Seasons of Life - Book One - The Duat Cycle


What has gone Before


Hector Antioch and Elizabeth have travelled through psychic jumps to the Duat Galaxy, having left the many coloured land.  ‘Mental Man’ is Hector’s objective, and he will not stop until he has completed his goal.  But Elizabeth is reluctant.  She fears Hector’s arrogance, and wonders for her own fate.  What they will find in Duat, well God only knows……….


Chapter One


Lylmandrea considered the figure before her.  He spoke of the older people, the Firvulag and Tanu, those her people had vanquished and destroyed.  He spoke of a galaxy, far distant, and a remnant of the ancient adversaries which resided there.  And he spoke of power, the mind powers which her people possessed, claiming his own such strengths.  And he spoke with such a power of persuasion, she almost considered him to be speaking truly.


They had trained these ‘Human’s’ in their language first of all, and then the day had arrived for them to be presented to their Sovereign, Queen Lylmandrea.  The Queen stared at the man and considered him.  He seemed quite similar to her own race, the Kalstak.  But there was something else – something about him – something which spoke to her heart of destiny in the hands of he who was, in the hands of ‘The One’.


You speak of evolution.  You speak of it in such a way as if genes change, and grow.  This we refute, Hector Antioch.  We can only surmise from your recollections of knowledge of your Galactic Confederation that you had yet to understand the nature of ‘The One’s’ design.  We, too, have gone through such changes.  We, too, have ‘evolved’ in a way.  But what we know in truth is that what you call ‘evolution’ is merely the fruit of the gene pool expressing itself.  Your brother, Jack, was planned in the mind of ‘The One’ since creation.  His genetic code was always within this figure you call ‘Adam.’  And while you explain to us various cosmological and theological ways of looking at Adam, we would understand this as the Creator’s chosen beginning of your species.

Hector looked at her, thought of arguing, but responded in the way the Adversary would.  ‘Creationism was disdained long ago in our Galactic Confederation society.  It is error, a illogical way of viewing the Creator’s system.’

And did you actually disprove the theory?  Did you actually show it to be wrong, or was that just the widely held scientific opinion?’

He considered that.  ‘Well, yes.  Yes it was a widely held opinion.  But it was researched thoroughly.’

And was there no opposition.’

From the fundamentalists, yes.  In fact they still disputed it at the time of the Intervention and beyond.’  Elizabeth finally spoke up.  ‘Uh, Can I speak.  I actually have a lot of knowledge on this subject.’  Hector looked at her, backed down, and Elizabeth began speaking.  ‘Yes, the creation argument was made.  I myself think it possible at this stage, and am not adamant completely on evolutionary theory.’  She turned to Hector and spoke.  ‘Some of the main arguments are these:  Consider the television.  Consider the radio.  Consider the computer.  Consider car.  Consider the aeroplane.  Consider the CD player.  Consider the skyscraper.  Now consider that for the first six there is usually a company name on the product.  A name pertaining to the designer.  And for the seventh, an architect also designed.  Now consider that these things are complex systems and did not come about by random Britney.  And consider that they have a maker.  Now consider the human body – it also is a complex system, with each part being useful and serving a purpose.  And consider Psalm 139 which says ‘I am fearfully and wonderfully made.’  King David, a human being, wrote those words.  Logic dictates that like the television and the radio.  Like the computer and car and so on, all of which have a designer – for the human body there is likewise a design as well.  And as it thus has a design, it points to a designer.’

The queen nodded.  ‘Yes.  A basic argument.  Logically thought out.’

I would concede that,’ responded Hector.  ‘Yet theistic evolution explains such a reality.’

Elizabeth continued.  ‘Now consider man’s Genes.  We have 23 pairs of chromosomes, and apes have 24.  The common argument is that a pair of chromosomes merged together, creating mankind.’

Hector nodded.  ‘Generally substantial enough proof of the evolutionary theory.’

