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A Jollicle for June

Wild Ride at 5

4 O'Clock 25

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Saruviel's Children of Men Multiverse

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(Further Material in Video Format at Comics, Coins, Stamps, Collectables & Gaming Youtube Channel.  This is Saruviel's Multiverse Universe 49.  It is created during the 'New Bridlington' era, which is volume 49 of the Angels Saga.  It is Accompaniment to New Bridlington, and what Saruviel is doing on the side at that time.)

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Jerahmeel up the Creek

'Slow day,' said Jerahmeel.

A jollicle sold.

'Slow day,' said Jerahmeel 5 minutes later.

'Learn to adapt,' replied Daniel the Seraphim, sitting in the front of Jerahmeel's Jollicles, with his laptop, typing.

'I feel like I'm up the creek without a paddle,' replied Jerahmeel. 'Back in New Bridlington, looking for a new zing, maybe a new thing, possibly a new fling.'

'Well get a sheila and cover her in bling, propose with a ring, and do the wild thing, and you feel fine and dandy,' replied Daniel. He returned to his typing.

'Slow day,' said Jerahmeel.

Daniel picked up his PC, and motioned to Jerahmeel. 'Put up a back in half an hour sign.'

Jerahmeel closed the store, put up the sign, and they started off for a walk. They came down the street, turned right, and walked across the road. Soon enough they were at the local Catholic school.

'Not much changes here,' said Daniel. 'Still a dark spirit. Still melancholic Babylon Whore.'

'I don't think it's really that bad in the end,' replied Jerahmeel. 'And, besides, it's a comforting spirit.'

'It is that,' said Daniel. 'Like Mary over there. She's peeling now, aeons old, but proud and strong.'

'It's long life paint,' said Jerahmeel. 'The store on our street down the road a bit supplies the stuff. Lasts trillions of years, but fades slowly.'

'I see,' replied Daniel, gazing at the statue of Mary. 'Let's go inside.'

'The Janitor should be in the Janitor's office on the weekend,' said Jerahmeel. 'He's also the security guard for the place.'

'Right,' replied Daniel.

They found the Janitor, who pushed some buttons on the control panel in his room, and said to them the doors could now be pushed open.

'Let's try the auditorium,' said Daniel.

They came into the auditorium at the front right of the school, behind the statue of Mary, and looked around. Typical school, all the standard seatings and lines on sport court and things.

'Where do those steps go?' asked Daniel.

'Toilets underneath and showers,' said Jerahmeel. 'Lots of them also.'

'Let's go,' said Daniel. They descended the stairwell, and came into a long corridor with toilets cells on one side, with showers further up. There were drinking fountains on the left side of the corridor which ran to the other end of the auditorium.

'Smells of shit,' said Daniel.

'They are not exuberant about cleaning it much,' replied Jerahmeel. 'A lot of New Bridlington has scungy bits. Not sure if it is so much laziness, just more of the way of life on this planet. They like melancholic life, and Babylon Whore appeals. Mainly because Revelation is a big study book here. To enjoy the spirituality of it all, mainly the Catholic way. They like to pretend to be whore babylon and the beast, to comfort protestant hard core believers a bit. Not even to humor them, but to go with the flow. A theologian told me the attitude is 'Ok Pentecost. If you insist we'll be the whore.'

'Turn the other cheek and go the extra mile stuff, huh?' queried Daniel.

'Pretty much,' replied Jerahmeel. 'They like the joke of it all as well. The mockery from some people when they visit is hilarious, as they get off on it. They love each other though. I've noticed that. Proddie Dogs usually go along to a catholic service, and they hug catholics here, understanding their state. It's a weird thing, but they like the lifestyle. It's a melancholy but its comfortable.'

'Right,' said Daniel. 'Interesting. Might keep that in mind.'

They moved on, and explored a bit more of the school, before returning to the janitor, and then returning to the store. Jerahmeel took down the sign, and soon a dozen people were coming in.

'Mary must have given you favour,' said Daniel.

'I suppose so,' replied Jerahmeel.

The end

Danielphon's Hidden Chamber

'I'll be out tonight,' said June Grey.

'Card Night again?' asked Janet, Danielphon's cook.

'As usual,' replied June. 'Curtis is starting to get a bit more friendly. Think's he'll get lucky, I think.'

'Have you spent any time on the Riddle this week?' asked Janet.

'A few hours. Thinking over page 17 at the moment. I'll crack Daniel's challenge. You wait and see. Worked out a lot of what I think he is driving at. Page 17 is stumping me though.'

'Hopefully we'll find where this chamber is. Once the riddle is cracked,' said Janet.

'Hopefully,' replied June.

She headed down to the port, and took the monorail into the main part of town. She was dressed in blue jeans that night, with a t-shirt and a sweater. Casual tonight. She was early. It was only 6:30, so she settled down in the canteen, and sipped on coffee for a while, looking at her mini-pc.

'Hey,' said Curtis Steel.

'Right,' she said.

Soon enough they were playing Bridge, the game for that month, and Curtis and June were partners.

'The riddle. I think I've worked out most of what he is on about,' said June.

'You've been at it a while,' replied Curtis. 'What exactly is in Danielphon's hidden chamber anyway?'

'That's a secret. Supposed to be a reward for our efforts,' replied June.

'Daniel's sarcasm. He's like that,' said Curtis. 'Thinks about different things at time to more regular folk.'

'Likes to be clever,' replied June. 'A thing for him.'

They continued playing cards, and the night passed. Soon enough they were out in the cold winter night, at the entrance to the club, Curtis having a smoke, and chatting mildly.

'You want to kiss me one of these days?' asked June.

'Soon enough I would imagine,' replied Curtis. 'We like it slow. We always have. But it has been working out well enough for a long time now. I don't think we need to interfere with things much. Life is good. We'll take our time.'

June waved to the taxi, and looked at Curtis. 'But don't take all eternity, ok.'

Curtis puffed on his ciggie.

Soon enough the Taxi pulled up in front of Danielphon, and June entered the security codes. She made her way to the kitchen, were Janet was dozing on a seat. She startled her, though, and Janet woke.

'Why do you always stay up late, Janet? I can take care of myself you know.'

'It's what I do,' replied Janet. 'It's my upbringing from mother and father. Do your job properly. It's just rubbed off. I know it's not really a major thing to people, but it's my way.'

'Fair enough,' replied June.

They sipped on Milo, and talked about the evening, and June was in bed soon enough, lookint at a photograph of Curtis.

'Just don't take forever,' she said to the picture, and put it away, snuggling down for her night's rest.

The End

Morning Stars: The Conundrum of Water

'Jollicles are made from water, of course,' said Jerahmeel, serving a customer. 'Flavour too, but water is the core element.'

'I would imagine,' replied Daniel, not looking up from his PC.

'Water is the stuff of life,' said Jerahmeel. 'Our bodies – large percentage of water.'

'I have a request from June Grey,' said Daniel to Jerahmeel. 'To come and visit. There is a guardian angel posted on Earth at various Intervention points now. The Paladins are handling the duty with a breed of Paladins who are Guardian Angel Paladins. Earth has been officially recognized by God has having enough eternity structure with enough long lifers on it now, that it has legal permission to interact with the spiritual universe.'

'Yep. Got the news last year,' said Jerahmeel. 'June is pretty. Very english looking lady.'

'Indeed she is,' replied Daniel.

Daniel had shown Jerahmeel some pictures of his recent ages on Earth, while in the Realm of Eternity, as they were discussing the impending life on New Terra 17 for the Morning Stars. All 70 male and all 70 female Seraphim were currently present in New Terra 17 in New Bridlington, as it was legally territory, as the planetary bodies in fact were, for all citizens of the realms to visit. That was ground were everyone could traverse.

'How she getting here?' asked Jerahmeel.

'Well she's legally old enough. Standard travel through the portals. She needs to be sighted by the Paladin Guardian Angel when she is ready to travel through, to assess her spiritual condition. Then she can come. I'm planning on letting her up, but I think she may as well come here to New Bridlington, as we're here for a millennia. No point in delaying too much.'

'It would be nice to meet her,' said Jerahmeel.

'She'll be travelling with Curtis Steel. Didn't have a picture of him, but I think I mentioned him.'

'Rings a bell,' said Jerahmeel.

'Water, of course,' said Daniel. 'The core of it is water transmogrification. All that a physical body needs for its spiritual life. Just a bit of its water essence when it tranforms.'

'In the blood, and in the whole body I guess,' said Jerahmeel.

'Who know how God does it,' replied Daniel.

'It's a conundrum. But that's life as a Morning Star. We encounter a lot of conundrums. Since Saruviel challenged Michael, they've never really ended.'

'No,' replied Daniel. 'I guess they haven't.'

Jerahmeel served another customer, and when he left, Jerahmeel came and sat down opposite Daniel.

'Have a jollicle,' he said.

'First one today,' said Daniel. 'No worries then.'

And they sat, and chatted lightly, and another day passed in the city of New Bridlington on New Terra 17.

The End

The Memorandum of Understanding in Battleground Eternya

'There are rules, you schmuck,' said Wolfgang the Theophany to Michael the Seraphim Angel of Eternity.

'I know,' said Michael, looking downwards.

'He barely comprehends it,' said Daniel the Seraphim. 'Most of us got that pretty damn quick. Especially at your own frikking hands, Mikey Dyke.'

'Go softly,' said Meludiel.

'Ambriel. He's not stupid,' said Daniel. 'Never really forgot that. Didn't end up sargeant dickhead because of it.'

Ambriel smiled a little, and Raphael poured himself a second glass of whiskey.

They were in council at the auditorium of the Catholic School in New Bridlington, on the weekend. It was being rented for the purpose of the meetings of the Morning Stars to discuss Battleground Eternya. The war in all things but physical conflict which was starting to brew up between Zionistya and Eternity. The mid ground was Eternya, and that was understood by all parties for the most part now.

'Look, I trust the spirit, that it will all work out in the end anyway,' said Michael. 'I think we probably had a promise of eternal life, so may as well be a schmuck early on for a while. Even some times later on.'

'I know your logic. Don't approve much,' replied Wolfgang. 'Like a world which doesn't have to go through too much anxiety.'

'Dimwit didn't get that point either,' said Daniel.

'I agree,' said Ambriel. 'But Michael is strong, and has his own way. He can tough it out, and Sheol doesn't really bother him, nor does isolation for a long time. My older brother likes extremes at times, Daniel.'

'But if he had any empathy he'd know, and care, that others aren't like him.'

'So what,' replied Michael.

'The point you aren't really getting,' said Wolfgang. 'Now, Battleground Eternya is going to have rules. And you are going to damn well stick with them son,' said the theophany, glaring at Michael.

'Fine. I've already agreed to that,' replied Michael.

'I never expect perfection, but it has to be good enough,' said God.

'I know. I know. Jesus,' replied Michael.

'Don't blaspheme,' said Meludiel.

Everyone, including God turned to look at Meludiel.

'Sorry. Force of habit,' replied Meludiel.

God shook his head, and turned to look at Michael. 'So think on those beans,' he said, and headed off to the back of auditorium to sit with Davriel.

'Such a saint, aren't we,' said Michael to Daniel.

'Fuck you Michael,' replied Daniel.

'Temper temper,' said Michael.

'Jerk,' replied Daniel.

'Leave it be,' said Ambriel to Michael. 'Come on Daniel. Let's go sit with Ariel.'

Daniel glared at Michael, who grinned back, but followed Ambriel's advice, and went off to sit with his twin.

And so the day went, and the following day that weekend, in the early initial discussions for the Memorandum of Understanding in Battleground Eternya.

The End

Phanuel and June Grey's Observations

'You don't see him like this much,' said Phanuel to June Grey.

'What? Flustered?' replied June.

'Not really flustered. He doesn't really get flustered. He doesn't really care enough to get flustered. Daniel just lets the issue drop. But, no mate. He's concentrating. Daniel doesn't do much of that. Doesn't need to much. Nobody challenges him much. Him and Valandriel usually have a hard core plan at work, their ValDan agenda, and they are making the moves, and people sort of watch amused. No, he's sitting there, thinking hard. You see it on his face. He's concentrating.'

'No, I disagree,' said Daniel at last.

'Who cares,' replied Michael.

'What, it's non-negotiable or something?' queried God to Michael.

'No. Nothing is really non-negotiable. Well, not much anyway. But they are my general terms. I'm working with legal, and I think those conditions are ethical enough.'

'They advantage you guys a lot,' said Daniel.

'Those moves are within our scope of knowledge and experience. We can maintain those institutions, and keep them going. They will be supported. We have Rabbinic Administrators who will like the work. They don't mind the flack, and they can maintain and grow those dominionships. The code of Noahidism worked out is in harmony with both Talmudic and Karaite principle, and there are no offensive procedures at work in the mission statements, as you can see. We can bloody well support, maintain and grow those degrees in Eternya, we have the manpower, and the skillpower in the manpower, and those inteactivity agendas are within our field of knowledge to negotiate and achieve. We can maintain the cause – not sure if your side can. You don't care enough. Not stubborn enough. And arguing moral rights for them to receive their natural faith first – we can offer better service, dude. We don't care very much in taking care of people a lot, and being fussy with them. Jews are servants of God. We do shit Noahides don't really want to do because they are too proud and too caught up in their own agendas. Tell me I'm wrong, Daniel San,' said Michael sarcastically.

'The ultimacy of knowledge in being part of the natural noahide society, is that you eventually get the strength to be your own person in your own identity, and people don't really want to be restricted by Sabbatarian duties that much in the end, Mike. You give a lot, but pushing the Sabbath so hard – try as you like people will probably even leave in the end anyway, coz you never get eternal commits. They ain't legal for you guys on us.'

'We'll maintain,' said Michael. 'We know how.'

'Fine,' said Daniel, signing the document. 'I doubt you'll hold on to this agenda. It'll fade.'

Michael took the signed document, showed it to God who nodded, stood, and walked off.

'14 degrees automatically granted?' queried God. 'Are you sure you want to relinquish so much?'

'They granted us 17. So I don't care. They'll never hold them.'

God looked after the departing Michael. 'He's stubborn as well, Daniel. He's stubborn as well.'

Daniel looked at Michael sitting with Davriel. 'We'll see.'

The End

A Jollicle for June

'Have a Jollicle,' said Jerahmeel to June.

June smiled and accepted the Jollicle, while Daniel typed.

'Going to the meeting again this weekend?' June asked Daniel.

'Not for a few years,' replied Daniel. 'I'm working on a protocol. Need to get it right before I present it.'

'You could miss a lot of what is going on,' said June. 'Firsthand witnesses of the Oblivion Tube Variants for Eternya.'

'Yeh, it's a lot of that,' said Jerahmeel. 'Oblivion Tube plans being moulded into the Battleground Eternya situation.'

'It's what they mostly seem to have,' said June. 'Using the old plans in this new challenge.'

'Who started this challenge?' Jerahmeel asked.

June looked at him. 'I think it was sensed, from what Daniel has been saying. Just things were said at times, and it became apparent they were gradually both looking at Eternya as a sort of defensive barrier for themselves.'

'Something like that,' said Daniel, closing his laptop. 'King David, mostly. He's got a lot of agro at Eternity. A lot of it. Wants to teach us a lesson.'

'He is like that,' said Jerahmeel. 'Old, hardy, full of pride, and not one to quit on what he wants and how he wants it. Wants Israel to be protected, and will work to achieve that.'

'Don't really get his problem,' said Daniel. 'We sort of just want peace and quiet from Jewish proselytization more than anything else. We don't care too much about them and their own dominion on things. Don't know why they can't just live and let live. Seems to be an ego at work, as if they have rights of Daniel 7 sovereignty or something.'

'I think it's that and chosen status mentalities, and stubbornness,' said June. 'They don't let the issue drop. Always go back to their core biblical narratives.'

'Mmm. Probably,' replied Daniel. 'What's in them I suppose.'

Nice Jollicle,' said June to Jerahmeel.

Jerahmeel winked at her. Another happy customer.

The End

Wild Ride at 5

'5 O'Clock,' said June.

'Indeed it is,' replied Curtis Steele.

'It's the Wild Ride,' she said. 'New Bridlington's major amusement park. With the Wild Ride Rollercoaster, and a park with a thousand attractions, or so the story goes.'

'Probably closer to about 3000 or so attractions,' said Jerahmeel. 'But who's counting.'

'Right,' said June.

They did the wild ride which ran around the rectangular park, which was on the eastern side of the central business district of New Bridlington, and around 6, after having cued for the ride for a while, and the dark starting to come in for the day, they found themselves to some fair floss and dagwood dogs, and a caramel latte, and sat on a bench, looking at all the pretty lights, and the people going to and fro for the friday night affair.

'Maybe a monorail wild ride around Earth's Realm of Eternity,' said June.

'Interesting idea,' replied Daniel. 'Not sure if Earth ROE is founded on that concept, and whether it would harmonize with its psychology so much. It's an endurance mentality for ROE, which accepts the slow learning theology of Earth to only increase a bit every phase of Utopia/Dystopia. It's meant to survive dystopia, and go on ticking, and endure that way. A commonality of cultural truths across historical chronologies, which means a lot of things don't float in the boat quite yet, till lessons are learned, supposedly, in the earth humanity psyche well enough.'

'It would be fun though,' replied June, taking a bite of fairy floss.

'Card Nights are the frills,' said Daniel. 'I want a stability factor like the agreement on a permanent UN for Earth,' said Daniel. 'An enduring into perpetuity stability factor. Have long term business ideas and plans for Earth. Will be there from time to time in future processes.'

'Pencil in a wild ride eventually then,' smiled June. She ate some fairy floss as Curtis nibbled on his dagwood dog. 'You know, I was nearing the end of your damn riddle.'

Daniel looked at her. 'You think you'll have your reward in the secret chamber of Danielphon soon then, do you?'

'I think I understand most of it. Stuck on page 17, but I think I've worked out your crypticities somewhat.'

Daniel nodded, and returned to looking at the coaster on the Wild Ride pass by on another run.

'The reward better be worth it,' said June. 'I'd imagine it's something amazing, right.'

'Let's hope so,' said Daniel.

'Millions of dollars in gems and gold or something, right Daniel?'

Daniel smiled at her.

'Won't divulge, huh?' she asked.

'Eat your floss,' said Daniel.

'Humph,' she replied.

They enjoyed the rest of the evening, and met up again with Jerahmeel, who had gone off wondering around the ground, before leaving, getting to the carpark, and heading off home. June had enjoyed herself, and while hopeful of maybe a hint of what the secret chamber might be garnered, no matter, as the surprise should be hopefully worth the struggle.

The End

4 O'Clock 25

June woke. The night had passed a bit, and she thought back on the Wild Ride. It had been a bit of a thrill, but she was full of a lot of energy on this holiday, and didn't need as much sleep, so she got up out of her hotel room bed, Curtis still asleep in the bed next to her, and wandered over to the window which looked out at the main street which ran through the centre of New Bridlington's CBD from East to West. She was further along to the west than Jerahmeel's Jollicles, further past some skyscrapers were businesses did their work, in a hotel on the southern side of the street, with Curtis. It was 4 in the morning, but it was a city, and she looked out at the street lights of the city, and a few souls wandering along the street. There was a bag lady, pushing a shopping trolley, looking pathetic as such denizens of cities like this often did, but she surmised the lady didn't really care that much. What she probably gravitated to in life because of her fallen lifestyle choices. Too much sin was probably in her. Unwilling to repent of a lot of things, because she didn't care, and like to be coarse in this or that way. She probably didn't even care about her current situation that much. She could be old. June knew that. Could be thousands of years old, or millions, and still didn't give a shit. Or she could be someone who came to New Terra 17, looking for opportunities in the early planetary bodies of the sequenced planets, were the real power was in the United Galaxy, coming with her family most likely, maybe even studied at the local Catholic School growing up or something, and life just hadn't really worked out that well so far. Or maybe she was thick or dumb or mentally impaired, or had just fallen on hard times recently due to losing her job or something. Who could really say. Of course, in time, the situation would probably be resolved. Some saint would probably take her aside, sort her out, and get her on a new plan. But in places like this, they just let people be a long time. Let them solve it themselves a lot of the time, in their own time and in their own way. As she watched, Rihanna and the Theophany of God came down the street towards the lady, God with a bottle of grog in his hands. They were obviously still enjoying the night. He was staying in the same hotel with her at the moment, lodging here with his duties at the Seraphim council to discuss affairs on the realm of Eternya. She watched as God stopped, looked at the bag lady, fished into his wallet and gave her a few bucks. He then patted her on the back, and it appeared he was speaking some encouraging words to her. Then he and Rihanna moved on, further down the street, while the old lady appeared to be counting the dollars. Fascinating, thought June. She left the window, and sat down on the couch.

'Watch some TV if you can't sleep, but keep it low,' said Curtis.

'Aye,' replied June.

She flicked on the TV with the remote. Satan came up with 'The 666 Comedy Hour' and, despite really thinking she should know better, enjoyed some of the devilish comedy as the night rolled on.

The End

The ValDan Agenda: The Seraphim Michael Protocols

'He's not worth a lick of spit,' said Daniel. 'His banal life of blandness, mediocrity, unpleasantness, predictability, sterility of cool, and various other derogative characteristics makes him completley unworthy of us bothering with much of a protocol statement.'

'Yet he leads them, and technically us at times, and we've never really agreed to targeting people individually, as it's not terribly kind or ethical to be vindictive or treat someone as a special case, or put them on a pedestal, or imply that they are a threat or competition or something we should have a concern of justice about, or the like. They should be free from being singled out. That's not fair, is it Daniel?'

'No. Systems are judged, not individuals. Not by DanVal agendas. We don't have a go at people. It's unkind, and we want what is best for society. Not to embarrass people.'

'Well, Michael is going to have to get the treatment,' said Valandriel. 'I was watching, like you, and his rationality for why he goes slack at times has been measured up by myself against his long witness of mostly regular and decent enough law abiding behaviour, and I have concluded he probably has eternity in him, and his status probably won't change in the end. Zionistya will probably always accept the schmuck as bossman alongside their other patriarchal glories, so we make a protocol to deal with his psychology on things, his general attitude, and his gameplan that we suspect in how he goes about Battleground Eternya.'

Daniel glared at Valandriel, and went and looked out the window of Jerahmeel's Jollicles upper flat, atop the store, where Jerahmeel resided with his twin when in town. God was walking down the street with Rihanna, late in the evening. Nearing 4 in the morning at the moment. He and Valandriel had been up late, discussing things.

'We don't inflate egos,' said Daniel. 'They'll think themselves the king or something. We target systems for our relational activities in our agendas, and we leave people alone. I mean, a personal notebook on how to relate to a friend or something, that's ok. But we're an official partnership which has multivarious concerns on society, and Michael shouldn't have to put up with us having such a concentrated focus on him. He shouldn't have to put up with an organized approach to sorting out the Archangel Michael. It can be confronting, and he likes to think he's a good person also, as a lot do, and not be represented as such a problem to the world.'

Valandriel stroked his chin. 'It's more of what Michael will do to the world, and his plans and attitudes for this Eternya Campaign. He has a lot of power Daniel San. We probably really should address it. None of this is personal or against his personal estate or family. We're not targeting Michael's affluence. Just his impact.'

'I'll think it over,' replied Daniel. He looked at his brother. 'But I'll expect a preamble which carefully delineates why we feel this can be justified, and explain what we just said. Relate it a lot to his power and the institutions he can utilize, and it becomes less of a concern to me.'

'Will do,' said Valandriel, and turned to his laptop. Daniel continued watching God walk down the road, stopping with a lady pushing a trolley and giving her some money by the looks of it, before he turned from the window, went off to his bed, and laid down.

'I need sleep, bro,' said Daniel.

'I'll wake you at 11,' said Valandriel.

And Daniel soon was asleep, dreaming his dreams, as the night wore on.

The End

Valandriel the Supermodel

June tried pooing. Fuck, it was frustrating. What the hell had she eaten last night? It was a frikking rock in her bowels or something. She looked at the toilet door, in the toilet cell she was in, underneath the auditorium in the catholic school in New Bridlington CBD. It was covered in schoolkid graffiti. All sorts of rude words were written there, and coarse poetry. She read a line. 'That's fucking disgusting,' she said. 'Satan's comedy hour isn't half as rude, mother Mary. Jesus.' Finally, she shat, found no toilet paper, but decided to not give a damn, pulled up her pants, and exited the toilet. She came to a tap, turned it on, and no water. She tried another. No water. 'Fucking wonderful' she said. She climbed the steps, but didn't go into the auditorium, but walked out onto the grass playing field in the middle of the school, and wiped her hands on the grass. Coming into the auditorium, while lunch was in progress, she purchased a bottle of water from the canteen, and carefully washed her hands, using a tissue to dry them. An announcement came over the speakers. 'The water is now reconnected. Had to turn it off for 15 minutes for plumbing concerns. Sorry for any inconvenience.' It was the voice of the Janitor. June felt a little nonplussed. She found her way over to her table, and sat down, looking at Daniel and Valandriel, who had a notebook on the table, staring at each other.

'No,' said Valandriel at last.

'It's a good idea,' said Daniel.

'It's a bloody horrible idea,' said Valandriel. 'It's not even a bloody Oblivion Tube idea.'

'What are you talking about?' asked June.

'Daniel's new plan on Eternya. He has a cultural product he thinks can work for us. It's just a bit too crude as far as I am concerned.'

'What does it involve?' asked June.

'Not technically naked, but Valandriel being a pretty boy glamour model, and pushing himself into the hearts of Eternya. 'Seraphim Valandriel in the buff,' said Daniel. 'And I'll get Sharakondra to handle it, and also model with him. I mean, he's an attractive enough man. He's no supermodel or hunk, but his actual face and body, well he's a good looking Dutchman.'

'Oh, he's handsome enough,' said June, smiling at Valandriel.

'Yep,' replied Daniel. 'And his physique is decent. A bit of working out, and with his curly hair, you know, I think the ladies might like him somewhat. We could push a Valandriel magazine thing, and all sorts of stuff, and make him a bit of an icon in Eternya. He has enough fame at number 12 on the Seraphim list of Eternity that it should be a bit of a goer.'

'It's too damn commercial. Too damn whore babylon like this place,' replied Valandriel. 'I am an angel, and it's not in my makeup that much.'

'Makeup could be good too,' said Daniel.

'I think I know some man's cosmetics which would work for you,' said June.

'There you go. It's a winner,' said Daniel.

'The ValDan agenda will not stoop so low,' replied Valandriel. 'It's not me. Too crass. Too commercial. We don't need to get ahead by that way.'

'No. No. Maybe not,' said Daniel. 'It was an idea.'

'I think it's a good idea,' said June. 'People like models and they like role models. A sexy Valandriel who cares a lot could work for a lot of people. It would actually probably be appreciated. If you do it properly.'

Valandriel looked at June. 'You think so?'

'Well, there you go,' said Daniel.

'If you dye your hair with tinges of blonde,' said June.

Valandriel touched his hair. 'I don't know,' he said.

'Write it down,' kemosabe. 'We'll think it over, and discuss gradually. If you think you might be able to stomach it, I'll back up with some of my own work a little as well. Not let you take all the heat.'

'For that, ok. I'll run with it,' grinned Valandriel. 'Anything to see Daniel on the catwalk.'

'Very funny,' said Daniel.

'Meow,' said June.

Everyone laughed.

The End

Samson's Danite Solution

'We don't have a letter addresseed to 'Almighty God's Judge and Sovereign Strength of Israel, the Mighty Samson,' said the postal worker in New Bridlington CBD Post Office, to Samson the Danite.

'By Jehovah's Mighty Breath you should,' said the Danite. 'It should verily be here by now.'

'I can check again,' said the postman.

'If you would be so kind,' said Samson.

Samson leaned against the postbench, and waved at a couple of people in the post office who apparently recognized him.

'We do have this?' said the postman suddenly.

Samson turned. 'What is it?'

'It is addressed to 'That Fowl Serpentine Danite'.

'Yes, that would be Delilah's sense of humor,' replied Samson, and took the letter.

'Have a nice day,' said the Postman.

Samson walked out on the street and made his way back to the Catholic School. He came into the auditorium, and sat down next to Archangel Michael.

'I have the letter,' he said.

'Read salient points,' said Michael.

'Exclusive Covenantal Rights of the Tribe of Dan in Judgement on Israel in Certain Eras of History. Exclusive Sovereign Rights to Make Vetoes on Israelite Protocols at times according to the will of the Tribe of Dan.'

'That will do,' said Michael. 'It's got his Seal, hasn't it?'

Samson showed Michael the Seal of God on the document.

Michael stood and walked over to Daniel and Valandriel's table, who were in discussion.

'Read this dimwit,' Michael said to Daniel.

Daniel reviewed the document. 'Interesting,' he said, and looked up at Michael. 'What of it?'

'Samson has declared us as functioning under the Noahide Covenant legally for the next half a process, as Dan has claimed rulership for this time. He has veto rights to act in the tribe of Dan's preferences at times. Levi has to submit for a while.'

'You're going to be Noahides for half a process?' asked Valandriel.

'We'll honour all negotiations here,' said Michael. 'But they only apply on covenantal terms of Sinai's covenant for Israel. Under Noahide status, we got some new plans buddy.'

And Michael skidaddled.

'Dafuq we going to do about that?' Valandriel asked Daniel.

'I don't know,' replied a very confused Seraphim.

The End

Jerahmeel's Jollicle Problem

'The problem, is this, Valandriel,' said Jerahmeel, lifting up a Jollicle with another Jollicle frozen on to it.

'That's not too much of a problem,' replied Valandriel.

'This is,' said Jerahmeel, and picked up from behind the counter a stack of maybe 70 or so frozen Jollicles all stuck together.

'I see,' said Valandriel.

'I'll give you a free gellato if you separate them all, Valley Boy,' said Jerahmeel.

'Make it a coffee and cake,' said Valandriel.

'Done,' replied Jerahmeel, and came around from the counter, plonking the frozen Jollicles in front of Valandriel and Daniel.

'Don't eat any,' said Jerahmeel. 'Or no cake.'

'I won't,' replied Valandriel.

'Look at this Val,' said Daniel.

Valandriel looked. God was standing with Michael in front of the local Catholic Church, in front of the statue of Mary, both of them with their arms crossed, trying to look impressive. The caption read 'Theophany in Business with Michael of Eternit'.

'They've started a New Bridlington company,' said Daniel.

'Right,' replied Valandriel. 'Should we be concerned.

'Fantasy Maps Universal,' said Daniel. 'Classic maps of fantasy novel worlds, signed by the Authors, and done as large wall coverings, put on expensive stuff like linoleum and things.'

Valandriel looked at Daniel as he began separating the Jollicles. 'We don't have that industry covered. Not specifically Fantasy Maps. Just maps in general.'

'Pretty much,' replied Daniel, looking at the article. 'Problem is, that is not even really a niche in the end. Well, I mean, it is a niche, but it's a pretty major niche. Practically an industry. Fantasy novels are big business.'

'Do we need to respond?' queried Valandriel.

'We set the trend we set,' said Daniel,looking at the newspaper. 'We don't really compete, but aim to make ourselves prosperous in life and do good things for the world. Israel has been an issue we've had to counter at times, but not directly competing with them. They're allowed to make a living with their own initiatives like everyone else.'

'Right,' said Valandriel. 'No matter then.'

'But it is food for thought,' said Daniel.

'Here is your cake and coffee,' said Jerahmeel, placing carrot cake and a latte in front of Valandriel

'Done most of them now,' said Valandriel. 'Not hard the work.'

Jerahmeel gathered up the Jollicles and took them back behind the counter.

'Michael is moving and shaking,' said Valandriel.

Daniel continued looking at the article. 'Indeed,' he finally replied.

The End

The Chicken Chow Mien

'I'll have the chicken chow mien,' said Ariel.

'Ooh, I'll have that too,' said Jessica Daly.

'I'll have beef black bean,' said Mike Morris, husband of Ariel the Seraphim, whose human name was Keri Noble.

'What about you?' Ariel asked her twin Daniel.

