The Angels Saga

Volume 54

Rise of the Saruvim 2

Pseudepigraphal Apostolics

Volume 2


Prologue – The Firstborn Son of Kalphon 2


Wild Heart

Christforce 2

Jetydosa the Saruvim 2

The Eckist Temple of Kalphona City

Fallen Angel 2

Kalphona City Golden Fries and Burgers

The Harlot

Fallen Angel 3

666 iNterbrain 2

Little Too Serious


Ariel's Question 2

Little Trix 2

Samson and Goliath 2

Fallen Angel 4

Desdrael and Chantel 2

Kayella and Winoniel 2

Ariel's Question 3

Fallen Angel 5

Desdrael and Aime 2

Little Trix 3

Ariel's Question 4


Radiel and Crystal


Saruviel's Redemption 2

Frontal Impact 2


Adah's Dream 2

Lost in the 7th Heaven 2

Callodyn and Kayella

4 O'Clock

Callodyn and Kayella


Fallen Angel 4

Saruvim Family Values

Operation Skyscanner

Operation Skyscanner: Dealing with the Devil

Operation Skyscanner: The Final Conflict

Operation Skyscanner: Colton's Statement



Quadel and Layelliel 2

Dirty Dancing in the Moonlight 3

Vendyl Jones and the Ark of the Rainbow Covenant

Blue Squadron


The Firstborn Son of Kalphon 2

'Saruvim Starpower Elite Fighter Force,' said Radiel to the lady.

'Lengthy title. Do you have the guts though. I know the dudes. They hang around spaceports acting as if they are all the top guns of the spaceways. But they have a tendency to forego a lot of the rough stuff. I know this. They cop out on the heavier missions when the federations are being bothersome. They don't like to risk their lives much. Wusses, really. All talk, no action.'

'Not the case, Fenley. Not the case. They are just choosy. There are old pilots and bold pilots but no old bold pilots. They have a directive to avoid military conflicts on the war level. We are only mercenaries for the most part. A suicide squad if you will. We're not the trained armed forces. You pay us for the tasks at handSam. But believe me they've seen plenty of action.'

'So you say,' replied Fenley the Saruvim angel. 'Anyway, you bother me Radiel. 'Why are you persisting in attempting to win my affection? I have a twin you know.'

'You've been single forever, and you never hang with your twin,' replied Radiel.

'And how would you know?' she asked, now smiling.

'I have connections to a vast network,' replied Radiel.

'Daddy dearests power,' replied Fenley. 'You may be the firstborn son of Kalphon, but I'm not really sure you will ever be a real Saruvim. You're only offspring. No matter what the powers that be say.'

'Bah,' replied Radiel.

Radiel and Fenley were in the pilots lounge at a Kalphora spaceport. Radiel had a base here, and had invited Fenley over, yet again, to woo her. He'd had an ancient crush on her, but she forever played hard to get.

'I'm the biggest top gun,' said Radiel.

'You'll never be hot shit. Just shit,' smiled Fenley.

'Very funny,' replied Radiel. 'What the hell are you reading? I smell weird christian spirit.'

'The book of Revelation,' said Fenley. 'It's fascinating. The old religion of man. Checking it out again.'

'Weird stuff. Dad had involvements with the outcomes of that prayed programme. It was bullshit then, and it's bullshit now.'

'So you say,' replied Fenley. 'Anyway, buy me a drink, and if you're lucky we'll go dancing.'

'Anything you say, sweetie,' replied the Saruvim angel.

The End

Wild Heart

'People are dumb,' said Draven.

'I know,' replied Radiel.

'I mean, they go about their simple lives, and they follow the boss man, and do as their told, and they never have much of a life of their own or enjoy the freedom to make their own decisions. What mummy and daddy says rules their heart, and they are just sheep. The Lord's people are just sheep. Truly pathetic.'

'I've heard this a lot,' said Radiel. 'Dad bemoans the lack of freedom in people's choices all the time. They just follow the pack because it's expected of them. Really sad. No great imaginations at life most of them.'

'Exactly,' said Draven. He sipped on his beer and looked out at the countryside from the verandah of Radiel's home. 'You think Fenley is eventually going to date you properly then, do you?'

'Don't know,' said Radiel. 'She's a tough nut to crack. But worth the effort. She's kind of special.'

'And she knows it too,' said Draven. 'But all the Sarvuim think they are kind of special. The angels with the power and the angels with the drive. The go getters in life.'

'We need that,' said Radiel. 'Or its just more uninspired plebs who do as their told and come up with the same old same old.'

'You're not wrong kid,' replied Draven.

The buddies continued sipping on beer as the afternoon passed, but soon it was getting chilly.

'Let's order Chinese,' said Radiel. 'I've got the funds, and I'm in the mood for something special.'

They watched wrestling on TV, and ate Chinese, and later they were online, looking at various Saruvim websites. The Saruvim angels had a lot of websites. It was one of the things they concentrated on. Sort of the idea of the Saruvim had been to move on from the Ketravim mentality of being so damn charitable to everyone, and going out and making something of your life. But the Ketravim were only humans with what they thought angels should be anyway. Predictable really.

'I'm going to go to this retreat,' said Radiel. 'Encounter the mystic of the inner sanctum.'

'Terribly new agey,' replied Draven. 'But that might be your thing, huh?'

'Well it's not the book of Revelation at least,' said Radiel.

'What's that got to do with it?' asked Draven.

'Fenley is getting me to read the thing and pray it with her. For the ideas of Revelation to have fanciful fulfilments in life. I don't really mind. Hell, dad had a hell of adventure with his turn at the thing. Could be interesting.'

'Jesus H Christ,' said Draven. 'That's a wacky ride.'

'Tell me about it,' said Radiel.

And so they chatted, and Draven stayed the night, but was gone in the morning, and Radiel booked his retreat that morning, before heading off to work, and another busy day in the spaceways.

The End

Christforce 2

'The book of Revelation is a mystical thing,' said Fenley.

'I know,' replied Luke Ben Yeshua. 'I read it once a year.'

'You read the bible every year?' queried Fenley.

'Of course. From Genesis to Revelation. It's my duty,' said Luke.

'And running Christforce,' she replied. 'Is that your duty also?'

'Of course. We're the intergalactic police force which serves the good of angelicdom and humanity. We're sponsored by the Christian Church, and we fight for truth, justice and the Christian way.'

'Yes Superman,' she replied, batting her eyelids at Luke.

'I'm not sure you should get so close,' said Luke nervously. 'I don't wanna piss off Radiel. He's hot to trot for you, and wouldn't like you and your endless crush on me getting any deeper.'

'I rarely see you,' she replied, pulling away.

'But when you do you're all over me,' said Luke. 'Predictable. I see it, though. The dreams I've had sum it all up. The lady caught between heaven and hell with the Apocalypse to judge everything in betwixt. Very funny, Fenley. I'm sure your prayers are behind it all.'

'I have no idea what you are talking about,' replied Fenley the Saruvim.

'I'll bet,' said Luke.

'You guys going up against Saruvim Starpower any time soon? It's been a while since you guys hit the same sector. I follow the news on the conflict between you guys,' said Fenley.

'It's a rivalry. And Christforce doesn't look for trouble,' said Luke.

'But you don't run from it either. I like that about you. A real man,' said Fenley. 'Radiel? Complete wuss. When the going gets tough he runs away.'

'I don't think that is really the case,' said Luke. 'You don't understand his protocols. Technically we're both doing the same thing approximately. He's not out to start a war.'

'No,' she said. She pulled out her makeup bag, and started applying lip gloss. 'Do I look pretty today?' she asked him.

'Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain but a woman who fears the Lord shall be praised,' replied Luke.

'I fear him plenty. But a woman is allowed her vanity. It's part and parcel of what we are,' said Fenley.

'So you say,' replied Luke.

Fenley looked at him. 'I may or may not have prayed Revelation, but if I did, I wanted heroic adventure in the face of a grand setting. Not doom and gloom.'

'I see,' said Luke. 'So that's what we're going to get then. Mmm. I'm sure the church can probably provide what you are after.'

'I'm sure God the Father will,' she said. 'And yes I bloody prayed a thing heaps on it. It's a grand and deep book with a lot to offer the heart of a woman. Dumb stuff, but epic. And I know what I'm after from it.'

'Then God help us all,' replied Luke.

'You do think I'm pretty don't you?' asked Fenley.

Luke almost swore.

The End

Jetydosa the Saruvim 2

'I know. She's weird Radiel,' said Jetydosa.

Nicola Kidd, the cult leader of the retreat, continued stretching in front of them, and then staring at them one by one, literally glaring right at them.

'You must know,' she said. 'In the knowing of your deepest heart. That the all is in you and that you are in the all.'

'Oxygen?' queried Radiel.

'The all is the air I breathe everyday,' replied Nicola. 'And the water I drink.'

'The Universe?' queried Jetydosa.

'The Universe is such a simplistic idea,' replied Nicola. 'The Multiverse is far more appropriate, for there are many other realities.'

'Not sure if she is grounded in theology,' said Jetydosa. 'Hey man. You a fan of King's X?'

'Sometimes,' replied Radiel, looking at Nicola as she stretched in her leotards and t-shirt, her bosoms almost showing as she bent down.

'She's frisky I bet,' said Jetydosa. 'Make a good sackchild I think.'

Radiel looked at him. 'Sackchild?'

'A girl to get in the sack with you. Come on man. Get with it,' replied Jetydosa.

'Lingo of a forgotten age,' sighed Radiel.

'You two are talkative,' said Nicola. 'Look at the emblem on the wall. It is the Universal Symbol of the All. Everything connects and is connected to everything. In all realities. When you finally connect with the all, and let go of self, you are free. Free from the struggle of self to conquer your fears, joined to the magnificent unity of the All.'

'Cult teaching page 10,' said Jetydosa.

'In the new age,' replied Radiel. 'What do you expect.'

'I'm here for a metaphysical recharge for my music,' said Jetydosa. 'To get a new spirit spark of fresh energy. I admit she's providing.'

Radiel looked at Nicola as she bent over again. 'Yeh, she's providing alright.'

'Man. Get your mind out of the gutter,' said Jetydosa.

'Just admiring the view,' replied Radiel.

'Now remember. The war between Zandar and Elvana is not a concern. I do know they rage around us here in Kalphora at this time, old grudge blood matches of warring clans still feuding. Zandar the Conquerors and Elvana the Elohists. They each strive to demonstrate their rights at power in Kalphora, and while the fighting can get bloody, and our six O'Clock news is full of these headlines, let those tensions go. Let them die down. They do not involved the rest of us innocent Kalphoran's terribly much. Let it not worry you. And surrender to the All which can cradle all your fears and worries,' said Nicola to the group. 'And remember, we are the All and we are in the All.'

The group repeated. 'We are the All and we are in the All.'

'Crazy,' said Jetydosa under his breath.

'Tell me about it,' replied Radiel.

The End

The Eckist Temple of Kalphona City

'I sense a disturbance. In the light and sound of God,' said the Mahanta, Harold Klemp.'

'I have sensed it too,' replied Raguel. 'I've travelled here to confront it,' said Raguel. 'It is an apocalpyse. A grand visitation of the divine for judgment. There are powers at work which oppose the light and sound of God, and they are dark powers, opposing lawkeepers.'

'You will be the Word of God at this time,' said the Mahanta. 'You must be prepared. And then as King of Kings and Lord of Lords you will go forth and vanquish the would be conquerors.'

'Such is destiny,' replied Raguel the Seraphim Eckist.

'My son of the faith. Remember, the All is in All and we are in the All. The Light and Sound of God pervade all things and are in all things. In him we live and move and have our being. In him is light, and there is no darkness. And the Hu brings us close to God, were we connect with his spirit and find the peace, so sweet, of the Almighty, blessed be he.'

'I will find meditation this evening with my twin,' said Raguel. 'And I will pray and study the teachings, and be prepared for the final conflict.'

'It is this war going on,' said the Mahanta. 'Between the Zandar and the Elvana. And I sense something else. A power, alike ours, but a Jezebel. Masquerading herself as a true teacher of the Light and Sound of God. This Jezebel must be stopped also, and punished.'

'It shall be done,' replied Raguel.

'Very good faithful one,' said the Mahanta.

They sat quietly for a while in the Eckist Temple of Kalphona City in Kalphora, the capital city of Kalphora, were Kalphoraphon Keep was located, the seventh disc of the Realm of Eternity. Raguel the Seraphim of Eternity had long been part of the Eckist movement and, over time, Eckism had drawn from much of the Monotheistic traditions to strengthen itself, always choosing light, always choosing the sound of God from what was on offer. It was a peaceful religion and its adherents were quite spiritual. But it would do those things necessary at time to oppose evil. For it seemed the heart of God had opposition at times, and for one to truly perceive the all, those who would oppose it must be stopped.

'May the light and sound of God be in your heart, Mahanta,' said Raguel, and stood, bowed, and left. He drove home, to his hotel, and greeted Dorachel with a kiss, and they prayed the Hu for a while, and studied some Eckist teachings, and Raguel took out the book of Revelation he had brought with him from home, and began reading.

'We are heading into another fulfilment of the thing,' said Dorachel.

'The book stays alive,' said Raguel. 'It's faith continues and life goes on. The word of God echoes eternally so it seems.'

'So it seems,' she replied.

Raguel studied quietly, and Dorachel put on music, and got dinner started. And there was quiet peace in the hotel suite, where Raguel the Seraphim was preparing for a day of judgment, when the power of the Eck would face an ultimate test.

The End

Fallen Angel 2

Ambriel sat with Raguel in his hotel room.

'It must be dealt with,' said Ambriel. 'These Zandarians and their active promotion of Paedophila must be dealt with. It was a long time I felt it love, but Valladore hit home and I gained a conviction and I understand that innocence gets corrupted and feels sorrow in life very often. Children feel betrayed after they have been molested so very often and the end result is not love. I feel a compulsion to help you Raguel. We've gotten reports of what is going on here and as an angel who fell I understand what it's like to know the wickedness when it is finally admitted to. I will help you brother. I will help you oppose the Zandarians.'

'I don't expect the Elvana will care either way,' replied Raguel. 'They seem to delight in this conflict, as much as their bitter opposition. Like they are a people who think war is part and parcel of the package of life. They are Elohist lawkeepers, but they fight and kill with no hesitation if opposed. And they can be cold. They need a heart to warm them up. And I think that heart could be you Ambriel.'

'I'll try,' replied Ambriel.

'It is all any of us can do in the end,' said Raguel. He pointed to the map of Kalphora. 'They are strong in many districts around the capital. All over this region of Kalphora both sides have powerbases where they war it out at each other from. And Kalphona City seems caught in the midst of the struggle. Innocent people worried about their livelihoods as two warring factions fight it out. This has never been a good thing for society, and we must deal with it.'

'We will need to pray, of course. But we will need to marshal forces. And it might require some unexpected allies at this time.'

'Who do you have in mind?' queried Raguel.

'The Saruvim fighters,' said Ambriel. 'Of the Spaceways and Spaceports. Christforce, the Saruvim Daredevils and Starpower. They will be the Angels of the Skies who can help us in this war. I feel the forces of Zandar will ultimately dig in deep, and it will take much to persuade them to end this madness which is raging on. And while the Elvana are lawful enough people they kill as much, and need some sort of lecturing to bring them to their senses.'

'We will pray,' said Raguel.

'We will pray,' replied Ambriel.

And so they prayed that evening, and around the city there seemed a quelling of tensions for a while, but soon enough the fear which was present rose again, as a dark apocalypse approached.

The End

Kalphona City Golden Fries and Burgers

'Hey, cheer up little buddy,' said Daniel. 'It's not the end of the world. Now wipe that window clean.'

'Fine,' replied a moody Ambriel.

'I know, I know. Kalphona City can be a bit of a drag. So commercial. And with this shitty war going on at the moment Babylon is in a tense mood. But we've got work to do.'

'Babylon? Funny. It's a city of God,' replied Ambriel.

'Which is as commercial as fuck,' replied Daniel. 'Like every fricking city in Kalphora. But that's a good thing for Golden Fries, as we thrive in commercial realities.'

'Don't you have a heart?' complained Ambriel.

'Right in my chest,' said Daniel. 'Clean that window buster,' and he left for the managers office.

'Ignore him,' said Fiona McIntosh, coming over to Ambriel. 'He's only doing what Daniel does.'

'It's his job to keep me humble,' said Ambriel. 'An agelong contract so the Messiah doesn't get a big head.'

'So get on with the job then buster,' she said smiling, and wipped a cloth at his arm.

'Yes boss,' he replied.

Later that evening Ambriel and Fiona were in Kalphoraphon Keep, in the suite they had purchased a long time prior. Ambriel had homes in many of the discs of the Realm of Eternity, especially in the capitals. Saruviel was overseer of Kalphora, and came to Kalphoraphon keep at times to do his official overseer duties for this disc. He was not currently present, but it was home of Ambriel the Seraphim at the moment, and his wife Fiona McIntosh.

'Do you love me?' asked Fiona, as she sat in bed reading.

'Of course,' replied Ambriel.

'Are you in the mood?' she asked.

'I guess,' he said.

They were passionate, and Ambriel forgot the encounter, but a few weeks later Fiona had a surprise.

'I'm pregnant,' she said.

'Shit,' said Ambriel.

'I know,' replied Mrs Rothchild.

The child was born about 8 months later, as the war continued raging, and it was a blonde little baby they named Crystal Rothchild.

'The name is suitable,' said Fiona. 'A bit newagey, but I don't mind it.'

'Its the name I've long wanted for a child,' said Ambriel.

'We're blessed,' said Fiona.

Ambriel looked down at his new born. 'Indeed,' he said warmly.

