 'I mean it. It's going to happen,' she said. 'I won't say I get what I want. I'm not that arrogant. I've just decided Daniel and Valandriel are the most professional of the angels and the smoothest on average. On average you guys perform well at a high level. Impressive really.'

Daniel sipped on his coffee. 'Yeh, we maintain standards. We have the ValDan agenda which we take seriously.'

'Exactly,' said Sharakondra. 'Why I think you are a good bet for eternity. I like Jessica. Always have. Happy to be a concubine in this family.'

'Right,' said Jessica, and looked at Sharakondra. 'Seriously Shara. Daniel is now committed to me because I will never have a reason for another reason for another fella. He suits me just fine.'

'I can get kinky in bed,' said Sharakondra.


'I'll go in the other room,' said Melanie C.

'Stay,' said Jessica. She looked at Sharakondra. 'I'm heterosexual.'

'We can have hetero fun with him.'

Melanie chuckled. 'Two in a bed Daniel San. You stud.'

Jessica smirked. 'Funny idea Sharakondra. Get serious doll.'

'Why would I want a concubine?' asked Daniel.

'Your ego integrity,' said Sharakondra. 'And I'm probably never leaving Danielphon. This is home.'

Jessica stood. 'I'm going to work. She looked at Sharakondra. 'If you are serious about not ever leaving Danielphon, write out your logic, and give it to us. Under the circumstances that you do your own work in their offices every day, it might be a practical decision anyway. I don't really care that he sleeps with you on occasions anyway. He's over 99% of his shenanigans. Be committed, and it will probably happen in due course.'

'I assume it will,' replied Sharakondra.

Jessica nodded and left.

'Funny,' said Melanie. 'I'm out of here.'

Daniel was left alone with Sharakondra.

'Fine,' said Daniel. He started reading his paper.

'It's settled then,' said Sharakondra.

And it generally was.

The End

A Perfectly Good Heart: City Dining

Taylor & Joe were in Zaphora, at Az's place. Sipping beer, and chatting. She was in a good mood. Daniel and Elizabeth, his new squeeze, walked in. They spied Taylor and Joe and came over and sat down at their table.

'Long time no see,' said Daniel.

Taylor sipped on her beer. 'She's pretty.'

'I have a name moron,' said Elizabeth.

'Oh, she's like you,' said Taylor.

'She's hardcore,' said Daniel.

Elizabeth looked at Joe. 'Wanna dance?' she asked him.

'Sure,' he replied, and they went off to the dance section of the pub and started dancing, leaving Daniel with Taylor.

'You're an asshole,' she said.

'Takes one to know one Swift Chick.'

'I'm happy now,' she said. 'Joe is a real man.'

'Probably fucking my girlfriend this evening as well,' said Daniel, looking at them dancing closely.

Taylor stared at Daniel. 'Probably,' she replied.

Later, Joe and Elizabeth had gone off together and Taylor followed Daniel back to his place.

'She rang and left a message,' he said, coming out with wine from the kitchen. 'She and Joe are moving in together. She's taken with him.

'Right,' said Taylor. They wined, dined and 69ed. Taylor was in a good mood in the morning.

'We'll live here for a while,' said Daniel. 'I'll arrange some concerts for you in Zaphora.'

'I suppose you have a perfectly good heart,' said Taylor. 'Sorry to break it and all.'

'Do unto others as they do unto you,' replied Daniel.

'You're misquoting that,' said Taylor.

'Am I?' replied Daniel.


'Probably not,' she said softly.

Taylor settled back down with Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly, and Joe was caught up with Elizabeth O'Donnell. Taylor now felt trapped. She was actually getting what she wanted now, and that couldn't be right. Something was amiss. There should be tension. Fight. Dispute. But as the days passed she settled in, and went to the upstairs room with the orange glass windows, and listened to Bach on the CD player, and painted, and she sold the paintings online, and mailed them out to her customers herself. Daniel would comment, and remind her it was her obligation to make sure she got the carpet of the music room professionally cleaned every few years to take care of the paint drips. Not technically the point of the room, so she had to adjust the protocols for the room.

'Why protocols?' asked Taylor one afternoon. 'For every room in the house.'

'I'm legalistic,' replied Daniel. 'I have protocols for most things.'

'I see,' said Taylor.. 'Do you have a protocol for me?' she asked.

'Taylor Swift album collection 1 to 4,' replied Daniel. 'Devotedly enough and regularly enough. After that its an occasional thing, but mostly 1 to 4. To be in harmony with you.'

She thought on that for a few weeks. Finally

'Swiftie,' she said, and punched him in the arm.

'Such is life,' replied Daniel the Noahide.

The End

A Wicked Sense of Humour: Jacob's Revenge

The seed of Zelzazaon. Vast. They ran through the realms and the United Galaxy. They were nazis. But not really angry nazis, because they didn't really have passion for the argument. Just a bit of a fun grudge against the schmucks. Satan like the shit Zelzazon offered, so he provided. But tit for tat is common in human nature, and Jacob son of Isaac felt judgment day had come. They were quiet, in the still of the night. And the seed of Zelzazon had their throats cut, as long planned, and the wicked sense of humour of Jacob was vindicated upon his enemy. They descended to sheol, and their houses had been wrecked and their possessions pillaged, and after Professor Zelzazon had been tortured and then his throat also cut, in the darkness, after a few months, he acknowledged that his wicked sense of humour had gone on long enough. So God restored the seed of Zelzazon promptly enough, rebuked Israel, who returned about 90% of their possessions, the rest having to be earned back piecemeal, and an old grudge was lifted and a bit more regularity returned to the spiritual universe. But the status of Israel Vs Noah was not really changing, as the covenants were permanent, and after slipping into the realm of eternity in increasing numbers, deportations back to Zionistya were enforced by the Arch Regent and Prime Minister, and the status quo resumed. Michael's pride was at stake but he had no way of breaking the stranglehold the Noahide community with its older covenantal status had upon the realm of eternity. And, frankly, it looked as if he never would.

The End

The Angels Saga: Chronicles of the Children of Destiny

So the angels and children of God had their lives and a fresh batch of destiny and got on with things. The future beckoned, and a fresh batch of destiny from Adam and Eve was slowly being chronicled. It was being chronicles for a new age, phase 2 in many ways, and while it had a little of its kickstarter packager already under way, as indeed it does, the brunt of the work still lay ahead. New destinies, new fates, new adventures, and most likely a continuing and gradual unfolding of the prophetical elements of the Seraphim Torah would advent. Things were not quite complete as of yet. And so life went on, and the peoples got on with their day and, taking note of the things of life coming through minds of the firstborn children of God, as he did in the beginning, and potentially would always, God planned.

The End

Bappo Bitch

'Hey, Bappo Bitch,' said Callodyn as Kayella walked in the door.

'I'm not a frikking bappo. I'm a christian who attends the baptist union community of churches,' replied Kayella.

'Yep, heresy central,' replied Callodyn.

'You're in a mood,' said Kayella.

'Must be that time of the month,' said Kayella. 'Acting like a bitch and all. What women have always done. Excused themselves with that lie to act like bitches for a while. It's my hormones they complain. Or whatever that shit is they justify their agro on.'

'Funny,' said Kayella. She sat down on the couch. 'Where's the woman?' she asked.

'Long gone. I'm a jerk the more you get to know me.'

'No. Say it isn't so, dearest,' Kayella.

'Put on the damn kettle and make me some Earl Grey. And you can have the leftover chinese if you do.'

'Humph,' said Kayella, getting to her feet.

'Good to see your sorry face again Callophim babe,' said Callodyn.

'Life rolls on, square root,' said Kayella.

'Square root of five you mean' replied Callodyn.

'No. Just square root,' said Kayella.

'Oooh, I'm going to get lucky tonight,' said Callodyn.

Kayella left and soon enough had returned with Callodyn's tea and the chinese. She started chewing on it and Callodyn sipped on his tea.

'Your taste in the tube is usually good enough,' said Callodyn, handing the remot to Kayella.