'Michael Stir fried,' replied Daniel.

'You always are up your arse about Archangel Michael, Daniel,' said Ariel. 'You can't ever give the scmuck a break? He's only a jew doing what jew does.'

'Hey, he's a great angel,' said Mike.

'You would say that,' said Daniel.

'Funny. I guess,' replied Mike, picking up a bread roll and buttering it.

'You don't like their new freedom, huh?' queried Ariel, nibbling on a bread roll.

'Not sure if I really object, in the end,' said Daniel. 'They are Noahides as well. Biologically and spiritually enough. The Rainbow Torah is the foundation of the Tanakh and rainbows appear in Israel also. No, they are entitled to this Danite phase if they really want to. I think I would acknowledge it as their human right to be part of humanity. Just going to have to negotiate with Michael a more civilized cooperation period. While they are in this phase we have no excuses not to get along.'

'Nice to hear,' said Ariel, sipping on some cola.

'Dan's been going on about that with Valandriel all week,' said Jessica, Daniel's wife. 'If they mean it, then they best accept each other.'

'Oh? Really?' said Ariel.

'I'm not racist, you know,' said Daniel. 'It's nothing personal with Israel. It's covenantalism, not racism.'

'Yes. You say that,' replied Ariel.

'I don't mind Jewish people if they want to accept us and not be so separatist,' said Mike. 'When they decide to be part of humanity, hey, no problem. Pass the beer and we'll have a game of pool.'

'Yeh,' said Daniel. 'That's probably the way to go with Michael in fact. He likes a bit of grog. He's no drunkard much, but he likes the good stuff. Think I might invite him over to the hotel for a meal. Him, Elenniel, me and Valandriel.'

'I'll cook,' said Jessica.

'As long as it's not chicken chow mien,' said Daniel. 'It's taking forever.'

'We haven't ordered yet,' said Jessica.

Daniel looked at Jessica, then looked around a sec, coming to his senses. 'Ah, yeh. No, we haven't, have we.'

'It's playing on your mind, isn't it?' Ariel said to Daniel.

'Looks like it,' said Mike, sipping on his beer.

'Yeh. Just thinking that I claim to do the right thing when it comes right down to it.'

'Then there you go,' said Ariel. 'Do the right thing.'

'Sounds good,' said Jessica.

'The way to go,' said Mike.

'Yep, the way to go,' said Daniel, looking at the menu, but still not reading it, his mind, as always thinking everything over.

The End


Ariel's song 'Japan' under her name 'Keri Noble' was playing on the CD player in the hotel room. Keri was sitting on the couch in the corner, Valandriel and Daniel sitting on the double seater, and Michael on the bed. Jessica was in the kitchenett, finishing the meal. Only basic pastries bought from the supermarket down the road. They were done. She brought them out of the oven, and handed the pasties and pies around.

'It's always been cool,' said Michael, laying down on the double bed. 'This song, Arres.'

'Yeh. It's got that mood about it,' said Ariel.

Daniel got up from the couch, came over to the bed, and started massaging Michael's head. 'I am an expert frenologist. You have an incredibly low IQ,' Daniel said. Ariel giggle.

'It's a Jewish mind,' said Michael. 'Adaptions have to be made. We do more with less.'

'Yes. You would need to,' replied Daniel, and went back to his seat.

'Read my brain, Daniel,' said Jessica, sitting on the kitchen seat.

Daniel stood and came over to Jessica, and put his hands on her head. 'Ooh. Very sensitive in the end. Not timid, but very aware personality. Aware of everything she is about in life.'

'Awareness I value,' said Michael, staring at the ceiling.

'Gabriel also,' said Valandriel, nodding to himself.

'We should go to Japan on New Terra,' said Jessica.

Daniel looked at her with uncertainty.

'Sounds good,' said Michael, now throwing a little beanbag up in the air and catching it when it descended.

'Yeh, whatever,' said Ariel, who had a tan hoodie on, looking down.

'You're in a sombre mood,' said Jessica, looking at her.

Ariel looked up and looked at Jessica. 'We're happy,' she said.

Jessica looked at Ariel, and at Michael throwing the beanbag in the air and catching it, and Daniel, lost in thought, and Valandriel, an amused look on his face, going through an internal joke.

'Obviously,' said Jessica. 'A Seraphim think I suppose.'

'Something like that,' said Michael.

'Bring Mike,' said Daniel to Ariel. 'He gets on ok with us.'

'No problem,' said Ariel.

'Next year,' said Michael. 'If nobody objects I'll plan it all out. Like just in my regular Daniel Rothchild persona.'

'No problems,' said Valandriel.

Jessica looked around the room, and listened to the music. They were happy. Amusing.

The End

Mr Hoskins

'Any way, what is your name postman?'

'New Bridlington Postal Officers are all known as 'Mr Hoskins' or 'Miss Hoskins',' replied the postal officer.

'Right,' said Michael. 'What is your real name?'

'Those details are private. They are not required legally to be disclosed.'

'Ok. Fine. Does the postal officer Mr Hoskins have a postal officer first name?'

'Dick or Frank. We answer to both. And women are Rachel or Francine,'replied the Postman.

'Right. Dick. Get this straight,' said Michael. 'I don't like beetroot stains on my letters. Invariably they come with beetroot stains. 9 times out of 10. You guys have serious problems, you know.'

'Legal policy of New Bridlington, I'm afraid,' said Mr Hoskins. 'When dealing with Jewish Torah people. Stained letters most of the time. Can't do anything about it.'

Michael stared at Mr Hoskins in unbelief. 'It's legal policy?'

'Of New Terra 17. Officially we're legally a Catholic planet. Our constitution requires a degree of hostility towards non-Catholic people. Nicene creed protestants are accepted, but the rest get the cold shoulder at times, and hostility. Veiled, of course. We stay legal internationally and universally.'

Michael continued glaring at the post officer, then came to his senses. 'Is this a Jesus thing? Did he get this going?'

'Papal degree from one of the popes,' said Mr Hoskins. 'This is not technically our turf. Legally we are the citizens, and we pass the laws as appropriate. Any universal citizen can buy land and property on New Terra 17 if they wish to. We don't exclude anyone from starting businesses either. And we support them as well. We just rub them the wrong way legally a bit. To piss them off. Nothing much personal. We love as our core Catholic policy. It's just to piss you off.'

'You're doing a fucking good job at that,' replied Michael.

The postal officer gave Michael a wry grin in response.

'I should launch an international class action against this abuse,' said Michael.

'You won't succeed,' said the Postman. 'Many have tried, but no success. We have human rights to form our own society structures in democracy according to our passions and feelings somewhat if we choose to. Jesus likes to mock you guys a bit, and that is the way it is Archangel Michael. He is trying to offend you a bit and your stickler way of going about legalism.'

'I see,' replied Michael. 'I know the gospel. And this is how you do it? Beetroot stains.'

'Poo, if we really want to make an issue of something.'

'Charming,' replied Michael. He leaned against the post bench, and looked at the store. 'You guys like to throw a bit of shit, but you will act legally with us, and respect our rights, I take it?'

'Oh, we abide by the law of the land. We're Christians. We believe in being moral. We have a point we are making with this attitude. Don't forget your humanity and care. Very cold, we often find Jewish people. You. Nothing personal at all with you at all Michael. Just in your reprsentative duty. You are lovely and warm and friendly. We like you a lot. But Israel's spiritual love temperature is still not get enough in our Catholic view of you all. So you get a little bit off the ruff stuff at times.'

'And if we improve this attitude?' queried Michael.

'We respond as appropriate. Jesus has some issues with Israel, and will continue the stick until you learn your lesson and respect his Lordship on these issues.'

'His Lordship on these issues?'

'Jesus Christ is the moral ruler of Gospel teaching. It's his domain of authority. It is part of Israel, and he is Messiah of Israel on Gospel doctrines. Nobody else can claim moral rights against Jesus and his tradition on his theological strands.'

'Nor would we,' said Michael. 'We respect his gospel teachings. Messiah is a bit rich, though.'

'He is the authority of doctrine on Gospel knowledge. There is only so much knowledge in thought and syntax, and Jesus has authority on his patch. It qualifies with the Church, upon much discussion, as Messiah level of authority for the Israelite people on this area of knowledge. Jesus claimed this knowledge. It's morally and legally his.'

'I'll accept those claims. On that argument,' said Michael. 'Reasonable to demand he has sovereign rights with his own area of knowledge.'

'So expect the stains,' said Mr Hoskins. 'Is there anything else?'

Michael looked at the postman, sighed, and exited the post office. Jesus the Messiah of Gospel Knowledge. You learnt something new every day.

The End

Japan 2

'I always found Mr Hoskins quite hospitable,' said Daniel the Seraphim. 'I never get beetroot stains.'

'They probably don't have a grudge against you,' replied Michael. 'On guard.'

Daniel wacked Michael on the side with the martial arts beam.

'You have to go hard core, don't you,' replied Michael. 'Can't we do this gracefully for once?'

They resumed their start position. 'On guard,' said Michael.

Daniel sat down and took out a copy of Morning Stars from his knapsack. He started reading.

'You call that gracefully?' asked Michael.

'Claim the point,' replied Daniel, reading his book. 'I don't care for someone who wants to dictate to the other. But you're such a Jew that way. Telling people what to do and think on morals all the time. I like my own style. I've agreed to this abomination of a holiday with a fallen Seraphim called Michael, as I acknowledge your human rights. It doesn't change the truth of things.'

Michael disappared off to the back of the room and sat down with Ariel.

'He's stubborn,' said Michael.

'He makes his points just as much as the rest of us,' replied Ariel. 'Why do you delight in trying to prove him wrong all the time? Daniel gets that a lot. People try and prove him wrong.'

Michael opened his mouth and put up his hand but then closed it. 'I don't,' he replied.

'7 Laws of Noah are invented,' replied Ariel.

'Nothing to do with me,' replied Michael.

'Shows the contrary nature of Jewish people' said Ariel. 'Lie to get their way. Commit abomination to get their way. Just to have a go.'

'He is a pain in the neck,' said Michael, and picked up a can of cola.

'Then work out why you piss him off so much,' replied Ariel.

Michael sipped on his cola, glaring at Daniel reading Morning Stars. 'Fine,' he said at last. 'I'll think it over.'

'It's all he would ask. If he could care anymore,' replied Ariel.

Michael glared at Daniel. And just sipped more cola.

The End

Japan 3

'I'm turning Japanese, I really think so,' said Valandriel. He pushed away the copy of an Akira Manga comic, and came and sat down on the couch in his and Daniel's hotel room.

'What are you doing?' Valandriel asked Daniel.

'Researching cotton,' said Daniel.

'Right,' said Valandriel, nodding his head. He sat there, and picked up his glass of water, and drank a little. 'Why cotton?' he asked.

Daniel looked at his older brother. 'We're supposed to be educated,' he replied.

Valandriel got down back on the carpet and started reading the Akira comic again. 'Educated,' he said softly to himself. 'Lord Smartarse thinks we should be educated.'

'I heard that,' said Daniel.

'Shove your education, buddy,' said Valandriel, and stood. 'I'm going off to chase geisha girls with Michael. It's 6 and I could use an Asian Hooker. Don't wait up.'

Valandriel disappeared. Daniel sighed. He continued reading the wikipedia article on cotton. After a few hours of reading about textiles, he got up and got out the buns and the cheese from the fridge. Putting the cheese on the buns, he put them under the griller and waited. Soon enough his cheese on toast was ready, and he put the buns on a plate, and started eating them. He clicked on to youtube, and started watching some videos on 'Go Collect' on youtube. The night passed with Daniel watching videos on comics. Around midnight Valandriel stumbled in. Drunk.

'I got laid,' he said.

'Obviously,' replied Daniel.

'Michael was with 2 gay fellas. I don't know what they got up to.'

'Michael likes a lot of alternatives these days,' said Daniel.

'Ariel left at 9. Said it wasn't her scene any more.'

'Right,' said Daniel.

'Jessica? Where is she?'

'She's at the local library, looking at some books in Japanese. It's open till midnight. She should be back soon.'

'Right,' said Valandriel. He looked at the single bed next to Daniel and Jessica's double bed, and collapsed on it. Soon he was snoring. Daniel covered him with a doona, and went back to his videos. At half past 12 Jessica came in.

'He looks wasted,' she said.

'He is,' replied Daniel.

She kissed Daniel on the forehead. They both showered, and got into bed.

'Interesting night?' he asked her.

'Karate styles in the 23rd century. What I read about,' she said. 'And a comic in Japanese on the Ninja Turtles.'

'You had a good time then?' he said.

She kissed him on the cheek, and settled down. Daniel looked at his brother, gave thought to Michael's current shenanigans, and went to sleep. And another day passed for the children of destiny.

The End

Japan 4

'These are the waterfalls of Shi,' said the tour guide, Miyoko. 'Shi is Japanese for Death. There have been many Japanese maidens who have tossed themselves from the top of these falls into the waters below in honour of their family name for sundry reasons. All across Japan they come here to do this deed. They taste Sheol many centuries, and they come back, atoned. Usually for adultery and other things.'

'Fascinating,' said Daniel.

'You should toss yourself in,' said Ariel.

Daniel looked up to the top of the falls. 'But I'm scared of heights. Besides, those ways are in the past.'

'Actually,' said Valandriel, licking an ice cream. 'That's true now about Daniel san. He doesn't do that stuff anymore since a commitment sank in. Me, I've got a bit of wild seed to now finally sow, getting some stuff off my chest, but I've allowed myself a season and a time, and then it's me, Elsabel, an occasional visit to my concubine Ursula Sanchez, and nothing else.'

'You have a concubing now?' queried Ariel.

'I didn't mention it?' said Daniel. 'No, I guess I hadn't.'

'Yeh. She lives in Zaphona City now. From the 'Universe' place of Saruviel's multiverse.'

'I see,' said Ariel.

'Can we frikking go back to Tokyo,' said Michael, coming up to the group with Jessica. 'I want to revisit some gay buddies of mine.'

'I didn't know gay was your new lifestyle choice,' said Ariel.

'Hey. When in Rome. Besides, we don't get up to stuff like that too serious. There are chicks they also hang around, and wild fun is the name of the game.'

'I'm sure Elenniel would approve,' reproved Ariel.

'What she don't know won't hurt her,' replied Michael. He looked at Daniel. 'Had your fill of sightseeing? Back to the Neon lights?'

'We'll go back later in the day. We'll get back to Tokyo around 9pm, and you can go off for the rest of the evening,' replied Daniel. 'And take Valandriel with you to continue his seed sowing.'

'Sounds good,' said Valandriel, licking on his ice cream.

'Michael has a 6 inch dick,' said Jessica.

'Is that what he told you,' said Ariel, looking judgmentally at Michael.

'He showed it to me, and pulled it a bit till it got hard. Looked 6 inches,' replied Jessica.

Daniel glared at Michael.

'Hey, I'm not coming on to the chick,' replied Michael. 'She's your woman, but she's married to a Seraphim now, and you guys have been married for a hell of a long time now. Look's like she's permanent Seraphim company, so I took a few liberties.'

Daniel continued glaring at Michael, and looked at the waterfalls. He took a photograph.

'I'll sign it,' smiled Ariel. 'Daniel's Fear.'

'Funny,' replied Daniel. Ariel laughed. Michael complained that he needed to shag a geisha well before 9. The day passed.

The End

NT17 Spaceport New Terra 16

NT17 Spaceport on New Terra 16 was the official place of departing New Terra 16 heading for New Terra 17. There was a chain, and you often followed it, up and down. It was called 'Doing the Chain' or 'Runing the Chain'. It was political, ideological and transport driven. The official hierarchical travel route for running the Sequences of New Terra, as every named planetary body also likewise had. Ramiel the Seraphim was at the Spaceport NT17 on New Terra 16. He had just bought some copies of 'Celtic Warriors of New Terra 16', a comic he collected, the 'Celtic Warriors' comic, and while by the time New Terra 16 had showed up in creation and been settled, a great deal of knowledge had come and gone, there were still original concepts in New Terra 16 life, and these had been imparted somewhat into the Celtic Warriors of New Terra 16 comic, alongside much other of the planets original cultural offerings.

'Yo. Daniel,' said Ramiel. 'What are you doing here?'

'We're returning to New Terra 17,' replied Daniel the Seraphim. 'We ran the chain from New Terra returning. Thought it a good idea.'

'Righty O,' said Ramiel, looking at Ariel coming into view and sitting down next to Daniel, soon followed by Jessica Daly, Michael and Valandriel. 'Did you have a good time?' Ramiel asked Daniel. Michael gave Ramiel a 'Don't even bother asking look,' to which Ramiel replied 'Oh. No worries.'

'We're on the next flight,' said Daniel.

'Me too,' replied Ramiel. 'I'll arrange to sit with you guys if possible.'

'Coolio,' replied Daniel.

Later, on board the return flight to New Terra 17.

'It looks pretty cool,' said Daniel, regarding the handful of comics Ramiel had. 'Never actually collected New Terra 16 stuff very much yet. Hardly ever get there.'

'I've read two of them,' said Ramiel. 'They have original concepts somewhat and stories. Feels like New Terra 16 as well, the ambience. They're ok.'

'Will probably have to check them out,' replied Daniel. 'Big fan of Celtic Warriors.'

'Yeh,' replied Ramiel. Ramiel looked at Michael, who had his head back in his seat, with black eye coverings covering his eyes. 'He looks as if he's had more than enough.'

'He ran into a couple of Sodom's favourites, and they ended up running him ragged. Par for the course, I told him. He just glared at me.'

Ramiel chuckled. 'Run with the wolves...'

'And they often bite,' replied Daniel. 'Still, I doubt he'll change his ways. He's slipped into this 'fuck it all' mentality for a while now. Enjoying the unlimited graces of Jehovah.'

'Aren't we all,' replied Ramiel.

'I guess so,' said Daniel, returning his focus to the comic.

'Yeh' said Ramiel. He looked out the window, smiled a bit at the situation, and laid back in his seat, happy with the company, and his acquisitions, and looking forward to getting back to New Terra 17 and the current deliberations on the future of the Realm of Eternya.

The End

Ramiel and Sachiel

Ramiel the Cherubim walked into the Catholic school, returned from his holiday on New Terra 16 to buy comics, and came inside the auditorium, going over to the side where Semyaza and Sachiel were seated, chatting.

'Yo,' said Ramiel.

'I've been praying they have some prosperity for Eternya in all their machinations of rule,' said Sachiel.

'Innocents not to get caught up in warring realms and be forgotten, huh?' replied Ramiel.

'Something like that,' said Sachiel.

'I think prayer breathes our concerns into God's attention at times,' said Ramiel.

Nearby the theophany of God, talking with Michael, turned and looked at Ramiel.

'He's looking at you Rams,' said Sachiel.

'He probably is coveting the Celtic Warriors comics in my satchel,' replied Ramiel.

God came over.

'Those Celtic Warriors of New Terra 16 comics. I'll offer you triple price guide for 2 of them,' said the Theophany. 'So busy, hard to get to that planet at times.'

'Quadruple,' said Sachiel on Ramiel's behalf.

'You stay out of this Cherubim,' said the Theophnay, glaring at Sachiel.

'My my, the father of glory senses we're on to him,' quipped Sachiel. 'Feathering his nest and he doesn't want to get busted for smooth moves.'

'Pretty much,' agreed Ramiel. 'I did the dogbodys work tracking them down Father. Quadriel, as Sach says.'

God glared at Sachiel, and wipped out his laptop. He quoted a figure which was according to standard price guides for the 2 he wanted, and at Quadruple their value. Ramiel assented. God clicked some buttons. 'The transfer has gone in. Check on your bank account.'

Ramiel opened up his laptop, and shortly confirmed the cash was in.

'Here, old man. Guess I've got a return visit next week,' said Ramiel, handing over the comics.

God grunted, and returned to his seat with Michael.

'He's all heart,' said Sachiel.

'Probably worth it, though. Quite a few credits that much. Getting ahead a bit,' replied Ramiel.

'Don't let it go to your head,' replied Sachiel.

And the day passed.

The End

End of the Conference

Michael signed the last document, and God put on the seal. Conference finished. They could all go their separate ways. Resolutions on Eternya were made, understandings were given, agreements were reached. The Battleground was set.

'We do nothing till this Danite fiasco is finished,' said Daniel. 'Won't play any cards while they'll excuse themselves.'

'My thinking too,' replied Valandriel. 'Let them make whatever moves they want to make.'

'Till then I'm playing Monopoly in Danielphon with Jessica each afternoon, and spending the morning with the classics. Quiet time for half a process. Reflection. Think I'll work on updating the Chronicles with what we've been through for a while now.'

'I intend to settle in with my new concubine and enjoy bus trips around Zaphona City, and undertake a standard course of learning the businesses of Zaphona City. Their released data to the general public.'

'We've done that a few times,' smiled Daniel.

'Always important to update, as life usually moves on somewhat, and business plans tend to change regardless,' replied Valandriel.

Michael came over to the two of them. 'We're starting a kosher restaurant chain in Eternya. It's called 'Joolicious'. Should be huge.'

'Oh, the name's a winner,' said Valandriel sarcastically.

'It's all that and more,' mocked Daniel.

'Should redefine the industry,' said Valandriel.

'Take it by storm,' said Daniel.

'You know, when the votes eventually come in, despite Azrael and Cosadriel working their ass off for the glory, world's biggest dickheads. You two. A shoe in,' retorted Michael.

'As long as we're Jooliciously fed dickheads, who cares,' mocked Daniel.

'Go to hell,' replied Michael and wandered off.

'Oh well,' said Daniel. 'Never mind.'

'Joolicious. They literally did it. Scraped the bottom of the barrel. That one? Right at the bottom. Very bottom,' said Valandriel.

'Sad thing is,' said Daniel.

'It will probably be a success,' replied Valandriel knowingly.

'Aint that the way,' replied Daniel. 'Well, never mind.' He looked at his brother. 'You know, kemosabe. This has been a pretty good year, all things considered. More to come, we're not done yet, but again. I appreciate you Valandriel. I appreciate you.'

Valandriel came over to Daniel and wacked his arm on Daniel's shoulders. 'You too buddy. You too.'

And so, the conference coming to an end, Daniel and Valandriel got back to their currently planned routine of things and life, as they say, went on.

The End


Stewed Apples

'Regan. Go to your room young lady' said Mama Cosby.

'Shove your room up your fat ass, mama,' said Regan, and jumped out the front window, before Mama, rushing into the room with a raised spatula, and a baby in her arms, could give her a piece of her mind. Regan gave her mother the finger from the front lawn, who was at the window yelling for her to come back inside.

'Your daddy's gonna whoop your fat ass when he gets home, Regan.'

'Daddy wouldn't dare, mama,' replied Regan. 'He got a soft spot on me.'

'That's not true, mama,' said Jean-Blue, inside. 'Daddy loves his son, most. And let her go. She can keep the frikking snickers bar. She'll only get fatter.'

Mama Cosby looked at Jean-Blue playing the X-Box, but returned her focus to Regan.

'You get your black ass inside, Regan Jean Cosby. Or it won't be your daddy but me who'll be giving you an ass whooping.'

'Screw this,' said Regan, and wandered down to the road, and took off. She had bigger fish to fry.

* * * * *

It was later, at the Supermarket.

'Hey,' said Atticus Smith.

'Hey,' said Regan Cosby.

'You in trouble again, or something?' asked the Australian.

'Nut,' replied Regan, in the hybrid Australian-American accent she had for her part of New Bridlington.

'Wanna eat some apples. They are stewed,' said Atticus. 'Mum has made them. We have ice cream for desert also.'

'If you let me ring home,' said Regan. 'Mama probably won't really mind. Daddy says I'm old enough to make most of my own decisions now.'

'Cool,' said Atticus.

Regan sat down and leaned her back against the Woolworth Supermarket outer wall. School was over for the day, and it was about 5. People were coming home from work all over New Bridlington, and they were in their last week of school before the mid-year break. Only 2 days to go. Only Sports day tomorrow, with a long afternoon bludge, and then freaky friday where they didn't have to do too much work, but mainly review and exam results. The afternoon was a bludge, and they could go home if they really wanted to.

'You know,' said Regan. 'Sometimes I wonder. If I had wings like Hawkman, I could fly away from here, and live life on my own terms. Be free.'

'Always the Hawkman. It's the Batman,' replied Atticus. 'Batman is da coolest.'

'Dream on,' replied Regan. 'Hawkman Rules, followed by Steel and Bumblebee.'

'You and your Justice League Odyssey collection,' replied Atticus. 'Only ever filled with the also ran Justice Leaguers.'

'Hawkman is a heavy hitter. Don't you forget it,' replied Regan, poking Atticus in the chest.'

'Let's fly over to the skate park,' replied Atticus.

They stood, stretched, and walked northwards about 100 yards, crossing a street, and coming into the small skateboard park on the north side of Woolworths Supermarket. Nobody used it much apart from Atticus and Regan in reality. Some kids were there from time to time, but they were about the only kids in this section of New Bridlington of school age anyway. It was like that on New Terra 17. Most of the planet was filled with ancient souls who had settled down in life a long time ago. But in the capitals of many of the early sequenced planets you would still get visitors from latter down the chain who wanted a reputation for their children being schooled in the upper hierarchy. And despite its flaws New Terra 17 and New Bridlington was often considered the upper hierarchy. Technically, though, this was not the situation with Regan or Atticus. Regan was more a result of a family of the Cosby's moving up in the world somewhat, having found some support programs from the clan itself, mainly from Seraphim Jontel, from the Realm of Eternity, the comedian Bill Cosby in his human form, who had sponsored this family of descendants, quite down the line a bit, and they were now on New Terra 17 in one of Jontel's owned addresses, which they had a work contract with obligations to earn their place on New Terra 17. There were lots of requirements and stipulations for certain levels of behaviour they had to eventually aspire to and reach, and Regan was getting used to a lot of lectures from her parents who reminded her that she had a pretty good future coming to her in the long term and to be grateful for that fact. As for Atticus, he was that rare streak of 'Let's have one more' after aeons of contemplation. They came over to the skate park, and walked to the back of the park which ran to a corner between two back fences of houses, in this back section of the skate park the ground covered with thick grass and clover and rootsy sort of weedy plants, which Attitcus had no idea the name of, despite studying botany at the moment in year 10. They laid down and looked upwards at the clouds in the skies.

'So you are Hakwgirl, and you are flying,' said Atticus.

'Ladyhawk,' Replied Regan. 'She's a black Thangarian.'

'So your Ladyhawk, and you are flying through the skies, and the Dark Grim Knight confronts you and asks you 'Have you returned your overdue library books, because our Lady is waiting for them to grace the library shelves of St Mary's once more.'

'Fuck!' swore Regan. 'Miss Canavan is going to be totally pissed. I promised her I'd bring them today, and we've only got 2 days left. Better make sure before the break.'

'Don't worry about it,' said Atticus. 'They're only stupid books.'

'Great attitude Atticus Smith. Books are one of the main vehicles of personal instruction in knowledge. Daddy says so all the time.'

'The all wise and all knowing Mr Cosby. Books are the font of knowledge,' said Atticus, in a mocking tone.

'Screw you,' replied Regan.

'If only,' said Atticus.

Regan went quiet. 'You're not my type,' she said after a while.

'Because I'm white?' he asked.

'No. That probably is not really an issue with me, you know. Don't think I care much about what race my ultimate partner is. Even a currie muncher, if he loves me.'

'Even an Indian,' mouthed Atticus, looking up at the clouds. He pointed. 'That cloud looks like Ronald McDonald.'

'Where I'll probably end up in this city,' replied Regan.

'Thought you guys had big plans. Why you got sponsored and everything,' replied Atticus.

'Only long term big plans. Short term big plans, which could last megas, literally, is about a lot of service to the community in menial jobs, which show we are happy and willing to pay our dues. It's dirty work, and someone has got to due it, and our family took the sponsorship program because we were willing to apply for such positions. Besides, it's nightfill at the Supermarket. It's already arranged.'

'Oh,' replied Atticus. 'I see.'

'And what about you?' she asked.

'Probably Dick Smith electronics. 'They like me there. I'm a regular customer, and I made some inquiries, and the boss said when I graduate I could drop in and chat.'

'Right,' she said. 'Yeh, you said that a few weeks ago.'

'That's right. I remember,' said Atticus.

'I don't want us not to be friends, Atticus Smith. If I slept with you, I would only do it once, and never again.'

'Suits me,' replied the teenager.

'Randy bastard,' she replied. 'Just dream on you know.'

'I can't help it,' said Atticus. 'I don't want to be a virgin forever.'

Regan, staring at the skies, thought on that. She didn't want to wreck anything with Atticus. She planned on him being her friend forever. But, for his first time, and her first time, something in the back of her head, making a little checklist, said that might not be the worst of ideas.

'I think eternal life is like a box of chocolates,' said Atticus Smith.

'Here we go,' replied Regan.

'No. Go with me on this. Eternal Life is like a box of chocolates. You have your favourites, usually the soft centred, but some like hard nuts.'

'Your like that,' said Regan.

'Shut up Cosby,' replied Atticus. 'Now some like the jelly filled, so those are those who have a bit of jelly around the mid-riff on a regular basis.'

'Mama watch out,' said Regan. 'Your a jelly filled chocolate.'

'And then there are the plain types. Just chocolate – nothing special.'

'That's me,' replied Regan. 'Hot chocolate. Added extras not required.'

'Let's split,' said Atticus.

* * * * *

'Yes, Mrs Smith. Those apples look lovely. Yes, Ice cream would be wonderful.'

Atticus smiled at Regan, who was pretending to be completely surprised. He knew, but his mother and father had no idea.'

'Your brother Ronald is coming over near the end of the year to be around for your formal,' said Mrs Smith. 'He's making a special effort to make sure he is there for you at this time.'

'He cares, you know,' said Mr Smith to his son. 'It's just that...' Mr Smith trailed off.

'I know,' replied Atticus. 'I'm sort of late in the day, and life has moved on for Ronald, and he's not exactly over-exuberant about getting a brother these days.'

'He's very old now,' said Mrs Smith. 'He has certain expectations of life, Atticus. We felt, in the end, despite that things had been settled a very long time, an original plan we once had should ultimately see fruition. So I prayed to bear again, and you were born.'

'The last, though, right?'

'Oh, never again,' replied Mr Smith. 'You were always an option. We just ultimately took it.'

'This is yummy,' said Regan, looking at Atticus.

'Yeh. I'm sure it is,' he said, pushing away the bowl.

'You're upset,' said his mother.

'No. Not really upset. I don't really expect Ronald to think any different really. I sort of understand his situation. He just isn't particularly bothered about his new brother yet.'

'He probably will be. In time, you know,' said Mrs Smith. 'It's something about human nature, though. When people are new, and you are very old, and have seen them all come and go many times over. Well. Well, you lose a bit of excitement. Some souls. They can end up very disappointing, you know.' She went silent, looking at her husband.

'You could imagine,' his father said to him.

'Can I go outside with Regan?' Atticus asked his parents.

'Your 16 now,' said Mr Smith. 'Really, that is sort of up to you Atticus.'

Atticus pulled away from the table, and walked out to the verandah, into the back yard, sitting down on a car tire. Regan soon joined him.

'At least they were honest about it,' she said. 'You know, they love you lots. Ronald, don't expect him to care much yet. But he probably will in time.'

'I guess,' he said. He sat there, and picked up the light-sabre he'd had since a little kid, and hit Regan's neck with it, albeit softly. 'The Dark Side has conquered you, Princess Leia.'

'I'll never turn to the dark side, Darth Vader,' she replied.

'By the wings of Hawkman, you shall fall,' said Atticus dramatically, then he rushed her, and grabbed her, and they started wrestling, and the twilight turned a shade darker, as another fine day passed in New Bridlington.