The End

The Harlot

Crystal grew up, brought up in a household which was full of Eckist and Revelation studies going on. Her father seemed to think there was a spiritual agenda of Revelation being used at this time in Kalphora, which was her home, a proud citizen of Kalphona City. Crystal turned 18, and was a virgin, and a good girl. Her mother she loved very much, and obeyed her father, and got good grades in school, and felt like she had a destiny. But soon she found a movement, the All in All, run by a Nicola Kidd. And she went to a retreat, and knew instantly it was for her. Her father, Ambriel, warned her though.

'I am not sure at all that this is the thing you should be in Crystal. This is a thing I think which has a day of judgment coming. I've watched them a number of years now, and as they've grown they connected more and more to dangerous forces. She's connected to the Zandarians. I'm sure of that. Right in bed with them, and believes in their teachings. I see it in the reports I've gotten. Soft on sexual morality. Anything goes with the woman. She's a Jezebel. Whore Babylon herself.'

'Oh, lighten up old timer. Weren't you ever young?'

'That's the thing,' said Ambriel. 'I was. And I know the problems of youth. This is not your scene, Crystal. I won't tell you to leave it, as you must make your own decisions in life. But it will lead to problems. I'm sure of it.'

'Humph,' replied Crystal, but she kept her father's advice in mind. Still, she showed up to a meeting of the All in All, and met Nicola Kidd.

'This is Humphrey Childers,' said Nicola. 'He works in Kalphona City. He's asked to meet you.'

'Hello Humphrey,' said Crystal.

Later Crystal was singing for Humphrey. 'You should perform at my club,' he said to her.

'Love to,' she replied.

Later that year she showed up, not telling her parents were she was going, and Humphrey seemed the complete gentleman. He was grooming her though. Putting on all the smooth moves. An angel was about to fall.

The End

Fallen Angel 3

Crystal got further involved with the All in All. She was steadily indoctrinated into the group, and then Nicola started suggesting she bed some of the influential and powerful men of Kalphona City who were in the All in All. 'To make them more compliant to us,' said Nicola, tartly. Crystal thought it unusual, and a little decadent, but lost her virginity to a Kalphonan businessman, and soon starting going with them regularly. And then she was on TV as a spokesperson for the All in All, inviting people to join the cult. It became seedier still. Some of the men were perverted by the cult's spirit from the Zendarians with Paedophilia, and in no time at all Crystal was connecting men with little girls, and after a while she took this for granted. After a while she called it – love. She started liking the finer things in life. Gold. Pearls. Nice things of Scarlet. She dressed in finery, and drover the hottest sports car, and was apparently the epitome of success in life. What every citizen of Kalphona city should idealize. She was a harlot, though. And in the end she knew it. Humphrey Childers had her at the club, often, and he bedded her the most. She was his little bit of pussy, according to the sayings on the street. She'd get drunk in the club, and ooze out her prestige and pride to all who watched, a decadent slut who now had it all, and could say and do as she damn well pleased. All the time Ambriel watched on, and his heart was humbled, and he swore at God time and time again, but was reminded in his heart time and time again that that which a man soweth, surely he will reapeth. And he'd sowed the wind with his own decadence, and reaped the whirlwind. Then the fateful day came, and Crystal was naked on display at an All in All retreat centre, and said 'Fuck me boys. Do with me what you will.' And they took her, and abused her, and fed her drugs, and the following morning she was dead.

'What do we do with her?' Humphrey asked Nicola.

'Bury the body. If someone comes asking, she went away on holiday, God only knows where,' replied Nicola.

So Crystal's body was buried, and her soul had descended to Sheol, and a harlot but an angel had fallen, and Ambriel and Fiona were in sorrow. A grim day of justice indeed.

The End

666 iNterbrain 2

'Behold,' said Nicola Kidd to those assembled. 'The Ultimate Solution for the All in All. The iNterbrain. We will connect, and dream. And we will be one.'

The adherents to the All in All were connected by the Mark Chip in their right palm, some in their foreheads, and as the iNterbrain CPU began its program, they disappeared into a dreamscape of decadence and hidden delight of the most wicked parts of the Heart. Soon enough the All in All were marketing the iNterbrain to society, and all throughout Kalphona City and Kalphora people were lining up to buy the machine, which was connected to the Internet, and the Central Programming Council of a certain Ultra Humanist Society Solutions Pty Ltd. Soon it was all the rage, and everyone had them practically. People would escape from the regular boredom of life, into the iNterbrain, and enjoy it's weird and decadent dreams. But soon enough it became demanding, and people seemed to be under a drug, and soon a chip was required to run the system properly, and people could get that implant at the All in All, were they came to receive the Mark. Then, as society took shape, those with the Mark started to gain the power and were 'In', and those who resisted were condemned. Ambriel had gained followers as a Leader in Kalphona City, and he gathered people to him who were opposed to the iNterbrain. Soon, though, legislation came in as the iNterbrain community gained the power, and nobody could buy or sell in Kalphora central districts very much unless they were in the iNterbrain All in All community. The heat behind it was the Zendarians, who were starting to overpower the Elvana in their ongoing struggle, and the Elvana were starting to realize they were pretty much stuffed unless a saviour came to help them. The All in All grew, and she was decadent, and fowl, and full of her self, filled with pride and luxury, and those not 'In' were contemptuous to them, something to be looked down upon, to be humiliated. Damien the Saruvim, who marketed the iNterbrain as one of his products throughout heaven, was silently pleased at the powerful current use in Kalphora of the device, a use for which it had been intended, and he took a mild interest in the Apocalyptic things going on there but, quite frankly, that was to be expected now, wasn't it? Ambriel opposed it all and, soon, as a war machine of the Zendar grew in power, a power now setting its sight on greater world conquest, it was time to do something about this uprising. He contacted Christforce, the Saruvim Daredevils, and the Saruvim Starpower, and got things rolling. The Beast rising was now to be opposed – and dealt with. Once and for all.

The End

Little Too Serious

Fenley was in Nazraphon Keep in Zaphora.

'Lord Jesus. The Dream must play out more slowly. I don't want my money spent all at once, and I don't want it getting too heavy. Could you please pray to God the Father to bring a cessation to the current hostilities building in my fulfilment and get Kalphora back to regular life. I do like the grandness of Revelation, but I don't want too much strife and fear in the world. It's getting a little too serious now. It's not the fulfilment of the prophecy I want to run with. More of a heroic battle at the end, where the bad guys are indeed defeated, but not too much blood and guts, please. Please take it more slowly, and leave off with things for an aeon or two.'

Jesus smiled at Fenley the Saruvim. 'Very well. That is not a problem at all Fenley. The Apocalypse echoes through time. Even now, throughout the universe, other fulfilments are taking place. Every denomination of the Church has its own fulfilments of Revelation. I care about all of my followers in all movements and all their hopes and dreams that their interpretations of things matter, which they do to me and heavenly father. We care that they study the book and make wild speculations about who the beast is and who the harlot is. We care that they care and are devoted to the grand climax to history. So I will accede to your request and we will culminate the current escapade with a quiet reduction in the activities, to return to the grand opera some other time.'

'Thank you Lord Jesus Christ,' replied Fenley.

And so throughout Kalphora things changed. Nicola Rudd came on TV and declared that the 666 iNetbrain was only a device of the Beast, and they had nothing really to fear. 'I was having a little bit of wild fun, Kalphora my people,' she said. Ambriel was amused by that. The lady now was starting to present herself as an 'Evita' figure, and as the years rolled on, she entered into politics and said she needed to 'Atone' for her crimes and be an icon – a true icon – of the light and sound of God. So she became Kalphora, and loved them all, and did charity and good deeds. But deep, deep deep down in the plans of destiny, a seed was born, for latter days would arise, and the next chapter of Fenleys dark revelation of grand heroic adventure would see light. But that is a tale for another day.

The End



Ariel's Question 2

'So Daniel. Whatever happened to Delilah?' asked Ariel.

Daniel, sitting in Danielphon with his wife Jessica, playing on the X-Box, looked at Ariel.

'Shit, Ariel. What kind of question is that? I'm married to Jessica. We've been together forever now.'

'Delilah is on my email list,' said Jessica. 'Most of Daniel's exes are. I email them to give family updates. To do my charity for my husband and watch over his reputation with the ladies. Daniel is a loving man, and I don't think it proper that he thinks he can fornicate and just get away with it without some responsibilities attached.'

'There you go, babe,' replied Daniel, and returned his focus to the game he was playing.

Mike, Ariel's husband, spoke up.

'We're buddies now Daniel. You haven't hit on Keri for aeons now. You two have the support mentality of the twin well under control. And while I'm just a regular Joe, over the ages I've slowly taken an interest in some of my wife's concerns. I don't mind being partially responsible for her duties.'

'Right,' said Daniel. 'Whatever,' he said, waving his hand.

'So, buddy. We're going off to visit Delilah, and take her on a holiday to Disney Camp for Adults. We're going to show her some family friendliness. Some community spirit.'

Daniel looked at Mike. 'Ok. That sounds like a good idea. I miss her, actually. Would be good to see her again. I loved Delilah for a while.'

'The Camp is just outside of Kalphona City,' said Mike.

'Was there recently,' replied Daniel. 'Working at my Golden Fries there. Some Revelation was going down. Happens a lot, that shit. Could be interesting, a revisit. Hack into Amby Wamby again.'

'So it's arranged,' said Mike.

'It's arranged. And I'll be coming too,' said Ariel. 'I take my job seriously as Twin. You know I've always done that.'

'I do know,' replied Daniel the Seraphim. 'So we're off to see the wizard. The wonderful wizard of Disneyland.'

'Just play the game,' said Jessica.

Daniel grinned.

The End

Little Trix 2

'I'm going to run Disney Camp one day,' said Trixiel Grant, Sariel and Gloryel's 15th child.

'Dream on,' said George Cross. 'You are a pop singer at heart, and good at making funny baloons and telling lame jokes. You're perfect in the job you are in, but you are no CEO.'

'But don't you see, Georgie Boy. It's my destiny,' smiled Little Trix, and pulled the lid of a can, and a snake puppet popped out, landing on George's face.

'Funny. Get to the new guys,' said George. 'They've arrived and need to see their camp co-ordinator.'

'Yes boss,' replied Trixiel. She sighed, filled out her timesheet, and got off to the main building. She found the people sitting on the lounges and looked at them carefully.

'Shit,' she said. 'You guys are children of destiny. Hey, you're the Arch-Regent,' said Trixiel.

'Don't tell,' replied Daniel. 'We're here for a getaway and to have some fun.'

'To reconnect with past love,' said Ariel. 'For love never dies.'

'How poetic,' said Trixiel. 'I should write that down. Anyway, I'm Trixiel Grant, your camp activities co-ordinator. I'll be around each day to help you find fun things to do and unwind and relax and see what Disney Camp can offer you. We have a large complex, with lots of fun and exciting things to do. And remember, while it's aimed at the young in heart, it is for adults. So enjoy. I'll show you to your rooms now, and we'll meet up again after you've settled in somewhat.'

'Sounds good,' said Ariel. 'And thank you Trixiel. 'By the way. Do I know you? You look a little familiar.'

Trixiel made that funny laugh she makes and said 'Dad is Sariel and Mum is Gloryel. I'm there 15th born.'

'That's where I know her from,' said Daniel. 'Gloryel has her photo up on the wall or something.'

'Well, it's good to meet you Trixiel Grant,' said Ariel. 'I'm sure we'll have a great time together.'

'This way people,' said Trixiel, and led them upstairs, to their accommodation, leaving them to settle in. Soon enough she returned to the employees staff office, and George looked at her.

'How did it go?' he asked.

'Man,' she said. 'Children of Destiny themselves.'

'Heh,' replied George. 'Well you'll earn your money. For once.'

'Very funny George,' replied Trixie, and pulled the can open and another snake jumped out.

'Funny Trixiel,' said George, and Trixiel laughed and laughed.

The End

Samson and Goliath 2

'Delilah, Delilah, Delilah,' said Samson. 'You never learn, sweetie. Don't bat your eyes at the fella. He's been taken a long time now.'

'Shut up Sammy,' replied Delilah.

'Don't get any ideas, Daniel,' said Jessica. 'You're not here to get an old wife back. We're here to build family concerns.'

Daniel continued pumping the pressbench in the gym of Disney Camp, and Goliath stood above him, monitoring him.

'That's is Daniel San,' said Goliath. 'You know you're well built. Not Ultra-Heavy-Weight material like me and Samson, but you'd fit in heavweight class alright. You should take it seriously. And those legs are good for weightlifiting.'

'So I've been told,' replied Daniel.

'Delilah,' said Mike, Ariel's husband. 'You work here at Disney Camp and are good friends with Samson. You're a legendary figure biblically, and have an interest in angelic things.'

'Pretty much,' replied the Philistine lady. 'I study Eckist Lightbringing on Angelic Purposes in life. The purpose of the Angels of the Eck to bring Light to the world, the Light of God and the Light of the Lightworkers. I visit the temple in Kalphona City, were the Mahanta has been stationed in these recently troublesome times. My life – I'm happy with it. But it's good to see Daniel again. He seems the same bright spark I always knew. Full of life and wit. Always like that in a fella.'

'Right,' said Mike.

'We have plans,' said Ariel. 'Daniel wants to make a family connection with yourself.'

'Apparently I do,' said Daniel. 'I think it's a connection being chosen for me by my very considerate twin, but I'll run with it.'

'You want children to intermarry and build your heart's loves,' said Delilah. 'Very sensible. Show ourselves not hypocritical in the end towards the Lord in the lustings of our youth.'

'There was probably something going on with it all,' said Daniel. 'Maybe connections were in place which would mean something in the end.'

'Very philosophical,' said Samson. 'Now push that weight, Daniel. Let's see what you are made of.'

'Everything going fine here?' asked Trixiel Grant, coming on the scene.

'All's good Trixiel,' said Ariel.

'We're doing fine,' said Jessica.

'I see you've found three of our celebrities,' said Trixiel. 'They get paid the big bucks to work for Disney. They do movies regularly for them, and we show them in our cinema, don't you know.'

'I could imagine,' said Daniel.

'Well, I'll leave you be,' said Trixiel. 'Check back in an hour or so.'

'We'll have to watch one of them,' said Mike to Goliath.

'You're in for a thrill,' said the Philistine. 'Now get to work Mike. I wanna see those muscles flex.'

'Yes boss,' replied Mike, and Ariel watched as her husband pumped iron, momentarily transfixed by her man getting a real workout.

The End

Fallen Angel 4

'It's a stiff,' said Trixiel.

'I can see it's a damn stiff,' said George Cross. 'Come on. Help me drag it out. We can hardly have a dead body buried in a sand dune on Disney Camp Golf Course.'

'Hell no,' said Trixiel. 'I could catch something.'

'Bah. Woman,' said George. He pulled the body to the surface and looked at it, dusting away the sand.

'It's a woman,' said Trixiel.

'I can see that,' replied George. 'I wonder who she is.'

'She's angel offspring. I know that much,' said Trixiel. 'Shit. I know who it is. It's Crystal Rothchild.'

'Yeh. Yeh, it is,' replied George. 'She went missing. It was in the news. Said she'd gone away, but nobody knew where. Looks like someone might have knocked her off.'

'You could only guess who,' replied Trixiel. 'What do we do?'

'I don't fricking know,' said George. He pulled the body up to the grass and continued dusting away the sand.

'She smells bad,' said Trixiel.

'Get the golf buggy. We'll cover her over, and if anyone asks we'll say she's unwell, and take her to the back room of the office.'

'Fine,' said Trixiel. She got the buggy, and George lifted her into the back seat, and covered her, and they drove her back to the office, lifting her into the back room, placing her on the sick bed.

'Yeh, I'd say she's sick,' said Trixiel.

'Call the cops now I suppose,' said George.

'Wait,' said Trixiel. 'I have an idea.' She grabbed a washcloth from the bathroom, and started wiping away all the dirt and grime. The body was quite decayed, but you could still tell who it was.

'Hold my hand,' said Trixiel to George.

'Fine,' he replied.

Trixiel laid a hand on the body. She started praying, eyes closed. 'Heavnely father. Crystal was loved. Let her time in death come to an end, and return her to us. Resucitate her body, I pray, over the next little while, and we'll make sure she gets home to her loved ones.'

'Amen,' said George. 'Man, she stinks. Ok,' he said, looking at Trixiel. 'Your prayer might work, so I'll leave her here for a day or two. But after that I'm calling the cops.'

'No problems,' replied Trixiel.

George left the room, and Trixiel looked at the body. 'Hopefully you'll get better fallen angel,' said Trixiel, and placed her hand on the body for a moment, before following George back out into the main office.

The End

Desdrael and Chantel 2

'So, Trixiel,' continued Desdrael, as Trixiel continued feeding Crystal Rothchild soup. 'What do you think? It's a handsome offer.'

'I don't know,' replied Trixiel. 'I mean, I'm pretty comfortable here at Disney. Got long term plans with them.'

'You have a good reputation,' said Desdrael.

'Very good,' said Desdrael's twin, Chantel. 'And the organisation needs someone like you for a new vision we have.'

'A Kid's show is barely a step up in the world,' said Trixiel.

'Torah Brigade's Adventure Hour is more than a kid's show,' said Desdrael. 'We have contracts to get it universal all throughout Kalphora. The paypacket will be huge for the well established host of the show. We need your coolness with kids. Your soft and fun touch. Your renowned for it you know. You are funny and likeable.'

'What do you think, Crystal?' asked Trixiel.

Trixiel just nodded. She couldn't do anything apart from mumble a bit yet.

'Where did you dig her up from?' asked Desdrael, looking at Crystal. 'She pongs a bit. She a charity case?'

'She's a star on Kalphora TV actually. For the All in All. She's been missing in action a while, but she's back with us now. Getting her back to good health.'

'That's kind of you dear,' said Chantel, and took Crystal's hand, patting it gently.

'Which is exactly what we're looking for, Trixiel. Your spunk and heart. You'd be excellent at the job,' said Desdrael.

'I'll think it over. But I'm not promising anything,' said Trixiel.