She flicked around and found 'The Mandalorian' and, as they whiled away the afternoon Callodyn glanced privately at Kayella. More than once. And she might have done the same.

The End



Gloryel's Escapade

Dak Bluddhook surveyed the micro-machine remote control car flying around the track.

'It's gay,' said Dak. 'Barely any speed. Can't the controller handle the action?'

'Shut up Dak,' said Chance Kibb'Starr.

'It's the current string going through New Terra Sequences,' said Jan Kolby. 'Not much thought for latter eras. Mostly early grade stuff to mid grade at times. The whole collecting phase for the temp product is focused on foundational sort of elements. Roots. All the fuss at the moment. The roots of things.'

'It's probably a basic console control pad,' said Dak. 'Not even intuitive I would imagine.'

'Not by the looks of it,' said Jan, watching the car fly around the track. 'Hey, look there. The redhead. She's in charge.'

'Gloryel the Seraphim,' said Chance.

'Yeh, they had that Seraphim thing here a while back. Must be still hanging around or something,' said Jan.

'She's linked to a race car driver I believe,' replied Chance.

'Fascinating,' said Dak. 'Let's move on fellas.'

And the touring party went on to the next pavillion at the technology park expo.

Christian Horner shortly entered the tent, and came and stood next to Gloryel.

'You think you can handle the speed?' he asked her.

'Always,' she replied. 'I learned from the best didn't I,' she said, kissing Christian on the cheek.

'This must be more your thing than actual automobiles,' he replied. 'Natural talent by the looks of it.'

'Max plays this stuff a lot,' replied Geraldine. 'It rubs off at times.'

'Your sister Muriel designed this model,' said Christian.

'She's taken up work designing this sort of stuff around here,' said Geri. 'Muriel and Jerahmeel appear to be settling for the duration in New Bridlington, and are finding new adventures in life to keep themselves busy enough.'

'Well she has natural talent in what she's making so far. It's a good model,' said Christian.

'Flies like a dream,' replied Gloryel.

'Don't forget to scream,' said Christian, and patted her shoulder, before heading back to the other tent were he was engaged with other things.

Gloryel continued using the remote to steer the car around the track, and she noticed the other players looking at her a bit, some younger teenage boys grinning and making jokes. Fun, and some of the point of the trip to New Bridlington, amongst a number of objectives. But soon enough the next dot point in her itinerary, and exploring New Bridlington's life, a city she had recently come to know and appreciate somewhat.

The End

The Yellow Rose of Essex Complex Solutions

'Technology robot 5XRQ#72,' said Anne Marie. 'It's smart as well. Intuitive,' she said, and moved her body around in a sexy whirl, introducing the robot to the assembled techheads of the pavillion in the New Bridlington Technology Expo.

Later. 'Great work,' said big bossman. 'You know what you are doing Yellow Rose of Essex.'

'You pay me enough,' replied Anne Marie. 'Sorry my throat is throaty at the moment. Maybe a song next week.'

'Should be fine,' replied big bossman.

Anne Marie retired to her caravan, and put the kettle on. The New Bridlington Technology Expo was featured in the Technology District of New Bridlington, just south of the CBD. It had come about as a response from New Bridlingtons hosting of the recent Seraphim Eternya summit, and New Bridlington, wanting to take advantage of the increase in tourism, developed the technology expo in their technology district, and had been inviting all sorts of universal stars and celebrities to come along and check it out. It had been going well so far. This was not specifically Anne Maries job. She was actually representing Complex Solutions in one of her standard occupations as presentation hostess, a job she undertook regularly for the company. Anne had all sorts of income from singing and music, and was incredibly wealthy now. But she had decided many years ago that she wanted to be an interesting person also, and that when it came right down to it, a decent human thing was to serve society to some degree, especially if and when it took good care of your successes in life. So she had sought out Complex Solutions a long time ago to suggest the position, and they had agreed wholeheartedly, so she often undertook for more regular work a celebrity star occasionally does and felt it was in her best interests in the sake of service, humility, the virtue of work, and further, because it was interesting enough work. She also liked being part of a company like Complex Solutions. They valued her highly and she liked being part of the team. It was something she belonged to. They called her the yellow rose of Essex, because they loved her dressing in yellow, and she was often called a rose by the fellas in Complex Solutions as they thought she was an altogether lovely English lady. It was genuine work, but she could do it, and do it well, and invariably when she got gigs like this one, her caravan was shipped in, and she got on with much of her regular life as well in a caravan which was now a second home. She made her tea and, picking up the remote, flicked on the TV to the local coverage of the expo, and whiled away the rest of the afternoon staying informed and watching presentations and this and that notoriety yabber on about the amazing feats of invention the expo was currently alive with and promoting.

The End

New Bridlington 22

'Micro-machines rock,' said Muriel.

'This is hardly the limelight,' said Jerahmeel, eating his dagwood dog.

'Hey, I'm in training mode. Don't want them to catch an eye on my planning phase,' replied Muriel.

'The western ruggeds of tech district is hardlyh a place for training,' replied Jerahmeel. 'All that is practically wasteland,' he said pointing eastwards. 'Half a mile of dumping ground before you hit the expo. The crazy bits of electronics we walked over. Ridiculous.'

Muriel watched the remote car drive along as she guided it with her remote. 'It's also a bit of a storage place in a sense,' she said. 'Not really a wasteland you know. It's like the classic apocalpytic thrillers on this. Were the heroes invent weird and wonderful devices to save the day from things lying about. It's the concept for the wastelands of the district. People sort of dump stuff admittedly, and it rusts a lot at times, but it's not really specifically being dumped. It's projects which haven't quite worked out yet, which are being thought about, and which are volunteered to the wastelands for others to have a gawk at and nick if needed. A Scrap yard of things to borrow for future projects.'

'Whatever the hell it is, it's dangerous,' said Jerahmeel. 'Jagged bits of electronics and engineering which can cut gashes in innocent legs. I had to navigate carefully, and I am careful about things like this by nature.'

'Yeh yeh yeh,' replied Muriel. 'I wanted my privacy. The company has a good chance of selling this model to a number of company execs from around the universe. I don't wany any competitors looking at my styles on handling it, lest they borrow from it a bit, and we lose potential custom.'

'I understand,' replied Jerahmeel. 'Better to be safe than sorry.'

'Exactly,' she said.

Jerahmeel picked up a stick, and started tapping it against his leg looking around the wastelands. Just little bit further west was a clump of trees with a little creek, and beyond that, hidden by the trees, was a fenceline which bordere on the southern area of the Cooma district of New Bridlington. South of them ran a long fenceline along the entire border of the Technology district practically, till it ended in a major street near the eastern edge of the district. The technology expo had been built on the eastern sides of the actual wastelands, which were on the western side of the technology district building and enterprises, which numbered Muriel's company amongst many others. It was not specifically an industrial district or a digital valley, but a technology district for technology related fields, a combination of those fields amongst others. Soon enough it was raining for the fifth time that day, and the dirt started muddying up after a while, and Muriel signalled she'd had enough.

'Tomorrow we start our first show,' said Muriel. 'So Jollicles will be closed for the day right?'

'If you insist,' replied Jerahmeel. 'These things are rare, so it's ok for a while.'

'Thanks Jerry,' replied Muriel.

And so, picking up the car, they walked back through the scraplands to the main carpark, found their car, and started homewards. Muriel was happy, and Jerahmeel could sense that. The new career had found a home in his twin's heart, and she was running with it with passion and purpose. Certainly, he'd had a mind over many years of what Muriel the Seraphim was about. She'd shown class and a way about her for a long time which he felt suitable in her twin. None of that had really changed, but the new career had brought out a new aspect in her nature and, if anything else, these were indeed exciting enough times for Jerahmeel the Seraphim and his technology best Seraphim twin.