The End


Enrique Lopes is in old Cooma town. He drops in on Lucy Potter. He books a room at the 'Bunkhouse Motel'. He goes to a Cooma Cafe and the waiter says 'There you go Daygo, I mean, Mr Lopes.' Enrique faces racial slurs in Cooma town. Lucy consoles him about this and says Cooma people can often be sarcastic about this issue. The Cooma show is on the horizon, and they are having a rodeo this year. Enrique volunteers for the rodeo to be the person who distracts the bull from the riders in the bucking bull competition. Enrique faces hostility in his time in Cooma, but at the Rodeo, after a rider gets hurt, and they look for a replacement, Enrique is put on the bull and an aussie bloke in an akubra says 'Ok Wag. Time to shine.' Enrique rides the bull, with his dragonriding experience, till it totally calms down, gets off and bows to the audience, as 'Free' by his alter ego Enrique Iglesias starts on the soundtrack. There is the Aussie blokes who have been mocking him all the time at the edge of the arena, and they shake their heads in that aussie way, chuckling, and from their faces you can tell that Enrique is now accepted somewhat. The story also addresses Lucy's perspectives on issues in the song Free by Enrique, and how he has a somewhat carefree attitude and lifestyle. The story is set in Cooma and involves, as said above, Enriques persecutions and mockeries from Cooma Aussie blokes, and his ability to stay cool and eventually rise above this situation. He probably visits Centennial park a few times, maybe borrows a book from the library and buys a magazine at the newsagents, where he perhaps chats to a lady about Cooma attitudes, and she says 'you'll work it out' or thoughts like that. A lot of it is the standard romance and relational issues that lucy and enrique usually go through. The dragon is in the background in this story, but there are probably a couple of scenes were enrique feeds him and talks to him about the shit he is going through.

I think the story might work as part 3 of 'New Bridlington' and be set in New Bridlington instead of Cooma. Much the same features are no problem. There are no real problems in having Aussies in New Bridlington who might live in the West of the City, west of the Supermarket. There is probably a showground in the west of the city, and just west of the city is 'Centennial park' on the western edge of the CBD of New Bridlington. The district of west New Bridlington is called 'Cooma' - I will call it that now. The newsagents is part of the percys chain of newsagents. there would probably be a point in the story where he visits the pub, and cops a tonne of racism. He stands there, and wants to fight back, but he tells himself to suck it in and let it go. Aussies just glare at him in the pub and he leaves. Lucy and Enrique have drifted into town after the Conference on Eternya, as Daniel the Seraphim is still hanging around with Jontel, in the 'Games' club, where bridge and chess and Katchular is played, and Daniel wants to develop some of his skills in this area, so Lucy decides to move into a rental home for a while, and Enrique is hanging around at the Bunkhouse. This is not really a 'Magic' or 'Lucy Potter' story. It is an Enrique story, and it is probably 'Lucy Smith' she is called in this one, as it is set in the Angels Saga proper, and not the J K Rowling fanfiction World of Lucy Potter.


Atticus has a job in 'Dick Smith's' Electronics store in Cooma in New Bridlington West. Regan has work as a Nightfill manager at the Supermarket. Part four chronicles their ongoing friendship in their work days. They regularly visit Spaz's place, and become friends with Spaz. They get drunk a bit, and wander home together in a state at times, living the party life when the weekend comes around. Relationships for the two of them come and go, and there is no permanent relationships in Part Four. (That will come in future volumes of Series 3, because these are recurring characters). Essentially work days, overtime, party on the weekend, and they reflect often that they've had to grow up somewhat, but not too much has necessarily changed in it all.


Part five focuses on Daniel and Valandriel as the prime characters, with Jessica around a lot, and Elsabel occasionally visiting. They have a bit of a focus on Eternya, but are leaving that be for the time being. Daniel has mostly foregone his plans of Monopoly back in Danielphon in the Realm, having spent quite a while still in New Terra 17, and Valandriel has come back as Daniel has a new plan. The planetary bodies need to be addressed more firmly in the ValDan Agenda, and Daniel has generally considered the sequence of planets in the New Terra run are the primary thing. Establishing Centres on the first 25 New Terras, they are based in NT17 for the time being, and this chronicles the ValDan agendas for the planetary bodies, in the CBD of New Bridlington in office based stories. They likely get to know many of the characters of New Bridlington, and places in the city are discussed, with stories on this and that. Chainlink NT17 is Daniel's cute name, which is actually used also in the community, for their headquarters in New Bridlington on New Terra 17. Part 5, the final part, will also feature the 'Ruth' story, which now usually features each new volume, and possibly a few of the other traditional sequence run stories in the angels saga.

Cat Lady

Taylor Swift had a lot of cats. She liked a bit of pussy.

'You like a bit of pussy,' said Daniel.

'Don't push it buster,' replied Taylor.

'Yeh, Taylor likes a bit of pussy,' said Katy Perry.

'Your pussy especially,' said Taylor.

'My black haired pussy,' said Katy.

'I like your black haired pussy,' said Daniel.

'You like to give it a stroke,' said Taylor.

'I like to stroke your pussy also,' said Daniel to Taylor.

'My pussy likes a good rub indeed,' said Taylor.

'I like rubbing your pussy also,' Katy said to Taylor.

Katy's black haired cat and Taylor's blonde haired cat came into the room, miawoed at the threesome, and subsequently after looking around, wandered back out.

'You failed to rub the pussy,' Katy said to Daniel.

'Mind was elsewhere,' said Daniel.

'It needed a rub,' said Taylor.

'Maybe later,' said Daniel.

'The pussy will look forward to that,' said Daniel.

'Indeed,' finished Daniel.

The End

Battleground Eternya

King David sat in his house in 'Astavere' in Eternya. The North Pole was the centre of Eterna, but the way it was structure Astavere lay north of the north pole, in the way Realms worked. Astavere was a continent a long way north of the north pole, trillions of miles in fact, and it is where King David had set up one of his businesses for Eternya. Making shoe polish. 3 colours. Black, light brown and dark brown. It was 'King David's Shoe Polish'. He had spent 3 centuries working on the basic ideas of shoe polish, registered the name in Eternya, and set up a manufactiuring plant on the continent of Astavere. He was here for now to get the business established, and work along the northern degrees were Israel was concentrating its focus for Battleground Eternya. Noahides were Easterly for the most part, north-easterly ironically most of the time. The rest of Eternya in other degrees was left mainly alone to the civil rest and peace of Eternyans. They would not be so much involved in this grudge match. It was only partially a grudge match also. Mostly it was about settling out territory and turn between the realms of Zionistya and Eternity, to ensure boundaries and borders were understood well enough. This did not affect the planetary bodies which lay below Zionistya terribly much, which was mostly agreed upon to run on their own psychology and merits. The United Galaxy ran affairs at the universal level for the spiritual planetary bodies, and was left to do its job.

'Are you ready?' Bathsheba asked David from the doorway.

David looked at the screen, thinking over the design of himself playing a lute. It was the primary design used for his shoe polish company, and he was recolouring it for a new packaging agenda.

'Coming,' he said, and got up. They drove to the nightclub, and danced a while, David retiring around midnight to drink grog.

'Jewboy. We're gonna kick your arse,' said a voice.

David looked. It was 'Raznadel' the Cherubim.

'What are you doing here?' asked David.

'We have contracts from Battleground Eternya with all sorts of rights you wouldn't know.

'Quite obviously,' said David, not sure how a Cherubim of Eternya could be here.

'Now, this is my nightclub,' said Raznadel. 'I rule the dance floor Jew Boy.'

'I'm not leaving, Raznadel,' said David.

'I didn't ask you to leave. When you dance, expect to be second rate to my professional routine. I'll show you as the average schmuck that you are.'

'Fine. Do it. No skin off my nose,' replied David.

'I know. Not expecting competition from a no-getter.'

'No getter?' queried David.

'Joobaloobers. No real passion,' said Raznadel.

'Agreed,' replied Bathsheba. 'Most of the people are passive and use legalism to get there way.'

David looked at Bathsheba. 'Thank,' he said sarcastically.

'It's true,' she replied. 'You don't mix it up with other people because you are too weak. You use legalism to try and get your way. Guilt trips also.'

'Humph,' replied David, but turned his attention to Raznadel.

'The dance floor is all yours,' said David, and bowed to the angel.

'Don't forget it, Jew boy,' said Raznadel, and wandered off to get a drink.

'Charming,' said David.

'Competition already. Yeh, you've made your mark shoe polish Jew boy,' said Bathsheba.

'Very funny,' replied David, now annoyed by the presence of an angel of eternity. Thinks had not started well in Battleground Eternity. Not well at all as far as he was concerned.

The End

Life in Danielphon

'Sharakondra. What do you think?'

'You asked for my advice, Daniel,' said Sharakondra. She looked at the model, looking her over.

'The mustard skirt is very good, but a deeper shade of yellow would be better. The red is very striking, but I would have a deeper red. Not quite burgundy, but deeper red.'

'Yes. Fine,' said Daniel. He looked at the model. 'And the hat?'

'It is appropriate as is,' replied Sharakondra. 'Now, this is for the Zaphora cup isn't it?'

'Yes,' said Valandriel.

'Then the hat is fitting,' said Sharakondra.

'Thank you,' said Daniel. 'That will do. We will pay you an hour consulting fee.'

'Thanks,' said Sharakondra. Not bad for 5 minutes work. She left their office, which overlood Zaphona City.

'Fine,' said Valandriel. 'She will do as our accompaniment.'

'I hope to suit your purposes,' said the model. 'Will you need sexual favours?'

Daniel looked at the model and looked at Valandriel. Then he returned his focus to the model.

'Uh, no. That will be fine. You can go,' said Daniel.

The model left the room.

'What was the agency again?' Daniel asked Valandriel.

Valandriel looked at him blank faced, then reached over to grap the Zaphora yellow pages. He turned to the page.

'Model Escorts of Zaphona,' said Daniel. He looked at Valandriel. 'She's an escort, idiot.'

'Obviously,' replied Valandriel. 'You think we'll get lucky.'

'Unbelievable,' replied Daniel, closing the yellow pages and shoving them at Valandriel. 'Be more cautious next time buddy.'

Valandriel grinned and left, Daniel standing and looking out at the city.

'A new day in Zaphora,' he said to nobody in particular.

'Yes. It's a new day. What are you going to do with it?' asked a voice. Daniel turned. It was Melanie C.

'Hey babe. I don't know. Usual stuff. Got lots of lovely life worked out now Sporty. Usually enough things to keep it busy with.'

'Pretty much,' said Sporty, coming over and looking out the window.

'You are in your Northern Star garb,' said Daniel. 'And are they temporary or permanent tatoos?'

'Temporary. The original designs, though,' said Melanie. 'I have Northern Star work on tour, and I have to look the part. Some modelling to do also. Funny. That lady. She was an escort. Are you two getting rude now or something?'

'Valandriel's mistake. We were just looking for a model. He made a simple mistake in the yellow pages.'

'I see,' replied Melanie, with a look on her face.

'It was an honest mistake,' replied Daniel. 'She asked if we wanted sexual favours. We declined. She is just our accompaniment to the Zaphora Cup.

'I can do that,' said Melanie.

Daniel looked at her. 'Ok. And that garb will be fine. It's in 3 days. Hang around, you can be with us also. We have an official ValDan function, and we own one of the horses.'

'No worries,' said Melanie. She put her arm in Daniel's looking over the city. He didn't mind. She leaned over and whispered in his ear. 'I'm always going to like you as a person, though, Daniel. That much I've committed to.'

Daniel stood there. Melanie left after a bit. He sat down, and started typing on his laptop, but after a few moments brought up the Spice Girls website. He looked at ticket prices for the next show in a decade. Expensive. But why not. He clicked, purchased, and thought on Sporty Spice for a moment, but soon enough got back with his regular routine.

The End

Life at Dick's

'You know, Atticus. You have a big dick,' said Regan.

Atticus looked up the sign. Dick Smiths Electronics. Big sign above the store. You could light it.

He looked at Regan. 'Yeh. It's a pretty big dick. Massive,' he replied.

'Come on,' she said. They wandered down for their lunch, in the Homeworld shopping centre, down to a cafe just near Dick Smith's electronics. Atticus ordered a crab salad sandwich, and Regan took a hot spring roll, with apple juice.

'Friday gluttony day I see,' said Atticus.

'No kidding,' replied Regan, hooking into the spring roll.

'You love those spring rolls,' he said.

'They are da best,' she replied, munching it down, and sipping on her juice. 'What you got on today? Any major orders or anything?'

'Same old life at Dick's. Batteries. Lots of batteries, and A4 Paper. We sell a tonne of that, and printer toner and stuff. Mostly disposables these days. Not much order for permanent stuff. Hasn't been like that in a long time on New Terra 17. Most people have their homes filled with Eternya items. Chosen their belongings a long time ago. But sometimes we get customers who came in with a trade deal, looking to change this and that item. And we rent out stuff from people just looking for a change in general. Something new for a few years.'

'Yep. I could imagine,' replied Regan. She sipped on her juice, and looked out the window. 'Your new girlfriend. She serious?'

'Don't know,' replied Atticus. 'She says she loves me, but doesn't say she is 'In Love' with me, whatever that means. 'I don't understand Christian logic.'

'She's a Catholic, isn't she?' replied Regan.

'Most are around here. Our family is neutral on religious issues for the most part. Just law of the land kind of mentality. But Christians. They have strange ways about them. An internal logic in Christian thinking I haven't worked out yet.'

'We're technically Catholics,' said Regan. 'But we don't go to church much. Hardly ever really.'

'Yeh. I know,' said Atticus. 'Theoretically I think we are also, way back in the family. Many generations ago. Not been an issue for a long time. Mostly standard citizenship has ruled our family for a long time. Dad says best to leave those issues to the type of people who like them. We're mostly mainstream.'

'I think like that at times, also,' said Regan. 'About mostly being a citizen, and letting the theologians argue their case, but not worry too much about that sort of thing. I mean, I like God ideas somewhat, and love as a thing. But I like being Regan with my own way of things.'

'And sensible they are,' said Atticus kindly.

'Thank you,' she replied. 'After work. I'll meet you at the Supermarket. Out the side, as usual. We'll listen to Metallica.'

They did in fact listen to Metallica on a tape player that afternoon, not too loud so as to disturb the peace, but it was late and after work, and nobody was really around, so they could put it up loud if they wanted to. This was still their scene. They were on a bit in years now, but still they hung around the Supermarket, where Regan worked, and the skate park across the road, and listened to heavy metal, and talked shit. It was part of their lives, and their friendships. They'd known each other intimately once, in their year 10 year, but it was agreed thereafter they were only friends. It was how they both like it, and the way it would stay. But Atticus, in his heart, realized it was a marriage of a friendship. She would never be his wife, and he didn't want that anyway, but it was a deep blood relationship of friendship, and he was grateful he had that much going for him in his life.

The End

Cat Lady 2

'Listen, Meredith Josephine Alwyn,' said Taylor Swift to her pussy cat. 'You are a naughty pussy cat.'

The cat stared up, wide eyed, at Taylor.

'I don't think she really cares that she is naughty,' said Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

'Stay out of this,' said Taylor. They were at the Daly Foundation, in the upper level living apartments were Daniel usually resided, somewhere in the Realm of Eternity.

'Just saying. Meredith 4 gazillion has a life of her own, you know.'

'I know,' replied Taylor. 'So independent.'

'A lot of pussy cats like their independence,' replied Daniel. 'It's what cats are made of. They are proud, you see. They pretend not to care, and they walk into a room, strutting around, to remind you they don't give a damn. They are proud enough to let you know they don't give a damn. They make a point of it.'

'Funny. True,' replied Taylor.

'Christians are like that. Like Jesus, the lion of Judah. Big pussy cats. They like to ignore you and never ring you on the phone, and treat you with indifference.'

Taylor was staring at the cat. 'Sorry, did you say something Daniel?'

'Catholic bitch,' murmured Daniel under his breath, returning his focus to his Commodore 64 magazine. 'We need cat food. Why she is staring at you.'

Taylor looked at Daniel, and looked at the cat. 'Is the poor puddy wuddy hungry?'

'It's being delivered in a few hours. This weeks groceries.'

'I'll zip down to the shops and get Meredith some special 'Whiskers Divine'.'

'She'll like that,' replied Daniel.

Taylor disappeared, and got into her Alfa Romeo, and took off to the nearby supermarket. When she was in the store someone with a Katy Perry T-Shirt came up to her.

'Hey. I like your music too, Taylor. I heard you were in town at the moment.'

Taylor continued looking over the shelves. 'You don't know where the cat food is it? They seemed to have moved it,' she said.

'I mean, Katy. Her music is divine. Your ok, but not quite as cool,' continued the nerdy guy.

'Maybe they've moved it,' said Taylor to herself. She continued on down the aisle, and the nerdy guy followed her.

'Lady Gaga. She's really talented. I put her ahead of you, like Jacinta Godwin. Her stuff from a few decades later. Very cool, and still hot enough to be the original glory of pop.'

'Fascinating,' replied Taylor, looking at the geek. He had a commodore 64 t-shirt on, glasses, and looked nerdy as a nerdy picture boy. 'Do yo have cats? It is very important they get fed, you know.'

'I feed my pet fish. They are miniature sharks. Tiny things. Bred genetically that way. They only get 6 inches long. They can't do any real damage. They are funny when they are small.'

'Cat food,' said Taylor, and turned into the next aisle, the nerdy guy still following. She looked at his top. 'Katy Perry and the Star Travellers. On the Commodore 64,' she said.

'It's an old game design,' said the nerdy guy. 'Seraphim Daniel designed it in the early years. The Katy Perry Star Travellers series.'

Taylor looked at the nerdy guy. 'I don't think I've heard about that yet.'

'It's a lot of fun,' said the guy. 'Well designed C64 game. Does the graphics design of the C64s capabilities well, does Daniel.'

'CAT FOOD!' exclaimed Taylor.

'It's in the aisle we just left,' said the Guy. 'You overlooked it. It was on the bottom.'

'Right,' said Taylor, and marched back to the other aisle, and found the catfood she needed. The nerdy guy continued following her. When she had paid, and returned to her car, the nerdy guy was still following her.

'Can I help you?' she asked him.

'My name is Shane,' he said. 'Shane Kolby. I'm a bit of fan of the Daly's Commodore 64 games. They've designed a chunk of them. Any chance of meeting Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly?'

'Get in,' said Taylor.

Soon enough they were back in the apartment.

'There, pussy,' said Taylor.

'I just fed her. The groceries arrived,' said Daniel.

'Jesus,' said Taylor.

'Yeh, I know who you are,' said Daniel. 'The online local club has your picture. Members are shown. I'm actually a member. From a long time ago. Haven't been in a while. But I do look at the local clubs online when I'm in town.'

Shane and Daniel chatted all afternoon, while Taylor retired to her room to look up these magical Commodore 64 games involving Katy Perry. Interesting times. Life moved on.

The End

But There's Still a Paradox

'At last!' exclaimed June, pushing the 3 required bricks on the outer wall of the upper building at the top of Danielphon Keep on Planet Earth.

Janet excalimed 'The wall is opening up!'

They watched, and the wall opened up, and a room came into view. It was cream coloured walls of paint, and a table sat in the centre of the room with a chest on it. They came over to look at the chest. It had a plaque on the cover. It read 'If you open the chest, you will not get your reward. You will have to think twice as hard about this clever Sword.'

'Bugger,' said June.

Janet had a tear in her eye. 'He's a bastard. It's taken us months of nuggeting it out, and we finally worked out the mathematical combination and the location, and we've found the room, and bugger him.'

June looked at the chest, and read the plaque again. She looked at the plaque, and decided to do something. She picked at the plaque. It came loose from the chest, and had nobbledy bits on the other side. Looked like electronic circuitry.

'That is amusing,' said Janet. 'What's that all about?'

'It's part of a sword,' said June.

'You are taking it literally?'

June looked around the room. She looked everywhere. Nothing. She finally looked at the legs of the table. Bingo. She grabbed at one, and pulled on it, and it snapped out. They carefully put the chest on the floor, and she grabbed all the legs, and put them together, and they snapped together. At the top there was an obvious slot, and she inserted the plaque. After a couple of seconds, lights whirled, and a sword blade emerged, with handles also.

'Now what?' asked Janet.

June looked at the chest, and pushed the blade in the top lock section. It went all the way in, then lights whirled again, and the chest door lock clicked. She opened it. There was all sorts of gems and things of value, but at the lid was a cannister. It had 'Nasty frikking acid' written on it.

'That would have burst if we had tried opening it without the lock,' said June.

'Obviously,' said Janet. 'And ruining our reward.'

'Gotcha Daniel Daly,' said June Grey triumphantly.

'I'm wondering,' said Janet.

'What?' asked June.

'Now how are we going to decorate the secret chamber?'

And June laughed.

The End

A New Consort?

'So it took you some time,' said Daniel.

June sipped on her glass of wine, and looked into the fireplace. It was snowing outside in Danielphon on planet Earth. Daniel had arranged a visit via the portals between dimensions, and was at his home on Earth, in the upstairs music room, listening to 'Smooth Operator' by Sade on repeat.

'It took us a while to crack the code,' said June. 'We thought we could bring in an expert, but that would be cheating, wouldn't it?'

'I suppose so,' replied the cherubim human. He picked up the pet terrier dog June had adopted and started stroking it. It tried to bite him several times and he eventually got the point.

'Kirby only seems to take to me,' said June. 'He's been like that since I found him.'

'You found him?' asked Daniel.

'On the streets not far from here. We asked around, but nobody claimed ownership. At least weren't willing to say anything. I decided to take him in.'

'Wild dog,' said Daniel. He stretched his arms, and looked at June. 'You married yet?'

'One of these days,' she replied. 'It's probably heading in that direction now.'

'You happy to run Danielphon permanently?' asked Daniel. 'You are in charge now from what I've seen.'

'Nobody seems to object to me pushing everyone around. You have policies in the realm to maintain it while you are absent, but they ask me everything around here, about policies, and what should be done. They've taken it for granted I'm your protege.'

'So that's a yes then,' replied Daniel, and sipped on his glass.

June said nothing. She eventually spoke. 'I assume I won't have competition for my suitor.'

Daniel looked at the fire. It was warm, and felt good. Wonderful winter's night.

'If Taylor ever makes up her mind,' said Daniel.

'On what?' asked June.

Daniel stood, stretched, yawned, and went to the liquor cabinet. 'You tell me,' he said, pouring himself a drink.

'Aren't you two married?' she asked.

'Not officially at the moment. She arranges things with a lawyer on agreements on that issue. She likes her own life a lot of the time. Likes to run her own things as Taylor Swift. Doesn't want to just be Taylor Alison Daly. Likes to be the man.'

'Don't we all,' replied June.

'Apparently,' said Daniel, returning to his seat.

'So I'm waiting on a suitor,' said June.

'Apparently so,' Daniel said. He didn't speak again, as the music played.

June watched the fire. 'Do you love me then?'

Daniel looked out at the snow for a moment, and looked at June. 'What if I did June Grey?'

'Then at least say so,' she replied.

'I guess,' he said. 'Think I'll change the CD.'

Seal came on. His first album.

'The question at hand,' said June.

Daniel didn't speak.

Time passed.

'I'm taken,' he eventually said. 'Too many loves in my life now.'

'Would you have an Earth consort? At Danielphon? I can cope with gaps.'

Daniel looked at June. 'So can I.'

She looked at him. She didn't speak again.

The night passed. The dog fell asleep. There was action in the bedroom that night.

The End

Battleground Eteryna 2

Michael, Ambriel and Saruviel were at Centrepoint in the centre of the North Pole in Eternya – the centre of the Realm.

'I say, old chap. How far' away is your IQ?' queried Michael to Saruviel.

'Go easy,' said Ambriel. 'We have an arrangement for peaceful discussion.'

'Just getting him on the back foot,' Michael said to Saruviel.

Saruviel stood on the platform of the tower, overlooking Eternya in the local region. They were high up in Centrepoint tower, gazing over the local city and mountains in the distance.

'Eternya is an interesting battleground,' said Saruviel. He turned to Michael. 'But old foe of mine, I don't think you can cut the mustard in the end. Daniel's and Valandriel's have a life of their own, and they're not too fond of you anymore. A long time ago you had their hearts. Not any more. You've been too crass.' He went inside the doors and sat down at the cafeteria table, and Michael and Ambriel soon joined him. Saruviel ordered tea and biscuits for the three of them.

'Steep prices,' commented Ambriel, looking at the menu.

'This is the heart of Eternya. It is expensive by nature,' said Saruviel.

'Do you think I'll ever challenge for the realm again?' queried Michael. 'I shan't you know. That business is finished with me. I like Zionistya. Grown comfortable with her. This is an ok place to have an agreed upon battleground state between us, and that suits me fine. Eternya has her own style, and I don't mind her. My query is whether you have agreed to maintain the state of battle in Eternya, or are disastrously trying to overcome. It was agreed upon solidly that we fought, but there was no victor.'

'That's not disputed,' replied Saruviel, and grinned at Michael. 'But life often has other plans.'

'Pretty much,' sighed Ambriel, as the pretty waitress bought their cookies, and Ambriel smiled warmly at her.

'Life is as life does,' replied Michael. 'Just don't rock the boat too much younger brother and we will get along just fine.'

'So you say,' replied Saruviel.

'They enjoyed their brunch, and went their separate ways soon enough, and Michael felt his concerns had been aired, but what Saruviel would do, who had remained largely quiet during the Battleground Eternya conference on New Terra 17, well, only time would tell.

The End

Teen Angels

'Jezabel. That is very naughty of you,' said Genevieve the Innocent, CheruSeraphim descendant of Pendrael and Galadriel.

'Gawain is naughtier. If you seduce him to be as such,' replied the Matron of Camelot.

'I am 16 years old, a proud angel of Camelot in this 49th disc of eternity, and I Shan't be fooled into believing Gawain has a naughty bone in his body,' replied Genevieve, and stormed off to the side of the room, looking out at the courtyard below. The wind blew in, and she gathered her cloak around her, staring down at the young squires doing their duties.

'Beldin. You fancy him,' said Jezabel, drawing up next to Genevieve.

'He is 15 and full of pluck,' replied Genevieve. 'He comes from a sound home. Not proud, but sound.'

'And that is what is important is it?' queried Jezebel, sitting down on the divan, and taking up her crocheting.

Genevieve looked at her with uncertainty. 'Surely that is what matters? The soundness of my husband to be. All things considered, it is how sound they are as a man of God. Whether they cope well with the challenges of life and all.'

'I see,' replied Jezabel. 'Not a man of daring or passion, but soundness. Perfectly boring.'

'Yes. He is,' replied Genevieve, looking out at Beldin doing his chores. She turned to Jezabel. 'And what is wrong with that then?'

'They all learn soundness in the end,' replied Jezabel. 'It is the nature of things. But without some passion, he's a boggy log you feel drab around.'

'Drabness suits me,' replied the proud teen angel.

'I had noticed,' said Jezabel.

'Then he is perfect for me,' stated Genevieve with conviction. She looked at Jezabel. 'And I shan't be persuaded by Camelot's most legendary hussy otherwise.'

'Indeed,' replied Jezabel, continuing her crocheting. The day passed.

The End

New Bridlington Business Council Meeting

'It's the last chocolate biscuit in the jar,' complained Jerahmeel.

'You can have scotch finger,' said Daniel.

'Ooh, I'll have that scotch finger,' said Valandriel.

Jerahmeel passed Valandriel the scotch finger and, albeit reluctantly, passed the chocolate coated biscuit to Daniel. He looked at the remainder. Plain crackers.

'You suck Daniel,' said Jerahmeel.

'Attention,' said the New Bridlington Business Council president. 'Now, Main Street. You guys are the heart of our business a lot of the time, as you well know.'

'Embroidery is not much of business,' said Ariel, looking at Elenniel.

'It's growing,' said Elenniel.

The president spoke, interrupting the warring Seraphim females. 'Elenniel's Finest Flannels' are a money earner for New Bridlington and New Terra in general. We have contracts all along the chain, and in other worlds as well.'

'Thank you,' said Elenniel, poking her tongue out at Ariel.

'Mail business is the same as usual,' said the representative from the post office.

'People are still getting drunk,' said Spaz, son of the Seraphim Azrael, who ran a permanent business as a pub owner on Main Street.

'God likes your pub,' said Ariel to Spaz. 'The theophany and Rihanna are regulars I've heard.'

'They drop in a fair bit,' agreed Spaz. 'They like the songs on the jukebox.'

'So we're getting that much right,' said the President. 'A favourite haunt of the Almighty. Great for business.'

'I'm thinking of starting a chain and doing a pub in London-Cruise on New Terra 16,' said Spaz.

'London-Cruise is very hot for tourists,' said the President. 'Would be a wise commercial move.'

'She's hardly committed, though,' said Ariel. 'Just being seen in New Bridlington which is hot at the moment.'

'We've always had action since early days,' said the President. 'We're the main planetary sequence of the world, and 17 is high enough up the list to be significant.'

'It's a good place to do business,' replied Elenniel to Ariel. 'And the planetary bodies are fair game in our competition.'

'It's not exactly a competition,' said Ariel. 'And I don't dispute your right to be here. But, like Michael, the going gets tough, you'll be long gone. Quitter before you know it.'

'Hardly,' replied Ariel. 'I like my flat on Main Street, and I visit it regularly. I like this planet.'

'Maybe,' said Ariel.

There were others present from the New Bridlington CBD Main Street business sector, and the night passed with discussion on what they were doing, and it was happy enough, despite the occasional jibe.

The End

Wild Ride at 6

'That was thrilling,' said Regan. 'Oh, you look sick.'

Atticus was looking a shade under the weather. 'It's the currie we had,' he said. 'Shouldn't have gone on the wild ride after the currie.'

'And you're dating an Indian. Maybe you should rethink life a bit Atticus Smith.'

'Currie doesn't bother me,' he replied. 'But Keen's Extra Power Spicy Currie mixed with beef and noddles, rumbling around in my guts on the wild ride........' he left off.

'I feel fine,' said Regan.

'Iron gut Regan. But you eat anything. You eat non-kosher food and feel fine.'

'True,' she replied. 'But I don't observe kosher.'

'I have a form of it,' he replied. 'Traditional American sort of diet. Australian sort of diet. I'll eat pig and a bit of this and that, but most of the meats that are unclean, and clean, I won't eat. Just the traditional. You, though. You eat Eagle and Falcon sizzle bits all the time.'

'Flaunty Fally likes to have exotic foods. I don't complain,' replied Regan, in relation to an exotic high class restaurant in the upper echelon of towers in the CBD of New Bridlington.

'Not to my taste,' said Atticus. 'Anyway, can we sit down. I need to rest a while.'

Regan bought him some orange juice, and he asked her to mix it with water, so she sighed and bought a bottle fo water, and he sat on the bench a full hour drinking the watered down fruit juice. At about 7 he looked better.

'You seem to have coloured up a bit,' said Regan.

'Yeh, I feel better now. It just needed to settle a little. But lesson learned from the experience.'

'Life does that. Teaches you things at times,' said Regan. 'We get wiser when we pay attention.'

'True,' said Atticust.

'So no more wild rides at 6,' said Regan.

'At least not after currie,' replied Atticus, and they both chuckled as the evening passed.

The End

Teen Angels 2

Genevieve and Beldin lived in Camelot-Brightforth. Jezabel, matron of the court, also lived in Camelot-Brightforth. It was located in the 49th disc of the Realm of Eternity, Pendraphora. Pendrael and Galadriel were the Seraphim twins 49th of the list, and Pendrael was the official overseer of the 49th disc Pendraphora. Camelot-Brightforth was one of the many Camelots in the 'Olde World' which was around various parts of Pendraphora. Jezabel was a matron from Earth's orignal Camelot, and had known King Arthur a very long time, living in Camelot in New Terra a while, before the settling of many Camelot's and old Britannic, Welsh and other celtic places took place in Pendraphora and other places in the Realm of Eternity as the Realm initially grew in size a very long time ago. Technically it was still growing, but that was right out rimwards, a very long way away. Camelot-Brightforth was well respected in the Olde World region they were part of, Camelot-Brightstar the nearest rival Camelot, about 50 thousand leagues northwards of where they resided, it too a seat of Authority in this portion of the Olde World of Pendraphora which, though tiny in comparison to Pendraphora as a whole, was nevertheless vast in size as well, as all discs really were, apart from the most inner ones, which could realistically be quantified by thought and grasped. But after about the 10 disc or so, they just became to big to really get any realistic handle on, and the hierarchies which ran them were absurdly large behemoths. Beldin was a squire from a 'Sound' home as Genevieve liked to say, and Jezabel did not dispute this. She liked the lad Beldin well enough as well, and in all honesty he was probably the one for Genevieve, but she had ideas.