'Get back to me, Trixiel. Here's my personal email,' said Desdrael, handing Trixiel a card.

Trixiel took it, and put it in her purse. 'If you'll excuse me, I have a patient to get back to health then,' said Trixiel.

'We'll be in touch,' said Chantel.

They left the office, and Desdrael put his hand in Chantels as they walked back to their car.

'We'll stay a few days,' he said. 'Get around Kalphona City a bit. I want to come back in a week or so and see what she has to say.'

'Let's hope we get this one,' said Chantel. 'She's well known in some ways, and she really is lovely.'

'Fingers crossed,' said the Seraphim.

'Fingers crossed,' replied his twin.

The End

Kayella and Winoniel 2

'The Daly foundation is obviously commercial,' said Kayella.

'Duh,' replied Callodyn. 'It's what we do babe. Back in business again is one of our mottos.'

'You have these plans,' said Winoniel. 'Heavy investment at the moment. All going on in Kalphora. Heavy investment.'

'Blame Fenley,' said Callodyn. 'Her damn prayers. The Lord Jesus likes the Saruvim Fenley. Everybody knows. She's got the passion of a woman, he says. Blah blah blah. But now she wants healing after the smiting of the Lord, and Saruviel is hardly complaining. He's going to get that much in trade and tourism for Kalphora. And he prays, can you believe it. At the moment he's doing the damn overseers work of increasing the discs, which increase just on prayer concerns, and he's bothering. Bah, he's a fake. Only because of the current fuss. It will die right down once the hype is finished, but King Saruviel likes the attention, and is showing up to the throneroom as if he is Lord Fidelity.'

'But you're still cashing into it,' said Winoniel.

'Hey, I go where the action is,' replied Callodyn.

'Talzudiel is investing yet again. Another company concern. But he'll flake. As always,' said Winoniel.

'Oh, come off it, Winny,' said Callodyn. 'I've researched the damn shares of his ex companies. He always maintains a small legacy stakeholding before selling them off and starting again.'

'Nothing to say,' replied Winoniel.

'Bullshit Seraphim lady. I know exactly what the challenger is up to. He says he's moving on. Been there, done that. But he keeps a little bit of the slice of the pie, and starts a new dream. But it's funny ain't it. How those little slices of pie add up after a while. He knows exactly what he's freaking doing.'

'He's got you there,' said Callodyn.

'I admit nothing,' said Winoniel dramatically. 'But you? You are fricking obvious Callodyn.'

'Honesty is the best policy,' replied Callodyn.

'I'll bet,' said Winoniel.

'Come on, dear. Let's get ice cream and leave the madman to his stock market fun,' said Kayella.

Winoniel poked her tongue out at Callodyn, who flipped her the bird, but smiled at her, and returned his focus to the PC in front of him and a whole host of Saruvim Enterprises which were red hot at the moment and looking for major investment to really get them going.

The End

Ariel's Question 3

'So you believe in multiple wives do you?' asked Ariel to Daniel.

Daniel continued pumping iron, as Delilah, in her hot leotard and top wandered around the gym, checking on the people working out.

'What's that supposed to mean?' asked Daniel.

'I'm just now finally deciding to ask you the question. I put it to the test once, and married you, and you seemed content with the idea,' replied Ariel.

'I have one wife,' said Daniel.

'Currently,' replied Ariel.

'Permanently,' said Daniel, and got up and changed machines.

'Is that so,' she said, looking at him.

'Yes, that is so,' he replied. 'But why the question? You're hardly interested again are you?'

'That's not what I'm driving at,' she said.

'Then what the hell are you driving at? Multiple wives are part of the Rainbow Torah and part of the Tanakh. It's a biblical thing,' stated Daniel flatly.

'Yet in the beginning God made Adam and Eve,' said Ariel.

'We hardly have a soul mate,' replied Daniel.

Ariel stared at him.

'Shut up,' he replied. 'Twins are a different thing. We're not soul mates. We're supports for each other. Brother and sister.'

'Right,' she said.

'What the fuck is this? Are you suddenly getting funny ideas Ariel? What are you trying to understand?'

'Nothing,' said Ariel. 'Just working out the truths of my Seraphim brother.'

'Then fuck a duck,' said Daniel. 'Bring the bitches in and I'll shag them all, if you want the truth of things.'

'Stop mocking,' replied Ariel.

Daniel chuckled. 'Yeh. I suppose.'

'I think it's important for a man to marry a woman if he loves her and commits to her. Why would he really need anyone else in his life? Why would he need another bride? It's just vanity. The two become one and that's probably the way it's meant to be.'

'Tell it to the judge,' replied Daniel. 'Anyway, I'm sick of this. Let's go drink in the bar.'

Ariel followed Daniel through the building to the bar, and they ordered some drinks.

'You should get a shower you know,' said Ariel. 'They recommend it after a workout.'

'I hardly got the sweat going. Too busy with Ariel's questions.'

'I wouldn't leave Mike, you know. We're steady. I agree with you. The purpose of twin's was never stated as a marriage thing. That has always been an option, but it wasn't quite the point. But it doesn't mean I don't think you should stick with Jessica. I think you should.'

'Funny that we're here for Delilah then,' said Daniel.

'Commitments are important regardless. And she is to be officially a friend of our social circle. Permanently. All bedded partners are meant to qualify. It's personal then,' said Ariel.

'Is it really?' asked Daniel.

'Yes it is really,' replied Ariel.

'Well that's good to know. The lady has spoken.'

Ariel sat there, looking proud. She'd made her point. When the drinks came, Daniel sipped, and stared at her. 'Aren't we the holy one Ariel.'

'You said it buster,' replied Ariel.

'Indeed,' finished Daniel the Seraphim.

The End

Fallen Angel 5

'I had a dream,' mumbled Crystal Rothchild to Trixiel.

'You're speaking a bit more clearly now, Crystal,' replied Trixiel, continuing to feed her soup.

'God said that I was a Saruvim angel,' said Crystal.

Trixiel looked at her. 'It's how the Saruvim are often chosen. Initially they came from the offspring of other angels, but in time their numbers built from Saruvim's getting together and having family. I don't think our numbers, even now, are yet complete. Probably not really. Good to know. I'm Saruvim too. Was chosen to be one also.'

'My dad is Ambriel,' she said. 'The Seraphim of Eternity.'

Trixiel looked at the angel. 'My dad is Sariel. The Seraphim.'

'Small world,' mumbled Crystal. 'I need to lie down. I'm tired.' Crystal lay back down on the sick bed, and Trixiel put the blanket over her. She was starting to look a lot better, and proper colour was coming into her skin. Her prayer had obviously been answered well enough, and Trixiel felt it might have been regardless. It happened. People often came back from death. Not always. Well, not yet for some anyway. And she presumed prayer probably often had something to do with that. She felt like she'd probably made the right decision to pray with George. Crystal seemed like a nice person. She'd known her from TV, but this girl, recently dead, seemed like she had a good heart. It was still a wonder how she died.

'How is she?' asked George, coming into the back room.

'She's sleeping again,' said Trixiel. 'But recovering. She's starting to speak more clearly, and her colour is looking better.'

'I guess we probably don't need to call the cops then. But she's got to have family or something. We can't keep her here forever,' replied George.

'I know who her father is. She just told me. Soon enough I'll contact him. He'll be able to come and take her home,' said Trixiel.

'Fine. No problems then. Give her a few more days of recovery, and call him up. She should be fine enough by then.'

'Will do bossman,' said Trixiel saluting.

George left the room, and Trixiel looked down at the fallen angel. Just what kind of shit had Crystal gotten up to which had gotten her into such a sorry state? Heaven only knows.

The End

Desdrael and Aime 2

'Well, it never says Jesus claims to be Christ in the Second Revelation of St John,' said Fenley.

'No. He is the Gospelator in the Second Revelation,' replied Aime Pallierre. 'It is a deeper revelation of the truth of things. The work was commissioned by Jesus of Nazareth from the Theophany to be taught by the Theophany, through the Angel of Revelation, to St John. The Theophany gained the information from the Eternal Spirit of the Almighty. This was to be a more honest and accurate revelation of Jesus of Nazareth, the Gospel Teacher, and Great Hope for Salvation among the Children of Men.'

'Then what's your point?' asked Fenley.

'His point is that Jesus Christ is not fulfilling your words, but indeed the Second Revelation is what is at work here. Jesus of Nazareth is working the Second Revelation in Kalphora, and not the first one as you requested. So Jesus is not the Christ of these apocalyptic times. You will find better fulfilment of such realities in Ambriel's Ministry, for he is instrumental in the fulfilment of the Lord of Lords and King of Kings of the Second Revelation, the Messiah of Israel according to Jewish concerns on the issue,' said Desdrael.

'Right,' said Fenley. 'So indeed I am invoking Jesus Christ of tradition, but I do know he's not really a terribly great fulfilment of those ancient Torah Prophecies. I'm not stupid. They were so deliberately fulfilled for starters, instead of more naturally so. The prophecies should flow in my opinion in their fulfilment, not checked off on a checklist which says that ones done, move on to the next one.'

'That's a good insight,' said Aime. 'I might write an article on that theological perspective.'

'Your a Noahide, aren't you Mr Pallierre?' queried Fenley.

'And a Catholic,' replied Aime. 'But yes, I follow the Phariseical tradition of Noahidism. It's my way of things.'

'The 7 laws of Noah,' replied Fenley. 'Classic headchoppers anonymous group.'

'I've heard that joke time and time again,' replied Aime. 'Very funny Fenley the Saruvim.

Fenley chuckled. 'Well, it's good to catch up and all, and the talk on Revelation has been fun, but what's this business concern you want with me?'

'Your viewed as an influencer,' replied Desdrael. 'I'm looking at that at the moment. Key Saruvim Influencers. I have a number of them in mind. I'm a free radical of sorts, a go getter, and I am building an empire again. Well, been building it a long while, but I'm keen on new investments in the current climate. Especially in Kalphora. I want you Fenley. In my organisation. I want to work with you and use you to build my empire. The pay, it will be substantial.'

'I'll need to see the details,' replied Fenley. 'But my job is old, I work for a fashion retailer you know. I suppose I could use a change.'

'Then details you will get,' said Desdrael.

'Sounds good,' said Fenley.

They chatted on for a while, and Fenley left, and Aime and Desdrael relived some old times, old friend catching up with new vibe on the new scene.

The End

Little Trix 3

'I have the power,' sang Trixiel.

'You have the power of an idiot,' said Crystal, sitting up.

'My my my, who looks a lot better today,' said Trixiel.

'I'm feeling alright,' said Crystal.

Trixiel passed her a salad roll. 'Do you think you can manage it?' she asked her.

'I'll give it a go,' replied Crystal, and started nibbling on the roll. She looked at Trixiel. 'What's next?'

'Well, dear Saruvim sister. We find you a home, don't we? I know you have a family, but do I assume you want to go back to them or not?' replied Trixiel.

Crystal continued munching on her roll. 'Don't know,' she said after a while. 'Don't know what I should do. It was a bad case of girl interrupted. I was going somewhere in life with my plans to start with, but got caught up with the All in All. I didn't work out so well.'

'What happened there?' asked Trixiel, a concerned look on her face.

'Mamas fallen angel got in too deep,' replied Crystal. 'Some people who had deeper agendas then I was prepared to admit,' said Crystal.

'Well you know better now,' said Trixiel. 'Give them a wide berth next time I would imagine.'

'No. Not necessarily. I believe the message of the All in All. Right down to the core of my being I believe the teaching. Nicola does too. She told me so. Just things happened. With Zandarians. And it got out of control.'

'I wouldn't go back to them. They killed you didn't they?'

'No, actually. Sort of I guess. But it was my own fault. I took drugs. Got high. Overdosed. They buried me in that golf pit to get rid of me. But I knew what I was doing every step of the way,' said Crystal.

'Oh. I see,' replied Trixiel. 'Well, ironically, Nicola Kidd has turned into our Evita. She believes now that she is Kalphora and Kalphora is hers. She's in politics, and runs her own party. Gets votes too.'

'Right,' said Crystal. 'I'll have to look her up then.'

'Where do you want to go then?'

'Home,' she replied. 'Back to mum and dad.'

'Then I'll contact Ambriel. Get him to come and collect you,' said Trixie.

'Tomorrow, if that's ok,' said Crystal. 'Still gathering my thoughts.'

'As you wish,' replied Trixiel.

The End

Ariel's Question 4

'So, did you have a good time?' Ariel asked Daniel as he drove along.

'Do tell,' said Jessica, in the front seat next to Daniel.

'I hardly saw Delilah in my time there,' said Daniel. 'Much ado about nothing.'

'You couldn't keep your eyes off her,' said Mike. 'Dressed up in her gym gear.'

'We agreed to remain good friends,' said Daniel. 'I had a chat with her in the bar, and we decided to leave it at that. If our extended families intermix one day, all well and good. But it's not a protocol requirement. I'm more flexible than that idea. Life still does what it wants to do.'

'Satisfactor. For now,' said Ariel, looking out the window of the car.

'You're hung up on the idea of romantic flings being eternal commitments,' said Daniel to Ariel. 'We all make a few funny decisions in life. We don't have to eternally dwell on them. Life moves on. People move on. You're making a mountain out of a molehill.'

'Don't think so,' said Ariel under her breath.

'Well I damn well do,' said Daniel hotly.

Silence in the car for a while.

'Don't you still fancy Delilah?' Mike asked after a while. 'Don't you want the friendship to continue?'

'It will. Quite happy with that,' said Daniel. 'She's always been in my little black book. That won't change.'

'Marriages are supposed to mean something,' said Ariel.

'We're not married,' said Daniel.

'But you were,' replied Ariel.

Daniel drove on. Nobody spoke for a while.

'So what,' said Daniel.

'It's important. Oaths of marriage are supposed to be important. They're commitments,' said Ariel. 'And Delilah made commitments to my twin, and that is important for me.'

'Yeh, but she made them to me, not you. And we were happy enough to part ways in the end. It wasn't meant to be,' said Daniel.

'Maybe not in marriage, I admit,' said Ariel. 'But there was electricity between you two for a while, and it was a good life indicator that somethings going on there.'

Daniel mulled that over. 'Well there might fricking well be. She's hot. I like her tits.'

Mike laughed.

'Something more than that, guttersnipe,' said Ariel. 'It's a life connection which should remain important. It's not always easy to find anyone to like you very much in the end at all anyway. When you do, hang on to them buddy. Don't waste your friendships. And certainly not the foundational ones for an eternal life. They are the crucial ones. They matter.'

'That's an interesting point,' said Jessica. 'I might think about that Ariel. Thanks.'

'So get the point, buddy. Delilah and other lovers will be seen to and held with respect,' said Ariel.

'So you say,' said Daniel, still somewhat defiantly.

'So I say,' finished Ariel.

They drove on for a while, and soon enough reached the spaceport. They parked, and exited the vehicle, getting their luggage.

'Well, we're going home now,' said Daniel to Ariel. 'And I've done this good deed you have asked me of. Sure. In the end I don't mind that much anyway. Just think you're making a big deal out of something you don't need to.'

'You'll see,' said Ariel. 'I know what I'm talking about.'

'Apparently,' replied Daniel.

They carried on, booking in, and soon where on the shuttle. The trip lasted a few hours, and soon they had settled down, back in Zaphora. Daniel and Jessica bid Ariel and Mike farewell, found their car in the carpark, and headed back to Danielphon. They got inside, and Daniel sat down on the couch.

'You happy with Ariel's reasoning?' asked Daniel. 'I'm not completely convinced of it, and I'm married to you sweetheart.'

'I don't mind the compassion,' replied Jessica. 'That is important. But your my man, and I won't let your twin forget that. Don't worry about it Dan. Things will be taken care of in due course.'

'Good to hear,' replied Daniel. And so, the trip to Disney Camp now complete, Daniel settled back in to Danielphon, and got on with his current game on the X-Box he had been playing. And as for all of Ariel's wonderful questions. Well, they could wait till another day.

The End



Radiel and Crystal

'You again,' said Crystal.

'Glad you remember me,' said Radiel.

They were at Humphrey Childer's club in downtown Kalphora City, Crystal drifting back into the old scene.

'Wanna get lucky?' asked Radiel.

'Don't know,' said Crystal. 'I've reformed a lot of my ways. Daddy got me on the straight and narrow these days.'

'Ambriel the Seraphim. Interesting father. The Messiah of Israel. Bet that helps pay the bills,' said Radiel.

'Isn't your father Saruviel the Seraphim? You're hardly broke,' replied Crystal.

'Touche,' said Radiel. 'Let's ditch this joint. Come back to my place. Great view of the country.'

'Yeh, why not,' said Crystal.

They drove through the city, and Radiel had his eye half on the road and half on Crystal. She was dressed to kill. They got back to his place, and he started kissing her. And she didn't resist – at first. But after a while she pulled away.

'What's up babe?' he asked. 'Not DTF?'

'Not tonight, Radiel. I want to be a better woman. Go straight. Live proper like. I only go to the club because it's people I know, and it's a competitive world. Gotta know people to get somewhere in life. That's the Saruvim way, doncha know.'

'You Saruvim then?' asked Radiel, pouring himself a drink of Scotch.

'Apparently,' she replied. 'God spoke to me in a dream affirming the idea.'

'Cool. Welcome to the club,' he said.

'Thank you,' she replied.

She started looking over his CD collection. 'You like heavy metal?' she said.

'Yeh. Dad's tastes a lot of it, but I have my own faves as well. Metallica rock baby.'

'I prefer Poison,' she said. 'They get me there.'

'I love Poison,' said Radiel.

'You're just saying that,' she replied.

'Maybe,' he said. He picked out a CD.

'Bon Jovi?' she queried.

'The best I can do for glam metal. Slippery When Wet. Not too shabby.' He put on the album, and as Let it Rock started playing, they sat down on the lounge, and he started kissing her again. But, again, she pulled away after a while.