The End

The Angels Saga: Rebirth

So getting on with things, new life. New life was always good to God. A fresh new day, promise, hope, adventure. The stuff of the living experience. Each new day a rebirth of sorts entered creation, were things had been planned a while and things, in the end, however it came out in the end, came to be, and life was lived. A rebirth of a new day, which came to its natural conclusion of things, replaced soon enough by another in an endless stream. And God was happy with that and, through planning and creation of knowledge and ideas already established he crafted destiny's words and brought that new adventure to the lives of the children of destiny, in fresh and new chronicles of what could and would and should be. And with that he indeed had his consolation.

The End

Bappo Bitch 2

'And remember, I'm the fricking boss,' said Callodyn, as Kayella went off to work for the day.

'Dream on lazy bones,' said Kayella.

'Humph,' replied Callodyn, and flicked on the TV, and found Donahue, and picked up his tea and tim tams and said, 'How the hell did they ever complain about this shit.' And there you have it.

The End

The Yellow Rose of Essex Complex Solutions 2

Anne Marie had had a busy day at the expo. She'd wheedled Jerahmeel, Muriel the Seraphim's twin, into buying some robots with some smooth moves. Muriel had performed well at the expo with some smooth moves of her own with her micro-machines and the competition was thick and fierce. Anne was now in her caravan, lying back on her bed, eating a toblerone chocolate bar, and sipping on a caramel latte. She was in a good mood. A knock came on the door. 'Come in,' yelled Anne Marie.

Dwayne Johnson, the rock, came in the door. 'Hey AM,' he said.

'Yo Rockman,' replied Anne Marie. 'Wassup?'

Dwayne sat down and pulled out a ciggie and lit up. 'Don't mind do you?' he asked.

'Feel free,' she replied.

'Taylor. She has some plans,' said Dwayne. 'Complicated plans involving Commodore 65 and some other issues. She's slightly annoyed at Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly at the moment, and has a few ideas for getting him back. There have been shenanigans with Joe Alwyn going on, and she is teaching Daniel a lesson.

'I get the picture,' said Anne. 'What has that got to do with me?'

'I've got work in Zaphora these days,' said Dwayne. 'At DC Fandome. Heavy work on Black Adam. The fans of DC in Zaphora are pretty devoted to the stuff. Very expensive place to be and you get all sorts of elitist character traits there. They take everything to the nth degree.'

'Like celebrities,' said Anne. 'Want some chocolate?'

Dwayne shook his head. 'Anyway, Taylor does nothing better than revenge.'

'That's true,' said Anne.

'And she wants some. And some Complex Solutions models of Lindsay Lohan and a totally innocent mind you Anne Marie are some of the ingredients in her planning so far.'

'Intriguing,' said Anne. 'He's getting set up for a fall, is he?'

'As Melanie C prophesies over all those who deserve it. 'You'll get yours.'

'I see,' said Anne. 'Funny.'

'Absolutely,' replied Dwayne. He stood, took a puff on his cigarette and looked at the pop singer. 'I'll catch up soon enough. Explain more. But that will do for now. She wants to get the pieces into play slowly, so its not just a throwaway party prank getcha back moment. She wants the dude to learn a lesson.'

'Count me in,' said Anne Marie.

Dwayne nodded, and left the caravan.

Anne nibbled on her chocolate, and looked out the window. Rain was coming. Funny, an idea for revenge. And served cold by the looks of it. Classic Taylor. She always knew how to make her man reminded of who the boss really in fact was. You go girl.

The End

Meludiel at Magic Mountain 2

Sharakondra was in her bikini. She looked frikking hot. Meludiel was in her, well, you know. Well, it's Meludiel. She's a bappo girl. She's a frigid bappo girl. Not exactly a bikini. A tryhard's attempt at a bikini. which is attempting to look like she is cool and fitting in and hip. But just not a bikini. The bikini was underneath, but the swimmers-skirt thing, and the overcovering swimmer-veil thing. What a joke.

'You know, Meludiel,' said Daniel. 'You are pretending to be cool and fitting in. Mother Theresa would at least not fake it. If she was going to enjoy chilling out she would at least bother excusing herself for a while, with some mental notes in advance for confession time.'

'Shut up,' said Meludiel.

'She's dressed fine,' said Jacob Fink. 'She is a conservative personality.'

'Bland and boring is her personality. Outgoing. Her idea of a good and fun time is praising Jesus.'

'What life is all about,' replied Meludiel.

'She champions the church logo 'Church is fun,' said Daniel. 'We get our kicks out of Jesus. Jesus is cool. That sort of jazz.'

'He's the coolest,' replied Meludiel. 'And has standards. I am perfectly under control and in normative dress code for this place.'

'Normative dress code,' repeated Daniel slowly. 'That's from the Baptist manual on conversation isn't it. Normative Dress Code. That exact expression, isn't it?' said Daniel.

'Page 15 on Baptist etiquette in the manual,' replied Meludiel.

'Sounds about right,' said Daniel. 'I knew I'd read that term.'

Jacob sat down on a bench, and Meludiel sat next to him. Sharakondra sat on the concrete wall and Daniel sat next to her.

'Why is she taking so long?' asked Meludiel.

'Jessica is a funny woman at times,' said Daniel. 'She needs to see the video game room and take some pictures for some reason. Don't know why, but it's important to her. Look, there she is.'

Jessica came into view coming down the path, and had her mobile in her hand. 'Got them,' she said. 'Ladybug and a few of the other games. Got what I needed,' she replied.

'What's it all about?' asked Meludiel.

'Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. In an early bio. Came here as a kid in Terran life with St Pats school kids. Same machines right there. The equivalent anyway.'

Daniel looked at his wife. 'Why do you care?'

'Genealogical reasons,' replied Jessica. 'I might fill you in one day.'

'Oh,' said Daniel.

'Right,' said Jacob. 'Let's hit the waterslides.'

And soon enough the party of five were enjoying the slides of Magic Mountain Merimbula on New Terra, and Jessica was happy to get the photos she needed for a planned emblem of her Daly family traditions, which would be physically developed into actual photos when she got home, part of a plan of celebration which she had in her mind.

The End


'So, Lindsay,' said Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. 'Why the sudden crush?'

'Oh, I've always loved you Daniel. I can suck your dick if you like?'

'Oh. Jesus. Well, if you insist,' replied Daniel.

'Just a sec,' said Lindsay. She went into the other room and soon returned with a Commodore 65. 'This is one of the variants. It's awesome. I want to videotape me sucking your duck for programming a porn game for the C65. Need to run a processor while I'm doing it.'

'Oh, ok,' said Daniel hesitantly, as Lindsay plugged in the C65, and attached the cord to the TV, and brought up the picture. She loaded a disk, and soon had the program running and the video recorder focused on Daniel.

'Looks good,' said Lindsay. 'Now I'll get on the side of the couch so the camera gets all the action. Pull down your pants.'

'Uh, sure,' said Daniel, pulling down his pants.

'My, what a dick,' said Lindsay, touching it. 'Impressive dude.' She paused. 'Shit, that's her, isn't it?'

'Who asked Daniel?'

'Me,' said Lindsay, and her eyes suddenly glowed red for a second.

Just then another Lindsay walked in with a C65. 'Hey Daniel. Number one is ready, huh? Right, I'll get my head down to that hot cock also. Two is more all the fun. I'll set up the second recorder.' And she got to work. Daniel was confused. But soon 5 Lindsays were at work, and Daniel was starting to get frustrated. Then Taylor walked in.

'Faithless like I thought,' said Taylor. 'I send in the Lindsay Robots to have some entertainment with you with lovely C65s I acquired, and your getting them to suck your dick. Jesus, you are faithful aren't you? What an asshole.'

'They volunteered,' said Daniel.

'Pathetic,' said Taylor, hiding her grin. She sat down on a couch. 'Well get on with it then. Should be entertaining.'

'Yes, lets master,' said a Lindsay robot. 'Yes lets,' said the rest in unison.

'Should be fun,' said Taylor.

Daniel lay there, looking at his pants. 'Fuck,' he said.

'Come on, I want to see some XXX action with Lindsay Lohan,' said Taylor. 'Should get me going. You've NEVER been faithful anyway, so I don't care.'

