The Angels Saga

Volume 20

Morning Stars III:

Short Story Collection


Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Copyright 6184 SC (2021 CE)

Raphael and Melanie 
The Date 
Raphael and Michael 

The Date 2

Traffic Task Force

Jumpin' Jumpin'

Mitraphon Magician's Club

Raphael and Melanie

Melanie the Cherubim. Sporty Spice. Popular lady. Raphael felt drawn to her. 
'Do you like cricket?' asked Raphael, to Melanie, sat opposite him in the Mitraphora cafeteria. 
'Cricket,' said Melanie, pouring a glass of strawberry and Melit water Juice. 'Is for schumucks like Daniel the Serpahim.' 
'My sources tell me you have a crush on Daniel the Seraphim,' said Raphael. 
Melanie looked at him, startled. Then she continued pouring her juice. 'He's obnoxious,' she said. 
'Oh, so you like him,' said the ministering angel. 
'He parades himself as a refined Englishman, when he was barely born there,' said Melanie. 
'Oh, she really likes him,' said Raphael. 
'He thinks he's the biggest Spice Girls fan in creation,' said Melanie. 
'It's true love,' said Raphael, smiling. 
'I like his smile,' she said, giggling a little. 'When he's being cheeky. He's a true Spice Boy.' Suddenly her eyes had lit up, and she was dreaming of Daniel. 
'Good gosh. She's smitten.' 
'What, you think he'll date me?' she asked Raphael sincerely. 
'He's stuck on Meludiel,' said Raphael. 
'Bitch. She think's she's so cool. Gospel singer to the glory of Jehovah. Well we're mainstream, and we're far cooler than tryhard Gospel wannabes.' 
'Oooh, jealousy,' said Raphael. 
'Humph,' said Melanie, sipping on her juice. 
'Why don't you ask him out?' suggested Raphael. 'He might like you.' 
'I'm too shy,' said Melanie. 
'Number one hits in the UK, and she's too shy. What has the world come to,' replied Raphael, smiling. 
'Fine,' said Melanie. 'I will then.' 
'You do that,' said Raphael, and grinned at her the rest of the luncheon. 

The End 

The Date 

'Of course, Valandriel has only moderate ambition. I'm always reminding him of our focus. He never carries through with half of our agenda items,' said Daniel. 
'Right,' said Melanie, staring at Daniel, barely listening to what he was saying. They were in Mitraphora cafe, having a lunch date together. 
'I think he might have a separate agenda. Probably teamed up with Dameriel or someone on the side,' said Daniel. 
'Of course,' said Melanie, again, lost in his dreamy eyes, not listening seriously. 
'He has all these investments he doesn't talk about. He thinks I don't know, but I have my sources.' 
'I'm sure he does,' said Melanie, gazing joyfully into the good looking Daniel's face. 
'Anyway, what do you want to eat?' asked Daniel. 
'I think he's a lovely guy as well,' said Melanie, having forgotten what Daniel was speaking about, lost in love with the angel she was looking at. 
Daniel looked right at her. 'Right,' he thought to himself. 'Greatest British pop girl band of all time, and she's a bimbo. Wonderful stuff Danny.' 
She just smiled and smiled and smiled in response. 