'Not tonight buster,' she said.

'Fine,' he said. 'Well, let's eat.' He ordered Maccas Takeaway, and they sat out on his verandah, eating big macs, looking at the countryside.

'Yeh, the views fantastic,' she said.

'Wanna stay the night?' he asked.

'Only in the spare room,' she replied.

'Fine,' he said.

The following morning she was making breakfast, and Radiel came in to a full table of fry up.

'Looks awesome, wife of mine,' he said.

'That's the idea,' she replied.

He looked at her. 'You serious.'

'If you make an honest women out of me, I'm all yours.'

'I'll keep that in mind,' he replied, starting his breakfast.

He dropped her off at home, before he went off to work, and Ambriel and Fiona had been worried sick, as she hadn't called, but she told them who she was with, and that he left her be. That seemed to console her parents somewhat. And, as the week passed, and Radiel called her a few times, Crystal sensed that romance might be in the air and, while she knew she needed a job, maybe it was simply being a housewife in the end. Homemakers never really did go out of style.

The End


'What's the request, sweetheart,' said the DJ.

'Fallen Angel,' said Crystal Rothchild.

'Poison's Fallen Angel. Here we go,' said the Kalphona City Radio DJ.

The song started playing as Crystal drove along in her Porsche. Daddy had bought her the Porsche. She was much grateful. She made her way down through the nightlife, getting to Childers bar, and parked in the carpark opposite. She came inside, ordered a drink, and the song was still playing on the radio.

'Gonna sing tonight?' asked Humphrey Childers, coming over.

'What, no pickup line?' queried Crystal. 'You usually want me in the sack.'

'Babe. You're gorgeous. But Radiel is a pretty straight fella in the pack. I'll leave his woman be,' replied Humphrey.

'Oh, I'm his woman now, am I?' replied Crystal.

'So everyone is saying,' replied Humphrey. 'I assume it's the case right?'

'Get me a drink. I'll think about singing.'

Humphrey left, and a waiter came over with a Shandy, and Crystal sipped on it. The bar was alive with chatter, a busy night, people finished for the week and wanting to relax and party. There was a good mood in the place.

'Rocketown,' said someone, sitting down at her table. He seemed like a nice person. A bit formally dressed.

'What about Rocketown?' asked Crystal.

'I can show you a way of life outside of Rocketown. Not all this vanity. Not all this glitz, Crystal Rothchild. You deserve a chance to know a better way at least.'

'You some kind of cult builder?' she queried. 'I'm used to those.'

'Just faith in the man from Nazareth. And a better way,' replied the man.

'Jesus,' she replied, and took out a cigarette and lit up. She puffed on it and looked at the man.

'I'm Saruvim. And Torah. But I don't mind Jesus of Nazareth. I've read the book of revelation a few times growing up. It was all in vogue, of course, wasn't it?'

'They were wild times. Zandar and Elvana have calmed down a lot, but the passion isn't dead yet. It's a good time for people to be free. It's a good time for them to find the river of life.'

'Right,' she said, and puffed on her ciggie. 'Daddy trained me up good and proper. I'm also part of Messiah Ministries, and we have a decent love plan in life. I believe it. I follow it. I live a moral and decent code. Rocketown doesn't bother me that much, you know.'

'Take this card. It's an address outside the city. Our compound. We live clean and decent, unblemished from the world. We're strict on sexual morality and don't like worldliness. Woman are not men are not women in our movement, and everyone serves the Lord with their whole heart. But we have a good time praising God, and are usually quite happy people. The strict way of life gives a lot of genuine joy.' He stood, and smiled at her. 'Rocketown has its charm, but try us for a while. It might suit you.'

'Thanks,' she replied. She looked at the card. 'Harvest Life Pentecostal Congregations. Where Jesus is our Thing.' She put the card away, and the man left, and she sat for a while, soon getting up to sing. But Harvest Life was on her mind. The man seemed peaceful. It looked – interesting.

The End

Saruviel's Redemption 2

'Kalphona City. Grand and Beautiful, Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly,' said Saruviel the Seraphim to Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

'Indeed she is beautiful. And I'm a proud citizen,' said Fenley the Saruvim.

'But you would be,' said Saruviel. 'Everything to be proud of.'

'Yeh, yeh, yeh,' said Daniel. 'You're acting like you are hotshit at the moment, and even he is here, kissing your arse. Rise of the Saruvim going on again, and you are full of pride Alexander.'

'Daniel, Daniel, Daniel. I am merely exuding the natural greatness of my natural being. You are hardly capable of understanding that, dimly lit Noahide.'

'Yes grand ecumenizer,' replied Daniel. He surveyed the Golden Fries and Burgers they drove past, noticing Ambriel wiping the inner windows.

'Daniel's got him to work,' said Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

'He likes staying humble,' said Saruviel. 'It's his nature to chose a job which keeps him grounded. I've looked into the idea from time to time.'

'But you are too magnificent in grand freedom to consider service, I take it,' replied Daniel.

'No,' said Saruviel. 'Just rather busy.'

'Are we there yet?' asked Fenley.

'You sure you paying her enough?' asked Daniel.

'Everyone wants the promulgator of the revelation at the moment,' said Saruviel. 'Word got out from the Christ Child who was pushing the praying and how long she'd been faithfully pursuing it with the Lord. She obviously gets results. That's what people are after from our dear Fenley Saruvim.'

'No kidding,' said Fenley, looking out the limousine window.

'Here we are,' said Saruviel.

They exited the limo, and came inside one of Saruviel's establishments in the city. They went to the back room of the ground floor, where Saruviel had an office, and Saruviel poured them drinks.

Saruviel looked at Daniel. 'The grand chronicler went against the grain of the Christ Child's Armageddon a long time ago. Because he had received faith in the Noahide Covenant. Why such a contrary spirit to the wishes of Jesus?'

'Why do you want to know?' asked Daniel.

'I have 4 numbers on me,' said Saruviel. 'Three sixes. But a 4 elsewhere.'

'I see,' said Daniel.

'So why was my redemption important? Why shouldn't I get my just deserts.'

'Prophecies shall fail. Love shall reign. Nobody deserves eternal suffering,' replied Daniel.

Saruviel sipped on his drink. 'I see,' he said at last. 'No matter then.' He turned to Fenley. 'Now what sort of job do you want. I matched all the offers and doubled them. So what do you want to do?'

'Dunno,' replied Fenley. 'But I'm good with fashion.'

'That should be fine,' replied Saruviel. He looked at Daniel. 'I'm grateful you did. Intercede. It worked out well enough in the end.'

'Then all is well,' said Daniel.

'All is well,' finished Saruviel.

The End

Frontal Impact 2

'Softly, Daniel,' said Saruviel. 'Sit there quietly and softly.'

'It's rather lame hypnotism,' said Daniel, sarcastically.

'It's not hypnotism,' replied Saruviel.

'You've done this to me before,' said Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. 'A while back. When you were busy with other things again for a while.'

'Stay soft,' said Saruviel. He put his hands on Daniel's head, and started praying softly.

'What is this about?' asked Fenley.

'I'm drawing on him,' said Saruviel.

'That's all he ever says,' replied Daniel. 'When he does these magic tricks, he's drawing on me.'

'Quiet,' said Saruviel. Saruviel looked upwards, and suddenly there were pictures and thoughts and ideas in his mind. He drew from Daniel's mind, and started moulding destiny and new adventure. Then, suddenly, he was finished, and pulled his hands away.

'Shit,' said Daniel, but the thoughts were gone just as quickly. He looked at Saruviel. 'Earth Jubilee. You have an essence of my nature on Earth Jubilee. In the higher realms of the Multiverse.'

'Pretty much,' said Saruviel. 'Your higher spirit has a life there also. Higher up in your spiritual thinking. It's you, you know. Your own life. If you were extremely sedate and relaxed you could sense some of this spiritual life going on. We always could as human beings as well. It was our spirit in the heavenlies which guided us at times. But you are in Earth Jubilee, and that is where you have a further living experience. I'm drawing on your recent history. An update if you will, to recharge your Earth Jubilee spirit with some new foundational thinking.'

'I see,' said Daniel, snapping out of it. He looked squarely at Saruviel. 'Very amusing,' he said.

'Glad you approve,' replied Saruviel the Seraphim.

* * * * *

'Indeed, you can travel to the second heavenly realm physically. There is a place where it is on the globe of heaven. But you enter it through portals and, as I understand it, you travel then to the upper atmosphere of heaven in reality, even though it has a physical place of access. Accessing the higher realms till we get to the multiverse proper goes through portals also, and these are higher in the heavnly of the spiritual realms of heaven. They require you to travel through the access codes to gain access. But if you exist spiritually in the upper heavens into the multiverse and further, unity occurs,' said Saruviel.

'Unity,' replied Fenley.

'You will be gathered to your spirit essence in the multiverse, and as you rise higher, if there is more than one expression of your spirit, you gather each essence unto your being. And in the higher levels of the multiverse, you know and realize the fulness of life you have experienced.'

'Don't goggle the girls mind,' said Daniel. 'She's young.'

'I'm probably half your age. More so I would think,' said Fenley. 'Just not as much of the early core knowledge yet. Still learning things.'

'The Frontal Impact you receive in rising higher is right into the heart and mind and soul of your being,' said Saruviel. 'You really start to feel the passion and come alive.'

'You suggest I meet myself?' asked Daniel.

'If you're ready for it, Daniel san,' replied Saruviel. 'But I'm still working on the multiverse. One day, with God's approval, many children of destiny can find themselves.'

'Fascinating,' replied Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

* * * * *

'Well, Brenton. What do you want with me?' asked Delta Goodrem of the Way of the Eternal Dove.

'We have some questions,' said Paul Saberton. 'About the Way.'

'We're not the Way International,' said Cheryl Cole. 'But we are Unitarian. And Noahide. And we believe in Peace.'

'Pretty much,' said Jack Dagger. 'I'm a copper and I grow Callodyn Stalk for use in cooking and things. In my policework I bring peace by following the rules quite well. I'm a little bent, by nature, but with the Way of the Eternal Dove it acts as a foil so I remember to bring peace and lawfulness to my work, and follow protocols respecting human rights, and that lives matter.'

'That's it Jack,' said Delta. 'Lives matter. All lives matter. Black, white, Red. Everyone.'

'Right,' said Brenton. He sat down and looked around the assembly hall. 'It seems peaceful. Like a church building.'

'The House of God usually is that way,' said Cheryl.

'Seraphim Daniel suggested we come along,' said Chris White. 'Said this would be an environment which understands us. We're not always that received in Christianity. We were on the edge a lot with our doctrines and ways, and didn't conform to the mainstream church that much. He says the Way of the Eternal Dove won't really worry about that.'

'We're accepting,' said Jack.

'We'll take you as we find you,' said Delta. 'We're all God's children after all. She looked at Brenton. 'Do I know you by the way?'

'Only in another life, babe,' replied Brenton White.

* * * * *

Michael and Raphael stood on the top of Kalpheraphon Keep, looking out over Kalphona City.

'This spirit again,' said Raphael. 'It's a lively one as well.'

'Especially with the Rise of the Saruvim going on at the moment,' replied Michael. 'But this is new birth. The Frontal Impact of a head on life. Were we feel most alive. Saruviel and his Saruvim are rising up to challenge us all, and we can revel in his power, and use it for our own good. It's his job to challenge us to new heights.'

'Up there in the heavenlies above us are new heights. The greater multiverse. Talk is going on that Saruviel is bringing new births and rebirths of the spirit to his multiverse at the moment. Are we going to apply?' asked Raphael.

'All in good time,' replied Michael. 'I've been faithful on the prayers of the sovereign seven, so enjoy your privileges and we shall descend.'

'Like Batman?' queried Raphael.

'Draw thine wings, brother of mine,' said Michael.

And Raphael drew his wings, and they flew throughout the skyscrapers of Kalphona City on a rainy night, and what the citizens made of rarely flying angels, well only God knew.

* * * * *

'Are you sure we're going dancing, Daniel?' asked Sharakondra.

'Childers Nightclub. Crystal Rothchild is there,' replied Daniel.

'Oh, good,' said Sharakondra.

They got to the nightclub, and met with Crystal.

'You seem like your old self,' said Daniel. 'Ambriel sent me a lot of info on you as you grew up. Ran into some tough times, didn't you?'

'The All in All were tough times. I went back. Also in a Pentecostal thing at the moment. They are trying to convert me to the love of Jesus,' replied Crystal.

'Jesus never gives up either,' said Sharakondra. 'He was pushing a Christ doctrine at the beginning of things, and he's never given up on it. It's funny. God never really approves of the idea for him much, but he goes for the glory anyway. Gets it too.'

'They have a peace about them. I'll admit that much,' said Crystal.

'You are going to sing for us?' asked Daniel.

Crystal smiled, and got up to the stage. She began singing a ballad, and Daniel, politely, asked Sharakondra to dance. As they danced formally Shara looked at Daniel.

'You're obviously not making moves this time Danny.'

'I'm faithful to Jessica my wife,' said Daniel. 'No Delilah or Ariel or even Sharakondra, as hot as she is, will change that now. It's pretty much a settled thing my dear.'

'Good to know. If only Semyaza was made of as much salt. But he's faithful enough. Just terribly slack.'

'It can take some of us a long time to adjust to a better standard,' said Daniel. 'Lifetimes.'

'So true,' replied Sharakondra.

So they danced, and Daniel remained on good behaviour, as the song changed, and a happy but sombre spirit filled Childers Nightclub in Kalphona City in the Realm of Eternity.

* * * * *

'So, did you get lucky? Shove your tongue down her throat again?' asked Ambriel.

'My my my. You're in a Frontal Impact mood, aren't you,' replied Daniel, sipping on coffee in Ambriel's home in Kalphona City.

'You didn't. You don't have the panache,' said Ambriel. 'Hopeless. What, you actually took her dancing, and was formal the whole night right? Predictable.'

'Your daughter sang slow songs, and I kept my hands to myself,' replied Daniel. 'I'm happy with my level of cool, dear brother. I always have been. Daly's are a sedate enough bunch in the end, and when I settle down I generally mean it in the end.'

'Hopeless,' replied Ambriel. 'Good work though. It's important to keep Sharakondra happy with you. She sets the tone for much of the fashion world thinking in the Realm of Eternity, and Danielphon has always been good for her. People appreciate that you and Valandriel give her a solid environment in which to work.'

'And I don't want to fuck that up. Literally,' replied Daniel.

'No,' said Ambriel. 'Crystal sang well?'

'Very well,' replied Daniel. 'She's a lovely girl. Very attractive. I hear Radiel, Saruviel's son, is all over her these days. And she's found a bit of new life in Pentecostalism.'

'Jesus always wants a slice of the pie,' replied Ambriel. 'He can never let it be. God provides an actual Messiah, and he still pushes his agend. Stubborn soul.'

'He has things he offers us all,' replied Daniel.

'I guess he always did,' said Ambriel. He picked up his crossword book and brushed past Daniel and whispered, 'You should have at least pashed her once or twice.'

Daniel grinned. 'Maybe next time dude.'

* * * * *

'He's a dickhead. Believe me. The Lord Satan is a dickhead,' said Lucifer. 'You don't want to give him a new birth experience.

'Why not?' asked Crystal. 'Lord Saruviel is a great ecumenist, and Fenley has been all over the papers with the promotion of the New Way. The New Birth of Multiversal Realities. They don't go for much, but Harvest have been enjoying it's possibilties.'

'I'm not sure we can baptize the devil into the multiverse,' said Pastor Hawkins, looking at Satan.

'It could be confronting,' said Benjamin Topp, who had brought Crystal into Harvest.

'It's the new agenda,' said Saruviel. 'You've been born again again, and it's time to find this new life for our Saruvim brother of Infinity. The Rise of the Saruvim is going on, and it's the new spirit I seek in Kalphora. I wish this done,' said Saruviel the Seraphim.

'He wishes it done, Pastor Hawkins.

'We've been at this for about 3 months now,' said Pastor Hawkins. 'When Saruviel showed up with his new birth theology, we took it for granted that it was an acceptable enough doctrine, as the Multiverse is well established in the heavenlies. It's a received doctrine of the Church, and as Kalphorans we don't mind that much. It's why we are here in Kalphora. The sombre mood of things. But Satan himself? It's a bit confronting.'

'Lay your hands on me,' said the Devil.

'He's a dickhead,' said Lucifer.

'You're next, Lucy,' said Saruviel.

Pastor Hawkins and Saruviel the Seraphim lay their heads on Satan's head, and he had visions and he had dreams, and suddenly there was a new spirit in his mind.

'I'm born again,' he said sarcastically, opening his eyes.

'God help us all,' said Benjamin Topp

* * * * *

'Ketravim seem likeable,' said Paul Saberton. 'Maybe I have Ketravim in me.'

'Hardly likely,' replied Delta Goodrem. 'Our numbers are finite. You would have known by now. Your doctrine is hardly Way of the Eternal Dove. We're the storeholders of the core ideology of Ketravim wisdom. They look at us. We're not the only thing Ketravim are involved with. They are in all things, for the most part. But the Way of the Eternal Dove has much of its headship. You would know by now. And you're a Christian. Of a Branhamite Temporal Binitarain movement. You are hardly Ketravim.'

'Yet they are in all movements,' said Cheryl. 'And I don't know that many Binitarians. Probably time the Ketravim gained a member from that world.'

Delta gazed at Paul. 'He's had no vision.'

'I was told to come here,' said Paul.

'Baptize him,' said Jack.

'Come here, blondie,' said Delta, and Paul came and kneeled in front of her. She put her hands on his head. She dug into his thoughts with her spirit, and melded inside. She found the resonance, and nurtured it. It started glowing colours in her mind, Ketravim colours. She released him, and he fell back, slain by the spirit. He was on the floor, hallucinating. After a while normal vision resumed and he sat up.