'Don't say that,' said Daniel. 'I love you babe.'

'Get into him, Lindsay,' said Taylor, and smiled softly.

'Oh, shit. Is that them at the door?' said Taylor suddenly.

Just then Daniel the Seraphim and the other party people came in the front door.

'Going for a cock suck are you?' asked Daniel to Daniel.

Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly pulled up his pants. 'Not now,' replied Daniel. Taylor chuckled on that.

'Oh, did we interrupt something,' said Melanie C coming in the room. 'What? Porn vid or something? With Lindsay bots.'

'Disgusting,' said Sharakondra, coming in the room.

'Hah, hah, hargh,' replied Cherubim Daniel. 'You got me good.'

'That'll learn you. Faithless bastard,' said Taylor.

And so the party got underway, and Jessicas photo album of 'Daniel' moments of the three Daniel's was reminisced over with some emotion apparent, and a fine evening, in the end, it turned out to be. And Taylor's soft chuckle was noted the whole entire evening.

The End



Catchfrost Conundrum

Marcus CCC sat at the river. The 'Pesteron Flybalas' buzzed around his head. 'Bloody pests,' he said. As if in response they settled on his hair. He shook them off and they flew away.

'Right,' said Marcus. 'I've been dead. And dead again.'

'That's life,' said Bianca.

'What's life without a bit of death,' said Atticus.

'It's learning,' said Marcus. 'About our mortality and frailty as people. I've learned if I make too many dumb decisions, I pay for them. There is obviously a concept of a wiser life which functions better.'

'Religious issues,' replied Atticus, sharpening his blade, looking out at the river. They were on the outskirts of the town, and Harloc the Sage was upstream a bit, fishing.

'It's a Catchfrost Conundrum,' said Marcus. 'In this new olde world mentality there is still quest and adventure and, if we push it just that bit too hard in our thirst for life, we can potentially encounter death. There probably needs to be a stronger focus on justice, to justify our adventure. If its too much play, and we are not really justified in our sword and sorcery adventure, out we go for a while.'

'Seems to be the case,' said Bianca, dressed in her colourful azure outfit of leather. 'But this is Catchfrost. It's par for the course. The idea is we do it with style, and we don't go about our business in an evil manner but in the Catchfrost manner. Because Catchfrost believes in Catchfrost Marcus. The rest of them aren't looking to change their geographical locale you know.'

Marcus looked at her. 'That's the conundrum I guess. Other's don't even mind that much in the end anyway.'

'Expected,' said Atticus. 'It's a way of life. It has bit of hack and slash. Wouldn't be the same if it didn't.'

'I guess,' replied Marcus. He looked down at his lap at the magic tome. He was studying magic.

'The order of Black Magic must like you,' said Bianca. 'That's an old copy of one of Lucy Smith's major works. They don't normally approve such young magic users owning such things.'

'I have old roots in the stars and things,' said Marcus.

'I see,' replied Bianca.

Harloc showed up. He had fish. 'Come. Let's return home. The dining should be good.'

As Marcus stood, and stretched, he looked out at the river. Catchfrost, on the continent of Bridelborn, on the planet of New Terra 17. It was his home now. But working out the conundrum of Catchfrost life was still being worked on. And while he was happy enough, he was still learning, and trying to figure out just how it all fitted together in what he often called 'The Bigger picture.'

The End

New Bridlington 23

'You are dumb,' said Muriel to Jerahmeel. 'My robot XQ777 is brilliant. Your mediocre QRXX44 is basic. He has no clues.'

'They are both complex solutions,' said Jerahmeel 'So one is as good as the other.'

They were now a number of months after the finishing of the Tech District expo. There had been a lot of action, and they were having fun with some of the products they had born in the back yard of their home. Remote robots bought from Complex Solutions amongst other things.

'Anne Marie sold these well,' said Muriel. 'Just a gentle taking you by the arm, a warm smile and a hug, and you were suckered with no resistance whatsoever.'

'Shut up,' said Jerahmeel. 'I was impressed with the manouvering.'

'Exactly. And she made all the right moves indeed,' replied Muriel, chuckling. 'She had you right up her arse.'

'There's a thought,' said Jerahmeel.

'Disgusting,' said Muriel. 'I will punish you.' Her robot suddenly sent a bolt of electric shock into Jerahmeels, which went haywire for a few seconds, before coming to a stop.

'You've buggered it,' he said.

'Just press the reset button on the bottom,' she said. 'It should be fine.'

Jerahmeel found the reset button, pushed it, settled the robot back down, and it resumed its display.

'We can't do this all afternoon,' said Jerahmeel. 'I have accounts to get to.'

'Just 10 minutes more,' said Muriel. 'And then I'll start on dinner.'

'Work tomorrow as usual,' said Jerahmeel.

'I have time at hom on a project from the company,' said Muriel. 'Some study and thought on design principles. Some sketches they want of certain things.'

'It's keeping you busy enough,' said Jerahmeel. 'Seems to have worked out well so far.'

'It's a pastime in many ways Jerry,' she replied. 'I know we get paid and all, but we hardly need the cash anyway. Something constructive enough to do with life, which is always a good thing for an angel to do.'

'Indeed it is,' replied Jerahmeel.

So they continued on a while, but soon enough had put the robots away, and were on with their more mundane duties, another day passing in New Bridlington for the lives of Jerahmeel and Muriel the Seraphims.

The End

Cat Lady 13

'You know, this is a nice pad,' Taylor said to Joe.

'He has good taste,' replied Joe.

Elizabeth flicked the TV over to DC Legion network. 'Daniel looks good things. Not necessarily classy or stylist or cool. But things which are probably positive and make you feel good. It's the way the place is designed. To make you feel good.'

'Right at home again aren't you,' said Taylor.

'She's used to the idiot,' said Joe. 'Talks about him constantly.'

'Does she?' asked Taylor. 'But she's with you again.'

'Oh, I'll stick with her,' said Joe, looking at his new lover fondly. 'She's got some secrets I like.'

Taylor looked at he ex. 'What secrets?'

'Taylor Swift secrets,' said Elizabeth, watching the TV.

Daniel came in the room with a bottle of wine and some glasses.

'She's a huge Swiftie,' said Daniel. 'She plays some of your tunes Tails on the guitar. She's good as well.'

'Wonderful stuff,' said Joe, looking at Elizabeth. 'Very comfortable in my woman. She feels so much like you in a lot of ways Taylor that I'm just not complaining.'

'Joe is more like it. Daniel san has got a lot going on,' said Elizabeth. 'But the Taylor number 1 is really a hook unmissable.'

'Thanks babe,' said Joe.

Taylor looked at Joe, flabbergasted. 'Wonderful,' she said softly to herself.

'It's all in the wisdom of life,' said Daniel.

'What is?' replied Taylor dryly.

'The wisdom. How it all works,' said Daniel, settling down next to Taylor on the couch, and patting her knee.'

'And what is this wisdom?' asked Taylor.

Daniel stretched. 'It's refreshing Joe, isn't it? Secret women's knowledge has finally run dry, and they are wisely and humbling inquiring of the male of the species. Learning their place at last.'

'Don't say it Joe,' said Elizabeth. Joe wisely did not comment.

Taylor looked at head. 'Women know more than you know.'

'Uneducated on this issue quite apparently,' said Daniel.

'Illustrate this wisdom,' said Taylor.

'That would be telling,' said Daniel.

'Asshole,' she said.

'Suffice to say, men have a kernel of knowledge on romance women haven't quite worked out yet. Oh, we've observed over the many centuries their advances at times. And they do, God bless em. The little darlings sometimes have a clue. But, alack alas, the deeper concepts. Over their heads.'

'Double asshole,' said Taylor. 'No, triple.'

'So the deep subjects. For the contemplative mind. Man's stuff. Wasting our time on women educating them on the stuff. They wouldn't get it anyway.'

Joe chuckled.

'Asshole,' Taylor said to Joe, who went quiet again. She turned to Daniel. 'You'll get yours one day Daly. You'll get yours.'