'Beldin,' said Jezabel. The youth turned. 'Check these out,' said Jezabel, and flashed her breasts at him.

'Lady Jezabel. That is most unseemly,' replied Beldin.

'Come closer lad,' said Jezabel.

Reluctantly the lad came closer. She took his hand and she placed them on her naked breasts.

'Squeeze them,' she said. He did. She giggled. 'Now remember, Genevieve, should you win her heart, will need some entertainment in the bedroom at times more than just wham, bam, thank you maam. Some times she will need special treatment.'

Beldin took his hands away, and looked at the logs. 'I need to finish splitting the wood, and I have a few other chores before the day is finished.' He looked at Jezabel. 'I think I understand your lesson, Lady Jezabel. A woman needs to be loved and paid attention to if she really is your beloved.'

'You get the picture,' replied Jezabel, and slapped Beldin's face. 'Cheeky lad, grabbing my tits.'

Beldin smiled, and returned to his work

Jezabel observed him a few moments and, satisfied, returned inside the castle, about her duties the remainder of the day.

The End.

Teen Angels 3

Eloise, Genevieves younger sister of 13 years, spoke to Jezabel.

'Baxter the Blacksmith. He is quite handsome.'

'He's engaged,' said Jezabel astutely, not looking up from her crocheting in the ladies room of Camelot-Brightforth.

'Oh. Fascinating,' said Eloise, now feigning disinterest. 'I shall say, though. He must have been engaged an awfully long time. He goes back to the beginning, it is well known that fact.'

'I have known him e'er,' replied Jezabel.

Eloise sniffed at a candy in her paper bag, did not like the look of it, so fed it to the tiny dog in her lap.

'And, though I certainly have no concern, who is he engaged to?'

'Yours truly,' replied Jezabel.

'Oh. I see. Your beloved.'


'You must have been engaged a while,' said the Teen Angel.

'Aeons,' replied Jezabel.

'And not yet married,' stated Eloise honestly.

'Tis not his way to rush into things,' replied Jezabel.

'As old as creation, and not his way to rush into things. Interesting,' said Eloise.

'Young Eloise,' said Jezabel. 'Have you ever heard of the term 'Status Quo'?'

'I am not ill learned,' replied Eloise.

'So that s the Status Quo of things, and we shan't change it. Not any time soon my young lady.'

'I see,' replied the young miss. 'Pity,' she said softly, but Jezabel noticed.

'I don't think you would like his loving charms,' said Jezabel frankly. 'He's from an old world, and when he gets his blood up he can get quite passionate. And, to a degree, quite forceful.'

'Oh, that wouldn't bother me,' said Eloise.

'It bothers many. Especially those from more enlightened eras,' replied Jezabel.

'Well, I am content and at peace with the Olde World,' replied Eloise. 'No plans on leaving it any time soon.'

'Don't worry,' replied Jezabel. 'You'll get your own Baxter soon enough.'

Eloise remained silent, and ate another sweet.

'Jezabel. 'What is life like? When you are old?'

'Thank you very much,' replied the matron.

'That's not what I mean. But you are old. You are ancient.'

'It.......' she trailed off. 'Oh, you get used to it. The way of things. The grind of things. It's not that much different to what you are going through, Eloise. Life is much the same from generation to generation. The same passions and concerns and thoughts and feelings. It can get complex, but the rudimentals. They don't change that much.'

'I see,' replied Eloise. 'Fascinating.'

'Indeed young lady. Now return to your needlework.'

Eloise sighed, and picked up her needlework, as Jezabel eyed her, the young miss with her eye on her dear Baxter.

The End

Teen Angels 4

'Stay on the tram,' said Baxter. 'Till it stops young Miss Eloise.'

'Yes, Baxter,' replied Eloise, batting her eyelids in response.

Baxter ignored the batted eyelids, and looked at Jezabel. 'This is the CBD as far as I can tell from the program.'

Jezabel nodded. The tram came to a stop, and Jezabel, Baxter, and the 3 youths got off.

'This way,' said Jezabel, leading the way down New Bridlington Main Street. The walk was about 29 minutes, but soon they were at the faireground.

'Opens in 10 minutes. At 10am,' said Jezabel.

'Nobody rises early on New Terra 17,' said Beldin. 'I was up at 6 looking around Cooma and nobody was in sight, hardly.'

The 5 of them were staying in Cooma District, in the west of New Bridlington, on holiday, and were now going to the faireground to enjoy the day. The group was headed by Jezabel, matron of Camelot-Brightforth, with Baxter in tow to look out for the youths. The castle prince, Lord Muckleforth, had given his blessing, and wished them an entertaining trip. And now Beldin, Genevieve, and Eloise, were anxiously looking inside through the fence at the faireground, excited about the modern world.

'Later we shall visit the Catholic School were the Battleground Eternya conference took place, and collect some paraphernalia,' said Jezabel. 'It is still a recent even and I am sure they will have booklets and things.'

When the faire ground opened, they purchased their daily tickets, and a small line had grown behind them, as they entered in to enjoy the faire.

Around lunch time, after 5 rides on the wild ride, Eloise had her mouth full of fairy floss.

'I love this stuff,' she smiled at Jezabel.

'It will make you fat,' said a voice.

Eloise turned. 'My, aren't you Seraphim Daniel?' she queried.

'Yes, my young lady. My, we are decked out traditionally, aren't we? Going to a paegant or something?'

'We're from the olde world, Arch Regent,' replied Jezabel.

'Jezabel, if I'm not mistaken,' said Daniel. 'Matron of Camelot.'

'Camelot-Brightforth, now. In Pendraphon.'

'That explains the clothing choices,' replied Daniel. 'Well, I'm here on a reconnaisance mission of sorts. Studies on New Bridlington Interactivities for business concerns I have with the city. Let me show you around.'

Eloise, who was wont to gawk admirably at handsome men, lit up looking at Daniel, and instantly put her arm in his. Daniel looked at Jezabel, who gave him a look which helped him understand this was the young ladies way, and Daniel accepted that, taking them around the faire ground for the rest of the afternoon. Later in the day Daniel had heard a handful of tales about life in Camelot-Brightforth, and promised a visit from the Arch-Regent, to discuss general matters with Prince Muckleforth, the Prince of the Castle, who ran the castle in lieu of his grandfather Brightforth, who had retired to upper highlands to live a reserved life. Eloise was quite taken with the Seraphim, and all that evening never shut up about him, in the end to Jezabel's relief, her mind now taken of her own dear blacksmith.

The End

Cat Lady 3

'You sure have a lot of cats,' said Shane Kolby.

'I'm catsitting at the moment,' replied Taylor Swift, examining the Commodore 64 Hard Drive. 'I mean, come on. It's a C64. It's not a real computer. It doesn't qualify for a hard drive.'

Shane looked at a kitten crawl off the sofa head, and climb into Taylor's hair, which was all done up, and settle down to nap.

'You are in the habit of having kitten's in your hair?' queried Shane.

'I don't frikking have issue 93,' said Daniel, coming into the room. It runs to 91 and a gap to 105.'

'That's a shame,' said Shane. 'The cheat codes are in issue 93.'

'I've borrowed them,' said Taylor, reading the labels on the bottom of a Commodore 64 hard drive. The kitten on her head burped, and farted. It smelled.

'What if it shits?' Shane asked Taylor.

'What?' asked Taylor, turning to look at Shane.

'I think I've got the shits,' said Daniel.

'You're a shitty kind of fellow,' said Taylor.

'The cat,' said Shane.

'I don't think it will shit in my hair,' said Taylor. She knew cats.

'I'll shit in your hair if you don't tell me what you have done with my Commodore Force magazines,' said Daniel.

'I used them for kitty litter,' said Taylor. She had a smile on her face looking at Daniel. 'These are not real computers,' she said, returning her focus to the hard drive.

'Right,' said Daniel. 'Kitty litter.'

'They are in the back shed, idiot. With the Commodore SX 64,' said Taylor.

'You've been learning about the C64?' asked Shane.

'Hard Drives are an amusement,' said Taylor, now putting it down. 'That one is a one Mega hard drive. Bit of an overkill for a C64.'

'It fits a lot of data,' said Daniel, who promptly disappeared out the side doors to hunt down the magazines.

'You'd probably fit all the Commodore 64 games ever made on it,' sighed Taylor.

'Hardly. They've done billions over the years,' replied Shane.

'All the original ones. From its heyday,' replied Taylor.

'Possibly,' said Shane. 'But probably not. The C64 has 64 thousand bytes. A mega is a million bytes. It's not that much in comparison.'

'I guess not,' replied Taylor, picking up the hard drive again.

'I'll plug it in,' said Shane, and got to work.

'Here it is,' said Daniel, coming in the door.

'Cheat codes are cheating,' said Taylor.

'That's the point,' said Daniel.

'You should finish the game fairly,' said Taylor. 'Pointless otherwise.'

'Shut up and load the damn game. Has that cat pooed in your hair?'

'Looks like it has,' said Shane. 'I warned you Tails.'

Taylor felt her hair. 'It's dry enough,' she said. 'Just two little bits. I'll wash it once we're finished.'

Daniel went into the bathroom and returned with a wet flannel. 'Just wipe it a bit, and we'll get stuck in.'

Taylor wiped her hair as the game loaded. Cats roamed the room. She was catsitting for a local lady who was on holiday.

'It's a lot of pussy,' said Shane, looking around, as the game loads.

'I like a lot of pussy,' said Daniel rudely.

'You're disgusting,' replied Taylor. 'And no cheat codes. It's cheating and pathetic.'

'If you say so,' said Daniel. The kitten had pooed again, on the sofa.

'Wonderful,' said Shane.

Taylor wiped it up, and grabbed the kitten, handing it to Daniel. 'Put it behind the fenceline in the back yard. I'll get it later.'

Daniel took the kitten, and soon enough they were playing 'Ruff and Reddy 17' and while the cat jokes didn't end all afternoon, Taylor really didn't mind.

The End

Another New Consort

'So, how's it going Tails?' asked Daniel the Seraphim.

'Who is this?' asked Taylor.

'Eloise, maam,' said Eloise, handing her hand out to Taylor like a distinguished lady of Camelot-Brightforth court should.

'My dear,' replied Taylor, shaking Eloise's hand.

'Oy,' said Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly, coming in the room. 'Nice to see you Danny Boy.'

'I'm Shane Kolby,' said Shane, who was tinkering with the Commodore Amiga computer.

'Those are computers,' said Eloise.

'You don't see them much, huh?' asked Shane. 'You from the olde world or something?'

'Indeed,' replied Eloise. 'From Camelot-Brightforth in Pendraphon, sir.'

'Never heard of it,' said Shane. 'But it's a big realm, isn't it?'

'Indeed it is,' said Eloise.

'Sit, sit,' said Taylor.

'Excuse me miss,' said Eloise, sitting down on a sofa. 'But why all the cats? Is it a fascination of yours?'

'I'm cat-sitting,' said Taylor. She looked at the young lady looking at the cats, and looked at Seraphim Daniel. Her eyes squinted suspiciously at Daniel. 'Daniel, of course, is married to Mrs Jessica Daly. He has told you about her, hasn't he Eloise,' said Taylor. She had a matronly look on her face, just like Jezabel's when Eloise insisted Daniel be allowed to bring her home from her holiday.

'Oh, he has told me all about his wife,' said Eloise. 'She is a modern girl. In most ways. Doesn't take to the olde world from the Arch-Regent's words on the issues.'

'Nope. Jessica is not much like that,' said Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

'And Daniel as Arch-Regent needs an official consort for the Olde World. 'There is to be discussions with his wife on the fitting nature of the proposal.'

'Is there now?' queried Taylor, glaring at Seraphim Daniel. 'How old are you, by the way?'

'13, maam,' replied Taylor.

'Funny,' said Taylor. 'A bit young, aren't you, to be consort to Daniel?'

'I'm getting older every day, and I'll never get any younger, as none of us shall,' replied Eloise.

'True enough,' said Shane, looking at the computer.

'We shan't be wed till she's a't least 14. Under realm law,' said Daniel.

'Oh, shan't we,' replied Taylor, still glaring at Daniel.

'And not if Jessica doesn't think it a good idea. Eloise has proposed the idea of being my official consort for the olde world. It was her own idea.'

Taylor looked at Eloise with suspicion in her eyes.

'I thought it an opportunity for advancement in life, maam,' replied Eloise.

'Mmm,' replied Taylor. 'Whatever then.' She looked at Daniel. 'Good luck with Jessica. You might need it.'

'There's nothing wrong with the idea, is there?' asked a concerned Eloise.

'Not really,' said Taylor, who was now more interested in tinkering with Commodore Amiga disk drive.

'We have a modern world and an olde world and a bit of a future world in the Realm of Eternity. As Arch-Regent I am in the olde world on occasions. Jessica never really comes with me. Finds it all a bit too sticky and fundamentalist for her liking.'

'True, I suppose,' replied Taylor, not looking up.

'Well, good luck with it,' said Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly to Seraphim Daniel.

Daniel was looking at Taylor. 'Thanks,' he said at last.

The End

A Catch for Shane

'Anyway, I'm not so sure he is doing the right thing.'

'You were married to him for a while, weren't you?' asked Shane, tapping at the keys of the PC.

'A long while. It was the older Daniel who liked me the most, and who I ended up drawn to,' replied Taylor. Oh, that's her.'

'What?' asked Shane, looking at Taylor.

'Hello Shane,' said a lady.

Shane looked up from his work office desk. It was a lady with a Commodore 64 T-shirt with the game 'Taylor Invaders' which had been designed by Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly on the shirt. She had red pants, her hair was done up with twin pony tails, and she was Asian, but spoke fluent English. She was cutish.

'Uh, hi,' replied Shane, nervously.

'You dig the C64 do ya?' asked the woman. 'I'm Ruby Chang. I like red and rubies and C64 and Taylor Swift, and World of Warcraft.'

'I dig World of Warcraft,' said Shane.

'I know,' said Taylor. Taylor looked at Shane. 'I profiled you. Did some research. Worked out your favourite things, and found a single from my fanclub who you matched the best with. She knows a lot about you, and your style suits her. Now if you'll excuse me.'

'Uh, yeh,' replied Shane, as Taylor Stood, and Ruby sat down in her place, instantly tinkering with Shane's PC, and playing with his action figures, while Shane, with a concerned look on his face, stared at the departing Taylor, but soon looked at Ruby, and grabbed the action figure from her, and started arguing. It was love at first sight.

'You're naughty, Taylor,' said Daniel.

'He put his hands on my thighs recently. Just briefly, and removed them. He's polite. Didn't say anything. Knew he needed someone, and it was not going to be me, so decided may as well solve his love dilemma. She's just about perfect for him, and his type suits her.'

'Right,' said Daniel. 'Ruby Chang. Well, we might have a foursome one of these days.'

'I like Shane coming around, so that should be fine,' said Taylor.

They went down to the local cafeteria in the big organisation and ate lunch, as they chatted about life, and Shane, with some work, finding the love of his life.

The End


'You are nuts if you want to enter Catchfrost,' said Regan.

'Come on,' said Atticus, standing on the western edge of Cooma District in New Bridlington, looking out past the fenced wall which had barbwire at the top. Beyond lay Catchfrost. It took up the size of a small country on this continent they were on, a shape similar to the United Kingdom of Earth in Size, and it was bound entirely by a fenced wall with barbwire on the top. Atticus led the way to the hotel, and came inside, with Regan reluctantly following. 'Can we go to the top lookout?' he asked the person behind the desk, who gave them a key. They took the elevator, and came to the top floor, exited, and found another different lift. They entered it, and turned a key in a latch which took them up to the roof. They exited and came over to the lookout.

'They don't normally let people up here without a pass,' said Regan.

'Dad knows the boss,' said Atticus. 'It's not a problem.'

Regan looked out at the Catchfrost, which they could see somewhat of from their stance. The walls were usually so high that only in rare places around the continent surrounding Catchfrost could you see much of the terrain of Catchfrost. This was the only place in the city of New Bridlington you could see any of it, and it was usually only those approved of by a council department on the issue, out of curiousities sake.

'What exactly is it all about?' asked Regan, looking at the barren landscape, and pine forests, and a winding river.

'It's got monsters and wizards and witches and all sorts of magical shit in it,' said Atticus. 'It's called the Catchfrost because the wizard who claimed all the land casts freeze spells on all who enter in. You literally catchfrost if you get caught by him.'

'Funny,' said Regan.

'Why don't we change our lives, and enter,' said Atticus, looking through the telescope at the terrain.

'Nuts,' she replied.

Atticust turned to her. 'You know. We're happy with life, but maybe we need something. Something different. Something – heavy – to make some deeper meaning in life. Adventure. Real adventure.'

'Nuts,' she said, but pushed him aside, looking through the telescope. 'What would we say to everyone?'

'I don't know. We're going off on a long holiday. Won't be back for ages.'

'You'll get us killed,' she said.

'What is life without a bit of danger,' he replied.

'A hell of a lot more palatable,' she replied. She looked at him. 'Ok. You've enticed me. Magic is fun and interesting, and I might want to study some new age stuff first, so ok. I want to have something fantastic in the end in the mystery of it all.'

'Right,' said Atticus, claiming the telescope again. 'The Catchfrost it is.'

Regan stared out at the barren terrain. Just what on Earth had she gotten herself into.

The End

Catchfrost 2

'It's called the Ocular Orb. It's how Witch Hazletene sees things in Catchfrost,' said the Rogue.

'Why would we want to steal it?' asked Atticus, filling his bottle with water in the stream.

'King Asgard would pay you handsomely, and you'd be doing him a favour. Nobody wants to really mess with Witch Hazeltene. Not if they expect peace in Catchfrost. But you guys are only temporary, so you wouldn't risk long term worries. The fenceline has magical barriers in it which prevent magic crossing outwards. It's a legal contract we have with New Terra 17. So you wouldn't worry about repercussions to much once you leave.'

'She could send someone after us,' said Regan.

'Doubtful. Not legal anyway. We could be pushed out if she did. There are documents of understanding in place. No, if you steal the Ocular Orb and surrender it to King Asgard, he'll pay you handsomely, and we'll have peace in Catchfrost for a while. The Queen won't be able to get up to too much trickery until she works out where her orb has disappeared to.'

'Will she?' asked Regan.

'Inevitably. She owns it anyway, and it would have to eventually be returned by right of law on the issue. But we can certainly play havoc on her for a while. It's how Catchfrost functions after all.'

'We'll do it,' said Atticus.

'Hang on. This Witch Hazeltene doesn't sound like someone we want to mess with,' said Regan.

'We're looking for adventure, right?' asked Atticus.

'I suppose,' replied Regan.

'Come with me to Albedore,' said the Rogue. 'I'll introduce you to Harloc the Sage. He will advise you in some training and things, and give you some advice. The King will surely greet you with the Ocular Orb.'

'What's your name?' queried Regan.

'I go by lots of names,' replied the Rogue. 'You can call me Wanderer. That will do.'

'How can we trust you Wanderer?' asked Regan. 'You could be deceiving us even now.'

'You are new. Don't worry about me. Besides, if you are questers, then here is your quest.'

'We'll follow you,' said Atticus.

Regan glared at Atticus, but shrugged. 'I suppose this is what we came for,' she finished, and started chopping the wild vegetables they had found, getting ready to make the nights stew.

The End

Catchfrost 3

The Ice Bolt hit the tree.

'Fuck,' said Atticus.

'Fuck ain't the half of it,' replied Regan. 'That spellcaster looks mean.'

'We've trained 3 years,' replied Atticus. 'Not a lifetime, but I can handle a spellcaster. They are only basic mages.'

They were in the Arloc Mountain ranges, and it was winter, and the crossing was challenging from 'Ickborg' to 'Handelvere', but the Witch Queen lived in Handelvere, difficult to enter into, and they needed to make the crossing to capture the Orb.

'What fools would enter Handelvere and by whose permission?' asked the Spellcaster, glaring at them.

'We're sojourners,' replied Atticus, dressed in a long brown cloak, with black pants and a green tunic, with a woolen jumper covering it, a sword in his hilt, and a bacpack. Regan was dressed similarly, with a short skirt over her trousers, as befitted a maiden warrior.

'We mean no harm,' said Regan.

'A nubian,' said the spellcaster. 'Few and far between in Catchfrost.'

'I am aware of that,' replied Regan, in an accent which had developed flavours of Catchfrost.

'You should not cast spells so easily,' said Atticus. 'You know not who you are meddling with.'

'And I am not sure you have permission to enter Handelvere,' replied the spellcaster.

'Then we are at an impasse. But I assure you, we mean no harm. Let us be on our way. We are sojourners, visiting potential ancient relatives in the Witch Queen's domain. We should know them should we meet them.'

'Hmmm. Not sure if I can trust you,' said the Spellcaster. 'Perhaps I should verily turn you back. The Queen is reluctant to entertain the uninvited in Handelvere.'

'We mean no harm. I assure you,' replied Atticus. 'I am Atticus. This is Regan. We are sojourners from southern Catchfire. We travel the land at times, and have rarely been to Handelvere. It seems a good time in our long lives to make this journey.'

'So you say,' replied the spellcaster. He came near, and looked them over. 'There are wolves with fowl tempers in this mountains. 'Be sure to keep your wits about you. I am Athtec.' And the spellcaster looked them over, and left, continuing on his way.

'Smooth,' said Regan.

'We're known now,' said Atticus.

'We always were going to be,' she replied.

'Well, no matter. Let's carry on.'

And so they continued trudging up the slope, another full day's journey in the morning before they reached the top, and could begin their descent into Handelvere proper, to fulfil their mission to claim the Orb of Hazeltene.

The End

Catchfrost 4

'My ass has been frozen too long,' said Regan, stepping out from the snow onto proper forest ground. 'I guess we are now officially in Handelvere.'

'Finally,' said Atticus. 'Seems like we were on the Arloc Moutnain Range forever.'

'Our quest,' said Regan.

'We'll stay here the night,' he said. 'Near the snow to refresh our water supply in the morning before we move on. Gather sticks,' said Atticus.

Soon enough they had a fire going, and they boiled some wild onions they had found with leeks and other bits of this and that, and had vegetable soup going. They still had some crackers, and ate them, before snuggling down for the night in their sleeping bags, the finest of Catchfrost in many ways, with lovely embroidery.

'Regan,' said Atticus, as the smoke wafted into Handelvere night sky.

'Yes, Atticus,' replied Regan.

'We're twins or something. You know. Probably the technical twins amongst angelicdom. I have it in me and so do you. I think we're probably technically twins in the designations with God.'

'Nobody has ever said it,' said Regan. 'But I've thought that before. Go to sleep Atticus.'

Atticus stared into the darkness, and the hooting owl didn't bother them, as they got used to their first night on Handelvere soil proper. In the morning, after they had eaten a meagre breakfast, they headed off down through the forest. They had spied much of the scenery below from the heights above, and knew their destination vaguely. So they would hike down from the mountains, down through the meadows, and find the road they had heard of, and make it to 'Sharaliton' the first town on their trip, before a few more, and then the city of the Witch Queen. The Journey showed them new terrain they had not seen in other parts of Catchfrost, but they soldiered on, and eventually came to the edge of the forest, to the meadowlands. Soon enough they passed them and found the road, a dirt affair, but well trodden enough.

'This way,' said Atticus.

And so on they marched, keeping up the pace fairly enough, but their eyes and wits about them, as they were now in the dark heart of Catchfire, a place not every citizen was so bold to tread.

The End

Catchfrost 5

They were in Sandhurst, the village afore the high city of the witch.

'You know,' said Ella. 'It's dangerous in there without official recognition. Technically they allow people to commerce. I mean, technically.

'We know,' said Regan, sharpening her dagger, which had been used in a recent scuffle in the village just left, were she had plunged it into a dark figures side, who had bled, and struggled away from her, back into the alley he had come from.

'That blased spellcaster sent them,' said Regan. 'I know it.'

'It's like we're being followed,' said Atticus.

'They know not your mission, yet,' said Ella. 'Now the chamber of the witch queen is well guarded, and through the lower tunnels is the only way to enter. The castle is rife with hidden passageways.'

'Why do you help us?' queried Atticus.

'Again, I have my reasons,' said Ella. 'Do not misunderstand me. Ultimately I am a loyal citizen of Handelvere. But I have my reasons why challenges for Hazeltene are in my own best interests.'

'Indeed,' said Regan, putting her dagger back into its sheath.

Suddenly there was a commotion outside the window, and a bolt of ice, followed by a crossbow bolt flew into the room.

'Strangers go home,' yelled a voice.

'We get that a bit,' said Regan.

'I could imagine,' replied Ella. 'Well, I think we must now part ways. But should you prove successful in retrieving the orb and escaping, I will be at the wishing well on the north of the castle. I will lead you through tunnels in the mountains to make your escape. It should prove a daunting night for you.'

'Indeed,' said Regan.

'Thank you Ella. You have helped us more than you rightly should have to,' said Atticus.

'As I said. In my best interests,' replied the lady with the sword and bow and arrow. She looked them over, then left the inn room.

'Well, we've come this far,' said Regan.

Around twilight they ventured into the high city. People observed them, and they made chit chat in the central marketplace, with more than one guard looking them over carefully. As darkness descended, Atticus whispered to Regan, and they ducked down a dark alley. Soon enough, keeping low and out of sight, they were at the base of the castle on it's eastern side, and found the tunnel which Ella had spoken of. They encountered rats and mice and fowl stenches, but soon enough they were climbing stairwells between walls.

'It's here,' said Atticus, looking through a small portal in the wall. 'Nobody in sight.'

They pushed open a latch, and entered the chamber of the witch queen. It was brilliantly lit up, and in the centre of the room was a circular platform with what was obviously the ocular orb in its centre. They came forth, and were about to grab it, when a voice said to them, 'And how exactly do you plan on getting away Atticus and Regan?'

They turned. It was the Ice Queen.

'We've had fun observing you. Not sure what you came for, but it's apparent now. I'm hardly going to let you have my prize, of course.'

Regan wandered to one side of the room, as the spellcaster entered. He eyed Atticus.

'Should have seen that coming,' said Atticus.

The spellcaster cast a spell at Atticus, who used a magical spell of his own to block it.

'So they have magical skills. Interesting,' said the witch.

'We've learned things in our training,' said Atticus.

'We shall see,' replied the Queen, and threw a bolt of fire at Regan, who used an Ice shield to block it.

'Regan!' yelled Atticus, and threw his sword at her. 'NOW!'

Regan yelled 'SOLARIS!' and the sword became molten fiery steel. She threw it in directions all aroudn the room, and blazing fire started engulfing everything. The queen shrieked that her treasures were being destroyed, yelling at the spellcaster to get the servants to quench the fire. Meanwhile Atticus had grabbed the orb, and scuttled to the side of the room, putting the orb in his sack, grabbing Regan, as the room burned. The queen was beside herself, frantically looking at all her burning treasures, and seeing the two of them at the portal she glared at them and yelled. 'We'll meet again.' And then they were gone, down the tunnels, out the bottom, and quickly to the northern side of the castle, were Ella yelled for them to mount the horses in a hurry, as guards with swords were coming from the other side of the castle. They climbed on board, and up above they looked as the castle had started to blaze, a solitary figure, the queen, at the edge of the castle, shrieking like the coldest harpy shrill. And then they were off, to the mountains in a long and hurried night ride. They dismounted, and Ella took them through tunnels. By the following morning they were on the other side, escaped from Handelvere, their mission a success.

'Tell me again,' said Atticus. 'What's in it for you?'

'Why,' said Ella, winking at him. 'What's life without a little adventure, Atticus Smith?' And then she was off, back to the tunnels, as Atticus and Regan breathed in the fresh air of Catchfrost, and began the long journey west, then eventually south, to present King Asgard with his prize, and to claim their hard earned reward.

The End

Catchfrost 6

'Run, Regan!' yelled Atticus. 'The Snow Giants are gaining. Move your black ass.'

'I AM!' yelled Regan in reply. Soon enough they were at the fenceline, and the snow giants were about 300 yards behind them, and closing quick.

'Just one last look,' said Regan.

'We ain't got the time,' replied Atticus.

Regan, though, turned, and looked out over Catchfire, her home these passed years, before following Atticus up the rope he had thrown, climbing the fenceline, navigating the barbed wire, and pulling up the ropes, before jumpign down, back to safety. They could hear the yelling of the snow giants on the other side and one growled 'Lucky escape,' before the snow giants retreated, leaving Regan and Atticus gasping for air, backs to the fence. A lady walked past.

'Shit. It's Cooma District,' said Regan.

'It's about the way we came in approximately,' said Atticus.

'Fowl language,' said the lady, and walked on.

'Well. What now?' asked Regan.

Atticus turned and looked at her. 'Well, did you get the adventure you were looking for?'

'I guess,' she replied, as another lady gave them a funny look in the clothing they were dressed in.

'Come on,' she said. 'Let's go home.'

Soon enough they were on Atticus front lawn, of his parents place anyway, and as his mother rushed out yelling 'Where the hell have you been?' Atticus grinned at Regan, who smiled back, and turned, making her way through the city of New Bridlington, home. And what an adventure it had been.

The End

Catchfrost Square

'It's interesting,' said Daniel the Seraphim.

'Interesting?' asked Eloise. 'I'm quite at home.'

'But you would be,' replied Daniel.

They wandered further around Catchfrost Square on the north-east edge of the New Bridlington faire ground, looking at the various shows, and paying the money for this and that attraction and item for sale. Catchfrost Square had been the brainchild of a certain Atticus Smith and Regan Cosby, who had spun a wild yarn about having had adventures in Catchfrost, the mythical land which lay to the west of New Bridlington on their continent, a place completely surrounded by a fenceline. Daniel had once gained access to the hotel, having inquired at the council, and looked into Catchfrost. It had looked barren, but intriguing. Apparently these two brave souls had ventured in and had adventures and had spun a tale so brave and bold that they had done business with New Bridlington Faire and had a square devoted to sights they had seen and been empassioned to bring to life from their experiences in Catchfrost.

'They have been admitted into the New Bridlington Council,' said Daniel. 'The Business council that is. I may perchance run into them at the next meeting.'

'You can query the legitimacy of their tale,' said Eloise.

'Indeed,' replied Daniel.

Eloise was now a young woman, as a number of years had passed since their marriage at her 15th year, and they were back in New Bridlington, the place they had met, on holiday in a way, but Daniel was getting back into some of his business in the city.

'Let us dunk the witch one last time,' said Eloise.

'Salem eat your heart out,' replied Daniel. 'And what kind of name is Witch Hazeltene anyway? Sounds like a chocolate milkshake or something.'

'Funny,' replied Eloise, as they headed back to the Dunk the Witch sideshow, Daniel purchasing several balls to hopefully hit the target, with Eloise delighting as the witch, righteously, hit the water. He missed all but the last, on purpose mind you to build the tension, and when the last ball hit home, and the witch dunked, the gasp of glee on his new consorts face made it all worth while. 'Well, you are right at home, aren't you dear beloved,' said Daniel.

Eloise grabbed his harm. 'Indeed my kind sir. Indeed.'

And another fine day passed in New Bridlington.

The End

Cat Lady 4

'It's not green,' said Ruby.

'I think it's green,' said Taylor.

'What the hell is a Commodore 66+?' queried Daniel.

'Duh,' said Taylor. 'And here we have the greatest C64 fan in the realm. Hardly.'

'I try,' replied Daniel.

'Miaaow,' said Meredith Josephine Alwyn.

'Feed the cat. And I bet its a counterfeit company.'