'What the hell did you do to me Delta?' asked Paul. 'That's not a slaying in the spirit. It's totally a wack job. You overrode my mind with all sorts of thoughts on love and peace and gentleness. I had no choice but to obey.'

'Question is,' said Delta. 'Did you want to?'

Brenton received baptism from Cheryl as did Chris White. A similar experience.

'Witchcraft,' said Brenton, coming to his senses.

'Hardly. Just powerful spirituality,' said Cheryl. 'We are old in the Way. We impact if we need to. It was just language. Communication. A mind meld. Nothing more. Just assessing you both. You have inner cores which see Ketravim as positive but you are unsure if you want to make the commitments of charitable hearts, which is just too Catholic Vincent de Paul for you both, even though you are attracted to it.'

'She's a witch,' said Chris. 'Saw our inner hearts.'

'It could probably emerge in you,' Delta said to Paul. 'But possibly only if you really want it to.'

'We'll talk,' Paul said to Chris and Brenton.

'We'll think it over,' said Brenton.

'But we want to match the Sarvuim's new lease of life,' said Chris. 'And this is something which will probably be assented to give us an extra lease of life.'

'Oh. I see,' said Jack. 'The war of the children of light with the children of darkness. Still fighting are you.'

'Somebody has to,' replied Brenton.

'We'll see you soon enough,' said Paul Saberton, and they left.

'New members?' Cheryl asked Delta.

Delta considered that. 'Power mad fundamentalists. They want every edge they can get.'

'New members,' said Jack.

'Probably,' finished Cheryl Cole.

* * * * *

Phanuel and Brindabel were in the 6th Heavenly Realm at Gateway City. Gateway City was the Gateway of Portals to the Multiverse. All throughout the City you found Portals which took you into Saruviel's Multiverse.

'The sixth paradigm is man, of course, and the natural way of things. For angelicdom it is also the natural way of things,' said phanuel, sipping on a Gooseberry's Caramel Sundae in downtown Gateway City.

'I love these sundae's,' said Phanuel. 'You should buy your twin one more often.'

'If I can afford it,' said Phanuel. 'Do you see the price of these things? The extra large practically costs a CD. They ain't cheap.'

'Oh, shut up,' said Brindabel. 'And resume your discourse.'

'When we get into seven it starts to get a bit more divine. And we're at the crossroads were we leave a more solid form of reality to a place where the rules are bent a bit. Talking squirrels and the like. Cosmic wonder indeed. But it is grounded enough in reality and steadily solidifies from aeon to aeon as the truths of its foundations become more established in tradition.'

'Why are we here?' asked Brindabel.

'Because of the war of the Sons of Light with the Sons of Darkness,' replied Phanuel. 'And because they have winged their asses off to get me to make a move on their behalf.'

'Who has winged?' asked Brindabel.

'Saberton and the White Twins. They still wanna fight the devil and believe there is an ultimate Apocalypse at the end of all things were the Devil will learn the wrath of the Lamb of God.'

'Wishful thinking,' replied Brindabel.

'But they are praying about it, and working on their prayers regular like. So because they have made a good donation to various societies in the sixth heavenly realm, I have brought us here to look at a standard gate. See that one there,' said Phanuel pointing to a portal.

'Yep,' replied Brindabel.

'There aren't really many other ways into the Multiverse unless you are a natural citizen. We're not completely the only way, but to rise through the heavenly realms you go from 2 to 6 in order, and you don't bypass unless you have good rights.'

'I know this well,' replied Brindabel. 'What do they want?'

'Toll fees,' said Phanuel. 'Exorbitant toll fees to go into the Multiverse and leave the Multiverse in our direction. And all applicants to pass a 'Person of Merit' test.'

'Leglistic bastards,' replied Brindabel. 'Tell them to go to hell.'

'Nah, I'll give them what they want. For a season and a time. It will piss of Saruviel heaps, so I don't really mind giving younger brother the stick for a bit.'

'War with sons of darkness indeed,' said Brindabel.

Phanuel chuckled.

* * * * *

'He's an ass,' said Saruviel to Daniel the Seraphim. 'Our brother Phanuel is an ass. It's a wild accusation against Saruvim in general because Satan is one of us somewhat. It's not that big a problem in some ways because, frankly, a lot of the people trying to get into the Multiverse, well, I'm not sure I want them that much. Unsophisticated beasts a lot of them. Farty farts, like Michael, with simplistic authoritarianism in them who try and rule everything, and have no respect for people and their freedom of choice.'

'I see,' said Daniel. 'That's always been important to you, hasn't it?'

'It's one of the fundamentals. Every Morning Star of ancient of days would know my issue with heavenly father. It goes back to the beginning of things. I've got a lot more education on the realities of it now, but some things don't really change in how I appreciate life, Daniel.'

'We are what we are,' replied Daniel. 'And early thinking is our eternal grounding a lot of the time.'

'Exactly,' replied Saruviel. He sipped on his Gooseberry's caramel sundae in the Gooseberry's store in Kalphora City. 'Phanuel is an ass,' he said again.

'I here you,' replied Daniel. 'Anyway, I have questions. What is this new birth you are giving out? How does that connect us with the Multiverse?'

'Well it will hardly fucking do it so well now, won't it,' replied an irate Seraphim.

'But a person doesn't have to go into the fulness of their spiritual life in the Multiverse. They can be born again from your laying on of hands. From your own baptism.'

'But their destiny should be to visit one day, when the spirit sees things appropriate. And assholes like Phanuel are only adding in problems. He's probably got an agenda or something.'

'Maybe,' said Daniel. 'Time will tell I suppose.'

'He's an asshole,' finished Saruviel.

* * * * *

'Nicola Kidd has quite specific requests,' said Callodyn the Cherubim to Michael the Cherubim. 'In the passing of the legislation to rezone the community centre for commercial purposes, it quite specifically states that prayer campaigns of a religious nature must act in the harmony and the spirit of Kalphona City. But she's sent me a list of suggestions for the prayer room protocols.'

Michael was looking over the protocols. 'We're cherubim, of course, and we buddy the Ketravim to mentor them. So she wants Ketravim Prayers which foster the best interests of Saruvim Endeavours.'

'Our link earlier up the chain is to ensure no current Ketravim competitiveness interferes with what the Saruvim are supposed to do. The new Peace community centre operates for Cherubim Glory, and that's understood. There are many Cherubim who actually live in Kalphona City, and quite a number of Cherubim offspring. It was considered reasonable by Kalphona City council we gain our own place for prayer,' said Callodyn.

'But we have to act in the best interests of the predominantly Saruvim inclined Kalphona City community,' replied Michael.

'Exactly,' said Callodyn. 'Of course, it's commercial only, because official Kalphona City prayer rooms are mandated to function on Saruvim Prayer Campaigns. It's Saruviel's policies. He's a tough nut to crack.'

'He's not stupid,' said Michael.

'Obviously,' replied Callodyn. 'Now we are beginning a new prayer pattern. This is to strengthen the Cherubim community in Kalphora, and as requested build a more responsible attitude in the Ketravim towards the Saruvim Community.'

'I want to christen the prayer room. As a member of the Cherubim Glory prayer team, I want it sanctified for special purposes,' said Michael. 'In the name of Jesus Christ.'

'Only in the name of Jesus,' said Callodyn. 'I'm boss of the Cherubim Glory prayer team, and only in the name of Jesus. Christhood is disputed.'

'Fine. If you insist,' replied Michael. 'Quibbler.' Michael looked at the prayer room, and sat down in a corner, facing the wall. Callodyn sat down in the other corner and they prayed silently for a while. Then Michael prayed out loud.

'Heavenly father. The Ketravim must mentor the Saruvim. There is a hierarchy of things in the Realm of Eternity, which you yourself established. I christen this prayer room in the name of Jesus the Cherubim to ensure that you rebirth this prayer room with a focus on the Ketravim not interfering, but only fostering the endeavours of the Saruvim Community of Kalphona City. Amen.'

'Amen,' replied Callodyn. 'Good,' he said to Michael. 'Now when we can get Jesus and Marckonyel in here in time, we can start developing the prayer program more comprehensively.'

'He's busy,' said Michael. 'But he enjoys being part of Cherubim Glory.'

'Let's get McDonalds,' said Callodyn.

And Callodyn and Michael headed off to McDonalds, the new Peace Prayer room of Kalphona city reborn with a new lease of life.

* * * * *

'In the Ketravim Realm,' said Lucy. 'We were in the Ketravim Realm. The Sixth Heavenly Realm were the Ketravim were the dominant thinking in time. Phanuel was firstborn. There was a great rest, and we went through different lives, then a Return to the firstborn socity. In those other worlds I was Lucy Potter.'

'Something like that I think,' said Decadence, listening to Unskinny Bop by Poison on vinyl 7 inch.

'I haven't done drugs in a long time now,' said Lucy. 'Life has moved on for this witch.'

'Good to know Miss Smith,' replied Decadence. 'Anyway, we haven't caught up in ages. Where are you these days?'

'All over the place,' replied Lucy. 'I live with father and mother on New Terra a lot of the time, and Jonathon is there a lot as well. What I mostly call home. I get to Shelandragh's place regularly.'

'I like the Realm of Eternity,' replied Decadence. 'Hanging around Callodyn as a Callophim a lot of the time. I think I'll be a Callophim one day. Sort of think that is my destiny. When that branch of angelicdom arises.'

'Could be,' said Lucy. She looked at the dressing table. 'Can I?' she asked.

'Go ahead,' said Decadence.

Lucy sat in front of the dressing table, grabbed the mascara, and started applying it. Decadence watched.

'We going out to be bad girls tonight are we?'

'Like old times,' said Lucy. 'We'll show Kalphona City what we are made of. Get to Callodyn. Get him to take us out with Michael the Cherubim who he's hanging with. We'll get down to Childers Club and have fun.'

'Tonight's our night to howl,' said Decadence.

'Bring it on,' finished Lucy Smith.

* * * * *

'Azrael is ruling the world of Kalphona City with his pubs, and has a 15% share in the Childer's Corporation which is developing throughout all of Kalphora,' said Michael.

'I know,' replied Raphael. 'He's quiet, though. The solitary faith has returned to him.'

Raphael, eating Langwah in the cafeteria of Kalpheraphon Keep, smiled at Raphael.

'It's my nature to be quiet when not on show, buddy,' said Azrael. 'I mean, quite frankly Raphael, you and the social team are always trying to get me into action. I like to chill out and just be me dude.'

'Ambriel takes his job as social fitter seriously still,' said Raphael in reply.

'A bit too social in recent processes,' replied Azrael. 'He's lucky he finally got off his butt and did something about that addiction.' Azrael stared at Michael. 'Unlike some.'

'Hey, I'm on counselling,' said Michael. 'Besides, it was to teach those frikking Noahides a lesson about trying to kick Israel out of the Realm of Eternity.'

'But you've been seeping back in for ages now,' said Azrael. 'Zionistya isn't enough for you, huh?'

'Old homes are in eternity for a lot of the people,' said Michael. 'Daniel and Valandriel don't really care anymore anyway. They've lightened up with some legislative repeals. Israel can assemble in Eternity if they really insist. The expectation is still generally Zionistya for which it was created, but we may reside in Eternity. Providing we keep our numbers under control. But that's private discourse.'

Azrael continued eating his Langwah. 'You shouldn't have to restrict your procreativity.'

'Daniel is concerned we'll start praying a Catholic agenda of huge families to eventually out populate everyone else. Like we're muslims or something. It's not really our way. We just want a piece of pie in the sky like everyone else, uh huh.'

'Gotcha,' said Azrael. 'And Childers is going places. He's got that wacky faith of the All in All, and it's proving popular with Nicola Kid's repentant ways. She's a lady making waves.'

'Which we're aware of,' replied Raphael. 'Like your financial gain agenda.'

'Nothing to say,' replied Azrael.

'Indeed,' finished Raphael.

* * * * *

'These days your frontal impact is pretty shitty, Ambriel,' said Daniel.

'Bite me,' replied the Messiah of Israel.

'I mean, come on. The Lamb of Love is a paedophile. Molests children. Practices sodomy. Grade A asshole to society now. Frontal Impact? Total crap from Amby Wamby. Meludiel is that fricking embarassed about the tirade. Won't show her head in public at the moment. Says she needs to pray for the redemption of her twin's reputation. Pretty damn shitty if you ask me.'

'I learned my lesson. Water under the bridge,' replied Ambriel.

'Abused men and women all over aren't thinking it's water under the bridge. They live with the nightmare of David Rothchild's love touch every day.'

'I wasn't that abusive,' said Ambriel. 'It was just a bit of fun.'

'Yeh, right. Well I hardly need you as a counsellor on how to present. I remember all those lectures you used to give me. My thinking now is that I've always had it right on the money. Ambriel's advice? A slick dick who wants to shag the kids. Don't think I'm going there mate. Ends up in whore babylon.'

'I learned my lesson Daniel. No need to rub it in.'

'Oh, I forgive you. I don't expect too much from anyone on holiness until they've been through a good chunk of eternal lives and experiences. When they see the consequences for what they do long enough they gradually get convictions. You've had a few now. But I'll judge your past words more in the light of the fruity behaviour which was still in you at the time. You weren't doing it back then, but it came forth after a while. I'll be more cautious until your older with what you say, dear Seraphim brother of mine.'

'I still like to dress well,' replied Ambriel.

'Probably not a problem. I generally agree. But I'll keep it either formal or casual. Not Metrosexual if you don't mind.'

'Very funny,' replied Ambriel the Seraphim.

* * * * *

'So were are you living these days, Saruviel?' asked Michael. 'Finally settled in the Realm somewhere?'

'I mostly inhabit Kalphon Keep, and sometimes in Kalphora district. I get to Zaphora every now and then. I'm a settled soul.'

'Would that all God's people would settle,' said Michael. 'I plan on settling in Zionistya in time in a large dominion of devotees to my works. To form a community which adore me, be celebrated, and enjoy the good life. When I've finished serving the Lord in running things here and there.'

'You have a retirement plan?' queried Saruviel.

'In the fulness of time,' replied Michael.

'Interesting. I'll have to look into that idea,' said Saruviel.

'You do that buddy,' replied Michael.

* * * * *

'You're a free spirit aren't you Lucy? You can never settle,' said Decadence.

Lucy continued applying the eyeliner. 'I have homes in some places, and I don't bother with anymore of them now. I'm settled here and there. I have a daughter who is in business and has a large dynasty, and I see some of the on occasions. I'm as settled as witchy poo needs to be.'

'Did you ever buy that place in Zaphora?' asked Decadence.

'I rented for a while, but left it be in the end,' said Lucy. 'It was impulsive thinking, really. A thought for the day, but I came back to myself. I had already become what Lucy Smith was to become in life. I didn't see it much any other way. I was a witch – an animist witch. Society didn't mind me, and I had places to live, friends to be with, and places to visit and have adventure. Things were and are under control Decadence my dear friend.'

'And you lack nothing?' asked Decadence.

'A shag for the evening,' said Lucy.

'Still a witch I see,' said Decadence.

'Still a witch,' replied Lucy Smith.

* * * * *

'I guess the plan is that he gets the discs established in time with the angel of relevance as the dominant overseer and the angel type as the dominant type. All the way through the lists of the discs,' said Azrael.

'Something like that. It's not just that simple, but that is the plan for the Realm of Eternity,' replied Cosadriel.

'So Seraphim have a place as early parts of Kalphora and, perhaps, the first 140 discs also. Although clearly the seventh group of angels, the Saruvim, have a place as well. And Saruviel is hardly absent.'

'So God extrapolates on that basic principles with the discs, and the key figures for the notion of what the disc represents gain the ascendancy,' said Cosadriel.

'Well then. As the seventh disc it falls into Seraphim 7 Saruviel, but he is Seraphim. And I'm also Seraphim,' said Azrael. 'So this place better be good enough if you want me to settle down next door to you Saddy.'

They continued driving and came up to a nice home. It looked like a 7 or 8 bedroom home on an affluent street.

'Which is mine?' asked Azrael.

'The one next door on the right,' said Cosadriel.

Azrael looked. 'Yep. It's only about 5 bedroom,' he said.

'It has a larger posterior,' said Cosadriel. 'I thought that appropriate for a drinking man with a fat butt.'

'Very funny,' replied Azrael. 'Well let's go see her then.'

So Cosadriel and Azrael spent some time in Cosadriel and then Azrael's new abodes in Kalphona City, discussing discs and overseers and the rise of the Saruvim.

* * * * *

Daniel and Ambriel and Sharakondra were at Childer's Club in downtown Kalphora City.

'Are you sure you want to kiss me Daniel? You're a married man,' said Sharakondra.

Daniel looked bemused.

'I gave her some ideas,' confessed Ambriel.

'We're here to dance, and be proper witnesses,' said Daniel.

'Witnesses?' queried Sharakondra, eyebrow raised.

'Oh, you know. Our technical job as the Seraphim elders. Not meaning anything too seriously.'

'Oh, that's not a problem,' replied Sharakondra. 'I have regular enough official duties as Queen of the Cherubim. They like me to look like the Queen as well. All dolled up. Helps that I'm gorgeous and a model. Know what I mean?'

'I could imagine,' said Daniel.

Crazy little thing called love by Queen came on.

'How appropriate. Remember, shove the tongue,' said Ambriel.

Daniel and Sharakondra danced. He did not shove the tongue. Ambriel enjoyed mocking them both regardless.

* * * * *

'So this is the new scene,' said Michael to Raphael. 'And we shall rule the new scene, despite our Saruvim competition. Nothing is written in stone about them being the power of Kalphora. Seraphim shall triumph.'

Raphael handed Michael the bottle of grog, and sat there, on top of a Kalphona City skyscraper at night, on the edge, their wings unfurled, doing their best to look cool and dramatic.

'I think it's your ego,' replied Raphael. 'Too much Frontal Impact on your mind firstborn.'