Daniel gulped. 'Gee,' he replied. 'I sure as hell hope not. The debt is pretty bloody extreme now.'

'Too right it is,' replied Taylor.

And so they drank their wine, and Taylor began waffling on about cats, but in the back of her mind she was thinking on the current issue at hand and, later on, would write a few notes and match this so called wisdom of men. She'd learn em good and proper. Bastards.

The End

Alistair Grey 2

'This is not exactly Kansas,' said Alistair Grey.

'It's like Kansas,' replied Raguel the Seraphim. 'It's the edge of the edge. I like to call it that.'

'This is disc 1,400,140,' said Alistair Grey. 'And that gap is too wide.'

'It's the natural angelic division,' said Raguel.

'I was used to this disc. We landed somewhere in the centre, spent half a century in various midi-metropolises, and was getting used to the culture. It has a way about it. But this is not its way. These mountains are illogical. Abrupt ending, interfered with by a blood gap dragon by the looks of it.'

'Well Mundania is all well and good,' said Raguel. 'But disc endeth, here endeth the lesson, and on yonder shore the new world of Ketravim beginneth.'

'It looks weird over there,' said Alistair.

Raguel grabbed Alistair, and unfolded his wings, and they flew over the rim. They landed on the first disc of the Ketravim, the sixth group of angels of eternity.

'Oh fuck, it smells,' said Alistair. 'Ooh. Gosh. Strong.' He stood there a while, adapting. 'Not bad though,' he said after a while. 'Not unpleasant. Nice actually. Different. The anima is different as well.'

'We've entered a new world of creation,' said Raguel.

Alistair stood there. 'It's frozen solid. Like a Catholic Church which never changes its homily. Why do I think that?'

'Colson is strong here. She runs with Rachael a lot. Rachel we just left, add in an A and we enter her Ketravim status. She's lastborn of the Cherubim. In some ways. Shares the idea with Judayliel. Officially there are only 700,000 cherubim females, but Rachel is also the last of them like Judayliel in designations. And she's the link to the firstborn of the Ketravim. Samael of Infinity can never work her out or her bridging structures. He's puzzled forever on the concepts, but a devil can never work out hope very well. Against their nature of things somewhat.'

'Cheryl Colson is the first then or something. Or second.'

'Something like that,' said Raguel. 'But she's strong on the first Ketravim disc regardless. It's mainly Rachael with an A here, but Colson abounds also. The two are tight.'

'Why did you bring me here?' asked Alistair.

'The link between physical and spiritual worlds. It's expensive to travel between them. Not many get approved. Your nature gets you approval for some of the knowledge we are going to be going through over the next phase of things.'

'Fascinating,' said Alistair. 'Lead me on.'

'Let's camp in this forest,' said Raguel. 'And we'll find a stream for refreshing our water bottles, and hunt for something. Old man way.'

'As you wish,' replied Alistair, onwards with the next step in his spiritual universe odyssey.

The End

The Way of the Eternal Dove: A New Ketravim

'It's a gay sort of temple,' said Alistair Grey.

'We like it like this,' said Delta.

'Suits us,' said Jack Dagger.

'It's the way of the eternal dove. It's peaceful,' said Cheryl.

'You don't actually have a list then,' said Alistair.

'There are a shitload of works in progress,' said Delta. 'The official reckoning isn't done yet after Jack. You've qualified Alistair. Just your ability to get from Earth to the Spiritual universe. Hardly any can get through. Makes you Ketravim Material. The Way of the Eternal Dove is our main function.'

'It's an ANM thing,' said Alistair. 'Daniel himself.'

'The biblical founder of the Way,' said Delta. 'But the main cultural products for the assembly are from countless voices.'

'Quite a heap,' said Cheryl.

'Doubt that I've got much to offer,' said Alistair. 'Why me?'

'We need your Daniel the Seraphim dialogue,' said Delta. 'There some old architectural rights with his Terran Danielphon and some conversation discourse which entered your life which hasn't really been elaborated on that much in the pool of knowledge. You sort of shaped up to be Ketravim, so wee need your stuff. Your life story, full confessions, and the Daniel stuff, and thoughts since then. The Way can probably get an official bio out of the work.'

'Fascinating,' said Alistair.

'Gets us ahead,' said Delta.

'And can get us a fresh spurt of copyright, so new material for magic making,' said Cheryl.

'Which is what it's all about, sacrificial lamb. No, dove,' said Jack.

'Funny,' replied Alistair. 'Glad I mean so much to you all.'

'Your number two because of it. Don't complain buster,' said Cheryl.

'Rachael will be here soon enough,' said Delta. 'We'll have a chat on stuff, and have dinner in the lodge next door.'

And so Alistair Grey, having ventured around the disc a while with Raguel the Seraphim, had been introduced to the Way of the Eternal Dove and, quite apparently and quite obviously now, his new destiny.

The End

The Way of the Eternal Dove: Another New Ketravim

Marcus CCC was in Harloc's library. He put down the book of Lucy Smith into his lap and said to God. 'I'm not special. But I'm doing something in my life which people don't really care to do very much. I'm formulating ethics which they don't really care about very much. It's Ketravim logic.'

The theophany walked through the door. 'Yep Harloc. Tonight at dinner. Count me in.' He came in and sat down on the opposite couch.

'Great place,' he said to Marcus, looking around.

'Oh, you,' said Marcus,' looking down at his book. He looked back up at the Theophany of God. 'I understand. Ketravim then?'

'They finally settled on number 2, which wasn't your style, so I got around to you licketty split as soon as number 2 was chosen and settled into place. Got a few others to get to shortly as well. The Way of the Eternal Dove. Make yourself known to them soon enough. 3rd disc of the Ketravim world. Technically Rachael shares the first disc with Jack Dagger somewhat, as she is big boss girl, but the first bunch are all the men, later on the women.'

'Right,' said Marcus.

'There are assemblies universally,' said God. 'But they mainly hang in the first Ketravim disc now. It's been building up its legacy, and things are coming along with life. They'll need your experience now. The project has been going on you a long time now, so get to it. Soon enough I'm off to crazy girl Rebecca Hill, and a few others, so it's busy busy busy. Well done son. I'm proud of you.'

And God stood, looked around the room, and left.

Marcus looked ahead of him, in thought and then, reaching a conclusion that things, then, were generally as they should be, he picked up the book, settled down, and continued on with the wisdom of Lucy Smith, whiling away another Catchfrost afternoon.

The End

The Supremator of Catchfrost

'The King of Asgardya really did not mind,' said Belgerandon. 'Catchfrost has no specific expansion project. It is not objected to by the Queen of the North or other regents either. Catchfrost is the life in Bridelborne, and expansion is a non-issue. The query I demonstrated was that an expanded Catchfrost dominion will end up being the main body of the work in general and that positing this truth I asked them how they could deny the influence I would maintain. I could not hope to gain sovereignty, but with the influence I would be recognized universally as the main thing and Catchfrost Bridelborne dwindleth into the independent founding body. And still they did not despair the plan and said life will go on in Catchfrost regardless and a greater body will only help us with growth of animistic spirit, so should not really be a matter of significant enough import to supply any real concern. So I ask you Harloc, the only significant left who could perhaps object, do you regard my plans Catchfrost dominion expansion in latter New Terran Sequenced bodies as problematic or do you not?'

'Eternity is long, and there is no original thought which does not in time duplicate,' replied Harloc. 'Do as you will. I have no concern.'

So Belgerandon left the presence of Harloc the sage, off to his destiny.

'Others will eventuate once he establishes anyway,' said Marcus. 'With the growth he will get from his propogation planning, it will simply happen. They will like it. Catchfrost has a good enough style that it will just catch on anyway, forgive the pun.'

'I would imagine so,' replied Harloc. 'Now let's go fishing.'

And off they went.