'Nope. Commodore,' said Shane.

'News to me,' said Daniel.

'And he prides himself on being up to date. It looks green,' said Katy. 'But with blue in it.'

'It's Teal,' said Ruby.

'Green in reality,' said Taylor. 'There are only 7 colours. Shades don't really count. They are pretend colours.'

'I agree,' said Daniel. 'But it is Teal.'

'Asshole,' said Taylor.

'Spot the invisible man on the screen,' said Daniel.

'Where?' asked Ruby, looking.

'Heh heh,' said Daniel.

'You're an asshole,' said Taylor. 'He used that one on me.'

'I can't see an invisible man,' said Ruby.

'Well of course not,' said Shane. 'It's invisible.'

'Then how do you know there's an invisible man?' asked Ruby.

'She's a winner,' said Daniel.

'Asshole,' Taylor said to Daniel.

'I don't think there's really an invisible man,' said Ruby.

'She learns quick,' said Daniel. 'Oh, look. The colour has changed on the fake PC.'

It had changed to Ruby.

'Red,' said Taylor.

'Ruby,' said Ruby.

'Close enough,' said Taylor.

'Miaow,' said Meredith Josephine Alwyn the pussy cat of Taylor's.

'Feed your cat, Tails,' said Daniel.

'It's a pretty dumb program,' said Taylor. 'Just colours.'

'The tape is loading,' said Shane.

'They usually have a bunch of flickering horizontal lines,' said Taylor.

'Not all of them,' said Shane. 'That's just a convention. Not a rule. Not really any rules. Law, of course. But programmers can do what tickles their fancy.'

Daniel came over and picked up the PC and looked at the bottom. It read Commodore 66+ by Commodore computers.

'When did this come out?' asked Daniel.

'Oh, quite a long time ago,' said Shane. 'But it didn't hit very big. Most C64ers probably missed the news. It's a beefed up C64/C65.'

'Right,' said Daniel. 'The disk drive works, I take it?'

'And the USB port,' said Shane. 'But it only takes Commodore USB drives. You have to order them specifically.'

'I see,' said Daniel.

'There are some technical improvements of the C64 in it,' said Shane. 'But the underlying principle is that its not really meant to be like a IBM professional PC or anything like that. They do that with some things do Commodore. It's meant to be, not so much the next logical stop in the C64/C65 run, but A step. That was stressed by Commodore. It is A step. Just something which progresses a bit in A direction. It didn't have to be the right direction either, but it had to be a direction which offered more. Just that it offered more, and was a normal enough idea for the incremental increase.'

'Yeh. That sounds ok,' said Daniel.

'Miaow,' said Meredith.

The game loaded. Heads over Heels.

'Hey, it's in colour,' said Daniel.

'It's a slight variant on the traditional and a little longer,' said Shane.

'I'm first,' said Taylor.

'After you feed the cat,' said Daniel.

Taylor grumbled, but fed the cat, and they rewarded her with first go, as another fine day passed in the Realm of Eternity.

The End

New Bridlington Business Council 2

'The Life Manifest Crusade,' said Atticus.

'Right,' said Daniel.

'Fascinating,' said Valandriel, equally dry in his mockery.

'Tell us about it,' said the New Bridlington Main Street Business Council head Councillor.

'It is about finding meaning and purpose in life. The point of it all in the view of the creator. And it is about finding a life program which engenders eternal existence and accomplishes the objectives of giving people a balanced approach to life and its issues. It is about manifesting the lives of members of New Terra 17, getting them to understand what they do and what they want to do, and set that as their core crusade, their life motif,which guides them over eternity.'

'Yep. You are making progress,' said Daniel.

'Very good. We did that years ago,' said Valandriel.

'Yep. We know,' said Regan Cosby. 'But New Terra 17 doesn't have an official program of constitutional life direction. We don't have an official thing we recognize on this planet. Just the laws of the land and mostly Catholic faith, but we're like whore babylon, and it's quite lukewarm. We don't have much fire in the belly.'

'That's it's appeal,' said Ariel. 'And people like the jokes Why you guys are popular. The sedate who gives a damn approach works for this planet. People like it like that.'

'We know,' said Regan. 'But that's going to change.'

'Well, if you insist,' said Daniel.

'We have Tony Robbins,' said the council chief. People use him a bit, and we go to church every once in a while. Mostly we're a sedate bunch.'

'We need a program for about 15% of the people from our questionairre results,' said Atticus. 'And we want to run the organisation on Main Street. Daniel and Valandriel and co would be appreciated. Their input. Seeing as they know how to do it,' said Atticus.

'15%?' queried the councillor. 'Mmm. Yes that's probably about right. We'll run with it. I don't think we'll get opposition as nobody really cares anyway. And is that it?'

'Can I have that last chocolate cookie?' Regan asked Daniel, who was fishing in the jar, as the meeting had about concluded. He looked at her an, albeit reluctantly, passed it to her. Jerahmeel chuckled. Ariel sighed. The council chief said 'Iron Justice' under his breath. Daniel was not impressed.

The End

The Life Manifest Crusade

'So what if I fuck you up the arse for the ad?' Valandriel asked.

Regan looked at him. 'You want to fuck me up the arse?'

Atticus looked at him. 'You want to fuck Regan up the arse?'

Daniel commented. 'Not literally.'

'Oh,' said Regan. She smiled at Valandriel. 'Not literally, huh?' shed asked him, smiling.

'I sort of put one on you. I say, 'Shit. My life is fucked up. It's going nowhere. You guys suck. You can't help me at all. I'm wasting my money. We're all going to die.'

'Yes, Justin Bieber,' replied Regan, still smiling at Valandriel.

'I get the message,' said Atticus. 'We might have to tone the language down a bit, you know.'

'Ya think,' Regan said to Atticus.

'We like creative talk on our projects,' said Daniel.

'I could well imagine,' replied Regan Cosby.

'So I am the helpless victim New Terran, and I am sure your system is crap, but you come in and say...........' said Valandriel.

They all looked at Regan.

'Uh, uhmm. Oh, Believe me, friend. The Life Manifest Crusade can help you no end.'

'Right,' said Valandriel uncertainly. Regan got the picture.

'My friend, when we get you going, you'll never stop. Worlds of life will open up for you. You'll practically be – REBORN,' she said, emphasizing reborn.

'Much better,' said Valandriel.

'She get's the picture,' said Daniel.

'That's a relief,' said Regan.

'Otherwise he'd be fucking you up the arse,' said Atticus.

Regan looked at Valandriel. He was cute. 'Yeh,' she said, softly.

And so Daniel and Valandriel got on with their work with Atticus and Regan for Main Street New Bridlington, and despite the sarcasm, the project seemed like a good idea.

The End

A Bit of the Ruff Stuff

'I'm not ass fucking you Regan,' said Valandriel resolutely. 'I'm faithful to my wife.'

'And your concubine,' she replied.

'And my concubine. How did you know about that?'

'And you can be faithful to my your lover,' she pleaded.

'I don't think so nubian queen,' replied Valandriel, and pushed her away.

'Get on the other end of the see-saw,' she said.

Valandriel complied and they started going up and down on the see-saw in the little park opposite the supermarket in New Bridlington CBD.

'I just want a bit of the ruff stuff,' she said.

'The Ruff Stuff?' he asked. 'Are you sure that is in the package of the Life Manifest Crusade?'

She pulled out her rollies, which she had pre-rolled, and lit one. She smoked, looking at him. 'Life is supposed to have exciting bits. Me, I'm clean down below. I have a current boyfriend, and we do it, but I get tested regularly. Only the very minor things, like Hep Zero point Alpha 445 and stuff like that.'

'Hardly anything,' agreed Valandriel, about a very low level STD count.

'And I would agree to condom usage,' she said. 'And take pills to keep it under control.'

'Mmm,' thought Valandriel. 'I have a wife and a mistress. I agreed with God I would leave it at that.'

'You haven't done the propositioning,' she replied.

'True,' he said.

She got of the see-saw, and came over to him. She reached forward, and started kissing him, and he didn't resist. She took his hand and put it on her breasts, and they made out for half an hour.

'I've got an erection,' he said.

'Come over here,' she said, and took him to the corner of the park. She pulled her pants down, and exposed her bare butt.

'Stick it in. My asshole,' she said.

'I don't have a condom,' he said.

'I know you'll be clean enough,' she replied.

And then Valandriel the Seraphim fucked Regan Cosby's ass for about 30 seconds, before grabbing her tits hard and coming up her arse.

'God!' he grunted. 'Fuck that felt good.'

'Not finished,' she said, and lay down on the grass, spreading her legs. 'Get me off. I won't take long.'

He got down, and peformed oral sex on her, and soon she was grabbing his head.

'Oh baby!' she yelled, and a little later she pushed him away.

'Oh, fuck,' she said. 'You were awesome.'

Valandriel pulled up his pants and looked around. Nobody in sight. A cat on the fenceline was staring at them, but nobody else was around.

'We can do it here,' she said. 'When it's quiet.'

Valandriel didn't talk about his affair with anyone. But it went on a few months, and then it was sort of just something he did. He had no other intentions with Regan, apart from business, and she still saw the other guy. But he liked doing her, and they didn't really change their techniques. And after six months, it was still the same. But Daniel had words one night, very subtley, not admitting he knew anything, but he played around with some words cautiously, in anecdote, and Valandriel knew he knew, and that he should probably now cut it out. A few weeks later Regan agreed that they'd probably had their fun, and the affair ended. But Valandriel took a picture of Regan naked, and when he got back to the Realm of Eternity the following year he put it in a private folder, with a few other lasses from his youth, and looked at it from time to time. She'd been a bit of fire in the belly had Regan Cosby.

The End

Jerahmeel's Wisdom

Well, after the affair had ended, Daniel and Valandriel finished their time in New Bridlington, and returned to the Realm of Eternity. But Jerahmeel was sticking around for now, as he had a business there he liked to give the personal touch, and got along well with Spaz, Azrael's son, who ran the Tavern 'Spaz's Place' on Main Street.

'You know, Spaz,' said Jerahmeel. 'Those two are thick as thieves,' said Jerahmeel, regarding Regan Cosby and Atticus Smith.

'They once mentioned they felt they were unofficially twins, as both have angelic ancestry,' said Spaz.

'Wouldn't surprise me,' said Jerahmeel. 'Of course, she's one of Jontel's, isn't she?'

'Yep. Cosby from his line,' replied Spaz.

Jerahmeel assessed the two friends, deep in conversation, and turned his attention to the large screen.

'You like golf I take it,' said Jerahmeel. 'It's nearly always golf. You don't have anything else?'

'Yeh, I like golf. Scotch sport,' said Spaz. 'A lot of the customers are Scots. You know,' he said, pointing to the flag of Scotland on his t-shirt.

'Obviously,' replied Jerahmeel.

Spaz took the hint and flicked the screen on to a Rugby League match.

'Better,' replied Jerahmeel.

The night wore on, and customers came and went, and around midnight Jerhameel was happy to call it a night. Along the street as he walked back to Jerahmeel's Jollicles, with it's upstairs apartment he lived in, he found Regan Cosby crying.

'What's up sweetheart?' he asked.

'Atticus,' she said.

'Did he hurt you or something?' asked Jerahmeel.

'Are you kidding?' she replied. 'I'd kick his arse. It's the opposite. He found out about – something. Something I'd done with someone, and he stormed off.'

'Oh,' replied Jerahmeel. He sipped on his bottle of wine, and looked at her. 'What?' he asked.

'I'd had an affair with Valandriel for six months. It pissed off Atticus when I told him. He mocked me and called me a harlot and stormed off. I didn't think he would ever say something like that to me.'

'You two an item then?' asked Jerahmeel.

She looked at the Angel. 'No. Never really going to be either. We're best friends. It's what its based on. Friendship.'

'Right. Platonic,' said Jerahmeel.

'Never mind,' said Regan, wiping her eyes.

'You know, he will get over it by morning, and apologize,' said Jerahmeel. 'He'll probably feel guilty for storming off.'

She sniffed. 'You think so?'

'Probably. How things like this usually work out.'

In fact, Jerahmeel's wisdom was correct. Atticus came around 3 days later, and said he understood, and it was her life anyway, and she could see who she wanted to. Regan felt Jerahmeel wise, and this experience had also taught her some facts on relationships, and what to sometimes expect when you do the dirty deed.

The End

Stewed Cherries

'So you give him the finger, tell him to hike it, and sit down and watch Sesame Street. Unbelievable.'

'I like Sesame Street,' replied Regan.

'You know what I mean,' said Atticus.

'He was boring me, you know. I don't think I'm ready to settle down yet. Not yet. I want to live my life with you first. Explore our partnership.'

'Yeh, it's probably that,' agreed Atticus, picking up the console controller, and beginning the next level.

'That's what I call it. We're more than a friendship. We're permabuddies. We're partners.'

'Stuart was smart, you know. Could have been good with you. He was, you know, black as well.'

'Too nerdy. No, too yuppie. Too much a businessman. He'd wear shirts with cardigans as well. It just wasn't my scene in the end. He still uses glasses as well, and won't get his eyes done, because his condition reverts them to the problem again after a while.'

'What some conditions are like,' replied Atticus. 'You always need corrective surgery again eventually. Becomes pointless fighting it.'

'Are those cherries ready yet?' he asked her.

She went to the kitchen, took the stewed cherries of the hot plate, and put them in two bowls, adding the ice cream.

'You don't even like the Indian chick,' she said. 'You're not ready to settle down yet either.'

'Maybe not,' he replied. 'We're not dating anymore anyway. Just friends.'

'So live your life with me for a long time as friends, before we finally find our mates.'

'That's the plan, I guess.' He paused the game. 'We should make this part of the Life Manifest Crusade. Write a comprehensive guide on successful platonic relationships. We've had a pretty successful one. That could be something of a specialty for us.'

'Give the man a cherry,' said Regan, lifting her spoon to Atticus, who ate it. 'Well done buddy. That is a very good idea. Give me two weeks, and I'll have some notes on the idea and you too. Then we'll make some initial plans.'

'Sounds good,' he replied, and continued on with the game.

Silent observers of the two of them might think them an old married couple, but they weren't. She loved him and he loved her, and they'd had a union once when they were young. But they were platonic, and they were actually twins, in the cosmic scheme of things. Regan would marry another man one day and Atticus would marry another lady, but their friendship was eternal, and it was important to the divine because of it.

The End

Ruth 31

Chapter One

Callodyn the Cherubim, Daniel Daly, was in the back yard of his home on Paradision.

'It's a bucket list item,' said Claudia. 'And my bucket list has manifold objectives now.'

'Finally,' said Ruth, digging around in Daniel's garden.

'One of the items is to eat a fried worm. Like in your book, Daniel.'

'How to eat fried worms?' asked Daniel.

'That's disgusting,' said Ruth. 'It's not even kosher.'

'Oh. No. God forbid,' said Claudia. 'Whatever will the rabbi say? I should afflict myself with fasting and sit in ashes.'

'Funny,' said Ruth. 'Enjoy your fried worm.'

They dug one up that afternoon. Ruth heard all about it for weeks. One afternoon, after Boaz got home from work, she brought up the issue.

'Fried worms. Not exactly kosher are they?'

Boaz looked at her. 'Leviticus 11. The list. No, worms are unclean from recollection. I think.'

'So Claudia has transgressed,' said Ruth.

'Jesus,' replied Boaz. 'I mean, if you want to get real technical like, I suppose. But she's married to a Noahide, so I don't think it's much of an issue.'

'Right,' said Ruth, thinking that over. 'So. What. A woman takes her husbands covenant is it?'

Boaz looked at her. 'It's a grey area in the Torah. It's mostly men Hashem worries about in Torah life. Women follow their husbands way.'

'I see,' replied Ruth, stood, glared at Boaz, and left the room.

'This scheise again,' said Boaz. And if Moab the Hebrew showed up it would be even worse. He continued watching TV again, but thought it over. Best to keep his wife. He went to the kitchen, sat down at the table, and Ruth looked at him.

'If you want to follow Noahide faith, that's fine with me. If you want to follow Hebrew faith, that's fine with me. If you want to follow Judaism, that's fine with me. If you fall in love with Jesus of Nazareth or Mohammed, that's fine with me.'

'I'm not changing my basic Torah faith,' she replied. 'That's not the issue.'

'Feminism is not something monotheism has truck with,' he said, and stood, looked at her squarely, and walked out the room.

'No. It doesn't,' she said to the empty room. She turned, and continued cutting the carrots for dinner. This was an issue. She was old. She had rights now. She was not Boaz servant. But she knew he would win this argument one way or another, and she knew she had already lost, but she would fight it out anyway. It was the pride in Ruth the Moabite.

Chapter Two

'We've been invited by King David to visit New Terra on a holiday in Japan with a touring group. It's their second outing, and they've increased the numbers. Primarily to chat about certain issues.'

'And you take it for granted that good ole Ruth will play the submissive wife and come along, don't you,' replied Ruth, chopping cabbage in the kichen.

'I was going to ask you. Do you want to go?' replied Boaz.

She paused for a moment, rebuked herself, but still said 'I'll think about it.'

Boaz left the room.

Around dinner time they were in the living room, watching TV, eating their meal, and Ruth spoke up.

'So it's a lady's place to follow where her husband leads, is it?'

'Here we go,' said boaz.

'Just like that. He's the boss,' she said.

'You are a bit old to make these complaints aren't you Ruthy dear?'

'Oh, I am, am I? Doesn't that make me old enough to make my own decisions, or must I hold Boaz hands forever and say 'Teach me my lord and saviour.'

'Jesus Christ,' swore Boaz. 'You do lay it on thick don't you. We have a way. It's our way. The way we like it. The way it's always been. Modernistic claptrap doesn't change that.'

'No,' she said. 'And I'll make up my own damn mind about the trip.'

Silence the rest of the meal. All that night Ruth read in the bed. Boaz didn't bother asking her anything. He just read a while, turned off his own light, and settled down. He could feel it though. The tension. She was a proud Moabite. She wouldn't back down easily on this one. The following morning he came out to the breakfast table. Ruth was in the habit of making him breakfast most mornings before work. She was absent. He found the note. It read:

'Boaz, dear. I'm off on some important business. Do take care of breakfast yourself for a change. You're a grown man. I'm sure you're capable of it. Love Ruth.' He didn't grumble. He was too old and wise for that. He just got out some cereal, ate it, and got off to work. That night he'd have words though.

Chapter Three

'How long is this tirade going to last?' he asked her, at the dinner table that evening.

'I have no idea what you are talking about,' said Ruth. 'Oh, I had a wonderful day. Got a complete ladies treatment. Sauna, spa, facial, massage, nails done. It was wonderful.'

'I see,' replied Boaz. 'You know, Ruthie. We had a traditional marriage once. Remember, we took the traditional vows at a point. Love honour and obey. Have those vows changed?'

Ruth was silent. She ignored him.

'Eat your meatloaf,' she replied, and didn't speak the rest of the evening.

It went on like this for days. Curt replies when he asked her questions, the sharp treatment on whenever he suggested something. She was making him pay. Mostly, Boaz surmised, he was guilty for being a man. As simple as that. Being a man. She had her woman's pride, and it rose up at times, so he would grin and bear it, and hopefully make it out in one piece before it all ended.

'I'm an intelligent woman,' she said one evening.

'I don't dispute that,' replied. 'I know full well the intellectual capacities of Ruth the Moabite. She's capable of being a perfectly humble woman.'

'No kidding,' she replied. 'A good little daughter of Moab, serving the all wise and all knowing Bethlehemit, Boaz the Brave.'

'Brave?' he queried.

'Oh, forgive me,' she said. 'Invincible.'

'You are being deliberately awkward,' said Boaz.

'Oh, forgive me. I don't understand your magnificent Judaic wisdom. Simple Moabite girl you see. I mean, what makes you think you rule the household?'

'Because I'm the man,' he replied.

'Your the man? Oh yeh. You da man, Boaz boy. You da bloody man.'

'Ruthie,' said Boaz, consolingly. 'It's not like that.'

'Then how is it?'

'We've had this discussion many times before.'

'Then explain it again.'

'Because I'm tougher than you, and bigger than you, and men on average have more fight in them to negotiate for the family. It's how God designed the different sexes. We have greater strength in our capabilities normally. On average.' He stressed the word average.

'Humph,' she replied. 'Makes no difference.'

'We can put up with more of your shit than you can put up with ours,' he added.

She went silent. 'Men are beasts,' she blurted out.

'Why we rule,' he replied.

Silence. She was mulling it over. 'The nature of things,' she said at last.

'Not even a rule, you know. Just a sensible rule is applied to marshal that reality.'

She looked at him for a moment, and gave a brief thought to dashing heroes, and men who looked out for their wives, and conceded.

'Ok,' she said at last. 'I see that is how society sort of works. I accept the realities of life.'

'We get along ok,' he said. ' Not every marriage does.'

'I wouldn't leave you,' she replied. 'Fine. Ok. I see your point.'

Boaz let out a sigh of relief. But he could see it on her face. She was thinking all that over.

Chapter Four

'Of course, some women are stronger than some men,' said Ruth.

'Are you sure you want to go there?' queried Boaz.

'100%,' replied Ruth. 'What? Can't you handle some competition in the household?'

'Fine,' replied Boaz. He stood, farted in front of her, and walked off to the kitchen. 'Babe,' he yelled out. 'I'm ordering pizza for dinner. Kosher, naturally. Don't worry about me from now on. I'll just order takeaway.'

'But.........but I made lasagne, and it took me all afternoon,' she replied.

'Don't sweat it babe. It's all yours,' replied Boaz.

'Asshole,' she said softly under her breath.

That weekend Boaz showed up in the morning, as Ruth was making breakfast for them, in scuba gear.

'Me and the boys are going diving. Should be a proper good time,' he said. 'We're going to a pub with some ladies at it, also. After the dive. Don't wait up babe.'

'Funny,' she said, and ate breakfast alone.

On Monday morning. 'I'm staying home today, babe. Flexi time. Going to fart around the house a lot, and drink a lot of beer. Don't mind me though.'

'I get the point,' she said, viciously.

'You get the point?' he asked.

'Ha. Funny. Being a big boy about it, Boaz.'

'Which men are perfectly capable of being,' he replied. 'After all, its OUR rights, and we're just doing what WE want to do.'

'Fine,' she said. 'I'll drop the femme crusade.'

And she did for a while, and agreed to the trip in Japan on New Terra, but resentment lingered a while, and Boaz felt he'd not yet seen the last of this issue.

The End

Japan 5

'Listen, King David. You are a schmuck,' said Callodyn the Cherubim.

'He's right on this occasion,' said Ruth.

'Shut up Ruth,' said Boaz.

'My. Testy, aren't we?' said Ruth to her husband.

'I apologize. But, with politeness, David is right.'

'Isaiah is barely scripture,' said Callodyn.

'We have an obligation to teach mankind Torah,' said King David. 'And I'm going to teach those geisha girls some Judaism.'

'I don't see much more than a priestly nation serving God in Exodus 19,' said Callodyn. 'He didn't give you duties with mankind, just to him.'

'Not how we interpret things,' said King David.

'People are free to act,' said Ariel the Seraphim.

'Yes. They can do that,' said Daniel the Seraphim, glaring at King David.

'Come on Dan,' said Valandriel to Callodyn. 'Nobody really cares if the Jewish people proslytize. They've been doing it since year dot. They can grow their community if they wish to.'

'It's the point we dispute,' said Callodyn.

'Completely,' agreed Daniel the Seraphim.

'Daly's are jerks,' said Michael the Seraphim. 'Only acting in their Noahide best interests. They are narrow minded and don't see the bigger picture.'

'We have a program on New Terra which teaches Noahide Torah gradually,' said Daniel the Seraphim.

'Yeh, but it takes you a trillion years to get around to it,' replied King David snidely.

'People are settled,' replied Daniel the Seraphim. 'They don't need interfering with. Just an occasional word.'

'You would side with him, though, wouldn't you,' said Michael the Seraphim.

'I'm impartial,' replied Ariel. 'And technically if the Rainbow Covenant has a program with people which come under its jurisdiction you shouldn't interfere.'

King David lit a cigarette, looked at Michael, looked at the geisha girls, and turned to Callodyn. 'Yes, if you have a program, it's your right to communicate mankind's covenant.'

'And we have a program,' said Callodyn. 'So settle yourself King Shmavid.'

'Bite me,' replied David.

'Go to hell,' said Callodyn.

And then they got on with the rest of the 2nd holiday to Japan, which had grown its numbers a bit, and, for the most part, a good enough time was had. For the most part.

The End

The Life Manifest Crusade 2

Atticus pulled the kettle off its base, and poured out the coffees. Regan with 2 sugar this time, and him with Equal sweetener, to watch his weight. He brought them out on a tray with the biscuits.

'Right,' said Regan, taking her coffee, and looking at her notes. 'Ok,' she said, sipping on a coffee. 'We need to talk about the theological structure of living and the divine point. I really think we need a point for life from the divine.'

'Scripture answers that question,' replied Atticus.

'Not really. Here we are. We sort of hang around the garden of eaten, eat shit, fuck shit, drink shit, and argue shit,' replied Regan.

'Life is pretty shitty after all,' smiled Atticus.

'We need a divine point,' said Regan.

'He didn't give us a purpose in life,' said Atticus. 'We have responsibilities to be lawful enough, but life is for our own making. What we decide is what counts. There are conventions, but the rest is up to us.'

'Societally developed conventions,' said Regan.

'People don't have to follow them if they don't want. There are a lot of alternative lifestyle systems out there, you know. Especially in the United Galaxy where lots of iconoclasts push all sorts of agendas.'

Regan wrote down 'How to become an Iconoclast,' and showed it to Atticus.

'We're hardly experts on that,' he replied.

'That should be an avenue for a life crusade,' said Regan. 'We'll need a chapter. A review of the big guys, the tactics they use for their knowledge and growth, and the advantages and disadvantages.'

'Yeh, getting crucified could be a big disadvantage,' said Atticus.

'Very funny,' replied Regan. 'Seriously, we should address it. I think that is one of the ideas God wants us to look at.'

'Will think it over,' said Atticus. He picked up the control pad, and started the next level of the game they were playing. 'Enough for the day,' he said.

Regan nodded, looking at her notes. 'We've made progress. Life goes on.' And she put down her notes, sipped on her coffee, and spent the afternoon butting in on suggestions for how Atticus handle the monsters on the level of the video game he was playing. He didn't appreciate the suggestions and made that known. She didn't care anyway.

The End

Space Monkey

'I am Monkey,' said Monkey.

'Daniel. That's not funny,' said Taylor.

'I am the Space Monkey,' said Monkey.

'You are Daniel Daly pretending to be a Monkey comedy doll,' replied Taylor.

'I live on Uranus,' said the Monkey. 'It smells.'

Taylor smiled. 'Uranus smells,' she replied.

'That too,' said Monkey.

'How old are you Monkey?' asked Taylor.

'I'm not Monkey. I am now Space Monkey. From Mercury.'

'Very gay,' replied Taylor.

'Freddie Mercury up the date,' replied Monkey.

'Wasn't that Wonder Woman Monkey?' asked Taylor.

'I'm an adaptive sort of Monkey,' said Monkey.

'Does Monkey have a C64 game?' asked Shane.

Daniel left the room and soon came back with a tape cassette.

'Load this,' said Daniel, and picked up the Monkey again. The game loaded. 'Monkey the Comedy Doll in Space.'

'You selling this?' asked Shane, as he started playing.

'It's a lot like Boulder Dash,' said Daniel. 'Monkey is the hero. He has to fill the craters eventually with the boulders. They have to be collected for that purpose. It's a lot of fun and addictive. 17 levels. One for each of the major and minor planetary bodies.'

'Right,' said Shane, continuing to play.

Taylor sat down and watched Shane play the game.

'Hey, it looks fun,' said Taylor. 'Give me a go.'

Daniel sat down next to Taylor. He put the Monkey on her knee, looking at her. She looked at it.

'I'm a smart Monkey. I designed the game well. From my adventures in life.'

'You already admit you ripped off boulder dash,' replied Taylor. 'Hardly intelligent.'

'It passes on copyright,' replied the Monkey. 'My chinese uncle buys all the boulders from the end, and your reward and level depends on how many craters you filled. The final glory screen is determined by how many craters you sold. The maximum gives you the coolest final glory screen and tune.'

'Interesting,' said Taylor. 'A good way to end a C64 game,' she said.

'Video games finish like that a lot of the time,' said Daniel, putting down the Monkey.

They played the game the rest of the afternoon, and Ruby showed up with pizza, and they ate casually. Later that evening they were in bed.

'You know, Daniel. You obviously know how to succeed in life. You put an effort in. Not everybody tries that hard in the end.'

'I'm old, and wise,' he replied. 'The older generations knew what it took to compete. As time passed, it slackened in humanity. They got soft.'

'Seems like that,' said Taylor, and put down her book. 'Good night Space Monkey,' she said, and turned off her light.

Daniel turned off his light. After a while Taylor felt something on her breast. She looked.

'I am the space monkey. Wanna get rude?' asked the Monkey.

'You're incorrigible,' she replied.

'The wild monkey,' said Daniel, and turned her over, and kissed her on the forehead. They got passionate, and in the morning, the Monkey on the lounge, she couldn't help but think it was looking at her, guiltily telling all her secrets. 'Bloody Monkey,' she said to it. Wisely, it did not reply.

The End

Japan 6

'I am the Master,' said Michael.

'The Masturbator,' replied Daniel the Seraphim.

'Shuddup,' replied Michael.

'Oh, you wank, Jew boy,' said the geisha girl.

Michael looked at the scantily clad geisha girl in the cocktail lounge they were in in Japan on New Terra. 'If that suits you honey bunch,' he replied, smiling warmly.

'You want to wank over me? 50,000 yen. I take it nice and smooth.'

'Oh, she's a charmer,' said Daniel.

'I do you too Aussie boy,' said the geisha girl.

'I'm English,' replied Daniel.

'Barely,' said Michael.

'What? No wanna quick one? Buy me a beer,' she said. 'Expensive one.'

Michael bought her the beer. The expensive one.

'It's hardly ethical. Prostitution,' said Ariel.

'I'm a working girl,' said the geisha girl.

'Aren't you the ones we ran into last time?' asked Michael.

'And the time before that,' replied the girl. 'We know you coming. Keep tabs on good customers.'

'Funny,' said Daniel. 'Shenji here knows you well.'

'How you know my name?' the girl asked Daniel.

Daniel looked at her. 'I've done that many geisha girls named Shenji. You know. Lucky guess.'

She squinted at him. 'Yeh, you look familiar.'

'Hypocrite,' said Michael.

'Shaddup,' said Daniel.

'Buy me a beer, Daniel San,' said the geisha girl.

'No worries Shenji.' The girl drank the second beer.

'I jerk you two off or what?' asked the girl.

'Not tonight,' said Michael.

'We just want a strip-tease,' said Daniel.

The girl looked around, and made some indications to the bartender, who nodded. She started stripping, and when she was naked, she bent over, showing them her crotch from behind. Daniel padded her butt, just the once.

'Buy me one more beer, and I leave it at that,' she said. 'Expensive one.'

They did so.


'You don't do em anymore huh?' asked Ariel.

'Not physically. Don't mind a show,' said Daniel. 'But the act of it all. Yesterdays blues.'

'Right,' said Ariel. 'Looked like you knew before you came in that was all you were getting.'

Daniel didn't reply.

'Mmm,' said Ariel.

Meludiel showed up at the table. 'Rude boys,' she said, sitting down.

'Finished dancing have you?' queried Daniel.

'He was cute. And he has one of my CDs,' replied Meludiel.

'Small world,' said Daniel.

'Especially if you're a geisha girl,' said Michael.

Daniel actually laughed.

The End

The Love of Love's Lovingest Love

'Danielle. Do you believe in the Love of Love's Lovingest Love?' asked Daniel the Seraphim.