'We shall rule. Hic,' said Michael. Then he started woozing. 'I think I'm gonna puke,' he said, and slipped down from the skyscraper, falling downwards. Just before he hit the bottom, he used his wings a bit, which stopped the hit being so dramatic. 'I'm fine,' he yelled up to Raphael.

'Ooh, that's gotta hurt,' finished Raphael the Seraphim.

The End



Adah's Dream 2

She dreamed. Rainbows and Unicorns and, what was that? A Thylacine. The Tasmanian Tiger. And Dolphins. Then Ligers. The mix between Lions and Tigers. Then she woke.

'I dreamed,' said Adah to Seth.

'Another dream. Will you record it in your journal?' queried Seth.

'Yes,' she replied. 'And it is a fundamental new journal with new fate installed with it for the children of fate. I have glanced at rarities and I have glanced at ferocious things and I have had the heartbeat of Kalphora run through my dreaming. The Children of Fate shall behold the majesty of the Rise of the Saruvim, and come to their understanding on the seventh flock of God's Eternal Realm.'

'Very dramatic,' replied Seth. 'Will the journal begin before or after dinner?'

'After,' replied Adah. 'What is for dinner twin of mine?'

'We are having stew. Beef stew,' replied Seth.

'How original,' replied Adah. She rose from the couch and put on another relaxation CD. This time Nature's Wonders 7 from her new collection. She settled back down on the couch as Seth meandered about in the kitchen.

'I'll sleep again,' she said. 'For a while. I sense another dream coming.'

Seth looked at the clock. 'You sleep a while, and dinner will probably be about ready when you rise. Tell me all the details, and I'll help you with your journal.'

'It's a new one. I'll go to the shed and get a fresh notebook.'

'More fate,' said Seth. 'My twin doing her job.'

Adah smiled, and let the music take over her mood, soon enough drifting into the dreamscape with more wonders being prepared for her for the children of fate.

The End

Lost in the 7th Heaven 2

Adam and Eve were lost in the 7th Heaven.

'This is Circular Frenzy,' said Adam to Eve. 'It's a city where everything runs in circles. It's designed mainly to create a mindset for the cultural expression of the city. Circular logic. Circular arguments. Circle art. Roundabouts are a big thing.'

'Fascinating,' said Eve. 'They desired original thinking I guess.'

'All the street signs are circular,' said Adam. 'All the cars are bubble like semi-circular in shape. The food sandwiches and rolls are all circular. All food comes like that. Packaging is in circular containers. The founder of the city is Marsheen Circlatron. She's from a long line in the Circlatron clan who started with art using circles and slowly developed the culture of their clan on the idea. She's taken it quite literally to city building. She's still in the city. In a big circular mansion near the centre.'

'I suppose it's an alternative to the square and rectangular way of doing things,' said Eve.

'It's certainly that,' replied Adam.

The pulled up in their bug car to a park, and got out. They found some circular seats and tables and sat down, getting out their picnic hamper. A man came up to them.

'Are you sure you should have a rectangular picnic box?' he asked them.

'We're visitors,' replied Adam.

'Still, you should get with the general policies of the city. Have a round day,' he replied and walked away.

'Funny guy,' said Eve. 'The 7th Heaven has a lot of these eccentric places in our new journeys husband of mine. You fish them out for us to visit do you not?'

'It's interesting to see unique things life can offer,' replied Adam. 'We yearn as human beings to be entertained with new things, so visiting Circular Frenzy was on the cards.'

'Now that's ridiculous,' said Eve.

A duck walked past them, up from the circular pond. There were circular splotches all over it. Dye by the looks of it.

'They dye circles on the animals? Crazy extremists,' she said.

'Different strokes for different folks,' said Adam.

'Indeed,' replied Eve.

The End

Callodyn and Kayella

'It's Circular Frenzy Entertainment Park,' said Callodyn to Nicola Kidd.

'What the heck is Circula City Entertainment Park?' asked Nicola at the construction going on next door to the All in All compound on the edge of Kalphora City.

'Adam and Eve found the place in the 7th Heaven,' said Kayella. 'We visited and made some contracts with its founder, Marsheen Circlatron. We're to establish Circular Frenzy Entertainment Parks throughout the Realm of Eternity and Circular Frenzy adherents will employ themselves in the entertainment parks to promote the odd offbeat culture of Circular Frenzy. They have a unique lifestyle offering to also offer society and they are happy to expand their cultural world. We want to be part of that, so we purchased this land and got council approval for the park.'

Nicola looked at the workers going about their work. 'They work hard,' she said. 'I'm proud of them. They take their place in the world doing their bit to make the overall system work. Everything is connected,' said said, looking at Callodyn and Kayella. 'We are all many individual parts of a greater all. All is in all in the end. It is the stuff of life and our universal community.'

'I'll take your word for it,' replied Callodyn, and stood there, watching the workers.

'We have a different view,' said Kayella. 'More traditionally biblical. We are individuals and part of society, but members of society usually have individual plans. Many are indeed altruistic, but we don't all pursue the same end, and we don't all want to part of everyone else's life. If my life works, that is what is important. We all need to help each other, but people have their own destiny at times. And while fate steps in to give it resolutions and meaningful points, destiny carries on and propels us the way each of us should go. It's a sorting out process, and we're not all equal. It is because some put in more effort than others. Over a long period of time, observing what Callodyn and the other Daniel's do to get success, I know it is because they continue to apply themselves and put in effort. Some people are casual, which is fine, but they just go into the humdrum of it all and don't produce much glory. Glory is free, you know. But you've got to work for it. And an all in all mentality seems to think everyone gets the glory. They don't Nicola.'

'No,' she replied. 'But they should.'

'If they put an effort in,' said Callodyn. 'And because most don't, they have ordinary lives as a result. That's ok, if that is what you want. I think we can do better through.'

'Circular Frenzy is certainly an interesting way of going about it,' said Nicola.

'That it is,' finished Callodyn the Cherubim.

The End

4 O'Clock

It was 4 in the morning. Wolfgang was at the building site for Circular Frenzy entertainment park on the edge of Kalphora City. Some Circular Frenzy layabouts were hanging around, drinking.

'Oy,' said God to a layabout. 'Shouldn't you be home getting sleep.'

'Buzz off old fart,' said the lad. 'Hey, Bettina. Watch me,' he said. He staggered to his feet and started running about in a circle.

'Circlatron would be impressed, Brett,' said Bettina.

'Who is Circlatron?' asked Wolfgang, sitting down and taking the bottle of grog out of Bettina's hand.

'She's our goddess,' replied Bettina. 'The founder of our way of life.'

'And what is that way of life?' asked the Theophany, sipping on the scotch.

'The Circular Frenzy,' replied Bettina. 'It's original. That was important to Marsheen. She wanted to break the mould with the world and do what her clan was all about with a society. And we are eternally indebted to her because of it.'

Brett continued running around in a circle, before falling down, and passing out.

'He was excited,' said God.

'Put your jacket around me,' said Bettina.

God took off his jacket and put it on Bettina who was just in a skirt and top, getting a bit cold at this time of night.

'What do you do?' God asked them.

'Oh, we have a job,' said Bettina. 'We will be working in the entertainment park doing various duties. We've already come down to settle into our accommodation and we come here at times to watch the project getting done and to enjoy our new world. Kalphora has a spirit, you know. We've noticed it. Heavy but nice. Friendly in its heart. Deep, too. We like it. It's serious.'

'Course its serious,' said God. 'How could it be anything but?'

Bettina laid her head against God's shoulder, and he sat there, on the kerb, drinking scotch, as Bettina fell asleep. He was tiring, and as the hour passed, he lay against a pole nearby, and Bettina got up and lay against him, going back to sleep. He fell asleep at 5 and the Sandman gave him dreams of circles and things and said some people have a roundabout way of getting through life, and it can get awfully repetitive once you've gone full circle and just have to do it again. And the Theophany saw the wisdom in that.

The End

Callodyn and Kayella

'So, you're back in Kalphora. Got the Entertainment Park well established?' queried Callodyn to Jetydosa the Saruvim in Childers Club in downtown Kalphona City.

'Got it going,' replied Jetydosa. 'Appointed the new guy, a Tharwa Bliss resident, who is now learning the ways of Circular Frenzy.'

'Who's this?' asked Kayella.

'I'm Klaudia. Jetydosa's wife,' replied Klaudia.

'You got married?' queried Callodyn. 'Thought you were eternally devoted to King's X following Dug Pinnick's solitary ways. Total homosexual.'

'Dug has a kid' said Jetydosa. 'Most of his gay ways are things of the past. Moved on a lot.'

'So I've heard myself,' replied Callodyn. 'Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly is a big fan of the band. Got lots of their original goodies. I like them, but more keen on Def Leppard and Steel Panther.'

Kayella giggled. 'Callodyn. You will never be cool enough for the Steel Panther fanbase. No matter how many times you play the cds. Too conservative. Not sure it's really your scene, sweetheart.'

'Bite me,' replied Callodyn.

'Steel Panther are more primitive than King's X,' said Klaudia. 'Hardly sophisticated music. I prefer classical usually. And relaxation CDs. Music for grown ups.'

'If you say so,' replied Callodyn.

'Nicola Kidd is over there in the corner,' said Jetydosa. 'Think I'll go say hello.'

Jetydosa walked off, and Kayella looked at Klaudia. 'You think you'll find your way in Kalphora? Saruvim are dramatic sorts. Can take a lot to get used to.'

'I'll manage,' replied Klaudia. 'A Papp girl can cope with change. We're adaptable.'

'That's good,' said Kayella.

'Well, good luck with your marriage,' said Callodyn. 'Jetydosa was starting to become a bit of a celebrity before he headed off to Brindaphora to develop his work for Circular Frenzy. Was on talk shows for several months, with All in All chat, and his music. You've latched on to a rising star, you know.'

'Apparently,' replied Klaudia. 'Life should prove exciting then.'

'Time will tell on that,' replied Callodyn.

'Time will tell,' agreed Klaudia.

The End


'Dear Callodyn. Stop scratching your bottom,' said Kelly.

Callodyn looked at Kelly, and removed his hand from his bottom. 'Nobody was watching, sis,' he said.

'I was observing. And the patrons of Circular Frenzy Entertainment Park possibly noticed,' said Kelly.

'I doubt they were observing the butt-scratching antics of Callodyn the Callophim,' replied Callodyn.

'Oh. So you say. And you are a Callophim again are you?' queried Kelly.

'I have long been a Callophim. And I have the first of our breed coming through. Decadence the queen of Heavy Metal. She senses it is her destiny to be of our kind. Various of the groups form from this and that of the community. We are well advanced into the Seraphim and Cherubim lists of Angelic Kinds now. Quite a number tentatively forming. No new creations, though. God seems to be finished in that respect. Just offspring variations, and sometimes human origin.'

'The Ketravim started a trend by the looks of it,' replied Kelly. 'So this Decadence? I think I know her. She hangs around Lucy Smith a fair bit. Has a large collection of hard rock records. As I recall she has Metal Health 7inch on vinyl. I covet her copy.'

'Still hung up on Quiet Riot, aren't you? It's Bon Jovi, babe. Or Def Leppard.'

'Quiet Riot. The original metal number 1s. Bon Jovi? Please. B grade talent.'

'Bite me,' replied Callodyn. 'While I admire Quiet Riot regardless, what I find totally lacking credibility in rock and roll are the Jilly come lately hard rock queens of latter decades. They were treading down well worn pathways, but lasses like, whats her name? That American Idol chick? Totally devoid in original sound and lyric. Cliched copycat of her predecessors.'

'Funny,' said Kelly. 'I know that chick too. Kelly something was her name. She redefined rock and roll for generations.'

'Yes, dung beetles live in generations, I acknowledge that,' said Callodyn. 'They surely got their rocks off on her shit.'

'Callodyn,' said Kelly.

'Yes sis,' replied Callodyn.

'You're an asshole.'

'Let's move on. I want a plush toy for Stephanie. Win me one would you?'

'I'll think about it,' she replied, as they carried on through the newly opened entertainment park.

* * * * *

'A tough day?' queried Kelly to Klaudia Papp.

'Oh, you know,' she replied. 'A maids work is never done.'

'Of course, Jetydosa is doing well with managing the new entertainment park of Circular Frenzy. He helped establish yours in Tharwa Bliss, and now its back up to the Realm of Eternity's main Circular Frenzy centre.'

'It's all about that now,' said Klaudia. 'Work. Wanting us to get somewhere in life. He suggested I return to maid work to stay focused. To get me doing something productive and useful.'

'And you were looking forward to being a housewife I take it?' said Kelly.

'Something like that,' replied Klaudia. 'I wanted to have children and settle down. But Jetydosa is a true Saruvim and wants to rule the world. So many egos in Kalphona city. So many.'

'Appropriate place for my twin,' replied Kelly under her breath.

'What?' asked Klaudia, not hearing her.

'Nothing. Look, marriage is a two way street Klaudia. There's give and take. Sure, he gets his say at times, but it has to work for you as well. Share your concerns with him,' said Kelly.

'Not at this stage,' replied Klaudia. 'Honestly, I don't really mind, and see the point in his logic. I probably want success. Maybe somewhere down the road once we're established and things, but Jetydosa is established now. He's been around a long time, and I'm still young. I guess I can understand where he is coming from.'

'Still it has to work for you too. Keep it bottled up and it will come out one way or another. Marriage fails because of lack of communication. Been there, done that, learned my lesson. Tell him what you want. He might surprise you with his compassion.'

'I'll keep that in mind,' replied Klaudia.

* * * * *

'And sign it,' said Fiona MacIntosh.

Kelly signed the form allowing Kelly and Jetydosa to busk on Golden Fries and Burgers property in Kalphona City.

'I'll file it, and it will be registered in the database tonight,' said Fiona.

'Come on then,' said Kelly. They went out the back of the Golden Fries and Burgers restaurant in the city of Kalphona, and Jetydosa was on the back steps, twiddling with his bass guitar.

'Music, Kelly, gets into the soul,' said Jetydosa. 'It rocks you and it rolls you. It takes a whole lot of woman to dig the heart of Bappo Bass Beats.'

'I'm a whole lot of Bappo girl,' replied Kelly.

'I do know,' said Jetydosa.

'Play your damn music proddie dogs,' said Fiona, and sat down on the steps.

'Funny,' said Kelly. The back of Golden Fries was in a section where businesses had their private parking, and wasn't technically a shopfront area. But there were business sorts around, and as Kelly started singing some Bluesy songs, with Jetydosa playing his guitar, they gathered around.

'I'm a girl I live in a girls world. And I get the blues. They go with my curls. I'm a girl. I know how to rock and roll. The blues get into my heart. They shape my soul.' And she continued singing, and Fiona was clapping her hands, and Jetydosa seemed caught up in his bass guitar play, in his element it would seem. People enjoyed the show, and their busking hat filled up with coins and notes. They did about half a dozen songs they'd chatted about beforehand.

'That's all folks,' said Kelly after the last tune. 'Glad you liked the show.'

Jetydosa grabbed the hat. It had probably about $400 credit dollars in it.

'This enough for a week's feeding at Golden Fries?' he asked Fiona.

'It should cover it,' smiled Fiona in reply.

Once inside Kelly sat with Jetydosa, and they ate Golden Fries.

'You have words of advice for me about Klaudia. She mentioned you might,' said Jetydosa.

'So many new marriages can fail if they don't get the fundamentals right from the outset,' said Kelly. 'Love brings it together, but love can rust damn quick if you don't have good routines and agreements.'

Jetydosa bit into his burger. 'Then advise me Callophim angel.'

Kelly smiled at the compliment.

* * * * *

'What's this?' asked Callodyn, in reference to the blue hardback book on Kelly's desk in front of her where she was studying.

'A book,' smiled Kelly, writing notes.

Callodyn picked it up. 'Jesus of Nazareth and his Teaching on Marital Commitments.' Callodyn held the book, and flicked it open. After a moment he put it down on the desk.

'Christian is it?' he asked her.

'No,' she replied.

Callodyn looked at her. He pulled up a seat and picked up the book. He spent some time flicking through it. 'It doesn't quote the new testament,' he said, putting the book down again.

'It's by Jesus of Nazareth. He's a man who cares about marriage and other things of moral and divine structures.'

'Right,' said Callodyn. 'It looks recent.'

'Published 5 years ago,' she said.

'Right,' said Callodyn. He sat in silence. 'They've admitted it, have they?'

'Admitted what?' asked Kelly.

'Jesus. He's admitted Christianity is idolatry, has he?'

'We don't deify Jesus,' said Kelly. 'We believe in God.'

'Right,' said Callodyn. He sat in silence. 'The Trinity fell out of vogue a long time ago. They've been on regular Jesus doctrine a long time now. Finally over it, are you?'

'Jesus is a teacher in the church community. We are a community with values and beliefs of being moral, loving, caring and decent. We observe the laws of society and get along with our fellow men.'

Callodyn sat in silence. 'Right,' he said after a while. 'Still the church. But no longer Christian.'

'We're not really christian any more. That was an understanding of the Torah scriptures which blew an idea right out of proportion. Messianic zeal was just hyping up certain passages. We've understood that a long time now.'

'Right,' said Callodyn. 'I see. So its a social club with a moral stance.'

'Yes,' said Kelly. 'Something like that.'

'And he has teaching on marriage and other morality issues,' said Callodyn.

'It's a good book,' said Kelly. 'I'm researching it.'

'I see,' said Callodyn.

He stood. He scratched his testicles. He walked away.

Kelly continued studying. She could feel the tension in the flat. Literally.

* * * * *

'Don't you like have a trillion dollars a microsecond in royalties?' queried Fiona to Kelly. 'From your albums?'

'Gosh, much more than that,' said Kelly.

'Right,' replied Fiona. 'Shit. I know my husband is rich beyond belief but I would imagine all the ancient copyright holders have money beyond your wildest dreams. Which begs the question. Why are you busking for it?'