The End

Daniel Daly

Daniel picked up the envelope, and exited the front door. He travelled down via the taxi to the shops and went to the newsagency. He arranged postage, and posted the letter. It was a standard letter relating to a standard issue. Daniel had a lot of standard things in his life. He got home, and ate a standard meal. Then he sat down and watched some standard TV. Taylor walked in and she was dressed in standard clothes. She sat down next to him and gave a standard sigh. 'Pretty much,' replied Daniel, in standard understanding. Then they went to bed, had standard intercourse. Later that month Taylor said she was pregnant. 'Wonderful,' replied Daniel in a standard nonplussed tone. They named the boy Matthew. He was a standard kid. As he was raised he had standard values and a standard attitude. He looked standard and spoke standard. Daniel said he was the frickking standard. Average in every bloody way. Not one spark in the dull soul. But then something extraordinary started happening. Matthew developed some idiosyncracies. He'd expect things. He would then not relent. He would ask for a beer, and the bartender would look at him and serve another customer. They didn't serve Matthew. He'd gotten in a brawl a few months earlier turning 18, and he was barred for a while. But he stood there. 4 hours till closing time. Waiting for his beer. The joke from the bartender went on all night. Matthew expected his beer. When the pub closed he sat outside in the beer garden. Waiting. The following morning when the pub opened the bartender noticed Matthew. He shook his head saying 'unbelievable.' He went inside, got the pub going for the day, and Matthew was at the bar. The bartender finally cracked and poured Matthew a beer. Matthew paid and drank his beer. Then he went home. Matthew was stubborn. An incredibly stubborn person. Taylor like that in him. Daniel thought it humourous. The other kid, Alison, she was concerned with everything. Every political issue under the sun was a concern. She was everyones hero. Taylor Swift concern taken to the nth degree. They were odd children in some ways, but both parents eventually doted on them. Holidays to Peachy Sound in Sydney were memorable. Arguments between Daniel and Taylor often happened along the way. Daniel could get stubborn at times as well. And, after a while, life returned to normal. A bit happier normal sort of standard. And Daniel got the point in the end that newfound glory cost suffering. And that was the standard. So there you go.

The End

New Bridlington 24

Mr Hoskins had had a busy day. Mrs Jones-Aiken-Smith had been neurotic as always coming in to check her mailbox. Why didn't she have some official mail? She wrote the politicians regularly. Why did she have nothing but courteous 'Thank You' slips, and not major packages declaring her wise political insight and wisdom? Things were not right in New Bridlington. The usual customers who paid bills invariably, and some boxes of temporary things which went through the mail, much home delivery items from online auction websites being common things, and the like. He also had the usual array of stamp and coin collectors coming in to the store to examine the columns of some of the more expensive coins and stamps which had been on sale for aeons, still yet to decide on whether they would commit to the exorbitant finances for the glorious rarities. A standard day. After work, it being the weekend ahead, he closed up and made his way to 'Spaz's place.' He ordered a beer from Spaz and sat down to watch some golf on the pub tv. Regan finally came over and sat down next to him.

'Long gone,' she said. 'Atticus. And also any of my romances. Nothing going on anymore. Atticus is at home in Catchfrost, but it wasn't working out for me in the end. Nothing but work back at the Supermarket again. Still got the business in the Recreation Park, but it's a bit hollow without Atticus to celebrate things with. Feel like I'm lost without a trace. I've been looking for a lasting lover. I just wonder if I ever really mean anything at all to anyone.'

Mr Hoskins took her by the hands. 'Listen, Regan. Get the hell over it. Life is an endless stream of good and bad times, and loves come and go. At the end of the road is the dude you want and need if you work out you really want to settle down with the same gent eternally. God will take care of that. Till then, they come and they go, and life goes one dear.'

Regan sighed. 'What I've surmised I guess.'

They sat, and watched the golf, and Regan felt better with the familiar faces in the tavern. Soon enough Mr Hoskins was on his way home to Mrs Hoskins, and he curled up in bed with a new book from his library he'd hadn't read for a number of millennia, but drifted off to sleep when his wife turned her light on her side of the bed off, and dreamed quiet dreams of weird looking rabbits and Regan saying 'Give me some Hunny Bunnies.' It was all quite amusing.

The End




Dead or Alive – Black Comedy

5 Melbourne Uni Students are sharing a flat together, doing their studies, chillin' and being the coolest students on campus. But a series of unfortunate events has led to 'The Beast' – one of the big hefty ocker blokes on campus – being found dead in the middle of their flat. They are lost for what to do about the situation, and worried that may be implicated in a potential murder. One of the lines is 'We'll fuck him up the arse,' which comes after another scene, said by one of the blokes. A lady says 'That could be interesting.' The other guy says 'I ain't fucking the beast.' Another lady, the emo, says 'Necrophilia. Cool.' The levelheaded lady says. 'Explain.' The guy explains that if they sodomize the body they can claim the beast was involved in a lovers tiff. 'And if they ask you for a sperm sample?' They guy says 'Scratch that then.' They spend a while trying to work out what to do with the dead body in various scenes around the flat. Finally, they are all out the back of the flat having a smoke, and when they go back inside the body is gone. The beast then walks in from the kitchen, with a beer in hand, saying 'I have a shit fucking headache,' as he rubs his head. He was alive all along.



Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Copyright 6182 SC

Monsiuer Henri Crackwheezel lives in Southern France, on the Mediterranean coast, in a beautiful windmill. He lives in the upper room, ascended by a ladder, with 3 level to his lovely but erratically designed house. His deceased wife's father lives in the windmill also, on the second floor, in his bedroom. There is also a main centre room on the second floor with crazy looking clocks and odd designs of invention, for Crackwheezel is a crazy inventor. His 3 children live on the ground floor, were they do the chores for the household, for father is useless, and grandfather always complains about his legs. Claudia is the oldest at 15, then Sebastian at 9 and Tina a 5. Crackwheezel enters competitions with his crazy inventions, and as the year 1922 turns over, the French Ministry of Science announces the National Emporium of Invention Competition is to take place, with an award for the most innovative invention. Crackwheezel attends the information session, where he runs into madamoiselle Gilbert, who he is enchanted by. He invites her to visit his windmill, and she is staggered by the crazy inventions. Crackwheezel had fame in his younger years for special tires which helped cars work wonderfully, and an adversary, Mr Blanc, spied him at the session and will work to defeat Crackwheezel's glory. Crackwheezel creates a great display at the seaside, of a gigantic fish tank which is self feeding and a good source to harvest fish from, and the scientists of the aware are impressed, but all goes wrong, and froth explodes everywhere. The children are rescued from the tank by Crackwheezel, but his adversary Mr Blanc has had his victory so far. They travel to northern france on the coast, and stay with Crackwheezel's auntie, who the grandfather takes an interest in, and by the seashore Crackwheezel, after soulsearching, comes up with his great invention. And it is a great invention, to redefine airflight forever, granting him victory in the award, and the fair hand of Madamoiselle Gilbert in marriage.

The End

Dick Van Dyke as Crackwheezel and Jack Lemmon as Mr Blanc, Lionel Jeffries as the grandfather and Natalie Wood as Madamoiselle Gilbert



A young player from Cooma - Fred Wilkins - is recruited by the formerly gloriouis Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs.  It is the year 2349, and the Bulldogs comfortably sit down the bottom of 5th division, the lowest division in the league.  'At least they're not as bad as Cronulla,' says Fred to his Cooma Stallions team-maters.  Cronulla are notoriously wooden spooners of the overall competition. Fred heats things up at the Bulldogs.  They have a training session each month - a very controversial idea for the lacklustre Belmore team. Life after all is beer, barbecues and beer, and training will just not do.  But he gets the farts out every month, and for 15 solid hard minutes they walk around the oval and do some stretches.  Amazing stuff.  So amazing that they win 14 games in the new season, and sneak up a division, the first time in over 50 years.  What will they do next?  Meanwhile, the dreaded Alice Springs Aliens, top of first division, have their eye on the ambitious Fred.  They offer him a contract, but he tells them he's a faithful dog. 'You'll regret it,' says Shawn Chemberlin.  The dogs start the season well - they win their first three games, and then with a new coach, Alan Lamb, they start to train twice a month, even more controversial, and by seasons end they are up to 3rd division.  They continue at it, sneak up to second the following year, and by years end, when its clear they are headed for the big time, and TV coverage, plots are under way from the Aliens to take out Wilkins.  But through trial and struggle, and buying a manual on how to play the game, the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs win first division grand final in the year 2353, and everyone is 'AMAZED.'

part 11 whatever will be

'You know, Saruviel,' said Satan 'I''m pretty satisfied. I've been saving.'