Elizabeth continued.  ‘Of course, all mankind bears these 23 chromosomes, don’t they Hector?’

He looked at her and nodded.  ‘As far as we are aware of, yes they do.’

And what does that indicate?’

He looked at her, slightly puzzled.  ‘Well, what does it indicate?’

Because there are 23 chromosomes for all of us, there must be a common ancestor to all of us.’

Uh, well, yes.  Generally we hold to such a theory.’

Then this common ancestor is Adam and Eve, the point at which 24 became 23.’

If you want to call them that,’ said Hector.  ‘It still demonstrates evolution.’

Actually, no it doesn’t.  The merging of the chromosomes simply demonstrates that humans, prior to this point, were in the same family as the apes.  Of course today there are still many such families.  You see, the standard explanation they give is that Adam and Eve were cursed, that Eve was to thus suffer pain in childbirth, and for God to accomplish this he merged the chromosomes.  The idea that they descended from the apes is refuted in other arguments, and they simply state that the animal kingdom has various levels of similar types of animals, such as canine and so on, all looking a bit different, but in the same general structure.  Arachnids as an example.’

Hector considered that point.  ‘Then what of psychic powers?  A Clear demonstration of evolution.’

They have argued to me personally that such gifts were always in the gene pool and are simply coming forth.’

That is were we would agree,’ stated Queen Lylmandrea.  ‘She speaks truly.’

Perhaps,’ said Hector.  ‘Perhaps.’


The Queen excused them then, and stated she would speak with them again at another point, but let them retire back to their quarters.  Watching them go she was happy enough to have learned of a new culture, and considered the possibilities that such humans could bring.  Such great and grand possibilities.


*   *   *   *   *


They had 700 children, as the eggs continued to re-emerge with the extended life Elizabeth partook of.  And then she left off bearing, and they had no more.  The Kalstak all surrounded them affectionately and called them their ‘Beloved Brethren’ for it quickly became obvious that the two races were capable of interbreeding, which is were things really began happening genetically.


An enlargement and diversification of a gene pool through the addition of new genetic material is always an interesting thing to observe, but in the case of humans with the long-life genes and the Kalstak, which were beginning to approach a diversification in their gene pool were certain things started happening anyway, when such a two merged together, things really began happening.  And, in time, the Kalstak which the Galactic Confederation were familiar with began emerging and the Adversary considered his role.  ‘Anger’ spoke with him.  It spoke with him, seducing him, tempting him, and suggesting all sorts of wonderful possibilities.  ‘Ruling the universe, supreme lord of all, creator of destinies, power over life and death.  And the Adversary listened, and succumbed, and accepted the grand and great plot which ‘Anger’ spoke of.


*   *   *   *   *


The Atonement would never be complete.  The spirit told him as such in his heart.  It would never be satisfied, never happy, never at peace with him, until a certain act of submission came.  Yet despite the searching of his hear, despite the dark nights of the soul, despite all the questions which were never answered, Hector knew his destiny.  And he walked under the guidance of Anger, and atoned when he could, for being the Uniting Force of the universe, being the ‘Prime Axiom’, would have to be his destiny, for he saw no way around the plot of ‘Anger’ and he knew he was its victim and willing slave.  He knew it with all his heart, soul and mind.


*   *   *   *   *


It was later on.  Much later on, in human form again, fishing with Uncle Blake.  It was much later on, fishing, having put to rest ‘Hector Antioch’ in the banishment to the ‘Many Coloured Land’ that Prime Axiom was considering life.  He was happy, now.  Uncle Blake had found peace with his love, and Hector gained ongoing consolation from that friendship.  And while his death was still at hand, there was something in the quiet of the night which said ‘Persevere, child.’  And thus Hector, his human form becoming more and more dominant, walked with his uncle Blake, listening to his quiet wisdom, stroking his new pet cat, reading some of his uncle’s classic science fiction stories, working in his uncle’s store, started to feel just a little better about things, life and destiny.  And ‘Anger’ was gone.  Martin took care of that.  And a chapter of his life was completed, gone forever, and perhaps, just perhaps, a new beginning was at hand.  A new beginning, full of mystery and the unknown, walking a pathway of destiny not yet trodden down.  And a name echoed through his mind.  Each and every day a name echoed through his mind.  And as he went to bed one night, sleepy, tired, Blake with his companion sleeping soundly in the next room, he wrote down that name.  And having written it down, he turned over, and went to sleep.  And a little spirit entered the room, a curious one, saw the name ‘Julian’ and disappeared, back off to her friends, family, and all other such things it entertained itself with.