The End 

Raphael and Michael 

Michael was bored. The firstborn Seraphim of the Realm of Eternity was bored. Gabriel's tenure had been exciting and interesting, and Gab had called on Michael a lot. But Raphael didn't seem to need to rely on him so much, and the firstborn was at odds for things to do so much. Technically, he was the overseer of the first disc of the Realm of Eternity, Zaphora. And while that was busy enough work, he had it under control. Time to drop in on Raphael. 
'Yo, Raph,' said Michael, dropping in on the rap singer. 
'Yes,' replied Jay Z, the archangel Raphael. 
'How's it hanging. Is the rappin still getting the clappin,' said Michael. 'Yo dude. Are you still rude.' 
Raphael looked at Michael. 'The Beastie Boys have admitted that while Judaism has had a fair number of rappers, they are NOT based on inspiration of their prince. You have work to do. You're no Eminem yet white toast.' 
'But I'm funky with the ladies and I'm chunkie with my great beats,' said Michael. 
'Please stop. Before you give hip hop a bad name,' said Raphael. 
'I'm fly and I'm cool and I ain't no fool,' said Michael. 
'Cindradel,' buzzed Raphael. 'Call the white coats.' 
'I don't rap with a stammer coz I'm cooler than Hammer,' said Michael. 
'Are you bored?' Raphael asked Michael. 
'Shitless,' replied Michael. 
'With rap that bad I could only imagine,' said Raphael. 'Look, I can assign you a project. Special Task force stuff.' 
'I'm all ears,' said Michael. 
'Do a comprehensive review of traffic regulations in all the 140 Seraphim discs, and make recommendations for where we can bring uniformity of law. As simple as that.' 
'Sounds cool,' said Michael. 'Can I borrow Cindradel?' 
Raphael glared at Michael. 'Only on Thursdays.' 
'Cool,' said Michael. 'Can I use the special projects office?' 
'Go right ahead,' said Raphael, and Michael was off, to the bar upstairs, to listen Dio and Cheryl Cole all night, to celebrate his new job. Something to do at last. Something to do. 

The End

The Date 2

'Yes, I am a bimbo,' said Melanie, staring into Daniel's eyes. 'And you are my master supreme.'

Daniel felt awkward. They were on date 2. 'Youre master supreme,' he said.

'Well, for today anyway,' she replied, and picked up her McDonalds hamburger and started eating. 'But I have a lot of master supreme's,' replied Melanie.

'How the spice girls fanbase grows I suppose,' replied Daniel. 'Date them, do em, get a new fan and on to the next one.'

Melanie looked at Daniel through squinted eyes. 'Who told?' she said, smiling.

'Oh, the tactics of womankind has been known by masculinity since the beginning,' replied Daniel. 'We are aware of much of the secret business of women. Me? I buy books. I read them. Disclosures are sometimes made. Especially in journals and the like.'

'We advertise things as chick flicks and the like. Men rarely take an interest,' said Melanie. 'Usually uninterested. You know, football and the like. Keeps em occupied.'

'I study your kind,' said Daniel. 'Know quite a few of your key plays in the game,' he replied, tapping his nose.

'Quite obviously,' she replied. 'Your paying right?' she asked. Daniel nodded. 'I'll have some fries also, and a coke,' and as Daniel stood and walked to the counter to buy Melanie's request, he acknowledged her little joke in playing Daniel for man's traditional job of paying for meals. She had a sense of humor, and was obviously not quite a bimbo. An interesting lass indeed.

The End

Traffic Task Force

'You look bored,' said Cindradel to Michael in the Overseers Office Task Force room.

'I'm not bored,' replied Michael, flicking a tiny cocktail umbrella around the desk.

'Traffic is important. We have several areas where they are likely to agree with universal application,' said Cindradel. 'I've identified 14 discs which are likely to agree with some universal standards on things. Go talk to them.'

'Sure,' said Michael. Cindradel handed him the slip of paper with the suggested practices written on them and the discs at hand. Michael excused himself, and went off to his dorm. He spent some time packing and looked at the slip. Soon enough he was at the airport late in the day, and off to Mitraphora. Months passed, and then years, and discussions were slow, but after as much compromise could be made as possible, he had worked out quite a fair degree of conformity to roundabout practices. Mitraphora had been supervised by a replacement for Raphael for the time being, but it was mostly road authority public servants he had his discussions with. It was often the same old arguments and stresses on unity, but invariably they all decried big brother and that they did things their way. Each Seraphim always had their own mind Michael noted. Soon enough he was back in town in Zaphora, and back with Cindradel, chatting about results. Raphael was present.

'Quite a degree of uniformity achieved, but not perfect,' said Michael, handing out a published report in book format of his work. 'They like the way they function in their own style, but certain changes could be made through referendums and public committee discussions and such. It was a lot of work, and challenging, but I have some results so far.'

'Good work brother,' said Raphael. 'We'll dine out tonight, you and me and Cindradel. I'll look over this report and read it all, and we'll think about the next phase for the task force. Probably not roundabouts the second time, and maybe some mid-disc runs instead of earlier ones.'