'Saving?' queried Saruviel.

'Yep, bro,' replied the Devil. 'For quite a while. Long time actually. It's been easy. They haven't even given a shit about Satan the Devil's business enterprises. Fuck man, you know, I'm the Devil. I mean, fuck.'

'Right,' replied Saruviel, as they continued on in the pool match near Paramount 666 Tower in a seedy looking bar. 'But so what?'

'Heh. You know, with you bro, I've always puzzled. Known God called you Satan in judgement a long time now. Must have been for a reason, you know. I mean, you know.'

'What's that supposed to mean?' asked Saruviel.

'It takes one to know one,' replied the Devil. 'I mean, let's look at it all. Here we have the universe. Straight forward when you really look at it. Work. Make a Buck. Make a fuck. Simple, really.'

'I guess,' replied Saruviel. 'What's your point?'

'Well, it is simple. The old fart who runs the show. Be good children. All that lovey dovey stuff Jesus likes to go on about. Fuck that man. I like Metallica. First album sort of stuff.'

'Kill 'em All, you mean?' queried Saruviel.

'Now you're talking my language. And it would be so easy. Too easy.'

'You're a funny guy, devil,' replied Saruviel. 'Take your shot.'

'And, like I said,' replied the Devil. 'I've been saving. A while now. Got a lot too. And in this remarkable economy. God's remarkable economy, I've noticed something.'

'What's that then?' asked Saruviel.

'Money buys stuff,' said the Devil.

'It sure does,' replied Saruviel.

'In fact, I'd like to see you live without it.'

'Challenging. Can be done in the good life, but challenging.'

'Yep. Of course, lots of things to buy,' said Satan.

'Like Metallica albums,' said Saruviel.

'You better believe it,' replied the Devil. 'But more than that. Groceries. Toys. Books. Magazines. Hardware. Cars. All sorts of shit.'

'The Power of the Dollar,' replied Saruviel. 'Pretty amazing really.'

'Yep,' said Satan. And he stood up, stretched, and looked right into Saruviel's eyes. 'And it buys other useful things, bro.'

'Like what?' asked Saruviel.

'Guns, Saruviel. It buys guns. Lots and lots and lots of lovely guns.'

'A shooters best friend,' said Saruviel.

'Exactly,' replied Satan, lining up his next shot. 'And like I said, I've got lots of money.'

'So you can buy lots of lovely guns,' said Saruviel.

'Lots of them,' replied Satan, smiling. 'And with my well armed followers, in our large supply of numbers, I can arm pretty much the lot of them.'

'My, you could literally go on a killing spree with so many guns,' said Saruviel.

'Indeed, I could,' replied Satan. 'Indeed, I could.'


Eventually Saruviel spoke. 'They'll stop you. They always do in the end.'

'And that is the war of good and evil, dear Satan. That is the war of good and evil,' said Satan to Saruviel.

Saruviel did not reply. He looked at the devil, and noticed he was quite, quite serious, and after all this, grace was finished. The peace covenant had come to an end. There was hell to pay.'

'I think,' said Saruviel. 'I'll be going now. I've had my fill of pool for the day.'

'Oh, don't go devil,' said Satan. 'We were only getting started.'

'I need a holiday,' said Saruviel. 'A good long holiday. Rest in paradise a while, and make some plans. In the end, that is one thing I did learn from the big kahuna. Make your plans son.' He looked steadily, with a dark dread which was just as determined in its vengeance as the devil himself, right at the adversary. 'And............well.............yeah.....'

Satan looked at Saruviel. 'Ok,I'll bite. And, well, yeah,what?'

'Well that would be saying,' replied Saruviel. 'Anyway, nice game. Have a nice day.' And Saruviel was gone.

Samaen walked in. 'I never liked that asshole anyway.'

Satan lined up his shot on the black pool, struck, but missed. 'Neither do I, bro. Neither do I.'

The End




And so, after such an eternity of things, so much done and said, the great Father of Creation surveyed his work and said, well, that will. And so the Realms coming to the end of their growth, they were merged together in soccer ball patches, to form a giant globe. Each Realm had its own major section with its discs and so on, and their were giant oceans filled with smaller isles betwixt, and the giant world of the Geocities and the Angelfire and Home and Heaven and Infinity and the 7 Heavenly Realms and Eternya and Zionistya became the Monolithic Behomoth of Heaven in a general sense, and beneath the heavenly world the planetary bodies went on, new creations of them regularly, and such was the final substance of the creation of God. The Unification of the Realms.

* * * * *

'Fuck!' swore Taylor Swift.

'Yeh, it does look big from here. And we're a frikking long way away as well,' said Daniel.

'Heaven. A giant blob in the universe,' said Taylor. 'He planned it from the beginning I'll bet.'

'Who know the mind of the Lord and who has been his counsellor?' replied Daniel. 'Only God himself knows.'

'Well, now what dear?' asked Taylor. 'ValDan must have a response.'

'You could say that. We're contemplating a retreat. Somewhere on New Terra 17, in a private place. Out in the country. A few years of thought and dialogue.'

Taylor looked at heaven. 'You have competition now Daniel San.'

'Don't I know it,' replied Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. 'Don't I know it.'

* * * * *

Satan was chatting with Wolfgang.

'Rule of Law,' said Wolfgang. 'That's what rules heaven.'

'What law?' asked the Devil.

'As they are established. The Realms have worked out their legal structures.'

'Why does not the Torah rule all?' queried the devil.

'It does,' said God. 'But the structures of man reflect a lot of decent thinking and logic in principles of legislation which often work quite well. Believe me some of the older regulations – well – I am fond of. There are commits from Valandriel and Daniel for the Realm of Eternity on some bodies of legislation to eternal status. The debates have ended on them and the people are satisfied that they will do. There are old works now, extant things in eternya, many of which I own, and fondly cherish. The work quite well. Lots of thinking went into them. There will be no changes in these things now that they are worked out. There is more going on still – not all is yet finalised. Yet as I have a significant body of work which satisfies me, unification is appropriate at this time.'

'I have legions of followers,' said the Devil. 'I could wreak havoc and who would oppose me?'

'Well?' asked the Theophany.

'The usual suspects I suppose,' replied the devil, and sat down on the stone block outside of Home. 'Funny. Did not think it would be like this ultimately. Felt they were flawed and did not stand for that much in the end. Could have my wicked way.'

'A lot of them are made of tough stuff now Son. Convictions and determinations. The way it goes I'm afraid.'

Satan lit a cigarette. 'Then I guess my work on this issue of freedom and rebellion is a done enough objective. People still act as they will much of the time. It should do I suppose.'

'You got what you wanted. There is enough places to escape if you must,' replied the good Lord.

'I shall turn my attention now to phase 2,' said the Devil.

'Preen yourself then,' replied God, sitting down on his stone. 'I know this phase well. Polish yourself up charming one. You always do. The girls know it well. Out comes the charming devil when he has too. Truly repentant, he says Hardly.'

The devil chuckled. 'Hey, they always want a bastard to start with. Did my best you know.'

'I'll keep that in mind.'

God stood, stretched, and glared at the adversary. 'Make yourself out of here now, kapiche. Take a cookie from the kitchen, and go off and study some law and world fact books of the new system. If you really want the upgrade, you'll need to get up to date quickly enough.'

The devil nodded. Phase 2. A long an ancient plan going on.

* * * * *

Draven examined the screen.

