The Dark Knights of Comedic Steel

Robin the Lightbearer with Nightwing the Mapholder, Harley Quinn the Chestkeeper and Batman the Swordfighter. They battle their way through hordes of Action Figures of 29 Merriman Back Room to confront the Comedy Dolls in a War for who will Rule the Noahide Videos Bible Network. Coming one day from NVB.

The Dark Knights of Comedic Steel wander through the chaos of 29 Merriman back room, filled with Army Men, Star Wars Figurines, Smurfs and other malevolent foe, to confront the Comedy Dolls on the Bookcase of Terror (The Corner were they hang) and challenge Supreme Leader Monkey San for the Authority to Rule the Comedy Network on Noahide Videos Bible. Who will be Victorious?

Part 1 - 'Ho. It is I Robin the Lightkeeper,' says Robin, holding up his matchstick. 'Shall I light the way through this dismal back room of 29 Merriman?' 'Verily,' replied Batman the Swordfighter. 'Save the match till the final match. I fear Supreme Leader Monkey will take much to slayeth.' 'Like that currie last night Batman. You have given our nostrils a great deal of torment from Alfred's secondary skills in Indian cuisine.' 'Nay,' says Harley Quinn. 'They are not secondary, but full prowess in offensive cookery. It shall be our best offensive weapon in the final Battle.' 'Keep quiet Comedy Steel Harlot,' says Batman. 'We are now to confront Papa Smurf and his horde of wode covered warriors.' 'They could be a problem. One of them has a pumpkin on his head. A halloween curse of Lucy the Witch I would imagine,' said Nightwing. 'All the more reason for Pumpkin soup,' replied the Grim Dark Knight.