'Listen, buster,' replied Danielle Rothchild, Ambriel and Meludiel's daughter. 'Dad tries that shit all the time. It is the gayest saying in creation. Lame as fuck. You would have to be an imbecile called Ambriel to come up with it. It was an embarrassment growing up in Messiah Ministries with that shit hanging round, and I'd care if you would let it drop Daniel San.'

'Oh, but the way of love is all,' said Daniel, continuing to mock Danielle's fathers ministry.

'The way of love is the number one cult-building tactic. It's hardly original,' replied Danielle, turning over the page in the New Bridlington Times newspaper. 'Ooh,' she said. 'Coupons for half price rides at the Faire Ground.'

'I get a discount,' said Daniel. 'Council member perks.'

'That'd be right,' said Danielle. She picked up the remote and pressed play on the CD player. Jon Bon Jovi's soundtrack to Young Guns II came on.

'Still hung up on Blaze, are we?' asked Daniel.

'He's out there somewhere,' said Danielle. 'And Jason is probably with him. Being cards, and laying all the metal chicks across the United Galaxy.'

'Somewhere out there you reckon?' asked Daniel.

'Pretty sure of it. Jason forgave Blaze for blowing him away eventually, and they set off to be wild adventures sons, exploring life. Said they'd be back one day, but not for forever. A lot of wild seed to sow, apparently.'

'Right,' said Daniel, continuing to battle his way with his Avatar across the screen in the video game he was playing on an X-Box system.

'Anyway?' asked Danielle. 'Jerahmeel has regular work for me at Jerahmeel's Jollicles. I don't really need the money. But a person has to work at times to show they have credibility with the universal community.'

'That they do,' said Daniel. 'Real work as well. You can stay. As long as you like,' he said.

'Cheers Danny boy,' replied Danielle, and continued on with her newspaper reading.

They while away the afternoon, and the spirit observed the harmony was strong twixt the two. Daniel was with a new lady, but one from ancient days, and she liked him too. A good friendship.

The End

New Bridlington

Mr Hoskins finished up for the day, did his closing procedures, and locked the front door of the post office. He put the key in his pocket and, briefcase in his right hand, started walking down Main Street of New Bridlington. He stopped at Spaz's place, came in, came to the bar, and nodded at Spaz, who served him a beer, and said 'I'll put it on the tab?'. Mr Hoskins nodded, took the beer, and came over to a seat, sipped on the beer, opened his briefcase, glanced at the screen and the golf going on, and started rifling through his papers. Regan and Atticus walked into the bar. They were arguing. They came to the bar, ordered drinks, and took a seat. They continued arguing, but they weren't too loud. Jerahmeel, business finished for the day, soon showed up. Danielle Rothchild appeared a short time later, in a metal t-shirt, with melted jollicle all over her t-shirt. She looked in a fowl mood. She sat next to Jerahmeel, and they were arguing. Daniel and Valandriel soon showed up, Daniel pointed to the screen, and Spaz changed it to Rugby League, and he and Valandriel settled down, and started arguing. Standard night at Spaz's place in New Bridlington.

Shortly, Michael the Seraphim came into the bar.

'Dickhead's in town,' said Daniel to Valandriel.

'The moron is back,' sighed Mr Hoskins.

'Hey, it's Mikey,' said Jerahmeel. Danielle glanced at him, but returned to her mobile phone.

Michael looked around, ordered a beer, and sat down at the back of the bar. Half an hour passed. Daniel got to his feet, took his drink, and sat down at Michael's table.

'In town, huh?' Michael didn't look up. 'At home, I guess?'

Michael nodded.

'Hey, insult Mr Hoskins,' said Daniel.

'He's another New Bridlington asshole,' said Michael. 'But I understand the Catholic sarcasm. It was explained at length. Doesn't bother me.'

'What does actually bother Michael the Seraphim?' asked Daniel, sipping on his drink.

'Gabriel,' replied Michael. 'He has enough character that when he fucks up I get bothered. He should know better. The rest of the Seraphim? They are poorly made creatures. I don't expect much from them.'

'Oh, lord muck has made his claim,' said Daniel. 'We are in awe.'

'Go to hell,' replied Michael. He looked at Daniel. 'Buy me another drink, schmuck,' he said. Daniel got to his feet and ordered Michael a light beer at the bar, and ordered another for himself. He brought them over.

'Time for some euchre?' Daniel asked Michael.

'Sure,' replied Michael, putting down his notebook he had been making notes in.

Soon enough Mr Hoskins had settled down with them, and Jerahmeel had made his way over, with Danielle sitting behind Jerahmeel, watching a bit, but mostly tinkering with her mobile. Valandriel was chatting with Spaz, and around 11, with no more business coming, Spaz closed the door, and came and watched the cardplay.

They played cards till 12, then Spaz dialled up 'Die Hard,' and cracked open some wine, on the house. They watched, got drunk, and most fel asleep before the move was over. Spaz, who only drank a little, a wise enough bartender, ordered some taxis, and helped the drunken sailors into their taxis. The taxi men assured them they'd get them all home. Danielle hadn't drunk much and got Jerahmeel into his flat and onto his bed, and locked up when she left. The other taxi men got Mr Hoskins home, as well as Regan and Atticus, who weren't too drunk, and had just watched the cards then the movie. Daniel and Valandriel were just left with Spaz, as well as Michael. Spaz felt it best to just let them sleep it off. This bunch he didn't really mind in the bar.

A few days later, Michael rang Daniel up then Spaz, seeking permission. They'd run this for a few years, this basic get together, and they did so. Spaz was happy enough, as business was good, and he made sure the wine was watered when people weren't looking. The free stuff he provided. Just a little.

The End

Bianca Finds her Man

Bianca stood on the table, and took off her bikini top, flashing her tits too the patrons of Spaz's place.

'Hey boys. My Lord won't marry me, so anyone interested?'

'For God's sake, Bianca. Get down from there. You're embarrassing us,' said Andrew. Jessica had her hand on her eyes. She looked at Bianca. 'Unbelievable Bianca.'

Bianca put her bikini top back on, and sat down, while the wolf whistles continued.

'You had to make an issue of it, didn't you,' said Andrew. 'We're on holiday to see dad, and you made an issue of it.'

Atticus came over. 'I'm Atticus,' he said to Bianca. 'I'll make an honest woman out of you. I know who you are. Daniel has told me about you.'

'Right,' smiled Bianca. 'Atticus who?'

'Atticus Smith,' replied Atticus. 'Resident of New Bridlington a while now. Born here. I have a best friend called Regan, who I think is probably my twin in the scheme of things, as we have angel blood in us, but we've been platonic for a very long time now.' Atticus indicated Regan sitting at the table, who waved at her.

'Ok, funny Atticus,' said Andrew. 'You can leave now bro.'

'We'll be over there,' said Atticus, and smiled at Bianca, returning to his table.

'I have a date,' said Bianca.

'Funny,' said Andrew.

Later that week, at the spaceport, as they were leaving.

'No sign of her,' said Jessica.

'Where the hell is she. She said she'd meet us here,' said Andrew.

'The shuttle is leaving,' said Jessica. 'Look, come on. She can get the next one.'

Andrew looked and looked, but sighed, and got onboard the shuttle. Where the hell was Bianca?

At Catchfrost Square.

'He's a nasty crocodile. You have to land the ball in his mouth, or he'll mock you.'

Bianca threw, and the ball landed on the crocodile's head. A voice on the speaker said 'Puny human. A troglodyte can throw better than that.' Bianca laughed. They wandered around the fairground, and finally Bianca turned to Atticus. 'Well, I've missed my flight by now. Are you serious then?'

'I like you a lot,' said Atticus.

'Then we'll officially go steady, and I'll stay with you a while,' she replied.

And she did that.

A few years passed, and emails between Bianca and Andrew were exchanged. Then one day Bianca's belongings arrived in transport at Atticus place were Bianca was now living, and she packed it all inside, and Atticus said 'We're together then?' And Bianca nodded, and they were officially together. She's had enough of being a concubine.

The End

New Bridlington 2

'Come on,' said Bianca.

'Let me close up,' said Spaz. Spaz locked the pub, then the group of them started walking east down Main Street towards the fair ground. They came inside, and started with the wild ride.

'You'll be too scared to go on,' said Daniel to Bianca.

'She's wild at heart,' replied Atticus.

'Andrew thought she was courageous, but gentle,' said Daniel, looking at Bianca.

'I'm a woman. That is all that was going on in that respect,' said Bianca.

'She's daring,' said Regan. 'Get your man by flashing your tits. Takes guts.'

'That's one word for it,' said Valandriel to Regan.

'Shuddup Valley Boy,' replied Regan Softly. Valandriel grinned.

'Ock Aye, on to the wild ride!' yelled Spaz.

The group filled the coaster rides, and it ran around the park in its full circuit, everyone having such a wild time they did it twice.

'I've got to open up later in the afternoon for the school kids,' said Jerahmeel.

'We'll be finished by 2,' said Daniel.

'Let's go to Catchfrost Square,' said Regan.

They trooped to Catchfrost Square in the park, and after a few attractions settled down into the old inn and enjoyed a meal.

Regan nudged Valandriel. 'Atticus has found his woman, I think. He never shuts up about her.'

Valandriel looked at Bianca and Atticus. 'It always puzzled me that Bianca put up with being Andrew's concubine so long. It just wasn't her style to play second fiddle.'

'Maybe destiny was waiting for Atticus to come along,' said Regan in reply.

'Maybe,' said Valandriel. 'Seems that way, anyway.'

'I'll have another,' said Daniel to Spaz, who got up behind the bar, which was owned by Regan and Atticus co-owned with the faire ground owners, and poured two beers for Daniel and himself. They were merry, but soon it was time to go, and get on with their afternoon duties. That night Atticus was with Bianca.

'You know, you're fitting in here well,' he said.

'I like the place. Catholic and moody was not necessarily my scene, but New Bridlington rocks.'

'Indeed it does,' replied Atticus.

'When are you going to introduce me to mum and dad?' she asked him.

'About that. I'd rather wait a little longer. You know. We seem to be working out well, and if we're going to last they'll meet you soon enough.'

'Sure, doll,' said Bianca, and kissed Atticus on the forehead.

And another fine day passed in New Bridlington.

The End

Japan 7

'Daniel San. Buy me an expensive beer,' said the Geisha girl.

'Fine,' he replied, and ordered the most expensive cocktail on the menu. The girl sipped for a while, and caressed his crotch a bit, and flashed her tits at him.

'Thank you Daniel San,' she said in a cute voice.

'You are feral,' said Meludiel.

'His nature,' said Ambriel.

'Oh, the love machine criticizes me for my kindness. Rich,' replied Daniel.

'I don't let them feel me up,' replied Ambriel.

'I'll bet,' replied Daniel.

'Well, there was this one time with a Swedish masseuse.'

'Oh, really?' said Daniel.

'He was male, though,' said Ambriel.

'It gets better all the time,' said Daniel, putting down his drink.

'Don't tell him this tale,' said Meludie. 'It's disgusting.'

'He put his hand up my butthole when massaging me, and queried if I fancied paying extra,' said Ambriel.

'What did you say?' asked Daniel.

'I wasn't that kind of Messiah,' replied Ambriel, grinning.

'Fascinating,' said Daniel. 'Gay days, huh?'

'I am not gay,' said Ambriel.

'He's not,' prided Meludiel.

'I'll take your word for it,' said Daniel. 'What the hell is Michael doing?'

They turned and looked. Michael was doing a handstand, walking on the dancefloor with his hands next to the geisha girls.

'He's drunk,' said Ambriel. Eventually Michael collapsed. They came over a little later and prodded him.

'Totally wasted,' said Daniel.

'What do we do?' asked Meludiel.

'We could hire a truck,' said Daniel. 'And find the location to the nearest sewerage works.'

'Daniel!' said Meludiel reprovingly.

'Only joking,' replied the Seraphim. 'Come on Ambs. Get one end. We'll get him to the van.' Slowly they got Michael to his feet and carried him along to the van outside the club in the parking lot. Michael was mumbling something about kicking ass at handstands, and was chuckling incoherently.

'Let's go,' said Daniel. Meludiel kept her eye on Michael, sitting next to him in the back. When they got back to the hotel Elenniel was embarrassed, but took over. The following morning Michael was blurry eyed.

'Did I embarrass myself?' he asked.

'Oh, no. Not at all,' said Ambriel.

'You paraded your cockles in front of the entire club,' said Daniel.

'No he didn't,' said Meludiel, in the hotel eatery. 'You did crazy handstands, Michael.'

'That's right. It came up in conversation, and I was showing off. Did I get lucky?'

'I got photos,' said Daniel. 'Plastered them all over the internet.'

'No he didn't,' said Meludiel, looking at Daniel reprovingly for the second time.

'Jesus, I have a headache,' said Michael, holding his head.

Meludiel poured him some coffee. Black.

'Don't be such a hero next time,' she said.

'Yes boss,' replied the firstborn.

'Unless you parade your cockles,' said Daniel.

'DANIEL!' exclaimed bother Ambriel and Meludiel in unison.

'Only joking,' replied Daniel grinning.

Michael drank the coffee, and they got on with the day's sightseeing, and fortunately they were done with geisha girls for this Japanes jaunt. But Michael was the butt of jokes on Seraphim email for a while, and you can well believe Daniel did not let him forget it. You can well believe that.

The End

Japan 8

'This is the place,' said Ariel. 'Look in that direction.'

Daniel looked. 'Oh, it looks like lightning.'

'It's natural rock,' she said. 'In the side of the cliff. It comes in streaks like that. It's imbued with silver. The whole streak of it. It's priceless. One of Japan's most treasured sights.'

'It looks good,' said Ambriel, taking some pictures.

'Hey, Mikey,' said Daniel. '$5 Australian for a sketch drawing of me and Ariel, with the cliff behind us.'

Michael took his drawing pad, and Daniel and Ariel stood against the lookout fence, and Michael quickly sketched a picture of the two of them with the silver streak behind them. Daniel looked at the final product.

'Good enough,' he said. 'You have a quality style, at least.'

'I trained long enough with Elenniel at Pelnaphon,' said Michael. 'And Pellersphon. This is the kind of stuff she would teach me regularly.'

Daniel opened his wallet and fished out a 1990s currency $5 bill. 'That's good in a lot of New Terran Australians for authentic service,' said Daniel. 'Legally, it's for more credible currency. You won't get cheek with this note.'

'I do know,' replied Michael, pocketing the hard earned cash, even if it was only $5 in 1995 money in Australia.

This tour of Japan was a far more hospitable affair. Meludiel had put them on notice that for the next few visits they were forbidden from visiting 'The Club' where the geisha girls hung out, as they still had a reputation to maintain. She had drawn up a contract and had the parties sign them. Daniel in the end agreed, as did Michael, as there was only so much carnality the creator tolerated in his children. They could let their hair down on occasions, but there were standards to maintain. Meludiel was good in this respect in reminding them, as she often did.

They walked around the national park the rest of the day, and Michael did a few more sketches on his pad, before getting on the bus in the afternoon, and returning to their hotel. Ariel asked Daniel if she could take the picture and paint it with watercolours.

'As long as you do it professionally enough, no problems,' said Daniel.

'My husband will like it,' said Ariel. 'So I will pay you $15 US in 2007 money for it.

'1999 money. Gotta party,' said Daniel.

'Fine,' agreed Ariel. She took the painting, and when she got back home later on she did in fact paint it, carefully, and scanned it, sending a copy of the scan via email to Daniel. He showed his wife Jessica, who smiled, and printed it off herself, and it was framed and put in their main living room in Danielphon. Jessica had a small tab engraved and added to it which read 'Daniel and Ariel: Twins Forever.' Daniel agreed that that was true enough. Something about Ariel which remained an actual constant. Something which was not marriage, but support. And which his wife obviously didn't mind.

The End

Catchfrost 7

'Yes, master Harloc,' said Atticus. 'She is pretty.'

'It is wise,' said Harloc, walking through the training ground in Albedore. 'It is wise to have an attractive wife. But a blonde wife, with excellent breasts is no substitute for a lady of grooming and standards. A wife should be an ornament to her husband's majest, and be able to advise him on his plans at times, and run a sound household with the children's welfare in mind.'

'Indeed,' replied Atticus, dressed in his usual Catchfrost warrior garb.

The crossed the training grounds, returning to the main building, were Bianca and Regan were seated, chatting together.

'Miss Bianca,' said Harloc bowing. 'Your husband to me has inquired of my wisdom regarding your personage. I advised him as I felt in his best interests.'

Bianca bowed, and said 'Wisdom builds a nation, but pride and foolishness destroy it. I have not lived my long years of life as a Concubine and before that in other ways without having learned a thing or two. I'm not really a bimbo, master Harloc. When you are old enough, learning has inevitably been engaged with.'

'That is indeed the way of the world,' replied Harloc. 'Come, let us feast. My servants have been preparing this meal all afternoon, happy to see two of our favourite students return. And you must tell us of events in New Bridlington. We seldom get word of the outside world. It is not our thing, but when we can get a tale or two, well it is entertainment for the evening.

'We have tales to tell,' replied Regan.

'Indeed,' said Harloc. The group went inside, and that evening Harloc and his entourage hosted Atticus, Bianca and Regan, recounting the old adventures, and enjoying happy and harmonious New Terra 17 hospitality.

The End

Catchfrost 8

'Here,' said the woman. 'I walk along here regularly. They jump over here, when they go into Catchfrost. My name is Naomi, Mr and Mrs Daly.

'Thank you Naomi,' replied Andrew. He turned to Jessica. 'We doing this?'

'She's not getting away with leaving us,' said Jessica. 'We're family. We both agree 100%. She doesn't have to be your damn concubine, but she's family. I can't live without her, Andrew. I need my B. She's my other BFF half. So we go in, and stay a while.'

The climbed the fence, and entered Catchfrost. They had vague hints from Atticus father were the trio likely were. They encountered various individuals on their march, who pointed the way to Albedore, and after a number of days march they struggled into the town. It was certainly olde world style. Familiar enough stylings, and very much and olde world New Terran sort of reality. That much became obvious quickly. Soon enough they had found the training grounds of Harloc the Sage, and knocked on the ornate and decorated wooden door at the front. A lady greeted them.

'Greetings, strangers. Do you seek Harlock?'

'Yes. And news of our friend Bianca. She would be with a certain Atticus Smith and Regan Cosby.'

'Oh. I see,' replied the lady. 'Come in then.'

They were escorted into a library. There were old style books and elaborate things, weapons, and all sorts of olde world paraphernalia hanging around. Soon a man, with a beard and moustache, and looking wise, joined them.

'You are friends of Miss Bianca?' he asked.

'She was my concubine,' said Andrew.

'Oh. Andrew and is this Jessica?' asked Harlock.

'Yes, I am Jessica Daly,' replied Jessica.

'Your father is also married to a Jessica,' Harloc said to Andrew. 'Must be something in the name for your bloodline.'

'Could be,' replied Andrew. He looked impatient. 'Do you know where Bianca is?'

The old man considered them, and then sat down at a chair at his desk, and invited Andrew and Jessica to lounge seats.

'They are questing for King Asgard,' said the man. 'A regular quest of things they engage with with their skills. Bianca is with them. They will likely be some time. They should, though, upon completion of their quest, return here.'

'I see,' said Andrew, running his hand through his hair. 'Where do we find this King Asgard?'

'You would be wise to gain training in the ways of Catchfrost before you go off chasing your former love.'

'She is to know that she is family with us,' said Andrew. 'I do not insist she return to me as concubine, but we insist she return to the two of us as family.'

'Then, I am afraid, you will be Catchfrost citizens. As Andrew and Jessica and Bianca have decided to live permanently in Catchfrost. Discussions lasted a month on the issue. The olde world has become their decision in life.'

Andrew looked at Jessica. Jess spoke up. 'If we have to take on Catchfrost to keep our Bianca with us. If that decision is resolute, so be it. May we stay with you till she returns.'

Harloc looked at Jessica. He stood, and went to the door. 'You will have work chores assigned you to earn your keep. They will be done to a certain standard. You may stay.' And he left the room.

Jessica looked at Andrew. 'Well, here we go,' she said.

What on earth had they gotten themselves into.

The End

A Message for Daniel

The youth finally noticed a lady walking past. 'Hey, miss,' he said.

'Yes,' replied Naomi Roberts.

'This is mail. From Harloc the Sage for Daniel the Seraphim. He's invited Daniel and his consort from the Olde World, Miss Eloise, to come to the wedding of Atticus and Bianca. His son Andrew has requested their company to discuss some issues.'

'Fine,' said Naomi. 'I know where Mr Daly works in town. He's here at the moment from what I've heard. I'll deliver it to him personally.'

'Thanks Miss,' said the youth, and jumped the fence, back off into Catchfrost. Naomi sighed, and put the letter in her handbag. She continued on with her walk, to the shops, bought her nightly meal, and went home to make dinner. She was a spinster, ok looking, but was waiting for the right man. The following day she went into town, walking, and found the offices of ValDan. She came up the elevator, found the receptionist, who showed her to Daniel. Daniel took the envelop, and asked Naomi to sit. He read it.

'This was delivered to you how?' he asked Naomi.

A scraggly Catchfrost youth had climbed the fence and was hanging around waiting for somebody,' she replied.

'I see. Mmm. Andrew my son is planning to remain permanently in Catchfrost as Bianca is doing so with her new man Atticus. I know them all well.'

'Fascinating,' said Naomi. 'Well, if there isn't anything else.'

Daniel looked at the letter, and absentmindedly handed Naomi his business card, which she took, and left. Later on that night, looking at the card, she read it with interest. She looked up the website mentioned, the ValDan corporation in New Bridlington, and decided this would be her area of interest for the immediate future. See what this was all about.

The End

Catchfrost 9

Marcus CCC drew a Tarot card.

'Your fate is sealed, Bianca,' he said to her.

'Fate – is never sealed,' replied Bianca, looking up the well at the sky above. 'How the hell we gonna get out of here Marky Mark?' she asked.

'The Witch Queen has a sense of humor,' replied Marcus. 'Stealing her favourite witches cape did not impress her. They cast us in here to teach us a lesson. Dank well, cave unclimbable, water to drink, and mainly bugs and lichen to eat. Funny lady.'

'Andrew will find us,' said Bianca.

'He doesn't know we are here,' replied Marcus. 'We're doomed. Eternally you and me stuck in a well.'

'Don't be so dramatic, Marcus,' replied Bianca. 'Here we go. Another bucket.'

'You pull on it again, they'll drop dung again,' replied Marcus. 'I'm still reliving that experience.'

'Yeh, sorry about that,' replied Bianca. She looked upwards. 'Let us out!' she shouted.

'Suffer, bimbo. The queen is unimpressed,' replied a guard.

'We have rights,' replied Bianca. 'All Catchfrost citizens have rights.'

'Your in jail for a while,' yelled the guard. '3 more weeks down there. Too bad, so sad, to use modern vernacular. Now leave the bucket alone.'

Bianca left the bucket alone, and looked miserably at Marcus. '3 more weeks,' she bemoaned.

'Thou shalt not steal,' replied Marcus.

'I only sort of borrowed it,' replied Bianca. 'I'd have returned it. Eventually.'

'Well, we're stuck here for the duration. Get used to it,' said Marcus, and pulled out an harmonica and started playing a melancholy tune. Bianca looked upwards, but there was no sign of a rope to give them their freedom. Reluctantly, she gave up. By the end of the 3 weeks they were quite hungry. They had been throw a mouldy loave most days, and they chewed on it, drank the water, and chatted. She got to know a lot about Daniel the Seraphim's friend Marcus, who had accompanied Daniel into Catchfrost for her wedding to Atticus. Then they had been sent off on a quest by King Asgard, who was wont for doing such things, and Marcus had accompanied her. It was an interesting questing partner, but she liked him a lot. Very mellow and easy to get along with. At the end of the 3 weeks a rope ladder was thrown down and the guard yelled. 'Get your act together citizens. Climb the damn rope.' The crawled up, and soon were at the mouth of the well, adjusting to the surroundings. They were north of the city where the witch queen dwelt, in a small village area, where prisoners were taken to do time in the well for their crimes. The witch queen was there.

'Where is my cape, Bianca?'

'I hid it in Forestiel's apartment in the city,' she replied.

'Damn that maiden. I should have never employed her. 'Very well, you have done your time. You are hereby exiled from Handelvere for a full 10 years. Do not show your faces again till your time is served.'

'Yes, your majesty,' replied Bianca.

'You may go,' said Queen. 'Be out of the country by the end of the month.'

And so, their mission failed, they left Handelvere, and returned to King Asgard, who said no matter to the issue, and Bianca, although it had proved an interesting enough quest, worried for Forestiel, but the maiden was under the queens wrath. God help her. Soon enough they were back in Albedore, and Atticus hugged her, and she told her story.

'Better luck next time.'

'If there is a next time,' said Marcus.

Bianca just grinned.

The End

Catchfrost 10

Marcus CCC was in the library of Harloc the Sage in Albedore, looking at an Atlas of Catchfrost. Albedore was part of the general Catchfrost Administrative community, in the district of Tallant. There were several districts all over Catchfrost, the general substance of the land. Betwixt them in various places were Kingdoms with their own Monarch, which were part of Catchfrost, but ran their own affairs. South of Tallant was the Kingdom of Asgard, the capital city being the city of Asgard, ruled by King Asgard, the title for every King of Asgard regardless of his personal name. North of Tallant was Handelvere, run by the witch queen. Asgard and Handelvere had a long standing rivalry in Catchfrost, and King Asgard was always sending questing heroes to upset the affairs of Handelvere, as the Queen cast spells and curses upon all who crossed her, and the rivalry was inevitable because of it. Tallant was often caught in between, and Harloc the Sage was quite used to offering up questing heroes, after training, to King Asgard. Marcus himself had had some advice, and gone off on a quest, unfortunately unsuccessful. Better luck next time he mused to himself. Harloc the Sage came in the room.

'Learning of Catchfrost, I see,' said Harloc.

'Gaining some understanding. Tallant seems a regular enough byway of sorts. Caught between heaven and hell.'

'Tallanters are a down to earth grounded sort of people,' replied Harloc. 'Very salt of the Earth. Almost mundane in many ways, but they do have a cultural aspect. They are honorable though, and keep their word if they give it, a serious matter for a Tallanter.

'I understand,' replied Marcus.

'Are you thinking this might be home for a while?' asked Harloc.

Marcus looked around. 'I've never really fit anywhere terribly much. I have my own people, and family, but sometimes I feel like I am extra to requirements. I'm loved, I don't doubt that. But I need to be somewhere were Marcus Chuan Chi Chin is valued. And ironically I feel important here. Bianca likes me. We get along well. And the olde world has values which the modern world, well frankly, just doesn't have too much of. This could well be my home a while.'

'You would be welcome in Tallant if you chose to make it your home,' said Harloc.

'Thank you,' replied Marcus.

Harloc left the room, and Marcus continued looking at the atlas, but soon put it down, and looked at the window, and the light coming in from the late afternoon. Tallant's ambience – it was intermixed with fantasy. Undoubtedly. Not exactly middle flavour, it was unique, but it was certainly that kind of stuff. And it suited him. He felt comfortable. But, in the end, only time would tell if Marcus would remain forever. It was a long eternity, with so much to do and so much to see, but for now anyway, this would be his home. And of adventure, well, he would see what would come.

The End

A Message for Daniel 2

'It's just that I need a correspondent between Andrew and myself,' said Daniel the Seraphim to Naomi Roberts. 'Someone who can travel the road where they send the notes to the outer world regularly to spot the messenger. You are always up and down that road from all reports, and we can hire you to actually just do what you do, and take messages for us, and, I suppose, whatever else may come along. Catchfrost is a secluded community, but they like a tinsy bit of detail of the outside world from time to time. The olde world is still usually informed somewhat.'

'I see,' replied Naomi. 'Only if you pay me in gold coins. When my tab comes up to that. I collect gold and silver coins from various cultures of the United Galaxy. Got a few hundred. Want a few hundred thousand before I'm finished. Pay me in that, and when I have enough, well. Well just regular payment will do after that.'

'You have a deal,' replied Daniel. 'On my travels I'll make sure I collect gold coins from time to time. I'll get special ones.'

Naomi smiled. 'Thanks Mr Daly. I'd be delighted.'

Naomi left the office, and as she walked home she was amused by have a second job, even if it was only for collection purpopses. But an interest in Catchfrost could be interesting enough. Who knows what would come of it in time.

The End

Catchfrost 11

Saruviel. All dressed in black. Krystabel. All dressed in scarlet and black. Leather armour, and part metal. Looking like Fantasia finest warriors.

'Harloc,' said Saruviel. 'Send out Marcus CCC.'

Harloc went inside and shortly returned with Marcus. Marcus looked at Saruviel and Krystabel, on their horses. Saruviel spoke.

'Marcus Chuan Chi Chin. You have raised the wrath of the Queen of Handelvere. She is a friend of mine. We deliver this to you.' Saruviel took a letter out of his jacket and threw it down on the ground in front of Marcus and Harloc.

'Why is the queen so upset?' asked Regan.

Saruviel looked at her.

'Marcus and Bianca are exiled, but the Queen is reluctant to curse directly without giving them a chance of redemption. In the far north of Catchfrost is the den of the winter dragon. The winter dragon has Ice Diamonds. Some of the hardest diamonds in creation, all around his throne, deep in the heart of Mt Carnival.'

'I am to retrieve a diamond of worth for the queen, to escape the curse,' said Marcus, reading the letter.

'Return it to the queen, and she will forego cursing you, and grant you access to Handelvere in the customary manner for Tallanters.'

Krystabel waved at Marcus. 'Hi Marky,' she said.

'Kryssie,' said Saruviel under his breath. 'Don't embarrass me.' He looked at Marcus. 'Enjoy the challenge, child of destiny.'

Marcus looked up at the two Seraphim, who turned in their horses, and galloped off.

'Wonderful,' said Marcus.

'I'll come with you,' said Regan. 'You me and Bianca.'

'Sounds fine,' replied Marcus.

'You will need some training,' said Harloc. 'Stay a while, and I will prepare you for the challenge. Winter Dragons are not that much fun.'

'I could well imagine,' replied Marcus.

And so, letter in hand, Marcus returned indoors, and puzzling that he had earned so much anger, he sat down in the library of Harloc, anxious about his next move.

The End

New Bridlington 3

Jerahmeel was wiping down his front window of 'Jerahmeel's Jollicle'. His twin Muriel was watching.

'How long are we staying in New Bridlington?' she asked him.

'For the time being,' he replied. 'We'll return to the Realm soon enough. The store on New Terra only does so so. This is the store which does best amongst the primary planets. On Santron 77, there are a chain of 12 stores throughout Gibraltar, and that does quite well for me. But of the upper list, this is the best selling store. Hard to get well established anywhere, you know. Lots of competition. I show up here personally to get well established with the New Terran community, as they visit here all the time to send their children to school here. From all down the sequence.'

'You missed a spot,' said Muriel. Jerahmeel addressed that, and then emptied the water in the drain at the back of the shop, before putting the cleaning equipment in the stores cupboard.

'The new arrival should be here this afternoon,' he said. 'We can make a fresh batch of Jollicles in the morning.'

'No worries,' replied Muriel.

The morning came and they got to work early, mixing the liquids, and pouring them into their moulds, with the paper cover with the jollicle stick in the centre. When it was frozen they would take the cover off, and put the wrapper around the jollicle, and add them to the deep freeze, where they were stored in places according to flavour, and put into the freezer at the shop front when required. There was also ice cream, gelato, and cake, and other things at Jerahmeel's Jollicles. That evening they did the books, and custom was about the same as always. Danielle Rothchild was only part time, but Jerahmeel had spoken to her about being his permanent replacement when he left, as the prior workers had moved on to other careers, often school leavers who wanted work for a while on New Terra 17. Danielle had, in principle, agreed to the idea.

'Do you like New Bridlington?' Jerahmeel asked Muriel one weekend, out on a cruise of the countryside south of the city.

'It's fine,' she said. 'I'd rather be in the west, in Cooma district. A nice bungalow there would be for the best. The store is too close to work for my liking.'