'It's basic,' said Aphrayel. 'It's basic. Believe me. His logic is that basic. I've been chatting with him for ages now, asking dumb questions like a woman, and he just answers if I count for shit.'

'Right,' nodded Draven.

'Spilled a lot of beans about this phase 2 stuff. Now that he's sorted us out, he's going to rise up with an improved model of behaviour and show us that he is the total shit. Satan. Kick ass cool from the beginning. The bad boy who has reformed his way, with a cutting edge. The coolest kid in town.'

'Yep,' said Draven. 'That's the logic of the devil.'

'Phase 3 is the final phase. After an aeon of getting his reputation up to a decent standard with good works which have no ulterior motivation apart from being a 'nice guy' he moves up to royal standards of behaviours to now show his repentance and worthiness of universal glory.'

'That would be the logic,' said Draven.

'That's the motherfucker at work,' said Celestyel. 'All is forgiven after his sorry butt has truly shown repentance and atonement and we love him, and he is our blessed king.'

'Right,' said Draven. 'We let him do the good works. At his expense.'

'Obviously,' said Draven.

'Then we ignore him in phase 3. We'll get this out carefully and privately till its known. He'll be a King without a Crown. Just his usual zombies will kiss his arse and he will feel he's been suckered. That will teach him some of what's coming to him.'

'That will do for now,' said Aphrayel. 'I'll keep tabs on him.'

'Sounds good,' said Draven. 'Talk again,' and he left Aphrayel's abode, heading back to the spaceport.

* * * * *

'Listen Dickhead. Daniel Daly is a shithead.'

'Which Daniel Daly?' replied Gabriel to Michael.

'Every Daniel Daly. Every Daniel fucking Daly in fucking existence. Ok. Every fucking Daniel Daly.'

'You've done a census? They might get a grudge.'

'I can manage it,' replied the Archangel. 'He will not end up ruling heaven. I will fucking end up ruling heaven. I am the prince of fucking glory. It's my fucking job.'

'You need a censor,' replied Gabriel.

'Shut the fuck up,' replied Michael.

'Satan cusses less,' said Gabriel.

'Shove Satan up your arse,' said Michael.

'God would not be impressed,' said Gabriel.

'Shove him up there as well,' said Michael.

'He's an infinite being,' said Gabriel.

'Well you're a pretty big asshole,' said Michael. 'Now I repeat. Daniel Daly. Time to deal with the punk Arch Regent of Eternity.'

'Right. That Daniel Daly,' said Gabriel. 'I'm with you now. What's the plan?'

'I have a plan,' said Michael. 'Planetary bodies. We start buying property on newly developing planetary bodies and build estates. We do this fricking work the old fashioned way. We own the most real estate.'

'The ValDan corporation have a business plan on this issue,' said Gabriel.

'You don't say,' replied Michael.

'They've discussed the ethics of the business plan model for a long time. They've consulted with the Theophany for a long time, and spoken to God in the throneroom of Zaphon many times on the issue. Occasionally, so I've heard, he gives a basic comment on what he approves of. They act accordingly.'

'What's your point?' asked Michael.

'They do it God's way. With approval of what God accepts for them. They generally always have. They rule eternity because they follow law and ethics strongly. They try to ensure the ValDan agenda is morally good and doing things correctly for their ambitions. They debate stuff out like this constantly. It always has to be the right thing to do or a right thing to do, and have a positive impact on the world. And part of it is they are allowed to succeed and grow in their prosperity. This is quite legal with God.'

'Right,' said Michael. He looked at Gabriel and sat down on the couch. He picked up a dinosaur wrestling magazine. Flicking through it he looked at Gabriel several times, then spoke.

'We concentrate on Dinosaur Wrestling. We're ethical on that because of genuine interest, right? We're not fake on that right?'

'Perfectly fine with everybody on this stuff,' said Gabriel. 'They like us in the scene. Working for the people.'

'Right,' replied Michael. 'So if I got on with the things I generally do give a shit about, people will give us credence.'

'If its purely for ambition, you know. Just a moneymaker. But if your heart is in it, people will see you are genuine.'

Michael looked at Gabriel. The room went quiet for ten minutes.

'Fine. Can't really win that easily then.'

'Not easily,' said Gabriel. 'You haven't really given a damn in a long time. By the way, winning is acceptable enough, but why? Just to brag? People won't end up liking you much if its just for the glory. Be yourself Michael. Do your natural thing. After a while some zest for stuff comes along, and people take interest. Because it's real.'

'Right,' said Michael. Quiet for a while. 'Ok. I'll read Seraphim Torah for a century and just do my work. I do still enjoy Seraphim Torah somewhat. I'll think all you said over.'

'About time brother,' replied Gabriel. 'Get over it dickhead.'

Michael looked at Gabriel. But he did not reply.

* * * * *

'Ok,' said Michael to Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. 'You guys ended up ruling eternity. How did you do it?'

Daniel sipped on his glass of wine, and looked at Taylor standing next to the CD player in their Zaphona City home. 'Found a CD you like?' he asked her.

'I'll put on the complete confection by Katy,' said Taylor. Daniel nodded.

'You know,' said Daniel to Michael. 'It is responsible to answer honest questions. It's a decent thing to do. Sometimes matters are personal, and you refrain from giving comment. But people give advice tips on business success and success in general all the time.'

'Agreed,' said Michael.

'The Daly foundation which runs the organisations we have founded have policies. You could imagine this. And those policies shape our work. Daniel's ValDan organisation likewise has policies. I will not disclose to you what those policies are, but I will tell you the founding principles.'

'Gabriel filled me in a bit,' said Michael.

'Yes. Well it's essentially about doing the right thing and then doing the right things from options. It is acceptable to achieve glory and success in life when the motivations and goals are correct enough. We are allowed to succeed in life. We are allowed to gain wealth. Think of psalm 112. A man who obeys God's commands has a house full of treasures.''

Michael unzipped his bag and took out his bible and looked up the psalm. He read it, and then laid back in the sofa, reading the psalm. Then he looked towards the wall, lost in thought.

'Taylor. Michael will be staying till midnight. Put on some soft classical and get some milo ready for the evening. He needs to think and be in happy company.'

'Fine,' replied Taylor.

The evening passed. Michael didn't speak again, but occasionally looked at the scriptures. Finally, towards midnight he looked at Daniel. 'Do it the right way. Make your goals align with acceptable knowledge.'

'That is 100% correct archangel Michael.' Daniel stood and so did Michael. 'I'll be seeing you,' replied Daniel, and left with Taylor, going upstairs. Michael stood there, then exited the house. He had the idea now of what the problem had been. Hell, he knew what the problem had been. He just hadn't cared. But with what may be his ambitions, he knew now what he was supposed to do about them. And the beginnings of fresh new plans were starting to formulate in the mind of the Michael, Seraphim of Eternity.

* * * * *

'It's about levels,' said the Theophany. 'Spiritually the spiritual universe surrounds planet Earth in the Physical domain. It is where it is located. Now the reason I rule in heaven is that Heaven in its psychology of spirit gradually develop acclimatization to a physical mentality if not reality, as sanctification progresses. Earth is sanctified steadily and has stronger sanctification going on due to its physicality. But heaven progresses gradually behind ways a bit, and has a fruitier number of options, but in time becomes more solid. It lags, but humility doesn't worry about lagging to much. It's not really an issue because you get where you need to go in time anyway.'

'Right,' said Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

'So you are heading back to Earth with Taylor and your entourage, as Michael doesn't mind lagging – it doesn't really matter to him – and you are suitable there anyway. You didn't really give a damn about divine thrills. You only collected you moron. We'll get to that eventually.'

'I understand,' replied Daniel.

So the Daly foundation and Worldwide Noahide Movement was removed to the physicality.

* * * * *

And so, after an Eternity of one way, another dawned. And changes were made, and a new status quo settled in. The majority, but not all of Noahidism, was returned to physical Earth, yet some remained in the spiritual universe, well settled in their way. But for Daniel it was a return to fundamentals of faith and a fresh focus. But how long this would last? Only time would tell.

The End of Rebirth