The End




Seasons of Life - Book Two - The Coldest Winter


Blake looked out the window. He was old, now, and the Galactic Confederation had retreated. Arcturians looked to his needs still, though, the friends of Britney being very kind. And now Galagon ruled, the old Confederation lost in memories to the glory of the wisdom of Kevin Kolby. The Kalstak did not intervene any more, a race forgotten, for Intervention had come to be, and man had joined the galaxy in holy unity, but Anger had not been but one – Saruvim servants worked ever at their task, and the revelations had been forgotten, and a more mundane galactic life had come to pass.


And now he saw Ascension as the answer to what Unity had failed to achieve. A more complete mastery of Crystalline Consciousness that Unity had only hinted at.


Yet Prime Axiom studied evolution still, when Creationism from Duat had captured Blake's heart. There was a God, yet Earthmother still feared him. How could all things ever possibly work out for good for those who believe.


Britney believed, though, in the goodness of the One, and that set Blake's heart at rest.


He was old. He felt it in his bones. And not long for this world. Yet Aquamarine spoke with him, about the heart of God, and the spiritual beyond the physical, were life was very similar, and vast Realms dwelt, the Realms of Infinity and Eternity, and others still.


Perhaps he would visit them shortly.


It would be a cold winter, the old man thought to himself. And he never had fallen in love with the cold.


He scruffed his cat, and looked out at the Arcturians mowing old man Blake's lawn.


It would be a cold winter.







Seasons of Life - Book Three - New Beginning


He sat with Britney.

'You don't have long,' she said honestly.

'Even an eternal can die,' said Blake Antioch.

'And now you shall ascend,' she responded.

'A baptism of fire,' he said softly.

'Or glory,' she replied.

'What happens next?' he asked her.

'Sometimes Kevin wonders that. I am sure the One will answer.'

'Can he be trusted. Earthmother never approves. Her long line of masters have always maintained that. And while I am still somewhat Catholic, the Pope does not always speak to my heart as the Earthmother does.'

'I do not know if the One is even this Yahweh. Arcturian faith knows him by many names, and the witness of earth has always been challenging.'

'Yet you should know the heart of Galagon better than any,' he replied.

'Yes,' she said softly.


'I worry about Anger,' he said.

She took his hand. 'May mother Mary, your lady of grace, be with you in your final hour.'

'Alleluia,' replied Uncle Blake.

She took his hand, and he felt better.


Later that afternoon the oldest lived man in regular history departed.

He was buried in a quiet Canadian cemetery in a long reserved plot.


Earth mourned their loss many days.


* * * * *


He awoke. He was in a strange place, and a gap was beside him. He looked down into the gap – the bottom could not be seen, an endless haze.


'Hi,' said a voice.

Blake turned. It was a man. 'Who are you?' he asked.

'Ramiel,' responded the man. 'The Savages will feed you.'

'Where am I?'

'You were a Catholic, weren't you?'

He nodded.

'Then you do the math.'


The man was suddenly gone, and Blake looked at the scenery. Grasslands and trees. A unique landscape. Not earthly. Too – divine – for earth.


A savage appeared. He beckoned to Blake. Blake followed. Soon he was with the main group. An animal was burning above flames. They ripped off a chunk of meat. He ate.