'Silly, you have to keep up the good works. You retire too soon Callodyn and Daniel will come gunning for you with mockery you wouldn't believe. Sure, we can retire, and take the easy money. The Universe can afford us too as well. But till we've been through a good load of eternity and understanding things we don't. Or we get mocked as being lazy bones.'

'Who cares,' replied Fiona. 'Take the easy life.'

'Too much pride in us,' replied Kelly. 'Not going to let the snake king get one over us.'

'You call your twin the snake king?' queried Fiona,

'And then some,' said Kelly. 'He is so far up his back passage it's unbelievable. He has mocked us all so long now. I mean, Jesus. Thinks he bloody infallible. The supreme Rainbow Covenant Warrior. There are grudges against him which are eternal. I am sure of that truth. It comforts me at night. He'll get his.'

'Very funny,' replied Fiona. 'Callodyn is fun. Your lucky to have a twin like that. He gets the job done.'

Kelly looked at Fiona. 'That what you think, is it?'

'Very much so. He's a hard worker. Doesn't quit at the job. Still takes it all seriously. It is an excellent ethic. And he's so well established with the community, believe me he could retire forever if he wanted to. His service has been excellent.'

'I see,' said Kelly. 'Interesting.'

'Your lucky,' said Fiona.

'Right,' said Kelly. 'Never really thought about it like that.'

Kelly settled down on the steps, and played her guitar for a bit, and sang a bit. Some people drifted around to watch her, and she made some money. But thoughts of her twin were on her mind, and what other people thought of the attitude of Callodyn the Cherubim and Callophim of Eternity.

* * * * *

Kelly had gathered Jetydosa, Klaudia and Callodyn for dinner at their Kalphona City flat. Callodyn came out with a microphone. And a CD.

'See this,' he said to those gathered.

'We're having pizza, if that's ok,' said Kelly, ignoring her twin.

'It's a CD,' said Callodyn.

'That's nice dear,' replied Kelly. 'You play your little song then.'

'It's a copy of 'All God's Children' by King's X. It has the instrumental on it. It's one of the rare pressings.'

'Hey, that's worth a fortune,' said Jetydosa.

'My husband is excited,' said Klaudia to Kelly.

Callodyn put it in the stereo and hit play. The instrumental started playing. He'd plugged in his microphone and then began singing.

'He cut off the Christ Child. Covered him with shit. Showed he was a drunkard. That he wasn't fit. He gave them the Torah. Said he'd be with them each day. But they still chose their Jesus. Said he was the way. And all God's children kept believing. And all God's children believed anyway.'

Callodyn stopped singing as the music played on.

The pizza arrived and the album 'Faith Hope Love' was now on by King's X.

'You know,' said Kelly. 'He has an attitude does Callodyn. We keep the faith in what God gave us to start with, and he has a problem with that. We were just working it out with Jesus of Nazareth. God didn't sell us the Old Testament. He sold us the Old Testament AND the New Testament. A more complete package. Dude needs to realize we were born again on a more complete package. Not just the Rainbow, which, yes, was part of the package. We admit it. But there was more.'

'And all God's children believed anyway,' said Callodyn. He looked smug.

'Eat your damn pizza,' said Kelly.

'I love Jesus, dude,' said Jetydosa. 'He's under my skin. Can't get him out if I tried to. I know he isn't God. He's just a dude. But he's in my soul, and it's just the way it is.'

'That's the way it is with them,' said Klaudia to Callodyn. 'Me? I'm based on the law of the land. Never had much more going on than be a good girl Klaudia. All the parents worried about terribly much. But it's in Jetydosa. Especially the King's X style of it all. And obviously Kelly goes to Church when she is in trouble.'

'We alls need sum preachin',' said Kelly.

'Funny,' said Callodyn. 'Technically, I do keep a copy of the New Testament. It is in our Noahide archives.'

'There you go,' said Kelly Clarkson.

'There you go,' replied Callodyn the Cherubim.

* * * * *

'So marital bliss relies on commitment and people working out routines and agreements, does it?' queried Callodyn to his twin Kelly.

'Pretty much,' replied Kelly, siting on the couch in their flat in Kalphona City. She was leafing through a magazine on a quiet afternoon, with not much happening.

'We're not married of course,' said Callodyn.

'Oh, Cally. We've been married a number of times now, that I don't worry about the technicalities too much anymore. We have a current child, for want of a better word, together at the moment. I think we are mostly together in the real world.'

'I could formalize it,' mused Callodyn. 'You seem to have lost interest in whats his name. The country bloke.'

'He'll be back one day. We have children together. But he's probably not my main interest.'

'That would be me,' said Callodyn.

'It mostly worked out like that,' said Kelly, looking at him. 'It's not necessarily a thing for romance. The twin thing. I know that now. It can be, of course. But it doesn't have to be. In the end we worked out pretty well because we like each other well enough. And we find each other attractive.'

'Rich,' said Callodyn. 'I can do much better than you. You're a 4 on a good day.'

'And I enjoy your charms,' said Kelly.

'I wouldn't want another twin. You stay focused on life well enough. And you have good experience now,' said Callodyn. 'Not everyone is still going strong you know. There are many who have fallen by the wayside. Down in sheol. Not really rising up anymore. Their heart isn't in it anymore. Spent forces. You seem to kick on.'

'As do you,' she replied. 'Now order me some pasta. I'm hungry.'

'As you wish, queen of my heart,' replied Callodyn.

Callodyn ordered the pasta. Kelly sat there. She was happy.

The End

Fallen Angel 4

'Modelling work again. For Childers agency? And you are in bikinis?' said Fiona MacIntosh to her daughter Crystal.

'I've sold my soul to Saruviel Satan the Saruvim for the glory unlimited,' replied Crystal.

'Don't be sarcastic,' said Fiona. 'I don't know.'

'You want to be a harlot, do you?' asked Ambriel.

'It's what I'm good at,' replied Crystal. 'It's what people expect from me. Blonde bombshell who puts out for the bucks.'

'Wonderful. Our daughter is whore Babylon,' said Fiona, putting down the portfolio.

'It's a living,' said Crystal. 'The Saruvim world is highly competitive. You have to be cutting edge on everything to get noticed. If you have to be hot, believe me you have to be hot, or you go into squaresville with them, which is accounting and legal work and all the bland and boring stuff.'

'Thanks,' said Ambriel. 'I am a lawyer you know.'

'Oh, that's right, isn't it. What you trained on,' replied Crystal.

'I still practice,' replied Ambriel.

'News to me,' said Fiona.

'Every now and then I get a case. I work with a firm in Zionistya at the moment. Various aspects of law. Also, heavily involved with my disc again in running it and improving our legislation. Valandriel and Daniel have lightened up about Israeli participation in the Realm of Eternity. They don't seem to care that much anymore.'

'Probably because it's far too late for your potential numbers to affect them much. You won't outpopulate their community any more. What I hear from Noahides regularly. Don't want Jews telling them what to do,' said Fion.

'Yada yada yada. Some old conversation,' said Ambriel. 'Heard that to death.'

'I'm not offended by it,' said Crystal. 'I understand people like to maintain their way of life without interference. It's what I'm looking for from both of you in my work. No, I don't intend becoming a prostitute, but I do like modelling. Support would be nice.'

'If that's what you want to do,' said Fiona.

'Thanks mum,' said Crystal, and kissed her.

'Just don't push it too hard. Our family has standards,' said Ambriel.

'I understand poppa,' said Crystal, and picked up the portfolio and went to her room.

'Saruvim competition,' said Fiona.

'I know,' replied Ambriel.

The End

Saruvim Family Values

To clear things up with some of those readers interested in details of the Chronicles, Jetydosa was like Dug Pinnick in terms of his racial complexion. He was black, but opaque enough. Klaudia Papp, his wife, was a white lady of Hungarian descent. As time passed in Kalphora they had 3 children, Eric, Roshelle and Stewart. Jetydosa revealed his surname on their birth certificates as Harris, which Klaudia found illuminating as, till that time, he had not divulged such details. We carry on with their legacy and chronicles with the children in their teens, Eric the oldest, Roshelle the middle girl, and Stewart the youngest, a happy Saruvim Values Family.

'No,' said Stewart to Roshelle. 'I do not wish to swap my copy of KXM's 'Eye of the Beholder' for Jesy Nelson's 'Witch Queen of New Orleans'.

'It is a good deal,' said Roshelle. She looked at the gaming board. The board game 'Music Mix', a recent edition, was being played by the teens. It was similar to Monopoly in some ways, were players traded and won Musical artefacts and items of value to see who became Music Mix Master.

'I can offer you a copy of 'Info Freako' by Jesus Jones also.

'They are an average band,' said Stewart.

'Personal tastes do not factor in,' said Roshelle. 'The single is deemed scarce and collectable with a value of $1500. Quiet good at End Game time.' End game was when the final round had passed, and they added up the total value of their collectables, and drew the 'Seasons Trading' card to see how the values would end up judged and whether they got lucky or not. It was capable of being played in a complex way, and while not as challenging as Bridge it got quite animated in Board Game clubs when being played seriously.

Eric, who was listening to a CD on his CD Walkman, nudged his brother. 'Take the deal. Statistically you'll probably get lucky.'

'Depends on the end game,' said Stewart. 'She's collecting a lot of Diva pop cards. She gets the right season trade card at the end she'll crucify me.'

'That's the plan little man,' said Roshelle.

'Don't call me little man. Have your ruddy card,' he said, throwing down the card.

'Thank you very much,' replied Roshelle.

Klaudia, making dinner, looked in on the children playing.

'It's working,' she said to Jetydosa.

'We follow the Family Values guidelines we mapped out after all of Kelly's lectures, and marriage and family does work. We agreed to make this marriage work. It shouldn't be that surprising when things go well.'

'No. It shouldn't,' agreed Klaudia.

The kids continued playing, and Roshelle did in fact get lucky enough with the final end game, and Stewart lost again. But he took it in good humility as he was duly taught to do so in life.

Soon enough they were watching Saturday afternoon TV.

'Dad, what's your name?' asked Stewart.

'Jack,' replied Jetydosa.

'It's not Jack,' shouted out Klaudia from the kitchen. 'He always says that when asked.'

'I don't divulge my birth certificate first name,' said Jetydosa. 'I use it for legal purposes, but keep that to myself. Jack will do for the family if you want to call me a more regular first name.'

'I'm a big King's X fan,' said Stewart. 'But Jack is easier with my buddies.'

'Then you call me Jack,' said Jetydosa.

There was a knock at the front door and Klaudia answered it.

'Eric,' shouted Klaudia. 'Your study group is here.'

Klaudia ushered into the room Julia Stern, daughter of Moshe Stern, principal of Kalphona City High School and Isabella Rothchild, daughter of David Rothchild and Fiona MacIntosh.

'Hey girls,' said Eric.

The girls sat down at the table and Julia got out her maths book.

'Now, where were we up to,' said Julia.

'Always the conscientous one,' said Eric.

'You don't get anywhere in life,'

'without effort. Yeh, yeh. We know Julia. You say it all the time,' replied Eric. He looked at Isabella.

'What's up Izzy?'

'Just my sister's stupidity,' replied Isabella. 'She's dancing topless again at Childers. Mum and dad never stop arguing with her, and that boyfriend of hers doesn't seem to keep her in check.'

'Radiel? They're engaged aren't they?'

'Officially unoficially,' replied Isabella. 'I mean, why would it even matter? She's a total harlot. Nothing like a responsible Jewish lady.'

'Agreed,' said Julia.

'Oh, by the book as always, isn't it,' said Eric.

'You disagree?' asked Julia, getting out her calculator.

'Not necessarily,' said Eric. 'But Crystal likes to live a little. She's a bit of a celebrity, and she does what she wants. Lives the good life.'

'Lives the decadent life,' said Isabella. 'I mean I can talk to her on girly things, but she's not made of much more than that. A fallen angel in every way as far as I am concerned.'

'Enough chatter,' said Klaudia, coming into the room. 'Study.'

'Yes mum,' said Eric, pulling out his maths book.

The trio studied quietly for a while, the dux of the class, Julia, leading them in their study of year 9 maths.

Jetydosa came into the room with a guitar and started playing.

'That guitar is hopelessly out of tune,' said Julia to Eric.

'It's meant to be,' commented Jetydosa. 'It has the sound I'm looking for.'

'Yes Scott Joplin,' replied Julia.

'Cheeky little,' began Jetydosa.

'Now now, people. Let's have a civilized time,' said Klaudia.

'So and so,' finished Jeytdosa. 'You want Scott Joplin do you?'

'Would be an improvement from your usual rock and roll attempts.'

'You need new friends, Eric,' said Jetydosa. 'Ok. I'll give you Scott Joplin.' Jetydosa started playing Maple Leaf Rag, and the children listened.

'That was competent. For a change,' said Julia. 'How about the Entertainer.'

'As you wish,' said Jetydosa, who spent a few minuets with Joplin's best known ragtime piece.

'I like the Sting,' said Isabella. 'It has that music. Classic movie. I saw it last year with dad at the pictures.'

'The old Raggamuffin?' queried Jetydosa.

'Yes sir,' replied Isabella. 'Where they feature classic films regularly.'

'If X = 2Z and 3Z = 47.5, what does X = asked Eric?'

'Simple division,' said Julia. 'What the calculator is for. But you should be able to do that one in your head.'

'Smart as well,' said Jetydosa. 'Knows music and math. No limit to the kids future.'

'Future is unwritten, but has infinite possibilities Mr Jetydosa,' said Julia.

'I'll take your word for it. Think I'll chill out the back,' said Jetydosa.

As Jetydosa left the room Klaudia said, 'Ignore him Julia. He does like you.'

'He likes the wit,' said Julia. 'Knew that when I first met him. I'm trying to impress him.'

'Different sort of logic,' said Eric.

'You could say that,' replied Julia.

The studying continued.

'I'm not sure you did the calculations right,' said Stewart. 'In the end game.' Stewart was looking at the season end card, and looking at his cards.

'I didn't cheat. Your lost fair and square,' said Roshelle.

Klaudia sighed. Another hectic Saruvim Family day.

Later that evening in the bedroom Jetydosa was looking at some sheet music, and Klaudia was reading a book.

'It's good that Eric has good friends. But I worry about Stewart. Since Jeremy left, he's not been able to make new friends terribly easily.'

'It will change when he gets to high school next year. New kids. New start,' said Jetydosa.

'I hope so,' replied Klaudia. 'Oh, go easy on Julia. She's just trying to impress you with her cleverness.'

'That's one word for it,' replied Jetydosa. 'It's not a problem. The kids fine. Like her father. Thinks she knows everything.'

'I know a lot of people who think they know everything,' replied Klaudia.

'Touche dearest.' He put down his sheet music. 'Now if you'll excuse me,' he said, turning off his light, and snuggling down.

'Jety. We are working out, aren't we?'

'Things are good,' replied Jetydosa.

'Then lets hope they stay that way,' replied Klaudia, and put down her book, turning off her light, and settling down.

And outside the wind blew and another saruvim family day was complete.

The End

Operation Skyscanner

'The best line of offense,' said Saruviel.

'Is a good defense. Where are we going?' queried Xaddadaxx.

'You'll see,' replied Saruviel.

They carried on driving well into the evening, climbing a mountain range in a desolate region of Kalphora. Around the middle of the night they arrived. Saruviel handed Xaddadaxx an ID card, and they approached a doorway on a tiny building. Saruviel opened it with and ID scan, and they came to a lift. Down they went. A long way down. At the bottom after 15 minutes, they came into a lit room. A security guard was there.

'Xaddadaxx,' said Saruviel.

'Id,' said the security guard.

Xaddadaxx showed him his Id. They were admitted into the facility. They came through doors into a magnificent cavernous room filled with computer terminals of various designs, and workmen and women all at them, monitoring them.

'This is operation skyscanner,' said Saruviel. 'It's what we do. But more complex.'

'Chaos crystals?'

'We are currently monitoring the Colton Federation for netherworld activity, but a lot of the other newer territories also. Satan is out there. Plotting. Building his powerbase. He'll wipe us out one day, if we're not ready. We can't prove it. But he's the devil.'

Xaddadaxx looked at a terminal. The man stationed there explained he was monitoring activity on the Aspar Cygnet array of Stellar Systems in the Colton Federation. 'Busy work most days. We find things. Occasionally teams are sent out to deal with issues. We say we have Aphar concerns to the Coltonists. They normally don't care anyway.'

'So you find stuff?' queried Xaddadaxx.

'All the time. They had been working a long time already when I began this project. We're still in catch up mode. But it's begun now. Call us Allegiance. Call us the United Galaxy. Call us what you want, but mainly it's a dirty job, but someone has to do it,' said Saruviel.

'Or we'll all end up in a sorry state,' replied Xaddadaxx.

'Exactly,' said Saruviel.

They continued on through the main room, before retiring to a cafeteria.

'Most of the workers live on site,' said Saruviel. 'Can't afford them to be known by the public terribly much. Need to keep this operation as hush hush as possible.'

'I could imagine,' replied Xaddadaxx. 'You want me in?'

'Your in now. Up to your eyeballs,' replied Saruviel.

'So it seems,' mused Xaddadaxx the Angel.

The End

Operation Skyscanner: Dealing with the Devil

Xadddadaxx finished off his burger and started on his lemonade. He sat there, on the hill in Kalphora, looking out at the sunset. Well, not technically a setting sun, but the dimming of the day and God provided a light show which was similar. He sipped on the soft drink, and enjoyed the anima of the trees and nature present. Kalphora was sedate, but out here in mother nature she showed natural traits well enough. Calm, peaceful and not many around. Except for hundreds of metres underground. He finished his drink, and took out his ID card and went to the small shack. He entered the ID, took the elevator down, and met the same security guard, Alfred, which he had gotten used to.

'There in the interview room. With the person of interest,' said Alfred.