'Whatever you think,' said Michael. They dined, and chatted, and in reflection Michael felt the work was not that intellectually demanding, but it was genuine work, and he enjoyed doing it well enough. He took a sabbatical for a year, enjoying time with Elenniel, but soon enough he would be back at it, and focus on this for a thing in the early years of Raphael's tenure as overseer of the realm of eternity.

The End

Jumpin' Jumpin'

'You know Raph,' said Nimorel. 'You sometimes are cool. When you are playing B-Ball. I'm not sure if you've noticed but Jay Z is not meant to be J C. It's been building up, the opinion is all.. Some of the brothers and sisters got used to a certain way from Raph in his humanity. It was a chillin' experience, and the songs live on to this very day, and we are not really always deliverin''

'You too, huh?' replied Raphael from the overseer's desk. 'Reconnecting with the divine after a very different human experience was fascinating Nimorel. It made me know how much wisdom was in a being. In a different phase to gain new experience, and choose to relax in some ways not normally done. Vice Verse to excel in spiritual excellence, which we all should do, when its new day dawning. Some did that from my observations.'

'Be that as it may,' replied Beyonce, flipping through and issue of Vogue. 'We need to be seen in style from time to time. To ensure our career works retain a decent selling point for the growing realm. Like doing a B-Ball shoot with Kanye. It's the logical thing do to. The Overseer and his great ancient buddy taking time out with the kids. It would accomplish both of your objectives, to be cool but also caring.'

'I'll think it over' replied Raphael.

'Fine,' said Nimorel. She continued reading the magazine. 'A fellow Seraphim has asked me out to a Zaphona City club tonight. You don't mind do you?'

'Sure, whatever,' replied Raphael, waving his twin away. 'Enjoy yourself.'

'I'll be going,' said Nimorel.

Raphael continued on with his work that morning, but after 10 minutes looked up in the direction which Nimorel had disappeared to and said 'Which Seraphim?' He was suddenly very suspicious.

The End

Mitraphon Magician's Club

'I am the Archimage,' said Raphael.

'What's this adventure then?' asked Talzudiel. 'Another your hairbrained D&D lame strolls through a mediocre landscape were Cleric Raphael trys to heal the poor lost souls.'

'Hardly,' replied Raphael. 'Nimorel has agreed to be Polgara the Sorceress.'

'And who are you?' asked Talzudiel.

'Belraphael, the hidden wizard of the Vale of Aldur. I was adopted by Beldin on one of his journeys and showed a passion for the will and the word. We are to explore some new caves in the south of the vale, after recent quakes, were were-ghouls have been showing up. It is a commision from Aldur to vanquish the fowl fiends.'

'Wonderful,' replied Talzudiel. 'No gold, but more XP. Should be fine.'

Raphael opened up the D&D box of 'Belgariad Chronicles', and they got to starting the game.

'You should note,' said Valandriel, the games master, that there is a goal to this mission. You must find the hearth of the were-ghouls lair and, be warned, you will likely need charms to assist you. There could be all sorts of Torakian curses present beneath.'

'Scary,' replied Talzudiel.

'You are only level 785,' said Valandriel. 'And you've been stuck there aeons, Talzudiel. 'You never join the fighting very much. Always letting Raphael and Nimorel do the hard work, and then you come in when they've nearly finished to do your bit. I'm surprised they tolerate you in their fellowship.'

'He's second rate. But useful at the end of the fight when we've had enough,' said Nimorel.

'And then he just gets a healing spell if he loses any health,' said Daniel. 'And comes out scott free after a while. Cheap points maker. Not guts, no glory Talzudiel.'

'But I live to fight another day,' replied Talzudiel. 'And you've been killed several times Daniel. You're only on level 234 at the moment. Years behind any real threat for your dimwitted Paladin.'

'Shut it,' replied Daniel. 'I died in glorious battles with Malloreon scum. You were hiding behing Polgara's skirt the whole time.'

'Children,' said Valandriel. 'Let us begin.'

And so Belgariad Chronicles: The Quest of the Were-ghouls, got started, and the animation was as lively as you could imagine.

The End