It was 14 weeks, here in this place, this purgation of the soul, for he was thinking on his life and his mistakes.


Ramiel appeared. 'Your ready. There wasn't much to deal with.'

And now?' asked Blake.

'You go home,' responded the Cherubim.




Blake was at the gap. And he decided to climb down, for no reason he could think of. But he was young again, and fit. He started down. He found the cave. Walking along he knew it was nearly over. His work, in a way.


At the portal he stood there, and thought on his life. It had been good. He stepped through.


* * * * *


They were muttering something about the Bradlock's. And then he recognized his fathers voice. He got up from the bed he had been on and wandered into the other room.

'Son,' said his father. 'This is your cousin. Alexander. Alexander Bradlock.'

Blake looked into Alexander's eyes. Those grey eyes. Hector Antioch stared back at him. For it was a likeness of uncanny familiarity.


'Welcome home, son.' and he hugged him.


Blake sat down, and his family surrounded him, and the Hector himself walked in and sat down next to Alexander. And Blake could only be amazed.




Seasons of Life - Book Four – Understanding

Blake Antioch was a Catholic Saint.  The Vatican had, recently, in consideration of the life of Blake, updated their list of over 12 billion official saints to now also include Blake Antioch as one of their latest inductees.  Pope Benedict John Paul XCVI officiated the canonisation, and Blake was blessed by the Spirit of Jesus, and his sainthood affirmed.  Martin congratulated him.
'You aren't fit, you know it.  Your too unpredictable to serve the church.  Its not your nature.'
'But they have chosen me.  They don't ask for much, though.  Just that I keep the faith.  That I was a godly man and, when the subsequent nature of following generations became more apparent, we were all saints back then.  We all kept the actual faith to a degree.  Not engrossed in the sins of 23rd century Babylon.'
'Even Blake Antioch,' said Martin, shaking his head.
Alexander Bradlock shook his hand.  'Earthmother won't like this.  You have practically betrayed the faith accepting this sainthood.'
'She can live with it.  Ascension has yet to occur, and the skeptic in me is satisfied that the miraculous of the way of Ascension is much akin to Jesus early miracles.  A spiritual reality, but certainly not the absolute truths of our lives.'
'And what are those truths?' asked his cousin.
'Be loving.  Be kind.  Be faithful to your occupation, and be in harmony with society.  Remember to love people and remember that people like you to be there because often they need you, despite what you may think.  That they just need you to be ok.  That they just need you to be there.'
'A Moral Lesson?' queried Alexander.
'When all is said and done, it is our morals which survive.  Our sin does not.  Our sin eats away at us, like it tried to conquer Cain, yet God reminded Cain that he must master it.  If we do not master it, we lose.  If we compromise, it never stops attacking us.  When we resign and submit to the wisdom of Yahweh, we win, and our life becomes orderly, and we see the whole point of it all anyway.'
'Torah, then.  Your ultimate conclusion, as you have maintained these past 700 years.'
'Mr Daly.  And Lucy, his wife.  I fellowship with them, and we discuss Ascension, and Christianity and Torah faith.  And we have concluded Torah faith as the wisdom of the Creator, and the safest pathway to eternity.'
'I will look into it one day,' said Alexander Bradlock, his grey eyes showing a flicker of interest.
'I hope Britney Kibb'Star has returned with Kevin.  I miss those two.'
'They are your family.  Aren't they, Blake.  The Daly's and the Kolby's.  When you are all together, I notice a unique spirit amongst you.'
'Perhaps it is welcoming you,' said Blake sofly.
Alexander looked at Rogation and spoke to his mind with his psychic abilities.  'Perhaps it is.  Yet I rebelled once, and Babylon was my glory.  I will await a time, when not so much God has forgiven me, but I have forgiven myself.  And then maybe we will partake of divine fellowship.  And maybe I will even study Torah.'
Blake grasped Alexander on the shoulder.  'You do that, my son.  You do that.'
And Alexader nodded and smiled.

The End