Xaddadaxx made his way through the large cavern, to the end. The cafeteria was upstairs at the end of the cavern, but at the bottom Saruviel's office was on the left and the interview room on the right. He came inside. Daniel the Seraphim and Saruviel were seated. A man in clothings looking like Gandalf the grey was seated with handcuffs on. Xaddadaxx sat.

'Took your time. Your 10 minutes late,' said Saruviel.

'Ate my dinner up in the scenery upstairs,' said Xadadaxx. 'Uh, what is in here? In this room? Something's not right.'

'Pick up a coin,' said Saruviel.

Daniel noticed on the table in front of the man were a small amount of coins. He picked one up and looked at it. It had the Anarchy symbol on one side and a picture of Satan with Freedom written on it on the others.

'Jesus!' swore Xaddadaxx, and threw down the coin. 'Freedom. To do whatever I want. It's laden with it.'

'These are the emisarries of the church of free darkness,' said Daniel. 'The coins are loaded with freedom spirit. Absolute freedom. They are all over the Colton federation.'

'You can't stop us,' said the man. 'I am illegally held here.'

'You don't even believe in law,' said Saruviel.

'What do we do about it?' asked Xaddadaxx.

Saruviel looked at the emisarry. 'We have coin holders. Plastic ones. Prepared by the Assembly of the Living God. With the Rainbow Torah prayed into their animistic being. It's all we could agree on that was universal enough law to control this devil.'

'I see,' said Xaddadaxx.

'I want you to know we'll hunt your kind, steal your coins, encase them and bury them,' said Saruviel to the emisarry. 'Tell your kind we're onto them.'

'We're forming a team from some elderly cherubim to handle the case,' said Daniel. 'We want you involved with the ongoing mission. Your experience counts for a lot.'

'Another of the devil's dark designs,' said Xaddadaxx.

'He's got endless,' said the emissary.

'Don't we know it,' finished Saruviel.

The End

Operation Skyscanner: The Final Conflict

'It's a problem. Subhura Takahashi has been a problematic free radical from the start. And now his Aphar 7 objects are clustering all throughout the Colton Federation. Word has it that Colton himself and Subhura see eye to eye on a lot of issues, and freedom is starting to be an even stronger catchcry and unabated economic development. Colton wants to get rich now, and have free reign for his federation to be a breeding ground of capitalists who put the dollar first and people rights and, ironically, freedoms last. Its crude. Practically slave labour abounds, people having to work hard just to make a living, and control of so much illicit sex trafficking that it's ridiculous. And what's worse, we think they are planning an attack of sorts,' said Saruviel the Seraphim to those gathered.

'Is Satan involved?' queried Michael the Seraphim of Eternity.

'Not that we are aware of,' said the Logos of Infinity. 'Not directly. No real proof of his name involved with the Aphar 7 growth or Colton himself. I have a statement from him that he's the devil. He doesn't give a shit about people being sucessful in life. Just the devil's glory.'

'A clearer picture,' said Xaddadaxx of what our Saruvim brother represents. 'But I doubt this doesn't please him.'

'If he could really care,' said Logos.

'The attack,' said Saruviel. 'Is the marshalling of space fleets around the clusters of Aphar 7s. There's no proof they intend going anywhere, but we've seen some massive investments in military in recent times in the Colton Federation. Looks like they want to take us on. Their spoiling for a fight.'

There was silence in the room for a while.

'What do we do about their theological points? The basic premise of Colton is legal. A pathetically slack society, but people can choose that if they want.'

'When it comes to warfare, though,' said Saruviel. 'We have to act. To defend ourselves at the very least. We don't need to restructure this menace and tell them what to do. In the end we won't. But if they want to take on the United Galaxy and the hosts of Heaven and Earth they've bitten off more than they can chew. They are big now, but we are bigger. They simply don't have the numbers or the technology to take us on.'

'Then why are they doing it?' asked Xaddadaxx.

'They want to be the man. They probably know they'll lose, but they don't care anyway. This might the be the result of an ancient trauma in the youth of Colton, when some authoritarian pushed his buttons and gave him an attitude. We don't really know. But he's gunning for us. That much seems certain.'

'Then war it is,' said Xaddadaxx.

'I'm afraid so,' finished Logos, as a silence again come over those assembled.

The End

Operation Skyscanner: Colton's Statement

Xaddadaxx had seen problems in his time. Operation Skyscanner had spent about 5 years with him dealing with Chaos Crystal formations, large ones, and other turbulent netherworld activity. Then it had been about another 5 years dealing with the freedom coins of dark emissaries, before the final conflict had come. But while it wasn't quite a fizzle, it had cost a lot of lives. Colton had attacked with his fleet, and done severe damage to a lot of outlying UG worlds and cities. They hadn't engaged nuclear weapons, mainly missile attacks, and some ground forces had been deployed by both sides. But after some showdowns in space, Colton had retreated and sent a message by envoy to the Hosts of Heaven. 'I'm James Arthur Colton. And I don't like you guys very much. You're too restrictive. But shit, if that what works for you. Our recent debacle was a message. Leave us the fuck alone. Don't try and play supercop over our federation. We have no real beef with you. We're not a federation based on conflict specifically. We just want to do our own thing and live life on our own terms. We have a basic code or way about us. We tough it out and get on with things. We don't kill our people. We lock up murderers. Thieves are usually quietened down well enough. There's not much more than that. Technically we do acknowledge that God is holy enough on your Rainbow Torah concerns. He doesn't bother us – we don't bother him. Leave us alone. We're not a threat. Ciao.'

People had received that, and it had seemed honest enough. Colton was basically about what he was about all along. There didn't seem to be a hidden agenda. They just liked a lot of liberty. Councils of Heaven met and discussed it. It was agreed that the monitoring would go on and a correct enough formulation of mankind's rights which needed to be defended. There were issues with Colton, especially on slavery and sexual practices, but they might need to be a lot more sensitive about how they approached that in the future. And then life settled down, and the conflict was resolved. Xaddadaxx, though, was soon enough asked by Saruviel to go on with his general Skyscanner missions, as after the conflict, they still had the same issue somewhat. They'd deal with it. It's what they did in life.

The End




Saruviel the Seraphim dug a grave. He put his dead cat in it. He swore. He went home.

'Cat's aren't eternal,' said Krystabel.

'She was 14 million years old,' replied Saruviel. 'I assumed she was by now.'

'You have to maintain prayer. You quit praying for the cat 2 million years ago,' said Krystabel.

'Can I borrow your crucifix?' asked Saruviel.

'What do you want that for? It's an old family heirloom.'

'Can I borrow it?' asked Saruviel.

'Fine,' replied a concerned Krystabel.

The following morning in Kalphora city at Saruviel's back yard, Jesus was present.

'It's on the grave. The crucifix. Raise the cat,' said Saruviel.

Jesus looked at the grave. He looked at Saruviel. 'Raise the cat? From the dead?'

'Yes,' replied a concerned Saruviel. 'I miss my pussy.'

'Right,' replied Jesus. 'Well, cat's are a fine thing and all.'

'Can you bloody do it or not?'

'They are not exactly my specialty,' replied Jesus.

Saruviel sat down cross-legged, and put his head in his hands. He was moaning.

Jesus looked at him. He knelt down and prayed, 'Dear God. I am sure Saruviel my brother will remember to pray for his cat from now on. I ask mercy for his pussy cat.'

Suddenly the ground surged, and the cat erupted out of it screeching.

'Whiskers!' cried Saruviel. He grabbed the cat, and dusted off the dirt. He turned to Jesus. 'Thank you brother. I appreciate that.'

'Nice crucifix. Very traditional,' said Jesus.

'It's Krystabel's. Family heirloom,' replied Saruviel.

For the next few weeks Saruviel was very attentive to his pussy cat. He prayed for her. Fed her. Played with her. Soon enough life returned to normal, but Saruviel remembered this: Pray for your pussy. It needs the attention. Or it could die.

The End

Quadel and Layelliel 2

'It looks terribly – green,' said Duncan McFarling.

'It's supposed to,' replied Hardonyx.

'It's the garden of God,' said Saruviel. 'I have collected a wide array of God's natural flora, and this is to be the official Garden of Eden of Kalphora. I will resume some regular overseers prayers for the growth of Kalphora, and the Garden will be a fundamental part of that.'

Layelliel focused the camera she was filming with on Saruviel. The documentary was progressing. 'What has been the fundamental motivation for building Kalphora's Garden of Eden, Master Saruviel?' she asked him.

'Master Saruviel?' he replied. 'That's a new one. Well, it was Mr Whiskers.'

Jesus smirked.

'And who is Mr Whiskers?' asked Layelliel, as Saruviel knelt down and handled some plants.

'Mr Whiskers is my pussy cat. He died recently, and Jesus brought him back to life,' said Saruviel.

'The good lord above brought him back to life. But I did pray about it,' replied Jesus.

'Right,' said Layelliel. 'And how did that inspire the new Garden?'

'It got me thinking. Cat's need food. And they naturally get it in, well, nature. And that is a fundamental of life we can't live without. We can get oh so caught up in our modern world, but when I'm in the olde world I often reflect how nature-based or nature-reliant it really is. And I reflected on early Genesis and the Garden of Eden and realized that, not just for man or even angel, but for all creation this is where life begins and what sustains life.'

'And how does Mr Whiskers figure into that?' persisted Layelliel, filming away.

'Well, if I had a proper enough back garden, or enough access for Mr Whiskers to a Garden life, he may have been happy enough to persist with me. He needed more time with me certainly, but his natural sustanence is nature. It's every creature's natural sustenance.'

'I understand,' said Layelliel.

They filmed away as workmen planted more plants that afternoon in the new reservation, and Quadel and Layelliel, with Duncan McFarling and Hardonyx, Layelliel's husband, continued on with their filming production of Kalphora's Garden of Eden. Later that evening the 4 of them were at the nearby hotel.

'Who says Saruviel doesn't have a soul,' said Quadel.

'Oh, he's always had one of those. Just caught up in being the ultimate, he was less sensitive to some of the fundamentals, I guess. Things as simple as the natural world,' replied Layelliel.

'Well it's a good thing,' said Hardonyx. 'Kalphora rivalling now some of the big natural world initiatives out there.'

'And there is quite a few of those. Other potential docos,' said Duncan McFarling to his boss Quadel.

'That could be an interesting idea,' replied Quadel the Seraphim.

The End

Dirty Dancing in the Moonlight 3

The Cherubim Callodyn, Daniel Daly in his human earthly name, looked out at the Tathra sand in Twilight. The sun was behind them to the west, but the moonlight had started, and it was their usual birthday celebration he held on many occasions.

'Jessie,' said Daniel.

'Hey,' she said.

'Wassup?' asked Daniel.

'Oh, you know. Life. When are you going to leave that twin Kelly of yours, and that pretend wife.'

'Not going to. And Kayella is just a support,' replied Daniel.

'But you dance with me every time we do this,' she replied.

'I love you heaps, babe. And besides. You are impossible to get. All the Brit tabloids say so. Jessie J knocks back another suitor. Likes the single life. Dedicated to the Garden of Eden she is growing, and wants no other things interfering with that. Oh, you've got competition on that now. Saruviel's new project.'

'Doubt that he'll commit,' replied Jessica, biting into an apple, looking out at the sand.

'I know him a little,' said Marcus, looking up. 'Andrew speaks of him. Seraphim Daniel's son. Says when he commits to things he takes them drastically seriously.'

'His job,' said Daniel.

'Still, I doubt he has the mother natuire touch,' replied Jessica. 'And that he knows how to harmonize. It's all in that. The harmonization. Finding the balance between nature and mankind's constructs. In my Garden I'm an expert at that.'

'It's like wandering around the set of Nobod's Perfect,' said Daniel. 'Weird looking Hansel and Gretel Houses, with countless apple trees and little statues of green snakes with red tongues everywhere.'

'That's the point,' replied Jessie. 'Harmony. Good living with evil in a world which somehow, despite the differences, manages to get along. Liberal and Conservative. The way of the world.'

'If you say so Mistress of the Green,' replied Daniel. ;'But you always nag Gabriel. Pray, you say to him. Terraphora must grow to enrichen my Garden world. I mean, I understand you wanted priority for your project, and Zaphora is damn expensive to get any land in, but you could have gone further out if you know what I mean.'

'I want it to be a garden Wolfgang takes a personal interest in,' replied Jessie.

'I visit it every now and again,' said the Theophany of God, who had appeared to be snoozing with a towel over his eyes.

'He does,' said Rihanna. 'But he takes that blasted Bluebell Halliwell with him when he does.'

'It's a hobby we do together,' said Wolfgang. 'Gloryel likes Jessies's Garden a lot, and asks me to get involved with it. So she's busy much, and I take Bluebell.'

'All 5 Spice Girls like it,' said Jessie. 'It's got some of their ideas coming in now also.'

'I've noticed,' said Daniel. 'Fairtyale Park indeed.'

'And with Saruviel's competition you have a real snake to compete with,' said Marcus.

Jessie smiled. 'Dance with me Daniel.'

And so they danced, and the fellowship enjoyed another party, and Daniel commented he might take a look at Jessies garden. Something to do on a rainy day.

The End

Vendyl Jones and the Ark of the Rainbow Covenant

'There she is,' said Vendyl. 'Noah's Ark. In all her glory. Restored to working condition, floating on the Black Sea of the New Earth.'

'She looks good Vendyl,' said Billy Jack Dial.

'You are pretenders to Noahide glory,' said Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

'The Karaite is jealous as we have Noah's permission for a cruise,' said Vendyl. 'Truly sad.'

'Pretend Noahides,' replied Daniel, looking out at the Ark from the shore of the Black Sea.

'We have a deeper Noahide tradition than Mr 1999,' said Frances Makarova.

'You'll have to give her that much, Daniel,' said June Cantrell.

'Godfearers ye may be, but they were only inventing tradition,' replied Daniel.

'It's old tradition,' said Vendyl. 'And our community is vast now.'

'Shall we go on board,' said Billy.

The ladies walked up the plank, and Noah met them at the door. 'Remember,' he said. 'It just gets pushed out to sea, and the tugboats push us around for a few hours. Can't promise anything, but there's a chance of rain.'

Frances looked up at the cloudy sky. '40 days of it Noah?'

'According to an ancient covenant, probably not,' samiled Noah.

The Noahides came on board Noah's ark, and the door was closed. They came to the level with the open window and looked out. They were shoved out into the ocean, and soon enough were jostling on the waters.

'What was it like?' asked June. 'Back in the day.'

'I knew it wouldn't sink. Just knew in the end,' said Noah. 'Call it that thing of faith, but we did the job according to the Lord's specifications. But we feared things. The rain never stopped for ages. It was quite disconcerting.'

They enjoyed their paddle on the ocean, and Daniel was filming the meal they enjoyed together.

'Right,' said Daniel. 'Let's settle this. Pecking order. We're a younger movement, I acknowledge, but we are more scripturally sound.'

'Apparently,' replied Frances.

'Oh, there are merits in both sides,' said Noah. 'But traditionalists and fundamentalists are always at odds. Its the way of the religious world. Probably the way it's meant to be.'

'Impasse,' said Daniel. 'I'll get his confession one day.'

Noah smiled.

There were some ducks with them, and they fed the ducks, and Frances commented that Daniel made a good duck. A daffy one.

'Oh hah hah,' replied Daniel.

Soon enough they were back on shore, and Noah looked up at it. 'It's been in storage a long time, but I get her out for an occasional jaunt. It took me years to build her you know.'

'You don't say,' said Vendyl.

'How about that,' said Frances.

And so the warring parties enjoyed Noah's hospitality, and while Daniel had filmed the encounter, Vendyl wrote up some notes, and the article on his website 'Vendyl Jones and the Ark of the Rainbow Covenant' was read by more than just traditionalist Noahides.

The End

Blue Squadron

Early on there had been aliens. And then they had embraced a dystopian spirit and disappeared. But the Lord had a plan, and they were soon enough reborn into the seed of humanity and angelicdom. But after a while they formed their allegiances again, for their souls remembered their pre-history, and the civilizations began anew in human form. Recently Radiel had been leading Blue Squadron of Kalphoria in its heavenly duties in the ongoing war with the Scarlattians. They had bothered Earth Prime in particular aeons previously, and were at war again, fighting it out to build their empire. War and conquest was the Scarlattian way a lot of the time and while the Colton Federation just wanted to be left alone the Scarlattians were looking for a fight.

'The war is bitter,' said Radiel to Crystal. 'They attack planetary bodies freely, and try and enslave them. Our job is often as liberators, and the Scarlattians breed a fair bit so their numbers grow. It's a tough fight, and they are big now, growing all the time. Most of their people aren't involved in the conflict, but there are a large number of Scarlattian nations and organisations who push the struggle.'

'Why not muscle up and wipe them out? Teach them a lesson,' said Crystal.

'We've thought about that, and if more could be bothered perhaps we would. But in comparison they are tiny to the larger communities, and nobody really cares that much. Kalphora is committed to the fight, and some of the other discworlds get involved, but many citizens of the realms don't really care about the ongoing wars out there. It doesn't affect them and they don't want to risk their lives in the fight. Sad really. Blue Squadron, though. They fight hard. We've had many victories, and the tide is slowly turning in our favour. We're going to launch against the Scarlattis systems one of these days, and dish out some treatment. We'll end it eventually.'

'Right,' said Crystal. She picked up some pasta with her fork and looked at the TV. 'The new Garden of Eden is growing. All sorts of naturists are flocking to Kalphora to enjoy it. Saruviel's vision will probably help our economy.'

'Probably,' agreed Radiel. 'Anyway, do you want to be dropped home after dinner?'

'I can stay the night,' she smiled.

'Oh. Lucky night for me,' said Radiel.

'Maybe,' replied Crystal. 'If you put on your Blue Squadron uniform.' Radiel did so. He got lucky. Crystal went home the following day, a bit more certain now about the one which was likely to be her man. It had progressed a while now.

The End