'Prices are expensive,' said Jerahmeel. 'I always felt it best, seeing as we weren't always here, to just use the flat above the shop.'

'Well. If you want us to live here more, perhaps time for a house,' replied Muriel.

They went around Cooma in the next few months, and found a place, a 3 bedroom, but very nice. Jerahmeel paid full price right up, and they spent a while moving their belongings from the flat into the house, and getting some new things for the house. Jerahmeel would live in the flat a few nights of the working week, but drive the rest of the time from the bungalow to work. And the issue was settled at that. After a year of this, he switched to bussing it in to save money, though he could afford it. He felt it kept him more in touch with the community of New Bridlington, and he would chat to people occasionally. They all knew who he was, but a personal touch could help business more. It seemed to have an effect from Jerahmeel's observations. So life went on for Jerahmeel and Muriel in New Bridlington for the time being, and while the Realm was on their mind, they were content for the time being.

The End

Catchfrost 12

Bianca was frozen. 'I, I, I, I'm blooooddyy cold Marccus,' she said.

Regan looked at Bianca. Regan was in the jacket she had bothered carting around since the beginning of the quest. Regan was not cold. 'You are brave. Thinking you could handle the cold,' said Regan. 'Be prepared is what I always say.'

'I'm cold. But coping,' said Marcus. 'It's those Stingers I don't like.'

The stingers were still flying around the top of the large trees at the bottom of Mt Carnival. Marcus had been avoiding them, because they had chased him. Stingers were large wasp like insects – very nasty things. They were reluctant to light a fire, because of fear of attracting not just the winter dragon, but all sorts of hostile enemies and creatures, so where huddled together at the base of one of the large trees.

'Sit between us,' said Marcus to Bianca, who immediately did just that. 'We'll hug you,' said Marcus.

'If I must,' replied Bianca. And it was a sight to see, three brave adventurers at the base of Mt Carnival, hardly those you would expect to risk the wrath of the winter dragon. The morning eventually came, and Bianca sharpened her blade. Soon enough they were working their way up the icy peak. It was late in the evening they found the main cave entrance, and stole inside. Slowly, step by step, they made their way in. Marcus led, and was careful with where he set his feet. Soon, after clambering through the cold rock laden tunnel, they emerged into the dragon's lair. The dragon was not present, but the Ice Diamonds could be seen laden around his nest.

'We take half a dozen,' said Bianca. 'And try not to make it obvious.' Marcus was the quester, so bravely came forward and chose 6 ice diamonds, and put them in his sack. Then he stood there, looking, listening.

'Come on,' whispered Bianca as loudly as she dared. 'Let's get the hell out of here.' But Marcus stood there. And then he walked up behind the nest, down a cave, and disappeared.

'Where the hell has he gone?' asked Regan. They dared to follow. Shortly they were with Marcus, on the edge of the Mountain, on another side. Below was a vast valley, which was green somewhat, and they could see the Ice Dragon flying around, and occasionally landing, doing his thing.

'This is his domain,' said Marcus.

They watched, fascinated, for there were minor dragons around as well, but the Ice Dragon was clearly king.

'Wish I had my polaroid,' said Marcus.

'Write it up in your diary,' said Bianca. 'Come on. You've seen the sights. Let's get out of here.'

So Marcus took one last look, and followed them back into the main cavern and back out the way they came. But it was later the following day, as they were travelling south, and camping for the night. Marcus had a fever, and was sweating in his sleep. The girls were watching him anxiously. At one point his eyes opened and he said 'I dreamed the angel of death was above me, and it cut me in half with a scythe. And he muttered about going to sheol, and drifted back off to sleep. The morning came, and the fever had lessened, and they found a stream and let him heal for the day. The following day they were back on their travails, and while they hadn't seen any sign of the Winter Dragon yet, they were doing their best to get out of his territory, now pleased with the prizes they had claimed. After a long journey, when they had reached home, Marcus spoke to Harloc about the trip, but he had these words.

'Somehow, this has cost me. In some way. I don't know yet, but there will be a price to pay.'

And Harloc told him not to worry about it. He had been successful. But, quietly, the words of Marcus CCC had been observed.

The End

Japan 9

'It's a lot of silver,' said Melanie.

'Indeed,' replied Daniel. 'Now look at me Melanie. I want this picture to look good.'

'You are matching Michael's epic?' she queried.

'Hey, I'm an artist,' replied Daniel.

'Not noticed that,' said Melanie, standing against the lookout fence, staring at Daniel. 'Do you want me to pucker my lips?' she asked, and did just that. 'Sporty Spice loves you Daniel San,' she said in a mocking tone.

'Funny. Hopefully you'll give me a bit later then,' he replied.

'Doubt that you're up for it these days,' she replied.

Daniel did a few strokes with the pencil and looked at her. 'Probably not,' he said. That seemed to sum up the recent status quo as far as Melanie was concerned.

'How about I do a karate pose,' said Melanie, raising her leg to look like a kick.

'Listen, Katrina. None of that. Standard Melanie pose. No karate kick. No puckered lips. Ordinary Melanie. Not much ordinary about you, but do your best.'

Melanie smiled, and stood there. Daniel sketched. After a number of minutes he put down his pencil, and waved her over.

'It's – adequate,' she finally said.

'Adequate? It's a masterpiece,' he replied.

'Perhaps you should leave the artwork to Elenniel and co,' she said.

Daniel looked at the picture. It seemed competent enough to him.

'What's wrong with it?' he asked her. 'It's perfectly fine.'

'You lack any real artistic subtlety,' she replied. 'It's competent enough for a regular person as old as you, but it's not artistic brilliance.'

'Does it have to be?' he asked her.

'The question is, why would you ask that?' said Melanie. 'Is not the ValDan agenda the definition of cool? Falling short of the standard Daniel San.'

'Fiddlesticks,' he replied, and sat down on the grass, looking at the art. She sat down next to him.

'Things have progressed in the children of destiny, Daniel. We're not as basic as we used to be. For someone not that old, that is entirely competent. It does the job perfectly fine. But I'm older on art now, and used to very technical detail. It's only average work for someone from our era. You have obviously not continued your art studies on an ongoing basis terribly much.'

'I don't really collect a lot of art,' sighed Daniel. 'Mainly pop culture. I'm a writer as well. Not an artist. Video games, like the old man. Designing them I'm good at. But not art. Never really a thing, apart from getting a good enough job done.'

'This was good enough,' she replied. 'A long time ago Daniel. Life has moved on.'

Daniel looked at the silver streak. 'I guess so,' he finally replied. Melanie kissed him on the cheek, and wandered off, leaving Daniel thinking that over, and perhaps that he himself needed to start doing things to keeping pace with things.

The End

Another New Consort 2

'Yes, Maam,' said Gwen to Lady Eloise. Gwen wanted to bite her lip. The lady had a bit of an attitude. But she was the consort of the Arch-Regent for the olde world, and it showed.

'Here, lady Eloise,' said Perlock. 'Have my seat.'

'Thank you, dwarf,' replied Eloise, and sat down on Perlock's stool in the guild room belonging to Gwen.

'No, what is this matter?' asked Gwen.

'I have an economic concern. The guild of commerce is required. You come highly recommended.'

'I see,' said Gwen. 'Oh, forgive me. Would you like some chocolate or something? A beverage.' Gwen knew ladies Eloises age. They liked sweet things.'

'Ooh, that would be lovely,' replied Eloise.

'I'll do it,' yipped Perlock, and ran off. Soon enough he came over with a tray with 3 mugs of coffee and their latest selection of chocolates from a chocolatier they visited in the city often times.

'They look scrummy,' said Eloise, picking one.

'Perlock insists I will get fat,' said Gwen. 'But buys them for us both none the less.'

'You work for lady Gwen?' Eloise asked, munching on the chocolate.

'I work for the guild, actually,' replied Perlock. 'Ad hoc duties as required. Not assigned to anyone in particular, actually.'

Gwen stared at Perlock, a look of unbelief on her face. 'Are you kidding me Perlock? You have been with me since day one. I assumed you were my personal assistant or something?'

'No. Technically I wander through the guild and cheer people up. I am the amusement. I just like to keep you company Gwen.'

'News to me,' replied Gwen.

'Lady Gwen,' said Eloise. 'The Arch-Regent has some pressing concerns of commerce for the olde world. There has been some recent tensions in supply issues with stock which must be ordered from the outer modern world. There is need for the olde world to present themselves with formal letters in knowledge which can re-negotiate traditional arrangements. It was though you would fit best for the modern audience to negotiate with. Harmony in the realm is important to the Arch-Regent,' said Eloise.

'I am aware of these tensions,' said Gwen. 'Consider it done.'

'Very good,' said Eloise. 'May I?' she asked, indicating the plate of deluxe chocolates.

Gwen nodded, and as Eloise dared a second, she smiled. Nobody could resist fine chocolates it seemed, not even the consort of the Arch-Regent of the Realm of Eternity.

The End

Japan 10

Gabriel and Aquariel were on speaking terms. She was over some of her pride. They were in Japan on New Terra at the Geisha club they had heard so much about.

'You fancy her?' Aquariel asked Gabriel.

'I've only got eyes for you babe,' replied Gabriel.

'Hardly,' she replied. 'Who you with these days, anyway?'

'Michael, I suppose,' replied Gabriel.

'Gay relationships. All the rage in places,' said Aquariel.

'That's not what I mean, and you know it,' replied Gabriel.

'No,' she said, sipping on her cocktail. 'Cough up then. How long has it been?'

'Too long. I'm currently a solitary Seraphim of Zionistya, serving Michael for the most part, as I don't have much else on the plate, and haven't been motivated by much for a while.'

'Since you left the realm,' she said.

'Probably longer, quite frankly. The last years there were pretty dry.'

'Right,' she said. She put down her drink and looked at him. 'Why is that then? Don't you have a zing for life anymore?'

'Yeh,' he replied. 'Something like that.'

'Oh,' she said. 'What? Is it depression.'

'I'm content to live life,' he said. 'There are good enough bits, and thrills here and there. I'm not motivated by anything anymore, but I'm happy to live it. It's ok. It's like that Mellencamp song. Life goes on long after the thrill is gone.'

'I see,' she replied. 'Well, find something to motivate you.'

'I have a plan on that,' he replied, putting some money into the geisha girls knickers who was putting on a show for him.'

'What plan?' she asked.

'I've been thinking it over quite a while now. I mean, don't get me wrong. I choose life. I'm just very nonplussed by what it has to offer. But I've been writing down, not so much a bucket list, but more a list of things which give it a good enough flavour.'

'Oh,' she said. 'And I'm on that list?' she asked.

'Right at the top,' he said, and sipped on his drink.

She said nothing, and looked at the people on the dance floor. After a while she spoke up.

'And what exactly do you want from me?'

'I want you to read the standard books on twin relationships, and how they function as a support. I want us to make a commitment to each other on supporting each other. We tentatively do that, but you probably need it to, and I certainly do. I want us to work out a relationship of support.'

'Oh,' she said. She looked at the dancing and didn't look at him. 'I can do that,' she said softly.

Quiet. Music playing.

'Thanks,' he replied, equally softly.

She smiled a little. Progress had been made.

The End

A Message for Daniel 3

She looked at the can of soup. Campbells tomato soup. She had no life. She put it in her shopping bag, and paid for the items, and walked home. As she strolled along, she came to the fenceline of Catchfrost, and a young lad was there. 'Hey, lady,' he said. 'You take the messages don't you?'

'Yes,' she replied.

'Here,' he said. And jumped the fence and was gone. Naomi looked at it. It was addressed to Daniel. She looked at the back of the letter. It was from Marcus CCC. He was one of Daniel's personal friends, who now resided in Catchfrost. She'd deliver the letter in the morning. She came home, ate her soup, watched friends, wrote down a few lines in her journal, noting the letter for the day, and turned in for the night. The following day, at lunchtime in work, she took off to the CBD. She found Daniel in his office, and handed him the letter. He took it, read it, and sat there for a while, staring at the wall. Finally, 'uh, thanks, Naomi. Marcus has had a bit of an adventure. Quite a quest it seems.'

'Fascinating,' she replied. 'Well, is there anything else?'

Daniel shook his head.

'Ok. I'll see you some time.'

'Oh,' said Daniel. 'I was forgetting.' He stood, went to a safe and did the combination, and took something out. He came over and handed it to her. It was a gold coin in a plastic coin case.

'Ooh,' she said. 'First payment.'

'It's a realm coin. From the 45th disc. I had little difficulty getting this one. I'll keep them original, though. Each time. That's an anniversary coin of the Arch-Regent. Myself, as you'd guessed. It's worth a bit too.'

'Awesome,' replied Naomi. 'I'll treasure it.' And not knowing what else to do she kissed Daniel, on the cheek, and smiled, and left. When she got home she looked over the coin all evening, and finally, satisfied, put it in her collection. Off to a good start, she thought to herself. Could be interesting.

The End

New Bridlington 4

Samael and Aphrayel were separated. He was living with Rachel. Things never really changed with Sammy. Sandalphon informed Aphrayel that Samael had loves in his heart, and he would swear eternal loyalty, and visit a lady the following evening. Aphrayel remarked 'Ain't that the truth.' Samael and Rachel were in New Bridlington on New Terra 17.

'You know, Samael,' said Rachel. 'You'd make a good catholic.'

Samael stared at the statue of Mary at the catholic school.

'You think?' he replied.

'You sure would. You are too worldly to keep precise fundamentalist faith, but you have a broad sort of spirituality which tolerates much and fits in a catholic mindset.

'I'm an Onaphim of Infinity,' replied Samael. 'Logos machinations are interesting, but I run my own ship. But I get what you are saying.'

They took a photo and continued walking down the street southwards. Soon they came to the intersection on the southern side of the CBD, and Samael pointed to the McDonalds restaurant, and Rachel nodded. They came inside, ordered a meal, and sat.

'I think,' started Samael. 'That Catholicism is an enduring religion because Jesus is stubborn in many ways, but he just likes to push his agenda in his own nature. He naturally thinks he is a Christ and naturally pushes his agenda. He has a temperament which continues to hold the church together. Just made of the stuff which endures.'

'It could be that,' replied Rachel. 'I also feel he started a religion on prayer, and God honoured it when he was stubborn enough to insist.'

'That too,' replied Samael. 'He's very popular now. Must be Christians beyond count in the universe.'

'One would imagine,' replied Rachel. Their meal was delivered to them on a tray by a maccas worker, and they ate. Samael took a photo of Rachel eating, and she put her hand in front of her mouth as he took the photo, as she didn't want a picture of her taken showing her munching on a burger with mouth open, which she was wont to do.

'We'll make it along the western road now,' said Samael. 'Then turn back north after a while and find this business of Seraphim Daniel. 'He invited us after all. Time to drop in I guess. We've been here a week.'

'Yes. Sounds alright,' said Rachel. 'Haven't seen Dan in a long time. Arch-Regent is always so busy.

'It's that Daly mentality those 3 have,' said Samael. 'Always wanting to be the knees of the bees.'

'Funny,' said Rachel. 'They do it to keep us amused from what I've heard.'

'Sounds familiar,' said Samael.

Soon enough they finished their meal and meandered westwards and, looking at their street map, turned north after a while, and made their way through a bunch of skyscrapers, finding the building ValDan was located in in New Bridlington, and took the elevator up to the level. They found Daniel and Valandriel with a lady, playing golf on the office carpet floor.

'Training for the open?' asked Samael.

'He thinks he must improve these days,' said the lady. 'Took a challenge from Melanie the angel.'

'Really?' queried Rachel.

'Yes, really,' replied Daniel. 'This is Naomi, Sammy and Rach. She works for us part time now. Does gopher work.'

'He gave me a promotion last week,' replied Naomi. 'I quit my old bland job. This is much more lively. Happy life now.'

Rachael nudged Samael on the arm, and he acknowledged the point.

'Well, here we are,' said Sammy.

'Take a shot,' said Daniel. 'And we'll look on the net and find a nice place to dine tonight.'

And so Samael and Rachel were introduced to the offices of ValDan in New Bridlington on New Terra 17, and the afternoon was spent as a lively affair, a happy dinner that evening, and Sammy noticing the Naomi lady, and the attractive smile she had.

The End

New Bridlington 5

'A word of caution,' said Saruviel to Samael. 'Rachel is a pretty determined lady. She insisted with God she be honoured by yourself as a romance eternally. Not your only lady, as she honours your marriage with Aphrayel, but she is determined that she be romantically linked with you, and this is her time as far as she is concerned.

'I'm not stupid,' replied Samael, sitting on the bench in the back section of McDonalds, as Rachael and Naomi played with Rachel's little newborn.

'Your kid?' Saruviel asked Samael.

'Pretty much,' said Sammy. 'Got into trouble a little while ago, so had to disappear off with Rachael when she got pregnant. Aphrayel doesn't know, though.'

'And you are looking at this Naomi bird while with your new family? Smooth, Sammy. Smooth.'

'Shaddup. Anyway, takes a devil to know a devil.'

'True,' replied Saruviel. 'But, luckily for me, I've been faithful to Krystabel when bloodyminded Saruviel the Seraphim would damn well do his own thing if he wanted to. Don't know what it is, but its always just seemed pointless going with another lady. Like in ecclesiastes. Chase after the wind. Like it's just a waste of time when I only need a decent one in the end anyway.'

'Life works like that for some,' replied Samael. 'For the rest of us there are complications.'

'I don't envy you,' said Saruviel.

The two angels watched the ladies play with the child a while, before Samael stood, and walked over and picked up the kid. Rachel touched her child lovingly and Samael softly looked at Naomi, who smiled, but they both knew what was on each other's mind. Later that evening, when Rachel and the child were sleeping soundly, Samael ducked out of the hotel room. He met Naomi at Spaz's place, and they had a drink, before going back to her place.

'You like to live on the edge or something?' Naomi asked him. 'You're married, and with another lady you have a child with, but you're chasing me.'

'And I'm old, and haven't had a new romance in a hell of a long time,' said Samael, brushing his teet in Naomi's bathroom, his chest bare, his trousers on. Eventually he finished, and they came into her bedroom, and both undressed, and got on the bed.

'You really think we should do this?' Naomi asked.

'Gotta have some spice, Naomi Roberts,' replied Samael. 'I'm an old angel, and life without spice just gets too bland and boring in the end. Without breaking the rules every once in a while, we dry up,and become boring pastors of churches with souls full of bones and not much else. No joy left sort of people. I see it in the old churches all the time. Priests who hate every form of sin. It's just no life in the end. A shortcoming of Logos as far as I am concerned.'

'I see,' she replied. She took out a condom, and Samael shrugged. As she put it on him, he thought on Rachael, and his infidelity, but as passion took over he put that thought aside, consumed at the moment by his new love, consumed by his new desire. And when he got back to his apartment with Rachel later, he slipped into bed quietly, not waking her, and slept soundly, like a baby, as if nothing had transpired whatsoever. And not even Hercule Poirot would have known the difference.

The End

New Bridlington 6

Saruviel was dressed in his Catchfrost garb.

'You know, Naomi,' said Saruviel, as she continued photographing him. 'Samael doesn't always know what's good for him.'

'He's a big boy,' replied Naomi. 'He can make his own decisions in life.'

'That I don't dispute,' replied Saruviel. 'All of us do.' He sipped on some water and looked at her. 'But we don't always make the best decisions. Often we should know better. And if we don't, someone who should, should.'

'It's not going anywhere. It's a fling,' said Naomi. 'He told Rachel last night.'

'Did he?' asked Saruviel, eyebrow raised.

Daniel and Valandriel came in the room. 'Big brother,' began Daniel. 'Catchfrost will be visited yet again by myself, next year. Marcus has invited us to a celebration on the grounds of Harloc the Sages training ground. A Marcus sort of 'Celebration of Life' event.'

'Sounds fine,' said Saruviel.

'Am I invited?' asked Naomi.

Valandriel looked at her. 'It's a pretty wild place, you know. There are frost giants and all sorts of dangers. We can handle ourselves, but can you?'

'I've lived alongside it all my life. Perhaps time to have a squizzy,' replied Naomi.

'Sure,' said Daniel. 'I'll watch out for you.'

'Thanks,' said Naomi. Daniel took the camera from Naomi's hand, and pulled out the USB stick and put a new one in.

'I'll look at these ones now,' said Daniel. 'More though. It's a rare outfit. Not photographed much I would imagine.'

'No,' replied Saruviel. 'Rights were obtained a long time ago. Design properties of some of my corporations.'

'As I thought they would be,' replied Daniel. 'We'll work it out in the contract.'

Saruviel nodded, and Daniel and Valandriel left the room.

Naomi continued taking pictures.

'Well,' she said, after a while. 'We'll all be having a wild time in Catchfrost soon enough.'

Saruviel continued posing, eying the lady. It was apparent she had a mind of her own, and it was apparent she didn't give a damn about Samael's loves.

'Sometimes,' said Saruviel. 'Justice has a say on some issues. On things we think we can do when, really, we can't.'

'I'll keep that in mind,' replied Naomi.

'You do that,' said Saruviel.

Soon enough they were finished, and as Saruviel left the room, he gave Naomi one of those looks and, frankly, when Saruviel the Seraphim gives you one of those looks you don't soon forget.

The End

New Bridlington 7

'That will be $2.95,' said Jerahmeel. The lad paid the price and Jerahmeel handed over the jollicle. 'Have a nice day,' said Jerahmeel, handing the lad his 5 cents change. The lad left the store and Jerahmeel looked out. Closing time was 20 minutes ago, but he'd stayed open a bit sensing a few more customers, which he'd gotten. But it was time enough to close now. He turned the sign, locked the door, pulled down the curtains on the shop front window, and started the cleaning for the night. Around 7 he made his way home in the car, and came to their new bungalow. Muriel had dinner ready, and they ate quietly. It was now the weekend, and he could relax a bit, getting in for Saturday afternoon from 12 till 3, as Danielle would take the morning shift.

'Well. Are we happy here?' he asked Muriel.

'Quite,' she replied.

'I have a feeling, you know. We belong here,' said Jerahmeel. Silence.

'Why do you think that?' she asked after a while.

'This is the Jollicle's number one store, and it's our going concern. I need to work. It keeps me focused and busy enough. This chain has worked the best for me, and this is the store and place I like most.'

'You know, I'm not arguing with you for starters,' she said. 'We have a lot of commitments in the Realm of Eternity, and abundant wealth there. You have overseers work in the Realm on a regular basis. It should probably be managed.'

'I will maintain my children there who do some of the work. Our children. But I'm not that type of angel anymore Muriel. I like going to Spaz's place on Friday nights after work, and seeing a crowd I know well. They are good friends now, and I feel very comfortable here.'

'I don't mind it,' she said. 'And I'm not particularly fussy, as long as its probably going to be permanent in the end. I assume it is the realm of eternity which is our main resting place, but if New Bridlington works for you, well, it can work for me as well. Just be sure, Jerry. Just be sure.'

The next few days Jerahmeel took some time in the evening up on a lookout in the city, looking at it all. It was a unique city, New Bridlington, and it had its ways about it. It was predominantly Catholic in its mindset, but nobody really had any religious grudges or crusades. For Jerahmeel it had never been an issue, and they accepted his Papuan New Guinean identity without any problems whatsoever. They simply accepted that. He felt, in his heart, this was now home. Where he belonged. And, thinking it over, he said to Muriel this would be the status quo now and, in time, they would discuss the issue and see if it was working out. And Muriel accepted that, so Jerahmeel settlled back, got on with his work, and let life roll on.

The End

A Message for Daniel 4

Naomi now had work doing her walk and also working at ValDan in the CBD. When she got off the bus at the exchange in western Cooma district, she did a little shopping and walked home, past the fenceline. Today there was a youth at the wall again, dressed in traditional Catchfrost robes.

'Do you have a message?' she asked him.

'It's from King Asgard,' said the youth.

'Oh. I see,' replied Naomi. 'I guess I can handle that for you.'

The youth handed over a sealed envelope, and disappeared. Naomi put it in her handbag and continued home. When she finished her fish fingers, she took out the letter and looked at it. It was addressed to 'President Shaw of Crasserby.' Crasserby was the nation she was part of in south-east Bridelborne, the continent on New Terra 17 she lived on. President Shaw was on his 79th consecutive century term in office. On New Terra 17, like most places, incumbent politicians often had a habit of being re-elected quite a lot, as people who were quite old didn't want very much change after a while. The following morning at work she spoke to Daniel about the letter and he gave her the afternoon off to deliver it. She made her way to the Government sector in New Bridlington, and came to Parliament House. She made herself known to a receptionist at the front of the House, and he looked at the letter and made a phone call.

'Best you deliver it Miss Roberts. The president might have some questions.' She nodded, and shortly a security guard accompanied her upstairs, through a number of security doors, and soon enough she was presented to the waiting room of the president. His secretary said she could go in after a while, and she knocked and a voice told her to enter.

'Miss Roberts. Nice to meet you. Again, I believe. You were at a rally a few centuries back. We chatted briefly.'

'Oh, I recall that. Surprised you did.'

'I won't tell a lie. I didn't. I just have extensive records,' and he chuckled softel, eliciting a similar response from Naomi. 'The letter?' he asked. She handed it over. He took it, looked it over for a while, and opened it. He sat down, and read quietly. After a while he put the letter down, and turned to look out the window.

'It seems,' he began. 'That there is a plan for Catchfrost to be recognized officially by Bridelborne and New Terra 17 as officially part of the Olde World. Technically, as you know, it was more of a reclusive community of pagan sorts of ways, and one which liked the older ways of things. They were not specifically the Olde World community. But King Asgard has had a counsel of rulers in Catchfrost agree that they should now formalise the current understanding on the issue.'

'I see,' said Naomi. 'Fascinating.'

'I wonder. Are you able to do me a favour?'

'What?' she asked.

'It's much to ask, but would you be able to send a return letter for me.'

'I can't guarantee when the lad shows up,' said Naomi. 'He sort of just shows when he shows.'

'Oh, that's a shame,' said the President. 'Well, I guess we'll have to send someone in.'

'Mmm,' said Naomi.

'Yes?' replied the President.

'Ironically, a group of us are planning on visiting Catchfrost next year. I would be able to take the letter reply with me at that time.'

'Perfect. They know you for this task. You will be most suitable. I will forward the letter on to you once it is written, and we will reimburse you for your troubles.'

'Yes President,' replied Naomi.

Later, sitting in her apartment, she turned on the TV, and thought to herself that, while she had been happy enough, despite her spinster status, that it was ironic that when life came calling, well....well it never rained, but it poured. And she smiled at that.

The End

New Bridlington 8

Jerahmeel rounded the corner of the road. There was a dead animal as he turned the corner.

'Best get it off the road,' said Muriel.

'Agreed,' replied Jerahmeel.

He got out of the car, and dragged the dead kangaroo, roadkill, to the side of the road. He looked at it. It was in a sorry state. He presumed animals probably went on in spirit in some afterlife afterlife as it where. But God only kenw the truth of that. He got back in the car, and they continued on down the mountain, heading for home. When they arrived Muriel took the picnic basket from the boot of the car, and took it inside. Jerahmeel parked the car in the garage and came into the house through the garage entrance. He plonked himself down on the sofa and looked at the clock. A quarter to 10. They'd been out for a while. She came in shortly with hot chocolate and cookies, and they spent the evening relaxing, listening to classical music, and chatting lightly. Morning came the following day.

'Are you going to risk this Catchfire jaunt?' asked Muriel. 'Samael and Saruviel are intent on the trip, like the others. A few are going to go in and apparently ratify this new olde world nation.'

'I'm thinking it over,' replied Jerahmeel. 'It could be a thrill.'

'And what's life without a bit of a thrill,' replied Muriel. They finished their breakfast and Jerahmeel got off to work for the day at Jerahmeel's Jollicles. Around lunchtime Daniel walked in and ordered a Jollicle.

'You know,' said Daniel. 'It is dangerous, but that's part of the excitement. We'll be well protected though. And I know a bit about magic if you must know.'

'Funny,' replied Jerahmeel. 'Yeh, we're thinking it over. Could be the excitement we may need, or may not need. Sort of feel we are comfortable at the moment, and not really looking to be disturbed.'

'Well, you think it over,' said Daniel, licking on his Jollicle. 'And let us know.'

'Will do,' replied Jerahmeel.

All that week he thought about it and in the end concluded that a bit of adventure wasn't the end of the world, and Muriel wanted to disappear off to a store down sequence a bit, a PNG Olde World style store, which had the kind of fashion, for want of a better word, which would prove appropriate for Catchfrost. Jerahmeel accompanied her. They tried on robes and looked at weapons, and Muriel chuckled they should probably train if they were serious about stuff like that, and Jerahmeel considered that an actual possibility. Soon enough they had their wardrobe, and returned home, and as the year trundled along Jerahmeel started looking forward to the trip. The grande olde world of Catchfrost. Just what would they get from this experience? Time would only tell.

The End


Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly was on Joinquay in the first heavenly realm.

'Ay,' said Gloryel. 'What are you doing here?'

'Just getting a hamburger,' replied Daniel.

Geri kicked into gear from her jogging, and made it over to the cafe seats. She sat down next to Daniel, sweat all over her skin, earphones on from her music, and in a cute bikini shirt sort of top, and bicycle pants, and sneakers. She looked like Ultrawoman out on the prowl to Daniel.

'You look hot,' said Daniel to Gloryel.

'I am hot,' she replied, fanning herself in the heat.

'Yep, you're hot,' said Daniel, and continued eating his hamburger.

Silence for a while.

'Where's Taylor?' asked Gloryel, looking at a menu.

'Back in the Realm,' replied Daniel.

'So you are on your own on a holiday, are you?' she asked, taking off her earphones.

'Work,' he said. 'Commodore 64 related club activities and gaming in Joniquay. Some of my own creations.'

'Right,' nodded Gloryel. A waitress came over and she ordered a bottle of vitamin water and some fish.

'Fish?' asked Daniel.

'Not much on this menu is that good for you,' replied Gloryel. 'Not even the fish, but it's tolerable. Lots of batter, but I can afford it,' she replied, patting her butt.

'Cute butt,' said Daniel, now starting on his chicken kebab.

'You really shouldn't eat that shit,' said Gloryel.

'Hey, I exercise regularly enough. I've got a tough constitution, Seraphim lady, and I can afford it. So go shoot a blonde.'

'I know many blondes I would like to shoot,' said Geri, musing to herself.

Daniel looked at her, and chuckled. 'You're not alone,' he said, smiling.

'Right,' she said, nodding to him.

The meal came, and Geri took off the batter, but ate the rest of the fish, and sipped on the water.

'You...looking for a friend while you are here?' asked Gloryel.

Daniel looked at her. 'Sure. I love B grade movies of a life.'

'B grade movie life,' replied Geri.

'Passion. It has A grade songs, but the C grade songs give it a B grade average. Same for Scream if you Wanna go faster.'

'You're a fan I see,' replied Geri, rubbing her arm.

'Well, yeh. So is Callodyn. And Daniel obviously.'

'Oh, he's all over my music, replied Geri. Silence for a while. Gloryel was examining the Cherubim. 'You are closer to my human age, aren't you? 1972 generation. Daniel and Callodyn are actually later, when it's resolved, all that confusing data on the issue.'

'Yeh. Probably,' replied Daniel.

'Right,' she said. 'So you knew the Spice Girls in their heyday.'

Daniel sipped on his drink and looked at her.

'What of it?'

'Did you buy anything?'

'Fine, I'll keep you company,' said Daniel.

'And be my superstar,' said Geri, now shining.

'Your superstar,' replied Daniel.

The End


'He better not cheat,' said Taylor, furious.

'He won't cheat,' replied Ed Sheeran. 'How do you plat this game anyway?'

'I'll show you,' said Shane.

A cat stroked itself against Ed's leg, and he jumped. 'Oh, a cat. How original,' said Ed. He looked at Taylor. 'You have a feline obsession.'

Taylor was standing there in the living room of the house she shared with Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly, hand on her chin, thinking.

'We visit the second heavenly realm, and put on a friendship concert. We win his attention,' she said.

'He's faithful. Don't bother,' said Ed.

She looked at him. 'Sometimes we have to go to great lengths for our chosen,' she said. 'To remind them we care, and they should stay loyal.'

'Right,' nodded Ed, looking at his feet as the cat rubbed itself against his legs.

'Don't bother with Daniel,' said Katy, coming into the room. 'He's faithful as fuck but faithless as fuck. You sort of get both with the idiots. They play the field, but remember their little black books. Fundamental to their existence.'

Taylor looked at Katy and threw her hands in the air and said 'Unbelievable.' She looked at the game being played. 'You really suck at this don't you Ed.'

'Shaddup,' he replied.

'He's ok,' said Shane.

'Concert, concert, concert,' said Taylor, disappearing off to the back room.

'She's upset,' said Ed.

'You think?' replied Katy, sitting down.

'You should console her,' said Ed.

'I would. But I don't care. Know Daniel's too well. They do what they want. Make all the promises and commitments in the world, but still do what the damn they will do. Fake, but genuien sort of people. They keep their promises, but break them as well. It's a solid contract, but beware the unwritten caveats.'

'Right. Probably true,' said Ed, who seemed to be improving at the game.

'I have a concert booked,' said Taylor, coming back into the room. 'Next month. They had a free hall.'

'That was quick,' said Ed.

'Just filled a form, clicked pay, and it was accepted,' replied Taylor. 'The Love Dome in central Joniquay.'

'Funny name,' said Shane.

'I've been there before,' said Taylor. 'Very liberal sort of place.'

'Sure that's what you are looking for,' replied Ed.

'It will have to do,' said Taylor. She looked at Ed playing the game. 'Your instincts are kicking in.'

'I know these games somewhat,' said Ed, handling the joystick. 'You remember and adapt.'

'Obviously,' replied Taylor after a moment. 'Dinner!' she exclaimed, and wandered off to the kitchen.

'Never a dull moment,' said Ed.

'Tell me about it,' replied Katy.

The End

Strength to Run Solo

'I don't get much activity here. Mostly solo girl,' said Geri.

'I see,' replied Daniel, running his fingers over Geri's Joniquay house bookcase. 'You read a lot I guess.'

'Not much else to do. Sariel is usually off with his others, and I don't see him much. Christian visits regularly enough, but he's with someone else usually. Other affairs. I run solo a lot.'

'I see,' said Daniel. He sat down next to Geri, and she put his arm around him. She kissed him on the cheek.

'Miss Halliwell. Are you sure you should do that. I'm a married man.'

'Jesus Christ!' swore Geri, moving away. 'You're no fun Daniel san.'

Daniel sat there, in his pullover in christmas design, and thought it over. 'I'll do so much,' he said. And he leaned over, grabbed her, and started kissing her.

'That's it baby,' replied Geri.

They made out for a while. After about half an hour Geri started massaging Daniel's crotch, and Daniel soon got an erection. Then she pulled away. 'Wanna go to the bedroom?' she asked.

Daniel looked at her, touched her hair, and said 'What's for dinner?'

Geri looked at him squarely for a moment. 'I guess like you said,' she replied getting up. 'So much, but no further right?'

'Something like that,' he replied. 'What? Are you claiming fidelity to Cherubim 347 now or something? Usually Seraphim 45 is more your style as far as Daniel's are concerned.'

Geri looked at him. 'I get to 347s from time to time. Page 347 is common enough. It's a concern.'

'Funny,' he replied. 'I suppose so.'

'Right,' she said, straightening herself out after her passion. 'What do you want to eat?'

'Make it healthy,' said Daniel, picking up the remote, and turning on the TV. 'And if you commit to me as a friend eternally, I might give you a little more love than that.'

Geri looked at him, a cog clicked in her brain, and she wandered off to the kitchen. A little voice said to her in the kitchen 'He requires permanent friendship.' And she nodded softly, and began the meal.

The End

Cat Lady 5

'The X4 Cartridge, the 4th in the X series, redefines Commodore Gaming,' said Greg, Daniel's younger brother.

'How so?' asked Taylor.

'Game manipulation. It's more than an extra lives cartridge and unlimited energy and so on. The first 3 X cartridges did that to the nth degree and offered lots of great gameplay options, especially screen colour variations and music variations. But X4 goes much further. It analyzes the game code, and modulates in a set of over 100 specific ways variables in the game to enhance and excite and make a very enjoyable experience. It changes things radically, and with its own dictionary vocabulary of names, and special minigame challenges, it breaks new ground in Commodore programming. It's the best of me.'

'Sounds awesome,' said Taylor. 'Where is it then?'

'Currently in planning phase,' replied Greg, and looked at the ceiling.

'He's an idiot,' said Taylor.

'I know,' said Daniel.

A cat walked past and rubbed Greg's leg. Greg reached down and patted it, and it spent the next half an hour rubbing against Greg's leg.

'It obviously likes him,' said Taylor, as they sat watching Rocky III on VHS.

'Greg is pretty good with animals. It's the st Francis in him,' said Daniel.

'That's right,' replied Taylor. 'It's one of his middle names, isn't it.'

Greg yawned and said 'That's right. Saintly Greggo.'

'Will Saint Greg order us all dinner?' asked Taylor.

'Fine,' said Greg. 'As long as you pay.'

'Tightarse,' replied Taylor.

'I'm on a budget,' replied Greg.

'He watches his money,' said Daniel. 'He's got enough of it, but he's careful.'

'You pay for your share, St Francis,' said Taylor, looking at him from the sofa. 'And I'll pay for our share.'

'We'll split the delivery 3 ways,' said Gregory.

'I want exact to the cent. One third exactly,' said Taylor. 'And the remainder goes to charity.'

'Fine,' said Greg. 'But I choose the charity.'

'I'll allow that, as long as it's not the Gregory Daly fund for ripping of Taylor Swift.'

'Hey, that's my secret fund,' said Daniel. 'In my name. I've been adding payments from your account to it for years, Tails.'

'Funny,' she replied.

'It's 2 cents,' said Greg. 'Surely you can let me keep that.'

'No frikking way,' said Taylor. 'And I'll expect a receipt, buster, as proof. I'll let you handle it.'

'I choose, then. The meal.'

'Pizza will do,' said Taylor.

'One each and some drinks?' asked Greg.

'I eat most stuff,' said Taylor. 'Just no drongo choices, and it will be fine.'

'I'm not an idiot,' said Greg.

'That remains to be seen,' replied Taylor, softly under her breath.

'What was that?' asked Greg, picking up the phone.

''Nothing,' said Taylor.

The cat continued rubbing Greg's leg. The movie was watched. Soon enough the pizza came.

'I requested the discount us slightly, and take off a tad of cheese, to round it down to a price which came out exactly in multiples of 3, so there is no need for the charity donation,' said Greg.

'Smart,' said Taylor. 'Good choices,' she said, hooking into her Chicken Supreme, with extra cheese, but slightly less than extra. 'He makes wise food choices at least,' said Taylor to Daniel.

'He's got it together well enough,' replied Daniel, as they continued on with the Rocky movies, now on number 4. And the day passed.

The End

New Bridlington 9

'I think, of the Nut Bar,' said Jerahmeel.

'Coated with chocolate, with chocolate in stripes, or no chocolate whatsoever?' asked Muriel.

Jerahmeel continued wiping the counter of Jerahmeel's Jollicles, and mused on that. Eventually he had an answer. 'Yoghurt. Those Uncle Toby's ones covered in yoghurt.'

'There the best,' replied Muriel. 'Junk food though. Pretend health food.'

'Like Jerahmeel's Jollicles. We're 100% Enjoyable Food for a reason.'

'You know,' replied Muriel. 'It's a tad misleading in many ways. That slogan. 100% enjoyable. I mean, it gives the illusion of being positive in some ways. Almost healthy.'

'It was wisely chosen,' replied Jerahmeel, continuing his cleaning.

'I suppose so,' replied Muriel. She turned the page of her newspaper. After a while, 'You know. You could add in some healthy choices which are yummy. Stuff which passes on being nutritionally acceptable. Like Smoothies.'

'That's the competition,' replied Jerahmeel. 'I have convictions.'

'Convictions about what, Jerry?' she asked, looking at her newspaper.

'Competition. There are no strict laws which says you can't enter a field, but others are making their living in that arena. I don't want to try and take out the competition. They guy down the street a bit, at the healthy snack bar. He does smoothies. It could take custom from him. Not kind. I'm an angel. We're not really supposed to do that sort of thing.'

'Tell that to Daniel and Valandriel and the other angels.'

'They don't change their programs too much these days,' said Jerahmeel. 'And people get a kick out their rivalry with Michael and Ambriel and co. It works for the world. Something to natter on about.'

'Sorbet then,' she said. 'Vitari like sorbet.'

Jerahmeel put down his wiping rag and looked squarely at Muriel. 'I do Jollicles, and bit of coffee and cake and stuff. That's the business. It's understood.'

'Just saying,' she replied.

'Fine,' said Jerahmeel. He spent some time, then, thinking over New Bridlington economy.

'We can get a cash injection into the economy. Slight increase, if we make a commitment to a new product. The council will allow it if there is sufficient demand. I don't want to interfere with local businesses, but there might be something. Sorbet might be a goer.'

'Good,' she said, standing. 'I'll see you at home tonight. I'll buy something nice for our dinner.'

Jerahmeel nodded, and a customer came in, and he got on with his day. But he was thinking over her suggestions, and Sorbet might be the way to go. A healthy choice they could introduce for a fresh spin on things. An interesting idea.

The End

New Bridlington 10

Spaz closed up 'Spaz's place at 10 that evening, with no customers left,' locked the front door, and took off down the street westwards. He arrived at Woolworths Supermarket, which was open till midnight, bought some cheezels and ginger beer. He continued walking till he got to 'Lake Placid Greens', and sat down on the Daffy Duck bench, looking at the flashing coloured lights around Lake Placid Greens. It was like this every night in this parkland, surrounding Lake Placid. Flashing coloured lights, on little poles which stuck out of the green grass, and there was classical music playing softly on the speakers in each pole, which you could here wherever you went in Lake Placid Greens. It was low cost and easy to maintain and was judged an embellishment, so given the go ahead. On all the benches were plastic cartoon characters at the side end, a different one for each bench around the park. Daffy Duck was his favourite to sit on. So that is what he did. He sat there, eating his cheezels, and working through his 4 pack of Bundaberg Ginger Beer. The night passed. Around 11:30 a black cat wandered past him, looked at him briefly, hissed, and continued on its way. Spaz shrugged it off. At 11:45 a Tom cat slinkered past, presumably following the black cat. Another amusing thing, but there were a handful of strays around the CBD. He sat there, and started on his 3rd bottle, working through the cheezels. Around midnight the trolley lady rolled into the park, and pushed past him. She glared at him, and he offered her a cheezel, but she just shook her head and continued on her way. The classical music kept on playing. At 12:05 the black cat walked back the other way, but didn't hiss this time, and the Tom wasn't far behind. When he started his final drink, he finished the cheezels, and the trolley lady appeared. 'Can I claim that bench for the night?' she asked.

'Sure,' replied Spaz. 'I'll be off shortly.'

She nodded, and sat down next to him.

'Must be a hell of a life on the streets,' he replied.

'I don't care. Don't want to change my ways, and I've got a bad name. It's my lot in life.'

'You could try. You've been doing this a long time Gladys.'

'And I'll be doing it a long time still, Spaz. Won't forgive the bastard.'

'He's moved on, you know. He's changed his attitude. You could lighten up on him.'

She glared at him. He thought better than to push it.

'Here's your seat,' he said, and got up. He looked at her. 'And I bet you don't even mind, when it comes right down to it. Your spite gives you the patience for this shit.'

She opened a can of lollies, and started sucking on one. Then she brought out a pillow from the trolley, and a blanket, and laid down on the bench.

'Don't wait up,' she said.

Spaz chuckled, and moved on. Eventually he got to his place, and sat down on the couch. He clicked on the stereo, and smooth jazz played. And, taking a bottle of scotch from the bench, he settled down, let the jazz play, and drifted off to sleep around 1:30.

The End

New Bridlington 11

Naomi Roberts consulted her diary, and looked up at the man.

'3 weeks from now Mr Daly will be back in town. He's away at the moment, in his various travels. He will be back for 1 week only, to take care of business.'

'It's important I see him,' said the black moustached man.

'What is the issue regarding?' asked Naomi.

'It's mostly a private concern. To do with ValDan and its impact on New Bridlington. I have some questions I want answered.'

'Maybe I can help you,' replied Naomi.

He looked at her with a look suggesting he didn't really think so.

'Ms Roberts. You're one of us. You've only been here a short while. I don't think you really know the core of the ValDan agenda, and how Daniel and Valandriel think through their logic. I need their thinking. Yours just won't suffice.'

'Try me,' she said. 'I've been researching documents for a few weeks now. I might have a clue.'

'I want to query opportunities in connecting with ValDan up and down the New Terra sequences with my own organisation. ValDan mostly runs its own affairs, but I think I might have a partnership program they might be able to get something from.'

'Just a sec,' said Naomi. She stood and disappeared into Daniel's office for a moment. Shortly she returned.

'If you are serious, you can read this,' she said. She handed him a booklet. It was titled 'DanVal: Partnership Program Policies.'

The man took it and looked at it. He opened it, skimmed the first page, and looked at Naomi.

'Uh, do you have a waiting room?'

'You can sit there if you like,' replied Naomi, pointing to some seats next to a water cooler. The man smiled, and walked over to the seats, sitting down and beginning to read. She watched him for about half an hour, on and off, as he read. He occasionally made a slight noise of concern, interest by the looks of it. Finally he stood and came over to her.

'By the looks of it there is a checklist and some forms in the system. I need DVPP1 & DVPP7.'

Naomi looked at her computer, and entered into the DanVal filing system. She noticed the files, and opened them, clicking print. She handed them to the man.

'Is there somewhere I can write?' he asked. 'And can I borrow a pen?'

'Sure,' she replied. 'If you'll follow me.' She led him to the ValDan Task Force room and invited him to sit. 'There are plenty of pens,' she said.

'I can see that,' he replied. 'Thank you.'

She nodded, and returned to her desk.

The afternoon passed by. Eventually he showed.

'Uh, there you go. Technically you should be able to assess. The policy checklist makes it clear enough.'

'I've read through it also,' she said. She took the form, and he sat back down in the waiting section. It took her about 40 minutes, and a lot of the afternoon had passed. Finally she beckoned him over.

'We will need confirmed asset details of savings put towards the project at hand. You will need, for this project, at least 3 or 4 million credits as deposit. Apart from that the project fits the criteria.'

'I thought it did,' he replied. He took out his mobile, and clicked on the Internet. He opened a bank account, and showed her his balance.

'Well I can tick that box,' she replied, smiling. 'Well, you can leave that with me. I am authorised on things like this to get the ball rolling, and I've been thinking it over. If we can schedule a meeting for sometime next week?'

'I'm available all afternoon Thursday,' he replied.

She looked at her calender, and said 'I'll have to make a readjustment, but it's not a problem. Can do Mr Arthurs. I'll see you then. And, finally, this particular ancient English sport is virtually unknown, but my initial assessment is that there is probably niches available in New Terra which will receive the league for it well enough. Partnering with the ValDan Sporting Network is a sensible choice. They are quality Indoor Cricket supporters universally. Well established in this field. This ancient early variant of cricket could be exactly what they might like.'

'It's why I felt it best to approach ValDan of all people, and I knew they had an office in New Bridlington, just up the road from where I'm at.'

'Well, thank you. Be seeing you.'

'Thank you Ms Roberts.'

And that said, Mr Arthurs departed, and Ms Roberts, noticing him an attractive enough man, if a little brusque, gave him a few moments thought, but soon got on with the rest of her day.

The End

New Bridlington 12

Gladys the New Bridlington CBD trolley lady entered the post office. She came up to Mr Hoskins.

'Have you seen Frank?' she asked, with a tone indicating she didn't give a damn if he'd seen her or not.

'Gladys, Frank doesn't live in New Bridlington anymore. He's been gone centuries.'

'I've been told he's back,' she replied. She picked off a cheezel from her coat, which had been stuck there, and popped it in her mouth. Mr Hoskins looked at her a moment, and went to a register. He returned shortly.

'He's at 21 Jenkins,' he replied.

Gladys left the post office, and made her way through the city up north. She knew Jenkins street well enough. Had been along it countless times. Knew the whole city well enough in fact. She found the address and sighed. It was the one she thought it was, with the God Awful green paint which Frank always liked, but she always hated. She came up to the door, looked at the verandah, and sat down on a sofa, leaving her trolley out the front, but keeping her eye on it. As the day passed, and twilight settled in, a lone figure, dressed in shabby clothes, came along the street, and entered the walkway to 21 Jenkins. He was about to put his key in the door, and noticed Gladys snoozing. He kicked her foot.

'Bitch,' he said.

She came to, and looked at him. 'Asshole,' she replied.

He opened the door, and she followed him inside. He went into the kitchen, put the kettle on, and she sat down at the table.

'Money's late,' she said.

'I'm experiencing financial difficulties,' he replied. 'Have started a new job back in town.'

'You dress shit these days,' she said.

'What do you expect?' he said, looking right at her.

'Humph,' she replied. 'Barely means anything.' He finished making the two cups of tea, and handed one to her, and sat down.

'It's been a long time now,' he said. 'Will you stay the night in the spare bedroom Gladys?'

'Fine,' she replied sharply.

'You can stay for a while,' he said, eyes hopeful.

She looked at him. 'How long you been dressing like that, then?'

'About a century,' he replied. 'Been down on my luck. Not really motivated.' He looked at her. 'I'm not trying to motivate myself either.'

'You call that an apology,' she replied. She lifted her hair, and pointed to the light scar on her neck. 'It's still not healed.'

He looked at it. 'Not as bad as it used to be,' he replied.

'Your all at fault,' she said. 'God help me why I didn't press charges.'

'I've paid for it anyway,' he replied.

She looked at him. 'Do you still love me?'

'I've never bothered signing the divorce papers, if that's what you mean.'

'Thought that,' she said, scratching her leg. 'Fine. I'll stay the night.'

'Come on,' he said. 'Help me tidy up the room.'

And so Gladys Darling and Frank Darling, estranged husband and wife, were to spend the first night together since a bloody night a long time ago, when he cut her, and cut her bad, and when she was out of hospital walked out on him. But it had been a long time now. And she noticed, in his clothing, his apology. Even if he would not utter the words.

The End

Cat Lady 6

'Excelsius Intruder VI,' said Greg Daly.

'A shoot em up,' replied Taylor. 'Guessing.'

'Correct,' replied Greg. 'But no ordinary shoot em up. The best graphics the c64 is capable of for starters, and an electric soundtrack from the deepest part of the cool of Greg.'

'He is humble,' said Taylor.

Daniel looked at his brother. 'Greg. You lack cool. You substantially lack cool. Your nature is anti-cool.'

'So cool,' continued Greg. 'That Mr Cool is taking notes.'

'Load the game,' said Daniel. Greg loaded the game. Taylor and Daniel listened to the music.

'It's an SF technobeat varioation of the Enchanted Symphony,' said Daniel. 'It is done well though.'

'Upbeate,' said Taylor. 'Let's play this beast.'

Taylor started, and as the game progressed she made some comments.

'It handles well. Almost intuitively. Weird for a commodore game to be that good.'

'Clever programming,' replied Greg.

Taylor continued playing. She got to the end of level, and easily destroyed the first mother beast. Then she had choices. Level 2A or 2B.

'You can choose,' he said. There are 5 levels, each with choices of which one you want to try. Different endings because of it.'

'Not bad Greggo,' said Daniel.

Taylor continued playing, selecting Level 2B, a cat jumped in front of the TV.

'Down puss,' said Taylor, shoving the cat out of the way.

'Here puss,' said Greg. The cat promptly went to Greg, and he picked it up, petting it. As they watched Taylor lost her 3 lives on a level which was more challenging, and she put down her joystick.

'The graphics are standard. These days anyway.'

'Most games push it to its limit now, though,' replied Greg.

'True enough,' said Daniel.

'Who wants pizza?' asked Taylor, looking at Daniel, then Greg.

'You collect it, and I'll provide the cash. 2 of them and we share,' said Greg.

'You are sounding more reasonable now Gregory Peter Francis Daly,' replied Taylor.

He wasn't. He still quibbled over their share of the pizzas when they arrived. Taylor was far from impressed.

The End

Cat Lady 7

'It's called Cat Lady,' said Taylor Swift proudly.

'Right,' said Greg, picking up the joystick. 'What does it do?'

'Lots of things,' prided Taylor.

Greg waggled the joystick. 'Bugger all by the looks of it.'

'Simpleton. You have to use the keyboard. Do I look like an imbecile who relies on a joystick of all things.'

'I rely on a joystick. It gets me there,' said Greg.

'All young men, to start with, rely on their joystick,' said Daniel.

'You're disgusting. Both of you,' said Taylor.

'I spent many solitary days on my joystick,' said Daniel. 'Until Taylor started handling my joystick. And she handles it well.'

'Disgusting,' said Taylor again.

'It's pretty lame if you can't use a joystick,' said Greg.

'And here was I thinking you were academic,' said Taylor. 'Look at the notebook, clown.'

Greg looked at the notebook which had 'Cat Lady Manual' written on it.

'When did you learn programming?' asked Greg.

'I'm not just a pretty face,' replied Taylor.

'Hardly pretty,' said Greg under his breath.

'What was that?' quipped Taylor.

'Nothing,' said Greg. 'Reading.'

'Good,' said Taylor, and opened her bottle of coca cola, taking a sip.

A cat emerged from the other room, and jumped up onto the sofa, settling on Greg's lap.

'Meredith Josephine Alwyn. Why are you always favouring Greg?' asked Taylor. Don't I exist to you anymore?'

The cat ignored Taylor.

'These instructions are crap,' said Greg. 'What keys do I press. The letters indicated don't make sense with just a cat on the screen.'

'I for Inquire,' said Taylor.

Greg typed 'I'.

'Meow. Care to tell me your name,' from the cat's mouth came up on the screen.

'I see,' said Greg. He typed in Greg. The screen read 'Hello Greg.' 'Interesting' said Greg.

And so, that afternoon, Greg played Cat Lady, with Taylor and Daniel observing carefully. Greg saved the game late in the day, and looked at the cartridge it was on.

'How much is in the cartridge?' he asked her.

'The game is – extensive,' said Taylor.

'Right,' said Greg. 'Well, two thumbs up Taylor Swift. It's a good one.'

'You impressed, babe,' said Daniel.

'You buy, you collect, as you had all the fun,' said Taylor to Greg.. 'And choose the pizzas well.'

'Fine,' grumbled Greg. But he was satisfied with the game play, and the little Commodore gaming community now forming was enjoying its fledgling days.

The End

New Bridlington 13

'That's the second one this year,' said Muriel.

Jerahmeel got out of the car, and looked at the roadkill. A dead roo. They were breeding a bit at the moment. He grabbed it by its tail, and pulled it to the side of the road. And there it would rot, returning slowly to the ground from which it sprang forth.

'I'm going to do something about this,' said Jerahmeel.

That evening he looked at the Bridelborne Parks and Recreation website, and examined the various positions. Then he went to the Roads Authority website, and a few others. Finally he sent an email to the local New Bridlington council. A few days later was a response.

'The policy on roadkill is that it is not in our budget. The citizens are left to push the roadkill off the road as good citizens, and let it decay.'

'Not good enough,' said Jerahmeel in reply. They replied 3 days later.

'Dear Seraphim of Eternity. As an angel you have standards and authority over us to a degree. What do you propose?'

Jerahmeel replied. 'I will deal with it.'

The following week Jerahmeel took a course on meat safety procedures, and asked a lot of questions about dead animals. It was the only course at the local educational institute which seemed appropriate. And he wanted to meet some people. A woman, Kirstene Albright, smiled at his discussion.

'It's a concern, but the people handle it,' she said.

'I'll employ you. Full time,' said Jerahmeel. 'As my Jill-of-All-Trades. Work in Jerahmeel's Jollicles from time to time, this and that, and specifically monitoring the roads around New Bridlington for roadkill. You are looking for work. This is the job.'

'I'll think it over,' replied Kirstene. 5 days later she took the job. A month later Jerahmeel sent a long letter to New Bridlington council, requesting a grant to partially fund the project. He would organise it and get the work done, but a bit of compensation was only fair. They allocated a small percentage of the costs, and he was satisfied with that. Kirstene took to the work, and was soon studying Environmental Studies on the side to better do her work.

'Well,' said Muriel. 'You are making a difference, aren't you?'

'What we are here for,' replied Jerahmeel.

And she was proud of him for that.

The End

Cat Lady 8

'This is where 'The Veronicas' filmed Cruel,' said Taylor. They were on New Terra.

'Indeed it is,' replied Daniel. 'The era qualified as the basis for the layout of this era, because the video was the most significant thing. It's the same garage and motel room. New Terra has a mixed level of eras on it. The most popular from the history of Earth before the resurrection were justified as the basis for the planet. Other eras are expressed in latter New Terras and elsewhere.'

'Why are we here?' asked Taylor.

'Good question,' said Shane.

'We could do a video here, you know,' said Ruby.

'I'll film,' said Greg.

'Do you have the technical skills?' asked Taylor. 'No, I think not. Taylor Swift is your man. Is that why we are here Daniel? To do a video?'

Daniel looked around, and bit into his apple. He opened the back of the sedan, and took out a suitcase. He opened it and passed a video camera to Taylor. 'By all means, film,' he said.

'Right,' said Taylor. And as Shane and Ruby and Greg pranced around the desert grasses and things, Taylor filmed, making suggestions of poses and things, and witty comments. Daniel leaned against the back of the sedan, smoking, sipping on bottled water, watching. Eventually the group returned to him.

'Right. Why are we here?' Taylor asked.

Daniel looked at his watch. It was 3:58 in the afternoon. 'Actually,' he said. 'They should be rolling in right now.'

'Who is rolling in?' asked Taylor.

'Them by the looks of it,' said Greg.

Down the road there was a big truck. It came into the stop, and several other vans were following it. Soon enough people started getting out, geeky looking people, and Taylor observed the sign on the side of the big rig. 'COMMODORE UNIVERSE UNLIMITED'.

'They are major players in C64,' said Taylor.


A fellow came over, shook Daniel's hand, and they chatted a bit. Daniel pointed to various areas around the desert, and showed him slip of paper. Soon enough workmen appeared and tents were being put up.

Daniel came over to the group. 'Not all of them have a motel room. Some will be in tents.'

'It's a Commodore conference?' asked Taylor. 'Or something like that.'

'Something like that,' replied Daniel. 'And keep on filming babe. I have 5 USB sticks for the camera, and make sure you recharge it regularly.'

Taylor nodded, and contined watching the people. Shane and Ruby were chatting with some enthusiasts, and Greg seemed to be having the time of his life.

'You planned this,' Taylor said to Daniel.

Daniel didn't say anything. He was in his element. Taylor was impressed.

The End

New Bridlington 14

Atticus and Regan were back in New Bridlington.

'Ok,' said Naomi Roberts. 'I have a message for King Asgard.'

'We'll leave in January,' said Atticus. 'In the new year.'

'Suits me,' replied Naomi. 'It's one of my duties. Daniel employs me to do it.'

'Let's go out for a meal,' said Regan.

They dined in Geovannis Italian Restaurant, and Naomi was getting slightly drunk.

'Hey,' said a moustached man at the next table.

'Hey yourself,' replied Naomi, slightly intoxicated.

'You look drunk Naomi,' said the man.

She looked at him. It was Mr Arthurs. 'I am, Mr Arthurs. And we have a date next week.'

'We sure do,' he replied. 'If you're sober enough that is.'

Naomi hiccuped.

'Are you always like this?' Regan asked, twirling some pasta.

'I'm not embarrassing you am I?' asked Naomi. 'Gosh, it's hot in here,' she said, and opened up her shirt a bit, exposing her bra a little. Everyone in the restaurant noticed.

'You might want to cover up a little,' said Atticus.

'What's life if you can't live a little,' said Naomi. 'And bring on the dancing girls.'

Mr Arthurs looked at Naomi. 'Will she be ok getting home?' he asked.

'What? You looking to get lucky?' asked Naomi.

Regan giggled. Atticus grimaced. Mr Arthurs went a little red.

'I wouldn't take advantage of a drunk lady,' replied Mr Arthurs.

'Pity,' said Naomi, holding her wine glass. 'I could use a bit tonight.'

'I'll bet,' said Regan, not looking up.

'You're a laugh riot,' said Atticus.

Eventually they got Naomi home, tipsy as she was, and she stumbled inside, fell down on her bed, and fell asleep. Atticus and Regan looked at her. 'I'll stay the night,' said Regan. 'Better me than you.'

'I'll let myself out,' said Atticus.

In the morning Naomi woke with a hangover. She came into the kitchen, were Regan was making toast. 'Black coffee?' asked Regan.

'Oh Jesus yes,' replied Naomi. She sat at the table, clutching her head. 'Jesus, I'm in no condition for work today.'

'I'll call the office and let them know if you like,' said Regan.

'No, don't worry. I'll take care of it. What happened last night? It's all a blur.'

'You got a little frisky, but nothing too out of hand. More amusing than anything,' replied Regan. 'A certain Mr Arthurs was concerned though. He seemed to know you.'

'Oh, Jesus. Hope I haven't blown the deal. Starting to remember now. Fuck. Not good.'

'Don't worry about it. Nobody was concerned. You were just a little drunk.'

'I'm going back to bed. Don't wake me till noon. That is if you are staying around.'

'I'll hang around,' replied Regan. 'I'll watch TV.'

'You do that. And thanks.'

Naomi slipped back into bed, after finishing her black coffee, and despite thinking she really should ring work, said fuckit, and fel asleep, not rising again till 3 in the afternoon.

The End

Jerahmeel Up the Creek 2

'You know,' said Daniel. 'I've had a busy year or so.'

'Really,' said Jerahmeel, wiping the counter.

'Yep. And now I'm back in New Bridlington, sorting out business, and I think I might be here for a while yet. You seem to have settled here brother.'

'I think so,' replied Jerahmeel. 'Myself and Muriel have been discussing that a while now. We owe allegiances to the Realm of Eternity, but in how we have found life and how life has found us, this seems to be the place where we fit in the world. I felt like for the opportunities I had been given and made for myself in life, this seemed to be the ultimate place to be. Where I belong.'

'I guess so,' said Daniel, and sipped on his latte. He looked at his PC and started typing. Danielle came in the store, and sat down opposite him.

'Whatcha doing?' she asked.

'You again,' said Daniel.

'Ooh, Daniel the Seraphim fancies me.'

'Keep on dreaming, Danielle,' replied Daniel.

'You think I'm hot, don't you?' she said.

'As hot as hell itself,' replied Daniel.

'And you want to bed me, don't you Seraphim?'

'I'm taken,' he replied.

'I'll bet,' she said. She sat there, staring at him, as he typed away. He finally looked at her.

'Well, what's next?' she asked.

'What do you mean?' he asked in reply.

'What do you have planned next?'

'A jollicle,' said Daniel.

'That's the brilliance of Daniel the Seraphim? A jollicle.'

'Maybe another latte,' he replied.

'Jesus,' she said. 'Boring as hell. A perfectly good girl cracks on to him, and he wants a jollicle. What planet is he from?' she asked Jerahmeel.

Jerahmeel chuckled.

'I'm not bedding you Danielle,' said Daniel.

'Well maybe I'll win you to the idea,' she said smoothly.

'You think you are the queen of New Bridlington do you?' he asked.

'Someone has to be,' she replied.

'I suppose so,' said Daniel.

And he sat there, looking at Danielle, smiling. Then he shook his head, returned to his PC, and ignored her the rest of the afternoon as she played with tiny umbrellas from the little box on the table, and sung gay little tunes. But his erection lasted the whole afternoon, and wanking that night, all he could say when he was finished was 'Thank God for that.'

The End